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Get ready to enter the Thrivetime Show! We started from the bottom, now we’re here. We started from the bottom and we’ll show you how to get here. We started from the bottom, now we’re here. We started from the bottom, now we’re here. We started from the bottom, now we’re on the top. Teaching you the systems to hear what we got. Cullen Dixon’s on the hooks, I’ve written the books. He’s bringing some wisdom and the good looks. As a father of five, that’s where I’m here with the world’s best business coach. Two pale guys in the studio today, so excited. Clay Clark right over there. Hey, you know what when you every time that the which are training start? Yeah, I think of this But I don’t often say it. Yeah, so I’m we’ll get serious here in just a second But first I just want you to know every time you talk this is what I’m thinking Not about you about my wife right now. I just look at you and think about my wife smooth jazz That’s a great start I love it. We’re on 3.5, working harder and smarter. You don’t put those two together a lot. Well, what happens is, as an entrepreneur, we all have kind of two natural biases that we fall into or two natural little patterns that we fall into. If you’re an entrepreneur, I mean, it’s just very normal to do this. You’re the kind of guy who says, or gal, you’re the kind of lady who says, you know what? I do such a good job at my job, I am so tired of working for this boss who does not appreciate my awesomeness or appreciate my, they don’t understand the skill that I bring to the table every day. I’m going to start my own business. And you with no knowledge of what it takes to run a business, you have become unemployable and you either got fired or you just got inspired. But either way, now you are in charge of your own destiny or the other person is you’re like, oh. So if you’re that person, by the way, you’re the person who’s out, you work harder than everybody else. You’re just a grinder, you can’t be around mediocrity, so you start your own business. That is me. I, just being real, I gotta be honest, Nathan, I’m gonna be, you’re gonna be so mad at me after I say this, but this is just a fun thing, this is the fun, this is the kind of stuff we do. Nathan today went to eat lunch, and I was mad. And I remember thinking to myself, why am I mad? Because my wife was like, hey, where’s Nathan? I think he went to lunch. She goes, you can’t be mad that he went to lunch. I get mad that people eat. I’m like, what’s the deal with these people? They get to leave for four minutes to eat? People say, hey, I have a temperature of 104. I really do have pneumonia. I’m probably going to die. I’m like, so can you be at work? That’s how my mindset is. And the other group is they work smarter where they’re like, these people who work are just so stupid and I cannot work on these people because I’m so smart. That’s not me. I’m always like the grinder. I’m going to build a better system, a better mousetrap. I have the, I have the keys to the universe. I have my MBA. I’ve got all the knowledge and I’m going to start a business. And the key is to work smarter and harder. And also just note to myself, I’m going to watch this training later, don’t be mad at people for eating lunch. It’s actually normal and in fact your body needs food to maintain homeostasis. You can’t be… I remember just having an angry face and I found out someone was eating lunch. In fact, everyone was eating lunch. Just so you know, I never eat lunch. Really? Or breakfast or dinner. Really? Basically, I’m at your beck and call. When I see Clay Clark on my phone, I’m like, everyone shut up. I need to talk to Clay. No, the thing is, John Kelly works here. He’s like, I remember one day he was shouting me and he goes, so when are you going to get lunch? I said, when are you getting lunch or when do you get lunch? And John’s a grinder. And I was like, I just never eat lunch or breakfast or dinner. You obviously eat them. I do, but it’s more of like, hey, I asked my daughter, can I have a pretzel? And she gave me two pretzels. And I just kind of like, can I have a pretzel? Can I have part of that candy bar? Can I have half of your steak? I guess this is a cheap way to go through life. You just eat the leftovers of everyone’s food, I guess. That’s what I do. I’ve got a notable quotable here. Okay. All right. Clayton Christensen, Harvard business professor. He says an organization’s capabilities reside in two places. The first is in its processes, the methods by which people have learned to transform inputs of labor, energy materials, information, cash, and technology into outputs of higher value. The second is in the organization’s values, which are the criteria that managers and employees in the organization use when making prioritization decisions. Okay, so what does this mean? How does this work? Working smarter, working harder? That was a long one, yeah. Yeah, here you go. One is the organization’s, okay, the processes, the processes. The processes is the specific step-by-step checklists, how you do stuff, okay? I can’t tell you how many companies I’ve worked with over the years because it’s all of them almost. You go in there and you go, what makes your company different? You know what they say? I say, I’ll go into like an auto, I’ve worked at an automotive shop. I sit down with the owner and I said, hey, to grow your business, I need to know what makes you different from your competition so that we can help you market that to the world and get more customers. What makes you different? And if you had to guess, what would you say that almost everyone says? Their customer service. Yes. They always go, our customer service. We really care about our customers. Yeah. Yeah. And so what I always say, because I enjoy saying this, I say it every time, and you know your competitor, I talked to them this week, I said, what makes you different? They go, we hate our customers. You know what I’m saying? We don’t give a crap about them. So I’m saying, processes are the checklist, the specifics. So give me one example. Fine, I’ll give you one. We’ve all been to Chipotle. What does Chipotle do? They make their chicken where? There. All their chicken is organic, it’s free range. You go and we could all run a Chipotle, basically, right? You walk in, they go, hey, do you want that on a, what kind of wrap do you want, or do you want a bowl? And you’re like, uh, wrap, right? So you get a wrap, and then they say, what kind of meat do you want? And you go down the line, and it’s a system, and they’re checklist a system about how they do it. The decor, how’s it decorated in a Chipotle? It’s like, what, stainless steel everywhere, minimalist, corrugated steel stuff. It’s all like your, it’s very Colorado-y, you know, kind of thing. Simplicity, it’s very downtown Denver, it’s very Lodo, lower Denver. So that kind of vibe. Lodo, nice. Yeah, Lodo. A big shout out to Lodo. But anyway, you go in there and they have, that’s their process, is how they do it. And then the next is, why do they do it that way? That’s the values. And the values are like, why do we have organic chicken? I mean, why? Because for me, I gotta be real, if you ever see Clay Clark, me, if you ever see me running an organic chicken business, I want you to do this. You come up to me and you say, you are full of BS. I know what you’re doing right now, and I know you’re just doing this for the money. And I’d go, you’re right, because I don’t care at all about whether the chicken was organic or not. I just want to, in my stomach, puree it so I don’t have to eat lunch, put it through an IV, and just in my body. If there’s a way that I could eat completely inorganic and just do that, I would do it. You just want to be a machine, I get it. I don’t care. But my wife is like, the quality of the chicken’s life matters. And so now we have a chicken palace where we raise our chickens, and so we have organic pre-ranged chickens, and I do it just for my wife, but it’s not for my love of chickens. The Clark Chicken Palace. But the values, right, the values, getting to the values, the values of your business is the why. So why did we build an online school? That’s a, why would you do that? Because I hate poverty, mediocrity, it makes me nuts. So our whole goal here is to mentor millions. So that affects the why. All the time people say, well Clay, don’t you know? A guy literally six months ago says, hey Clay, you know one way we could get a ton of subscribers is you could team up with such and such organization and there’s like thousands and thousands of people who would sign up right away. Yeah. And I go, but I don’t like that company. I don’t agree with what they do. I know at the end of the day they’re going to try to screw over people. They try to manipulate people and take advantage of them. I don’t want to be a part of it. Right. And then someone else says you can do this, team up with this group. And I go, no, because that wouldn’t help mentor people. The goal of Thrive 15 is not to make money, it is to mentor millions. That’s the why. And then how, it’s how does the set look, right? What are the processes? How do we set up the mic? How do we set up the systems? How do we wire in the audio? So the process is the checklist is the how, you know, and the why is the values. Right. That’s good stuff. Now, Clay, one of your clients that you worked with, all right, he was like a over like a medical practice that helped men who were suffering from issues related to having a lack of testosterone in their body. This guy, he was a hard-working dude, but he was working 70 hours a week at this thing. I don’t mock testosterone issues, but I do think it’s funny when I think about the business because these guys will come in who are just jacked. They’re just yoked. They are ripped. All the adjectives, they are huge. They come in and they’re like, I have a concern about my low testosterone level. I feel like I need to get more concentration and I need to, and you’re like, bro, you’re definitely on steroids. You know what I mean? And they’re like, no, it’s just… No steroids. And so the doctor’s not going to write you the prescription just because you want to get jacked. Right. But these muscle heads will always come in and they’re like, I need to increase my focus. I struggle with sleep. You definitely are trying to get onroids. That’s what they’re doing. But this doctor, he’s a super smart guy, but he didn’t know the processes of how to get customers. So we sat down with him, and no exaggeration, we went from where he had 22, it was the number 22 was the number of customers that he started with per month, new customers from his online website. I don’t know the exact number we’re at now, but I know it’s over a thousand people a month. And we just, what’s the process? How do you get to the top of Google? It doesn’t matter how much he loves, his values, why he started the business, is he knows a lot of men struggle with issues related to lack of testosterone, low energy, they can’t concentrate, weird sex life, this whole thing. And he wanted to help men. That’s what he’s passionate about. So he started this business, but he didn’t have any processes to go about acquiring customers and wowing them. So we taught him systemically how to get to the top of Google, helped him build the systems, built online ads. We did flyers, mailers, we did all this stuff. We worked with other doctors to get other doctors to refer him, and now he’s rocking like a superstar, and he bought himself a big old car with a button in the middle that makes the trunk go, eh-eh. So really, Clay, it sounds like this doctor wasn’t getting paid for the hours he worked. Yeah, that’s the thing, Josh, is that it doesn’t matter how hard you work. I literally sat down today with a coach, sad story, sad. I mean, it’s sad, it’s honestly a very sad story. I sat down with a coach today. He’s a business owner. And I sat down and looked at how much his income per… A lot of people look at their accounting in the rear view mirror. But I sat down and I looked and I said, what do you make per hour, income-wise? So we added up all of the sources of income, and we added up all the expenses per hour. And you know how much he was making per hour? Not much. Seriously? A little less than $7. Or a little less than eight dollars, seven dollars and twenty cents an hour that he was making based off of his 80 hour work week. So you really have to sometimes take the time to think about that. We got a notable quotable here. This is from Jim Rohn, best selling author and world renowned motivational speaker. He says, you don’t get paid for the hour, you get paid for the value you bring to the hour. Yeah, and so with the coach, we sat down and I said, listen, you have got, you have to do it. You have to begin charging more per hour when you’re coaching. He’s going, well, people are already at the max of what they could pay. I said, okay, well then we have to cut expenses. But you don’t get ahead by simply just working harder. This guy, honestly, I’ve never seen a guy work harder. But it’s just you’ve got to either cut expenses or you’ve got to increase what you charge. You can’t just sit there and say I’m gonna work harder and harder and harder because it you I mean this guy has been in a coach for This I think it’s 30 years and he’s to a point with me eight bucks and I’m not kidding It’s just it’s it’s it’s sad, but it’s a very fixable. We looked at this performa today. Very detail We spent over an hour and a half looking at it line by line Michaela and I just going through there looking at it Michaela’s typing in all the data and we found two really quick fixes We can do that’s gonna allow him to dramatically increase his revenue just by cutting some expenses. So you can do that. Just doing a little smarter. A little smarter in addition to working hard. There you go. I got another notable quotable here. Oh, boo, you’re just packed with them. That’s what I do. That’s what I do all day long. You’re like Socrates. Thank you. This is Napoleon Hill again, bestselling author of Think and Grow Rich. Love the book? Love the book. He says, nature cannot be tricked or cheated. She will give up to you the object of your struggles only after you have paid her price.” Here’s the thing is, a lot of people feel like, and I hate to say this as a generality, I hate to ever just put a label on a group of people, but we live in the Bible Belt, okay? Yes. So we run, a lot of people run around in Oklahoma, and by the way, if you’re not in the Bible Belt and you’re living in like New York, it’ll be the opposite truth to you, but in the Bible Belt a lot of people are like, God wants me to be blessed. And I don’t disagree with that. God wants me to have financial prosperity. And I don’t disagree with that either. God believes in my business and I just know, I don’t have all the steps figured out, but I know that if I just keep working, God’s going to bless me. And that is something that I totally disagree with because you could work the entirety I sat down with a guy he does a home remodeling and he lays bricks and homes He just did brick layer. He does custom remodeling on it. Yeah, and I said down he had that logic and I said listen, man We’ll call it. We’ll call the guy just so you call Mitch. It’s not his name. We’ll call Mitch Mitch Yeah, I said so Mitch listen you could work till the end of your lifetime Doing what you’re doing. But if you don’t fix that nasty website, that nasty website, I mean, it’s like being in an elevator with somebody that smells like the human body. You know, you go, that’s a gross body smell. You’re in there, and they’ve been working out, and they’ve been wearing that shirt for like a month and a half, and they just smell funky. It’s like, if I just pray and work hard enough, the smell will go away. No, it won’t. It’s just a natural law. And so what Napoleon Hill is talking about, and I was trying to explain to this guy, I said, listen Mitch, you’ve got to fix your website, and you can’t trick the economy to pay you more simply because you are super spiritual. And he says, listen, the Word of God says that if I do this and that, he’s going to bless me. And I’m like, but the Word of God doesn’t reference at any point how to make a website optimized. I mean, I know that God could have written it, but he didn’t. So you need to fix it. It’s so nasty. Help me help you. Please just.” And so, and then on the other extreme, people who are not religious a lot of times will go, business is just business. And I’ll tell you what, I’m going to make money by just working hard. I’m just going to grind. I’m just going to grind. And just quit introducing religion and work ethic. Let’s just look at the facts and go, you have to find a way to generate the increased amount of money your company produces per hour. And so we’re going to teach you the specific steps in future episodes, but it’s so important that you ask yourself, how much money am I making per hour? How much am I spending per hour? How much am I spending per hour? And make sure that the separation between the two, aka your profit margin, is as high as possible. Right. That’s how you do it. So it’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. You’ve got to have the peanut butter and the jelly. I don’t exactly know what that means. What I can say is the song that made me think of was the Communist National Anthem. And when I heard what you said there, I was taken to a place so dark and so terrible that this song was keyed up in my mind instantly. And I apologize to everyone in America, the former Soviet Union, Singapore, and Australia. New Zealand. New Zealand. I apologize that you had to hear what he just said. And if you’re in North Korea, I want you to play it back and watch it again, because that’s what you need to be hearing in those communist countries. That sort of nonsensical logic. I thought it made sense, you know? Hard work and the smarts peanut butter jelly that sort of peanut butter and jelly logic is Keeping North Korea poor just I’m moving on. This is great. It’s what you should do what you shouldn’t do. This is great the yin and the yang It’s perfect. I think the yin and the yang are actually the people who are in charge of North Korea right now President Ying Yang, another wonderful session. Thank you very much. Hello, Thrivers. We are back. Sherita Bent and Clay Clark, the world’s best business coach. We’re talking about your newest book, Start Here. It’s been broken down into little segments that are digestible and very informative. We’re in 3.6 today, which is foreseeable milestones. And you start out talking, if we were in your shoes, you say you wear size 13 Johnson and Murphy dress shoes if you want to. Every time. Every time. Every time. Very predictable. You’re talking about the pathways that your business has to take in order to make a profit. And at the beginning, you’re kind of talking about entrepreneurs who are like pounding energy drinks. They are doing their accounting. They’re doing their marketing. They are the manager. They’re doing PR. They’re trying to do it all while keeping their sanity. Talk to us about how they get into that position. What happens is, as an entrepreneur, you have to wear multiple hats when you start. There’s all these books about what you want to do is you want to delegate the work that you do. You just want to focus on your highest and best use. You want to delegate the work that’s not the highest and best. You’re going, hey, hey, hey, hey, real quick, Captain Business Coach guy. I would love to do that, but I also need to pay my bills. Right. And they go, oh. So then eventually you get to a point where you can pay your bills just fine, and now you can start to delegate. So what we’re talking about specifically as an entrepreneur, you have a lot of hats you’re wearing. Right. But there are some foreseeable milestones. There’s some things that I’ve been doing this so long and I’ve been coaching businesses for so many years that I know for sure that you’re going to run into these same predictable problems, these same predictable seasons of the business growth. And so we have some foreseeable milestones. I want you to set your sights on. And I kind of look at it as like if you’re in the fog and there are lampposts that are in the fog, and there’s just enough of them where you can’t see the way to get there, but you know that I’m here, and you see a lamppost through the fog that’s maybe a hundred yards away, but you can see just enough light that you can get to it. Once you get to that one, now you can see the next one. That’s these predictable milestones we’re talking about. And I love that you’re saying that they’re predictable, meaning you’re not going to get around this. This is a part of the process. Is that correct? Absolutely. These are things that you are going to for sure run into. We’ve been there. That’s what the value of the Thrive15 platform is. When you’re stuck, you can literally just pick up the phone or you can email us and we’ll help you through these. I want to just give you an example. When you’re building a business, once you as the owner, you want to commit to systemizing your business. Once you’ve, most people, I’m just telling you, predictable milestones here. The first milestone you should celebrate is when you have committed to building your business in a duplicable, it’s a duplicatable way, okay? A way that’s going to allow you to consistently create a profit while, check this out, while making a profit, but while producing a product you’re proud of, that doesn’t involve you. Once you get to the point where you can commit and say, I do believe it is possible to make a profit consistently, building a system, using a system that’s going to allow me to do it without me. Once you get to that mindset, that is the first milestone that in my mind should be really cheered for. Because a lot of people, they never get there. They say, if I want to make a good profit, I have to personally do it. Wow. They say, if I want to make a good profit, I have to personally do it. If I want it to be good quality, I have to do it myself. If you want it done right, you have to do it yourself. Once you get to the point where you say, I don’t need to personally do everything for it to be great. I can make a profit without me doing it. There’s a system that can do it better than me. Once you understand that the product can actually be produced better without you, once you’ve built a system so good that it no longer involves you, that’s one of those next milestones. But you’ve got to get to a point where you do believe, I can build a system that’s going to work without me as good as me without me. That was just like business coaching church right there. I felt the fire on that one. I have a question though. Why can you not start out a business with your duplicable processes already in place? Let me get really, really specific. If you own a bakery right now, you have to make the cookies that are so good that people are willing to pay for them. So that’s what you have to do, right? And you don’t know if they’re going to be good or not. So I work with a company, a great company called And Barbie’s, Cat Barbie, that’s her name, Cat, Catherine, or Cat, she started Barbie Cookies. And her daughter, her daughter, you mean not a professional chef, no, her daughter said, Mom, I have an idea. I believe if I can combine a cinnamon roll flavor with a cookie, with the texture of a cinnamon roll, but a cookie, and I kind of weave it together. I had that cookie, and I saw the Lord. I was like, Jesus, thank you. It was so good. It’s so good. And she said, if I can make it, I think if I can do it, it’s going to change the game. Now you can’t delegate that kind of innovation. This is mom and daughter just trying to make good cookies. But once they made it, it was a hit. And they realized, whoa, people are like, hey, getting kind of weird. Friends are coming over going, can we have some more of those cookies? And they’re so big, too. That’s what I love about it. And people are like, hey, could you make me a couple? I mean, this is just a mom and a daughter. And they’re sitting there saying, could you make me some more? So it starts there. Well, then pretty soon, the daughter’s like, I can’t make anymore mom, I’m going to go to college. And I’m going to college and the mom says, I can’t make anymore. I mean I’m selling them, but I can’t make any more than X amount of dollars per week unless I teach someone else to make these cookies. So now you have to create a what? A recipe. So that’s the first system. It doesn’t feel like a big system, but it’s a system. How do you make the cookies without you? How does the company make the cookies without you, the owner, personally making them? Then the next system is a customer comes in, the door opens, bing bing. Well, the system was putting the bing bing because before she’d be in the back making cookies and she wouldn’t know if you walked in. Then the next system is, hey, people walk in, we want the right overhead music to be played. Yes. Well, I mean, because I… You can’t have hardcore like rock going or something. Yeah, so if she just hired me today, and let’s say that I love what we were just talking about, The Weeknd, he’s the new R&B artist. If I love that and I’m just playing, I can’t feel my face without you, but I love it. And you walk in as the owner and you’re like, you’ve played that song 45 times in a row. What’s wrong with you? I love it, it’s the hit. Well, now you have to build a system for the music you play. What music is acceptable? So she had to sit down and go, what music do I want? That’s another system. So the first system again was how do I make cookies. The next is a system to alert me when the door opens. The third system is the music. Then the fourth system is how much money should we make every time we sell a cookie. Well she used to sell those cookies for about a dollar. The big ones? About a dollar. You’re kidding me. I don’t know what happens is that people start to say, can I have those cookies? Pretty soon you’re making a ton of cookies, not making any money. Right. So now the system is how much money should you charge? How much can you price it for? It’s going to allow you to feel good about the prices you’re charging. Don’t feel like you’re ripping people off, but it’s going to allow you to make enough profit to achieve her financial goals. Yeah. So now there’s a system there. Yeah. And now you’re making enough profit, right? But now you’re going, to grow more, I have to hire more people, and now I can’t make the cookies at all. Gotcha. Well, how am I going to be able to afford to pay myself and pay my team? I need to probably get to a better price. And then, I’m just going to give you one more. The menus. Yeah, I love it. People start to say, well, what kind of cookies do you have? And you’re like, oh, I can do any kind of cookie. I can do this, that, that. Pretty soon the front desk person starts coming up and going, Hey, how much do we charge for this kind of cookie? How much do we charge for this kind of… What if someone wants to get 12 and 1? What if someone’s having a birthday? And pretty soon the owner has these got a minute meetings where they’re constantly being asked, Do you have a minute? Do you have a minute? And they’re the only one who knows the answers to how to price. Now you have to make a pricing system, a menu. And that’s just… So the reason why they can’t do it all at first, Shreeta, is one, you have to make a viable product. Right, first. We have drivers who are on the website right now who have a hypothesis that people will like their cookies. And the only way to do it is to actually make them and try to sell them. If the world will buy them, then you have something. Okay, so this is a system that you’re going through really when starting a business. You may not realize it, but it’s like you start out with your idea. You have to hustle, you grind, you work, and then you hit up against something that should force you to make a system. So even that is an organic process, is that correct? If you’re not intentional, you begin to get stuck and you think that’s normal. So the four-step process is you define what you think is going to happen, then you act, number two, then you measure, is it working, and then you refine. So it’s define, act, measure, refine. Define, act, measure, refine. Those four. Over and over and over. Anytime you feel stuck, you stop and say, how can I build a system that will allow me to do this in a better way than I can personally do it without my involvement? And don’t delegate until you’ve built a system that allows it. So Nathan, who I always give a hard time to, he’s such a great producer, but he’s in there. And I’ll say this, he is editing the Thrive videos better than I could do it. And I did not feel that way when we first delegated to Nathan because the system, and Nathan you can probably tell me, I don’t know if we can’t hear your audio, but you can probably just thumbs up it, the system wasn’t very good that we gave you, right, at first because we didn’t have anything written down. Well, poor Dan Nix, who is your mentor, you know, Dan, he wasn’t given a system. So I said, Dan, make good videos. And Dan’s like, I’m making the best videos I can. Make them better. Make them faster. Lower the cost. And Dan’s like, OK, well, to do that, I need new cameras. I need a checklist. I need a system. I’m like, well, go fast. And so then once Dan built the system, he was able to delegate the system to somebody who can now do the job as good or better than he could do it. And now Nathan is making the systems better and better. And then it just keeps happening. And that’s how you do it. So it’s a neat cycle once you get into that cycle of delegating. Okay I love that and thank you for explaining it because I think some people tend to think, oh I’m just going to work on the systems before I get started. I’m going to get everything so I already have my duplicable system. And I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, certain products shouldn’t be made. What do you mean? Well I’m just saying like okay, I love R&B music. So specifically, I love Luther Vandross, live from Radio City. And I love, part of the album, he nails it. He sings that song, Miss, What’s Your Name, Where Are You From? So it’s a great song. And he sings it. Anyway, I was at a DJ show at the Devil Tree Hotel, and this guy has incredible Hulk gloves on and he’s a dark-skinned fellows got longer hair and gloves on and I’m hauling in equipment. He goes. Hey, man, can I catch a ride? I’m kind of going He’s wearing the gloves. You’re gloves. Oh, I said, where you want to go? He goes, I just you go to the gas station or something and I’m in town here for the weekend. I said Why do you have those gloves? He’s like, oh man, it’s weird story But I’m touring right now and I just we all the guys before the big show we do and I said What do you who do you tour with we’re driving a quick trip a gas station? True story if you go to get the Luther Vandross CD or new you go and say it’s called excuse me miss I think the song title I love that you let him in your car with the Hulk gloves and true story So I take him to the gas station and I’m talking to the guy and I said What are you doing? He goes? Oh, I write music and I said for who and he goes, well I write, you know the song Excuse Me Miss with Luther, I wrote that. Shut up. I said no, he goes, no that’s my film. I said, you wrote it? He goes, yeah I’m on the album. Look, so we’re talking and I’m like, no way, because I used to have a CD. That’s awesome. So we’re in the car, the song’s playing, it’s like awesome. Yeah. And he’s singing and he’s like, excuse me miss, what’s your name, where are you from? And I like singing, but he is singing. Sangin’, he’s sangin’. Does he still have the gloves on? He does. Okay. I brought it up to he is bringing it. He’s tearing it up. He’s not even really into it. He just is so good. I shut up. I stop and I go. He goes, man, you’re making me all nervous. It’s kind of weird. I don’t do one-on-one concerts. I remember him saying that. Dude, you’re making me all nervous. I go, well, you perform in front of 20,000 people. I don’t perform in front of a white dude in the van. I mean, I’m just, I mean, can you, and I’m like, well, anyway, all I’m saying is the product that shouldn’t be made is a Clay Clark R&B album. I love R&B and I know good R&B. And I know how to sing on key. And I know pitch and I know melody and I know these things. I know what harmony should sound like, but I can’t produce it in a way that people should be willing to pay for. Stay in your lane. Know your strengths. And so I’m aware of that. I see entrepreneurs who are like, I made these cookies. And you go, I chipped my tooth on that thing. And it tastes like wood. Actually the flavor I was going for was more of a buffalo meat. And you’re like, cookie? And people are like, have you ever seen those? What is it? It’s going to come to me. But it’s like meat flavored ice cream or these weird… Yeah, I don’t do that. You know what I mean, Heather? There’s like these weird flavor combinations. It’s like, that’s wrong. The sucker that tastes like meat. Not gonna do it. Have you seen that? There’s a sucker out there. It’s wrong. I’m with you. I’m with you on this. So what I’m saying is that it shouldn’t be made. Agree. A meat flavored sucker. This is wrong. And I see entrepreneurs who are running around with their meat flavored sucker and their terrible R&B album and they’re like, hey, I don’t understand why it’s not selling. I felt bad. We used to have a guy who used to DJ for us who was the worst singer ever and he made an whole album. And he’s like, I don’t understand why it’s not selling. Can you help me refine my systems? I wanted to know how to market. And I was just like, dude, you got to put that T-Pain effect on. You got to pitch correct that thing like your name’s Drake. And you better just never let the world hear your natural voice because I felt horrible, but I had to tell him the truth like it’s I think he’s still a train, but whatever yeah Well you told him the truth we move on yes, we move on so all this is say you have to commit to Systematizing your business every part of a boy every single part of it non-negotiable has to happen right now I’m a thing how crazy I am right now in the process of systemizing how we great Oh, we do a grand opening mm-hmm for the elephant in the room nice because we are in the process of doing so many of Them mm-hmm. I never thought I would make a system, a checklist for how to open up the stores. But we’re opening up a third one right now and we have plans to open the fourth one very soon. And so Abigail was like, no offense, but I need a checklist of how to do that. And it was in my head. And I just thought I would never, we’d never be opening up enough stores that I would need to make a checklist for how to do it. But I’m planning on not actually attending the grand opening at all. Yeah, because it’ll just be handled. Because we’re here getting recorded. Duplicable system. There it is. Right. So that’s the pathway to be your financial freedom and your time. That’s a big deal, right? You have to do it. And I’m just telling you, if you’re a record producer, it’s as simple as saying, what do your audio levels need to be at when you’re recording. If you’re a squirrel taxidermist, it’s how do you… I mean, this looks pretty rough. Yeah, he’s been through some things, but he’s still standing. Yeah, and that was a gift to me from a guy who said, hey, I want to become debt-free. How do you do it? And his name was Nick. And I showed him, by the way, he paid off all his college loans. True story. He used to work here. Paid them all off in like two years. Awesome. All of his student loans. Awesome. And so as a gift, he knows that I’m obsessed with squirrels. Yes. Because they’re always working hard. Yes. Yes. And they save their nuts for the winter. They do. That’s what an entrepreneur should be. Yeah. Saving their nuts for the winter. Yeah. Then he got me this taxidermied squirrel. I love it. And I feel a spiritual connection to him. I don’t feel bad when I see him. I feel like that is what I kind of want to be taxidermied when I die. No. I want to be like. No, it’s so creepy. It’s so creepy. The squirrel needs a name. Maybe people can mount me on their desk someday. No, that’s not going to happen. We won’t do that. We will not do that. So if you want your time freedom, your financial freedom, you have to move to duplicable systems. You have to. That’s what Clay is telling us. There’s no way around it. You also talk about challenging our Thrivers to take the goal identifier and their motivation discovery tool. That’s on our website at Well if you’re hitchhiking through life and someone pulls over, that guy with the gloves, it’s kind of funny, but when I pulled over I was like, because he had the one glove on, but he had the other one when he was doing this thing. If you’re hitchhiking in Tulsa, you’re the only person doing it. So I pull over and I’m like, where do you want to go? I love that you picked him up. That’s just me. I was like, where do you want to go? And he’s like, to a gas station. He couldn’t fathom, because this is the guy from New York or something. He couldn’t fathom that we didn’t have a gas station within walking distance, or we couldn’t find a… There’s no convenience stores. And I was like, where do you want to go? But he knew where he wanted to go. He said, I need to get some food, and I need to go to this convenience store. And I’m like, okay. But if I had pulled him over and said, where do you want to go? And he’s like, I don’t know. Then I wouldn’t have taken them there. Right. Right. It would have been weird. You couldn’t take them anywhere. A lot of entrepreneurs don’t know their goals, which is why, before I so rudely cut you off, that’s why we want people to take this evaluation. Could you repeat again where they can find it? Yes. It’s on our website, slash goals. It’s called a goal identifier and motivation discovery tool. So it’s going to help you. Absolutely. Figure out where you’re going. This will help you get where you want to go and clarify where you want to go. And it only takes three minutes. Three minutes. Super short. If you’re counting seconds, that would be 180 seconds. It’s just a fun factoid. Just do it. It’s a no-brainer. Do it. Okay, I have a notable quotable here. It’s from Pablo Picasso, renowned painter, sculptor, ceramicist. Did I say that right? Ceramicist? Yeah, he made ceramics. I didn’t know that. I really didn’t. People come to thrive because what they do is, a lot of times people, this is what happens is, the world is captain obvious. Nobody knows that when our research team, they get in here and they look this up and they research it. I’m telling you, think about that though. This man, you talk about systems, he was able to become a successful painter and sculptor and stage designer, ceramicist and a stage designer and a playwright. Oh, by the way, he did all of them well. How? He eventually came up with systems that allowed him to work in a very systemically successful way, and he found his lane. He wasn’t making artwork that the world didn’t want. I mean, just neat stuff. Well, I’m blown away because I only knew that he was a painter, so I’d never heard about his other lanes. Yes, so this quote is amazing. It talks about our goals. It says, our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a plan in which we must fervently believe and upon which we must vigorously act. There is no other route to success. Pablo Picasso. So you’ve got to have a plan. So here’s the deal. I’m just telling you about my plan. My daughter, who’s on the set today, she is in the process. She wants to make this animal, it’s like an animal rescue. Sanctuary. And we’re going to call it Havana’s House. Is that right? Havana’s House. I love it. And so she’s 11. We’ll put a picture up on the screen here. She’s beautiful. Beautiful lady. But here’s the deal. She’s wanting to make this animal recovery. I love it. It’s basically an animal, a stray dog. And you’re not going to hit that dog or put that dog in the pound. No, you’re going to take it to Havana’s House. She saved one of my chickens. Oh, yes. She did. Yeah, we had surgery on that chicken. Yes. We helped the chicken. Thank you. But what happened is that she wants to do that, so I said to her, hey, we need to make a plan. Right? We need to make a plan. So she sketched it out. We went to different websites. She took screen shots of the favorite websites, and she drew on it with a pencil. And now Bruce, Spruce, Bruce, Spruce, Bruce, is in the process of designing her mock-up. So one, we had a plan, right? So the goal, killing Bereaved, by having a plan. I told her the plan. And now, in order to get to her plan, she needs to be top in Google when you type in the word, word, animal rescue. Love it. Or animal, I’m not sure, animal, animal rescue, maybe animal hospital, I’m not sure the other words. But you, she needs to be top in Google so anyone in Tulsa who’s looking for animal rescue, animal shelter, will find her. Nice. You know what? I promise you Thrivers, she’ll be top in Google before she is 13. I believe it. And you Thrivers can be top in Google too because you know what? Even though my daughter is very, very smart, as a 30-year-old adult, I sometimes call her a grown man or a grown ace woman. You’re grown. If you’re grown, I promise if an 11-year-old or 12-year-old can learn search engine optimization, you can too. And I promise if you watch this a year from now, you’ll see that she’ll be topping Google because she’s going to learn the system and do the system. So that’s the only way you can have success is you make the plan and then he says you must vigorously act. I love that. Vigorous means we got to do it. Yeah. We can’t. So we sat there. And vigorous is intense. It’s intense. I made her sit there for like an hour and I said, listen, you just draw it. She goes, well, okay, right now? Yes. Now. And she just sat there and she just grinded. About an hour later now, I’ve given it to Spruce Bruce. Nice. Bruce, I’m sorry for all the things I said to you today. But Bruce, I’m always pushing Bruce. Come on, Bruce. Let’s go. Let’s go. And Bruce is a very hard worker. Yes. But I’m pushing Bruce to get faster and faster and better. Vigorous. Vigor. Vigorous action. Vigor, homies. I love that. I love that. Well, that is wrapping up this session. And if we can help you with anything, Friars, as always, shoot us an email at info at You can come to Tulsa for a workshop, seminar. We will help you. We are here to help you succeed. If you want to be a painter, a sculptor, a ceramicist like Pablo Picasso. Thank you again, Clay Clark. Did you have something else? I had one thing. We have a Thriver who is an artist. Not one, but many. And she actually lives in, I believe, Brooklyn. And we’re in the process of teaching her how to get to the top of Google. And I’m not just kidding. If you’re an artist, I mean, she’s just a great lady. Great work. I’d like to, if we can, I’d like to put a big link to her work. Let’s do it. Her name is Jen Bin, and I want to make sure we put a link to her artwork in our website because she’s a lady with great artwork. When you see the artwork, Thrivers, the best thing we could do is find something you like and maybe buy it from her. I mean, I’m just telling you, it’s awesome work and all it needs is a little bit of marketing. We’re just helping her with that vigorous marketing hustle. We’re following and implementing that plan. Yeah, we can do the same thing for you too. Thanks for joining us. JT, do you know what time it is? 410. It’s TiVo time in Tulsa, Rosalind, baby. Tim TiVo is coming to Tulsa, Oklahoma June 27 and 28. We’ve been doing business conferences here since 2005. I’ve been hosting business conferences since you were 10 years old But I’ve never had to the two-time Heisman award-winning Tim Tebow come present and a lot of people you know If I followed Tim Tebow’s football career on the field And off the field and off the field the guy’s been just as successful as he has been on the field now The big question is JT. How does he do it? Mmm. Well they’re gonna have to come and find out, because I don’t know. Well, I’m just saying, Tim Tebow is going to teach us how he organizes his day, how he organizes his life, how he’s proactive with his faith, his family, his finances. He’s going to walk us through his mindset that he brings into the gym, into business. It is going to be a blasty blast in Tulsa, Russia. Also, this is the first Thrive Time Show event that we’ve had, where we’re going to have a man who has built a $100 million net worth. Wow. He’ll be presenting. Now, we’ve had a couple of presenters that have had a billion dollar net worth in some real estate sort of things. Yeah. But this is the first time we’ve had a guy who’s built a service business, and he’s built over $100 million net worth in the service business. It’s the yacht driving, multi-state living guru of franchising. Peter Taunton will be in the house. This is the founder of Snap Fitness, the guy behind Nine Round Boxing. He’s going to be here in Tulsa, Russel, Oklahoma, June 27th and 28th. JT, why should everybody want to hear what Peter Taunton has to say? Oh, because he’s incredible. He’s just a fountain of knowledge. He is awesome. He has inspired me listening to him talk. And not only that, he also has, he practices what he teaches, so he’s a real teacher. He’s not a fake teacher like business school teachers. So you got to come learn from him Also, let me tell you this folks. I don’t get this wrong because I get it wrong Someone’s gonna say you screwed that up buddy. So Michael Levine, this is Michael Levine. He’s gonna be coming He said who’s Michael Levine? I don’t get this wrong. This is the PR consultant of choice for Michael Jackson Well Prince for Nike for Charlton Heston for Nancy Kerrigan 34 Grammy Award winners 43 New York Times bestselling authors he’s represented, including pretty much everybody you know who’s been a super celebrity. This is Michael Levine, a good friend of mine. He’s going to come and talk to you about personal branding and the mindset needed to be super successful. The lineup will continue to grow. We have hit Christian reporting artist Colton Dixon in the house. Now people say, Colton Dixon’s in the house? Yes, Colton Dixon’s in the house. So if you like Top 40 Christian music, Colton Dixon’s going to be in the house performing. The lineup will continue to grow each and every day. We’re going to add more and more speakers to this all-star lineup, but I encourage everybody out there today, get those tickets today. Go to Again, that’s And some people might be saying, well, how do I do it? What do I do? How does it work? You just go to Let’s go there now. We’re feeling the flow. We’re going to thrive. No, no, no. And you just go to thrive. Time should I come? You click on the business conferences button and you click on the request tickets button right there. The way I do our conferences is we tell people it’s two hundred and fifty dollars to get a ticket. Yeah. Or whatever price that you could afford. And the reason why I do that is I grew up without money. JT, you’re in the process of building a super successful company. Yeah. You start out with a million dollars in the bank account? No, I did not. Nope, did not get any loans, nothing like that. Did not get an inheritance from parents or anything like that. I had to work for it, and I’m super grateful I came to a business conference. That’s actually how I met you, met Peter Taunton, I met all these people. So if you’re out there today and you want to come to our workshop, again, you just got to go to You might say, well, when’s it going to be? June 27th and 28th. You might say, well, who’s speaking? We already covered that. You might say, where’s it going to be? It’s going to be in Tulsa, Russia, Oklahoma. I suppose it’s Tulsa, Russia. I’m really trying to rebrand Tulsa as Tulsa, Russia, sort of like the Jerusalem of America. But if you type in Thrive Time Show and Jinx, you can get a sneak peek or a look at our office facility. This is what it looks like. This is where you’re headed. It’s going to be a blasty blast. You can look inside, see the facility. We’re going to have hundreds of entrepreneurs here. It is going to be packed. Now, for this particular event, folks, the seating is always limited because my facility isn’t a limitless convention center. You’re coming to my actual home office. And so it’s going to be packed. So when? June 27th and 28th. Who? You. You’re going to come. Who? I’m talking to you. You can get your tickets right now at And again, you can name your price. We tell people it’s $250 or whatever price you can afford. And we do have some select VIP tickets, which give you an access to meet some of the speakers and those sorts of things. And those tickets are $500. It’s a two-day interactive business workshop, over 20 hours of business training. We’re going to give you a copy of my newest book, The Millionaire’s Guide to Becoming Sustainably Rich. You’re going to leave with a workbook. You’re going to leave with everything you need to know to start and grow a super successful company. It’s practical. It’s actionable. And it’s TiVo time right here in Tulsa, Russell. Get those tickets today at thrive Again, that’s thrive Hello, I’m Michael Levine, and I’m talking to you right now from the center of Hollywood, California, where I have represented over the last 35 years, 58 Academy Award winners, 34 Grammy award winners, 43 New York times bestsellers. I’ve represented a lot of major stars, and I’ve worked with a lot of major companies. And I think I’ve learned a few things about what makes them work and what makes them not work. Now, why would a man living in Hollywood, California, in the beautiful, sunny weather of LA, come to Tulsa? Because last year I did it, and it was damn exciting. Clay Clark has put together an exceptional presentation, really life-changing and I’m looking forward to seeing you then. I’m Michael Levine. I’ll see you in Tulsa. James, did I tell you my good friend John Lee Dumas is also joining us at the in-person two-day interactive Thrive Time Show business workshop. That Tim Tebow and that Michael Levine. Have I told you this? You have not told me that. He’s coming all the way from Puerto Rico. This is John Lee Dumas, the host of the chart-topping podcast. He’s absolutely a living legend. This guy started a podcast after wrapping up his service in the United States military and he started recording this podcast daily in his home to the point where he started interviewing big-time folks like Gary Vaynerchuk, like Tony Robbins, and he just kept interviewing bigger and bigger names, putting up shows day after day, and now he is the legendary host of the EO Fire podcast, and he’s traveling all the way from Puerto Rico to Tulsa, Oklahoma to attend the in-person June 27th and 28th live time show, two-day interactive business workshop. If you’re out there today folks you’ve ever wanted to grow a podcast a broadcast You want to get them you want to improve your marketing if you’ve ever wanted to improve your marketing your branding If you’ve ever wanted to increase your sales you want to come to the two-day interactive June 27th and 28th thrive time show business workshop featuring Tim Tebow Michael Levine Jodly Dumas and countless big-time super successful entrepreneurs entrepreneurs. It’s going to be life-changing. Get your tickets right now at James, what website is that? James, one more time for the four enthusiasts. I’m not to be played with because it could get dangerous see these people are right with this moment Thrive time show two-day interactive business workshops are the world’s highest rated and most reviewed business workshops Because we teach you what you need to know to grow You can learn the proven 13-point business system that Dr. Zellner and I have used over and over to start and grow successful companies. When we get into the specifics, the specific steps on what you need to do to optimize your website. We’re going to teach you how to fix your conversion rate. We’re going to teach you how to do a social media marketing campaign that works. How do you raise capital? How do you get a small business loan? We teach you everything you need to know here during a two-day, 15-hour workshop. It’s all here for you. You work every day in your business, but for two days you can escape and work on your business and build these proven systems, so now you can have a successful company that will produce both the time freedom and the financial freedom that you deserve. You’re gonna leave energized, motivated, but you’re also gonna leave empowered. The reason why I built these workshops is because as an entrepreneur, I always wish that I had this, and because there wasn’t anything like this, I would go to these motivational seminars, no money down, real estate, Ponzi scheme, get motivated seminars, and they would never teach me anything. It was like you went there and you paid for the big chocolate Easter bunny, but inside of it, it was a hollow nothingness. And I wanted the knowledge, and they’re like, oh, but we’ll teach you the knowledge after our next workshop. And the great thing is we have nothing to upsell. At every workshop, we teach you what you need to know. There’s no one in the back of the room trying to sell you some next big, get rich quick, walk on hot coals product. It’s literally, we teach you the brass tacks, the specific stuff that you need to know to learn how to start and grow a business. I encourage you to not believe what I’m saying, but I want you to Google the Z66 auto auction. I want you to Google elephant in the room. Look at Robert Zellner and Associates. Look them up and say, are they successful because they’re geniuses or are they successful because they have a proven system? When you do that research, you will discover that the same systems that we use in our own business can be used in your business. Come to Tulsa, book a ticket, and I guarantee you it’s going to be the best business workshop ever and we’ll even give you your money back if you don’t love it. We built this facility for you and we’re excited to see it. And now you may be thinking, what does it actually cost to attend an in-person two-day interactive Thrive Time Show business workshop? Well, good news, the tickets are $250 or whatever price that you can afford. What? Yes, they’re $250 or whatever price you can afford. I grew up without money and I know what it’s like to live without money. So if you’re out there today and you want to attend our in-person, two-day, interactive business workshop, all you got to do is go to to request those tickets. And if you can’t afford $250, we have scholarship pricing available to make it affordable for you. I learned at the Academy in Kings Point, New York, octa non verba. Watch what a person does, not what they say. Good morning, good morning, good morning. Harvard Kiyosaki, The Rich Dad Radio Show. Today I’m broadcasting from Phoenix, Arizona, not Scottsdale, Arizona. They’re closed, but they’re completely different worlds. And I have a special guest today. Definition of intelligence is if you agree with me, you’re intelligent. And so this gentleman is very intelligent. I’ve done his show before also, but very seldom do you find somebody who lines up on all counts. And so Mr. Clay Clark is a friend of a good friend, Eric Trump. But we’re also talking about money, bricks, and how screwed up the world can get in a few and a half hours. So Clay Clark is a very intelligent man, and there’s so many ways we could take this thing But I thought since you and Eric are close Trump What were you saying about what Trump can’t what Donald who’s my age and I can say or cannot say well I have to first of all I have to honor you sir. I want to show you what I did to one of your books here There’s a name of Jeremy Thorne who was my boss at the time. I was 19 years old, working at Faith Highway. I had a job at Applebee’s Target and Direct TV. He said, have you read this book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad? I said, no. My father, may he rest in peace, he didn’t know these financial principles. I started reading all of your books and really devouring your books. I went from being an employee to self-employed to the business owner to the investor. I owe a lot of that to you. I just want to take a moment to tell you thank you so much for allowing me to achieve success. And I’ll tell you all about Eric Trump. I just want to tell you, thank you, sir, for changing my life. But not only that, Clay, you know, thank you, but you’ve become an influencer. You know, more than anything else, you’ve evolved into an influencer where your word has more and more power. So that’s why I congratulate you on becoming. Because as you know, there’s a lot of fake influencers out there too, or bad influencers. Yeah. Anyway, I’m glad you and I agree so much and thanks for reading my books. Yeah. That’s the greatest thrill for me today. Not a thrill, but recognition is when people, young men especially, come up and say, I read your book, changed my life, I’m doing this, I’m doing this, I’m doing this. I learned at the Academy, at King’s Point in New York, acta non verba, watch what a person does, not what they say. Hey, I’m Ryan Wimpey. I’m originally from Tulsa, born and raised here. I went to a small private liberal arts college and got a degree in business and I didn’t learn anything like they’re teaching here. I didn’t learn linear workflows. I learned stuff that I’m not using and I haven’t been using for the last nine years. So what they’re teaching here is actually way better than what I got at business school. And I went what was actually ranked as a very good business school. The linear workflow, the linear workflow for us and getting everything out on paper and documented is really important. We have workflows that are kind of all over the place. So having linear workflow and seeing that mapped out on multiple different boards, it’s pretty awesome. That’s really helpful for me. The atmosphere here is awesome. I definitely just stared at the walls figuring out how to make my facility look like this place. This place rocks. It’s invigorating. The walls are super. It’s just very cool. The atmosphere is cool. The people are nice. It’s a pretty cool place to be. Very good learning atmosphere. I literally want to model it and steal everything that’s here at this facility and basically create it just on our business side. Once I saw what they were doing, I knew I had to get here at the conference. This is probably the best conference or seminar I’ve ever been to in over 30 years of business. You’re not bored. You’re waiting live the whole time. It’s not pushy. They don’t try to sell you a bunch of things. I was looking to learn how to just get control of my life, my schedule, and just get control of business. Planning your time, breaking it all down, making time for the F6 in your life, and just really implementing it and sticking with the program. It’s really lively, they’re pretty friendly, helpful, and very welcoming. I attended a conference a couple months back, and it was really the best business conference I’ve ever attended. At the workshop I learned a lot about time management, really prioritizing what’s the most important. The biggest takeaways are you want to take a step-by-step approach to your business, whether it’s marketing, what are those three marketing tools that you want to use, to human resources. Some of the most successful people and successful businesses in this town, their owners were here today because they wanted to know more from Clay and I found that to be kind of fascinating. The most valuable thing that I’ve learned is diligence, that businesses don’t change overnight. It takes time and effort, and you’ve got to go through the ups and downs of getting it to where you want to go. He actually gives you the roadmap out. I was stuck, didn’t know what to do, and he gave me the roadmap out step by step. We’ve set up systems in the business that make my life much easier, allow me some time freedom. Here you can ask any question you want, they guarantee it will be answered. This conference motivates me and also gives me a lot of knowledge and tools. It’s up to you to do it. Everybody can do these things. There’s stuff that everybody knows, but if you don’t do it, nobody else is going to do it for you. I can see the marketing working. And it’s just an approach that makes sense. Probably the most notable thing is just the income increase that we’ve had. Everyone’s super fun and super motivating. I’ve been here before, but I’m back again because it motivates me. Your competition’s going to come eventually or try to pick up these tactics. So you better, if you don’t, somebody else will. I’m Rachel with Tip Top K9, and we just want to give a huge thank you to Clay and Vanessa Clark. Hey guys, I’m Ryan with Tip Top K9. Just want to say a big thank you to Thrive 15. Thank you to Make Your Life Epic. We love you guys, we appreciate you and really just appreciate how far you’ve taken us. This is our old house. This is where we used to live a few years ago. This is our old team and by team I mean it’s me and another guy. This is our new house with our new neighborhood. This is our new van with our new marketing and this is our new team. We went from 4 to 14 and I took this beautiful photo. We worked with several different business coaches in the past and they were all about helping Ryan sell better and just teaching sales, which is awesome, but Ryan is a really great salesman. So we didn’t need that. We needed somebody to help us get everything that was in his head out into systems, into manuals and scripts and actually build a team. So now that we have systems in place, we’ve gone from one to ten locations in only a year. In October 2016, we grossed 13 grand for the whole month. Right now it’s 2018, the month of October. It’s only the 22nd, we’ve already grossed a little over 50 grand for the whole month and we still have time to go. We’re just thankful for you, thankful for Thrive and your mentorship and we’re really thankful that you guys have helped us to grow a business that we run now instead of the business running us. Just thank you, thank you, thank you, times a thousand. So we really just want to thank you, Clay, and thank you, Vanessa, for everything you’ve done, everything you’ve helped us with. We love you guys. If you decide to not attend the ThriveCon workshop, you’re missing out on a great opportunity. The atmosphere at Clay’s office is very lively. You can feel the energy as soon as you walk through the door. And it really got me and my team very excited. If you decide not to come, you’re missing out on an opportunity to grow your business. Bottom line. Love the environment. I love the way that Clay presents and teaches. It’s a way that not only allows me to comprehend what’s going on, but he explains it in a way to where it just makes sense. The SEO optimization, branding, marketing, I’ve learned more in the last two days than I have the entire four years of college. The most valuable thing that I’ve learned, marketing is key, marketing is everything. Making sure that you’re branded accurately and clearly. How to grow a business using Google reviews and then just how to optimize our name through our website also. Helpful with a lot of marketing, search engine optimization, helping us really rank high in Google. The biggest thing I needed to learn was how to build my foundation, how to systemize everything and optimize everything, build my SEO. How to become more organized, more efficient. How to make sure the business is really there to serve me as opposed to me constantly being there for the business. New ways of advertising my business as well as recruiting new employees. Group interviews, number one. Group interviews has completely eliminated that, because you’re able to really find the people that would really be the best fit. Hands-on how to hire people, how to deal with human resources, a lot about marketing, and overall, just how to structure the business, how it works for me, and also then how that can translate into working better for my clients. The most valuable thing I’ve learned here is time management. I like the one hour of doing your business is real critical if I’m going to grow and change. Play really teaches you how to navigate through those things and not only find freedom but find your purpose in your business and find the purpose for all those other people that directly affect your business as well. Everybody, everybody, everyone, everyone needs to attend the conference because you get opportunity to see that it’s real. attend the conference because you get opportunity to see that it’s real. because you get an opportunity to see that it’s real.


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