Paperwork For the Hiring Process | How to Hire Quality Humans (Part 2)

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If you are growing a business and hiring a team then you absolutely must know what paperwork you will need to have your employees fill out. On this Thrivetime Show podcast Clay Clark will teach you what paperwork you need and why you have to have it filled out correctly.

Action Steps for Hiring

  1. Step 1 – Schedule a Weekly Group Interview
  2. Step 2 – Post on Indeed and Craigslist every single week
  3. Step 3 – No matter what the resume says respond with a pre-written email without even reading it first
    1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – 85 Percent of Job Applicants Lie on Resumes. Here’s How to Spot a Dishonest Candidate
    2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.
  4. Step 4 – Conduct the weekly group interview
    1. Topics for Group Interview
      1. Expectations
      2. Compensation
      3. Communication
      4. What questions do you guys have?
      5. If you like the person say
        1. I think you are a great person and if we decide to hire you we will be in touch by _____(time) on ______ (day)
  5. Step 5 – Invite the person to shadow you and if you like the them hire them
  6. Step 6 – when you decide to hire them you must do the following paperwork
    1. Confidentiality and Non-compete documents
    2. Fill out I-9 employment eligibility form
      1. Definition Magician –  Form I-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hired for employment in the United States. All U.S. employers must ensure proper completion of Form I-9 for each individual they hire for employment in the United States. This includes citizens and noncitizens.
    3. Direct deposit for
    4. New employee setup form
    5. Policies and Handbook
    6. W4 document
      1. Definition Magician – W4 Form is completed by employees and given to their employer so their employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from the employee’s pay
    7. Establish a New Hire Email
    8. Save everything in dropbox
  1. Definition Magician – Entitlement – the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment.
  2. Note: if you are a bad boss then nobody will want to work for you.
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Audio Transcription

Presenting the world’s only business coaching taught school without the bs and I’ll be the sea. Show me the help. Music bright transmission won’t get back to the conversation in the prep time. She was all about helping you to create both time, freedom and financial freedom. That is my focus. Hocus pocus with the brokest, is no hocus pocus. All you had to do to make copious amounts of cash is to implement the proven system focus and we have to do with these moves. It was we have a thriver out there. A member of our coaching program called complete carpet. This dude growing now again chuck. If you look this up on the time to put this on the on the big business coaching screen, so you can see that pic. You ask this is the u.S. Gdp. This is the gdp today show, as we fill them right now, we’ve been feeling a lot of the the podcast will put them on drive time should I come to you watch the video right now. The united states of america, where we live rebroadcast, has a 1.6 growth rate 1.6. Now you think about this:complete carpet, care I’ve been in business for over 20 years and now they’re growth rate.

You are saying, I feel like it’s 230%, but you’re saying it’s on the wall in the office at 260% of some, like that, I believe I believe I believe I tend to exaggerate on the on the short side of things I’m at 9%, and you think about that versus I’ll. Take either one 40 50 60 times the rate of the average of us business right now, and so they need to be business coaching questioning the email, then was hey. I’ve been I’ve, been running, my business for 20 years and I need to hire some people, so I need to walk you through the system and so right now the group interview is step one of tanya step one. You got to be that group interview. Somebody is fighting me about this concept of doing an interview every single week. What’s with walking the steps again step number one post post on indeed and craigslist every single week, do it post it every single week every single week, if I post on craigslist? Why don’t they show up that’s right because you already schedule it in your calendar to do the weekly interview right step, 3 so far down I can barely even see you ducked the weekly group in austin. Indeed, every week every week, why do you say, step 3 conductor, weekly group interview right over the following things in the group interview every single week expectations the communication compensation? Not you not people.

We know some people say i, just can’t do it, i, don’t know how I can talk and talk and see that I can’t do it I can’t do it until I have to see it myself you’re. In luck, which is great cuz, you can come out to our actual see I owned businesses I’m, not a charlatan, don’t make this stuff up. This is real stuff. The real profundities that make the us business coaching economy work this out gross. So you just show up your email as input drive time should I come you come out to the group interview you can watch. It occur to put this on the on the show. Under. The group interview topics for portion after you, like them, i, think you’re, a great guy I had a few more questions for you. Sarah I had a few questions for you, everybody else. If we decide to hire you I will call you tomorrow by 9 a.M. If we decide to hire you going to call tomorrow by 9 a.M. You to get to additional questions. I want to ask you something, but your resume that I was you know. I had some questions that leaves not knowing who’s hiring or not is up drama. Then you say sarah you did a great job today. You should have time to dress sharp. You did write the interviews I want to ask you.

Is there anything on your resume that is crap hula music? No I made it up doug doug, hitting on your resume that that’s not true, because now it’s all true, because 85% of people are low, inked magazine, but the cool, the resumes are always late. People the same group that what you do you say great, while maybe shadow me that would be jumping on the pay you for our power to follow me around so I can see if you fit in here in the office. Do you actually do the job for an hour before we commit to each other right, then, okay, cool! That’s how it works now, once you’ve done that we have some paperwork we got to do here. Business coaching client Adam, you said you just hide. Adam runs tip top k-9 in owasso oklahoma, and are you going to business coaching since? When did you open up there? My friend february, 5th 2018 18 year did approximately $8,000 of sales a week, and you told me you just you just hired a guy. What’s his name is billy? Are you being a mess with me. Joke about billy? Why michelle officially calling william william billy, and these are the things you have to do? You probably know this, but that’s what you have to do:okay, so step one! You got to have him sign that confidential confidentiality and non-compete agreement. Have you done that? Well, yes, definitely an inch up. We have this available for all of our listeners. If you come to the workshop, I will give these documents to you. You can’t these documents, but haven’t you paid thousands for them? Give it away give it away give it away now either way. Give it away give it away now, because of thing is my job is to execute.

So I have no problem, giving me all these legal documents it’s already paid, haven’t created. Why would I not give them away? What’s your real about if the overtime, if you listen to about 400 podcast, still get it? My mission is to mentor millions number to unemployment eligibility form coming out in a minute. I 9 employment eligibility form going to take some time. You don’t want to take any of your time to have anybody fill out these forms, if you don’t like them, which is why you have to extreme judgment. So we go back to billy. How did you know billy is a good fit I mean cuz you’re, a sharp guy. Your business is growing. Your startup is doing well, I mean how did you know that billy was a good fit? The same thing he came and he worked with the dogs. He prove that he was going to be. You know on time and do it needed to be done and be able to take direction. That’s the biggest thing. I hope you had as a guy but adams. If you get what he’s saying your guy’s name is billy and he’s mixing the words coach. A bill took the custom of billy b e stand for in train skillet he’s coachable. It is love somebody all you, need, is, love, all, you, need, is, love, love, coach of billy. All you need is business coaching character, i, like kind of like my trumpet, then we both have that we really have a great skill and hope it once we got things to talk about.

That’s been in business since 1962, because they’re hiring good people and right now the rains are starting to come down and start to come up. If you got a hole in your roof, you probably want to fix that. What’s he saying again, legitimate roofer, that’s being pitch by the halftime, show that sucks, you guys are just bragging these guys, cuz they’re, paying you how to get you business call messick roofing. What’s his phone number is 918-747-7141, it’s very easy to remember:918-747-7141! You can check the business coaching client out at messick roofing.Com. Can you say the name messick roofing, like nine different ways. Next 22nd supposed to sleep, if a metric roofing to me when I say method roofing, it reminds me of when I was a kid. I made a math one time and then I can you call them get ready to enter the thrive time? Show? Yes, it is that would bring the boat. Alright drive nation on your radio if they were talking about how to hire good people now, because right now, the gdp, the gross domestic product of the united states. This is this:is your biscuit measuring the growth of the us us economy? Overall, that’s what you’re doing right now, the gdp! Let’s look at the gdp growth rate right now. It’s saying right now:change 2018, salts er are right. Right now is it to .6? Is it one study showing him new york, times, square 3d economy is growing at a 3% rate, average client grows at about a 30% growth rate times the rate of the us economy.

When the moment the system, which means that growth is good, but then you got all I can hire a lot of people now. I want to make sure the lizards get this idea, and if we get this idea that we can move on as and it having a great copacetic understanding of thinks, we have a mutual understanding of the big idea. If you grow a tree trouble, you were going to trade or see the tree. Yeah adam with tip top k-9, your business owner you’re, obviously thinking to deeper meta-level. Have you ever seen a tree I’ve, definitely seen the tree. Give her a ride to raise the tree. Try to be at your house as a kid I thought that I could dump cheetos into the hole that me and my parents planted a tree in and it would grow cheetos and it turns out it didn’t was that before or after they stop you from eating those paint. Chips enter know, it was paint chips on top of the cheetos nice hot new nachos. You have a tree and the trees grow in the business coaching branches are going to grow, sometimes in a weird way. So you have to prune the tree but see that’s a weird concept to prune the tree to get more fruit. You know you got to make sure the tree is growing weird right. So when you hire people you need, you need to never stop hiring people cuz. Some people get in title to an entitlement. I want to look up the word entitlement I want to give that the listener.

The actual definition of the word entitlement. Job I want to i. Don’t i, don’t want to give me throw words around as a culture. We don’t know what they mean. Words have power, so just give us the definition of the word entitlement. What does entitlement mean? I pulled I put a bath with you, I think of having a right to something the right to something. So here’s a better one, the belief that one is inherently deserving of privileges or special treatment. The cycle of typical employee, not your employees, you’re, not you the listener, but other people will happen, is go, get a job and are excited about the job. They go really a job for me and then over time they start to say, wait a minute. I have to do things with business coaching you. Are you to tell me what to do in overtime, uncoachable, non high character, people start to resent their boss that wasn’t in my job description, outlet character, people never resent their boss because they realize that their boss has paid the cost to get where they are and they ask themselves hey how can I get to where the bosses now here’s a problem we see a lot of time is when the boss is a bad boss.

Good people don’t want to hang around if you’re, very chad boss. People to want to hang around your company is growing you’re, a good boss and you need to keep the company ground you’ve got to do the group interview every week. That’s step one step, two. What you find the canopy you like you got to have them fill out these documents every single time you got to fill out all of these 7 documents every single time, if you don’t get in trouble, because there’s a lot of laws out there that make sure that employees are taking care of the right way by employers and vice a versa. So here we go, you got to make sure the confidentiality and non-compete agreement is signed. It again. Why do we have to sign that document? Why do we need to sign that document? You got to make sure that it’s signed in case they cuz employees are going to go out and they’re going to try and steal your clients, some of them and they’re, going to try to steal your business coaching system until you’ve got to get that document signed and if it’s not part of your system that you do every time eventually will fall through the cracks, a lot of skill, but doesn’t have a lot of character. Will they still violating agreement like this? You think yeah right before 9i 9 employment eligibility form i, want to give the listeners a formal definition of this incredible concept, and that’s were doing that. I want to ask adam. This is adam. She was tip. Top k9 is located in owasso your grow in the business. Is it growing faster than you thought it would grow? My friend are you? Are you getting more deals than you thought that you would get very much faster than I thought it would? It was took me a little bit to wrap my brain around it.

Cuz. It was just like I can’t believe that it’s actually taking off this quickly and I’m going to have to take steps to keep my head from spinning off that virtuous cycle right now, where you’re getting happy, customers were leaving me reviews which leads to them, get you getting more customers, cuz everybody reads, reviews near destroyed and then the ads work more and more effectively. So you can crank your ads now. Just a great cycle of growth, growth, growth, growth, growth, forum previous to hiring this guy to ever spend a whole lot of time. Going. I-9 form is no definition. I-94 form i-9 is used for verifying the identity and employment authorization of individuals hiring for employment in the united states. All us employers must ensure proper completion of form for each individual. They hire for employment in the united, states citizens and non-citizens I have met in the past, have told me i, don’t freaking mess with the i-94 the way I do it is like my business coaching word is my bond and i? Do it’s like i? Don’t want the contract I’m old? Why do the i8, where I do with every single person works a music contract, because what the government doesn’t want you to know is the way to go. We don’t say cuz, it’s like to see what day they don’t I got this book called by kevin trudeau. It’s like the secrets that people don’t want you to know.

I was watching this tight, lopez video, not playing well, you might look at the service and say tai lopez, probably an idiot, you probably will go. Depot you’re really discover that this man runs around on jets gallivanting around the country with the women who I was exposing the cleavage while being on a private jet. While talking about the books, he has, he looks like a scam and when you go deeper, but if you go really deep I’m talking about like really need, then you’ll discover that he’s my kind of scammer, and so we we we title present. We share he’s a scammer. We make everyone a contract that we don’t screw around with no freaking i-9 form. If that’s you and I know it’s not our listeners in jail, that’s your business coaching brother-in-law or your cousin twice removed! That’s how much people like this. People, like this yeah, a bunch of people, because it starts off you’re, just trying to find the fastest way to get things done, and you don’t want to spend too much time. But if you do that, you’ll get yourself in trouble for somebody on the idea of why somebody would want to have their employees fill out a direct deposit form. All you got to do it and it’s good for the employees that makes their life easier right, so it’s kind of the benefit for them. But to if you do that, then you late you’ll have all the information you need to get some type of payroll service.

When you have the time in the money to be able to do that until then, the checks will just go directly into their account. Employees set up form. We have all this available for another new business coaching employee set up forms basic going over the way the world works and there’s a lot of specific boxes and things to go over. Do you want to make sure that when you start the job, the expectations are in place in the policies in the handbook? Can you give me an example of adam from canine I mean? Are you guys allowed to abuse the dogs and do like a violent forms of dog training over there, tip top k-9, or are their standards in ethical ways that your view were taught to train the dogs. We? Definitely don’t abuse the dogs actually with our system is we don’t need to raise our voice, get physical in the least stuff like that, and if we see somebody doing that, that’s not the way we do it.

Have you ever met somebody who physically abuses a dog you’re, seeing somebody do this yeah I’ve seen people do it, especially with driving down the road. You see some hillbilly beating their dog in the front yard, but-and you actually had an animal rescue where you would pick up dogs in the right, so you’re taking care of dogs the right way, but a case we as a company grows. If somebody slips to do a group interview, you’ll never have an idiot working for you, but you want to establish in the business coaching handbook the things that maybe are common sense. You need to have them documented. You need to go over those things to have him fill out a w-4 form of the main characters in star wars w-4, the w4 businesses such as not super sexy things are parts of the business that are sexy, but you have to do those things. One of those things is having new employees fill out. The w4 form check.

What’s the w4 form w-4 is completed by employees and given to their employer, so their employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from the employees pay. If you want to make sure employees know what they’re doing on this, because if they fill out the wrong stuff and it’s a year later, they could be in a big big, big world of hurt. If they are not, you know, saving for taxes are doing the right thing. Stuff done right. You know somebody who really pays employees probably part of their check to show their business coaching patriotism and they pay the irs these guys exciting. If it did, these guys lover, lover country does not paying taxes. It’s platinum, festival launch a platinum pass at one of these guys are so proud of their service. There willing to treat you going to take care of you, give you the first service for just a dollar visit them online right now at www, platinum pest & lawn comments, platinum pest & lawn,. If the first service is just a dollar there, a great show sponsors check about a platinum pest & lawn. Com


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