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Get ready to enter the Thrivetime Show! Look, look, as a father of five, that’s where I’mma dive. So if you see my wife and kids, please tell them hi. It’s C and Z up on your radio. And now, three, two, one, here we go. We started from the bottom, now we’re here. We started from the bottom, and that’s where we gotta get. Z-Town and Green Country, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. This is a place that you go to learn how to start and grow a successful business. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the former SBA Entrepreneur of the Year and the former Young Metro Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur of the Year. Back in 2002, Tulsa Metro Chamber, baby. And I’m joined here with a guy who, he’s been running a successful optometry clinic in Tulsa for 25 years, but he looks like he’s 32. It is Dr. Robert Zellner. Sir, how are you? I’m fantastic. Do the lighting in here. It’s a thing. But that’s a quarter of a century. That’s impressive, bro. And you know what else has been going on and is coming out today? And I’m so geeked about it. Oh my gosh. I remember when I was like, I was 12 or 13. Such a good memory. I was like 12 or 13. And I went to this movie that forever changed my life. And today they’re coming out with another version of it, another back story of it. And that’s the Star Wars movie. Rogue One’s coming out today, Friday. Thank God it’s Friday. I mean, that’s kind of good. Get a Christmas present just a little early. I love it. I haven’t seen it yet. I mean, it’s lunch. Hey, if you’re hungry, run over to Oklahoma Joe’s, get some burnt ends and baked beans. And then after that, skip out of work and go down to one of the movie theaters and watch Rogue One. Maybe I’ll sell that. I don’t even know. Do you know what goes good with baked beans? Do you know what goes good with baked beans, Nate? A Star Wars movie? Well, a lightsaber. A lightsaber, yeah. Yeah, you can use a lightsaber to cook up and heat up your baked beans. Yeah, exactly. Go into Oklahoma Joe’s, put out your lightsaber, and just cut your way through the lines, and get up there to the front and say, give me some burnt ends. I’m here to see you. I want your burnt ends and your baked beans. That could be a thing. Yeah, it could be a thing on this Friday. So, sorry, Joe Davidson, they come in with lightsabers and they try to get baked beans vis-a-vis through. Forceful lightsaber usage. Sorry. We have a very special guest who we know, we’ve checked him, we’ve screened him before. He did not bring a lightsaber into the box that rocks. He is safe. It is Mr. Rich Gamby. Rich, how are you, sir? I’m fantastic. How are you guys doing? Man, I’ll tell you what, I am feeling it like a petting zoo. And today we are talking about the six steps to making millions and becoming a Jedi Master of Search Engine Optimization. That kind of ties in with the whole Rogue One thing. That’s a nice little play on words there. And I think it’s important to point out, they go, who is this guy, Rich? I mean, what’s he doing on the show? What’s going on? Why is he on the show? Rich, you can tell us, because I’m going to let you describe your background and your history as much as you want before I get into this, because you now are what I would call a certified search engine expert. You know how to get companies to the top of Google. What were you doing this time last year? This time last year, I was actually working for a recruiting firm here in town. How did you become a search engine master? How did you learn the search engine skills? Being locked in a room for several hours and doing a lot of research. I actually found a mentor, spoke to him almost on a daily basis to see how I can improve myself and get better. And through that I was able to increase my content, increase how much content I could provide for a client. Now here’s the thing is Thrivers, we have people all over the world who are looking for one-on-one business coaching. What happens is a lot of people, I’m thinking of one example right now, we have a lady, she’s a cosmetic surgeon and she’s a fine doctor. She’s won all the awards, she has all the degrees, all the background. What happens is that she, about three years ago, needed more customers. I mean, who doesn’t need more customers? You’re listening right now and you don’t need more customers. Maybe you should tune in. I don’t want to grow my business. It’s doing just fine. In fact, some days we’re too busy. So she picks up the phone and she calls and we say, thank you for calling Thrive 15. How can we help you? She says, I’m trying to get my website to the top of Google. And we said, well, we could absolutely teach you the system. And she says, no offense. I appreciate you guys teaching me, but I kind of want to know what you’re doing on a brief overview. But then I just want you to do it for me. And so we actually do the search. She’s busy. She’s a doctor. She’s got a busy life. Exactly. And so we generate her, no exaggeration, almost 40 new cosmetic surgery patients every month. 40. 4-0. I tell you what, Google has really dominated the search engine business. And if you’re not Google savvy, if you’re not search engine optimized, you know what? You’re listening to the right show. Because we’re going to coach you up in that area. And Rich is living example that pretty much, I mean, if you watch him on Facebook Live, he’s a certified lumberjack. He’s a certified lumberjack. I’m not going to lie. He is. But Rich, you had no previous, you never worked in the search engine industry as of a year ago. No, not at all. No. And now you’re like the search engine wizard. You’re not from Google headquarters, right? No. Okay, just checking. I don’t know. All right, here we go. I’m going to give you a little truth cannon here, guys. Here we go. The goal of search engine optimization is conversions, new leads and new customers. However, if somebody can find your website, let’s just say if somebody can find your website only by going directly to the website itself, it’s kind of like building a beautiful billboard that you put into like the forest, see. Whoa, I think we had a little audio snap through there. You’re listening to The Thrash Time Show on Talk Radio 117. Sometimes these computers don’t work like they’re supposed to. Because I’m too busy. You know I was over here search engine optimizing my Rogue One thing. Real time. Now here’s the thing, if you have a website and the only way people can find it is by just typing in your actual domain, that’s not a good thing. As an example, with a cosmetic surgeon, you take the name of her city, let’s say it’s Tucson, you type in Tucson Cosmetic surgery or Tucson Lifosuction or Tucson augmentation or Tucson whatever if her products and services come up first if her website comes up first Then she gets more leads. That’s the whole goal. That’s how it works. She wins step one and in business It’s all about winning because there’s so much what we call out there Competition and everybody else is trying to get that same patient. You know it used to be back in the day, I remember back in the day, you’d go into a town and they’d have one cosmetic surgeon. Hey man, you’re looking for the cosmetic surgeon? He’s up around the hill up there by that tree. That’s what I’m talking about. That’s Dr. Smith. And they didn’t have to have a great bedside manner, they didn’t have to advertise, they didn’t have to do search engine optimization, they didn’t have to do all that. All they had to do was set up shop and just sit there and wait for the people to come in the door because they were the only game in town. Well, guess what? Those days are long gone. Gonzo. Gonzo. So we’re going to teach you the six action steps that you need to generate conversions and leads. These are six steps. Step number one, you must create the most relevant content about the keyword that you are trying to dominate in Google. So ask your customers, ask yourself, if you don’t know what your customers are looking for on Google, email us info at thrive15.com. We will do it for you for free. For free? Why for free? Yeah, we’ll do it for free. All you got to do is you just email us info at thrive15.com and we’ll tell you what keywords your customers are looking for. Now, Rich, when we talk about generating the most content, what are we talking about, my friend? Well, we try to figure out how many pages of actual content someone needs on their website in order to organically boost them up to the top of Google. Now I’m going to demystify the nerdery here. So here we go. So here’s the definition of HTML. I like that the nerdery. I was like, what did you just say? What did you just say? That’s confusing. So the definition of text, okay, that’s HTML text. That stands for hypertext markup language. What does that mean? The point is, if you Google the word dog right now, if you’re listening right now, just go ahead and Google the word dog, and when you Google the word dog, you’re going to find that Wikipedia comes up top in Google. Why? Go ahead and Google Tulsa men’s haircuts. Go ahead, I’m waiting. I’m waiting. Here we go. Go ahead and Google men’s haircuts Tulsa. Go ahead and Google man buns Tulsa. Go ahead. You did not optimize for that. You did. I did. I’m going to do it. Man Buns. Man Buns Tulsa. Man Buns Tulsa. And you’re going to find Elephant in the Room. That’s the men’s grooming lounge. That’s the chain of men’s grooming lounges that I’ve co-founded with my brother-in-law and Jonathan Barnett, the CEO of OxiFresh and carpet cleaning franchises. And the thing is… OMG, I just Googled it. Man Buns of Tulsa. You’re not sure what’s going to pop up, I’m just telling you right now, but elephant in the room is number one on this thing, this Google thing. People are using Google, what is that? I can’t, I don’t get it. So the thing is, what you have to do, and Rich and the team will do a report for you, but you have to figure out how much text your competition has. So if you wanted to Google the word dog, and you wanted to come up ahead of Wikipedia, or you wanted to Google the phrase Tulsa men’s haircuts, and you wanted to beat Elephant in the Room, you can do it, but you must have more content than your competition. And so really, the way I look at it, Rich, there’s only a few ways that somebody can create more content than the competition. Yeah, that’s correct. Okay, so here we go. This is way number one. One is you could actually write blogs. You personally, the entrepreneur, could write blogs. We’re talking like a thousand blogs. That’s a lot of writing, Z. Well, my hand cramps up when I write that much. It’s so tough. Option number two is that you can record a podcast and then you can have it transcribed. Okay, that’s a move. That is a move. And there are companies out there that will transcribe so much per word, so much per page. It is a thing. And we will teach you at Thrive15.com workshops how to do this. Option three is you can allow the Thrive15.com team to write content for you. And option four is you could do nothing. Well, if I was going to do nothing, I probably would be listening to a Home and Garden show on the radio right now or maybe a Politico show that is talking about stuff that I have no control over and is just going to get me irritated. But you instead, I’m not going to do number four. Do you know why I’m not going to number four because I’m listening to the thrive time show which it’s our goal To coach you up to help you start or grow your business and be successful. I’m gonna give a quote for mr. Google himself Oh my god. This is on the Google website This is okay one of the most important steps to improving your sites ranking in Google search results is to ensure that it contains plenty of rich information information. That includes relevant keywords used appropriately that indicate the subject matter of your content. What does that mean? You must write a lot of content. When we come back, Thrivers, we’re going to have a legendary person who’s going to teach you how he uses the force to generate content for websites throughout the galaxy, on other planets, throughout the vast universe. Mr. Rich Gamby will teach us how he writes content to get your website to the top of Google. Alright Thrive Nation, welcome back to your Inspiration Station. This is your audio dojo of mojo coming through your radio. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the father of five human kids because that’s the way I want to live. And I’m telling you what, when I’m not populating this vast entrepreneurial nation, I am happy to be on this station with the co-host, with the mo-ost, it’s Dr. Robert Zeller. That’s right, hello, it’s Robert. Thank God it’s Friday, and you know what’s so fun about today, Clay? Sorry, I was messing with my lightsaber. What was that? Just another Star Wars movie’s coming out today, so I tell you what, I’m excited to see it. It’s kind of the theme of our show. We’re gonna teach you how to be a Jedi in the art of SEO. Search engine optimization. Which apparently is a thing and we have a Jedi master. Yes. I mean he’s not Yoda. He hasn’t been doing it for 800 years. He’s too beautiful to be Yoda. He’s been doing it for a while. Yeah. So Rich, Rich Gamby, welcome to the show my friend. Yeah, thank you guys. Okay, we’re gonna we’re gonna pepper you with questions now, okay, because we represent team non-nerd. He’s an optometrist, an entrepreneur trapped inside an optometrist body. That’s me. I am an entrepreneur trapped on the planet Earth where I want to just work 24-7. So here we are. But the thing is, step number one is you have to create the most original content about the keyword that you’re focusing on to win in the Google game. You have to have more words on your website than the other guys. That’s correct. So I’m going to ask you, first off, when you are writing content, where are you physically located when you are writing content? I am located in a private room so I cannot be bothered. And how do you write the content? Do you write it with, are you typing it or what’s your move? I have a headset and a program that I use that will audibly transcribe my words onto like Microsoft Word or Notepad. From there we just pump out a bunch of content. What program do you use? I personally use the Nuance Dragon. I think it works better when it comes to transcribing. You can also use Google Docs. And they have a… Okay, real quick. So you’re using the thing called the Nuance Dragon. Is this a headset you’re speaking of? You’re wearing this? Yes. On your cranium, you’re wearing a headset. A headset where you can use your iPhone earbuds and when you talk what it’s it’s turning the the words You’re saying in the text that is correct And why would you do that as opposed to typing because typing takes way too long and if you have sausage link fingers, it’s gonna We got a lumberjack hand. It’s too long to type does it You know guys I’ve got listen I’m gonna step back one. Okay, come on. Nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd alert. Okay, I’m gonna step back one. So I’ve got a business. I’ve got a business. I’m gonna start a business. I’ve got a business and I know I want to be top in the Google game. I get that. Okay. Yeah. How do I you know what I said? You said, Hey, email us and we’ll help you with your keywords. But I don’t know what the I mean, how does anybody know what the keywords are for business? I mean, what? What? I mean, where’s the magic in that? I mean, we just guess at them and what’s the deal? I’m going to walk you through this. What happens is there’s programs that we pay for at thrive15.com. There’s two that I’d recommend for you. One is called moz.com, M-O-Z dot com. The other one is called S-E-M rush dot com. And they work with Google and they determine how many people are looking per month for a given word. How many people are typing in that phrase? So the work’s already been done, really, and now we’re just locating it. I want to brag on a guy. This is a Thrive Testimonials. Are you ready for this? You know, I love testimonials. We have a Thriver who he signed up for the program, the one-on-one coaching program. His name is Steve Currington. He’s a mortgage professional and Tulsa mortgage banker. And he wanted to be top in Google for the word Tulsa mortgages. He comes in here and he says, what do I need to do? And I told him something that wasn’t positive. I said, bro, you need 71,000 words of content. You’re listening to the Throckshon Show on Talk Radio 11. Most people would go, oh no. This is what Steve does. Steve goes, let’s go. Well, I’m going to ask you a question. Here again, I’m breaking it down because I’m not a computer coder, you know, brainiac on this thing. How did you, what, did you just guess? I mean, that’s pretty random. I said, it is 71,000 words of va va. We have a bunch of tools that, we have a bunch of tools that we’ll do this for you. You just email us. Pull that out of the air. You just email us, info at thrive15.com. We’ll do it for free, but we had to show them how many, it’s called indexed pages, but how many words of text his competition has. Oh, so it’s based upon beating somebody and you can look and see how much they have. And the guy had 71,000 words of content. And so I said, Steve, what you can do is you can record 71 podcasts and then we’re going to use a website called Rev.com and we’ll transcribe everything you say into text. And then we’ll load it up with those keywords. He goes, all right, let’s do it. And I’m not kidding. Every week this guy would come here for like two hours a week coming to his recording. And now he’s topping Google and Tulsa. If you Google Tulsa mortgages, he’s three of the first ten searches. And now he’s opened up his Colorado Springs division and he’s doing it there again. How long did that take him? I mean, how long did that take him? He said two hours a week. It took him about, I don’t know, 25 to 20. He had a couple of weeks he was off because he was out of town in Colorado Springs expanding. I think he did it over about almost 30 weeks. So about six months. Yeah, and he’s now topping Google. And he’s getting the harvest now from it. He’s sowed the seeds and he’s literally now getting the harvest. I would just say that this is kind of like you back in the day when you started running radio ads. Yes, yes, yes. You had to run some ads. I mean, how long were you running ads before you started getting, or they started paying for themselves? Was it a week? Was it a month? I mean, how long before you said, these ads are finally paying for themselves? I think it was about the same story as Steve Currington. You know, probably six months. I mean, so many times people come to me and they want to start an advertising campaign. So you say, okay, let’s do it. And after 30 days, 60 days, maybe even 90 days ago, I’m just wasting my money. I was running your advertisements on the radio show for like an hour. I ran two spots. See, they call them spots. And the advertisement rep, he defrauded me, you know, because I spent money on two spots, I’m not getting any customers, and Z, I can’t handle it, because word of mouth is the best way to do it. So now I run up and down the road with my megaphone, and I say, call me, and it works much better than those commercials, Z. Yeah, I don’t know about the megaphone running up and down the streets, especially this cold weather that we have right now, but the thing about it is this, is that you’ve got to be consistent with it. And just like with Steve Currington, he said, okay, here’s the deal. You come in this week, spend two hours, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, doing the thing with the thing about the thing, tape recording the thing, and we’re going to do the thing, and then after a week, he’s like, I’m not topping Google. As a Thrive15.com one-on-one mentorship program person, we have access to all the tools. You come into a 20,000 square foot, state-of-the-art facility. We have all the tools and resources to help you. If you don’t, we can coach you one-on-one. We can help you. Now, Rich, your parents were… Was it your wife’s parents who wanted to know what the heck you did for a living? Yeah. Tell us this story. Well, we go back and forth a few times a year and ceremoniously up until this past year, every time I would see them I would have a new job. So I would have to explain to them why I was trying to find a more suitable position for myself. Sure. And back in midtown Louisiana or Mississippi, for lack of better words, they don’t really understand search engine optimization whatsoever. Who really does? Right. So I said, oh, I do SEO. They’re like, whoa, what’s SEO? And I was like, well, search engine optimization. So what I do essentially is help companies get to the top of Google. And they’re like, so are you like a professional writer? I said, God, no, not whatsoever. The content I write is partially terrible, but it’s getting companies to the top of Google. So your parents were to know how is it your This is your in-laws. They’re wanting to know what you do for a living. You explain to them You’re a writer and they’re going are you a good writer and you’re going no, I’m not a good writer But I get companies at the top of Google Yeah, yeah, that’s exactly what happened. I mean it was some good laughs It was a good time, but for people that don’t necessarily understand SEO, I mean, what do you expect? Now, Z, when we come back, we’re going to get into step number two, and it gets a little nerdy. You’re going to need to get your lightsaber out, because you’ve got to fight back the nerdery. We’re trying to help you make millions through Google optimization. Thrivers, get ready to fight back against the nerdery. You must fight against the nerd force. Stay tuned. All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to your super inspiration station. My name is Clay Clark. I’m the co-host of the Thrive Time Show. You have found your place if you’re looking for business school without the BS. Dr. Zoner, why would anybody be looking for business school without the BS? Well, because BS can stand for a few things. It’s amazing how many people get on thrive15.com and actually get practical business coaching from our website and from our team and they say themselves I went to four years of school and I didn’t learn this stuff talk to a thriver there today in Valparaiso Indiana true story Valparaiso Indiana her sales are up almost almost twenty percent in the past six months and the only thing that she said she was I watched all your videos on sales conversion I realized I didn’t have inbound sales scripts yep I realize I didn’t record my inbound sales calls I did not have a sales training system. I was just basically thinking that some people are good at sales and some people aren’t. And so she’s been reaching out to us consistently for in-person coaching and templates and tools and examples of our scripts we use. And her sales are up dramatically. And guess what? She’s spending $19 a month. You don’t know what you don’t know. That’s the way life is. There’s a reason why this statistic just kills me, Clay. It’s the one that I’m going to try with this show, with our website, with all of our coaching, I’m going to try to stamp out, and that’s 80% according to Forbes, businesses that get started. To start a business, a lot of energy, a lot of money, a lot of dreams, a lot of hopes, 80% fail. 80%, I want to give you just a quick little example of what 80% feels like. This is what it feels like in your business. You’re sitting there at work and you’re in your office. You’ve got your decor. You’ve got your product. You’ve got to build a great product, by the way. Great product, great service. Yeah, great widget. You’ve got a widget. And you’re going, hey man, that phone ain’t ringing. Website ain’t… Is that website working? Is it on? Is that phone working? I don’t have time to go to four years of school to get a BS degree in business. So what am I going to do? We’re going to teach you a move today that will literally help you make millions of dollars. Millions. I say millions because literally if you implement this, what I’m teaching you today, I’m not exaggerating, these moves have made my businesses millions. Wait, you’ve got to put your finger on it. Millions. On Facebook Live you can see it through the millions of dollars. So step number two, you must achieve the highest Google canonical compliance score possible. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Quit using these big words I don’t understand. What are you doing? It’s Friday, I’m at lunch, I’m at Oklahoma Joe’s, I’ve got my burnt ends, I’ve got my little earbuds in, I’m listening to the show, and all of a sudden you just throw these big, big words at me. Well, let me check it out. There’s a definition from Webster, and the word canonical means a regulation or dogma decreed by an organization. A dogma, a regulation. Basically, let me give you another definition from Webopedia. It’s an authoritative or standard conforming to an accepted rule or procedure. When referring to programming, canonical means conforming to well-established patterns. So long story short, Thrivers, if you will email us right now, this is an action step and it’s free, but you have to do it. And by the way, we’re already getting emails flooding in today. You just email info at thrive15.com. There’s no catch. Just email info at thrive15.com. Please email us your name, your phone number, and your web address. We are going to run a 37 point battery of tests on your website and it’s going to show you on a scale of 0 to 100 how high your website is ranking. So like a 95 would be like an A, 80% would be like a B. You’re listening to the Thrash Time Show on Talk Radio 117. I’m not going to wear you out other than I will say there are 37 variables that affect your site’s ranking and most of which as you mentioned earlier a lot of people you don’t even know that it’s a thing. You don’t even know it’s a thing. So I’m going to throw out a few examples of things. I’m not going to get into the things. I’m only going to explain these are things. Okay. If your permalinks are wrong, your site will rank low. If your meta tags are incorrectly labeled, you’ll rank low. If you don’t have the right alt attributes on an image, blah blah blah. What are we talking about? The point is we’re talking about you making millions and you have to fix that stuff. So you’ve got to get yourself over. You’re not out there on Mystery Island. You’re not out there all by yourself on Survivorville. We’re here to help you. We’re here and if you do those simple things that he just said, email us. We’ll run the 37 point evaluation of your website and you can at least know what you know about what you need at least to fix. You may not understand it, but you just have a starting point. I’m gonna brag on Rich over here. Rich Gamby, special guest today. Oh baby. Rich, have you ever written content for Barbie Cookies? Yes. Now Barbie Cookies is a beautiful bakery located at 85th and Memorial. Yep. And if you Google right now, Thrivers, Google Tulsa Cookies or Tulsa Gluten-Free Cookies or Gourmet Cookies, anything about cookies. She’s topping Google. Rich, why is she top in Google, brother? Because she has the most original content for her keywords. How many articles can you now write per hour, brother? I can write about 14 an hour. 14 articles an hour? Wow! It’s a beast! He’s in beast mode! Dude, so you’re writing 14 articles an hour. Yes. And I’m just telling you, Barbie cookies, the cookies didn’t get better just because she’s top of Google. Check it out. Her cookies are awesome, Z. Oh, yo ho ho ho ho. But we just had to, Tulsa had to find her. You know what? We need to have her back on the show, because when she comes on the show, she always brings us some cookies. She literally has tripled the size of her business by being top in Google, tripled. And I’m telling you, Thrivers, right now, if you’re listening, and you’ve ever been to Barbie Cookies, I’m telling you, you’re missing out on, if you haven’t been there, you’re missing out on something. But if you’re like Kat Graham and you have a great product, you’ve got to tell the world about it. You’ve got to showcase it to the world. You’ve got to come up top in Google. And you know what? She’s reached out to this Rye15.com team, and we’ve helped her get to the top of Google. And it all starts with you asking the question, what do I need to do to get to the top of Google? How can I use the force and harness it to grow my business? Oh, that’s it. You know what? You don’t have to figure it out. All you have to do is listen to the show, email us in, and get on Thrive15.com. And you know what? The rest of the show, we’re going to be coaching you up on how to get your SEO optimized. Stay tuned. Step 3 coming up next. All right, Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show on this incredible pre-Star Wars, pre-Star Wars show. A lot of you are going to go out tonight and see the new Star Wars movie. Rogue One baby. Rogue One. It’s exciting. Z are you excited? I’m excited. I am excited. It’s a nice theme that you tied in to today’s show about we’re going to teach you how to be a Jedi Master and SEO. That’s search engine optimization which is you know for us guys out there that aren’t coders and nerds and all that. Well I’m kind of a nerd. But I mean we’re not like experts in this area. This is fascinating stuff because you’re we’re talking about the six steps. We’ve got an expert on the show, Rich, here, who’s just a lumberjack superstar in SEO stuff. We are demystifying. We’re demystifying. Yeah, demystifying. Rich, you have learned these skills over the past year, right? Yeah, about nine months, yeah. Nine months. Nine months ago, what were you doing? I was working at an employment firm. And what are you doing now? Search engine optimization. And you learned that in nine months? Yes. Did you go to school for this? Not at all. How many times did you do it? How did you do it? What was your system? When you started day one here, how did our team teach you? Well, I was put in a room and said, come get me when you’re done with your first article. Okay, well we taught you and you do it. And you’ve learned the system and I’m just telling you, and I mean this in a nice way. I mean this so it doesn’t come across poorly. Rich decided that he wanted to learn it, and if you meet Rich, he’s a great guy. He’s by no means a super nerd, you know. And the thing is, is that if Rich can learn it with the background where you weren’t in computer programming as a background, if you can learn it, I know that anybody out there listening can learn it, right? Wouldn’t you agree? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, we have an easy to follow checklist, which is actually in the Search Engine Optimization Manifesto that John Kelly wrote in the Start Here book. Yeah, the Start Here book, which is on Facebook Live. It’s my newest book. You can get it on Amazon. It’s a great gift for that entrepreneur in your family. You can get it to them for the holidays. And by the way, this just in for right now for a limited time, when you buy Start Here on Amazon, you get a one-year subscription to Thrive15.com. This is a holiday special. That is so fantastic. And I’ll tell you what, I’ve been telling people that Thrive15.com is like the Netflix of business coaching Oh, it is. What does that mean? Would that mean just like on Netflix you pay a monthly fee and you can get on there and search Do do do do do you can search all these different topics? Yeah movies and whatnot same thing on thrive15.com for $19 a month, right? Right and the beautiful thing is you pay $19 a month because what we’re gonna give a free one to a military person That’s right. You heard it here free one to a military person and you can get on there You can search by topic you can search by mentor or you can just say you know what I just just hey you just Here’s my book my stuff and you just feed them to me. Just feed them to me You know is the I’m gonna have a story for you. Oh, is that a good story? It’s a story that demonstrates my early jackassery. Oh, I like it. Oh wait a second. Let me load up some jackass for music Yeah, absolutely. I this is the kind of I mean jackassery coming from the root word jackass. The force is what gives the Jedi his power, so it binds the galaxy together. It’s jackassery. Okay, now here’s the deal, Thriver. I had built this company, DJ Connection, and to this day, anybody who wants to start or grow a business, if you say, how do I market my business? Zee and I would both teach you the three-legged marketing stool. You have to find three ways to market your business. And if you have three ways you’re marketing your business, then the figurative stool is stable. You don’t want to have all your success dependent upon a one-legged stool. That’s right. It’s teeters. It’s hard to balance that. So for DJ Connection, we did bridal shows. Those were trade shows. They were attended by brides. Two is we did a thing called the Dream 100 where we got hotels, caterers, bridal shops, jewelers to refer us. And three was the Yellow Pages. Do you remember when the Yellow Pages were a thing? Oh, it was so beautiful. I remember when I first started doing it, I put this cheesy picture of me and my staff in there. Oh, it was beautiful. Oh, it was beautiful, yeah. And so I found out, what I did was, I figured out that one of my competitors at the time, this guy, and I don’t think they’re in business anymore, but I won’t mention the name, but these guys, they had a business and they had this ad that said, established in 1982, over 100,000 songs, the best DJs, those kind of statements. Oh, yeah. So I went through line by line and I put established 1980. No, no you didn’t. I put over 200,000 songs. Oh, dirty moves, dirty moves. I put the world’s greatest and best DJs, whatever. And then I took a big picture of my head, a caricature of my head, and I put it on a little body of a man in a suit. You’re listening to The Thrash Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. So I’m running these ads and I am by the way, I got the first, with the yellow pages back in the day, what you could do is if you bought the big ad, you got to be first in the phone book, right? Oh yeah, that was the move. And then I started a fictitious company called Always and Forever Wedding DJ Service so that I could be first even above the ads. Okay. And so anyway, I had all the moves. And so I’m getting all this business and I’m just, I mean, we’re wowing the customers so they’re now referring their friends. And I get used to this addictive cycle of new customers coming in, wowing them, and they’re telling their friends. So I got in my office, Josh comes in one day, and Josh goes, dude, there’s a thing right now people are starting to use, it’s called Google, and what it’s doing is people are using it to find services. And I’m going, I’m 36 now, okay, so this is like maybe 2002, and I go, dude, no one’s going to use the internet to find stuff. I mean, dude, every time you search for something, what happens, Josh? And he’s like, uh, I go, you have to wait for the computer, right? He goes, eh. No one’s going to wait for that computer. It’s the eh. People don’t want to wait for that. No one’s going to, they’re just going to use the phone book. And would you actually just search on the internet and find a DJ? No, you’re going to ask for a referral. Yeah. Oh yeah. That’s a thing. That’s a thing. Stupid. Yeah. So we move on. It’s about two years later. I’m going, man, the phones have stopped ringing. The phones are just, we’ve got to buy a bigger ad, Z. Oh, you’ve got to get that place. You’ve got to go now full, you were half page, now you’ve got to go three quarter or full page. Yeah, so Josh is like, hey, maybe we should look into Google. I’m like, no way. So we’re getting by the bigger ad, by the bigger ad, we keep doing this, and then now it’s getting bad. So now I’m going, oh no, people are using, Josh, people are using Google, why didn’t you tell me? I remember like, just so mad. So anyway, this is what happened is, I got these Oklahoma State students together. There was about four, I think it was four different interns. One lady’s name was Ashley, one guy there was named Garrett. I got them together and I said, hey, these are OSU students who are computer programming. They’re studying computer programming and internet marketing, that kind of thing. I think the degree was like computer programming and internet, whatever. And so I bring these kids and I said, hey guys, listen, I want to know how to get to the top of Google. And I’m not exaggerating. All four of them, when I asked them how to get to the top of Google, you know what they all said? Can’t be done. They go, we don’t know. And I’m like, how is it possible that you’re studying the internet and none of you have any idea? So what I did is I downloaded, I had them download my competitors’ websites. And I had them just take their websites, all their code, and just smash it on mine and paste it. Copy and paste. The move. So I pasted it and we went right up to the top of Google, but my entire competition’s website was on my website. Like their logos, their phone numbers. No! You’ve got to take it off! You’ve got to take it off! You did not do that. I swear I did this. And I didn’t realize how it worked. But anyway, through this process, we discovered, because I had them print out all the lines of code, I figured out that the websites that are top in Google all have these 37 common variables. And they’re going, look at this. All the sites that are top in Google, they have this much content, they have this many permalinks, they have this much HTML, they have this much, they have no Java, they have a lot of nerdery. The point is, we discovered the system. And now, Z, I am not kidding. I have done over 100 paid speaking events all around the world teaching people how to get to the top of Google, and I’ve become somewhat of a search engine wizard, and I have no formal training in it. But now, I mean, literally, our phone rings all day because of the mastery of this one skill. And we can teach it to the thrivers, Z. We can teach it to them. And we’re here to do it, and we’re going to do it and just bear with us. You don’t have to know what HTML stands for. You don’t. You have to know what a meta tag is. The thing is, Thrivers, you can come here to an in-person workshop and I swear to you, in 15 hours of training, you’re ready to go out there and dominate the marketplace. Rich, you’ve seen businesses be transformed with the number of leads they’re getting in a week. Oh, absolutely. How awesome is it for you as a guy who writes content to see, oh my gosh, this person is now topping Google as a result of these articles that I’ve been writing. It’s ecstatic. It feels like a big victory for me personally. When you write the content, how soul sucking is it when you’re writing pages of content that maybe no one will ever read? How does it feel at the time when you’re writing that content? There’s some times that I want to smash my hand with a hammer. It’s just so mind-numbing or what? Well it’s not that it’s mind-numbing, it’s just meticulous and it’s very, somewhat detail-oriented but it’s a lot of monotony, repetitiveness in a lot of it. What’s your process? Give us a 30-second overview. How do you write articles? Well I start out with a, like an overview. Every company prides themselves on having revolutionary, a revolutionary product that product, that it’s innovative, that they have fantastic customer service, and then you just wrap it all up. And you’ve weaved in all those keywords, and you’ve got to have how many words per page of content? Anywhere between 750 and 1,000. You’ve got to have at least 1,000, 750 to 1,000 words of content on every page. There’s a lot of rules, there’s a lot of systems we can teach you at a Thrive15.com workshop. You can buy the Start Here book to learn more. Or Z, we have one-on-one business coaching and Z why is one-on-one coaching so powerful? Well because I tell you what it allows you to just touch and feel and you can answer the call you can ask questions and get done but I’ll tell you what somebody’s out there right now at lunch they’re panicking a little bit saying listen I don’t want to learn how to do it can you just do it for me? Yes. And guess what the answer is yes yes we can and when we get back, more on SEO. And today, Rogue One, Jedi Mastering. Yes, we can. What is going on, green country Oklahomies, Tulsans? I’m telling you what. This is the time of the year where your Dr. Robert Zellner and Associates commercials are all over the airwaves. And I just heard it on Saturday morning again and it was incredible. It’s the Grinch themed commercials. Those are my favorite commercials you do. Well I read it every Christmas and I wrote that back in 2000. In 2000. I was researching it. Someone was in my office today talking about it. So I thought, they asked me how long it’s been around. I thought, that’s a good question. I didn’t know so I wrote that back in 2000 and I had you know I produced it and had it done and and it’s it’s it’s one of my favorites I just I like listening to it because it’s it’s just fun and I wrote it generic enough even back you know 16 years ago that I can still run it today it’s pertinent and it’s still you know still matters so I get a lot of comments on that one but the ones that probably the highest rated ones were the ones where I was having my kids in them because back in the day you know my kids were little and cute. Now my daughter, who used to do my TV and radio commercials, she’s now an optometrist in the practice. So that’s pretty awesome. So come in to either the Harvard location or Memorial location and ask for Dr. Bridget Anderson. And when you get in the room, you can sit there and smile and go, oh yeah, I know who you are. Yeah. Yeah. So she goes by Dr. Bridget Anderson. Sometimes Zellner Anderson depends. If someone’s in a real good mood, she’ll say, oh yeah, my, you know, I’m Dr. Zellner’s daughter. If someone is in a bad mood, she’ll be just Dr. Anderson. Now, I’m going to tell you this, Thrivers. Today we’re talking about a subject that is near and dear to my heart, and I really do mean this. We’re teaching you today how to make millions of dollars through search engine optimization. Now, why would we want to teach you how to make millions of dollars? Well, here’s the thing is, you’re playing the game of business. You might as well win. You might as well. And so we’re teaching you specifically how to get to the top of Google. We taught you move number one. Move number one, make sure, if you’re taking notes here, if you’re not taking notes, you should be. Step number one, you have to produce more content than your competition. How do you know how much content your competition has? Email us, info at thrive15.com. We’ll help you. Step number two, you must have the most canonical, compliant website. What does that mean? You have to follow Google’s rules. How do I know if I’m following Google’s rules? Email us, info at thrive15.com. Emails are flying in right now. I’m telling you, you’ve got to do it. It’s a move. It’s free. It’s a holiday. We’re giving back. It’s the holiday season. You know what? You’re welcome. Yeah. Now move number three. Step number three is you’ve got to get the most reviews in Google, and you have to have the highest Google mobile compliance score. Now I’m going to first get into the Google mobile compliance. There is a test you can put on your web, you can run your website through a test, through a simple battery of tests. You can do it right now. Go to your computer. I’m on my computer, what do I do? Go to your computer and just type in Google, this is in the Google search, type in Google and then type in mobile friendly test. And when you hit enter, it will pop up the test, put your domain in there, and you can test it to see how highly it’s scoring in Google’s mobile compliance. Your website has to look good on a mobile phone because the majority of people are now searching on a mobile device. And that’s a new thing. Even five years ago, most people were on a computer, and now most people are on a mobile device. So you’ve got to make sure your site meets the Google standards. Now, the next part of that though, is you gotta have the most Google reviews. Now I’m gonna give a little phrase to you Dr. Zell, and I’m gonna give you the floor, I’m gonna give you the mic, so here we go. On Google reviews, if you are not intentional about gathering favorable reviews, look out, because this just in, the trolls are in control! You know what, this gets me so angry. The trolls? Today is the opening day of Rogue One. Normally, I would play certain music and just dive into this. But today, when we talk about the trolls owning the internet and what people do viciously and just to get back at a business, it just wears me out. So I’m going to preach a little bit, but I’m going to preach with this. Oh, wow. Because this makes me feel like Darth Vader. This makes me want to get out my lightsaber and walk up to a troll and just slice him in half. Just a line of trolls there just slicing back and forth, back and forth. So what happens is I have an office meeting and I’m encouraging my staff, listen, be proactive and get asked for the good reviews. And you know what, if your name’s mentioned in it you know what you’ll even get a little bonus so be purposeful in that so guess what a dude a dude gets fired the next day and what does he do makes accounts and then just goes on a troll rant one star review after one star review after one star review and you know what it’s kind of like I was talking to some of my staff and I was like, here’s how we’re going to address it. We’re going to get on there and answer his little, you know, obviously they’re just boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, and they’re made up, they’re not true, they say these things, and you know, we research them back, and we’re going to say, you know what, we searched your database and we can’t find you, your name as a patient. Maybe you’re evaluating this in a different thing, so please post your name and then we can look up your records and we can address your problem Oh, and these guys have a lot of time on their hands So a lot of time a lot of time on their hands and I’m telling you what you know What would you start your business got your business? Nothing is deflating as getting a bad review or someone being mad at you or being angry with you And there’s nothing like you pulled you know, Google send you that email boo-boo. You have a review. I’m like, oh, that’s cool Let me check it out. Boom. You Google it, you have a review. I have a story. I have a story. And you write down, it’s like one star, one star, one star, one star, and you’re like, just in the last three minutes, you’re like, I haven’t gotten a one-star review in like, you know, forever. I have a funny story. Now, four in a row from a guy that just, you know, got fired. I have a funny story for you. My brother-in-law, it was his vision to build Elephant in the Room, the men’s grooming lounge. Okay, all right. And I’m really good at building systems. I’m kind of like, my nickname is Claytron. I basically am like kind of a robotic human that just builds business systems. If you want to make a successful company, I can do that. It took all day. That’s what I do. And so he has this vision to build the elephant in the room, the men’s grooming lounge. It’s a dollar for the first haircut. It’s a dollar. So if you’re listening right now and you’re like, I want to try it out. It’s a dollar. So you go in there, you get the hot towel treatment, the straight razor shave, you get a beer with your first haircut. And my brother-in-law still occasionally works in the shops just to kind of keep his finger on the pulse. You’re listening to The Thrash Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. So we now have almost 4,000 members. He doesn’t need to be there, but from a quality control perspective, he wants to be. And he doesn’t run around telling people, I’m the owner. He just goes in there. So what happens is your first haircut is a dollar. Now if you’re listening right now and you’re going, well, how could you guys afford to do that? We can’t. Okay, your first haircut’s a dollar and it costs us about $10 to get you in on advertising and we got to pay the person who cuts your hair So just by the way, it’s like $23 for we’re spending $23 to give you a one a $1 first haircut That’s so sweet of you So this guy comes in for a second haircut and he wants to get his $1 haircut So the front desk lady explains and I wasn’t there My brother-in-law was and the lady explains well your first haircut’s a dollar, you know It’s the first time that’s on the website first haircut’s a dollar and now your second haircut if you’re not a member, it’s $42. And if you are a member, it’s like $34 or whatever it was. And the guy was like, this is crap. I got to tell you what, the owner of this place, he can’t go out there saying it’s a dollar for a haircut. You know, you’re out there false advertising. And so the profundity of the thought that someone could even possibly believe that you could run a business in the world in which we live today, where nothing is a dollar. See, nothing is a dollar. No, well, I think some of those restaurants have like a dollar menu, but you know. He’s going, he’s thinking he can get a haircut, a luxurious haircut for a dollar. He’s just going on and on about the owner of this place, he needs to get it together. Well, the owner of the business was right next to him. And my brother-in-law just lets him go off the longest time. And after he finishes, my brother-in-law calmly, and I heard about this from a person who works there, it was awesome, he walks up and says, Hi, I’m the owner of the business. Did you have a concern about our pricing? And the guy all of a sudden is like, No, no, no. I was just saying that I was a little shocked that it wasn’t a dollar for the next. You know, because people, when they’re not face to face, when I say troll, that’s what I mean. When people don’t have the class to say something to your face, and right now what’s happening because of this anonymous online review crap, you can go up there with no repercussion, no consequence, nothing but just an anonymous account, you can now write reviews and have a platform. So every time I’m in the Tulsa world, I wrote an article in the Tulsa world a couple weeks ago, every time I do it, people who are like tx43ranger at yahoo.com will write They do now rich rich or our special guest on the show is search engine optimization expert rich talk to us about your secret Twitter One night my wife and I were conversating because I had sent a MMA fighter a really nasty thing on Twitter. And she said, well why don’t you just create a secret Twitter page so that way no one will know who you are and you can almost get away with it. So I do it for everything. Now let me ask you this. Why, why, I just want to know because Zee and I are trying to get into the psyche of the anonymous review. Why do you write anonymous reviews? What’s going on? Tell us. Let us into your soul. Well, if I think someone’s maybe acting like a boo-hoo sissy pants, I want to let them know about it. Okay, so then you’ll do that. That’s the move. Fair. Now, I think Zee and I, we’re kind of old school. This is kind of my deal. I go out to eat at a restaurant and the food’s not good and the waiter comes up and says, is everything alright? I’m a little bit bizarre, but I’ll say, hey, the food tonight wasn’t very good, but you have had great service tonight and I appreciate you working hard. I did it just the other day when I was in Las Vegas. The guy said, how was the cake? I said, it was a little bit dry, but I appreciate you asking. And the guy was like, hey, let me make it right. And he did. He came back and made it right. I’m not kind of much water in your cake. What do you do? Yeah, but most most people I know when they go out to eat in the waiter comes by and says how was the food mostly? Right, it was fine. But then as soon as we get in the car, it’s human nature Maybe we won’t write an anonymous review Maybe we tell 15 people how much we weren’t happy and so Harvard did a case study called the service profit chain And what they found in that book is that the average person who’s upset will typically tell 8 to 10 people how upset they are. The average person who’s happy only tells 2. It just doesn’t seem fair, does it? No, and so the thing is, as an entrepreneur, we’ve got to focus on high quality standards, but we’ve got to be intentional about asking everyone that we know who’s a sincerely happy customer to write a review. You’ve got to be intentional about using the force, Z, because if not, Z if you don’t go to Dagobah and learn the force, the search engine force from Yoda, you’re not going to be able to use that force to levitate rocks and to elevate your Google score my friend. You just got to be intentional about learning from your brother from Minnesota. All right Thrive Nation, welcome back to the Thrive Time Show. This is your audio dojo of mojo and the place where you go to learn about the real best practice business techniques of millionaires, billionaires, and successful entrepreneurs. You say, billionaires? Yeah, seriously, the show prep for this show that we do for each and every show is pretty outstanding how much time our team devotes to making each one of these, these trainings. And what we do is we teach you the best practice proven systems and strategies that actually work for them and for us. You see, Dr. Zellner and I, we actually run real businesses. We don’t only teach business, we own real businesses. And so Dr. Z, why is it so important for everybody to listen to today’s show about how to optimize your website? Well thanks to Al Gore. Al Gore. Yeah, thanks for Al Gore. The internet apparently is kind of a big deal. I’m Al Gore and I invented the internet. And there was one company that through their cleverness, they figured out how to have the best search engine. In other words, when you’re searching for something, more times than not, you’re going to use a little company by the name of Google. And those guys were clever enough to figure it out, and guess what? They pretty much dominate searching on the internet. So when you say to yourself, okay, if they dominate that, hmm, maybe I should figure out how to be a big deal on their Google search. And that’s what today’s show is about. I have five fun facts that’s going to blow your mind. Oh, I like five fun facts. First off, fun fact number one, who invented Google? Larry and Sergey. Larry and Sergey. And they invented it at Stanford. Oh yeah. Okay, so fun fact number two, what was the original name of Google? What was it called before people knew about it? Ah, Smoogle? Backrub. No way. True story, Backrub. Really? Okay, alright, alright. And why? People say why? Fun factoid. But their goal was they were trying to find a way to organize the world’s data in a way that made it easier for researchers to find things. Okay. So step number four, how’d they do it? Their plan was to download the entire internet and to organize it by relevancy. Okay. And they did it. And they did it. And they did it. And they did it. And they did it. And they did it. And they did it. And they did it. And they did it. And they did it. Their plan was to download the entire internet and to organize it by relevancy. So point five, how would they determine which site was the most relevant? It was by whichever site had the most backlinks, aka back rub. They said, basically here’s an example. If there’s an article in Sports Illustrated that was awesome about Michael Jordan and his preparation for each game, and you put a link on your research paper to it, or you cited it at the bottom of the paper. When you wrote a research paper, you would cite it at the bottom of the paper. This is where I got this information. And if I cited it, and if Rich cites it, that means if everyone is citing the same article, it must be relevant. It must be important. And that moves it up Google’s relevant categories. And so what happened is that was the move. Now here’s the thing is, so today if you’re listening right now, how do you go out there and get a backlink? I’m going to walk you through the specific moves to do this, and I want you to go ahead and think about the ones that you can do. So action item number one, anybody that you know who’s a business colleague or friend of yours, have them link from their website to yours. It sounds simple. Just call your friend up and say, friend, here’s my website, here’s your website, please link to mine. Hey, Billy, would you mind, I’ll tell you what, I give you a link You give me a link Yeah And the way you do it the way you do we have a specific Trainings for you at info at thrive 15 comm if you email us we can walk you through it or you can go to thrive 15 comm and you can watch very Detailed training videos we have in-person workshops The point is there’s a way to do it, but you can get a backlink from your friends the second move is called citations So see that’s like yellow pages comm that would be like mapquest.com, and the best way to get a whole bunch of backlinks real quickly is to sign up for a website that’s going to give you a ton of citations at one time. And so you’re going, what are these websites? I’m going to read them off to you. One is called Info Group, another one is called News Star, LocalEase, third is called Axiom, and four is called Factual. And you can literally pay about 300 bucks and they’ll submit your site to all these other websites like yellowpages.com or yellowbook.com or mapquest.com or google.com. All these different addresses. You know if you Google search something and it shows the address of the business, that’s called a citation. And so you can do it that way. That seems like it’s a little kind of cheating. It’s a move. Now here’s the third move that you can do. It’s okay. Hey listen folks, it’s not cheating. It’s a move, and we’re here to teach you the moves. Now, here’s the third move. Now, here’s the move that’s a good move. It’s called a press release. So you can write an article that can be released in the Tulsa World, a news story. For instance, if you Google thrive15.com and then Forbes, so thrive15 and then Forbes, you’ll see an article that Forbes wrote about us. You’ll actually see two articles they wrote about us. Yeah, pretty big deal and they said in these articles that Thrive 15 is basically one of the world’s best resources for entrepreneurs to learn how to start and grow a business. And that’s what we’re here for. That’s why we started this radio show. Because people are like, hey, listen, we love those practical tips. We love the fact, buried down deep inside, it’s a thing about almost 60%, call it 57%, according to Forbes, if you’re out there listening right now and saying, you know what? I’m tired of working for the man. I’m tired of punching the clock. I’m tired of nine to five, you know, working for somebody else. I’m going to start my own thing. I’m going to start my own thing. I’m going to start my own business. I’m going to start my own business. But where do I drive to go back to school and get a business degree? No, no, no. You can have the business school without the BS at thrive15.com. Listen to the Thrive Time show. Get on thrive15.com. Come to our in-person workshops. Or you can even get one-on-one business coaching. Absolutely. Now here’s the final move to get back links. This is no longer as good of a move, but it’s still a move. You can pay websites to link to you. Now let me tell you why this is no longer that great of a move. Back in the day, one of my competitors sent out an email to all of the women who attended a bridal show. And it was from an anonymous, bogus organization he created called the wedding Bureau On the subject lines alert said potential fraud with an entertainment industry potential and it says there is a company that has over 40 BJ’s and by the way was My only company had over 40 BJ’s was my company Okay doesn’t were 40 BJ’s in the Tulsa market that is claiming to offer high quality standards yada yada and Apparently they have missed recent weddings and have a hit long history of not showing up at weddings. So be guarded when booking your wedding. Well I called a guy. I find out who he is. I call the guy and the guy says, yeah, it’s just business bro. And I’m like, you freaking did that? He goes, it’s just business. Yeah, nothing personal. Yeah, so here’s what I did. I knew how Google worked and I knew that Google would penalize you if you had fake links. And I tried to figure out how can I kill his business? So I hired a group of coders based out of India, and true story, paid about $700, and they put about 10,000 backlinks to his website, and we buried him so far in Google, he went from page one to page 25. Not kidding. Just destroyed his website. We did that, we cut that, the microwave of rituals, and we just put 10,000 links on there, got him way down there. Boom. We got the lead pipe and boom. So here’s the thing is, I did that because I knew that Google, if you have, if you have toxic, they’re called toxic links or fake backlinks. It used to just tank your website. Well, Google realized, Hey, that’s not really fair because anyone who hates you could just buy a bunch of bad backlinks and kill your website. And so they changed the move recently. So when you buy backlinks, it’s not that effective. So I’m just saying if you’re listening right now, you’ve got to take action and the best action that you can do is the, is you can go to thrive15.com and you can sign up for an in-person workshop or you can sign up for one-on-one business coaching. Why is it so valuable, Z? Well, it’s valuable because, listen, no one’s going to care as much about your business as you are, but number two is going to be your business coach. You know what? We’re applying for that job. At thrive15.com, we are applying to be your business coach. Back in the day, Clay was so good at business, people would just clamor to get his attention to try to help. They’d say, hey can I spend some time with you? Would you coach me? And so now what we’ve done after a couple years of doing this is scale it. We’ve scaled it and what we’ve done is we made it affordable. Our whole thing was you grew up poor, I grew up poor, we didn’t have a lot of money and we wanted to build a business school that the average person can afford. It’s $19 a month. We’re going to show you the force. Come to Dagobah. Come meet Yoda. It’s the Thrive Time Show. You have access to it 24-7 at thrive15.com. Stay tuned. We’re going to teach you about how to assemble a marketing team when we come back. All right, Thrivers, we’ve got nothing but love for the guy who used to wear one glove. We’re listening to some Michael Jack on our way back to the Thrive Time Show in that audio dojo of Mojo. We are broadcasting within the box that rocks. And Dr. Zellner, can you explain to the people who are watching on Facebook Live or maybe the people who are listening on the radio right now what the Box of Rocks is? Well, I’ll tell you what. You’ve got the world, the planet Earth, and then you just kind of Google down, kind of Google map down to one of the best cities for entrepreneurship called Tulsa, Oklahoma. And on the west coast of Tulsa, Oklahoma, you have the epicenter of excellence business coaching and that is the Thrive 15 headquarters. But it gets better and within that epicenter of excellence you have a box. It’s literally a box and on one side we have windows so that not only do you get the flavor and the loveliness of this box that rocks, but you also get to look out upon the headquarters, the nerve center of business coaching excellence. There’s nothing like it. And that is the box that rocks. There’s nothing like it. Nothing. I mean, nothing. Here’s the thing is Thrivers, we’re going to teach you now specifically step five. This is the part where it’s going to offend you. And if you’re not, if you’re not being real, if you’re not being sincere, this is going to be tough. So I’m going to start off with a notable quotable. This is from Michael Levine, one of our thrive15.com partners and mentors. He says this, if you give someone a present and you give it to them in a Tiffany box, it’s likely that they’ll believe that the gift has higher perceived value than if you gave it to them in no box or a box of less prestige. That’s not because the receiver of the gift is a fool, but instead because we live in a culture in which we gift wrap everything. Our Our politicians, our corporate heads, our movie and TV stars, and even our toilet paper. Z, why is it so important that once we do finally get someone to the top of Google, that the website looks good and not hood? Well, I’ll tell you what, I like that. Well, I give the same example of it’s like, you know, sometimes I’m watching TV, every now and then I watch TV. And a commercial will come on, and I’ll be like, that commercial is so bad, I don’t even want to do business with them. Not only did they waste their money, they wasted 30 seconds of my time. Listen folks, here’s the thing. You want to have a call to action. You want to have a great website because now we’re going to start, you come to the workshops, you follow our steps, we’re going to start driving people to it. But if your website is no good, you’re actually doing more damage than good. So we’ve got to make sure that that’s excellent so as we drive people to it they don’t go, oh that’s horrible. It’s kind of like if you had like a really excellent steak dinner right there in front of you Oh yeah. And then right before you took a bite in it, you’re eating in Utica Square, kind of eating outdoors and a bird flies over. And it just drops a pile of bird fecal matter on that steak. And you’re like, well technically Barry, it didn’t get it on all of the steak. You’re like, it’s a sick. You can’t eat the steak. Yeah, you can’t eat the steak. Rich Gamby, search engine expert here for Thrive15.com. Have you ever optimized a website that you knew, and you believe that maybe even the business owner knew, but you knew that the website looked gross? Oh, absolutely. And when you look at it, are you thinking to yourself, hey, they’re top in Google, but there’s no way that I or anybody on the planet would ever buy from this business? Yeah, absolutely. We actually had a case of it earlier this month. There was a company out in like, I think it was like, I don’t know, Utah or something. And it was just absolutely garbage. We talked to the person. We say, hey, your website, it needs to be enhanced. I’m going to go through the list of things, Z, that people need to have to make their website work in terms of converting actual consumers into buyers. One, you’ve got to have a branding expert, Z. You’re listening to the Thrash Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Z, why do you need a branding expert? Well, you’ve got to have someone that helps to find your brand, helps to find you, has to come up with a logo, come up with your statement for your business. You’ve got to know who you are and state it clearly on your website. Why do you have to have great photography, my friend? Why do you have to have good imagery? I tell you what, if you get a grainy picture, one out of focus, that’s like the worst. I went on a website once and it wasn’t centered well and it was grainy and you couldn’t really see it. I’m like, this is just, ah! What about a graphic designer? Why do you have to have a graphic designer, Z? Well unless you’re a graphic designer, that’s what it’s about. It’s got to be pleasing to the eye. It’s got to be pleasing to the eye because people say, listen, if it doesn’t look good, because that’s going to be their first impression of you. They’re going to get on your website. It’s going to be their first impression. You only get one chance to make a first impression. And if you don’t look professional, if you don’t look clean and not cluttered, if you don’t look like you got your act together, and that’s what a graphic designer does. He helps clean things up and make things look good. Why do you have to have a web developer? Well, it’s the same. It’s the same thing. You’ve got to have someone on there to help you build the website, help you build it right to where now all of a sudden it’s Google compliant, it does all the things it’s supposed to do, and it covers the 37 checkpoints that we’re going to check on their websites for them. Why do you have to have a videographer and a copywriter? I’ll tell you what, video now is the new move. That’s the new move. It’s the new move. Boom, new move. And so having a little video on there, it just really, the best word I can put on there is just makes your website sexy. What if I’m listening right now? I’m like, okay, so here’s the deal. I’m looking at it. I’m going over on a scale of one to ten I rate my website like a tool Photographer I do not have a web developer. I do not have a video guy. Well, technically I do have a camera I have a phone which has a video on well, anyway, I got an advertiser copyright. I’m pretty pretty I’m screwed I don’t have these things. What do I do? I’ll tell you what. Here’s the deal. Merry Christmas early, because you know what? You’re sitting there listening, you’re at lunch, you’re finishing up lunch, you’re listening to the show, you’re kind of going, oh my gosh, that’s like a whole team of people. Guess what? You have a team of people you didn’t even know about. Now, where is this team, this elite team of Jedis, Z? It’s right in your hip pockets, right at Fry15.com. We are here. We’ve got the full team assembled, and we’re here to just jump into motion and to help you with your business. I want to give you a Christmas present right now, Zio, over the radio. Oh, come on. Here it is. Here’s my audio treat for you. I’m going to sing to you, Wham! Last Christmas. Oh, you are? Oh, then I’ll shut this down. Here we go. Here we go. Last Christmas, I gave you my heart. The very next day, Z, he gave it away. But this year, listeners, to save you from tears, I’ll give it to someone special. Drivers, if you don’t want to hear it, stay tuned. Shimmy shimmy ah shimmy yam shimmy yay. On the microphone and my name is Clay. Hello and happy holidays to you. My name is Captain Clay Tiberius Clark. You are listening to the Thrive Time Show no longer during the dark. We are in the noontime. We’re firmly in the noontime. Z, how excited are you about our new time, the noon, the afternoon, my friend? Well, I’ll tell you what, the thing about it is we talked earlier about we were at dinner time and now we’re at lunchtime. So you know what? You’re still eating a pizza listening to us. I couldn’t hear it. I was sorry. I was eating some Oklahoma Joe’s baked beans. You’re still over at Oklahoma Joe’s having the burnt ends and the baked beans. Now instead of on your way home for dinner, you’re at lunchtime squirreling around doing your little lunch move and you’re like, you know, hey, I got, you know, secretly I want to start my own business. And you pass the beans. Secretly I want to start my own business. You know, I’m like a lot of guys out there, a lot of people out there. I’m a little bit of a wantrepreneur, deep down inside. I’ve got this little dream. I’ve got this little ember of hope to start my own business. And where do I go to get that little ember flamed and to turn into a bonfire of excellence? Where do I go? Well, you can go to thrive15.com because what was happening is I have five kids, you have three kids, and this is what was happening to me. I know if it was happening to me it was happening to you too on a much larger scale. But there are so many people that will look at the success of, let’s say, Elephant in the Room or the DJ Connection business or Party Perfect that is now Party Pro. They would call me and go, can I pick your brain? I grew up without money. I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to just have a business that sucks like a Hoover and you want to grow it but you don’t know how. So I used to go, yeah, let’s meet. Over time my wife is like, hey, do you think you could meet with our own kids? And I’m like, oh, yeah. So I realized that there had to be a way to help people start and grow a business that didn’t involve our direct time. And the best two ways we could do it was, one, putting on this radio show. This is like a passion of ours to help people. And the second was to build the world’s best business school. And I’m not screwing around. I don’t know what they have on other planets, but in terms of the world that we live on right now, I can tell you Thrive15 is the world’s best business school because instead of paying like $30,000 a year, you’re paying like $19 a month. I mean, it’s an absolute no-brainer. It’s an absolute no-brainer. And you know what? Two years ago, a lot of people asked me, how did you get in that business? Why did you start that business? You’re an optometrist and you’re doing all these boom, boom, boom, boom, boom stuff. What are you doing? A lot of times I say, you know, that show that came out, Shark Tank, it really is cool because I’ve tried to explain the fact that people knew I was an entrepreneur. People would come to me with their ideas. They wanted me to coach them on it. They’d want me to support it. They’d want me to partner on it. They’d want me to do it, that kind of thing. So they were always shark tanking me, right? And when you came to me two years ago with the shark tank, this crazy idea, this crazy idea of scaling, business coaching, to where now you can business coach someone in the Ukraine. It’s never been done in the history of the world that we’re doing it. You can business coach someone in Tokyo, in Australia. Singapore, right now in Singapore. We’ve got thrivers all over the world. And it’s so fun because we’ve scaled it. We’ve made it the Netflix, I call it the Netflix of business coaching. And for just $19 a month, people can get on and get the kind of training, the practical training we’re doing today. Today we’re talking about SEO. What is that? Search Engine Optimization. Yeah, through Google. Yeah, through the internet. Yeah, through a great website. And you may say to yourself, I don’t have a team. I don’t know how to do this. It’s too overwhelming. But that’s why we’re here, to break it down, to coach you up, to give you the step-by-step, and if you say to yourself, okay, I hear the steps, but I don’t wanna do them, we’ll even do them for you, which is amazing. Now, see, here’s the deal, here’s the deal. We’re teaching you how to make millions today by becoming a search engine Jedi, like our superstar guest, Mr. Rich Gamby. So step number six is you must sell, this just in, you must sell a product or service that you can actually be proud of now I’m gonna read you a notable quotable and I see I’m just pulling back the rubber band because you’re gonna unleash I know in just a minute here so this is from Proverbs 13 11 it says dishonest money dwindles away but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow as an example when the TV huckster Kevin Trudeau stood in a packed federal courtroom to make one final sales pitch Monday. He hardly resembled the tanned, dapper figure seen hawking miracle diets and natural cancer cures on so many late night infomercials. After spending four months in jail for contempt of court, Trudeau’s trademark jet black coif was thin and gray. His usual tailored suit was replaced by rumpled orange jail clothes. typical air of defiance has turned to contrition and a change he said washed over him during his sleepless first night in custody. Kevin Trudeau was sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. This comes from the Chicago Tribune. Perhaps you bought his books, The Weight Loss Cure, they don’t want you to know about. Natural Cures, they don’t want you to know about. Debt Cures, they don’t want you to know about. He was selling things that weren’t honest, that weren’t real. He gained wealth through folly. See, why do you have to actually sell a… if someone’s listening right now, why do they have to actually sell something that works? You’re listening to the Thrash Time Show on Talk Radio 1170. Because anything else is unsustainable. Oh boy. And anything else will reach up and it’ll bite you in the hiney just like it did the young man whose horrible story you were just talking about. Yeah. You know, the thing about it is is that, you know, it’s kind of like even with kids, you can only fool them so long. It’s like your personality. You can only be somebody else for so long. Kids, Santa, you’re talking to your 17-year-old. Kids, Santa is real. Santa, he is real. I’m telling you. It’s like, Dad, I definitely saw you pay that credit card bill last year, and I know it was a stressful time. I get it. I’m 17. No, listen here, Tony. Santa’s real. And the thing about it is, and this is step one. You’ve got a dream, you’ve got a passion, you’ve got something buried in there that you want to release, okay? Let’s make sure, first of all, it’s ethical, it’s profitable, and it works, whether it’s a widget. I tell you what, folks out there, listen. If you know how to make a widget and we can sell it for a profit, now we can coach you up on how to scale that, how to start that, and how to grow that into a flourishing business. If you don’t have something that people want, don’t attempt to scale it. You’ve got to nail it before you attempt to scale it. Oh, that almost kind of rhymes. Now, Rich Gamby, Rich Gamby, search engine expert, have you ever bought something online that turned out to not be what you thought it was? Yes, several times. I’ve got to tell you a situation here, and I want to ask you, have you ever done it where you bought something online and it frustrated you so much that you wrote a bad review after buying it online when it wasn’t real? Yes. And did anybody tell you to write a bad review? Or did you just do it out of your own sheer will? I mean, would you ever buy it again, even though they really apologized? Would you buy something again that didn’t work? No, I would not. And this was even before I understood SEO. So this is the thing. And I just want to tell you this. I’m just telling you. You, right now, if you’re listening, you have to have a product that works. You have to have a service that people want. If you’re listening right now and you go, I want to be self-employed, but I don’t know how to even come up with a business idea. I’m going to go ahead and give you all your answers right now. Look around the world this week. This week, get a notepad. Just go to Walgreens or whatever, buy a notepad. Go over to Barnes and Noble, get yourself an early Christmas gift, buy yourself a notepad, and look for problems. That means problems like someone has too many leaves on their yard. Problem is somebody has a mini painting and they don’t want to do it themselves. A problem is somebody wants to optimize their websites and they don’t know how. A problem is someone wants to get a mortgage and they can’t do it themselves. Look for a problem and then if you can solve it, Z, that right there is the core of entrepreneurship. Step one, find a problem, get in front of it, and let’s solve it profitably. You have to think about it. It’s funny you talk about that, your haircut business earlier. Like, you know, our move, our marketing move, coming in your first one’s a dollar, and then people are kind of going expecting, well, I want every haircut to be a dollar. And it’s like, I’m not going to subsidize your haircuts. The first one’s called marketing. I’m going to give you a good deal. Basically I’m going to let you come in and try one, basically, on me, because guess what? This just in, it costs more than a dollar for me to have this luxury experience cutting your hair. So you want to be able to solve a problem, i.e. cut a dude’s hair, and you want to be able to do it profitably, right? And so now you go, okay, I’ve got a problem, I’ve got a solution, I can make a profit on it. Now what do I do? Now we’ve got the next step for you. Now Z, if you’re listening right now, Thriver, you have four action steps you could take today. Option number one is you could listen and go, this was some good information and therefore I am going to what I would call rumiate, or I’m going to rumiate, I’m going to marinate on it, and I’m going to do nothing actionable. I’m just going to know it and feel good about it. Oh yeah, that’s one. That’s one. That’s not maybe a move, but that’s a move people do. I think people do. Not you, because you’re the excellence. You listeners are the epitome of what success looks like. You have what it takes to apply what you’re learning. Step number two, you can go, you know what, I need the world’s best business school and I need it 24-7. You can go to thrive15.com and subscribe. It’s 19 bucks a month, you can cancel at any time. It is the world’s best business school. There’s a vault of thousands of videos. Move number three, you can go on our website, thrive15.com and sign up for one-on-one business coaching. And Zeke, why would anybody want that? Well, I tell you, once you have a little one-on-one action, I mean, the videos are great, you can binge watch them. It’s kind of like Netflix. And it’s good. You can take notes. They’re very detailed, but they’re entertainment. We call them edutainment. But every now and then you’re like, you know, I want to be able to kind of, you know, talk with a person. I want someone to hold my hand. I want someone to hold my hand. Exactly. You know, I want someone that I can actually shake their hand and rudiment with and say, you know, okay, what about this? What about this? What about this? What do I do? And so we have that as an option. Yeah, and move number four is you can sign up for an in-person two-day, it’s two days, so it’s seven and a half hours a day. It’s a two-day, 15 hours of power. 15 hours of power. You can come to the thrive15.com world headquarters and we are going to pump you up. We’re going to teach you the search engine. We’re going to teach you the sales. We’re going to teach you accounting. We’re going to teach you management, we’re going to teach you how to hire, in FIRE, how to raise capital, we teach it all here at the thrive15.com world headquarters. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s in person, it’s right here in this beautiful facility on the left coast of the Arkansas River and on this Friday, opening Rogue One, we did a little Jedi Master on SEO. Thanks for tuning in, have a great weekend and remember on Monday we’ll be here 12 to two. Three, two, one, boom! The number of new customers that we’ve had is up 411% over last year. We are Jared and Jennifer Johnson. We own Platinum Pest and Lawn and are located in Owasso, Oklahoma, and we have been working with Thrive for business coaching for almost a year now. Yeah, so what we wanna do is we wanna share some wins with you guys that we’ve had by working with Thrive. First of all, we’re on the top page of Google now. OK. I just want to let you know what type of accomplishment this is. Our competition, Orkin, Terminex, they’re both 1.3 billion dollar companies. Our competition, Orkin, Terminex, they’re both 1.3 billion dollar companies. They both have.


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