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Do you offer cleaning services? Then this is the podcast for you. During this episode of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show, Clay Clark and Doctor Robert Zoellner provide a proven path and the 20 Point Business Plan for Eco Hypoallergenic Cleaning Services. During this show business coach Eric Chupp also asks Doctor Zoellner and Clay about how to properly go about buying an existing business from another person.



STEP 11 – Must create no-brainer offer that is more aggressive than other agents to land deals in a turn-key way
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – $1 for first haircuts
  2. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE –  “First time customers get a free cookie” –
  3. 3. AMPLE EXAMPLE – “$1 first time haircut” –
  4. 4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – $99 for exam + 1 pair of glasses
  5. 5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney (The man behind the Disney Empire)



STEP 12 – Must create 3-legged marketing stool for acquiring your ideal and likely buyers (example – commercial real estate)
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Doctor Zoellner and Associates
  2. A. Radio Commercial
  3. B. Television
  4. C. Facebook
  5. 1. Calls to Former Patients
  6. 2. Signage
  8. A. Valpak Mailers
  9. B. Search Engine Optimization / Google Reviews
  10. C. Facebook Ads / Retargeting Ads



STEP 13 – Agree On Marketing Stool (6 Legged System Recommended for This Business)


Leg #1 – Search Engine Optimization

Leg #2 – Adwords to Test Market No-Brainer

Leg #3 – Run Facebook No-Brainer Ads

Leg #4 – Design Retargeting Ads

Leg #5 – Dream 100 to Ideal and Likely Referral Sources (if you are willing to stay to course)

  1. Step 1 – They don’t know you exist
  2. Step 2 – Annoyance
  3. Step 3 – Curiosity
  4. Step 4 – Doubt
  5. Step 5 – Like
  6. Step 6 – Trust


Leg #6 – Google Reviews

  1. 1. By default the trolls are in control of reviews.
  2. 2. You have not because you ask not.


Leg #7 – Create More Search Engine Content Than Your Competition




STEP 14 – Create Inbound Sales Scripts

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business.” – Michael Gerber (The best-selling author of the E-Myth Revisited)


FUN FACTS – “On average, American adults are watching five hours and four minutes of television per day.” –




STEP 15 – Create Outbound Sales Scripts




STEP 16 – Setup Call Recording
  1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Use



STEP 17 – Create Auto-Responder Email
  1. 1. Auto-Responder Rules
  2. A. Very little text
  3. B. Include a link to video testimonials
  4. C. Assure the prospect that you will be reaching back out to them




STEP 18 – Create World Class Business Cards Including the Following
  1. 1. Name
  2. 2. Phone
  3. 3. Email
  4. 4. Web Address
  5. 5. No-Brainer Offer




STEP 19 – Create One Sheet
  1. 1. Steps for Creating the Perfect One Sheet
  2. A. Must be 8.5 x 11 Glossy Document
  3. B. Systemically find the problem that the buyer has
  4. C. Show them the gain of using your product or service
  5. D. Show them the pain if they don’t use your product or service
  6. E. Support every statement with facts
  7. F. Show how you compare to your competition
  8. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – LAW OF CREDIBILITY – “Don’t say anything you can’t prove.” – Jerry Vass (Author of Soft Selling in a Hard World)




STEP 20 – Create Scripted Presentation




  1. 1. Avoid geo-fencing due to lack of tracking ability
  2. 2. Avoid funnel creation
  3. 3. Avoid blogs about no-money down making millions, etc.
  4. 4. Avoid get-rich-quick-schemes
  5. A. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Dishonest money dwindles away, but whoever gathers money little by little makes it grow.” – Proverbs 13:11



Back to the business coach radio show that’s more interesting than people watching a pregnant person without shoes at the Tulsa State, Fair Aussie. Did you get out to the State Fair this year, my man. Did you get out to the Tulsa State Fair? I sure did you did oh yeah  business coach  little people watching some, you not put myself when I’m on a strict diet, but I’ve been trying to eat healthy, or this last part of my you know last year to my life, and so you don’t got to go out There and take okay, I’m going to have like a cheat day.

You know I’m just business coach going to jump and all the other bear step. I didn’t I didn’t go like super super bad. Did you just a little better? I did not eat a deep-fried Snicker. I had a deep, fried apple pie and then to that there was a another sweet thing, is business coach kind of brownie thing and I business coach was some ice cream stuff on it and then a corn and Turkey Leg.

What are brownie brownie guy, who has abnormally intense Talent at heckling? I mean a guy who jumps Ultra witty, who can just order a guy who can sell the heck out of a blender. You go in not wanting a blender and smell. He convinces you that you want to get the blender, because just this limited-time it against your logic and judge when you he knows, for a limited time, he’s going to throw in his business coach extra knives that you didn’t even want and a juicer and a lifetime warranty of Juicing, like a like a mop or juicing a hammer or a shoe, and all the sudden you like, I do need to buy the human meat at normally intelligent Kearney, or did you see pretty much bottom level?

Carney’S probably saw I saw all of them by the way, because you know that there’s different levels of the one guy that recognize me to Kearny and said you tell clay Clark that I am in front of business coach work. My way up to be the DJ. Can you cannot be a carny if you apply and they say you don’t have what it takes to my dream was crushed. I can’t be a carny. I must do with the next rung below that it has become a DJ. There is the business coach dream job out there at the Tulsa State, Fair and that’s a guy that rides that you know he runs the Himalaya cuz.

He he’s an only a carny but he’s also a DJ even think about it’s a hybrid. It’S a car DJ! That’S corny! Jokes, business coach are you having fun and then they get to play whatever songs? They want me think about it. I’M that’s the old control. Oh my gosh, that’s a good thing. You make me want to do that, but why wouldn’t you I business coach mean you said you may want to do with the two best profession, combined together being a DJ and a carny all-in-one fun little package and you get to wear the outfit the red shirt.

That’S so nice now we’re talking about the 20-point business plan for Eco hypoallergenic cleaning services clean now. Here is the next step. The business coach Next Step you have to find the key word, the key words that people would actually type into a Google search Parts.

I’M business coach going to give example. If you type in Claremore, CPAs, Claremore CPA, that’s like an account and took a certified public accountant, you’re going to find Hood CPA. You come up top and Google, when people in business coach Claremore type that in a lot of different things, means if you’re looking for an business coach accountant.

Would you type in CPAs or bookkeeper or cattle what you type in to get some of that probably go CPA? First, I’m business coach looking at you for a CPA, but a lot of times. People think that is CPN. You may just want a bookkeeper or they need somebody. Just kind of help them you know what their stuff they don’t need.

Technically, that the CPA, though, I’m sure the firm’s also offer all kinds of levels of a bookkeeping Tom and you business coach can be account – account probably what I would default to bookkeeping CPAs in that City.. I mean, obviously you might do that or or not or maybe the state I mean now. What would you type it if you’re looking for an accountant or a bookkeeper for your bed bean counter.

Com, the city that I’m looking for somebody finds? Is it if you have 100 people in a room and they’re not allowed to talk to each other, no groupthink, and you just said we’re going to business coach buy this where to buy a TV, and then I went around the sheet of paper what you would type into Google, the people will say things differently than they actually type nephew put them in a group. Everyone goes oh yeah. I would have pretty much type that it cuz. It’S a group thing now, if you can what they type, it’s absolutely incredible.

How many different words and types of words that people type in to the Google search bar in so if you email us today, info at 3:15. Com com, our team will do a Google Keyword analysis for you and will tell you the traffic that is being sick. How many people per month are searching for all of the different term, so you can decide where to business coach put your focus, energy and effort, and that’s the beauty of it.

You don’t have to sit there and try to figure out what it would have to be searching for to find me where to find my business, because there’s a record of it out there. Absolutely the Entertainer takes about an hour for our team to do it and we use a tool business coach called sem We also use a program called and we also use a program called Google. Adwords will use all three business coach programs and we could, with the concoction.

We give you the most accurate data we can possibly provide for you, so you got in those keywords, no step number 11. You must create a no-brainer offer. An offer that is so business coach good to people cannot say no to a Paul Hood. You have a no-brainer right business coach now for all of our listeners. What is that?

What is the gift? What’S the no brainer you’re offering the tremendous people of Tulsa will first play the business coach number one searched thing that pulls my firm up is the Chuck Norris of taxes. Go back to you, I will let you know we have. Is you send me an email or go on our website and sign up in the world, dedicate an hour of business coach free time, just sit and answer any questions.

You’Ve got taxes, I business coach nvestments, Financial life insurance, whatever just an hour for free, I hate so who’s the really Sasquatch, and you have to answer it honestly, right or like. Should you put the vegetables in your tuna fish sandwich? You know anything hydraul diesel hard hard him.

A question question I’d like to ask. I have a lot of warts on high on my thoughts and I just want to know how many there are you real by step to do you have an business coach implant either all questions. I would want, I would stand for now and yes, that would be a question for an optometrist would be your first haircut in the room is a dollar first time, second time or third time, whatever you’re eating for your exam and one pair of glasses for an business coach

Exam and one pair of glasses, but see so many optometrist, so many dentists, doctors, lawyers, accountants, everybody fights against a no-brainer cuz. They say I don’t want to be known as the chief Company. Please break it down my man. Well, it doesn’t have to be something based on you, no money, in other words, for hey.

I will do you know your taxes, for you know it could be, it could be a free giveaway. It could be something that you have a reduced price on. It doesn’t always have to be the reduced price to be a no-brainer. Can I take my best no-brainer? I never developed, and I felt really good about canvas here on the mall fishing Lehigh punishes you business coach nd see what happens if there was a T-Mobile store in the mall in Louisville, and I got hired to do some work with these guys and long story short if

They had a hard time getting traffic into the store, and so there’s that mr. Miyagi guy you know the Asian deep tissue guy does look as if we don’t speak English, but they do the best massages in the world very aggressive, the wax on wax off. So I noticed that his throat was kind of business coach empty and there still is kinda empty, but on different sides of the mall, and so we put up massage chairs in front of T-Mobile in business coach the deal was it said. Free massage was a sign of people getting a massage because they’re pretty aggressive to get you in there.

They said we’re going to compare rates between what you’re business coach currently paying what we can do for you. Why it? Why you get a massage and so people would literally get his hand over their phone, and it was it wouldn’t. Let us compare for you, and it would come back in your business coach face – is squished against the thing you’re getting a massage with AT&T.


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