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When you own a business you have to be intentional about every detail. During this edition of the Thrive Time Business Coach Show, Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner explain in detail what the business experience looks and feels like.
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Boom boom. And welcome back to the Thrivetime show on the radio. My name is Clay Clark the former SBA Entrepreneur of the year and the former attendee of Oral Roberts University before they you know encouraged me to pursue educational opportunities elsewhere.

And I am excited to be here with you thrive Nation is going to be an exciting show today. Z my man, How are you doing dude? Rocking out as a business coach?.

I am fantastic. I’m excited about today’s show. I tell you what. You know yesterday if you missed yesterday’s show you can go to thriveTimeShow.com where you can download them all as podcast. But we started off yesterday’s show with little fireworks.

I mean we you you put me against the ropes. Well I mean you you needed a let’s call it what it is. I mean where you’re going with I called you out on you did you.

You called me out as a business coach. I was not ready. I’m still not ready but your shameless defense of young boys who are taking advantage of their fathers. I mean there’s young boys out there trying to grow these businesses young pre you know 12 year old boys trying to grow businesses and what they’re doing is their gain is their is their father’s pain because they can’t drive.

Well I understand. But I tell you what I mean. I didn’t want to put a governor are you going to limit a young entrepreneur and I saw that and it just hurt me in my business coach core. I mean my core was hurt. I mean my core was hurt.

And when I came home you know might miss my son. He just has that grin on his face realizing that Dr. Zellner is now on his team and I’m not not you know it’s like it’s like Dr. Zellner versus Clay and TMZ wins I be his defender I’m not his champion is kind of like OK.

He said hey you know you take your sword and you go and fight that guy over there and I was like his champion.

And you know quite frankly you know I kind of forget about who missed yesterday’s show can you kind of just read a recap or a quick synopsis of your stance as it relates to my son’s business. Motown here in Tulsa. As a business coach, I am excited.

Well your son started a business. Motown told so which is all about love you know landscaping or really mowing yards and yards and due to the time that to drive him over it didn’t stay there with him and so you were limiting allegedly you were limiting the number of lawns that he could contract with therefore limiting your time that you had to invest for your son’s business. And I just called you out and I said you know because he approached me the other day for investment dollars. I asked whether he had a business plan or not I kind of gave him some hoops to jump through. And then I said well how is it going. Well really. You know what do you need the money for. I can’t do any more loans because my dad won’t let me go. What what what what. He said he’s limited to two maybe three lawns but he’s can try to try to do some more.

So here’s the deal right now he is actually working on his reading game and is writing game so he plans on coming in hot with a nice business coach plan very detailed business plan. So I think about two or three weeks you’re going to be hit with a intense pitch from a young man by the young man approximately of the age 10 who happens to live in my house so just be ready. I’m ready for the pitch.

I feel I feel a trip to Lowe’s coming on. I don’t know. I just feel like a trip to Lowes.

Now I have to ask Phil. Phil you are a financial planner you help people plan their financial futures especially people that are business owners. There was a lot of business owners that earn a lot. They spend a lot to go to quote the great Patrick Ewing the former player of the New York Knicks the Hall of Fame basketball player he said when talking to the NBA labor union trying to raise the minimum wage he said he set up. Yeah we do make a lot as a business coach but we also spend a lot too. So you help people plan their financial future when you know people plan their financial future. Do you ever you know find yourself where they also have young boys who have businesses that are trying to steal their their parents time freedom. Has it become a reoccurring pattern as you’ve been diving deep into the financial workings of these business owners.

I really haven’t come across that much. It would be nice if everybody would start planning their retirement when they were 10. I would make my job a lot easier. When did you first become an entrepreneur. When did you first kind of become a business owner there. Phil that was in 1992.

Really. Yes. What where where did you come from. Did you just find yourself where you because most entrepreneurs they have like three kinds of entrepreneurs One is the one who is unemployed. You know the guy who can’t hold a job so he says I’m an entrepreneur which is code for your living with your mom. Then there’s a second the guy who just got laid off or fired., now he’s automatically motivated. And then there’s that third delusional sick freak who always wanted to own their own business who needs a business coach. What’s what kind of category did you fall into.

Well I guess I was I was closer to three. I was always wanted to be in business for myself. My father was an entrepreneur and I saw that he was able to schedule around anything and go to my ballgames and be there and that’s kind of what I wanted I didn’t want to be working for somebody else.

Z you’ve been fired from a job I mean one time one time I got fired as the president of EyeMart Express back in 1996.

Did I ever tell you about the shortest my short stint of employment ever. Definitely. But my job I had to the least amount of time.

I don’t think so what was it.

I worked as a I try to get a job. I was like 17 16 years old and I thought you know I’m just going to apply for every job possible do the dream one hundred basically , which we talk about in some of these business coach trainings,  just apply for just one book and I get hired by a guy who’s a cleaning service. And so I thought how hard could it be a cleaning service. Now if anybody knows me semi Well you know that I’m afraid of heights I’m afraid afraid of speed. Basically just life outside of business. I’m just afraid of it you know. And so I get this job. Have you seen that Genie thing that does the genie things that lifts you up into the air it’s like it’s a four wheeled vehicle and you stand it just go straight up the court and when the coach goes or has an arm he goes to have an arm.

I’m I’m just raises you up.

Yes. So he can lift a human to the rafters of a gymnasium will be receiving this device and I have I have. Would that freak you out at all. If that’s what you had to do for a living is to go into that thing and work your way up to the top of the gym that bother you or are you OK with that.

I would probably be OK with that. I’m good with heights.

And Z would you be OK with that. I’d freak out. I would I would want to do that.

So I get up there he goes OK well buddy we’re going to clean the toilets over here and I’m doing that. I’m going OK this is this is awful. But you know I got it. And he says I’m going to go over him we’re going to clean the gym lockers and we’re cleaning a school. OK. And they’re going to hop in that Jeannie and you’re going to go up to the top right there you just hit the button. I’ll take you up to the top when it come down hit this button.

He says now you want to attach this it’s like what he called the the clip. What’s that what’s that clip called the Mountain clip. The clip the mountain climbers you guys. Oh god I can’t I can’t. Well I could care a beaner calculator. Yeah. But the Caribbean or I was going to carabiner and it’s happening so fast that I’m not really able to process what he’s saying. You put this belt on you and we’re cleaning toilets we’re clean and this will clean the showers and then he goes put on this belt for the Caribbean and I’m like OK it seems kind of excessive cleaning toilets. And he goes now you want to step on this right here. You’ll hit the green button when you want to come up and then you hit the go down hit the red button or wherever and I’m going OK got OK in Elvis than I realized. Oh no. We’re going to the top. So. In the whole town go home and I am not exaggerating Thrivers and business coach clients, I don’t understand he’s an optometrist so he understands all things medical. I’m not sure what happens when the human body encounters prune juice. I’m not sure what causes that maybe I’ll talk about it on the next on the next segment here. Oh we can hardly wait now. But there is there is something that happens when you drink orange juice where it’s sort of pure a fast the body purification. And so where I’m going in the whole time.

Oh no I didn’t tell him I’m afraid. Norton. I think that was part of the job and I’m working. I’m shaking I’m getting like unbelievably sweaty you know. And I get up to the top and then I’m supposed to go goes you’ll need to kind of extend you need to reach out to get the dust off of. And then he’s like you’ll need to changing bulbs up there. Someone has to do that. And I’m going no. So I came back down I mean I can this is like maybe five minutes and I think he knows what’s going on up there I said I can’t do it.

You have to this is our job reclean it with gym cleaners we clean gyms This is our core. Next I go to the toilets I’ll do the showers. But you’ve got to go up there buddy. You can’t do that I go Well it’s been a good run. And I just walked out which is not a good business coach example.

I didn’t worry about getting any payment. I was just done

It was a good run but if you’re listening right now and you find yourself wearing a care a beaner Z going up to the ceiling and one of the Genie things that a job you hate. We’re here to teach you how to start a successful business. That’s what we do is the business coach show here.

Absolutely. We were applying to be your business coach. You know we do practical steps here mixed in with the few little you know fun and games and you know things kind of entertaining if you will. So swaggerer thickness. But we’re here to give you practical steps. I mean that’s why we started 315 dot com three years ago. You probably you know you’ve been business coaching since 2007.

Yes in 2007 that’s 10 years. It’s a weird deal because you win an award for starting a business and then some. And did that just happen to you a couple of weeks ago you did a speaking event.

Z Yeah I did. I did it in a van. A lot of fun. And you speak. It was called focal point is the name of a group of business man that meet together and they have a speaker come on the first Thursday of every month that I was there we’re starting the entrepreneurship series three month entrepreneurship series and so they invited me and I think you’re doing it in July and then I have another speaker in August so it’s kind of a weird deal though because when somebody says you know hey phil you’re so good at financial planning and they feel pretty when listening you doesn’t know the name of your company can’t explain what it is that you do.

My friend where myanchorgroup.com is our Web site and we are financial group. And we just help people roadmap their retirement and get on track and stay on track.

I don’t know if this is happened to you but to go hey you know you’re such a good financial planner you’re such a good optometrist or whatever it is. Hey would you mind speaking at the next event. And I thought. That’s not what I’d do but I guess because I was a deejay they thought it would translate well and I’m glad that Miss Rose Washington invited me to speak there. But it’s a deal when you get up there to to speak. It’s just totally different than your normal job and somebody came up and said your talk today really connected with me. Could you help me grow my business. And I thought sure and then it just kind of happened and now here we are and we’ve been invited to the Forbes coaching Council and it’s exciting some of the stuff that’s happening here at 3:15 common there are thrive time business coach experience.

Well what happens is what do you when you want to start a business. I mean you kind of figure out pretty early on that you’re going to learn by their mistakes. Are you going to learn by mentorship mentorship can come in a lot of different ways. There’s a lot of books out there that a lot of stuff out there. And you can you know but the best kind of mentorship is do you actually find someone that’s successful and you get to kind of get in their way and ski behind them and that’s what all young business people I say young but young in the form of your business is young. They all. We all kind of want we all look for all walking around looking for those. And so Clay and I know how difficult and time consuming that can be. And that’s why we’ve given our time. We’ve given our resources. We’ve given a part of our brain.

Oh yeah. And part of our heart and part of my brain is it’s a really small amount. It’s already a smaller mine. You take us apart of the small.

I mean it’s very little.  We’re calling them a clone. It’s kind of a little just you know it kind of loses a little bit of water polo poured in that Gord

Yeah yeah exactly. But the point is is that our heart our heart is to wipe out to eradicate that horrible number which Forbes says it’s about 80 percent of businesses start fail. And that is just , I have zero tolerance for that as a business coach. I mean I want to Why do I say too high.

And so therefore that’s what that’s what we’re here for now today we’re going to talk about as we’re walking you through what does a business coach or financial coaching experience look like. So if you’re thinking about hiring a financial consultant you know to help coach you along the path or you hire a business coach what does that really look like and what are the kind of you know step ones let’s say someone is crazy enough to pick up the phone and actually say you know what I do want to maybe set up a free consultation.

Step by step baby.. That song is great. And I did kind of. When you take those steps it just automatically pops in my mind I don’t know what not go to the New Kids On The Block concert. What was your justification for not being there. I was there you were there. Yeah I was there. Really.

OK so now did you notice how Dani is like the hype man. Like how he he walks around just goes like there’ll be like there’s two guys that sing basically and they’re going step by step up there and he’s like yeah.

Yeah yogurt or he’ll just get people on the right side. He just basically yells out here he’s the hype man. He’s a hype man. I mean maybe the hype man. I didn’t know you went to that Boyz to Men was much better than that. I mean they’re awesome. Oh I’m Paula Abdul. She look good but she just I think glib saying though I don’t think she attempted to sing at all. But you know it was a nice lady. That’s OK. Yeah and that’s OK. And if she didn’t she’s almost 60 now. Is that right. Probably. Well I’ll have to google it.

When we come back after the break we’re going to tell you how old Paula Abdul is. We’re going to tell you how a prune juice works on the human body. And they’re going to get into what a financial coaching and business coaching experience looks like.

It’s too much information for most people to handle. We’ve got a full show. How does the Bruun work z. How does it how does it work as an optometrist as a medical doctor. Well I’ll tell you after the break.

OK. Stay tuned to thrive time business coach radio show. My name is Clay Clark. Check us out Thrivetimeshow.com

Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. That’s Dr. Zoellner. He is the man the myth the legend the optometrist turned business coach and tycoon were inside the box that rocks broadcasting live to you from our magical microphones on the left coast of the Arkansas River with all the pageantry that you would expect when you put an optometrist a recovering deejay and a financial planner in the same room Phil Pickle how are you doing my friend. I’m doing great. I’m doing great. Wonderful to be here. Now before the break I promise to thrive nation I was going to given the hard facts before we get into what does a financial coaching experience look like and what does a business coaching experience. So we’re going to go with Paula Abdul. How old she is. Now here’s the deal because you’re a man. I do not want you to guess wrong. But I want you to guess so. If anything you need to guess like you know how old do you think she is you might say 23 21 that’s a that’s the kind of guess you could do. But I want to know sincerely what has 58 58. Fill fill that take your time here don’t do it without going over. How old is Paula Abdul. Well I’m 59 OK thrive nation I’m going to consult myself here. In the meantime what do you talk about religion or politics. Oh I’ve got to get pulled out. OK.

How old is she.

She Paula I’m so sorry. I should have guessed she’s cultured my. She’s 54. Really. Her birthday’s this month in June to be 55. Really. Yeah. OK. Sorry Paula. She actually looked like she’s you know 44 maybe even younger. I mean you look great.

Yeah. And she was really really nice personality.

I don’t know that she’s saying it although I don’t know I mean just hold us close I don’t know that at any point she actually I mean she was you know she was doing too much dance in and around the stage and it would be hard to sing at that level and then do all the stuff that she was doing so it was definitely lip sync but that was OK.

I mean she did sing them originally so and a real nail biter with drivers wanted to know OK so how does prune prune juice work how does it work and how does it how does it. I was explaining how I’m in my first job. I end up finding myself working at a janitorial company cleaning the ceilings of high school gymnasiums and I get up there and I just I felt queasy I remember I felt like I just all of a sudden had no control over my body. And so I had to lower that thing I got nauseous a bad deal. Well if you were to recreate that that feel what you want to do is you want to drink that brew. And this is how you do it.

Are you having a panic attack actually sounds like you’re having a bit of panic.

Straight up. Straight up. Yeah I remember I got down and I threw up. It was just how I am. So here’s the deal with it. It has a high Sorba tall content.

Zied suborbital. I well sure it does. Of course it does. No I don’t know. I mean we change it we go from business practical to like medical show. Are we doing a no.

I just want to a lot of arguments that I wanted to know because no sorbitol we don’t have time to get into it but just the gist of this and Dr nature if you want to recreate that feeling of anxiety that I had when I got to the top of the gymnasium of a high school Drik that sorbitol now drivers were talking about what does the business coaching or financial coaching experience look like. Or go ahead and get get started here. So one is you got it know where you are if you want to move from where you are to where you want to be. You have to figure out right now where are you. All right. So typically when someone comes in for a business coaching evaluation will audit everything. And as an example we’ll look at their web site and their web site probably has wrong permalink wrong title tags wrong be able to be what the point is. Their website is not anywhere in Google.

Yeah what’s really great is you can actually e-mail us at Info at 3:15 dot com and get that first step and we will charging thing for it. We run a thirty nine point thirty nine thirty said 37 37. Yep. Well you know we’ll compromise we’ll say 38 to thirty seven point evaluation of your web site and then you’ll know you’ll know we’ll give you a grade on it and you’ll know what’s wrong with it or what you need to know make better so that you can move up the Google.

And here are all of the areas that we’re going to take you through during that initial evaluation so we’re all good here. What we’re going to go through your revenue goals you know do you have goals are they defined how are you going to get there. Second is the number of customers you need to break even. Most people have no idea how many customers they need to break even at all. Yeah exactly. We go over an audit of how many hours you’re willing to work in the business in addition to on the business we’re going to talk about determining your unique value proposition. We’re going to improve your branding we’re going to assess your marketing. We’re going to assess your sales conversion system and go through all 13 areas. And when we do that it’s going to be abundantly clear to you and to us where you’re lacking and where you’re strong and then we can make a proven path for you in NZ. I think a lot of entrepreneurs we meet with don’t even know that maybe their branding is a problem until we do that evaluation.

Absolutely. And then also to you know it it’s almost a crime and a shame but sometimes you sit and talk with him say how much do you make per widget you sell more like him.

And so we look at that and let’s say you’re going to reach out to a financial coach a financial consultant So Phil when you sit down with somebody talk to me about what kind of process do you go through with these people what does that look like if they if they’re daring enough to go to your Web site. My anchor group dot com. That’s correct rule out the form What does the experience look like.

Well basically we bring them in and just like you are talking about we got to evaluate where they are now we look at their current investments how long they’ve been invested in if they have a business we looked at the business and see if it’s right for a qualified retirement plan or if it’s something they don’t want to offer to their employees and they want something on their own with we’re going to have to do it outside. We just evaluate their whole situation see where they’re at. And then of course we talk about where they’re going in and new goals and all that.

Now I want to I want to ask you here this is a notable call quotable coming at you hot from Michael Gerber the best selling author of The E-Myth The E-Myth book series and he says this quote I want have you can unpack it. OK. OK let’s ask. Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working in your business rather than on your business. What is he talking about.

He’s talking about job creation for yourself. When you first start your business you will have a job and then as you work on the business and not in it then you can create two where now said You can take that job and turn it into a business. In other words you see guys that own businesses that aren’t showing up and working in it every day. Why is that possible kind of like you your own elf in the room. Yeah. And I haven’t seen you cut any hair. Well I mean I but I don’t follow you 24/7. I know that CBS thing but I on you but it’s like I don’t really look at it all the time.

You know one thing that I have been doing with business is to keep myself from doing that. From working in the business and not on it is I’ve been getting involved in a lot of businesses over the years that I can’t actually do. I mean it’s a move because I used to find myself with the deejay company I used to always want to deejay. Every event I always wanted to put in that extra hour the extra hour the extra hour and now the business businesses I’m involved in you know I love like I love this radio show so I can be a motional a present for it but I can’t be all emotionally into every single venture I’m doing all the time.

I love Warren Buffett quote where he says hey I buy a business we’re an idiot can run it because eventually an idiot will be running it. That is 100 percent true. It is the way it is. So you know you get you the systems in place and you follow our 13 Steps and you build it correctly then you can have people that aren’t as clever as you are or care as much as you do about it run it and run it successfully. That’s because no one will ever care about it as much as you will.

Now when we encourage you to do this over the break there’s there’s two action items I’m asking the Thrive nation to take two actions step two are OK just two Okay. One is I want you to take the alien abduction test. I want you to ask yourself if you were abducted by an alien. How long could your business make it before it would crash. I mean if you are gone if you were physically present in the business how long could your business make it without you physically being there in the second action item. I encourage everyone to take. I encourage you to go to thrive time show dot com and click on the watch the lot watch Drive live button there you can see our team at work Z’s supporting great business coach clients just like you.

I tell you what they let me to turn that on like a day or two ago. That’s kind of cool.

Yeah. Click it. Thrivetimeshow.com

Now it’s a little story like tell about a teacher named Doc named Zeff way back in 2002. I’ve applied for a job and if you Add Up the case does the agent yes drop it. Right you expect to produce this show.

And now more from the man whose face was made for radio Dr. Z, Welcome back inside the box of rock. I love your new swag intro’s. Very clever. Well done.

You know the thing is you have to text me oversee some of your favorite old school you know beats and it’s on. All I need is an old school beat and I’m glad it’s on.

You use tell me the one that you like or I’m going to write one or two of those.

You have to get to you know your your holiday commercials. Your one about the Grinch. Yes. Do you mind explaining. I mean how many months of seclusion and writing did you read did you have to go to the mountains and grow out a beard and sip on wine to write that or how did you do it. I mean did you go into the mountains and find a poet. I mean did you write that yourself. What was your process for writing that legendary Grinch Christmas commercial for you Robert Zoellner and associates.

I just sat down and did it at about an hour. No way. Wang OK. Yeah. You took the thunder out right there.

I know. I’m sorry. I know I climbed a mountain. I scaled a mountain. I found a very deep cave. I entered said K and went to the back of it I found a bear I wrestled that bear killed it. And then what I did with his hide I skinned. I didn’t do that because I am a business coach. And that is why I actually wrote the commercial.

And then I had to carry that so I had to pretty head you by the way you wrote that you wrote you wrote your script in an hour.

Yeah roughly yeah. They are bogus to like Okemah knocked out women to do it. Right. The thing about I write all my own commercials every month and I have for 25 years so it’s you know what Phil.

I know the movies still do you read a lot of poetry. Do you find yourself running a lot of jingles and poetry is that something you’re into.

No I guess I am I. I can’t think of when I did a little song writing back a long time ago but you know in some of those are not just poems.

OK here’s here’s the thing is this that we’re talking today about the business coaching and financial coaching experience what that looks like. But I want to I want to I want to start with this. Why. I mean why what is the point of growing a successful company. What’s the point of planning your financial future or what’s the point. I mean the point should be to create time freedom and financial freedom. So I want to put you on the spot here Phil.. Here we go. Now that you’ve kind of achieved a level of financial freedom in your business is growing and doing very very well. What do you like to do and what kind of hobbies are you into. I mean do you are you the kind of guy that likes to you know pull the wings off of flies and that kind of thing just kind of a sick freak like that or would you like to do well myself and my family loved to travel.

We do a lot of traveling. I like to hunt. So we go on hunting trips and you know like excursions and just normal stuff just normal stuff like would you like to hunt.

Are you a deer hunter or you deer you put like you put like deer urine on you and get up at like 3:00 in the morning and go sit down in a tree. Are you that kind of a hunter.

Well I get out there early but I’ve never been one to put the deer urine on. Why not. You’re not that dedicated you know most places I hunt I just I see a lot of deer. I just don’t need to go to those extremes.

So yeah but would you feel better about yourself if you covered all. I mean you know I don’t know. I mean I’m not I’m not a big deer hunter I mean I’m hunted.

I don’t hunt deer at all but I often just bathe myself in fresh deer urine just to create that musky natural organic my wife’s into the whole organic and I get that that’s fine when you just smell like deer pee that really really does something.

Well absolutely and you know now that you mentioned it that’s probably why too much wildlife is on your property.

Now here is a story from last night and I want to share it with drivers because you talk about well what do you guys do for time freedom. What do you do with that time period. What do you do. I have a series of things I’m interested in and that maybe are bizarre for you out there. Maybe it’s it’s something I really enjoy deep relationships with solid with like few people and not as many wide acquaintance since you know I so I get people over to the house on Sunday night you know. Can we have kind of a family night friends come over and zero with grilling. I love grilling and having a good conversation with people who I kind of share the values and you know we have a set of shared goals. I love that kind of thing. I love burning wood. I never get tired of burning the pinion wood grilling the meat going to researchers talking to the meat man about the Angus and it’s wrapped in the steak or it’s steak wrapped in the bacon. Ah just the whole the whole the whole thing. It’s a great and then just planting trees and you know what happens. Like just last night my daughters we have we have four daughters and one son and they come in two two daughters come in weeping. They’re weeping. Know what happened. A freakin rock who went in there before it was dark and started ripping the heads off of chickens. Me.

I have got now the super coop that we have just now ordered in this thing it is more money than the first car that I had growing up. But this thing I this is going to be the Fort Knox of chicken coops here is a this is this has got it this has got to stop the carnage.

Well I mean speaking of did you ever get to that bobcat.

He’s never come back. We had a guy who maybe I should say on the air but we had a guy who had a guy who would make him disappear. Quote unquote. OK. And the guy came out set out the cage we never heard what happened but we haven’t seen the bobcat since oh. So I don’t know that he took the bobcat. I don’t know. The bobcat is dead. I just did a bobcat. Does it come around anymore. Well it probably took it far far away and let it go let it go just get your release catch and release Absolutely. So what do you do with your time. Freedom I mean what do you do with the time. Well you know some down time what are you doing in the next week or so some kind of exciting. What kind of stuff are you into.

Well I’m actually flying up to Pittsburgh this week and I am going to go to the U2 concert. Really. Yeah fun for a business coach.

Are you going to or are you going to. You know how you get to find out whether the streets have no name you know.

Well you do confuse the GPL as a hard time binding. But you know they’re my favorite band. I grew up a big fan am and they’re still together going on what five decades now. I mean those guys are legit.

You know the concert is going to go on with or without you. So you have to oh I see what you’re doing. Yeah. Yeah. Now I have no way to tie in the Joshua Tree but that’s the that’s the title and I’ll tell you what it will be a beautiful day when I go up there. I’ll tell you oh because you know I’m I’m pretty positive though.

Ryan Tedder from Tulsa is going to be I think he’s performing at that concert I believe he’s out there.

I think you do the Louisville one. Talk about that when we look at you and I going to that I think that one day in July we may still do that because you know go support one republic and Ryan Tedder. Good. Tulsa Okla. homey and cool.

So here’s the deal three nations will step number one you reach out to a business coach or a financial consultant you need to reach out to a source of wisdom and you might say well why. Why do I need to do that. Brian Tracy He’s a best selling author. He says no one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful we absolutely positively have to find people who’ve already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals. And so what happens is there’s there’s two mindsets listening today and I’m sure you’re the positive mindset the one that says you don’t understand my industry. It’s different and someone else who says all businesses are more of the same than different. You can help me so as someone is wrestling with that idea that you don’t understand my situation how would you what would you say. What advice would you have for the business owner that feels like that.

Give us a shot getting what you need to do is there. There’s ways to kind of dip your toe in the water without it before it’s on. You know for command I mean some of these business coaches out there in the world I mean you got to sign a one year contract. And it’s like seven thousand dollars a month. True story and I mean you’ve got to really commit. I mean that’s you know quite a bit of money that you’re committing to with our programs and all the things that we have going on that are at your disposal you can actually kind of dip your toe in the water and get a little feel of it and then you can kind of kind of learn start to learn maybe some things you don’t know.

Yeah a lot of people like to book their tickets to our in-person workshops. So much so we’re sold out for June but you can still get your tickets for July or if you want to sign up for a free one on one business coach consultation you can do that. But my name is Clay Clark. He was into thrive time business coach radio show. And when we come back we’re going to get more into this concept of how do you. Grow a business so that you can create the time freedom and financial freedom that you deserve. You’re listen to thrive time business coach radio show. Stay tuned.

I wanna be a billionaire so stinking bad by all of the things I can hang. Out on I’ll be on the Forbes magazine smiling next to Oprah and all right.

Dr. nation Welcome back to the Thrivetime show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I am the father of five human kids and I think a lot of people want Know all men. How do you have the time. How do you have the time. Z I mean I don’t this isn’t a show where we get into the biological step by step process of human creation but it does it does take some time.

Can I ask you just a hard hitting question. I’m ready. Will you throw it out to our thrivers to our listeners. You know earlier in today’s show and I just want to ask you a question. I’m ready because I know I’m kind of like your oh. I’m kind of like your bank. I’m kind of like you’re like her support. You know I’m kind of like you’re come for I’m kind of like you’re you’re you’re the gravy you’re part of your chicken fried steak that comfort food. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. So I got abducted which you know happens quite a bit. If I got abducted how long could you do the radio show without me. And before you just completely I mean just completely spun out.

Can I can I get bro mantic for a second. Well only if I could play some bromance. I mean I don’t know if I can get super romantic I mean you know Phil you have a partner so you can kind of understand the bromance here a little bit here.

But you know the thing about when you go into business with somebody you typically go into business with somebody you can trust. Yes. And you going to do business with someone you like. Yes. And somebody who has different skills than you have. These are all good things. But I genuinely enjoy doing this show so much. And it is ecstasy when you’re next to me so I would say I could do it. I could do I would do it if you were God for a couple of weeks but Z I wouldn’t want to do it. I would I would do it but I wouldn’t want to do it.

So you would make a deal with the aliens and say hey let’s settle let’s let’s negotiate out of court. You’ve got to return the.

I would have to have Marshall Morris or another beautiful man in the box consistently.

Just might have that that I can be that romantic I can be just a and Marshall because he did a great job yesterday he was one of our girls on the show and he just he just dropped like bombs of knowledge. He’s too tall though he’s too tall. Well you know what maybe what it made tolerable is that we had Rick Reilly and Rick is like taller than him Rick is like 16. Yeah. This is like six eight. I made Marshall small. A lot of people that are tall people.

Now now you’re going here to the U2 concert. You’re excited is it you know it’s going to. What day of the week is it or is it going to bloody Sunday or what day is this week. OK I just got curious. I know. So now how do you deal with all your businesses. How do you how do you. Well I guess what would you say to the entrepreneur who says you don’t understand my situation. I’m in a different industry and I’m not an optometrist. You know I you guys I love to tip senior coaching but you don’t understand I own a automotive business that’s so different than optometry you don’t understand how my business is different. What advice would you have.

Well all businesses break down to the core things they’ll break down to the 13 steps that we do. I don’t care whether you’re making pizza whether you’re cooking cookies whether you’re selling a car part of your MO and yards all the moves the moves or the moves you know and your web site getting it to the top of that little thing called Google. That’s a move you know you’re branding your marketing there. Yeah you say different things. Your offers are different. We get that we get that. But the bottom line is is that the core steps are the same.

So Phil if you’re sitting down with someone who says you know you don’t understand my financial situation I’m not somebody who needs to be saving for retirement because of x y z.

What feedback would you have for someone who says you know financial planning doesn’t doesn’t relate to me well and I get that fairly often I’ll get that with somebody that says I can’t afford to put back everything into my business or there’s just nothing left at the end of the day. I never plan to retire. I’m going to always work I’m never going to retire. I hear things like that which we usually combat and talk to them about. You know what happens if you can’t continue to work. Retirement is coming. You’ve got to get ready for it. You’ve got to get a plan together because it’s going to come whether you want it or not. And if you don’t do anything and you’re going to have a survivor Survivorman not a retirement in the way you mean he will some Survivorman out there.

So now as a survivor meant is that like the moment that Tom Hanks found on the island when he was hanging out with Wilson telling a peppermint as a peppermint I mean what do you tell you if the environment is not a good taste in your mouth. It is.

And unfortunately there’s way too many people out there that’s doing that. That just leave it on a fixed income.

And you know they are they’re deciding whether they get food this week or medication or you’re giving away a free book to the thrivers What’s the name of the book how can people get it.

Yeah it’s save money an income book and you can contact us at myanchorgroup.com or just give us a call at 9 1 8 5 9 1 2 8 8 0 0. Glad to get your book out now.

I’m going to go through all of the thrivers who want to know OK really what industries have you guys coached clients in. That’s fair. So I’m going have some fun here so on Arsenal’s insatiable show notes today I’m going to do is we’re going to go industry by industry and we’re going to we’re going name out some of the businesses we’ve worked with we kind of fun you know kind of a way to kind of share what we’ve done or what we do for them. So appliances you know have a lot of work with Maytag Maytag university and see this just in. Apparently if you have appliances you have to sell them you market them random you sell warranties you have to do conversion you’ve got to do everything to be top in Google which is what we have done for our business coach radio show.  I mean the selling applies relationships kind of a big deal in the database as the accounting team training interviewing hiring. I mean automotive O’Reilly’s auto parts. You’ve heard of those guys. Oh yeah. Oh oh oh. Oh right. I got my security badge still have it hanging up on the wall there did some speaking with those guys. We still sneak in there by a security. I don’t know that Chris will let me in there anymore but I know that place is kind of locked down. But again O’Reilly Auto parts it’s very similar to a point is now that you have an auto auction you have an auto auction personally and how has it been. How have you transitioned from optometry to the auto auction to those under entirely different planets.

Yeah I mean you used to have marketing except it’s a it’s a much different feel to it because it’s a business to business marketing you have to be used car dealer to be able to use the auto watch and whether you’re buying or selling cars and you know it’s so it’s not the general public and so it’s a different feel but it’s still the same marketing still marketing. You know it’s just a different feel and flavor to it. And a game plan is if you’re out there trying to get you know soccer moms zijn or you’re trying to get used car dealers and I mean you’re still trying to get people to come in and use your services by your good. But you know so yeah we get it’s not exactly the same you know and get a soccer mom to come in to buy glasses and getting the due to come in to buy a car.

It’s really hard though to find out Tom interests you don’t understand my industry. I know it’s hard for me to find optometrist’s work for you and the auto auction industry is really easy to find. Detailers and mechanics and people to do title work I mean you know my own really great ideas they just they just line up every day.

Yeah you know it’s the same moves that you have to do. I use the analogy it’s like going to T.J. Maxx and find that one thing that’s there that we can now. Yeah we can dig a little bit. It’s like finding an employee you got to dig a little bit out there. They got a little bit.

Now Arab nation Here’s another industry we’ve worked I’m just going alphabetically speaking. OK. Catering catering. This is a big things bakery. Oh I did.

I mean that’s one of our I mean barber shop because he went from basically you know was a smaller one shop. Now she has two thriving locations and if you google Tulsa cookies you’re going to find Barbie cookies have also worked with many many wedding bakeries wedding boutique kind of bakeries. And one particular lady who I don’t have permission to kind of share the details of her story but she’s in Dallas and she made cakes from her house kind of something she did. We helped her find a small commercial kitchen that she shared with somebody. And she was able to make about $3000 a week making only two wedding cakes that week by just I mean we helped her do that. I mean this is these are real examples and I wasn’t a big expert of fondant or a buttercream or all the nuances of crumb coating but now I am crumb coating not a crumb coating.

I have no idea of a crumb coating.

Here it is. When you make a gourmet there’s one bakery in Tulsa that does it called icing on the top. And they’ll make a fondant cake where it’s very decorative. Bo’s wedding to do a very decorative cake there.

You know I think it looked like it was I don’t know but it did have the frosting it’s kind of hard on the father of the groom. I mean we’re not really that was it wasn’t at my we are from frosting or is it kind of a smoother frosting.

I mean can you peel off the frosting.

I didn’t have any of the cake. Now think about it.

And basically crumb coating allows the frosting the fondant frosting to adhere to the side of a cake so it’s kind of like when you’re going to put on stucco on something you out like that.

Yeah it’s the same kind of thing. Anyway that’s how that works there. Now we’ve also done catering work with catering companies we’ve worked with computer companies. I was a disc jockeys the I was a disc jockey. I applied to become a carny and I admire what happens is if you have an aspiration to become a carny and you go to the carnival feel have you ever applied to be a carny before have ever tried that no I have not had you look too classy to have. It does look too classy. Well whatever they reject him right off the bat. Yeah if you’re a kid and you want to freak out your parents you just tell mom and dad when I grow up I actually want I aspire to work in a carnival. Well when you go apply and they reject you to be the guy who runs the super sketchy rides that are don’t appear to be that safe or to be the guy who taunts people and convinces them to throw hurl balls at you you end up becoming a disc jockey.

That’s kind of your plan B.

Well there you go and then I hear you were fantastic.

Now I was one of the premier deejays slash backup Kearney’s. Now when we come back thrivers we’re going to get into all the different industries you’ve worked in and spot some of the specific super moves that we’ve taught thrivers just like you that have helped them grow their financial capacity. Stay tuned to the business coach radio show.

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