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During today’s radio show, Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner break town the 8 of the 66 super moves that they use to be more productive, more focused and more successful. If you have ever struggled with time management then this show is for you.



Move #1
Schedule 1 hour of daily meta-time if you are ambitious [ 8:20 ] 


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” – Benjamin Franklin (One of the Founding Fathers of the United States. Franklin was a renowned polymath and a leading author, printer, political politician, freemason, postmaster, scientist, inventor, humorist, civic activist, statesman, and diplomat. As a scientist, he was a major figure the history of physics for his discoveries and theories regarding electricity. As an inventor, he is known for the lightning rod, bifocals, and the Franklin stove, among other inventions. He is a man who got alot of stuff done.)


If you are going to become successful you must be good at designing and planning successful and productive days and this is not possible if you do not schedule time to plan out your days. I call this time my daily “meta time.” The word meta, comes from the Greek word that stands for “above and beyond.”


To become successful you must schedule a specific time and place to do you meta-time. If you don’t do this you will never become a proactive person. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. Where will you do your daily planning? _____________________________________
  2. 2. When will you do your daily planning? ______________________________________
  3. 3. What do you need to have available to daily execute your schedule planning? _______________________________________________


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “What gets scheduled gets done.” – Lee Cockerell (The former Executive Vice President of Walt Disney World Resorts who once managed over 40,000 cast members / employees)




Move #2
Purposely decide what and who you are going to say “no” to [ 16:02 ] 


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.” – Steve Jobs (The man who personally lead the charge to make personal computers that non-nerds could use, the man who co-founded Apple, the man who introduced the first 100% digitally animated box office success story (Toy Story) when he was the CEO of the company. The man who revolutionized the music industry the IPod and ITunes. The man who introduced the IPad tablet technology to the planet and the man who introduced the game-changing phone, the IPhone to the planet. He was a dude who got things done.)


Regardless of how most people feel about it, success requires tradeoffs and your network is your networth. Thus, you must decide specifically right now what you are going to stop doing and who you are going to stop hanging out with. You can’t become successful if you are still watching 5 hours of TV per day. It’s not possible to become successful if you are spending every waking hour of your day surrounded by lazy and negative people. I promise you, the people that you are around will become your “new normal.” Whatever the majority of your friends deem to acceptable will become “ok” and “acceptable” to you. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. Who do you need to stop spending time with? ________________________________________________________________
  2. 2. What activities do you need to stop participating in? ________________________________________________________________
  3. 3. What organizations do you need to stop investing time in? ________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. List out the ways you wasted time during the past 7 days and stop doing these things: __________________________________________________




Move #3
Don’t allow your smartphone to make you dumb [ 37:45 ] 


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Nowhere are the perils of technology more commonly overlooked than in the workplace. As I explain in a new book on the emerging science of workplace excellence, to perform at our best, we require distraction-free periods in which we can leverage our full, uninterrupted attention. For many of us, these conditions are surprisingly difficult to come by, in part because of the way we allow technology to interfere with our work…

Consider what happens when a new message arrives in your inbox. Unless you’ve changed the default settings on your email, you are treated to a pop-up message, the sound of a bell, or a counter that signals your growing number of unread messages. Each time this happens your brain is forced to make a series of decisions—”Check email or keep going?” “Respond now or later?”—that drain your mental energy. – Is Your Smartphone Making You Dumb? A series of studies finds that the devices do the opposite of what we expect. – Ron Friedman, Ph.D. – Psychology Today

Sadly the majority of Americans are absolutely addicted to instantly responding to the constant barrage of time wasting social media updates, text messages, emails, phone calls and other interruptions that has been shown to absolutely kill your mind’s ability to solve problems, to make wise decisions and to engage with people emotionally. Your smartphone will make you dumb if you allow it to. I would challenge you here and now to write out the answers to the following questions for your betterment:


  1. 1. How many times were you interrupted during the past 24 hours by a text message?
  2. 2. How many times were you interrupted during the past 24 hours by a voicemail?
  3. 3. How many times were you interrupted during the past 24 hours by an email?
  4. 4. How many times were you interrupted during the past 24 hours by a social media post?
  5. 5. How many times were you interrupted during the past 24 hours EMOTIONALLY by a negative text message?
  6. 6. How many times were you interrupted during the past 24 hours EMOTIONALLY by a negative voicemail?
  7. 7. How many times were you interrupted during the past 24 hours EMOTIONALLY by a negative email?
  8. 8. How many times were you interrupted during the past 24 hours EMOTIONALLY by a negative social media post?


My friend if you do not set digital boundaries for yourself you will never get anything done. You must determine times during your day when you will have your cell phone on and when you will have your cell phone off.




Interesting man in the world all trap Nation. Welcome back to your favorite radio show it is the Thrive time show on your radio. You never heard the show before, but we try to do is to provide you business school without the BSR whole things you want to teach you the specific moves that you can use to improve the quality of your life, to make more money  business coach  to make more time.

Freedom and like I’m always excited because, on the show we have the honor to be joined with the man, the myth, the optometrist has been helping Tulsa c2020 for over an hour 25 years, almost 26 years, dr. Robert zoellner, sir.

How are you I am fantastic, except I had kind of a business coach tough, a tough weekend, yeah kind of looks a little tough week and I haven’t really talked about it yet and I felt like Today show I was going to agree with, but then but then I Also and kind of have a happy when you don’t ending to The Story,

So you said you had a grievance and had an issue. You had a business coach yes in in Oklahoma, we have a class, A Horse Track call Remington Park in Oklahoma City right in on Friday Night Last Friday, we had what we business coach call the Oklahoma Classics and that’s like the Breeders Cup for the nation of the word. If it’s the best Oklahoma bred horses running on a traces and then I have a couple of other so 10, technically,

I guess and it’s over a million dollars in person since the biggest horse race in Oklahoma – and I had a business coach couple horses running in Bay. When was the favorite was like a second favorite and they both ran not very well really DMV and,

I said all the right things in business coach good form and they just laid an egg, and I guess sometimes in life. You know you think you do everything right right. You to give you thinking of you think you’re business coach doing All the Right Moves In All the Right Moves In All the Right Moves, Like Jagger Satan one day in your life, you look at me like I’m. I just laid a big rig. Did you have a business coach bunch of friends there and then you do have kind of a. I know typical.

You run out when you lyrics Rochester to Rodger 15 to 20. People normally business coach would work with Mayweather. Would you hire him for the night to follow you around., I’m busy, but Buzz we load I drive down there, we have to business coach eat.

All you can eat horse finishes not first, not second, not really. Just when you would even talk about it is the move to order free drinks for business coach all of your buddy. So no one remembers what happened or do you just say we move on? Do you have kind of a do?

You say it’s a good business coach attention when you’re in the car and where Mom and Dad are fighting and in in this is quiet and silently what is the most kind of funny, because business coach sometimes you don’t group every year, there’s a novice or two in the group selection That go you’re the favorite. How did you?

How did your not you know you just like you, got to explain everything to someone who, like way back at the end of how does one determine winners? I know what business coach you keep it running again.

What happened on that cloud of horse racing in Twilight is that a very good friend call me today. Today I’ve got business coach I’ve got one slot open. I’Ve got a table. I got a house on the beach I’ll come on, the Breeders Cup is going business coach to be at Del Mar which I’ve never been to try to cover the surf meets.

The turf is by San Diego, it’s beautiful, beautiful weather. I spoke in their own lives. There. You go yes well then, then you give, you can give me some hot spots to go to I’m sure absolutely he invited me with a couple of his business coach buddies, and so I was like absolutely it’s a bucket list biggest bucket list.

So then you know man. So I mean horses can be born anywhere in the business coach world actually and now the best the best come in for these races and they are the biggest of the big have time to go.

You probably have the opportunity, you business coach probably have that the financial freedom, but you probably don’t have time, no wait a minute. You do have time and why you have time it’s because you business coach know these 66 super move the real be going over the next six and a half days next 7 days.

We have to go through the super moves that you use on a daily basis to business coach allow you to free up the time that you need to get stuff.. I am super excited to hear these months.

I am too I’m going to Deep dive into him. We’Re going to have fun business coach with them, but you know what clade this isn’t as convinced that you’d only called and invited me.

We talked about it before and I wasn’t sure I was business coach going to be the 4th Amigo on the how you get them. You get to know, and I’m like absolutely he’s able to check your schedule and I wanted to say well. This is kind of one of those things that whatever is on my schedule, I’m still going to go to the Benton life, I’m working.

What could someone business coach call out to you playing, say: Hey, you can work, we had the opportunity to do it on the business coach blank and you would say it doesn’t really matter what I have scheduled that day, I’m going to do it behind the scenes.

Tour. How business coach quick trip works? The seats to repel Quick Trip, work – clothes – I love systems would be meeting Bill. Belichick about Tom Tom Brady would be the first thing he said. He’S won Super Bowls previous to Tom, Brady, okay, when he was an offense of coordinator demons.

According to the guy, he understands football, and business coach even the year that Tom Brady was gone, they had a successful season with the guy who never played a down of college football. That was the guy that they have. The chiefs ended up signing as his name Castle, Matt Cassel stats up.

Next, it’s the system is impenetrable. You think you can take any starting business coach quarterback in the NFL right now in eastern pretty good to be starting quarterback starting quarterback and put it on the Patriots and go in the soup. Yes, and example.

Jacoby Brissett is not a starter. He was back up last year. Last year they had was filling in for Brady garage he’s got a fever, I’m in the sky. The only business coach cure is more Victory, so he’s out their winning and they’re like Matt Garoppolo, the next one, maybe he’ll, replace Brady someday. We gets hurt. Sarah, like okay.

Now we’re on to the third string: most teams have never met the third string guy, but they haven’t and Jacoby Brissett there, like you get in there, anyone business coach with him they could just win with any offense. It doesn’t matter me this week.

They just kept giving the ball to Burkhead park at. Are you kidding me Burkhead they’re, giving the ball to Burkhead they’re, giving out there giving the ball to people you’ve never heard of before everybody who signs of the Patriots j business coach ust becomes that much better?

It’S awesome! It is, it really is an incredible story to check a behind-the-scenes tours of QuikTrip. Those are the things that would say no matter what’s going on yeah that will your child graduation you’re going to see Bella check graduation.

You have to put that above business coach that, but we could schedule it a different day time to get things done, I’m going to teach you the moves one by one there 66 of them were going to go over the next seven days with you so moved everyone.

You got to schedule an hour a day, meditation. You might call a prayer time, you might call it business coach planning time. I don’t care what you call it. You have to do your schedule an hour a day of meta time.

If you are ambitious now Benjamin Franklin, the inventor of the skull, what the man who I also was one of the first postmaster, the guy who was credited as being the original author of the US business coach Constitution, a guy who invented the Franklin stove bifocals, he did some

Things he says by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail, so doctors to prepare. You are preparing to go to ask you what something on your list today that you definitely have committed to doing.

But you said: hey, you business coach know what I don’t have a ton of things I have to get done today, but this will for sure happen before the end of the days or something on your list like that today, at Siesta is actually book a flight to San Diego Breeders Cup tell the next thing is: when do you plan out your day now and when you were in the business coach trenches starting your first business?

When did you plan time? When was your plane time, then a back in the day when I was you, I was working in the business all day, long and all day long. Where can you get back?

Because I can’t work on my business because I’m working in my business, then you have business coach to you – don’t have to do the time that I was not open for business in the evenings.

You know you do the dinner thing with the family and then you put the kids to read the story. You got to snuggle time. You got to do all that bad stuff, that you do all the moves.

That has to be right at midnight in a business coach pot of coffee and doing it. What time would you do that seriously? What I would probably do that from like 10 to midnight, that kind of would come up with you and then try to get to bed by midnight. Oh yeah, I’m that crazy! Isn’T it because you kind of like well, you missed me like every go.

We got to business coach play on time for your plan. Things are our partners in the president of Walt Disney World he’s to manage 40,000 team members. He says what to get scheduled gets done, so you were talking to somebody.

They said just give it to me straight shoot me straight. You don’t have to be nice, you don’t business coach need. This is not a radio show. This is you talking to me? I don’t have time to plan my schedule. I understand I don’t have time. What would you say?

Well then, you know what you’re never going to get anything done now, I’m questioning here, here’s the conundrum. Do you want to get stuff done? Because business coach if you don’t do you want anyone?

You’Ve got the perfect system for not getting things done and I think that’s why we’re not getting things done and that’s why I think we have the this horrible number which were trying to eradicate according to Forbes, which businesses fail. Let me think about business coach that 80 %.

I mean what’s a good thing in the hair industry because they keep going out of business and we keep growing too big of a teary eye, but I mean trust, wrap it up or you like.

Well, you know how much dreams and money and desires and planning and time and just effort when it open those business coach businesses, and then they fail that just it’s sad and that we have a heart to keep his business is open, except for here businesses are women’s here. I have a heart for you.

I want you to find the time to plan, but if you’re, if you’re listening right now and you’re eating, you are a man and you have a men’s business coach grooming business in your, not the elephant in the room.

I would say to you: you don’t have time to plan, it’s not possible for her to think about each one of those hairs and don’t ever make time to plant squash know you only have a couple of them in town at three of them.

Three of them. You couldn’t business coach cut every man here in town brother out there, the guys that don’t want to find variance in the Hologram technology and uh. So I know people each right now.

I think we have been asking about 4,000 members, you know, give or take and we’re just booked out until we going to open up two more locations business coach here, two more in Tulsa until she can handle two more and then we have commitments to open up to and Boise, Idaho and a 1in in Louisiana, and one in Dallas have like blue Turf in those are we do the audio Red, Sovine music?

We just keep playing the audio of Boise. Beating OU In-N-Outs are talking business coach about how how this can’t believe. That’S what’s going to happen. Just at the Boise, the boys have no move number to wear it. When you talk about me, come back and she got to decide what you’re going to say. No to you got to ask yourself: what are you going to say?

No to me we’re going to bring business coach the guy, who very well could be possibly be the new governor for the state of Oklahoma Kevin stint as a as a Ghazt secret. So I bring up politics.

You just tell me know when I start getting into you know his deep political views. You just stay just drive time show on your radio were talking about the art business coach of getting things done. Alright, tribe Nation, welcome back to the conversation for all those who might have had a losing weekend at the horse track.

We apologize, we we, we know it’s been a tough week and we apologize that all the preparation, all the horse, food, all the horse, tranquilizers all the training business coach I didn’t, even even the jockeys just living off of starvation – diet IO, not culminate in a in a in A victory so give that to you if you’ve been impacted deeply by a poor performance at the horse track.

We were talking about you, passive, aggressive, I’m sorry, you know I just felt like. I was verbally throat business coach punched right then I feel like you just physically, but verbally I just know it’s really early, it’s ecstasy, when you’re next to me right now, it feels like there is something between us kind of a downer cuz, I’m in between us between us,

But there’s just a down around you, so I had to bring in somebody in the business coach box that rocks lift up, maybe now I just broadcast, but the entire State. Somebody who can rise the tide, somebody who can totally change the mindset of potentially Oklahoma, is running for governor of Oklahoma on the show in Z. Apparently you know this guy.

Do you do you know they do? You business coach know this guy I’ve had the privilege of meeting this young man a few times and listen to a story. I’M excited about he’s built the wonderful business and that’s where the core.

Why we have your mind or do we love highlighting successful local business people that have done it in the get them on and business coach then trick them into having them tell their secrets?

And so we have Kevin’s step on the show Kevin. How are you my friend, doing great thanks for having me on what we’re talking about today, how to get stuff done and we’re teaching the 66 super moves that the drivers can use over.

The next seven business coach shows to free up more time in your schedule and our next move. Our next move is purposively determining what you’re going to say no to everyone has to be intentional about what kind of things are going to say no to, and you have a successful company – that’s kind of your path to get here.

So I want to business coach ask you: what’s your 20, what’s your story, you know, how did you first get into the get into business here in Tulsa and then what kind of things are just say no to now they’re running for governor and running a business, and it’s Got to be some trade-offs, how did you get started in business in here in business coach Tulsa have solutely well, I grew up in

Norman Oklahoma and my dad was a pastor there and went to school and Still Waters which Oklahoma State got an accounting degree. Then move to Tulsa, I’m at my wife, Sarah we’ve been married 19 years lol yeah we have six children, six six.

How business coach are you Mormon? No, not have cable TV.. Just just really. Like my wife, I guess I have 5 kids. So I question your sanity. You say you’re passing the test over it stop. You can certainly certainly be praying for my wife during this journey, so she’s got a tough job, but anyway there are 17 is our oldest down to three?

Is the youngest three boys and three girls so really busy around the house, and then I got into the mortgage business shortly after college when I move to Tulsa and then in January of 2000, with ,000 in a computer,

I started my company Gateway Mortgage Group and Today we have over 1,100 employees, we have about 155 offices and 40 States how we have a division that buys loans from Banks and Credit Unions. Bieber had your home loan Soul, that’s where we come in and we service everything so you’re a customer for life with us and we service all of our home loans.

Right now you may be driving to lunch. You could be unwrapping your tuna right now. You could be getting ready to go to figure out we’re going to go to lunch I’ll, be waking up under a bridge could be anywhere in the world at any time.

But how many do you have to right now? Have a computer? You raise your hand if you have access to ,000 and I have his card and this guy that’s only had to start with and and now he’s got coming 1107 at 11:50 right now: wow 1150 employees in office and how many offices around the country, 155 offices?

We do business in 40 States unbelievable. Now, that’s a success story. I want to tap into and figure out the secret sauce when that didn’t happen overnight me now you get to celebrate the big building at all matter.

Fact that I met you on your new beautiful buildings on the Jinx right, that’s right, yeah that you just built that the new a Gateway mortgage I never go outside. You know me, I’m always extra box.

That rocks are in my bunker, and so I have not seen if it’s, because it’s not a great building, it’s because I really have no data points outside of the watch see this month. So it’s okay, but when you started off, you got your computer thousand bucks. How long did it take before you thought to yourself? I think I’m going to make it well, you know we.

I think you have to have a belief in yourself and then we have made a lot of mistakes over the years, but I really believe people just give up a little too early. So before the crash 2006-2007, I was hating life.

I wanted to quit my own company a thousand times, but you just keep what you keep going. You keep focusing on taking care of your employees, take care of your customers, and I just stay to myself. It’S not over until we win it’s not over.

Until I win, are you going to just keep going anybody who’s built? A successful business has to at some point, learn effective time management because eventually, whether you’re, in my case, we start a business out of your dorm room or in your case you start a business or these kids, all the sudden. You have more customers than time and you start to realize you’re going to have to make some trade-offs, and so was.

You would have purposely decide on what and who you’re going to say. No to you know Steve Jobs once said people think Focus mean saying yes to the thing you got to focus on in this case, but that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no 200 good ideas mayor.

You have to pick carefully, I’m actually as proud of the things we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to a thousand thanks to what kind of car do you have to say no to now in your race to help improve Oklahoma and to make it more business-friendly for entrepreneurs like myself and doctor.

So I think you’re exactly right and I see it this way too. I mean there’s something like 5 million companies in the US. I may have the numbers off that have zero to nine employees and then there’s like 19000 company that have over 500 employees.

So it’s usually not the CEO of the entrepreneur that started the company that can, I didn’t, keeps morphine and becomes the guy that still leaving the company with 1,100 employees. So you have to be kind of team approach and you say it like.

You got to learn how to say no to certain things: you’ve got to be able to attract the right team around you and you can’t be the same guy that charges the hill all the time when you have nine employees, your first start. What? What is it if somebody is listening right now and they say okay, I feel like I am the charge of the Hill, I’m the guy who leads.

It leads the pack. I’M always been that Trailblazer. What would you when you say you can’t be that guy anymore? What does that mean? You know it took to me, I mean obviously, as the entrepreneur in the guy that starts the business we all feel like. We can do the job better than others right right. Right to grow, or you need to grow you’ve got to learn to train.

You got ta, learn to hire the right people. You got in power, those guys you got to bite your tongue. Sometimes, let people make mistakes and be more team, focused rights to ever get to where you where you want to go, and I think most of us want to continue to grow.

We want to get better. You’Ve got to learn to give give up a little bit of that control, train the right people and a power, those guys to make the right decisions busy.

As you have built, your businesses, you’ve obviously had to say no to some things I like to talk about it a little bit when we come back from the break. I want to hear from you what are the things that you say no to on a daily basis, the most people say yes to cuz, I watch you make these little decisions all the time to come by principles.

I think where you don’t even question the validity of even saying yes to it, sometimes because it’s so firmly planted in your brain you’re, going to say no to those kind of things. But I want to get your feedback see on what you specifically say.

No to in Sarasota political Shelby, you cannot Dodge the question alright to my good friend, my good friend. Cuz he’s going to break that what he says no to if you haven’t, checked them out, yet Google search Kevin Stitt. He may be the next Governor state drive time show on your radio.

Welcome to the Thrive time show a show for the enemies of average. People are not born with big thighs. You know you baby text me to look like this and Franz. Do you remember the glory of Hans and Franz? That was like part of my growing up.

I was like that you, if you didn’t want Saturday Night Live, is a kid because on Monday, when the conversation, it’s cool turn to Saturday Night Live what happened to your two days before and you didn’t you weren’t up on it. U-Haul man, you just got ostracize.

You had to go to time-out, I mean you when they stopped being a rebel went down by about 2 %, and I had to track you just texted me about 2 % on the show today or Kevin stead. Who wants to be the next Governor of Oklahoma, and you know what I think you can and he’s trying to improve the quality of life in

Oklahoma by at least 3 %, which would negate the 2 % I lost just leaving me a total positive game of 1 %, if you’re following the map to home, but now you got some hard-hitting questions for mr. Kevin stats on my past.

The microphone to do is I’m going to say no to answer your question. You asked me cry because we only have Kevin for a little bit little bit longer. Okay, you and I’ll grab it he’s going to leave us he’s, got cuz he’s got important.

Things got to go. Do you know when you get to him focus on him? A little bit and then I will Circle back and tell you all the things I say no to me over here. Alright, so Kevin I mean you, you always have a very successful business.

You’Ve been an entrepreneur, obviously with much success, and now why would you want to Easy Street right? You got time freedom. I mean you’re busy, making some money. I mean you’re, loving, Allied.

You got your six kids, you got your beautiful wife and you got the the dream life. Why on Earth? Would you want to step into the slam bam world of politics run for public office? What are you thinking?

Well, it is hard. They certainly don’t give this thing while you got to work at a law for it, but you know I’m really concerned about our state. I travel to Texas Carolina Tennessee Colorado, all the states that we have offices and I’m seeing tremendous momentum in these other states around is the economy is booming the jobs, the growth and I come back to Oklahoma, to state that I love that I’m raising my family And

Grill in my company and we’re just a little bit down in the dumps. We had a negative 3 % growth last year, they’re going to 4-day school weeks, trying to save money in the school system and we have a billion dollar budget deficit.

And I just and I look who’s running for governor in to me it’s just more of the same. It’S just a career politicians running for their next election. I truly believe we’re going to be in the same situation talking about the same issues 8 years from now.

If we keep electing the same guy, so I want to take off for my company go serve, my state get us growing again, it’s so I’m just a huge growth guy in in I want to see if you know doing better now see I noticed you got Your one light bulb out you’ve got your waterboarding kit Outlook and interrogate them and hear what were your next hard-hitting questions here for will give me you can a bullet point some stuff,

I mean me. Obviously, you’ve been thinking about this for a while, and you obviously been deep diving into some of the problems that are stages in countering you just mentioned a couple of them right there. How are you going to have some answers?

What are you what you going to do so I took to me it’s just a leadership, I’m so much different than the career politicians in the race, I’m the only guy with the outside experience that screwed 1,100 jobs in so I’m going to bring the private private To experience that I’ve created over the last 17 years, we have five pillars that we grow our company with and what kind of the same thing at the state level. You need a growth pill or you need education, infrastructure, Health in efficiencies.

We could talk about each one of those and in those never change, you always have to have an initiative on growth and an education. But let’s talk about education for a second, we are 49 in the nation and teacher pay best companies moving here.

We’Ve got to have the best schools and if I want the best schools, I’ve got to pay competitive wages to the teachers, and I kind of look at it like this. If, if I hired Underwriters of my company and paid them ,000 less than the market demanded, I would get to worst Underwriters bench that have high delinquency of in.

Should I go out of business, so I look at stuff and kind of a 68 foot print around Oklahoma and we’ve got to pay what Kansas, Texas Arkansas kind of what the average is around Oklahoma and how much more than we’re paying currently do you have you Done the math on that was about ten thousand on there. Okay, with your mother bullet point things and where else are we missing the ball anywhere else?

Can we do better as a state? You know we have about a 22. We spent twenty-two billion rstate. Okay. So that’s our budget, or can you only hear about six and a half billion?

So that’s the only thing that gets appropriated by the state legislatures, and so we have to figure out a way to give them more ability to control more budget instead of just this ear tax money, your ear tag, money that gets passed through, so we’ve got to Give them more control over that.

We need a line item Budget Inn. We need performance Audits and every single different agencies. I have 15 different call centers in my company and in I could go through exactly how we do it, but we build budgets for the following year. I break every budget.

Every call center down to a number and bigger budgets aren’t always necessarily better outcome, so we need to focus on efficiency across all the different government agencies. In as as a conservative, I need to get the government regulation more off of the out of the lives of a business is not renewers and let them grow, and let the free market expand about this.

Guy want to do my research. So can I ask you what what’s your website? How can people get ahold of you and if somebody maybe wants to get involved or hear you speak again or what would people get involved absolutely so you can go to sit for gout, not calm.

You can like us on Facebook, it’s good for governor and we’ve got an app. You can go download the app from the app store and then it’s got our schedule in there. It has a how to get involve.

You can tell, if you want to be, we will help us work on policy cuz. I think that we have smart people in our state, like you two guys and your listeners and entrepreneurs, and I want to try to invite the private sector to come, solve our problems, whether it’s in the healthcare or or it’s in the growth column and Orton education.

I’Ve been doing different policy deal, so I’m I’m going to be kind of bringing a private sector approach and I think that’s the way our forefathers intended it. They didn’t want you to be a career politician. They wanted you to take off from your farm or business temporarily, go serve your state, that’s the kind of Governor I want to be.

I want to be focused more on the next generation without regard to the next election day in your man. I just I really want to know more about this guy again he’s giving his website, but I’m going to ask some questions that I think that the every man wants to ask you right.

Now. People say you know what government they just waste, so much money on ABC and then we want to pay him or to the side. I see a lot of people say you know, I see the government wasting money on a b and c these different areas, and then this guy is on the show of want to talk about. You know, maybe paying people more. So can you talk to me about?

Maybe some things reflect government spending too much money on cuz. I I totally hear your heart here. I just want to ask the root question on behalf of the listener who’s going. This guy wants to spend more money, yeah.

Well, here’s the deal we’re losing the marketing battle. I talk to them. The reason that the teacher pay to me – it’s not necessarily more money, it’s just market, so I talked to CEOs everywhere and they’re having trouble recruiting businesses.

If we don’t have the best schools here. Where do we do we start right so that the first thing as CEO, this looking for their family they’re, getting their Google in education and are seeing that were 49th and in the nation and we’ve got to fix that into me?

It’S just kind of a simple deal. You look at the private sector stuff. If you want to hire the best people here, you got ta pay him competitive salary. So, but are we? You know, there’s a lot of Reform. Yes, I mean what drives me crazy. When I look at, then we have career tax that we have higher education system. Nobody comprehensively is looking structurally how we set the whole thing up.

Nobody is a governor, that’s thinking about how we do what’s best for all four million Oklahomans to often it’s it’s based on that my time to shut up, and you are looking for – maybe the next governor who should I vote for, I would submit to you it’s Very hard to grow a successful business consideration, especially on the DriveTime business coach radio show. My name is Eric.

I’M a business owner. I advise you to check out and stressed its website, so it could have been successful. Oh oh, oh, oh man! I don’t know whether we could have made Eastwood Mall successful. What happened to that thing I mean, if you had to do a deep dive into what happened to Eastland Mall. Do you have any cuz? I was. I was too young to know why it wasn’t working.

I just noticed it when I went down to That Chick Fil-A. It was like hey Mom, what’s going to Chick-fil-A at go cuz, no one else, they’re going out of business a business park, so I called her business and and it’s somewhat successful in a different chapter of its life.

I guess you could say right. I mean isn’t that what happened to that thing, where I think it is bad placement, perhaps and then number to if they didn’t think that the big anchors, if they needed you, got to get the big anchors anchors and they couldn’t give you the other malls and Maybe it was an extra mall too much people are going to doctors and associates.

Are there by the mall at 65th and Memorial to go there to get the results, probably riding your coattails of wake of your marketing Glory glasses, where we killed them all about time. Management, the art of getting things done and move number to the purposely decide on what you’re going to say. No to I want to ask you on a daily basis.

What are some things that you just say no to on principle almost all the times I’ve been thinking about it. It’S now your new automatic you’re just constantly saying no to it.

Well, you have had my cell phone number, I’m old enough clay that I remember back in the day, your cell phone, like a personal number, you know that’s my private number automatically reach out to people on their cell phone.

This is how you would say you say girl. I tell you what I’ll give you my cell phone girl. Can I get your cell phone and she said yeah, but don’t call it unless it tonight cuz. I got two minutes.,

That’s what it was. But the point is that if someone calls me in their name, isn’t programmed in my phone – yes, I really don’t know that person. Then I don’t and I say no to call somebody does call you in somehow you called them, and you know that you never want to speak to him again. You won’t interim in as a contact there, for if they call again, you won’t get the phone Bingo, but other you put a bit of Billy.

Do not answer. You know you get busy and before you would say yes to everything, you wanted to do things and you want to help people, and you want to do other things and then pretty soon Anna, like Hey man, can, can I pick you up? Can I can?

I have some time and that the people want more than anything. I want that time, and so, if you said yourself we’re all about time management today and part of it is, if you want more time than you, you have to then take control of what you’re doing in that time and saying: no, you don’t want to have A meeting with you how many times you get acid a day or how many times back in the day when you asked hey man, can I have some of your time, there’s probably three to five people a day that will email of some kind saying hey.

Can I pick your brain and that’s what we started to drive was to help others who wanted to grow a business and give them specific training, but in a scale of a way, because you, it’s probably a magnitude of 10 times that, but for me I can Bring a note, 5 to 10 people dancing to go email and going to want to pick your brain or shoot me.

A LinkedIn message will say: hey I hear you’re at the Riverwalk. You don’t want to see if you wanted to network or there’s just a lot of that kind of stuff. You know it in the reality is, is that I would have the maturity now thought to realize that if I’m going to say yes to the networking, I have to tell my wife, I’m not going to be home on time or I have to tell my kids.

I can’t be at the thing or there’s some trade-off. That has to happen. If I am to say yes and so for a long time, I would say yes and then I would end up not being available for family time and I wasn’t able to emotionally or mentally make that I understand it’s saying yes to something.

Requires you to say no to something else, you’re right and that’s one of the questions that actually that get brought up a lot young entrepreneurs or people that are young and in business, come to me and they say how do you know how to balance?

That is that you know how do you know when to start saying: no writing know how do you know what to be home more to be most people start a business in love with her doing it, fires them up dopamine going to brain.

I love making widgets cutting hair, cutting hair awesome until then I’ll just sit there look up and the days gone and had a great day and they connected and they have had a super day. Then all the sudden I get home and I’ve got up, please send their spouses look at them with that. Look like a really need it. Please let me leave and go cut some more hair, please your home.

At this time it’s a spouse and your family. I eat children if you’re blessed enough to have them. Will let you know which, which he would they need more more time with, you will be like okay, I can see I can see on the doghouse or maybe I cannot cut to people’s hairs today.

You know the conversations you have with dogs on a stimulating stamp with the humans, and you realize what time it said, maybe to make some changes, but the dogs that have her new number 3. Don’T allow your smartphone to make you dumb. Don’T allow your smartphone to make you dumb down.

Here is a notable quotable from Psychology. Today I love this. I love this article called is yours for making you dumb, it says know where are The Perils of Technology more commonly overlooked in the workplace?

As I explained in a new book of the emerging science of workplace Excellence to perform at our best, we require distraction-free. – I repeat, distraction-free periods in which we can leverage our full uninterrupted attention.

For many of us. These conditions are surprisingly difficult to come by in part because of how we allowed technology to interfere with our work. Consider what happens when a new message arrives in your inbox unless you change the default settings on your email, you are now treated to a pop-up message.

The sound of a bell ding, but counter of a single all of a sudden unread messages. Each time this happens, your brain is forced to make a series of decisions. Should I check my Facebook status? Should I read the email and then the Articles you end up?

Having BB cognitive, a decision that critical thinking process, the DD, critical thinking capacity of a third grader is what your mind and you literally are in their study. That shows your mind now begins to process the world on the same level as a third grader when you’re interrupted on an average over 70 times a day 70. That’S crazy!

That’S why you have to warn get out your phone and turn off all push notification. Turn off notifications turn off every push notification to, therefore, the only things that will being on your phone as a text message or a phone call, but I want to know if someone, no, it does not, and then what you could do is set aside some time In the day to check all your emails to check your all your Social Media stuff that you want to do, but you have to give something up, you know Clay.

I I research the other day and we’ve talked about this several times on the show, and that is the average American American American American is watching 5 hours of TV a day.

That is true. That is true. It sad sad, sad, it’s true and I want to give an example of what happens if you’re watching 5 hours of TV a day or if you’re, ever looking social media impact you.

So let me pull it up real quick here here. We are today so far on Facebook. I just looking to the first, the first of all day. I got to turn it off in just a second. I have a counting 12. I got to scroll down. I’Ve got about 45 on responded to messages since this morning and then on messenger. It just will not stop. You don’t even want to count the numbers up here. It’S awful Z and you could just lose your mind.

I mean you could you’re not paying attention you’re physically present, but you’re mentally. Not you end up becoming like an emotionally absent, mentally, not present physically present person to just too terrible will happen. If you keep those notifications on it’s a bad thing, it’s a bad thing.

I take this idea is changing and that I was walking in a big city of the day. It’S amazing how many people almost had like tripped and fell because everybody has their head cocked in about a 45 degree angle.

Look at the phone while they’re walking, who was trying to check out in the line before in front of me at Sprouts, who was on her phone trying to. I don’t know text update social media, do an email or something with with one headphone in while try to check out to the point where I did not say something, but I almost did cuz everything was going to say I was just so you want to pay Credit card, or whatever just credit card or debit or credit card or debit card or credit card or debit card or oh yeah, and then she got another notification. She looks down.

There’S a big line behind you. That’S because there’s a line to go fast. If she wasn’t mentally president of smart person, but she frankly her mind was not present on the tasks she was doing.

I wake up back we’re going to talk about move number for which is quit sort of participating in a bunch of things and fully participate in fewer things fully participate in fewer things. You want to fully participate in fewer things, as opposed to just kind of sort of participating in a bunch of things.

What does it mean to be committed? I don’t know that’s just crazy talk now, you’re talking crazy talk will be so much more fun to have as many memberships as possible to as many things as possible into behalf into everything. Oh yeah. That way, you spread yourself around and get it all done, spread yourself around be known as a guy who doesn’t show up and forgets critical meeting.


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