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Get ready to enter the Thrive time show. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the Boom play broadcast of the box in the back to the drive time, show on your radio and we’re breaking down specifically the steps needed for you to build faith in yourself and your business. Now I want to give somebody a little chance to grab a sheet of paper, because the next move that I’m going to teach you, I believe, is a game-changer for at least 95 % of our listening audience, because nobody is doing this not being taught anywhere. Somebody give you a chance, I’m giving business coach clients and people fair warning that can grab this morning and I’m doing going to give the tip it. When I give the tip you have referred to this tip and you you actually I’ll put it into your 10 rules of business, you’re you’re, you’re, 10, Prince parallels when your principles is it time with principal, and I just know that somebody if you hear this for The first time you know you’re going to go, really that’s the tip and but once you get it and you understand how powerful it is, then you you’re you’re you’re you’re going to answer. It is, don’t start a business unless you’re willing to not stop until you get there. Wow, don’t start a business until your unless you’re willing to not stop until you get there to as an example, the statement was made by somebody is pretty close to me about 2 3 years ago when they said it. I said they’re done, I didn’t have to get all intents with him about it. I just heard him say it, and then I heard other people say in this is this is my litmus test. They said I’m going to keep doing this and I’ll see if it gets traction and if it does get traction, then I’ll keep doing it, but if it doesn’t, then I’ll have to move on to something else right and not right there. I thought: that’s done. Your.

Can you please explain this concept of being all in and not stopping until you get there? The idea is Clay. You know a lot of people see on TV, they seen a movie, they see someone with the great idea and it’s kind of you know Hollywood it in and then they they say wow. It was easy for the madness, great idea that made this widget and it just interrupted overnight and then I’ll, look at the viral and gets to know now they have it to build buildings and sell all these widgets. And it’s just incredible. It’S just it’s incredible. It’S! Okay, it must be easy, it must be. Apparently you just make a piece: I make a business coach bobble, and then you sell the Bobby, give it a cool name and you sell it and you make more bottles anytime at ease. It seems easy right right, I mean. Have you ever even walked around the perimeter of your parking lot at the auto auction? It’S so big. It’S just seems like since it’s so big. Nothing happened. Is that, then, when it’s not easy – and let me be the first to tell you it’s not easy, so that was kind of not joke play the only thing about saying it was easy. That was just kind of what I think a lot of entreprenuers put in the back of their mind. That’S what they when they start to come up against difficulties. Then they get what I call T hard it was that mean. That means your heart really small and your thing I’m just not you know I just I guess this bobbles isn’t a good idea. This is more difficult if your partner, you attack them, that the partners to Partners and I’ll give you your money in cash. This dream, you don’t like my guys, I got your money from and I told you the screaming outside happening, so you have to be committed to burn the boat.

You have to be committed to be the pig at breakfast, not the chicken you have to, because I’m telling you this nobody else. Nobody else is going to pick up your your idea and run it into the end zone, for you no longer pick up that football and run it down there for you, you’ve got the ball in your hand, a lot of football in a game of you. That was a Perfect Analogy. You talk about how hard it is to run a football freaking, a it’s hard to run a football in the NFL game, it’s worth, and what I don’t want that I want that. You take what you waiting for me. Cuz, you guys are hitting the championship game you than I do when my those guys were hitting each other dude dude.. That’S an in the playoffs NFL playoff game. That’S John Elway’s helicopter touchdown boy got Broncos in the quarterback spins in a 360. He wanted that thing. No more so, I would like for you to file on my way to get some examples. That was another football. The football pun turn the ball over to you, so you can kick it through the uprights. I would like to to tee up this. This a Hail Mary, if you will ESPN, took over 7 years to make a profit ESPN took over 10 years to go over 10 years. Tesla took over 10 years to make a profit. The business coach favorite, the Dyson vacuum to go over 15 years, make a profit Amazon. Amazon took over 7 years to make a profit and Walt Disney seven times before he succeeded Marshall out there who say I’m just going to try my idea and see if it works. If you’re only going try it, then what are we talking about here? That’S not trying you don’t try a business, you know where do they have a pretty good idea by just a few of them and see how it goes.

You said something some farmlogic, okay, just the very first time that I heard it okay, but it’s the curse of knowledge. You forget what you wants did not know. Okay. So when you say you, yes, I’m from logic we’re going to break it down. What do you say you need to be the pig at breakfast and not just the chicken? What do you mean by that phone number for his first one to place, smells good all the critters running around real dirt and organic stuff thrown around you. I love the farm, but here’s the deal the pig in order to participate in your breakfast has to give his life. I eat bacon or ham sausages and a sausage and egg every now and then and he’ll say well there you go I’m going to my mom a little involved. You know I’m involved in your breakfast. Maybe I’ll lay one tomorrow. Maybe I won’t we’ll see how I’m feeling I don’t understand the mindset I met so many people with the DJ business with live with elephant with epic Photography. They all want to team up with me because they say look. He has a coat. It has long tails I’ll just ride, though, so what I’ll do is all team up and then what I’ll do is I’ll see if it’s successful and every freaking time, I’m the only one in the endzone. I love doing drive with Z because it feels like holy crap. Finally, I get to do in its own dance with somebody. It gets kind of lonely when you’re doing the endzone dance, haha., They’re, dancing audience Partners dancing on the people just stay in the freaking course. They would always win. You have to say to yourself and mean this: I’m going to do I’m going to do whatever it takes.

Yes to be successful nurses week, whatever it takes to be successful, going to do whatever it takes to be successful. The leader of the group, just blindly here we go here, we go here. We go to see the latest young man and brown rugs. Listen to me. We are all together Illinois to do it takes to be successful. I can stop by and pick me up at the correct coming back is your sickness. Kool-Aid is a good idea, Rises, wake totally derailed! You have to have that mindset. Yeah I’ll, tell you what it’s you know week. We talked about it before just like. Oh my gosh, it’s 7 days a week. Do you have pearly staying up late 7 days a week? Why is it answer people? I don’t know that. Why is it so hard that it sounds like? I don’t want Marshall. Please explain to me because you, how old, are you right now, I’m 27? Why is it so freaking hard for people to commit to doing something 7 days a week to exchange their time right now for a lifetime of Financial Freedom? Why I don’t understand why it’s because there’s all these distractions it’s hard to watch 5 hours of TV a day if you’re working 7 days a week week and I don’t know, Stan white, so freaking hard going to be alive anyway, you might as well kick some Butt, while there’s people going out during the week days until it’s really hard to wake up in the morning, go to work there.

The last time you went out to dip out to the club, okay, there’s some guy. He has bad pickup lines. There’S a Tractive, ladies, who are how you do it they’re all. Basically, you know malnourished they’re all that trying to get you in as possible to fit into what you’re wearing tonight the dressing up as Halloween as scheduled, dudes lying about their age by five years and how much they make and all the ladies are trying to get. Five beers once they let the guy get some 5 beers. The guy lies about 5 years, somebody wakes up somewhere and says. I thought you look different. You roll out of bed you’re in the other, does your home and it’s the recovery was really hard to start working at 6 a.m. and waking up at 11 a.m. can I get to the root of this issue is being able to say no to things. It’S a self-control, as you see. I know this is a favor home. You know it’s having self-discipline, it’s being able to realize that there will be another night to go out for a living. If you don’t need to eat the extra biscuits and gravy at breakfast, you can say no, you can say no to things e write that down for us. How do you do it? You got to say no to things you could say yes to the right things.

You know there’s only and I’m going to blow your mind is only 24 hours in a day, but the good news is play the good that preach the good news right now. It’S okay! I got the good news and that’s the key to it. You’Re, the one I can set your own schedule, you’re the one that gets to decide what you get to do it, I’m telling you what work hard now delayed gratification and then, when you’re successful, that business gets Roar and guess what then you’re on Easy Street breakdown. The positive emotions that you must bring to your business to make it successful. I’M going to give you about 10 seconds up to 5 minutes to go to thrive. Time show on iTunes go to iTunes, find the drive. Time show subscribe, leaving scene of ejected review and we’re going to give you tickets to our next in person Workshop. It’S that easy I need to do is go to iTunes, find the DriveTime show, Leave it to review and approve you did it to info at 3:15.

Com. We will send you the Free Conference tickets at Clark. You smell terrific Tulsa stages of drive time, showing radio getting ready to enter the Thrive. Time, show Maple radio, Cape Cod Sea camps, it’s just business.. Yes, it is all about you that we bring the Boom play broadcast of the box in the back. Show me alright. Let me switch back to the conversation. Is the Thrive time show on your radio and this year I am so excited to meet you I’m excited to meet you at our conferences. We have thousands of people from all over the world who made their way to Tulsa Oklahoma, to attend our workshops and now, for a limited time. Between now and February 1st, we have a thanks to sponsors out there. We actually are going to give you free tickets and all you have to do Tulsa all you have to do Nashville all you have to do Florida. Anybody listen to the podcast. All you have to do is find the Thrive time show on iTunes and leave us an objective review. We love to know how you’re doing how you’re doing how your processing to show how we can improve the show. What kind of content you like and if you’ll just leave us a review on iTunes, so you subscribe to the DriveTime show on iTunes. You leave us a review and email us. Your contact information to info at thrive15. Comets info at 515. Com. We’Re going to give you two Free business coach Conference tickets, valued at or a piece, so you can see us for our February 16th and 17th conference. So I’m telling you thank you in advance for doing that and that we have a great advertisers will give you some time in between segments or you can do that just today on your smartphone. Anybody can do it, but Z were talking today about visualization and the importance of learning how to develop faith and your own life and business, and this right here this next move is something I’m very passionate. If you can’t tell I’m very passionate today’s entire, but this is something I really wanted. I want to get these take on this. You must bring positive emotion to your ideas, so all thoughts according to Think and Grow Rich. The 1945 Edition page 68 reads all thoughts which have been emotional lized mixed with faith begin immediately to translate themselves and their physical, equivalent or counterpart. So we give me example of positive emotion. A positive emotion would be like laughing at a joke.

A positive emotion would be a joy, it would be hope it would be kindness, it would be doing as unto others, as you want them to do. Unto you is positive, emotion would be going the extra mile, a positive emotion, would be being happy and negative. Emotion is doubt, fear, anger, frustration, jealousy jealousy, greed lust, he’s kind of fix it. When I find is, we are in a world filled with clouds of darkness, and it is up to us up to you to be a light in that Darkness Susie. I want to ask you: how do you, because now that you’ve created many successful companies and you have hundreds of employees? I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where you don’t promote somebody and it doesn’t cause jealousy amongst A co-worker who got passed up for you don’t give someone to raise, it doesn’t create NVR, you don’t have success and when your company’s it doesn’t cause a Competitor to get upset so don’t world of Darkness. How do you bring positive business coach emotion to your day and to your business ideas on believer that everyone of your thoughts every one of your actions, all the stuff you do goes to one of two filter. Okay, we got a nose. Filters are opposite of each other, one of them is fear, and one of them is love soul of Define breakdown. What sphere means to you and what love means to fear means whenever you are doing a negative activity, we either with your brain, or you know your body when you’re doing something. That’S that you know at your core is not right. It’S because it’s gone through the fear, the fear filter of your life, I’m I’m jealous.

That’S all dwarf back to fear. I’M I’m angry and got balls back to fear. I’M suspicious of you that Bulls back to fear so fears over here until I went when you went through. It goes to the fear Channel and you know it on people got it. You know they’re jealous they’re upset they’re mad they’re honking their horn, because you kind of thing because of your didn’t turn the quick enough to just a touch of any time, you’re over data love and there’s different forms of love, all the good stuff. You think all the good stuff you do. It goes through love your an eye doctor, but you was kind of Love Doctor till when added that in there to give me a little love lines with Erica business kosher and he’s been married once I just wanted to say that if you’re out there – and you Said you know you’re in a cloud of Darkness, where was full of clouds of dark can’t Implement these changes in your life? Is he talking about love you and yourself, and no fear or love, and that’s hot? If that doesn’t change your situation, and you got to get out of that cloud – just got to change your situation. If you can’t have an effect, can’t change the that the emotional state of the cloud that you’re going to get two different clouds are going to take action on the Method Man Wu-Tang, he says, hey, you get off my cloud and I understand totally all about that. I am so I am so tired of people in a business coach politically correct world trying to get along with everybody when somebody is just absolutely absolutely being in your pool.

Sometimes you got to say: Hey you get out of my pool quit peeing in my pool. Man receives me, you have to zoom in to pee in the pool so come on my employees or damage a culture. Yes same way that people pull weeds from a garden if he has to get emotional about it, an emotional that have to you. You have to what, when your dinner with your business, what’s best for the business and you have to address it and then attack it, and you know what you would like anything you do it enough you pulling up weeds you, like your first weed. You know you like we’re watching a movie in my wife says: hey give me the pole that, and I said, pull watch your eyebrow hair looks like what you’re like Andy Rooney and I’m like Andy Rooney. You mean Andy Rooney, the deceased TV, his eyebrows work. I mean look at this thing. She shows it to me and I’m going this right here looks like it’s part of a horse, mane and Z. You raise business coach horses, I mean you’ve seen a horse man who is Andrew. They got me a nose trimmer of headed ear. Trimmer, which means I have so much hair that I now in the says it takes giving me a gift. That’S top of butt, welcome to adulthood. Young man come back. I want to talk about pruning the tree trimming, the nose hair out of your business nose and your ear cavity. It’S a Thrive time show on your radio. If your 37 and your wife bought you a nose trimmer your trimmer head up, keep your head up because I’m going to be depressed, is the Bronco show on the radio? Yes, it is about you all about you. All the time show April Clayton, ZR1, specs haircut prerequisites just Middle School on the radio. It’S all about you all about you all about you all about you call tribe Nation. Welcome back to the conversation is the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay. Clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year – and I am so excited to be here with you, because I know that today is going to be the day.

That’S at the start of you, 2.0, for somebody is what’s happening. More more people will listen to the show each week they tell us of this and don’t say my husband was listen to the show and he told me I should listen to it for my business, and so I started applying some of the things that you that You were teaching and just applying the the sales script that you taught on. Your last shows 10 % on top of your security key, the witness Keith, if you’re listening, you know, you know this conversation occurred today and I’m bragging on his teeth does a fabulous job. Installing security systems – and I said so. So are we all know you’re over your. I just want to know growth. Are we growing cuz? I have to know that I’m not keeping score here. Otherwise I feel like I’m playing like socialist hockey or something I wanted at the store and he says well we’re still working on the account to figure out the final details. But but yeah we were any goes on to explain in great detail how there, in a much different financial situation than ever, they’ve always been doing a great job. Have great reviews? Are great service? They’Ve been a very good come for a long time, but it was just profound. I think for the lady Laura who is business coach shadowing me today to go guys are growing tremendously and I just think it’s so exciting to see like witness security, growing Shaw homes growing that a record year this year, Barbie cookies, growing the Tulsa Oilers growing Z1. All these businesses are growing, it’s good for the economy, it’s good for the employees that work there. It’S good for the customers, it’s good for a chest, good, it’s just good! It’S! What are heart is we want to help? You start indoor grow, your business. Listen to it, that’s what we do the show for that’s what we built our online business school for. That’S why we do our in-person Workshop.! That’S why we have one on one physical. Let you know later about it but seriously are motive, is to help you cuz.

We will get a kick out of that. I know I get a kick out of it. I don’t quite get to kick out of it, I don’t Marshall and butter Chuck get a kick out of it. I am running to us and see it over and they realized it there’s nothing wrong with the 3 P’s, your folks, you can make a great profit a great product, great the great product that you love, you’re excited to share with people in a great prophet is Nothing wrong with it. I ain’t nothing wrong with that. One thing I wanted to take it back to witness security cuz one one thing that is really cool for me personally is probably 10 years ago, when I was running my parents, concrete company, we hired a security company, we built a new, build and got a business coach security System installed and Keith work for a different company to Kool Keith yeah. He installed the system at my building, and so when I started working with you guys at Thrive, I saw him come in and I’m like a man. I remember you and that the powerful thing about having a system with companies is guess who I had install my alarm system at my house when I bought her the keys bar. I know that’s what I’m saying I didn’t, because I didn’t know he left his now. Competitor I hire such a good job is actually kind of sad about opinion smoke or is that store that makes me cry but also shut up like he was really passionate, even when he work for someone else, there was an issue that wasn’t his fault, but he Came back multiple times to fix it and make sure that we were happy, even though he was just working for somebody else, and he took that mentality and he hooked up with you and you’ve been working with him clay and the things that those guys are doing.

It’S awesome to see them move from. He was an employee to Nala successful entrepreneur. You mentioned Martin Guitar Center they’re 71st and I wear I really feel like. I should do an hour to pay my credit card and just bring something home there is this next area is the poverty mindset. I won’t mind if the people who believe themselves to be doomed to poverty in Failure because of some strange force over which they believe they have no control. They are creators of their own misfortunes because of his negative believe, which is picked up by the subconscious mind. In translated into its physical equipment, Napoleon Hill page 68 think I’m breaking it down, and this is Justin. This is a news item, so I don’t know if you know this, but the Cleveland Browns actually held a parade for going oh and 16 this year and they had they had it. They had a parade for going on 16. Okay, now I audition near and dear to my heart as a Browns fan, I’m very passionate about those. They held a parade for going on 16 and they it was a charity for not winning a game. Was it hosted by the good guys at Dyson, because their vacuums definitely suck so that that’s what that’s? What I’m saying is is like a coming back. Did they even expect to beat the Steelers in the last game of the season? Did they expect to do that? Do you expect to go into the next season, expect to win the game, but you can’t expect to lose because of you expect to lose. You will never have faith. You will never visualize your success. You will never do that if you’re expecting to lose. This is back to what doctors owner was talking about earlier is, if you’re just going to try you’re visualizing not getting there until you must visualize. With the end in mind, I encourage everybody right now to go. Go to iTunes. Take your body visualizer to iTunes, find the business coach Thrive time show when I just subscribe to that subscribe. I think I can see you, you don’t see you if you had your eyes closed harder to do it. So I can you open your eyes: open account in an email as to info at 3:15. Com code, that phone number that you sent us a Shameless review like she gave me a solid 2.

She loves us improved if you can change your rating overtime. What’S the one my mom cuz, I finally understand what you’re saying why I was typing so fast you’re talking slower, like I always talk so fast. So what day, do I no no no haters out there, but seriously? I encourage you Mom everyone mom to go to thrive time show on iTunes, give us a review. You have to develop in your mind. If you’re going to develop the mindset of Faith to the faith, it takes to build a successful business as DriveTime show on your radio stay 2. If I can do it, I know you can too, but you must stick to it like posted two and one Morgan’s on the chorus singing what he sings. I encourage you to three Big Dreams today and now is your time setting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist Aunt entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner, and he ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark copy the sea, the Columbus show me the help puts the Mind-Set of faith and see if our final move our final proven method. It’S outlined in Napoleon, Hill’s, 1945 self, self-help classic Think and Grow Rich fake it until you make it, but before we get into it, I have 3 really really rude, really hard. Tough questions for doctors in a row, rapid fire, hot seat of mine for 2018 to 2017, leading in the 28th. The last 6 months is the friends of my enemies are my enemies. Okay, I just tried calling your friend of me Smith person. He was a friend of my direct enemy always ends up becoming my enemy. Yes, that’s that’s the nature of it. So I would like to ask you: is it possible? Is it possible for it not to work out that way, because I’ve never seen a person in my life? I’Ve never seen it where somebody who’s, a direct friend of my enemy, has ever end up not becoming my enemy or their enemy always ends up being a side. Choosing event is not possible. It’S it’s the way of the thing you know and the quicker you kind of embrace that and know that they’re going to be people out there that are not going to be there not only going to not cheer for you that they’re not going to love you Right but they’re going to try to harm your business in the Furious harm. Yes, BB nefarious. I mean they’re going to be negative emojo in your life to understand that, if you don’t, if you don’t realize that you let people walk in your business, try to steal stuff, you’re, just being naive. The blinders on people that are want to you know try to do a slip-and-fall, fake axe because you have been successfully make money. What are you coming? I’M just telling the truth ago, who was really screwing me? This is probably about a decade ago to screw me, but they lived one of my rent houses in my theory was there probably scared of screw me at work, but you know what I’m not going to evict them at the same time. You know I’m going to go and let him continue to my red house, even though I business coach fired, though that’s that’s awkward in they destroyed the Red House, Shockey really wow, I’m so shocked. By that I realize okay, I get it step 1.

You screwed me all worked up to your Brothers Grimm at Red House. I should go check on it.. It might not. It might not be my missing something you’re not, and I think that that is a month. That’S a good Mantra and one that you should understand and realize that’s reality, other chap. Can I say something that I see a lot of. One thing I see is a lot that happens if you are a good person. Yes, then, that’s your frame of reference and you assume that everybody else makes the same decisions that you do and was he was saying to take you on that TV back on. That is that not everybody out there is that, and you have to realize that whenever you own a business, because there are people out there, they going to argue and just because you wouldn’t do that to somebody definitely does not mean that they won’t do it to You, but I would give you the magic secret sauce to take away from the people. I love you able to come in and give you money. You open the door, he said come on, get to you, I mean and the key when the keys to successful business. Since we got to the moment, I promise you you’ll feel dirty and you’ll either you say I feel kind of dirty for a business coach. I don’t go home, take a hot shower and some shampoo, you know yourself with positive people, positive input, your your principal person, lot of positivity Winston Churchill talks about he says, show me someone with enemies. I’Ll show you someone who stood up for something. Is it possible to be success and be successful over the age of 30 and not have an enemy or to know okay? That was a pretty quick right.

Question is the third question: would you want me to expand on that stand future business owner current business owners, people that are the listen to the show and wondering what we’re talking about owners guy sitting in the truck stop thinking, I would like to build a widget And sell it. This is interesting. You have to understand that nobody, nobody is going to give it to you. You have to go out there and take it, take it and, if you’re taking it by Keith Sweat, I don’t want to be rude. But when I opened up my Optometry visit, for example, 26 and a half years ago could handle there. Was nobody and told her that was like? Well, I guess I can’t get an eye exam, because everybody’s filled up right. The end all.. I guess I’ll have to drive to another city, because all these optometrist in Tulsa or calls, but the book for years just broke down every patient that I walked in my door method, wasn’t walking somebody else’s door from Poteau Pirates find Community what should be shot shot Shot shot out of the parts to come in there, but my point is: is that going to be taking someone off with your success, so it just get get just get on board of that understand that and if you’re not taking somebody else off, guess what you’re Probably not rock and roll ins, hardin-baylor Lewis and third third question I have here for you is when you are having business coach success in the game of business with your advertisement or with your marketing with your recruiting, was cheating even possible to do it without irritating the competition. Is it possible knowing that DuckTales and when I just talked about okay? What is it that I remember one time he will remain? I won’t say its name rhymes with rhymes with it was it was. It was an optometrist in Northeast Oklahoma, a note side at Optometry conference. Are you going to get your continuing education all this marketing and advertising is really necessary for you to do that. If you can’t, we all share the pie there’s enough to go around. Why are you? Why are you trying to take more of the pie? You know I mean we can all get along and I just meant for Chris course. I don’t I don’t subscribe to come down. I don’t touch it until she’s.

Actually, at the door, like I said people, I eat your competitors and that’s the way it is. You know what one thing is, if, if you advertise, but it’s not upsetting people, that means are probably not advertising correctly write clay progressively in real quick and have faith conduct yourself, just as you would, if you were already in possession of the material thing. Marshall, coach, the people on Faking it till they make it. You must appear as though you are big before you are big for you to say you big, dude, puff your feathers like like Tom, the turkey like Tom, the turkey okay, and so so you must appear big before you are big. You must appear as though that you already have it you’re, already doing business with a number of people, and so I was working with a client today and they said what should we do for this first time that we’re about to work with, and I go step Number one make sure they do not know. That is the first time that you were one. If you have time show. Com we have to podcasts free, we have the we ever meet with you in person workshops it’s free. If you leave a review and send it to us, okay do we have on iTunes, then we have the one-on-one business coach, not pretty, and we have the video library with thousands of videos. Your first month is just a dollar 23221 play broadcast.


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