You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet | The 3 Most Important Choices of Your Day (with Brett Denton)

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If you’ve ever felt stuck physically stuck in rut and unable to get in better shape, then today’s interview with the Boise-based fitness expert and founder of is the show for you. Brett Denton breaks down the 3 most important choices of your day, why it’s important to exercise every day and the value of high-intensity training.

DEFINITION MAGICIAN – KVELL – Yiddish – “To feel or express pride about something”

Move 1: The 3 Most Important Choices of Your Day

  1. What are you going to eat…for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?
  2. Nutrition is the least time intensive change you can make to upgrade your health.
  3. FUN FACT – “The prevalence of obesity was 35.7% among young adults aged 20 to 39 years, 42.8% among middle-aged adults aged 40 to 59 years, and 41.0% among older adults aged 60 and older.” –
  4. You’re already eating!  Just eat better.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – Dr. Mark Hyman says, “You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet.”


FUN FACT – Burpee Calorie Burn: *

In a report called “The State of US Health, 1990-2010: Burden of Diseases, Injuries, and Risk Factors” Dietary Risks ranks number one for causing the most deaths. *

Action: Eat more fruits and vegetables than all other foods combined every meal.

Eat 3 Meals per day and aim for at least 2 fists sized servings of non-starchy vegetables, 1 palm sized serving of protein, no more than 1 thumb sized serving of added fat, and 1 small handful of starchy carb.

Replace your current foods with healthier ones.  

Start simply by eating more whole foods.  Things like fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains.

Move 2: Exercise EVERY Day

The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee’s Scientific Report recommends 150 to 300 minutes per week of moderate-intensity physical activity.

Moderate-intensity activity includes things like walking briskly or with purpose (3 to 4 mph), mopping or vacuuming, or raking a yard.

FACT – Statistic:

  1. Half the U.S. adult population does not currently attain the recommended level of physical activity.
  2. Thirty percent of the population reports doing no moderate-to-vigorous physical activity.


The 2018 Physical Activity Guidelines Advisory Committee Scientific Report states:

“Physically active individuals sleep better, feel better, and function better. “ and “Physical activity reduces the risk of a large number of diseases and conditions. ”

Action Steps –

  1. Make time for 5 minutes of moderate exercise every day.  If you already do at least 5 minutes, great, add 5 more.
  2. According to the New York Times article – “What’s the Single Best Exercise?” your best bet is whatever exercise is sustainable for you.
  3. Increase by 5 minutes every week until you hit the recommended 150 to 300 minutes per week.

Move 3: High-Intensity Training

  1. If you’re more into hard and fast then high intensity intervals is your tool.  
  2. High-intensity training simply consisting of doing an all out effort for a specified period of time.  
  3. FACT – According to Dr. Gibala, a professor of kinesiology at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, H.I.T training has the same physiological effects as lower intensity exercise performed for longer work periods.  
  4. This makes H.I.T. a great tool to for those looking for the most efficient and effective way to fit fitness into their life.  
  5. The higher the intensity the exercise the more rest and recovery needed.  Thus doing H.I.T. training every day is not needed and can even be counter-productive.  
  6. Dr. Gibala mentions in an interview on the Tim Ferriss podcast that the most surprising thing to him while researching was a study he came across that in which two groups had the same training stimulus with a variance in training schedule.  One group training intensely every day for 14 days and the other group training every few days over 6-weeks.
  7. The physiological adaptations were nearly identical, but the performance was only better in the group that got the recovery days.
  8. Long story short, you don’t want to do H.I.T. workouts every day if you want to optimize performance.  

FUN FACT – Statistic:  

  1. In Dr. Gibala’s study Effects of moderate-intensity endurance and high-intensity intermittent training on anaerobic capacity and VO2max.
  2. In his first experiments, riders completed 30 seconds of cycling at the highest intensity the riders could stand. After resting for four minutes, the volunteers repeated the interval several times, for a total of two to three minutes of extremely intense exercise.
  3. After two weeks, the H.I.T. riders, with less than 20 minutes of hard effort behind them, had increased their aerobic capacity as much as riders who had pedaled leisurely for more than 10 hours.
  4. Dr. Gibala reduced the time from 30 seconds to 20 seconds in subsequent studies with the same physiological result.

Action Items:

  1. Make time for 10 minutes of H.I.T. training three to four times per week with at least one day of rest between.
  2. Do some form of exercise at all out intensity for 20 seconds followed by 4 minutes of low level activity.  Repeat two more times and get back to business as usual.
  3. Forms of exercise can be sprinting up stairs, burpees, cycling, squats…really anything you can do for an all out effort.
  4. WARNING: If you have not worked out for quite some time increase the work time and reduce the intensity until you have regained sufficient fitness to increase intensity without getting injured.

Recommended Book:

The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal –


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Audio Transcription

Have you ever felt physically stuck in a Rut and unable to get in better shape? Well, if that’s the case, the today business conferences show and interview with the Boise based fitness expert and the founder of Covello fit is for you.

Oh yes. Thrive nation. Welcome back to the conversation. It is the thrive time show on your radio and podcasts download, and on today’s show we’re interviewing the man, the myth, the legend, the fitness guru in the know our, our good friend from the great state of Idaho where there is never a potato famine when he’s in charge. It’s Mr Brett Denton. How are you, sir?

I’m doing fantastic. Thanks clay. Always fun to be here.

Now, Brett, tell the listeners out there because we have also people who’ve never heard you’re a credible voice on the show before. Tell the listeners out there about your business cavell fitness, what they can find if they go to [inaudible] dot com. Just give us a little bit into your background so that we know that you are in fact a credible fitness guru.

Yeah, so a fitness and nutrition. We a do a group training of a groups of 10 to 30 people and basically our entire goal is to transform the way that people live in a way that is sustainable for the rest of their life. You know, so we’re taking normal joes or taking navy seals were taken. Eighty three year old grandmas were taking everybody and we’re helping them improve their quality of life as efficiently and effectively as possible.

And it cavell fit. It’s a C, K v e l l Check it out today. Thrive nation. If you live in the Boise area, it’s a no brainer. Go check out his business, but for what it’s cavell mean, what’s the. What’s the origin? What’s the history of the word Cowbell

we’ll come to. That was a Yiddish word and you know, what it actually means is happy and proud, especially in community and that’s exactly what we’re working to create for our clients. And really everybody who, um, who comes into contact with us, our staff or our people.

Uh, this morning when Andrew arrived to, for today’s recording, he looked at me and I, I looked at him and I started speaking Yiddish to again and I’d never spoken to before. And I don’t know if I was doing it correctly. He couldn’t interpret it either. So I’m glad that you also speak Yiddish. Now, Brett, we’re talking today about how you can’t out train a bad diet, the three most important choices of your day. And you have three almost business conferences type moves. You have three moves you’re teaching us today as we’re talking about, you can’t out train a bad diet. The three most important choices of your day. So move. Number one you write is what? What’s the move? Number one, what’s the, what’s the first move?

Well, the first movement, here’s the thing, everybody’s busy. You know, I know very few people in the business world or in general just aren’t super, super busy and don’t have time to squeeze anything else in and this is probably the most frequent reason that we have for people not exercising or not eating right or not doing these things. And so when it comes down to it, you know, step one, move, one is making the right choice these three times a day. So what are you going to eat for breakfast? What are you going to eat for lunch and what do you eat for dinner? If you start out with those three choices, I’m making the better choices as long as you have to be the perfect or the right choice, but the better choice you’re going to be far better off. You know, one of those reasons is hopefully you’re already eating, right?

So let’s say you’re not eating lunch, okay, great. Well, what choice are you going to make for breakfast and dinner? Um, start there because that’s gonna have the biggest impact on you. Dr. Mark Hyman, who’s a physician, he says, you can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet, and I couldn’t agree with him more on this. You know what I tell people is, hey, I’m there like, you know, I’ve heard that a exercise and nutrition is about 80 percent of it, and what I tell people is know it’s 100 percent of it because if you eat wrong, there’s no way that you’re going to exercise enough to out a outrun all those calories you’re eating.

No, let’s play a brick. I play a game for. I want to play a game. I wanna play a game by game. Yeah, let’s do it. Here’s my game. Let’s say that I want to try out train a bad diet. Okay? Let’s just play this game. So let’s say that I decide to get some large fries today. All right? So I go out and I say I want large fries, sweet potato fries, or I’m healthy, organic, sweet potato fries. I go to five guys, maybe I go to a in and out burger. Do you been in and out Burger in Boise, by the way, Brent, do you have any? We, uh, we are unfortunate enough not having ended up barrier. Yeah.

In Boise. Do you guys have the, that restaurant chain known as the Burger Palace or what do you guys have there?

We were in Boise, Idaho. So, um, we have McDonald’s, Burger King know we have the big, big guys.

Okay. So let’s just say I go out there and have one large fry. How many burpees do I have to do? Order to repent for my large fries?

Well, everybody’s favorite. Uh, you know, cardio, exercise, the burpee of course. And according to heart, a heart core They actually made a calculator for this. Now it depends on how much you weigh and there’s some crazy facts that go into this, but if you’re 130 pound individual, which glad I know you’re watching your waist, but she might not be close to that yet. So let’s say 100, three, 180 pounds. Okay, so 349 burpees, 49, 49 burpees. Oh yeah. And hate. Well, that’s if you’re one 80 now, if you want 30, it’s actually 524.

No, no, no. Let’s just say screw that man. I’m just gonna. Have an IPA beer. Local beer. It’s like local. It’s got a story to it. All the local beer has a story to it. It’s like some guy named Jeff Pedo had took a reclaimed brick building and the heart of some downtown and he took he. He used to run around and that he was a place for homeless people used to live and he used to run in there with his, with his buddies and they would take instagram photos while shooting off flares at each other and bad word from the mayflower, from the Mayflower, and they somehow re claimed the barn wood reclaimed the brick and the heart of downtown and a bunch a bunch of hipsters by the name of skylar started their own microbrewery. So you walk in there to support your downtown urban renewal project and you go in there and you get yourself one local IPA beer. How many burpees do we have to do to repent for the sins? Of the IPA beer,

well our 130 pounds a person is at 204 burpees for that one. Ipa Two hundred and four.

Like this game at all. Let’s do another. Let’s do a couple more. This, this game, this game. I will eventually. This game’s going to be good. So far it’s really taking the room down. But Marshall, this next one. Let’s see. Let’s see if you can get. Okay. Here we go. So one dominoes slice of pepperoni pizza, like an entire pizza or like just a slice. And here’s what I see in our office. Marsh. Now you tell you, tell me if I’m lying. I see people not maimed. You will order in this business conferences temptation, the temptation of dominoes. This you are the Lord of lust when it comes to bringing in the pizza. They text you at 10:00. They’re like feeling hungry and I’m like brand feeling. Listen, we’re talking about your. You’re. You’re like the priest of fitness. Marshal wants to confess. How often have you ordered in a domino’s pizza end of the office that, that Mr.

Lord of lust a less than 100 times. More than 70 times. When were in the pizza, don’t you typically eat all of it? Except for the slice that I still have a. yes. Okay. So Brett have, I mean if he’s having like what? Do you have an ic six licenses or seven? Well, I think there’s only like three slices and the pizza and so I, I can only be having like two. Well Brett, if he has an entire pizza dude. I mean if he hasn’t even one slice of Pepperoni pizza. A. Okay. Marsha, want to get your guest this. How many burpees do you think that you have to do to repent for your sins of eating? The pepperoni pizza there? Marshall? I’m a burpees. I’m probably going to have to do like 300 burpees. Brett, what’s the number?

So No. Yeah, that’s because Marshall’s about 10 feet tall. He left. He left to burpees, you know, for tall individual, that’s a challenging feat to, to have an entire pizza. Perfect for an entire week. No, no, no. It’s a tire for an entire piece of pizza. So Pizza, you know, let’s assume you got eight pieces on the 1500.

It’s actually 1,456 burpees. Okay, one more. I’ll let. I’ll let you guess here. Andrew, you can. You can take a stab at this game here. Okay. Let’s say that you decide, you know what I’m going to do, what? I’m going to go out there and I’m going to go to Mcdonald’s and bought up up, up because I’m in Boise and you decide to have one egg mcmuffin. Ooh, now, nope. I know the listeners out there. Don’t ever get anything extra with the muffin. The muffin alone. A lot of people are. They just eat just a meat only. But let’s just say you’re the kind of guy who has one egg mcmuffin. You don’t have any drug, any drink with it, no orange juice, nothing. How many burpees do you think you have to do to repent for your sins of your mic? Loving that mcmuffin. I would say probably like 120 100. Twenty five. Uh, how close is he there, Brett?

So 30 pound individuals at three. Fourteen hundred and 80 pound individually.

Oh Wow. So step one, we have to go ahead and. Are you saying that we should write down what we’re gonna eat ahead of time, Brendan?

I think it’s a good idea. And every single person I’ve ever worked with who does a food journal and figures out not only what they’re going to eat ahead of time, so pre it, but then writes it down as they do it. A always sees better results.

Wow. All right. So Andrew Marshall, start writing it down. Journaling. Jason Monday full pizza. Tuesday. Full Pizza. Okay, now let’s move on to exercise. Move number two, move number two. Brett, teach us. Move number two.

Yeah. So you know when you look at exercise, same thing here. We’re not trying to have somebody add an extra hour to their day, which is usually what people think they need to do. I think they need to go to the gym or go for a run or whatever and there they just can’t find that extra 60 minutes or even 30 minutes to add to their day. And so what you want to start looking at is how can you fit it into your day of the things that you’re already doing. Now, here’s the fun statistic for you. Half of the US adult population does not currently obtain the recommended level of physical activity.

Half, half negative. You’re negative man, continue.

And then 30 percent of the population reports doing no moderate physical activity a day. So that’s like nothing that’s like I sit at my desk and I go home when I go to bed and I wake up and I do it again. Um, and I think a lot of people find themselves in this boat once they stop to think about it. And so, you know, the next question, okay, well what is the recommended? Um, and so the, um, the recommended amount is somewhere between the range of about 150 to 300 minutes per week. Now that might sound like a lot, especially if you’re not doing anything, but if you simply start to add five minutes of exercise to your day every day, you know, you say, okay, week one or month one, I’m going to just five minutes, so I’m going to go for a walk. I’m going to go for a brisk walk that’s moderate, or I’m going to garden for five minutes or I’m going to do some of these things that you wouldn’t normally think is exercise. I’m actually fulfill that requirement. So you start looking at ways you can fit that in and park further away, walk up the stairs, you know, things that you’ve heard about before but just haven’t implemented it.

Yeah. I have a question for you and this, this might be a. it’d be something that you get asked a lot, but as a business owner I find usually once a day before about 7:00 AM Marshall Seven am, because I. I’ll, I’ll, I, I say I am not going to freak out today. I’m not going to do it. I’m not going to get. I’m not gonna allow myself to get upset. No, no, not gonna. Allow it. Not going. Here we go. Whew. So I go into work, Brett, you know, six in the morning. I go in there calm.

Here we go. Start that first meeting at 6:00 AM and by about what? Six. Oh, nine. Marshall America brings out the Inner Koby Bryant and enter Michael Jordan, the inner, the inner tracking energy dinner. Kanye West in our Cobra and it costs me to get upset.

Right? So I got upset and then I start to get a school. You burn any calories getting upset that help.

Well here you can, but that doesn’t make it physical activity. So the goal of physical activity isn’t necessarily calorie burn and this is where people come to those rapid

based on this standard. Oh, wrapped. I was like, God, I’m, I’m very intense all the time. High intensity mindset all day. Okay. So just getting intense at work. That doesn’t help you, but in our business conferences office, for somebody out there who has an office, like we do, talk to me about things we could do on a daily basis. I mean, you’re saying, you said gardening, what else could we do on a daily basis if somebody’s out there going, okay, I’ll give you 20 minutes a day, 10 minutes a day, or what are some things I can even do at while while at work?

Yeah. And before we get to that, I want to make sure everybody kind of understands the difference between physical activity and just a burning calories. And so this weird thing happens when we have physical activity. Everyday people sleep better, you feel better and you function better. The physical activity reduces the risk of a large number of diseases and conditions. And so we don’t know all the mechanisms behind that yet, but we want to get out there and get active and that’s based on the 2018 physical activity guidelines. Advisory Committee. A report. Now what can you do? Okay, so you know, you guys are big strong guy so you could knock out some pushups, right? So like in the middle of the day, boom, hit some pushups and then the next time hit some squats. You know, when you go to the bathroom, sit on the toilet 10 times instead of just sitting down, once you start looking, I was

wondering what Marshall was doing in the stall. Actually read the show notes ahead of time. Just doing squats in there. It’s kind of weird. Okay. Wow. Okay. So, no, seriously, these are things you can do. I mean, this is practical stuff. You could during the meal of the day, do five, six pushups, boom, uh, you could, uh, do it all. The squats could do some stretching. You know, a lot of people are working at desks, fricken desks, sitting at those desks. Sit in weird leaning over typing stuff. How horrible is a desk for people just to sit in there and just tell, tell us the bad news. So

for anymore than about 30 minutes starts to shut down metabolism and drastically increases risk of death from all kinds of preventable diseases. So if the terrible, horrible thing for human beings. And so the biggest thing when you’re sitting at a desk, like just get up and walk around every five minutes, you know, and if you walk around every five or sorry, every 30 minutes, walk for five minutes, so 30 and five. And if you do that you don’t all day or at work, you’re going to start racking up those minutes to get to that 150, 300 minutes per week.

No, we have standing desks. Most members of our team have a standing desk. You were saying if we sit for more than 30 minutes, it’s bad.

Yeah. Or stands. It’s the movement that is needed. So standing is better than sitting. But what ends up happening is we stand and we lean over our desk and we still don’t move. And so

got to move, got to move. Got No, that’s why, by the way, and we do today’s podcast. You’re going to hear, I’m at around a 29 minute mark. You’re going to hear what some could call someone hanging up on you. And it’s not that I’m doing that, it’s that I’m getting movement. So I have to move. I’ve gotta move gotta move around March. We gotta move around, move around. Okay. We’ve got about a half hour of power here to devour all that is good from Brett. Didn’t because we can’t all attend to Capella fit unless we live in boise. But Brett, for someone out there who says, I would like for you to have, I like to hire you as my personal getting shaped coach remotely. Can people do that? Is it possible?

That is possible. We, uh, I do personal performance coaching for people to help them not only get fit, but just kinda figuring out how to go after life with a, with a much stronger conviction and intensity.

What does that cost by the way is it’s $7. Is it $7,000? What’s the, what’s the going rate?

So, um, it depends on the situation, but it’s around about a thousand dollars a month. Work with me to really Kinda get your performance dialed in in whatever area of life that you’re looking to, uh, to kind of take it to another level.

Got It. Okay. Now let’s move to number three. Number three, talk to us about this, this third super move that the thrivers can use.

Yeah. So here’s the thing. So you know, we’ve covered nutrition, we’ve covered kind of the low intensity to moderate intensity activity and those things need to be done no matter what. And then we got the people who want to take it up to another level. You know, you’ve got business owners who were typically a intense people, right? So you look at high intensity training as that next tool and the, the good thing about this is we can get maximum results in a minimum amount of time. So it’s both effective and efficient and that’s really what a lot of super busy people are looking for. That’s what we, that’s what people come to carvel fitness for us because we’re, there’s no fluff, we’re just, we’re going to get them what they need to in the shortest amount of time. And so, um, according to Dr Gibala, he’s a professor at mcmaster university in Hamilton, Ontario, and he did a study on hit, which is high intensity training. You also might see as h I t high intensity interval training. And he said that in his study, the physiological effects of the high intensity training, which was a much shorter and higher burst of energy, was the same as performing slow, long work periods. So you can get the same amount of stuff done in a much shorter period of time if you just crank up the intensity, crank up the volume on that intensity.

And I think this is the cause if you’re out there, you’re saying I want to crank up the effectiveness of my workout.

You got to kind of have this music in your head right here, Marsha. It’s kind of that intensity, right? You’ve got to be ready to crank it up. Marshall, I feel like we’re in a dark industrial park, but I luckily I have a flare gun and Breton didn’t an IPA beer,

but no, seriously I think you have to be. And that was a good point. I really feel like you did a great job describing what that music sounded like. So if you’re out there though, Brett, and you’re going, I’m not familiar with this high intensity training and I live in Florida, you know, I live in Delaware, I live in like me impersonate someone to deliver. Hi everybody. I’m in Delaware. Yeah. Alright. So it, someone’s in Delaware. What kind of, where can they find this high intensity training that you speak of?

Well they can find it in their own home that you don’t need anything special for this type of training. What you need is the discipline to be able to get after it. So I’ll give you an example. So in the study Dr Gibala basically had people hop on a stationary bicycle and he had them do an all out effort for 30 seconds. So this is like as close to 100 percent as possible. Now you have to train to get to that point. But you know, it was pretty intense and then he had them rest for four minutes. Okay. So we talked about burpees earlier today. So let’s say, and he did a subsequent study where it was only 20 seconds because what he found out was that last 10 seconds of that 30 was just people wanted to die and so he took it off and said, hey, can we get the same result without so long of a time period? And he did. And so. So let’s go ahead. Yeah, go ahead

that. This is so good. This is so good. So again, this is Brett. If someone out there, someone who’s out there listening right now and they’re looking for maybe a the right kind of gym because they’re going, I love what I’m hearing right now, could they, could they reach out to you and could you maybe as part of your consulting fee, maybe recommend the right kind of program for them. I mean it’s what you’d call you and say I’m 45 years old. Could they pay and maybe a thousand bucks or something for you to kind of tell them the right kind of program for them and where they should go. Can you do that kind of thing?

Yeah, that’s a whole part of the program. You know, we find out uh, what, what’s around them, what the best situation is for them if they even need to go to a gym at all. Um, and we, we really customize the plan to make it work for them.

Okay. Back to you. I just wanted to, I wanted to tap into your wisdom there cause I know there’s somebody out there listening going, I love what I’m hearing. I just don’t know how to take action here. Back to you sir.

Okay. So, um, you know, so let’s say, okay, you got 20 seconds that you got to go all out effort, right? So, so you can, anybody can do almost anything for 20 seconds and so we’re going to hit, let’s go to back to our burpee situation here, right? So set a clock and they got these timers now on your app, you know, you can look up to at a time or get a phone out for it and you can set it. So you’re going to go 20 seconds, you know, you can do Berkeley’s. Are you going to do mountain climbers? They’re going to run upstairs. You’re going to do sprints are going to do something that you can do, high intensity hop on, a stationary bike, and so you want to get right up into that 80, 9,100 percentile range when it comes to effort, and then you’re going to rest for four minutes, so four minutes.

We’re going to drop the heart rate, we’re going to get your breathing back under control, and then we’re just going to do that two more times. Then we’re done for the day. That’s a total of 10, about 10 minutes of working out, and so we add that 10 minute high intensity workout and here’s the thing with the high intensity stuff, you don’t even have to do it every day. You don’t even want to do it every day because he actually get better results and better performance if you do it about every other day, every other day. Yeah, because you can, if you do it every day. This is what a. One of the issues with this high intensity, a kind of a fad that’s going around is these gyms are popping up and they’re high intensity. Well, people ended up going every day and they ended up beating themselves up because they’re, I mean everyday you can’t be at Max intensity, you know, that’s like an Olympic sprinter going out and doing an Olympic race every single day. Well eventually your body’s gonna break down and it’s not going to perform as well. So we want to go every other day or every two days.

I’m Marshall didn’t ask me for permission, he just said I’m going to do it, which is cutting entrepreneurial mindset, you know, you want to just do the business conferences action and ask for forgiveness later and he might me up there and I put one of those. Come, you call it a Kombucha timer there, Brad Kombucha, head to bottle to bottle. Oh good. I want to make sure you weren’t advocating Kombucha beverages, like a shameless plug, a product placement. So it’s what was it to bought it and bought a yellow or just the interval Tabata? Tabata interval timer. So I got one of those apps. I set it out there, Marshall, and then I decide I’m going to do for 21 seconds. Okay. I’m going to do burpees and you without asking that, you’ve set up a shotgun microphone to capture what kind of microphone would you use? Probably assure brand would be it. Yeah, it’d probably be a sennheiser shotgun microphone and I did it secretly. What kind of recorder did you run it into? You run the court probably. Yeah, like an h, four n, something like that. So you’re recording this great. And this is. This is, this is what I sounded like and I don’t appreciate you recording it. This is what I sounded like. Just want to cue this up here.

Oh man, that’s cold call and I’m going to be before.

That’s what it sounded like. Yeah. I’m ready to go. Lot of Google, they start working out. They do 21 seconds of a workout and they’re like, I’m done. You know we’ve got the yoga pants. Got The sweat repelling shirt on. That’s right. We got all the accoutrements. I got a new pair of shoes on. Get the new Adidas Nike. I got some kind of shoe. I had a custom shoe made for me by the new balance guy, and then they go workout for 21 seconds and they quit. Brett, what can we do out there for a perpetual starter stopper and the world of fitness? Does everybody need a coach or a trainer or a class? What he recommends? I think a lot of people are knowing what to do as a result of this great teaching from you, but then they, we start and stop. We start. We stop what was going on.

Yeah. Based on what we’ve seen from our own clients, those in, in the population in general is about 10 to 15 percent of the population is going to work out no matter what. They’re always going to be fit. They could benefit from a coach, but they don’t need one. They’re always going to kind of be there. And then you’ve got that middle population who really wants to be fit, but they really have to have a coach and they need some accountability. And then you’ve got the top, uh, kind of a or lower echelon of people who just don’t care about fitness and they don’t care about being fit, but the bulk of the people, 60 to 70, maybe even 75 percent of people need a coach now might be a weird thing to say. But if they want to get in shape, they really need a coach.

They need somebody to, number one, tell him you know, the best way to do things, because again, we just talked about today, you don’t need that much time to exercise and eat right. You just need to do it right. And so it helps to have a coach say, here’s exactly what you need to do. Number two, we need accountability because even though we’re only working out for 10 minutes a day with this, I’m not. Everybody can do that if they don’t have the accountability because it’s, you know, life gets in the way, right? We have kids to drop off, we have business to do, we have, we have things to do in our life that sometimes get in the way of that 10 minutes. And we always put it off when we say, you know, I’m going to start Monday, you know, it’s the perpetual, I’m going to start Monday. And so one, once people finally, um, commit by, uh, putting resources into it. So whether that be money or time or buying equipment or whatever it is, they’re, they’re more likely to actually follow through and exercise. And ultimately that’s what it comes down to. You need somebody who’s going to keep you consistent. [inaudible] in exercise and fitness and health consistency is more important than anything else. You could almost pick anything in the form of physical activity and eating right. And if you do it consistently, you’re going to get healthier.

Now what we’re going to do is we’re talking about how to achieve success in the area of fitness. Today on the thrive time show a Marshall Morris is going to hit you like a light, like a Kung Pao punch like a Kung Fu, like, uh, like he’s been practicing, uh, uh, some sort of martial arts martial. You see that he’s gonna come in there. Hey everybody, I’m from Delaware and he’s going to come in there and he’s gonna bring the intensity. He’s going to hit you with a question. You’re not ready for Brett about fitness at the workplace, getting in shape, eating healthy, working out. He’s going to ask you a fitness question that he or one of his clients would probably like to know. Andrew is going to hit you with another tough question and then Jason’s going to hit you with a question. Lucky’s from Delaware. Hey everybody. I’m from Delhi. So. Alright. So Marsha, what is your first hot question for Brett? Didn’t the fitness expert, is there a specific time where it’s best to work out during the day? Is it best to do it like before the work day or at the end of workday or take a long lunch and go work out. Is there a time where I will benefit the most for working out? Is it. This is my question. Brett, what do you got for us?

Yeah, they got two answers for you. One of them is whenever you can fit it in your face, your face. Marshall. Stupid question. That’s the biggest thing because people always, you know, you’re kind of, and this is what people do in general, you just dig into the weeds and you try and you try and make it perfect before it’s even anything’s happening. Like, what shoes should I get? Well, I don’t know. Why don’t you try to go for a walk first, you know, when should I exercise? I don’t know, just exercise now. I’m going to, I’m going to take that now to the scientific realm. So in the book, the power of full engagement and discuss kind of how the hormones are all adapted and all that. And for most people who are on a regular circadian rhythm, right around 5:00 PM is when your body actually has the most, um, it’s Kinda like primed for physical activity and working out in the morning, you know, a lot of people like to work out in the morning because they can get out of the way, which is great.

I don’t want to tell anybody not to do that because, uh, whenever you can do it as we can do it and that always supersedes everything else. Um, but in the morning you just gotTa make sure you get a little bit longer warm up because when we sleep all night, you know, or I’m kind of laying on her back and we get fluid and liquid built up in the spine and so that’s why a lot of people get hurt there in the morning so they don’t get enough a warm up to get that fluid massaged out of the spine. They don’t get the body warm enough. So that’s kind of the two part answer for that module.

Okay. What, uh, what was this book title again?

Uh, the power of full engagement. Okay.

Power. I’m going to put them on the show notes there. Tara. Forget you see that guys? I’m fully engaged. I’m not, I’m not drifting around. I’m not surfing around the Internet. I’m not on social media. No, no. I’m focused. I’m focused. And that’s the kind of intensity you expect here on a show such as a show. So great and so humble, like the thrive time show. Now, Andrew, are you ready to ask your question? Absolutely. Good, because Jason’s going first. Yes. Jason, are you ready to answer your question? Absolutely. Good because Andrew’s going first. Andrew, back to you. All right. Um, so a lot of people who do work in an office or a lot of the business owners we work with, they’re usually just constantly running around all day and they don’t always have time to sit down and eat a meal from nine to five and then they get home and they eat at like eight. So why is it one, why is it so important to make sure you eat healthy meals throughout the day? And why is it important to, you know, maybe meal prep, so that way you’re not tempted throughout the day to eat at dominoes or any bread. I’m sorry about his poor question. You just asked them a question. They’re just good bread. We’d love to get your answer on that. Um,

well two things again, a kind of two answers here. Number one, when you have a, the self control to be able to go home and eat a good healthy, nutritious meal at 8:00, I’m not eating during the day is not as big as a deal. You know, so when we were back way back in the day when we were hunter gatherers, you know, he ate when you could eat, so it wasn’t like we didn’t eat breakfast at 8:00 and a lunch at 1:00 and dinner at 6:00. It didn’t really work that way. The main problem is people don’t have the self control to be able to handle their hormones and that tell them, eat whatever you can, stuff in your face and as much as you possibly can, we get home from not eating all day and having a stressful day. So that’s where the real problem is.

And so that’s why we want to say, okay, let’s start eating during the day so that you don’t have that overwhelming a hunger at night where you’re just going to stuff your face with as much as you possibly can, which is where people get in trouble. And so prep, you know, that’s where again, it can be a little bit tough. So that’s why there’s a lot of these meal services popping up for people who just don’t have time to prep. And one of the things that people don’t know is like private chefs and most places don’t cost that much money. They come into your house one, you know, every Saturday they do all the prep for you, they do the cooking for you, you warm up the food. And so I’d highly encourage people kind of look into that because you can get that for a fairly, a fairly economical rate if you, if you do your shopping, but without prep, without getting something in place, you’re just going to grab whatever it is. And usually that whatever it is, is something that’s not going to satisfy what you need to achieve your goals.

Oh, I have a fun fact. Went out there for people might think that it’s a little bit over the top to have a private chef. A little bit of knowledge. Brett, are you familiar with slick rick? Oh yeah. Okay. Slick Rick, the old Radford Marshall. Are you familiar with slick rick? Slick Rick? Um, it was one of the first rappers to really, uh, gain mainstream traction. And one of the things that he began to do when he was doing his contracts, his, he wanted to be, I’ll pull it up on the big screen, Andrew, so you can see this character. Got It. He started to demand that he, that he had to be carried at all times on a thrown into rooms. He wanted that in his contract and they wouldn’t do it. And he thought they were being unreasonable. So if you’re out there and you’re saying it might seem unreasonable to ask for a private chef that.

No, no, no, that’s not unreasonable. What is unreasonable is asking for people to carry you around in your personal thrown as part of your wrap deal. That’s a reasonable. Alright. So, so Jason, what is your final hot and fresh paint? Brett Dritan into a corner. Tricky question. Yes. So it’s a two parter in reference to Andrews because the meal prep was super important as far as meal prep goes daily, would you recommend that you eat the same thing, breakfast, lunch, and dinner everyday, like the same rotation of three meals? Or is it better to switch it up? And then on top of that, how important is supplementing with vitamins? Protein. Okay. Well, extra real quick. That’s two parter questions. Those are, those are the main question. Okay. So question one. Part one is should we eat the same meal every day? Is that right? Right. Okay. Brett, let’s go with the question of what he’s trying to trick you. I don’t appreciate that kind of question there.

Oh, um, so should he. Same thing every day. So here’s what we’ve seen results based and here’s kind of the nutritional side of it. So you want to first understand that you need to eat rainbow, right? So you need to eat all different colors of vegetables and foods and fruits and all that. And so if you can get that in by eating all the same meals, then you’re doing pretty good. Okay. But every different type of food has a little different nutritional profile. So I do recommend that you switch it up a little bit. Now with that being said, it’s almost impossible to do that with every single mill. And this is the problem that you see with a lot of nutrition plans is like they switch every single meal, your breakfast is different everyday lunch, different, everyday dinner, different every day. And that’s like, it’s just, it’s almost impossible to keep up with that.

Um, and so what we recommend people do is they keep their breakfast pretty similar. They keep their lunch pretty similar and then they use their dinner for variety. And so again, lunch, similar breakfast, similar dinner for variety. And so, um, that helps you so that when you prep, you can prep nearly everything on the weekend, right? So you take an hour or two on the weekend, get prep out your entire week, you have your breakfast ready, do you have your lunches ready? And then you ever dinners. Okay. And then on the flip side of that, you can take your dinner and you could just make extra. And then that’s your lunch. So now really all we’re prepping is we make sure we have our breakfast and then we make sure we have our dinners because that leftover is going to be lunch the next day. And so the more you can keep it, the same in those meals, the better off you’re going to be, the better results you’re going to get.

Okay. Now the second question, supplements. So what I recommend for everybody on supplements is a number one, eat a really healthy, nutritious diet. Okay? Which doesn’t make any sense, but that’s what you want to do when it comes to supplements. Number two, if you have a question about supplements, you got to go to this website called and they go through all of the research on supplements and they’re going to just tell you yes, this is what it does, or no, this isn’t what it does or it needs more research. So again, that website is and if you have a question on any supplement, go there. Because what I find is most people are wasting their money on supplements and they’re wasting a lot of their money on supplements when all they need to be doing is eating a really good nutritious diet. Fine.

My final question I have for you today is you talked about wasting money on supplements. What are the crappiest supplements you’ve seen? Ones where you go, that’s just crap and I don’t know because you see it all the time. Um, you have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of clients over there. Cavell fit and beautiful. Boise, Idaho, Boise, Idaho. My. Correct. Yeah, that’s correct. Somebody out there says Boise Boise home with the Blue Turf, right? No, sir. At smurf. Their homes. A lot of potatoes. Am I correct? A lot of potatoes. Potato farmers everywhere. Well, no, not really, but we are home to simplot. And simplot. Is it large provera potatoes? Yes. Aren’t you guys also home of trader Joe’s? We’re not home with trader Joe’s. We have a trader Joe’s, but we’re not home with trader Joe’s. I don’t appreciate you trying to manipulate my questions. No one asked you seriously.

The supplements, the supplements. Talk to me about the supplements. What are some solutions where people are just wasting their money? A fat loss pills, fat loss, supplements. Those are the biggest waste of money. And in fact those are going to be doing the opposite of what most people want. So most of those supplements are simply a big shot of some type of stimulant, whether it be caffeine or otherwise, and they haven’t been proven to work and the ones that may be possibly did work. Um, once you stopped taking them, they slow down the metabolism and messed up the body so much that you gained all the weight right back. So stay away from, you know, diet pills or weight loss pills or fat shredding pills or all of that stuff. Those are, those are one of the biggest waste of money and time somebody could, uh, could engage with.

Um, I, a friend of mine who’s not on the show today by the name of Andrew and he be last name B and I was going through his stuff on his bag at work. He has a bag he brings to work, not the work. I go to another place of work where anyway. Point is the point is this man Andrew, he has purchased a shake weight and I’ve also found a copy of the eight minute abs DVD series. Would you are those completely crap as well?

Eight minute abs actually is fairly good if you just wanted to destroy your abdominals, but that’s a, that’s actually not a bad one. The shake weight, you know, why don’t you take it for a walk.

Okay. Is there any other fitness stuff you see other. That’s totally crap, right? You had the floor man. Is there any other fitness? We do. This trend is stupid. This diet ideas stupid. This stupid just stopped doing these things.

Well I don’t want to go as far as calling them stupid because physical activity is good. Um, but there is a significant difference between somebody. Somebody’s doing something that’s really efficient and effective and somebody’s just doing it maybe more for the recreation side of things, you know. So there’s a lot of physical activity and fads out there that are more of a social gathering, more of a way to just go out and have fun. You know, some of the business conferences dance classes, zoom, but some of those things, you know, that’s great and that’s really good activity and that’ll help you get to your 150 to 300. But is it really going to help you like, you know, get some muscle definition, that type of stuff? Probably not. So, you know, I don’t any anything in the realm of physical activity, uh, go ahead and do it. But the better results that you want to get, the more important it is that you start looking at the things that are going to get you the most bang for your buck.

Andrew, put that shake weight down. I’ll put it. Put that way down. Marshall, we’ve talked to them about this. How many times we said don’t bring the shake weight. It doesn’t work. I’ve told them at least twice. Bread is a man with class and character. He’s a man who is eloquent. He’s articulate man. And I feel like though, if I read between the lines, he said, Andrew, quit being a knucklehead and using that shake weight, andrew, you’re attacking the integrity of bread by bringing that in here. We will deal with this after the show for all the members of the thrive nation out there. I want to get in touch with you, Brett, what’s the best way for them to get in touch with you?

Yeah, you. Well, you can obviously visit our website, [inaudible]. They’ll cave V, e l l fit, or you know, just send me a text if you want to talk about performance coaching. My phone number is two zero eight nine nine. One six five three seven two zero eight, nine, nine. One six, five, three, seven.

All right. Thrive nation. You heard it here. That’s Brett. Didn’t the fitness expert and the founder of Cavell fit and beautiful Boise Idaho home. Have a trader Joe’s home of the blue turf home of Mr Brett Dennen. You’re going to love going there and you should go check it out. You can meet Brent. You could also get a disproportionate amount of conveniently affordable potatoes if you visit him. And I, we like to end the show the boom Brett. Uh, we will do the three, the two, the one. Then we end with a boom. Um, and then. And then. So are you ready Mr Britt? I’m ready. Let’s do it. Marsha. You Ready? I’m ready. Angela, are you reading? Oh yeah. Jason, are you ready? So ready. I’m ready. Hey everybody. I’m from Delaware and I’m ready. Here we go. Three, two, one. Whoa.


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