Why To Use Best Practice | Deconstructing Success (Part 3)

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On this Thrivetime Show podcast, Dr. Robert Zoellner and Clay Clark explain why using “best-practice” systems in the game of business is more effective, more efficient and just smart.


  1. “The attendees all left with pages and pages of takeaways. They really enjoyed the energy and the SPECIFIC ACTION POINTS you gave everybody. You and our Accounting Presenter got top marks. You really made this year’s training EPIC.”
    1. Anitra Nichols Maytag University | 100 S. Anaheim Blvd. Suite #250 | Anaheim, CA 92805


  1. “These systems have allowed me to work on the church and not just in it!  It’s the best of the business world apply to Church systems! Without all these systems we would not be able to pastor two campuses (Amarillo, TX and Owensboro, KY).
    1. Pastor Brian Gibson / Co-founder of River City Church / Victory Church
  2. “The systems that we have implemented have exponentially increased the number of new faces in our services every week.  It’s a one-stop shop for churches. Search engine optimization, website design, workflow, and systems.” –
    1. Pastor Jessi Gibson / Co-founder of River City Church/ Victory Church
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Attend the world’s best business conferences, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review, claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information to cancel at drivetime show.Com go back to the conversation. My name is clay clark on the former ussba entrepreneur of the year of the father of five human kids, and that is the way that I live. I’m join here with my partner, my friend, my mentor, my business father, dr. Robert zoellner is always ecstasy when he is next to me or success. What are the things that I’m curious about is why, when I go to third world countries, what I used to do fairly, often traveling at cruises, went on and step. Why did their roofs leak and why do are roofs not leaking anti-freeze? Then there are, and it’s because of brand standards. There’s code, there’s code standards are standards that are mandated by law to get a roof approved to be on top of a commercial building and there’s a brand standard. That’s far higher than the mandated minimum speed. That example, to be virgin airways, like you, have a certain legal standard, if you can have an international flight, has to be a certain quality but sinners virgin, who has like a bar on the plane and a great atmosphere, and they go a bunch of brand business conferences standards, and then there is the minimum standards are mandated by the regulatory people that are federal government to the referees above the minimum standard is messi a roof that they’re great show sponsor we’ve been around since 1962.

You don’t get that long of a business without having great standard. Think about this 8 out of 10. Small businesses fail according to 49 out of 10 businesses fail their startups in startups, fail according to forbes 1962 it’s because they have high best practice brand standards a little bit. You know, I’m kind of worried about the april showers are beginning to come down with with paula and I want to get it done before. I get the big league spare for the mayflowers. If you want to do that, you got to get ahold of, you can go to their website. It’s www., m e s s. I c k roofing.Com messick, roofing messick, roofing. Com. We can just give him a call at 918-747-7141 one more time for everybody taking that down on the etch-a-sketch. Here, it’s 918-747-7141 to get a hold of a quality company that has high brand standards messick roofing ago I had a couple you reach out to me called maytag or the maytag man, all the business conferences commercials. They called me. They said hey, we would love it if you could come teach at maytag, university and I thought. Why not spoken for o’reilly auto parts seen you. We got great reviews from your agent. You know your answer. We like to hire yes great and so I went out there and spoke for anitra nichols there. This would be in hollywood california. She says the attendees all laugh with pages and pages of takeaways.

They really enjoyed the energy. In the specific action points you gave, everybody do in our accounting presenter got top marks. You really made this year’s training, epic, epic, it’s crazy I was just illuminating teaching. What was already in the operations manual right. I was just bringing light to the best practices, and so this is what I want to I want to I want to see. If this conversation for for for dr. Z, z, there are best practices there are. There are things that work to move the needle as an optometrist in there are things that don’t work, but yet the majority of the american population is loyal to the habit of dysfunction. Well, if we got to stay loyal to any just acted like they just stay in that I think it’s like 80% of the company’s both right and that’s why I follow the system. I would like for you to cure, not our listeners, but the friends of our listeners to feel twice removed, who are saying i, don’t want to use brand standards I just want to wing it,. That is, is that sometimes every now and then you have innovation to up to a business conferences, giving a vacation to something like, tree practices. I wasn’t doing what everybody else was doing.

I didn’t cuz I didn’t want to be like everybody else. I wanted to be something bigger and better. So I said to myself:well gosh:if we have more of the assistant do more of the more the eye exam I eat like when you go to the doctor and the nurse takes your height and your weight and your doctor need to take your height and weight. Does doctor need to have digits? Does a doctor need to hand you the clipboard know, but you know, optometry was gathering data and that’s really weird how they define. They didn’t say that particularly, but that’s what you felt your likes by the way. I know how to measure this time must be nice.. You know how much are you’re being a doctor in my my business conferences personal life is taking the data and then interpreting it and then knowing what to do with it right, so.., to myself. Why are these doctors taking all this. If I can hire someone for 12 bucks an hour to to get title? Won’t anybody else when I think about you show me:people came into my office. It was kind of more of an assembly line procedure. Someone friend that’s greeted him that someone pretest them that someone do the chair. Skills on them is awesome and they had someone. You know the contact lens was a different person when they’re in there with that mindset of running a business. That way is that, then people get really good at those jobs.

They can make it really fast and efficient and people guess what my profession think we came out here in less than an hour they’re going to be inferior. You know if I don’t help him pick out the glasses that are they going to think i. Remember going. What is that means that mean when she basically told you i, basically stand in front of the whatever the machine I got the seat. Dilate your pupils that correct measure the pressure inside the eye does the thing and I’m going. So what else do you do? That’s what I do, but don’t you have a phobia of the I should buy push through it. This is what I do thinking to myself. Okay, this is a business. How can we be more efficient? How can we see more patients because by seeing more patient week and then do more eye exams and sell more glasses and contacts? It was a weird concept:weird,, weird concept, the doctors he thought about. How could I improve it? Again we go back to curiosity. You work with a lot of clients that are successful. I want you to share specifically the story of a I love riding on these guys. It’s the keystone got my curiosity and how they been able to grow that place with your help in a little bit of there. We go to that real business conferences quick. Let me know so that I give up some new things kind of in the industry, so to speak. Okay, so I had a group of doctors out of san, san antonio call me and say:hey we like what you got going on down there. Why don’t you come down here and teaches your moved cuz? We want that secret sauce. We want, we want to be successful and be as busy as you do. I go down there and I’m teaching them to move those are shaking their head and hotel. Now, that’s not that’s! That’s not going to work, can’t be aggressive marketers.

We can’t do no brainer ideas and marketing. We can’t give. This is not a man that does cheap and are brand. We we can’t all we can’t. Oh, no. We we we want you to quality, not quantity. We were were all about you and then I said okay. Well, then, you know what thank you for the the and my plane tickets at her back and I hope you guys have a nice life but to think about sometimes weird people know they don’t know, and then they go to the goat greatest of all-time in that area and they say listen. What are you doing teaches teaches on master writing workshop. They get the keys to the kingdom and then they don’t use them once you learn that if you don’t apply it and that’s like hallucination thomas edison said that right in with the key stone harbor guys, they have a marina on keystone lake here and outside of tulsa, and when you go look at all the marinas in northeast, oklahoma, they’re, all really old and basically all they do is cater to boat owners, because they’re literally 20 minutes outside of tulsa, and so what I’d help him do is let everybody know what they had. They just bought a brand new rental boat fleet, so multiple pontoon boats, multiple jet ski. They have a a big party boat for kids to have parties on with two slides off they go into it. They’ve got a dinner cruise they’ve got a floating business conferences restaurant they’ve got, live, music and stuff, and so I started a whole marketing campaign took, and we got some no-brainers going so I mean they were doing some crazy deals. What would 1-year no bread or rent a rental boat with tube 70% off during a weekday, so people are going out there for like a hundred bucks, you, like 80 bucks, getting a full day of a rental boat on a weekday during the closing it’s awesome, then they see how hot the golden look out to keystone lake, where there has this kind of perception of dirty water will have the week is actually beautiful with sand beaches, but nobody knew about it until that was one of the cool things.

But once I was going to ask you, as far as like we’re talking about these best practices and anywhere any examples where, like people aren’t operating within those best practice and what kind of legal problems they can get into as a franchise owner, if they’re not doing that many times, I mean I think the best practices are they for a reason:either. There’s a business reason or there’s a liability, and so it was not to make more money is to keep from paying money usually, and so when you right outside of those best practices operating in no man’s land. And if you do something wrong because you’re out there winging it there’s no telling what kind of trouble are you getting into because you’re into an area that you haven’t probably had to walk through before and now you’re just winging it and who knows what’s going to happen and see what happens? Okay, so maybe you’re the passion owner right, you’re, the guy that sounded you got that matters, mentality, waynewood winging it so that no, you can’t have that, because what happens with that? First higher what happens with that? Second hire that second business conferences person you put in charge of sailor. All these best practices. That’s why we have them. Can you think of any examples where, maybe you have you know not followed already had a manager that didn’t teach the best practice and things went kind of crazy on your at first I have been made a mistake:i made I didn’t write things down, I didn’t write that you know and if you remember back in kindergarten, when they had the game, you get a big circle and of the teacher wouldn’t happen and whispers at the restaurant I whispered, something in the first kids here, like you know, monkeys are wonderful.

Animals and I’ll, see them at the zoo on tuesday and if they’re supposed to whisper the same thing to the next kid apple pie and putin putin bad I can hardly happened. You know the way it is and then they’re going to be able to regurgitate that to the next person that person to the next person that brings to the next person. You kind of forget that contract. If you don’t it’s okay, write script or actions, roleplay the moves and put it in her book. Let you know they had it all right there handy and so happy to do open it up and whoop there. It is on that typically, is that a lot of business owners get busy and they don’t train, they don’t roll play. They don’t go through these presentation materials. So then your employees, out there kind of like a little shaken, trying to hold a squat. That’s what I was going to say. I think one of the best things outside of the liability should I talked about. The best thing about standard practices is consistency because you spend all this money. The market, the bill of this image. A few bad experiences that go tell all their friends are family. Don’t use these guys that’s hard to get google reviews of nuisance than when I started up and now, but it’s it’s a powerful big thing. I can put 85% everybody’s looking at look at those things. You know these are how to get them or how that thrive time show can help them out. What four ways do we have to help people out thousands of videos, 515. Com $4 for the first month, the 19th? After that we have one-on-one business coaching and you would have rehab. We have a podcast which is harder attend the world’s best business conferences or workshop led by america’s number one business coach for free, and you claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to input drivetime show.Com greetings greetings from the thrive mothership.

My name is troy clark down rates of of hope of marketing, goodness of proven pat see it took a laser show today and I always wondered i, never really asked you cuz i, know you’re not from this planet. I always wondered how you physically did they beam you or you being for the other place on the planet where you was a ship involved? Was it just you just wheeled your way? Now when it was my understanding she showed up. My understanding is that my mom and dad were in a praying to have a boy that would be social. You know a boy that would want to hang out with others. That would want to punch his a boy, a boy that would have aa. You know a be a sociable, young man, you are just a normal child and then my dad, you know they deliver the baby and I’m about 5 or 6, and he just his eyes, I disappointment. All you want to do is read books and sell it and if so, look at the size of what zip code is his head in,, but we can stuff information into it because storage, so we can just start shoving books into his cranium and that’s what happened. The books are inside your head count. So it’s a process so you’re, really not from another planet. That’s just a that’s an ugly rumor being spread by ugly people acting success, notch up I’m, going to put this on the show notes, so these are to success stories that we’re having right now that we’re right in the midst of this is not from the start here, but these are like one to ride in the midst of right now. Okay, this is a church. Churches can implement the same systems that businesses can implement at the business conferences and a half or so. This is what happens when gibson says hey I’m out here in owensboro, kentucky and I haven’t sure time, I run I’m a pastor who founded this church I also am running a church.

I want to I want to run a church in amarillo, texas and I’m going. Are you aware that they’re not actually contiguous states? They don’t touch each other I want to do the multi campus move and I’m going okay, okay, okay, where we at least let me know what I’m in owensboro want to do, one in amarillo. Can you help me so here’s what we did this in these systems have allowed me to work on the church and not just in it. It’s the best of the business world applied to church system. Without all these systems, he would not be able to pastor two campuses pastor jesse piles on this is his wife. She says the system that we didn’t make it happen increase the number of new faces. Nancy exponentially would be more than that to guess a week there seem like for gas 6:45 guests on a sunday. She said it’s a one-stop-shop for church’s search engine, optimization website, design, workflows until weed is weed, looks good and type in here. Owensboro church, because we are using this thing called the internet is very aware of the internet. So here we are city church, with 291 reviews, batting second owensboro church of christ with 300. No, it’s the owensboro christian church with 20. Taking your business conferences family to a church, and you saw somebody who was in the top two of the top 5 in the google search results. Are their website right there to the top 5 and the video angles now look great in the service and they have a workflow where people aren’t forgetting the coffee they’re, not forgetting to greet people. The bathrooms are clean. The part of services are on the coins that matters a lot. Would you go? Would you go to the church? That’s top of google.

Would you say I want to go to page 7? Let’s, let’s start there to keep it turned out looking for I’m trying to find out where you are right at your like yeah, maybe I just stay there. That’s your boob, challenge and client had the curiosity now here’s what happened is a church, though they have a curiosity and they didn’t allow superstition shore religiousness to get in the way of best practices. Interesting I see a lot of people that do this place, a as examples. Henry bessemer was the bessemer process, which is what made steel. The modern steel empire of andrew carnegie carnegie, reaches out to henry’s henry I hear you have a way to make steel. Does this anyway? I am literally being labeled as a demon, a demon within my business conferences community, because they think that satanic that I’m actually able to make steel, not a christian, or he was just an agnostic kind of flirting with a theater atheism he’s a great people who are just see they have he’s almost superstitious think they say they said all the time where they feel like it’s almost not true, like you can’t possibly make a sales script for my business, for my industry is so different from every other industry help cure somebody who sang zhi, my, industries, different stitches, I’d like a baby in march up the front of that and when it’s question time to raise her hand and say challenge I told you on this, make a script for my business model that would work yeah, because the move to the move, folks that moves the most the steps are, the steps. The steps of those things are, the things I think the play is the play. Visa vie, that’s.

Why were able to with confidence? Tell you that, whatever business you want to start whatever business you have started, we can help. We had. We can help if you sell real products to real humans that really do need these products and services. We can help you not take it. One business conferences company we’ve been helping all year and it is so cool to watch them. Persevere from the doubt phase to the wow cup I’m going to go to a conference I’m just going to start there I’m going to just take away I’m going to take a flyer. What can they can’t? You know and see that I started doing the action items and, come on platinum pest, control in lawn service and they’ve got a no-brainer offer going on right. Now, that’s $1 for your first service. So can you get to choose between pest service termites, ants, spiders mice, that kind of stuff for lawn service? Where the hell do we control and fertilization offer dollar the mosquitoes? Do you have a b on your knee on my z I believe what you got to do, what you got to go to platinum, pest & lawn? What’s that website, it’s platinum pest & lawn., com I want +837-608-579-1837 60857 get a quote during the break and I will give you a free copy of my book thrive. But you got to do it during the break in the next 5 minutes.


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