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Are you crazy enough to adjust your financial situation? learn the steps to becoming a thermometer Entrepreneur rather than a thermostat Entrepreneur with Business coach, Clay Clark. Gain the knowledge to change your financial situation to become financial successful.


Recording: Now, broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and a former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one, boom.

Clay Clark: All right, Thrive nation, welcome back and good afternoon to you. My name is Clay Clark, I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year. I am glad that you are here and you are in for a laser show today, Thrivers. We’re talking about a topic that so many people ask about, they go, “How do you actually start a business? How do you- If you want to start a business? What is the first step, and what are the steps, what are the processes?” Today we’re talking about this concept, I call it being a thermostat entrepreneur versus a thermometer. What am I talking about? If you think about a thermometer, a thermometer tells you what the temperature is, and it goes, “Hey, this room is hot”. It doesn’t make the room hotter or colder it just says the room is hot. It just tells you what the temperature is.

But a thermostat has the ability to adjust the temperature of the room. As an entrepreneur you have to be crazy enough to think that you can adjust your financial situation. That you can adjust your economic reality. You can actually make a change in difference. So today we have a guy, he’s not a radio show host, he’s not a big TV celebrity guy. He’s a real Oklahomie who’s crazy enough to start his own business and by the way, it’s starting to do very very well. It’s Mr. Shawn Klahr. Sir, how are you?

Shawn Klahr: I’m doing great, Clark.

Clay: Now, for anybody who’s just now listening and they’re going, “What are you guys talking about?” We’re talking about how to start a business and the business that you started, you guys are a property management company. Can you explain to someone who’s listening, who goes, “What does that mean? What do you do as a property management company?”

Shawn: Well, we basically manage every type of property, not only residential but also HOA neighborhoods, condo associations as well as commercial.

Clay: I was just thinking out of this. You tell me if I’m wrong. Years ago, I served on the homeowners association. I was like 21 years old for a neighborhood called Silverwood. I don’t know what happened but somehow I was like in the HOA, I don’t think a lot of people show up to vote or even know who they’re voting for. But somehow I was like the secretary or something. Some guy quit, somebody else quit. Next thing, I’m like the head of the HOA. I can’t think of anything worse in my life than to be the head of the HOA. Everyone wants to know, “What do our dues being used for? What are you guys doing with our money?” Everyone wants the pool to be remodeled, no one’s paying their dues. You don’t want to argue with your neighbors who aren’t paying their dues. It just gets overwhelming.

Do you help with that if I’m frustrated? I’m an HOA guy and I’m like, “Just please let someone else take care of this for me”.

Shawn: Absolutely. We hear that all the time from people, just like a communication being thrown into a board. That’s what we step in and help. We take care of every aspect of that neighborhood.

Clay: What made you crazy enough to want to start your own business now? Because you’ve had your own businesses in the past. Why did you want to start this one?

Shawn: Well, this is like you said, I’ve had several businesses in the past. I felt my way through life and tried some different things, but this is something that I’ve always had a passion for, is real estate. I’ve dabbled in it all my life and just wanted to build something excellent here. It’s just something that’s always burned inside me and we just thought about it for a long time and took the leap, and got going with it and it’s doing quite well.

Clay: For people who want to find your website, maybe they have properties of their own, they’re wanting to have managed, they’re tired of collecting rent from their tenants, they’re tired of trying to manage the property. How do people get a hold of you? What’s your website? Where can they to find out more?

Shawn: Our website is, and you can always reach us at 9-1-8-9-2-8-2-7-6-4 or 9-1-8-9-2-8-2PMI.

Clay: All right. Now Thrivers, if you want to start a business, you want to stay tuned to this. Listen to this. This is a notable quotable that comes out from Ms. Carol Dweck. Somebody says, “Who’s Carol Dweck? Why do I care?” This lady, she by the way is a professor at Stanford, she wrote a book called the Mindset. Okay. It’s called Mindset: The New Psychology of Success. Here’s an excerpt from her book and I’ve seen Shawn do this and I think that she would go, “This is what I’m talking about”. But she says, “Mindset change is not about picking up a few pointers here and there. It’s about seeing things in a new way. When people change to a growth mindset, aka Shawn Klahr, they change from a judge and be judged framework to a learn and help learn framework. Their commitment is to growth and growth takes plenty of time effort in mutual support.”

When did you get that idea that you had what it takes to start your own business, man?

Shawn: Like I said, I’ve looked into this for a long time and did a lot of research on some people that were doing here locally, and just really thought that I could do a much better job and really enhance what people are already doing to service our customers. It’s funny you mentioned that book. Actually I’m reading that book as we-

Clay: Are you really?

Shawn: I really am. A funny story with that, I actually was given that by a basketball coach that one of my 16-year-old to read this book a bit line said.

Clay: I will say this, if you are wanting to start a business, it is a totally different worldview than if you’re an employee. It’s like they almost don’t — they can’t coexist almost. I’ll give you an example. Today, I’m just going to pick on me and you tell me if I’m screwed up, okay. I love helping entrepreneurs, I love it. It’s very hard for me to turn stuff down because I love to see the success. Honestly, that’s like you go, “What makes Clay Clark tick?” I just love watching a business owner, the Christmas cards I’ll get from someone four years later, they go, “Dude, we made a million bucks for the first time this year. Thank you.” Because it’s fun to see it happen.

But what happens is that, I woke up today at 4:00 AM because I’m going, “I have to write the show outline. I’ve got meetings I’m leading today. I’ve got to do my radio check-in call. I got to check in and make sure I’m covering the right stuff tonight. I’ve got to do A-B-C 1-2-3”. Here we are recording the show, and that is- I mean I’m not- I’m physically tired but I enjoy it. It’s actually exciting, it’s fun to see things come together. It’s fun. Do you ever get excited about your businesses? Was it fun?

Shawn: Yes, every day. I’m like you. I know you worked a lot of hours.

Clay: Yes.

Shawn: I started my day very early with you this morning, so we’re still going, but I love meeting people, love helping people, and that’s really why I’m in this. I love to build relationships and I really enjoy hearing people’s stories.

Clay: A lot of people when they’re in sales, this is what they do in sales, they want to close a deal. They go, “I’m going to close a deal. I’m going to close that deal”. But I see you doing is, you’re more of in the opening relationships. You don’t close the deal. I see you meet with this HOA guy, you meet with the president of a homeowner’s association, you’re meeting with somebody who has a bunch of rental properties and they’re frustrated. They’re going, “I didn’t buy all these properties so that I could be a slave to them. I didn’t want to be on the board so that I could be dealing with complaints every day”. When they finish talking to you, they’re going, it’s almost like, they feel like they’ve seen an angel and they’re kind of like — I get to sense that you really feel like you’re helping them and they feel like they’re being helped.

Shawn: I do. That’s why I enjoy what I do. You’re right, it’s not about sales, it really is about building relationships with people.

Clay: Now, if you’re listening right now, Thrivers, this is a statistic that you need to reject. Because this is a step that is true, but you have to reject it if you’re going to be successful. If you’re going to pass go and move on to be successful. This is the statistic for you. I’m going to read it to you right now. I want you to google it to verify that I’m not making it up. Always, Thrivers, always keep me accountable. Pretend that I’m making up everything and verify it. Here it is. The American Dream, this is according to CNN money, there’s an article called the American Dream is out of reach, which I disagree with Ms. Tami Luhby, the author of this. She did a study and found that 59% of Americans believe that it’s not possible to achieve the American Dream.

However, I know the stats from The Millionaire Next Door and that book documents the Americas millionaires, they surveyed thousands of these people They discovered- by the way, 80% of millionaires are first-generation, meaning they grew up without wealth. What encouragement Shawn would you have for anybody listening right now, who goes, “I think I want to start a business. I’m 40 years old, I’m 30 years old, I want to start. Maybe it’s too late, maybe I don’t have what it takes, maybe I just don’t, I don’t know.” What encouragement would you have for somebody who is kind of afraid to start?

Shawn: I would say if it’s something you truly have a passion about, get started today. I don’t care how old you are, whether you’re 70 or 20. Now it’s the time to start. The American Dream is definitely alive and well. I’m a testimony of that. If you’re willing to put forth the hard work and be resilient, you can accomplish anything that you want to accomplish.

Clay: One thing that’s fun to watch about your business, if you’re getting these word-of-mouth referrals, because you do what you say you’re going to do, which is just bizarre, because no one ever does that.

Shawn: It’s correct.

Clay: Most people do that and they run a commercial or they run an ad. I see this all the time. You say most people? Yes, I really do believe most people. Because I’m telling you, Thrivers, I love small business owners. But you have never, never been screwed over until you’ve been screwed over by a good small business owner. Because there’s some small business owners out there who really know how to screw over the customers. I see it a lot in the construction industries a lot, where they take the customer’s money and run, or they don’t do what they say, or they cut corners, or they manipulate.

It takes a long time to build trust with our customer, it takes a few months to get to be that trusted resource, but it takes us a second to lose that trust. As you guys have grown your business, it seems like word of mouth has becoming a bigger and bigger aspect of PMI Property Management to me. Is that accurate?

Shawn: Yes, that’s correct. That’s correct, yes.

Clay: What would be your tip for anybody listening right now who’s struggling to generate word of mouth business, where customers refer each other. What advice would you have for them?

Shawn: Well, I would just say just what you touched on as far as service. I will say that’s one thing that — one of the other reasons that we really got involved with Property Management is we looked around and we hear every day when we go to talk to people that they’ve had bad experiences with Property Management companies just service wise. That’s where we’re really proud of ourselves as service excellence and we’re going to do what we say we’re going to do. I don’t care what you go do today, whether you’re buying a car or going out to restaurant, man, services is just gotten awful.

Clay: Oh, yes. Now Thrivers, when we come back, we’re going to talk about customer service and then we’re going to be talking about these four steps to help you start and grow a successful business. Step number one, okay? You must find something that you desire. That’s the first step and so I want to encourage you, headed into the break right now, get out a pen and write down, what do you desire? If you have all the money in the world, what are you F5 goals; Faith, Family, Friendships, Fitness, Finances. What would you do if you have all of the money in the world? Because it starts with the desire to do something more. I’m asking you right now, go ahead and take out and pen and write down, what is it that you desire? Stay tuned Thrive Time Show.

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Clay: All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Inspiration Station, your choice on the dial to stick around for a while because you want to turn your car into a mobile classroom. You want to turn your radio into an audio dojo of mojo because you, my friend, you want to start or grow a successful business. In fact, according to Forbes, 57% of you, that’s just it, 57% of you want to start a business at some point. Who am I? My name is Clay Clark I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year, and normally I’m joined with Dr. Robert Zellner but he is actually out of the country expanding his vast entrepreneurial empire. But check it out, he is going to be back for the second half of this today’s show. He’s going to be coming right in flying it on the jet, he’ll be here.

We have a great entrepreneur on the show with us today, a guy who is he a radio show host? No. Is he Charlieton? No. Is he some guy who’s a smoke and mirror successful entrepreneur? No. He’s an Oklahomie. He’s a guy who’s from this area and he is building a property management empire, where these guys helping people manage their properties, manage their homeowners associations and it’s just fun to see the daily little by little success. I said little by little, I’m sure your schedule’s getting pretty overwhelming at this point. Shawn Klahr, welcome to the program sir.

Shawn: Thank you, Clay.

Clay: Now for anybody who doesn’t know the name of your company, can you walk us through, what’s the name of your company, where can people learn more about you, that kind of thing.

Shawn: The name of our company is PMI Green Country and you can jump right on our website that is You can reach us as at 9-1-8-9-2-8-2PMI.

Clay: For anybody who’s listening, and for some reason sounds like this, they’re saying, “I don’t really know what you mean, you got to say property management, what is that do?” For somebody who’s for some reason talks like that, what is Property Management Inc. do?

Shawn: Man, we do everything from the top to the bottom. Basically, we’ll come out and meet with you, look at your properties, we’ll walk you through them, we’ll help you get them ready. We will do some extensive property where we will advertise your property on 20, 25 different sites, we’ll find you a quality tenant, we do the background credit checks. We’re a full maintenance service management company, we’ll do as much or as little you want us to do. Like Dr. Zoellner, you can basically leave the country, take time off and just enjoy the trip.

Clay: Now I know there’s somebody listening right now who’s saying, “I tell you what, if you want a property to be managed the right way, you got to do it yourself. You see, if you hire a property management company, next thing you know all the kids are going to be throwing rocks to the windows and then what’s going to happen after that is you’re going to end up finding that they took the carpet, they took all the led out of the walls. I’m telling you, if you’ve ever delegate property management you’re going to end up living in a van down by the river. Where is Mabel?” What would you say to someone who’s thinking like if you hire a property management company, you’re expecting disaster?

Shawn: We’ll I would tell you that that person is probably half-right. It depends on who you use. Just from experience Clay, I own 40 of my properties and I’ve thought that for years, nobody can manage these properties the way that I can, and that’s all the more reason that I got into this business. It’s because I know what that property owner their needs and wants. That’s why I got started.

Clay: I’m going to brag on you for just a second before we get in to our training here. You actually will sit down with somebody and find a way to add value to their property while you manage it. Their property increases in value overtime. True story, I’ve seen it happen, it’s awesome stuff. Thrivers, today we’re talking about, how do you start a business? Well, step one. Find something that you desire. I’m going to give you a notable quotable, this is from Napoleon Hill. He says, “The starting point of all achievement is desire.” Again he says, “The starting point–” someone needs to write that down, “Of all achievement is desire.” Well, who’s Napoleon Hill? Have you ever heard of Earl Roberts? Well, he was Earl Robert’s mentor. Earl Roberts, in Earl Roberts University, he was his mentor. You’re going, “No way.” Yes, google it, check it out.

“Well I don’t know if I still–” who else was Napoleon Hill? He actually was a speech writer for FDR. Have you ever heard the phrase, “There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.” Who wrote that? Napoleon Hill. Andrew Carnegie, who was his personal apprentice? Napoleon Hill. That’s my guy. He says, “The starting point is desire.” Here’s the thing, if you’re listening right now and you’re going, “I don’t really know if I desire anything at all, all I want to do is play Wii. I like the Wii, it’s awesome and I got this new virtual reality thing. I can spend like a whole hour just submersed in a different world and I’ve got these Cheetos. I can get good deals on Thursdays for Cheetos and I can play the VR.” Entrepreneurship’s not for you homie. Let me tell you what, because it’s too hard.

Shawn: It’d be a long journey for sure.

Clay: It’d be a long journey. But if you’re somebody who really knows what you want, then you have to get it because life’s not going to give it to you. If you’re going, “Well, I thought Donald Trump’s going to give it to us?” It’s not going to happen. If you thought, “Well, I thought President Obama’s going to give it to us?” It’s not going to happen. If you thought, “Well, I wanted Bernie Sanders to give it.” He might have given some stuff by taking some stuff away from everybody else, but the thing is, is that you have got to bust it. I remember my first moment, Shawn, I was going to Graphic Design school in Oklahoma State University in Okimogi, and I was talking to one of my professors. I remember I walked up to the professor and I said, “Sir–” I said this privately by the way, but I said, “How much do you make per year?” He says, he looks at me with that look of like, “You disrespectful little.” I said it nicely, I was just like a punk but I said it nicely. He goes, “$33,000.”

I immediately got in my car, called my wife, couldn’t get her on the phone because this was back in the day when you have limited cell phone minutes, so you wouldn’t answer the phone unless it was an emergency. I’d come home, she was working at Office Depot, she finds me sitting there on the couch with that crazy Clark Griswald look in my eye and she was, “What did you do? What did you do? What did you do?” I’m like, “I dropped out of college.” She was like, “Why?” I said, “Because if I stayed through this course and study graphic design and got that degree, I’m going to end up either having that job or the stupid jobs that I could have and I don’t want those jobs. I’m going full time baby, full time.” Which meant by the way I had to work at Applebee’s, I had to work at Target and West telecommunications, three jobs at the same time so that I could fund my business.

I started a DJ company called DJ Connection, it was a big entertainment company. Shawn have you ever bought a big JBL standing speaker, hear about one of those before?

Shawn: It’s been a long time.

Clay: You’re going to be out just throwing it out at the time because you got this sub-woofer and then you got the speaker, it’s a thing, you got a crossover, you got the amp. You’re out, by the way, like $9,000 for a good system. by the way when you’re working at Target they don’t pay, but like seven an hour. Someone’s listening, going, “Well, I’m a genius with math, I’m just going to take 9000 and I’m going to divide that by seven, you’re going to work a long time.” Yes, so I was busting it and I realized I’m going to have to go work construction. I worked concrete where I got $10s an hour and after 40 I got time and a half, and after 60 they doubled it. I was like, “That’s me.” I’m making 20 bucks an hour, working 80 hours a week, that’s how I started DJ Connection.

I’m just telling, if you’re listening right now and you’re like, “Is there a government grant, I want to know is there a government grant that could help me get my business.” You’re going to go to this small business incubator workshop sort of thing where you’re going to get some state of Oklahoma check to start your business, that may be a thing, but I typically find that most entrepreneurs get their money in three ways. One, saving. Saving, is that ethical can you save money? Saving. Two, credit cards. “Clay, are you crazy?” No, actually many entrepreneurs I know use credit cards to start a business, yes. Third, they ask family and friends. “No way.” Yes. Jeff Bezos, his mom and dad gave him their entire life savings to start Amazon, $300,000.

Sam Walton, his mother in law lived in Claremore and he hit up his mother in law and his father in law for money and they invested to start Walmart, family, friends. Thrivers, you’re going to have to fund that business. Stay tuned, Thrive Time show.

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You’re listening to Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: Oh, yes, thrive nation welcome back to your audio destination. This is the place where you’re going for that daily inspiration. Here’s the playing field, here’s your options right now. You can go over and listen to Rush Limbaugh and I love Rush Limbaugh, no hate. I love Rush Limbaugh read his books, listened to his program, but now I can’t listen to his program because we’re competing with his program. You could be listening to Rush learning about politics, Hillary, Trump, the economy, the vote recount that may or may not happen, all that kind of stuff, or you could learn how to practically improve your own wife. “You mean I could listen to the radio and learn how to improve my life?” Yes, and so we’re teaching you specifically today the four steps to start a successful business.

My name is Clay Clark and I am a business coach, I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year in your ear and I have a very special guest today, it’s Mr. Shawn Klahr, he’s with PMI, it’s Property Management Inc., these guys help people who have an HOA that they’re running a homeowner’s association, they have a collection of rental houses they own. He helps you manage those properties, collect the rents, manage the property, maintain the premises and so we’re talking about, step number one, find something that you desire. Shawn, I want to ask is what do you desire and why did you desire it so much that you were crazy enough to start your own business?

Shawn: Clay, I desired to create something really extraordinary, something special and maybe even a legacy that I could leave behind for my children. I desired to be financially independently free, we love to travel, so that’s the reason I started this business. I really desire, like you, to help people along the way

Clay: I’ll tell you this Thrivers, I don’t want anybody putting their goals on you, so I’m going to tell you my goals and you can listen and go “You’re a sick freak. But one is my family, I want to have five kids, I’ve always wanted to have five kids. I remember going to date with a girl and she goes, “So what do you want to do?” and I go “I want have five kids and I want my wife to not work.” The chick, “I want to have a career.” “Cool, just don’t date me because that’s not what I want.” I would run around with my goals and people were like, “Are you kidding me?” I literally wanted to marry somebody who would help raise the kids and then someday could work with me in the businesses and some people thought that was nuts. You’re in college and people say, “What do you want to do?” “I want to five kids,” it freaks people out.

Two, this is family, get into that family, that faith stuff, I want to live off the grid. I like to live away from people I like to travel to Dagobah, hang out with Yoda and just have that off the grid life, I like that we have chickens, I have a man cave, I enjoy the company of me with myself and I and my kids. I enjoy burning things and they go, “You’re we weird.” I don’t like traveling, I hate traveling, I travel all the time for speaking events, I have one more in Vegas, then I’m done, but that’s me. Now, if you’re listening right now and you go, “I love to travel and I don’t want any kids, and I want to live in the city,” that’s fine but you have to take the time to think about what you desire.

Shawn, for many people who’ve never taken the time to make their own goals and write it down, from your experience, why is it so powerful to take the time to actually write down what you want to do?

Shawn: Well, I think if you take that time to write it down, maybe even stick in your bathroom where you see it every morning when you’re getting ready, you will probably accomplish a lot of those goes that you desire.

Clay: I’m telling you this Thrivers, you’ve got to put your goals on the bathroom mirror, that’s a move.

Shawn: Absolutely.

Clay: Laurie Montag who started, oh I don’t know, Zany Bandz, “What’s Zany Bands?” You know the bracelets, the rubber bands and they were in the shape of pirate ships and they were basically rubber band bracelets. Oh by the way, they sold $60 million of those things. She’s a Tulsa entrepreneur, she started Montag Photography, remember that back at 71st and Mingo. By the way, she was one of my mentors and she said, “You’ve got to put your goals on your mirror.” I was going, “Why, I’m not going to forget them?” She goes, “I’m telling you, when you put it in front of you it’s like the law of the attraction, it’s like the universe conspires to help you, it’s like you begin to attract what you desire.” Someone goes, “Is this is a spiritual show, what are you talking about? Are you talking about magnets?” No, I’m talking about when you think about something a lot, it starts to affect your daily activities.

Step number one, you’ve got to find out what you desire. Now step number two, you’ve got to set a deadline. You’ve got to say, “I’m going to get this business to be profitable by this day, I’m going to start it on this day, I’m going to get going on, I’m going to raise capital by this day. I’m going to hire my first dude by this amount of revenue or something.” You have to have some specific deadlines. Napoleon Hill writes, “Who is Napoleon Hill?” Napoleon Hill guys, this is the personal apprentice of Andrew Carnegie and the former mentor of Oral Roberts himself. He says, “A goal is a dream with a deadline.” Shawn, you’re an entrepreneur, you set deadlines now, you live by the calendar, you have a very busy schedule. Why is it so important for you to set deadlines and specific goals, why is it so important?

Shawn: Well, I want to try to obtain those goals, I think it’s important again just to sit in front of you. What, if you don’t quite reach that goal, write it down again and go for it. But yes, I think it’s important to set deadlines up, absolutely.

Clay: By the way, when you manage properties you set deadlines for when the tenants need to pay, you collect the money so that the person who owns the property doesn’t have to. When you help manage HOA’s you make sure you set deadlines and you collect the payment so that the HOA president doesn’t have to spend his entire life running around irritating neighbors while trying to collect HOA fees. You make life easier for people. Someone’s listening right now and they go, “I have a bunch of goals and none of them are managing my own properties.” You help these people, correct?

Shawn: Correct.

Clay: Where can they find out more about you?

Shawn: Again, our website is or you can always call me at 9-1-8-9-2-8-2-7-6-4, that’s 9-1-8-9-2-8-2-P-M-I.

Clay: Now Thrivers, right now I want you to think about this, this is the action step for you, right now. I want you to go ahead and get out a sheet of paper, “A piece of paper in the world we live in, paper, are you kidding me?” Fine, get out an iPad, get out a something, but write this down. Write down all of the things you want to accomplish this year. “You mean before the end of this year?” In the next twelve months. Go ahead and write down the things you want to accomplish. If you do not do this, I promise, you probably won’t just drift into it, but if you write them down, I’m telling you, the world will conspire to help you. Stay tuned. Thrive Time Show.


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You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right, thrive nation, welcome back to Tulsa’s only local business radio show. It is the Thrive Time Show, it’s the show where we hammer home the specific actionable items, the action steps that you need to take if you want to make copious amounts of cash. “Copious? Are you talking about cannabis?” No, I’m talking about copious, like large amounts. “Large amounts of money? Is that even ethical? Because if I have all the money, then there won’t be enough money for everybody else.” Listen, Thrivers, nobody’s going to give you success, and if you want to be successful you absolutely have to decide right now that this time this year, you are going to make this your year, this is your year to thrive. You’re only going to be alive one time. Someone’s listening going, “Well, actually if you go to Nirvana you’re techni–” Stop it. “If you get reincarnated you can–.” Okay, fine, maybe.

But the only human life that we are guaranteed is the one we have right now. This is your time, your week, your day, your moment, this is your opportunity to turn your life into a life the way you want it to be. I’m just going to pick on a few of you right now who are listening, you decided you went to one of those ‘rich dad, poor dad’ seminars, yes? You know who you are. You went to that seminar, you went to some Carlton sheet seminar, some ‘get rich through real estate, no money down, buy it, flip it, flip it, reverse it, woop-oop’ real estate seminar, and now you have like seven properties. You have seven. Maybe you have 17. Maybe someone listening right now has 70. You know what? You do. You come home and you go, “Oh, crap, here comes the emails.”

All the tenants are saying they can’t pay on time and you’re robbing Peter to pay Paul, you’re barely making those mortgage payments, you’re stressed out. It’s just the buildings are falling apart, you’re starting to get to a point where you’re going, “I hate managing these buildings that I bought.” You own millions of dollars of it or maybe just a couple of houses, but you are now to a point where you’re going, “I’m going to exit that reality. I swear to you, by the end of this year I’m going to hire a property management company. I’m going to be — I’m done with it. I’m going to start having that time freedom that I wanted to begin with.”

Well, we’ve got your guy right here, we’ve got the unicorn. Mr Shawn Klahr with Property Management Inc. Shawn, if I’m listening and I’m that stressed out property owner, and I’m just tired of managing my own properties, walk me through how you can help me.

Shawn: Sure. Give us a call today at 9-1-8-9-2-8-2-7-6-4, let’s set up appointment, let’s meet you properly, just let’s walk through your properties, let’s see if you’re leaving some money on the table. I’d like to maybe do a market analysis on your property, see if you’re maximizing your rents.

Clay: Why should someone use you and not the other guys? Because there are the other guys out there, people who are, “Hey, I’m awesome, I’m a property manager too. You’ve seen me in such feature films as — Anyway, the point is I’ve got a great company.” Why is your company in your mind the best property management company in Tulsa?

Shawn: Well, I will say this: the best word that I can describe is ‘service excellence’. We’re going definitely take care of you, we’re going to treat you more like a family and we’re going to — Yes, service, it has to be service.

Clay: Service. For someone who’s listening right now, they go, “I don’t have much properties, but they’re vacant, okay? I just want to get those things leased out, rented out. Every month i’m making these payments but I don’t have any income coming in. An income-producing property, that’d be nice. I just have property that costs me money.” Talk to me about how you can help people fill up those properties.

Shawn: Well again, I’d like to come out look at those properties, see why maybe you’re not — why they are vacant. There may be a reason for that, but we’ll get through that. We’ll help you get those taken care of. Generally, we can get most properties rented within 15 days.

Clay: 15 days?

Shawn: That’s correct.

Clay: As in one-five?

Shawn: One-five.

Clay: Now, Thrivers, listen to this, listen to this. We’re talking today specifically about the four steps, not the 15 steps, but the four steps to help you start a successful business. But I want to walk you through this because this is something right now that somebody who’s just tuning in, you missed this. Somebody right now, you’re listening and you are a thermometer, and by the way, I cannot stand thermometer people. Thermometer people irritate the living whatever that is out of me. I can’t stand them. You see, these people that are in meetings, and that’s what they say in these meetings, they go, “Sales aren’t very good right now.”

I remember when we were building the DJ Connection it was me and a dude, and the dude would go, “We’re not selling anything.” Thank you for pointing that out. Now the question I have is how are we going to sell something? The guy, “We’re not selling anything.” They come to you with these stupid graphs they’ve made, these charts that show that, “In our current projections, we’re not going to ever make money because we’re only growing it two dollars a week.” I know. Thank you for being a thermometer. I appreciate it. Shawn, have you met these people?

Shawn: Absolutely, every day.

Clay: “And there is the world economy, it’s not a good time to start a business, Shawn, because of the economy, you know — if Donald Trump gets elected that could be the end of the world. If Hillary wins it could be the end of the world too” You’re just like they’re focusing on the weather, the economy. “Shawn, with all the earthquakes going on is it now a good time to buy real estate?” There’s people like this, right?

Shawn: Absolutely.

Clay: You’ve got to be a thermostat, which– What does that mean? A thermostat goes into any room and goes, “What is the temperature now, but what is the temperature I want it to be.” If you are listening right now I want you to ask yourself, how do you want your life to be? Think about it perfect in every way. I’ll tell you how I wanted my life to be perfect, a couple things. I really, really wanted to, Thrivers, I wanted to drive a Hummer. “Why do you want to drive a Hummer? It doesn’t even get good gas mileage.” I don’t know. I think it’s partly because I don’t believe in peak oil, part of it is because people that don’t like the fact that I have a Hummer are people that I don’t like. It’s like a sifting mechanism. If you’re like, “How many miles a gallon does that get? I can’t believe it, it’s not even ethical.” You are someone I wouldn’t like and so it’s just a great sifting tool.

But I actually put on the side of the car, it says how many miles per gallon it gets, it says ‘eight’ on it.


But I’ve always wanted a Hummer. After the Hummer I was like, “I always wanted a Mercedes.” “Why would you want that? Do you need two cars? Do you even drive one of them?” No actually, one of them is just parked right now, I haven’t driven it in a couple months. “What, all you care about is money?” No, I also love to take my wife on dates. Why? Because if I keep tricking her long enough– I have tricked her every day, I think my wife’s blind, I think she’s never seen me, I think she can’t see my body or my face. But I have to trick my wonderful wife into staying married to me. I’ve got to, you know. I want to be able to put my kids in sports.

And then my dad, he had ALS this year and he didn’t ask me about it first, he didn’t call and say, “Hey, I’m thinking about getting terminally ill disease that’s going to kill me. Is that okay?” He didn’t ask. That’s what happens. It’s expensive and he wanted to go to his reunion down there in Waco, Texas. A high school reunion, he wanted to drive all the way to Waco. Could you believe the goal? His last wish is he wants to go to his reunion. He’s got a breathing mask on and he’s got full-time nurses and stuff, and he says, “I want to do it.” I’m like, “Well, let’s do it.” Well, then people say, the thermometers, “Well, what if he dies on the way and how can we afford it? Are we able to do it? Is that–” All these things.

We found out that we had two vans, and we had a generator, and we had the mask, and we had all these things in place that he could pull it off. Then guess what, it takes money to rent the vehicle and get the wheelchair that’s all automated. All these things cost a lot of money. But we go down there and we check in at the Marriott hotel downtown Waco we go to his reunion. There was hundreds of people that were cheering for my dad wildly when he pulled it and it was like the freaking highlight of my life. Indeed the day my dad says, when he pulled me aside he says, “Son, this was the number one moment of my life.”

Shawn: That’s awesome.

Shawn: It takes money to do it. I don’t care about money, you take all my money away, I’m going to start my business, I don’t care. But it’s just that was like for me I’m like, “Yes.” That was the my ‘Tom Brady spike the football moment,’ I’m like “Freaking did it.” I’m just saying right now. If you’re listening right now and financially you’ve been struggling, I get it, I grew up without it. I grew up without money, I get it. I used to eat budget gourmet at the frozen freezer section in Walmart. They were 96 cents for these budget gourmet meals. By the way they’re not gourmet, they’re 95% sodium, they go good with ramen noodles. But Shawn, for anyone is listening right now who doesn’t think they have what it takes mentally to start a business, what encouragement would you have for them?

Shawn: I would say just get up and do it. You can do anything that you set your mind to. If you believe it you can achieve it.

Clay: Have you had a book that you’ve read that made a profound impact on you or maybe a couple books. Or anything where you go, “I read that book and that gave me that little entrepreneurial itch, that entrepreneur little sizzle.” Is there a book you’ve read?

Shawn: Well, I’d say Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Clay: Really by Kiyosaki.

Shawn: Yes sir.

Clay: Robert Kiyosaki. I’ll tell you that book was co-authored by Sharon Lechter is she’s a CPA, and it’s a phenomenal book Rich Dad Poor Dad. I highly endorse that book, you’ve got to get that book. When we’re talking about books, I wrote a new book recently it’s called Start Here. Why I love the books that we wrote, only it’s the world’s best business book. But the reason why I wrote it is because it’s a compilation of up close to 50 business books all into one book. If you’re on Facebook live right now, you can check it out it’s called Start Here and it’s doing very well on the sales right now. It’s a 550 page book but it’s literally all these books combined into one. It’s stats, stories, statistics and it is the system that Dr. Zoellner and I use over and over.

If you want to say, “How do you and Dr. Zoellner open multiple companies?” This is our proven system, it works we use it over and over again every business is very similar. “Do you guys even know anything about auto auctions?” No. “Do you guys know anything about optometry?” I don’t. “Do you guys even know anything about photography?” I don’t. But we own all these businesses and it’s all because we know a proven system. Again Thrivers, stay tuned we’re coming back after the break with more on how to start a successful company.

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Now, broadcasting from the center of the universe and the world headquarters. Presenting the world’s only business school without the BS with optometrist and entrepreneur, Dr. Robert Zoellner and a former Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the year in your ear, Clay Clark. It’s the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Three, two, one, boom.

Clay: All right Thrive nation, welcome back, welcome back. We are talking about a subject that I am deeply passionate about. We were talking about how to become a thermostat entrepreneur versus a thermometer entrepreneur. What does that mean?

Dr. Robert Zoellner: What does that mean?

Clay: Well some people Zee, they look at their life and they go, “That’s just the way it is.” Other people say, “You know what, I’m going to start a business and I’m going to transform the life I have now into the life I want to live.” They believe that they have the power to change things. In fact, they believe that so strongly that they might even be willing to travel, to move, to start a business.

Robert: That’s just crazy talk.

Clay: It is crazy talking and you my friend, you’re a man who’s not afraid to travel to achieve your goals and you’d literally just got back from where, where were you?

Robert: I was in Guatemala City, Guatemala

Clay: Really?

Robert: That’s like a thing.

Clay: Guatemala City, is that is it a nice? Well, does it feel like old mogie?

Robert: Well, here’s the deal about Guatemala city I found out, is they don’t have suburbs like we do. We have like Tulsa and for most of United States, you have all the outlying cities around like we have a walsa, we have broken era, Bigspy, sapopa, lowlence listen and jinx but down there, there what they call zones. They have 18 zones in the city and they’re laid out. I didn’t really look up the grid but you don’t — they’re laid out, but some zones are very dangerous and some zones are very safe.

Clay: Do you stay in the dangerous zone just to get the adrenaline on?

Robert: No, no, no they said you cannot go to zone 18 because you will be — you won’t get out there alive. I was like, “Okay, good thing to note.” Zone 18 but it’s way north, it’s by itself. The police won’t even go into there, it’s what I was told by the people of Guatemala.

Clay: Why were you there, what was the deal?

Robert: Oh, is just nothing, it was just I was just down there to have my first grand baby.

Clay: First one?

Robert: Yes.

Clay: Wow.

Robert: My son, he is my middle child, married a fine young lady from Guatemala and she’s not to the immigration process, the legal immigration process, we do have law here in the United States?

Clay: Wait a minute, you’re following the legal process?

Robert: I know it’s just crazy.

Clay: It’s just a political show that we don’t talk about.

Robert: We don’t talk about that stuff yes, or home in gardening.

Clay: We did not talk about that.

Robert: Though this place is really cool, by the way, we’ll get to that a minute. Anyway, she’s not to the immigration process. They met in college, fell in love, got married and she got pregnant. There was a scheduled C-section on Thanksgiving. I know, it’s a thing and I now have a beautiful, healthy grandbaby. His name is Sebastian, he was eight, pounds seven ounces, 51 centimeters which is a little over 20 inches by the way.

Clay: 51?

Robert: 51 centimeters, which is a little over 20 inches. I did the thing, there’s a thing. He quite possibly is the coolest human on the planet. Quite possibly, not all the polls and researchers in on it.

Clay: I was the coolest human well.

Robert: Your babies been supplanted you may have just.

Clay: Now I’m 4,302 eyewitness.

Robert: True. I know this Sebastian is. Everybody’s always told me my whole life, “I’ll just wait till you’re a grandparent.” I’m like, “Okay, call again one of these days. God-willing is going to happen, dah, dah, dah, dah, dah.” Then now that’s happening, you’re sitting here holding this little dude you’re just like, “Oh my gosh, this really is the greatest thing ever.”

Clay: The greatest thing ever. We are talking, Thrivers, also about something that I believed to be the greatest thing ever, it’s called your life. It’s a gift. Every day you wake up and you go, “Am I thankful for this gift? Am I going to honor this gift? Am I going to treat this gift with reverence? Am I happy to be Where–?” Are you going to view every day as a day that you should be thankful for or you going to go, “You know what? I’m not really happy with my job and I’m not really happy with my life. But I’m willing to make no changes in my daily schedule, my daily routine, my daily flow to create the life I want.” But for many of you you’re listening according to Forbes 57% of you, you want to start to grow a business at some point and you say, “You know what? I don’t like the temperature of where I’m at right now. I’m going to become a thermostat, I’m going to adjust it.”

We talked about it on the earlier segment. We talked about, when is you have to find something that you desire. Step two, you have to set a deadline. Now step three, I want to pick your brain on this, is you have to hold yourself accountable or find a partner or a coach or somebody to hold you accountable to actually doing what you’ve set out to do. Zee, I want to ask you, that why is it so important for every young man, every young woman, every old man, every old woman, anybody who wants to start or grow a business. Why is it so important that they either, A, have a coach or a partner, or some inner something that’s driving? What why is accountability to your own goals so, so important?

Robert: You have a term that I love it when you use it and I know what it’s a digging term, it’s one of those terms that makes people go, “That’s not, that’s almost mean, you know what I mean?” The term-

Recording: You are listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Robert: Stuck over there a little bit, but the term is wanteprenuer.

Clay: Wanteprenuer.

Robert: I know when you said I know you’re saying it in an encouraging way that there’s a lot of people listening out there that are wanteprenuers. In other words, they go to bed at night, they lay their little head on the pillow and they say to themselves, “One of these days, I’m going to stop working for the man, punch in the time clock and I’m going to have my own destiny in my own hip pocket. I’m going to control my life because I’m going to start my own business.”

Clay: One of these days.

Robert: One of these days. I think what happens is that people sometimes the next step is they start verbalizing to some of their friends and people around, they’re like, “I really want to do my own thing.” That might meet different criticisms, that might meet different reactions, but then they say it more boldly, they say it out louder. Then what happens is a funny little thing happens, when one of their friends looks at him and points him in the face and says, “Well, then do it. Then do it.”

Clay: It’s usually a guy named Troy or a Trevor, it’s a very American name, he’ll look at you and go, “Why don’t you freaking do it then?” Every time we-

Robert: You want your lobster company do a lobster company.

Clay: Every freaking time we get together we talk I’m watching the game and then every time we go to a commercial. We could be talking about my fantasy instead you’re like, “I’m going to start a business. Well freaking do it.”

Robert: “Well, then do it already,” and that’s what it is. I’ve learned in life, business coach, Clay, there’s two ways that young people or people in general learn. One is through mentors, you’ve been there done it right, they know the formula, they know what they did or mistakes.

Clay: Let’s talk about mentors.

Robert: Okay, let’s talk about mentors. All right.

Clay: Is it okay I mean if let’s say I’m a guy listening right now.

Robert: You’re a dude listening.

Clay: I’m a dude I’m listening and I go, “My roommate, he knows some things.” I get together every night I sit on the couch and I go, “Bro, bro, well, I want to open up my own restaurant.” My roommate whose previous job experience is working at Target or working at Applebee’s or something.

Robert: Fine establishments by the way.

Clay: I’ve worked at these places and he goes, “Bro, you know what you should do? It would be awesome if you made like an app that way people can just order their own food online, you won’t even have to work bro.”

Robert: “Bro, go viral, bro.”

Clay: Is it good to have a mentor who knows the same amount of information as you or what kind of –


Do you have to reach out to somebody? What qualifies to be a mentor in your mind?

Robert: Success, if you can look at someone’s life and they have a trail of success, there is your — everybody says it’s huckleberry but it’s not huckleberry. I found I got corrected on this just the other day.

Clay: I’m ready.

Robert: If you listen to it closely and this makes more sense it’s a hucklebear.

Clay: Hucklebear?

Robert: I walk over your grave and be your hucklebear but then the caskets, the handles were made out of huck they were called Huck’s. They were a huck a bear not a huckleberry.

Clay: Really?

Robert: Yes, I know that’s random but –

Clay: No, that’s good information.

Robert: I love random stuff like that but listen and the dude that told me that knew more than I did. He mentored me up in that. You’re absolutely correct if you’re going out trying to get leadership, mentoring, coaching from just call them idiots. There’s plenty of them out there coming, that’s just the way it is. If that’s your source of information, you might want to rethink that.

Clay: I’m going to pile on, this is from the CEO of Google. By the way Google, some people are starting, this just in. Some people are starting to use Google.

Robert: What?

Clay: But this is the actual CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt. I’m reading from Fortune Magazine. This is, if you Google this he says, “The best advice I ever got.” If you Google you can probably find, if you Google the CEO of Google, type in ‘the best advice I ever got,’ you’ll find this. He says, “The best advice I ever got was from John Doerr,” that’s a venture capitalist. He says “my advice to you is to have a coach.” He goes on to say that, “He, Eric Schmidt the CEO of Google is going what could a coach possibly teach me?”

Robert: Yes, what could he?

Clay: He says, “The coach’s job isn’t to play the game better than you, the coach’s job is to push you to be the best you can be.” He goes on to explain, the CEO of Google has a coach. Bill Gates explained in the TED talks in 2013 you have to have a coach. I’m going to give you a notable quotable from Jim Rohn. Now Jim Rohn is the best-selling author, phenomenal speaker, he passed away here and the last couple years. He says this, “Discipline is the bridge between your goals and accomplishment.”

Robert: Say that again.

Clay: “Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” I want to talk to you about this, mentors, have you ever had a mentor that pushed you, Zee, to be the best Zee that you could be? Have you ever had somebody push you or a business partner, or someone you’ve worked with? Did you have that third-party pushing in your own career?

Robert: Yes and on a very sad note, one of the men that I highly respected and was a mentor of mine for years just passed recently. He was having open-heart surgery and didn’t survive the surgery. I think was open heart, I know with bypass, I’m pretty sure was open heart. I haven’t dug into it a lot, but that was Bill Bartmann here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A lot of people out there may have mixed emotions about him. But he was a man that had a rollercoaster in his life and he had a lot of success, and he just passed. It’s sad whenever someone you look up to, someone that’s had input your life. Yes, no one’s perfect, come on. If you’re looking for the perfect mentor, the perfect person, guess what? I’m going to save you spoiler alert, they’re not out there.

Clay: I have mentors in my life in different areas. There’s people that you could go, “That person is absolutely qualified to teach me fitness, that person is absolutely qualified to teach me cooking. That guy knows how to make some brisket.”

Robert: Briskets, pretty thing.

Clay: You are a brisket mentor, you can do that. Other people you go, “I don’t know whether I want him to teach me fitness, but I know that I do want him to teach me business or vice versa.” You’re got to find these different mentors. If you’re listening right now what I want you to do. Get a sheet of paper and write down a list of people who are where you want to be. Make a list of people who are where you want to be and let’s see if you can reach out to them and making them our mentor.


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Clay: What is going on thrive nation, welcome back to your inspiration station. You have found the dial and I encourage you to stay around for a while. We are teaching you some really, really powerful stuff today. Today we’re talking about how to adjust your thermostat to make your life to become the life that you want it to be. You’re listening right now and you’re going, “I maybe, I’m not totally happy with the way things are financially for me and I want to adjust the temperature. I want to get to a new place financially, a new normal. I’ve never done it before, I’ve never made six figures.” You want to make six figures, you want to make specifically in your mind you go, “I want to make a $100,000.” That means you’re going to make 2,000 extra to 1,800 whatever per week, but you want $2,000 per week and you’re going, “I’ve never done that before.”

You’re surrounded by people that have also never made a $100,000 before. What happens is that you all tell each other the same story over and over that, “It’s impossible bro, the rich get richer bro, it’s impossible.”

Robert: “It’s a rigged system bro.”

Clay: Now you’ve found this show and you’re encountering truth for the first time when you realize according to the Millionaire Next Door. The book The Millionaire Next Door, that 80% of America’s millionaires are first-generation millionaires. Then you go, “well, I don’t know.” Then you discover the Doctor Zoellner is on the show with a co-host of the show and you discover that he didn’t grow up with financial success. He wasn’t the son of a multi-millionaire. He started out-

Robert: I wish I was.

Clay: Your first job was washing dishes man.

Robert: I was 13 washing dishes, I made a $1.80 an hour. I learned from Dicks Slater my boss. I learned one of the lessons he taught me is that clean station is a happy station.

Clay: Now you had–

Robert: That’s first job.

Clay: You had a Dick Slater in your life who is teaching you this. I worked at a place called the Norsemen, this story doesn’t go very well, but we’re talking about step number three. Is holding yourself accountable or find a partner or a coach you have to. If you’re serious about success you have to have a coach or a partner or mentor. You just have to, have someone hold you accountable. Well, I work in there at the Norsemen and the Norsemen it’s in Cokato, Minnesota, population about 2,000 people, there’s one stoplight. My boss’s name was Butch and the whole game that I did, I was washing dishes, I was probably 15 years old, kind of punk. I’m washing dishes and the move was as soon as you finish washing dishes what you do is you go hit on the ladies.

Robert: Yes, the ladies.

Clay: Kim was the greedy, he always get the young high school girls. She’s the parade.

Robert: That’s where to put the hottie [sic].

Clay: Yes, she’s up front greeting people and then I’m washing dishes, I’m a bustboy, I’m washing dishes. My move was as soon as I wash the dishes I’d go talk to Lori and Kim, that was my move.

Robert: Why wouldn’t you?

Clay: The bathroom was dirty as anything.

Robert: Yes, who cares about that?

Clay: What you do if you if you’re a scammer like I was back in the day. You go to the bathroom with the mop bucket and you do nothing.

Robert: [laughs] It’s like kids going to bed, they wet their teeth and they, “Yes, I brushed my teeth.”

Clay: But it takes the same amount of time to do nothing at something either for about four minutes.

Robert: Well, got to get the show. You’ve got to let them think you’re doing something in there. You can’t do it just in two seconds.

Clay: I go in there and I’m — then I’m so ashamed the story but it’s true. I’m in there and I’m sloshing water around in the mud bucket thinking, “What a jerk, Butch. All he ever does is care about money and making me work all the time and there’s-”

Robert: Can’t believe that.

Clay: “I’m a freshman, she’s a junior and I think she likes me”, and I’m just totally got this whole move going. I walk out thinking I’m the man because I pretended to clean the bathroom and I turn and he’s there standing there.

Robert: [laughs] Busted.

Clay: I’m like, “How long have you been sloshing that water?” and I go, “Just-” He’s, “I’ve been here the entire time, don’t lie to me.” I’m like, “Five, four minutes”. He’s like, “Yes and then you just drew a line through the checklist. Son you are not going to be promoted here, but furthermore, you can’t grow things if you don’t sow the seeds.” I go, “What?” and he goes, “I don’t have time to talk to you,” and he just walks off. I remember going, “What did he mean by that? You can’t grow things if you can’t plant seeds. Are we talking about a farm here?” I was so and I remember that years later as I was trying to build my DJ Company and I was not sowing marketing seeds. I wasn’t actually doing marketing.

Recording: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: It’s that lonely time as an entrepreneur when you’ve bought all your equipment and all your systems, and you got your office and you’re waiting for the phone to ring.

Robert: Which wa your dorm room at first, right?

Clay: And you realize that no one’s going to call.

Robert: Yes.

Clay: Then I remember Butch for some reason, it’s weird how the mind works. But it unearths this memory and I’m going, “You’re not going to grow things if you don’t sow seeds.” I’m like, “Shut up Butch.”

Robert: Butch, you’re still in my head.

Clay: But anyway, so I started putting out fliers under all the doors, putting out fliers.

Robert: There you go, look at that, a little marketing.

Clay: Then people started calling.

Robert: Well, imagine that.

Clay: I want to ask you, did you ever have a coach that just pushed you and made you a little uncomfortable. You were maybe a little bit of not pushing yourself to the full level. Did you have a coach come alongside you or a mentor and show you the proven path or push you?

Robert: Yes, I did back in the day.

Clay: Back in the day.

Robert: Back in the day, this may be hard for you to believe but I was a tad bit of a thesbian.

Clay: Really?

Robert: Yes, and an actor you know. I had done several school productions.

Clay: Several of the biggest ones.

Robert: Everybody told me that I was a big deal.

Clay: People called you the Zoellner.


Robert: I was on my way to rich mahogany leather.

Clay: Yes, do you know who I am?

Robert: Yes. One day the teachers pulled me aside said, “Listen, you’re not doing so good in school.”

Clay: You got a B, maybe a C.

Robert: I’m going, “What?” First time it’s ever kind of hit me. I remember just sitting there going, “Are you serious?” they go, “Yes, in fact you’re failing this course”. “I’m like what? I’m in the advanced kid program. I’m a thesbian.”

Clay: People know me.

Robert: Pride is such a horrible thing, isn’t it? I’ll tell you what. But anyway it was one of those moments when you sit there and go, “Uh-oh.” The direction that I was headed unchecked was going to lead to failure. Somebody thought enough of me, somebody cared enough of me, it happened to be a teacher at the time. Mrs. Bartman, if you’re listening out there, hello, how are you doing? Thank you again for pulling me aside and whacking me upside the head and helping me put me on the right path. That’s what mentors do, is that they see the direction your headed and they go, “You know what you might want to rethink that and here’s the reason why.” But that was probably one of my earliest ones and I’ve had several others. If you have time today I’d like to tell a few more stories because they find out.

The story that you’ve got to say today, business coach, Clay, you’ve got to tell me, you’ve got to tell the world out there is your uncle and the mentoring he did on you. That is one of my favorite Clay stories.

Clay: Well, here’s the deal. If you’re listening right now and you are stuck in a financial rut, and you’re just you’re stuck in this pattern of you go out there and you can design the print piece, you went to the Tony Robbins conference, you bought the book.

Robert: You walked on hot the coals.

Clay: Walked on hot the coals. You got the book. You bought the book and you’ve designed the print peace, and you built the website, you registered that sweet LLC and now it’s time to renew the LLC that you formed last year and you haven’t actually started. This is the story you need to hear because I was a big intender. There’s a big difference between a big intender and a contender. See, a contender is somebody that puts in the work and the discipline to show up for the heavyweight fight and actually put on a show, these are contenders. The pretenders or intenders, they just talk a lot. I’m telling you I was Sir talks a lot. I had-

Robert: No, not you.

Clay: I had visions, I had dreams.

Robert: Not you.

Clay: When you’re high school everyone says, “You’re special.”

Robert: “You’ve got so much potential.”

Clay: Your guidance counselor tells 2,000 students in a row, “You have such potential”.

Robert: When we come back to the break and tell me my uncle story.

Clay: I’m going to tell you the story about Uncle Jerry when we come back after the break. Thrivers, I hope you’re emotionally prepared for this story.

Robert: Don’t turn the dial.


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Clay: All right Thrive-Nation welcome back to the Thrive Time Show where today we are broadcasting from the man cave. Look out we’re broadcasting from the man caves.

Robert: The cave of madness.

Clay: Can you explain for the people listening what the man cave is all about? Can you explain because a lot of people aren’t on Facebook live right now. If you’re on Facebook live you can see it yourself but you explain.

Robert: Yes. Here’s how you get this man cave. You take a bucket of kerosene, a bucket of testosterone and just a random bucket of stuff that’s laying around your house. You mix it all up and you light it on fire and then it just explodes into this awesomeness of manhood with just dripping testosterone and just randomness. I feel like it’s like that where’s waldo, it’s looking around the room you like you know the pizza thing.

Clay: Zee is hitting around.

Robert: I know and I haven’t found them.

Clay: Today we’re talking today specifically about how to go from where you want to be. We’re talking about how to start a business okay and there’s four steps. In case you missed the steps, okay, step number one is you got to find something that you desire. Otherwise what’s the point of even starting a business?

Robert: Yes, what’s the point?

Clay: Step two, you’ve got to set a deadline.

Robert: Set It.

Clay: Step three, you got to hold yourself accountable or find a partner or a coach. You’d mentioned my Uncle Jerry in this story. I’ll just tell you the story Thrivers, because it’s Uncle Jerry changed my life in a profound way. But basically, due to some financial situations and the death of my father’s parents, I find myself living in Minnesota. Now I grew up in 1925, West Memphis in Broke Arrow. You can go find it, it’s 1925, West Memphis, Google earth that beast. I grew up right there. We moved to Minnesota and I’m living with an uncle who I’ve never really met very much. I met the guy a couple times at family things but Uncle Jerry. The guy has raccoon eyes, he has eyes where he looks like a raccoon and his hair is messed up like he’s a guy working at a coffee shop who just took off his beanie. His hair’s all messed up.

Robert: He didn’t have a man bun, did he?

Clay: No, he did not.

Robert: Of course not.

Clay: I remember Jerry just told me he said he goes, “Clay, if you don’t work and you don’t feed the chickens, if you don’t work on the farm you’re not going to eat. I just want to make sure tomorrow when I wake up-”

Robert: You didn’t believe him, no, did you?

Clay: You know, whatever. I was soft and I grew up in suburbia, and my mom and dad were nice people but my mom and dad were not going to do the things that he did. Anyway, I’m staying with this man, my mom and dad are down in Waco Texas taking care of the family estate and I’m up there with my brother, who at the time is like seven and I’m 12. It’s got to be like 5:00 AM, I think it was 5:00 AM. The alarm goes off and I’m, “I’m just going to sleep.”

Robert: “That’s so early.”

Clay: He wakes me up and he says, “Clay, time to get up,” and I’m going, “I just don’t want to get up, I don’t want to get up.” He goes, “Time to get up. A man gets up at 5:00 AM, get up.” I’m just like, “Wow, okay”. He goes, “Here’s the deal, if you don’t get up, you’re not eating.” I’m like – he, “Listen, there’s no such thing as a free lunch, if you do not feed the chickens and do whatever.”

Robert: This is a tease, you’re 12.

Clay: I’m just like, “I just want to rest.” I get up for breakfast now about 8:30 because the bus picks you up at 9:00 or 8:00, I can’t remember what it was. I woke up whatever time it was to get ready for the bus and I said, “Hey, what we’re eating for breakfast?” He goes, “I am having eggs and sausage, and maybe some bacon too, but there’s some orange juice. I don’t know, I have a lot of extra food but you will have nothing.”

Robert: Wow.

Clay: I’m going, “No, no, but seriously, I get the principle,” but he’s, “No, no, nothing.” I go to school having nothing.

Robert: Wow.

Clay: Then you go to school what happens is, if you go to school back in the day and you didn’t have enough money for lunch, the lunch lady would say — You didn’t have the cards yet and they would say, “You don’t have any money for lunch son? Do you want to eat something?” or I’m like, “Well yes, my Uncle Jerry didn’t give me money for lunch today because he’s mad at me for not whatever.” Anyway, shows she offers me lunch, she calls because he’s my guardian and explains that basically, “Did your kid need to go on assistance or what’s the deal?” And he’s, “No, no, we’re very financially well-off, we just I don’t think he deserves to eat today.”


Anyway, that’s like I’m not kidding, that’s the things I can’t –


Clay: Pretty soon I’m waking up every day at 5:00 AM.

Robert: Imagine that.

Clay: That’s just the move. Then the next move is he goes to basketball practice and he knows nothing about basketball at all.

Robert: Of course not. Of course not.

Clay: He goes, “Hey, 34, move it,” I got the practice jersey on, “34, what is your deal? Hustle,” and you would think that it’s like a heckler. After the game-

Robert: That’s Michael Jerry.

Clay: After the practice where the Dazzle middle school gymnasium. The Dazzle elementary gymnasium. It’s a small town with a 1,000 people. Practice is over and he goes, “Hey, you are didn’t really run up and down the hard on defense and often. I noticed you took a few plays off. You had some extra energy, Michael.” “Oh yes, I was just-” He goes, “Well, so you’re just going to run home tonight to get that energy off because you’re not going to be successful if you’re soft.” I’m like-

Robert: We all need an Uncle Jerry as hard as that is. We all need an Uncle Jerry.

Clay: I’m not kidding. I’m not making up, brother. It’s like it’s probably eight miles, seven miles from the school to his house. He drives the car. He’s in the car, he was driving a Mazda MPV, a maroon van which I later bought from him. He’s in front of me and he’s just going, “Come on, let’s go. Let’s move”, I’m running down the road behind the car, it’s getting dark. See my parents come back months later and I am at that point chiseled. Like I’m Jacked. I am physically fit, I’m dominating in the basketball games, my academics are just top-notch. I was like a chronic B minus. They’re like “What is going on with you?” and I’m like-

Robert: “Who are you?”

Clay: I’m telling you, I was afraid, I was just like, “I don’t want to be–” You know how embarrassing it is when you’re trying to date a chick, a date a 15-year old lady. You got a guy yelling at you in the stands for not hustling. It’s so embarrassing.

Robert: It’s so embarrassing.

Clay: I’m like, “I’m just going to sprint every play.”

Robert: Every play, I’m just running, just running.

Clay: “Oh God, please don’t yell, please.”

Robert: It’s like Forrest Gump, I was running.

Clay: But anyway I will tell you, my mom and dad, we rejoined we reconvened and they came back to Minnesota, they moved to Minnesota. At that point it’s like we were different families. People have always said it’s like year from a bizarre. It’s like you don’t fit with the family, what’s going on with you? I will tell you, I had — I’m going to hammer home this principle, I had someone holding me accountable who is pushing me to be the best me. Now if you’re listening right now I’m going to tell you what. We have step number four and step number four is the if you learn this move, success is guaranteed you. If you’re in the move, step number four, success is guaranteed.

Robert: I can hardly wait, I’m not turning my dial on this Friday afternoon. I’m going to keep it right here to get step four. Coming back, Thrive Time Show.

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You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: All right thrive nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. Your audio dojo of mojo in the place that you go fosho to learn how to start and grow a business. My name is business coach, Clay Clark, I’m the former SBA entrepreneur of the year in your ear. I’m joined here with the man who has – It’s kind of exciting to be, I say kind of and I’m not kidding. I am so excited every time he’s on the show because I had to harass this guy for so long to pick his brain and it is absolutely insane to me that we’re doing a show together. He’s a father figure. He’s a mentor. He’s an entrepreneur. He’s just a great guy. It’s Dr. Roberts Zoellner. Sir, how are you?

Robert: I’m fantastic at this it’s sad today. It is in a way it’s sad but it’s exciting.

Clay: We’re mourning, we are mourning. We’re in a state of mourning.

Robert: It’s sad. Everybody out there that’s getting so used to us in your ear while you’re driving home after work or you’re just driving random place because you want to listen to us in your car from 5:00 to 7:00 Monday through Friday. Guess what next Monday-

Clay: Next Monday.

Robert: – we are moving-

Clay: We’re moving.

Robert: to noon.

Clay: Noon.

Robert: Noon to 2:00.

Clay: I’m going to tell you why this is exciting.

Robert: Tell me, business coach, number one.

Clay: First off, the number one radio personality on the planet is Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh we — no disrespect, I’ve read his books, I actually like a lot of things he says. But I’ll tell you what, at a certain point, I get my feel of political non actionable knowledge.

Robert: What are you talking about?

Clay: Like as an example, President Trump will be taking over soon, President elect Trump will be taking over soon. Certain things will happen. Certain things will not. I I’m going to vote, I’m going to cast my vote, I’m going to participate in the election process. But beyond that, I can’t make legislation. Beyond that, I can’t sit there and in lower rates raise rates, I can’t make sure that we control immigration or loosen immigration, I can’t adjust health care or whatever. You’re an optometrist, you can’t — you’re an optometrist, you’re a doctor and you can’t, you can’t make the rules and go, “Hey, this is what I want to do with health care, this is not.” You have to play within the rules that you’re given. Zee, you’ve done this for multiple presidents, 25 years.

Robert: Yes, absolutely, the thing about it is it’s going to be a nice choice. You’re on your lunch break, you want to listen of an angry wife, dude, talk about how much he doesn’t like maybe the current president and all that, and hear that rhetoric, you can. But if you want to have some practical business tips how to help you start and grow a business and maybe have a little bit of fun along the way.

Clay: Just a little bit.

Robert: Why don’t you just go down to dial AM 1170 talk radio. You will find broadcasting excellence which today we’re actually doing the man cave. We’ve got several places, that’s what’s fun about us. We got great — we got like three studios now.

Clay: I’m going to say this Thrivers, at some point we’ll be broadcasting from Zee’s man cave. When you when you see a man cave, when you — When we were broadcasting from the ranch. We were broadcasting from — we might be in the bank lobby of a bank he’s invested in. You might be at the auto wash, we never know.

Robert: You know what? If you didn’t listen to the last segment, you did not hear the Uncle Jerry story. I’m going to tell you out there if you miss that, if you were in the truck stop by and Twinkies or you’re feeling your car up with gas, or you were you know stopping the ditch to help someone change their tire, which a noble thing to do and you missed the Uncle Jerry story, you need to go to the where we restream live all the show. You can even listen to him all you want. Which is a fun thing to do on a Saturday afternoon.

Clay: I pulled an all-nighter and I listen to 197 of these shows in a row all. I’ll tell you what, I know everything.

Robert: I know everything. You know what, you want to do it but I’ll tell you what. One of my favorite things about the Uncle Jerry story is this. You know what, it fits with my story time theme of-


Clay: Farm logic baby.

Robert: Farm logic.

Clay: Yeeha.

Robert: [laughs] Down on the farm. My favorite part of the story is when you’re 12 years old and you walk into the kitchen, and you plopped out of that chair at 8:30 in the morning. 30 minutes before your bus comes and you say, “Uncle Jerry, what’s for breakfast?” and he says, “Son, I told you, you ain’t going to eat if you don’t get out of work,” and you went, Shut the front door,” what?

Clay: Well, I’m telling you this. It’s so hard to understand for a lot of people. I don’t get it because I grew up this way and I no longer think this way. It’s hard to even understand my former self. But if you don’t sow seeds nothing’s going to grow. Proverbs 10:4 states, “God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slacker.” I don’t like the Bible.

Robert: Are you saying this is about working?

Clay: You got to work.

Robert: Oh my God.

Clay: You got to work. You got to work, work, work, work, work. Now here’s the thing, step number four, don’t stop.

Robert: What?

Clay: If you want to start a successful business, do not stop. Now I’m going to give you a notable quotable. I’m going to let Dr. Zee coach us and marinate on this. But the notable quotable is, if you’re going through hell don’t stop. Little back story, Winston Churchill’s the one who said, Winston Churchill. If you’re going through hell don’t stop. Who’s Winston Churchill? Well, Hitler decided he wanted to take over the world. Many people were like, “It’s okay, just don’t kill us.” Winston Churchill, “If you will turn over your Jewish people, we’ll let you go unharmed.” He’s like, “No, they are our people and if you harm them you harm us. I’m not doing it.”

Recording: You’re listening to the Thrive Time Show on Talk Radio 1170.

Clay: They have those t-shirts that say, “Do something and remain calm, carry on, stay calm, carry on, do this, carry on.” That’s Winston Churchill. He came up with the concept and every night he would hop on the radio and assure the British people, “Although we’re being bombed constantly, stay calm and carry on.” Because he was like, “We’re not going to give in to the Nazis,” and by the way America hadn’t got involved in the war yet. Imagine what it’d be feeling like every night to be bombed. Every night you’re trying to have dinner, your family’s getting bombed, people are dying in the streets and you have your Prime Minister hopping on the radio with a steady calm voice saying, “Stay calm, carry on, keep on going.2

When you’re growing a business Zee, there are times where you’re like, “Guys, they’re bombing us.” Talk to me about the importance of resolve and committing in your mind as an entrepreneur, “I am not going to stop, I’m never going to give up on my dreams, I’m going to make it happen.”

Robert: Well, actually, this takes me back down to the farm.


Clay: We’re going to the farm again.

Robert: I got two farm stories in one segment. I can’t believe how my good fortune of that. Feeding the chickens, slop on the pigs. My number two rule in businesses is this Clay and this fits perfectly what we’re talking about, and that is you want to be the pig at breakfast and not the chicken.

Clay: You want to be the pig and not the chicken at breakfast.

Robert: What does that mean? What that means is that you want to put your life on the line and be committed. When you start that business, listen to me out there, there’s a reason why 80% of them fail it’s because people are not committed. You have to be committed. There’s going to be adversaries, someone’s going to drop a bomb, you’re going to have a lawsuit, someone’s going to go break the front glass of your business and then you show up like [laughs] “It happened.” I’m telling you what it happens, people steal from you, people not show up at work, people trying to sabotage you. The other day some troll did this. Since Google started, I probably had 10 bad reviews on my Business. We research them and we see if it’s a real patient and we call them, we try to reach out to them, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Within like 30 minutes the other day, I had four bad reviews in a row. I’m just like, “You got to be kidding me.” The trolls of the world but am I going to stop? am I going to say, “Well, I guess I can’t control them, I can’t get rid of them off my Google report. I guess I’m just ruined.” Am I? No.

Clay: Zee, I am going to tell you this, we have Make Your Life Epic. It’s a very successful consulting firm, basically companies who want turnkey Marketing, we just do that. We had a guy who unfortunately we had to let go there a while back and he sent out an email to all of our customers saying, “Just so you know, Clay has promoted me to be his direct point of contact, he’s so busy. We’re able to lower your fees and you can just deal directly with me and I’ll be your point of contact and that way we have accessibility.” One guy, he’s a dentist, he calls me and goes, “Hey, there’s a young guy who sent this email and I know it’s not true. I just want you be aware.” Now it alerts me too and then you go, “Wait a minute,” and you know what, I could give up.

Robert: He’s ruined my business.

Clay: But that has happened and I’m not kidding. When I built DJ Connection, every single — I sold DJ Connection. I don’t own anymore but literally, probably 80% of our competition for DJ Connection, I say our, I don’t own anymore but 80% of the competition where people that worked for me who went out and started their own business and competed. Why? Because it’s a low cost of entry, low barrier of entry and whatever the thing was, but most people didn’t do it ethically. I’m just going to tell you right now, if you’re listening today and you are going, “Okay, I do want to be successful and I want to learn.” I know there’s more there’s a lot of details a lot of steps, we have three options for you today, Zee. we have three options.

Robert: Three options. Let’s go through them, let’s unpack them.

Clay: Here we go, option number one, you can go to a website called Zee, what can we find at

Robert: Well, for just a measly $19 a month, it’s pretty much the Netflix of business coaches what I call it. why is that? Because we’ve chopped up all these mentoring moments and you know right around 15 minutes to cognitive low-

Clay: Mine was 16 minutes.

Robert: [laughs] They’re approximate. You can binge watch as much as you want. You go, “You know what, I want to learn how to raise capital.” Well, there’s a whole group of — there’s thousands of videos and all categorized. “I want to learn about marketing? I want to learn about raising capital. I want to learn about this, this, this and this.” You can be business coached up from only $19 a month anytime you want.

Clay: Now, moving over to move number two and move number three. Move number two, is that you can book a workshop, it’s a 15-hour workshop. By the way, we have scholarships available but it’s a two-day 15 hour workshop, Doctor Zee might make a sneak appearance there. We teach you specifically during a 15-hour dojo of mojo like regiment at training. We teach you how to start and grow a successful business. Or move number three, if you want one-on-one business coaching for less money than it would cost you to hire a $10 an hour employee. for less money than you would spend on a $10 per hour employee, you will be coached on the proven steps for success.

Robert: Remember, next week starting December 5th, the Thrive-time-show is going to be on the same channel AM 1170. Which will start at freshest time of noon we go two 2:00 PM. From 12:00 to 2:00 starting Monday now’s in your drive time, it could be a drive time or your lunch.

Clay: Nice. Three-


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