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Have you ever struggled to create BOTH time and financial freedom. During today’s broadcast of The Thrive Time Show Business Radio Show, Clay Clark, Steve Currington and Jonathan Kelly break down the specific steps that you need to take to create a successful business that provides you with the time freedom you desire. This week we had a Thriver email us the following question, “I would like to transform my work/personal life balance. I opened a surveying firm 12 months ago and operate from a home office. Since then, the company has experienced rapid growth and I now have a staff of 3 full time employees and one subcontractor. Though I have the team around me to get the job done, I still find myself working 16-18 hour days just to cover payroll. This has put a significant stress on me as a business owner, the main provider for my family, husband, father, and friend. I am looking for a mentor to help me discover what I can be doing differently to get the results I want. Let me be clear – I’m not opposed to work. I had no rose-colored glasses on when I decided to launch out on my own. I knew that being an entrepreneur was going to be the most difficult thing I’ve done. I am just completely clueless how to make it a worthwhile endeavor while seeing growth and some semblance of a work/life balance.”



Step 1 – Embrace that a business exists to serve you [ 4:10 ] 
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneurial seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because you are working IN your business rather than ON your business.” – Michael Gerber (The best-selling author of The E-Myth Revisited)
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The business exists to serve you.” – Doctor Robert Zoellner
  3. 3. The Productivity Playlist –
  4. 4. Meta Time = The time for planning the life you want instead of just existing.



Step 2 – Define Your Ideal and Likely buyers [ 11:50 ] 
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Knowing who you serve and what they really buy from you makes a dramatic difference. How many times have you observed a company investing time and money to provide a customer with a bell and whistle that they customer doesn’t care about. Think about what it would mean for that company to instead take the savings from eliminating that portion of the product or service, and using it to create real value for their customer. Remember, value is always in the eye of the customer. They get to decide this. This is why it’s a critical first step that you and your entire team get concretely clear on what they truly care about.” – David Finkel (The best-selling author of Scale) –



Step 3 – Determine a No-Brainer Offer [ 38: 05 ] 
  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must provide an offer so good that they almost cannot say no to it. All you are looking for is the GOLDEN LOOK.” – Doctor Robert Zoellner
  3. A. $1.00 first haircut – Elephant In The Room –
  4. B. $99 for one eye exam and one pair of stylish glasses –
  5. C. 4 tickets for $10 –



Step 4 – Refine Your Proforma [ 41:33 ] 
  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A budget is telling your money where to go instead of wondering where it went.” – Dave Ramsey (National radio talk show host and New York Times bestselling author)
  2. Determine the number of customers you need to break-even
  3. Determine the number of customers you need to achieve your financial goals
  4. Determine the profit per customer




Casting for this evening, only Business School boom boom boom and some walking back to the strap time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark in the former USS, be a entrepreneur of the Year sent here on a mission to get you into a great financial position.

We broadcast every single day live from 12 to 2 myself, a  business coach  typically dr. Z broadcasting from the box that rocks. I’M left coast of the Arkansas River, but today no not today today my main man is not expanding his vast entrepreneurial efforts in so now.

Doctors on the show today so we had we had to find we had to. We business coach  looked around Tulsa. We we talk to ourselves. We primarily me that myself, who could possibly fill their shoes, who has the mental capacity to as the tenacity who has a healthy dose of facial hair,

who is the kind of guy who drives a Lamborghini when he chooses to who’s the kind business coach  of guy who drives A Bentley when he chooses to who’s the kind of guy who knows more about mortgages than anybody who the Today Show who was the kind of guy whose last name starts with a Currington.

His first name starts with a Steve I thought to myself have been it. Could Currington Currington Steeps tea? I talk to my wife and my wife was asleep, but I said babe I feel like I’m Currington Steve, business coach  and I said if, if, if you in fact want me to have Currington Steve in the shower, what you just to lay there and say nothing now,

if You want to spot if you don’t want him on the show. I want you to take to Blink and then say it like that, and I didn’t hear that baby, but I realized business coach  Steve.

It was a side. It was really just want to be the kind of guy who’s. You know stayed up late night, listen to Coast to Coast, talk about aliens, but it could be a supernatural.

I hate to put too much emphasis on this Steve, but that the reason you’re on the show business coach  today’s really potentially more profound than I think any they can possibly grasp.

Welcome to the show Steve Currington wow. That’S an amazing intro. I actually prefer, if you refer to me as currency from now on right now, first name time and Financial Freedom today who business coach  actually emailed us actually yesterday and they emailed the following a question:

I’m going to read it to other drivers and if you’re, if you’re, if You’Re listening in your car right now or you’re at work, think about. If this is you, I would like to transform my work. Personal business coach  life.

I’Ve opened a surveying business and I Now operate from home. Since then, the company has experienced rapid growth, and now I have a full-time team of three employees and one subcontractor, though I have a team around me to get the job done.

I still business coach   find myself working 16 to 18 hour days just to cover the payroll. This is pretty significant stress on me, a business owner business coach   that provide for the family, the husband, father and friend.

I am looking for a mentor to help me discover what I can do business coach  differently to get the results that I want. Let me be clear: I’m not opposed to work. I had no rose colored glasses on what went business coach  on this.

When I decided to launch out on my own, I knew that being an entrepreneur was going to be the most difficult thing I’ve done. I am just completely clueless about how to make it a worthwhile Endeavor while seeing growth and some semblance business coach  of the work-life balance.

Well, my friend is a great question and so I’m going to teach you the steps, okay, so stepper. What I understand, I still don’t want to get your take on this, but do you understand that the business exists to serve you were here? This is from Doctor’s business coach   eat, edible coachable.

He says the business exists to serve you if Michael Gerber we’re here. This is the best selling author of the book, The e-myth Revisited he says.

Most entrepreneurs are merely technicians with an entrepreneur seizure. Most entrepreneurs fail because business coach  you’re working in your business rather than on your business.

So so Steve. Where do you cut PVC? This unfortunate United, seen this over and over now you’re, not a business coach, you’re, a business owner, but you’ve seen this I’m sure in your own business business coach  as well in the in the lives of your friends who own businesses they run around, trying to please everyone and Their for the entire schedule is still doing the stuff that nobody else else wants to do, but they’re being paid to do

Steve, break it down. Yeah yeah so funny that business coach   my first and ever assignment for my coach years ago was the book The e-myth Revisited and now this book – and I think I told you this – is the if I’ve given you this book,

I’m sorry, but this is my get rid of People book now, what I mean by that is a lot of people. Ask you to business coach  help you with help them with their business. Absolutely they won’t read a book right.

So I say read this book and then you call me when you’re done and then I never hear from him again. So that’s why I say it’s Mike get rid of me, but but what Michael Gerber says business coach  this book exactly right?

He talks about being a technician right, there’s a lot of business owners that were really good technicians. They were good at whatever. The thing is a good that skill. So in this case, maybe it’s it’s surveying, but that there may be not good at managing business coach  people in there.

Maybe not good at like making checklist for doing the accounting or all the stuff that it takes to run a business, because I think a lot of whether you’re selling cars or you’re selling mortgages or whatever.

It is that you’re doing when people business coach  get into the the business clay, they don’t realize all the stuff that has to happen in order for the business to run successfully. So what I would recommend is that you got to get something in your life.

Some part of your life that has some structure and some balance business coach  and what I did years ago, and I know you encourage us to his. I got a coach. I got somebody to help me because you know what they say: it’s Lonely at the Top right.

He can’t go to his employer and say: hey man, I’m having some trouble with time management. Can you business coach  help me write, you’ve got to read and you got if you want to be good at running a business. You got to learn some things about running a business.

The best way to do that is to either Rico piece amounts of books on it and spin, because a lot of people read the wrong business coach  stuff and they get the wrong direction.

Are you getting to a structure plan right in a system at a process? Like one thing, I did Clay that I thought for a long time, yet I just can’t even imagine not doing anymore.

What’S that making a daily checklist preach the preach, the business coach  good news myself mentally and emotionally prepared for what could be a life-changing event for somebody to listen to show right now, and I was going to give example, the elephant in the room, Men’s Grooming, Lounge at the

Business business coach  that I own with my brother-in-law, Justin, okay, epic photography, is a company I started. It was the one of the nation’s largest business coach  wedding photography and then we’ll go with make your life, epic, which we did we do tons of search engine.

Optimization is business coach  going to get your site to the top of Google. You know we do that. We do video tography photography, all that stuff and I don’t business coach   cut hair at all ever.

Nor have I nor do I, nor did I ever take photos. Nor did I do the video ography, nor did I and I think, Steve, allow business coach   these entrepreneurs they struggle with grasping that idea, because the very core Foundation, just like you’re, building a home at the very core

Foundation you put in the foundation you put in the rebar, You put on the concrete and that’s what the house is business coach  built upon in at the very bottom of the house, they’re at the very Foundation that that rebar, that that I concrete the very foundation of the home, the footings.

That’S where you’re going to find the to do list, if you can’t give it to do list, nothing else is, can be built upon business coach  it. It really is a form of insanity to try to run a business without the day timer and The To Do List.

To my friend business coach  preach the good news – and I just started doing this to my team: is it it’s hard to I’m not going to say it’s hard it it’s easier to get business coach  by and when you can get other people to see how you’re using something and how It’S helping you right now and getting them to do it rather than mandating it.

So, for example, if I go into my team – and I am mandate – hey guys make your to-do list today. You have to do business coach   it right. Why can do that? And you know it’s definitely a thing a business owner can do, but I choose to leave.

I started doing it to the list and then, when I would find X clay where someone miss something bright was a mistake in there. Something done I’d say. Will business coach  you know? I am not the smartest man in the world and what I do is I write everything down.

I used to do list and I recommend that you use it to do list because then I don’t have to have these conversations with you. I’Ve had forgot some many. Many many mentors business coach   tell me the same thing over and over different ways, but the concept is the pain or the pay for the pain in the paper.

That is, for remembering, and the mind is for thinking and if you think about that concept, that’s it that’s an interesting concept, but you business coach  realize that your to-do list, something that you are, that you actually have control over, that you have the ability to get up and

To make it to do list, you can schedule your day, you can schedule your life, but I think Steven is something to do a lot of people business coach  struggle with it. So I want to ask you this man, when you wake up and make your to-do list, what time do you start making at to do with my man, typically between 5 and 7 in the morning 5 and 7?

Okay, then you make me sit down. Are you sitting on the desk you’re business coach  sitting down in the bathtub you’re sitting down the boat? Are you at? Are you on a train, a plane? Where do you sit down and do this?

I do the same place at my desk and I put my productivity playlist on while I do it because that way I can stay focused and here’s what business coach

I want to play last night on the fight on the two of the you and I’ve told people that You know not people, so I’m not a morning person, I’m not going to get up at 5 in the morning.

What does it matter if you, in my opinion, if you plan it at the end of your day like business coach  before you leave right so that it’s there first thing in the morning or if you do it first thing in the morning,

I prefer to do it first Thing in the morning now, I’m still going to put a link here to the productivity playlist, because I think a lot of people are going to go. I want to business coach  hear that thinks, I’m putting a link to it right now on the show continue.

My friend I’ll make sure that everyone knows they can find the music that you were referencing. So if you decide hey, I want to try to do it at the end of it or I want to try to do it first thing in the business coach  morning.

You’Ve got to do it when you’ve got what clay calls met a time when you have that time that you have no distractions, that you can get the stuff down, and I do a print to do list.

Some people like to print out a to-do list and write on it right and here’s. The business coach   other thing I would recommend do not continually rewrite and copy items from your to-do list from yesterday and the day before tomorrow, because I think people put things on your to-do list, don’t have any intention of doing them or they’re not important to business coach  do right.

So then they just float on their to-do list and they never get done. So if you’re, if you’re going to put it on there, make it like a doctor’s appointment and keep it all comes from the

Greek word, meaning above and I would describe it as a time for planning a business coach   life you want instead of just existing, you know it Cuz, it’s that you were not being intentional enough about our schedule, so stunned, everyone in brace that the business exist to serve.

You know, step to my friend my listener, who took that had the courage to actually business coach   email as a question awesome job. I appreciate you doing that.

Hopefully, this helps you dramatic I’ve seen so many people who apply these principles in their life is forever changed up to you got to Define your ideal and likely buyers as an example.

If business coach  you’re, right now in Courage you to go to thrive time and when you go to private time, should I come you’re going to be greeted with the homepage where we actually is actually says the head or says game time and Financial Freedom reduce your working business coach  Hours decrease the cost increase time freedom.

I found that people who want to do that do that they they fill out the form and we have dozens of people that schedule a one-on-one consultation ever WIC.

In fact, we actually put our entire curriculum. Who are these business coach  guys? What we built 13 multimillion-dollar companies between doctors and I, and so we actually wrote a book that teaches you the specific systems, it’s that, if you go to thrive time, should I come you can download.

You can download the start here book. It’S business coach   550 Pages. It’S an Amazon, best-selling book. You can download the book for free right.

We have a podcast for you for free, but the thing is: I cannot convince her. All that is good and holy. I cannot convince most people to go out there and actually download a business coach  free book. I can’t convince you to actually change your life.

I can’t explain to you with enough passion what it means to have Financial Freedom, but I think you should do it, but I didn’t you if you’re the one doing it right now you are an ideal and likely buyer, but if business coach  you’re not you’re, not that’s only Broadcast on the a.m.

radio, because the a.m. radio has people that listen to thoughtful programming, so I can’t write down your ideal unlikely buyers. When we come back, we’re going to break down again have the steps to creating business coach   time for him and Financial Freedom on the top shelf, presenting the world’s only business school without the BS, with optometrist can’t entrepreneur,

dr. Robert zoellner and ussba entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark Nina Nina the head job understand, nothing business coach  was done for me, so I don’t plan on stopping by threat Nation.

Welcome back to the drive time show on your radio and now Joint inside the box. That rock. So you know. Typically, we have dr. zoellner on the show.

He’S at the Heats typically on the business coach  show, pontificating bringing that wisdom bring that now that you do not get in college teaching, you and I had to grow a successful company.

Taking his experience. Having built, I haven’t, grown up and grow a bank and optometry clinic can Auto Auction excetera business coach   excetera the man just knows what he’s doing so. We had that we had to look around Tulsa and we had to find the best people we could possibly have to do.

All the shoes, and so I went over to to a Russo’s, went to Russo’s. I brought Devin with me. I brought darling business coach  and I started just getting down on all fours cuz.

I feel like you, want to look at the right shoe size, so I’m getting down there on the floor going from table to table and I went to the first table and I didn’t see the person’s eyes, but I could tell there was contempt like why?

Are business coach  you touching my feet? You know it’s kind of weird tale, so I moved to the next table and at that table I realized what I thought could be the perfect for the foot, the Steve that foot can fill doctors.

He shoots. I thought the foot can feel the shoot and then so I didn’t business coach   grab the foot and I and I and I reached out, I kind of went off crawl back up for out from under the table and I begin to make eye contact with what I thought Could be a perfect stranger, but it was not a perfect stranger.

It was Jonathan Kelly and it was just so weird business coach  haha. It was weird it didn’t happen in reality. In my dream, Steve, that’s where that’s at images you even more weird, but in my dream I will be going under the tables and grabbing John’s foot, but thank you.

Thank you baby. Why I got this awesome coat. I’Ve got business coach  everyone’s worshipping me. I’M sort of a big deal and then you guys in my dream or kind of like idiots. You know you guys all works for me.

You don’t think about that dream. Call if I’m not even at least one dudes dream of a week. I counted as a personal failure business coach   how to create both time and Financial Freedom with your existing business.

We were talking about that. The business exists to serve you, but John. You write up a point off the air, not sure what the Thrive Nation. What you were talking about their yes, but the whole business coach   point of this show is to talk about how to create time and Financial Freedom, and something that’s so important is because I’ve never talked to anybody.

Maybe you guys have that like doesn’t want time and Financial Freedom. I want to be locked into having no time to business coach  argue with you real quick. I have Matt about a dozen people, probably a dozen.

I can’t say more than it does in my entire life, I’m in thousands of people, thousands of people just because we have workshops, and I had probably a dozen or two who said you know I want business coach   to do missions work, you know, and so I

I want To work 7 days a week over anxiety or something without pay, it’s a rare bird. If you’re, not one of those people, then what’s so important, is to Define why you want the time and Financial Freedom what you’re business coach  going to do with your time and Financial Freedom, because that way, you can break up all your goals into specifics and keep you motivated To stay on task every single day, all that is so true.. I will tell you this would happen for me.

I remember when I grew DJ connection business coach   and we got to where we were doing about 80 events 80 weddings a week, and I would have that look like when it’s like 45 to 50, 50 disc jockeys loading up their equipment.

It’S all the vans, a ridiculous amount of speakers. I knew David Brown and Joey Shake on a business coach   first-name basis at Guitar Centers. I would buy so much gear.

They’Re sending you rewards points or you could like buy a lot of tangible goods with it cuz you have so much gear you’re buying your millions of dollars are being created, and when I sold the business coach   business,

I didn’t realize how much that that business was me like That was me, and so I didn’t know what to do. You know I didn’t know what to do at all and I added a ton of time for him.

So I volunteered at Junior Achievement and I started speaking there business coach   business coach  literally one day a week for 7 hours. Every week I can just speak there for one entire day to Broken Arrow High School, and I did that and then a buddy of mine says:

Hey, Hey, listen, Kathy Taylor is going to run for mayor. You know candidate for mayor business coach   in you. I know that you ideologically disagree with her everything about everything, and I said what you know what I mean she’s going to run for mayor of Tulsa Oklahoma and she is going to run completely on a post like nobody has the cojones to Challenger business coach  you.

My friend should do it and I’m like: why should I do it? Cuz you’re outspoken, you stand up for the the far-right you’re all about like libertarian you’re all about low taxes grow a business get government out of the way getting quick permit you, my man business coach  would be the guy in some going okay.

Well, maybe so I find myself at the Golden Corral. We’Re barely off the big decisions are made in the Republican party right through the summit club, and I started meeting all these Republican decision-makers and long story short business coach  enough of them said: hey, you should run.

I mean you’re independently wealthy, you don’t need support of anybody, you need to do it and I Steve I made the mistake. You know what I did, but somebody else Define my goals, and so I went out there and ran and business coach  according to kfaq pole in the jeep, was actually a head for a quite a while.

But then I know people who said they weren’t going to run decided to run and I got the heck out of there and I realized I do not ever for any reason.

I would never I couldn’t say never but I’ll business coach  say never. I would never run for office again because it just wasn’t my goal, but I think a lot of people they feel like John. What I need to do now is now I need to retire. You know now. I need to buy XYZ something to share with the drivers Steve.

What are your business coach   goals and maybe John share some of your goals and Steve the goals that you have that are you know about world Takeover in those kind of made me to keep those goals out.

You know that goes about total overthrow of totalitarian regimes. Maybe the girls are business coach  super, weird, not sure those ones with the ones that are more Janet and two.

What are some of your goals? Well, I’m a builder, I feel, like I’m like a builder like I’d like to build things, so my goal is to is to make a difference in people’s lives and to be able to to build business coach  something that has value and it will have a legacy.

So we’ll total lending Concepts that’s been, you know, are my life mission since I came into the company a couple years ago is to build. Something is, is worth something that the changes, people’s lives, close more loans business coach  than anyone in the world and, right now, that’s my.

What I would call my Uber focus on on where to get, and I think, when you focus on helping people – and you focus on doing the right thing – that the time in the Financial Freedom are are a product of that Andy’s business coach  have to view Google images.

You can see your handiwork you’ve been diligently, focusing on search engine, optimization and I’ll total engine Concepts is top in Google, something right now and they need to apply for a loan.

They need the money they need to buy business coach  the house they want. How can I get ahold of you or are you giving me free gifts or anything yeah they can get?

If you just, Google Tulsa mortgage will find its total lending Concepts. We have more views than any other lender in Tulsa. We also have more business coach  reviews than the other lender in our other markets that were in, but yeah, Google, us, that’s how you find us you’ll find your number on.

There look up total lending Concepts, but yeah I’m going to give away. There’S a really good book. Client. I’Ve talked about this. It’S called business coach  The Millionaire Next Door book.

Yes, I have a study of multi millionaires and billionaires, actually how it she points out, how very easy it is to actually become a millionaire. If you just apply the principles were teaching on Today Show stick right, so I will send you business coach  this book.

If you just email me Steve at Steve, you heard an email from Steve at Steve and maybe you can become a billionaire stay tuned as it’s right time show on the radio.

Sting live from the center of the universe, its business school business coach  without the BS featuring optometrist dr. Robert zoellner, with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark, all right right Nation.

Welcome to the conversation we’re talking about how to create both time, freedom and financial. Pretty on the subscribe to the podcast to business coach   you, don’t you see people out there? You see people out there that are.

This is what does this is what I see this is. This is what observation I’ve seen if this ever happened to you, please tell me if you’ve seen it’s okay, we’ll talk about how to create both time, business coach  Freedom, Financial Freedom.

But I promise I have a point here: we’ve all seen, people that pump gas and they leave the gas cap off the car so that the gas they don’t close. The gas cap Bill close the gas tank, so you’re driving there they’re Subaru they’re driving business coach   their super down.

The road runner truck down the road and their gas tank is opening on its got the little you know they didn’t close it. As you can see. The little thing in the plug you know the catch.

The captain will drive by you and they’re, going hey you’re, driving business coach  down the road thinking your cars on fire, you’re thinking, you might be hauling uranium in a day, all the sudden.

It’S blowing up you thinking, maybe there’s a terrorist, pointing a bazooka at you talking waiting at you like you’ve committed some crime. Some atrocity business coach   like you got ketchup on your face.

Like you’re, like you, like, you haven’t seen it like your fly’s open. It’S like John chasing doctors. He that same thing as ready for it as a big shock to him. He thought he was being followed by the Unabomber.

Well in his defense, I business coach  did wave like a crazy person, cuz, I’m so sorry, baby I’ll, look at your gas tank is open, but nobody will point out to you that you’re going the wrong way with your life right like no one will be like bro.

What are you doing with your life? People always talk about business coach   everything else, but even people that really really care and when you ask them hey, do you think I’m doing good and how are you? Yes?

Yes, yes, let’s go get some hot wings, but no one ever talks about like, but don’t freak out. If your gas tanks open people, always business coach  freaking people will freak out and be outraged about what the weather in NFL players are standing or not.

There is outraged horrible Life Choices. These people are kneeling home. I got there standing how we should talk about. Was you on Facebook and write business coach  about it for a week and a half?

That’S right, a full-page ad about it, but then like? What will? What time? Do you wake up buddy, and I don’t talk about that because I was watching The Voice last night, you have to Define your ideal unlikely buyers.

Once you have business coach  decided you’d committed, you said: Hey, listen. I know the business exist to serve me. I doubt built a calendar in your calendar schedule into your calendar.

The things you want to do schedule, your F6 life you’ve got to do this. Okay schedule. Time put it in the counter a business coach  specific time for your faith, your family, your Finance, spear Fitness, your friendship in your front. You’Ve got to make sure you do what you’ve got to make sure you do that then step to.

Did you happen to find your ideal unlikely buyers, David Finkel? This business coach  is the best selling author scale, he wrote knowing who you serve and what they are, what they really buy from.

You makes a dramatic difference. How many times have you observed the company invested time and money to provide the customer with a bell and whistle business coach  that the customer doesn’t care about? Think about it?

Think about what it would mean for the company to since Dad took the savings from eliminating the portion of the product or service and using it to create value for the customer. Remember value is business coach  always an eye of the customer.

They get to decide this. That is why it’s a critical First Step that you and your entire team get concretely clear on what they truly care about. As an example, we provide business Consulting like this strategic proven advice.

The doctors business coach  and I’ve used to build 13 multimillion-dollar companies and we Supply the support team to actually execute the system. We have graphic designers, photographers videographers web developers, add writers, copywriters business card creators.

We have the whole business coach  team, we have a financial Workshop, you can attend and it’s all included for less money than it would cost you to hire even one minimum wage, full-time, employee, silver. ,500.

You can absolutely change your life or packages start at ,500, but here’s the thing I know business coach   who my ideal unlikely buyers are, and for years I had members of my team who they want is an app to know what a freaking out my people don’t want it

At real business owners want to grow their real business, they don’t want yet another app. It’S going to business coach   update them with mine was crap. They don’t care about.

They don’t want to score points. They don’t know which one it was the score points for a chance to win a free book. They don’t give a crap I’m going to go, buy a book.

If I own a business, I’m going to go, buy business coach   a freaking book. I remember the first time I started DJ connection a month on Yellow Page, yet trust me, I don’t want an app that’s going to email me a daily motivational tip.

I don’t need that crap, I am thoroughly motivated. All I need is a specific system. I don’t need business coach   someone to motivate me. I don’t need a little drip campaign. I don’t need a stupid little app.

That updates me with my stupid little point in time, scoring for watching stupid little videos and stupid little test quizzes. What I want is, I want to grow a successful freaking business coach  business and, if you’re telling me for .25 an hour that I can finally have the power to devour and kill my competition.

Yes, but if it’s okay, could you meet me at the chamber? We can talk about the community. Freaking know I’m in my office getting crap done John. I business coach  I’m sorry that I’m a slightly passion about this, but have you not seen business is over the years that bill crap that nobody wants, including these freaking apps that are freaking Cutters, one of the freaking make for a long freakin time?

Yes, I have. You can business coach   have the best idea or the best business in the world, but if there isn’t like an actual need or want for it, buy it, you know, if that’s why at TLC, like with every loan, that we close, we give the client a roll of pennies.

Like at the closing, its are a unique value, business coach  proposition ish, yes, yes, we give him this roll of pennies and really doesn’t mean anything, but we think they look like that of Driftwood.

Hey show me you’re done a couple Solo Cup, one minute hugs for all of the guy. I want to get this. I think that the Oilers figured business coach   out as result of you bringing up. The idea was your idea.

They should give for tickets away for ten bucks. I can give you your gift for tickets, for why did that work so well to promote the Tulsa Oilers hockey team, so they did the 4 tickets, for they also did the the dollar business coach  beer night.

It was huge, huge dollar for one beer and the reason why people want to go to. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to any of the Oilers or the Drillers are they want to go and they want to go with friends right.

So they want to bring other people they know, and business coach  they want to hang out and in the game is just kind of there. You infected the game distracts conversation, what kind of upset cuz you’re like so John?

What about the other night man? I went to Atwoods and I bought this incredible gun it you’re going who just scored business coach   they, stop it soft to do the Oilers finally tied the game that you’re different next to this one hockey fans always one person in ten people in the third quarter..

Can you guys stop? No, I know it’s just I’m just trying to wrap this conversation about guns at we got a business coach   dollar beer and that’s what most people do at the

Tulsa Oilers game they hate watching that can I have not met a person who’s, not there to see the big Zombie know where, where they call the thing Zamboni clearing the way come back, we’ll talk more about business coach   riding a Zamboni and Patrick great.

Both time and Financial Freedom get ready to enter the Thrive time show on talk, radio 1178 classic from the hoop is Christmas time. You’Ve got all this Christmas, this Christmas time.

You talk to you about this business coach  Christmas Tom Hunt, this Christmas I’ll talk to you soon, as I don’t do that connection to mention Zamboni, and I made that I emailed that to out to all of our customers during the holidays, and I met her on hold music

When near propriate, that song was camboni, I’m at business coach   work, that’s what you do is time Freedom. You sit there and record a song about riding that Santa Bonnie.

Whenever you have time for them, that’s what you want to do. You want to play another song about the oh, my gosh yeah, that’s out there that right there. That business coach   was a great time in American history.

Okay, we’re talking about today’s, how to create both time and Financial Freedom with your existing business. Now, once you have to find your ideal unlikely buyers again all the stuff, you said: how does this relate to time?

Freedom business coach  will one if you don’t know why that doesn’t exist, step one you’re, probably not going to get there too. If you’re focused on marketing to everybody going to waste your time, John you’ve seen me do this before.

Where will have somebody who wants to start a business coach   business but cannot figure out how to be on time with him like a 30-minute window consistently and you’ve?

Seen me say you would not be a good fit for a business coaching program. I think you’re a great American, but you would not be able to see if I’ve been business coach   in those meetings. Can you share the meeting that was the shortest meeting in the world? Were you there for the shortest man in the world?

Were you there, John for the guy at the bar, the shortest man in the world? I don’t think so. Okay, well, there’s the guy who business coach   comes in.

He said he wanted some business coaching and which is great. I mean we all need help. We have this idea, he wants to sell a product online.

You know – and I said, hey how’s it going to pleasure to meet you and he says greatest. So what are your? What are business coach   your goals were going through the 13 points and what are your goals we get to the first?

The first question he says: listen. I don’t want to talk about your 13-point assessment by one of these on the top and Google in the world for this particular of keyboard, and I said business coach  okay, what’s with the pulled up on the screen.

Arguing with the guy pulled up, and I said you would Need is it like 1.3 million pages of content, 3 million pages of content to beat the other person in my team.

If we were to write to content ourselves one I have to hire a business coach  team of like 600 people, and then we have to do with nautical. So for about sixteen million dollars, you know you could be topping Google and he’s like that. That’S not how it works. I have been reading these blogs.

He just was getting really passionate about it, and business coach  I was like wake me up at 11, like you feel trapped in the happens like, unfortunately, a lot if your marketing to your non ideal unlikely buyers.

Another example is this gentleman here: if you have the business in Europe specifically business coach   right now, you are growing business as a contractor.

You know who was going to value your services and you know who isn’t going to write you. You know what kind of people another example Jim Jim’s, others fitness places.

There are some gyms that do personal business coach  training when you have a personal trainer, get used to paying ,000 for the for the month.

Right now, if you’d work out in the group getting ready to pay, maybe 250. Now, if you want to work out and just have unlimited access, 24/7 access to a gym where the cost business coach   is impossibly low, then you should check out 10 gym, but the people who want a 8N Jim are not the people that want personal training and you just Can’T confuse that you’ve got to know your eye doing likely buyers.

Are you really shouldn’t move on there? You should business coach  jump, you don’t know who your ideal unlikely buyers are. Why should you not move on to the next step?

Will you have to get that part right because that’s who would like all of your marketing all of your advertising is to be focused towards those people and, what’s business coach   really important, is you can’t say it like?

Let’S take the the gym example, so if you are trying to offer personal training and then but you’re, only marketing, two people that want to go to attend gym type place like you, can’t change their mindset because that’s not business coach   what they want right to work out about Yourself, that’s why I go to globo gym real quick.

This isn’t it does it’s a Shameless plug, but but John, can you talk about globo gym that the new gym that we’re starting within the Thrive time will headquarters me?

Can you business coach  can you talk about the legend of the tradition of the globo gym? Purple, Cobras is what you have to do it every time covers attacking, but no we’re going to do one-on-one personal training at the at the Riverwalk there.

So you don’t have to work out in the group. You don’t business coach   have to work out you home alone, but you can bring your bro friends and I’ll bring my friends to awesome trainers if you’re, if you’re serious about getting in shape, don’t call us cuz we’re not ready for business yet, but probably in middle of November.

If you listen business coach   to, the show will start making Shameless plugs and Sheamus offers – and I can say this right now – no matter what you’re currently paying your personal trainer we’re going to beat that price.

I can say that and that’s going to be our offer. So if you have a personal trainers business coach   going to come in, tell us what you’re paying them don’t lie to my personal trainer actually pay me per session and my goal is to be loved by all customers and to be hated by all trainers. What’S Fitness with a bite bite, oh yeah, we’re good.

We were nice Cobra that business coach  doesn’t bite her clients depending on the snake infested working it up a no-brainer offer. You want to make an offer that so good people can’t say no so see if he were here today he’s at expanding his Empire, but he were here. He would say you must have had a business coach  notable quotable from dr. Z. He said you must provide an offer. So good that they almost cannot say no to it.

All you are looking for is the golden look. What start with you John? Give us some examples of real real no-brainers. We help clients set up ready ones that business coach  we’ve offered ourselves and why they work so well.

So we talked about earlier that for ticket or at the 4 tickets for from the Tulsa Oilers is such a great mood because it’s it’s for four people to yes, three other people for 10 bucks. You, like hey, buddy, hey I’m going business coach  to buy these tickets!

For you, you know I got this, i got this one, but then you bring three other people to this. This hockey game and you’re actually pretty cool, and then you end up getting something from the concession stand. You end up getting born to die business coach   soon.

As you see where your seats are and then you’re like, oh let’s get better seats. No, no, that’s not what the great cop Steve you up the top right and your nose is bleeding, and you like do you like.

Does anybody here? Have a Kleenex and they say no, I don’t business coach  answer just it’s gross now. It’S weird! It’S weird! You don’t want to be the nose with a nose bleeder.

You know what I’m talking about the weird people. Are you, okay, buddy and you’re, like yeah yeah I’ll? Be fine and then you start struggling with lack of oxygen.

You business coach  started it kind of passed out and then you run down to the concession stand, nose waiting on you realize! Oh my gosh, that’s better down here and you get a dollar beer.

Well, the reason why the no brainers are so important because it gets them, get your customers into business coach   you right and you’re changing habits of other.

So if I used to go to a cookie place and then Barbie cookies gave me a free cookie, which they do, you know I’m going to go, try it once and then now my head is going to be when I think of cookies, I think of Barbie business coach  Cookies and then

I go there, that’s not a free one! If you’re listening right now just to catch you up or you want me to saying, you’re great America, if you like we’re going to get a haircut and you could get your first haircut for a dollar like else in the room, does if you’re business coach   listening right now

At this very moment, I promise the two things will only cost you a total one. You’Ve got to go to and you got it. You got it download the start here book.

If you haven’t downloaded to start here book. I don’t know what you’re business coach  doing I mean. This thing is a 550 page book to Amazon bestseller.

It is the specific proven path that you need to take to grow a business capable of producing both the time, freedom and Financial. You need it to work book.

It’S an owner’s manual for people who business coach  own a business or who want to it’s free, there’s, no catch, there’s no catch up. I heard you.

I heard you right now today go to elephant in the room, go to eitr and if you can schedule your first haircut for just a dollar no, I said it sounds a lot like doll.

Hair in a business coach  dog go to can go to drive time. Should I come get the book and go to eitr then and schedule your first haircut? It’S an upscale Men’s Grooming.

Experience like the summit Club meets men’s hair go to eitr in our next step is to refine a performa I perform business coach   of the show so boring.

I know you need to learn how to make a financial pro forma and, if you’re, looking for a an attorney attorney, I encourage you to check out winners and, if you’re looking for an accountant, something to business coach  help you make your performa.

You need to go to hood CPAs, I’m telling you got to get your financial House of house in order here. You got to go to hood you to figure out your performa, get your finances together and then there’s the legal aspect of of business coach   business coach   setting it all up as well. Go to Winters and set up your free consultation with Tulsa’s, never want attorney West Carter.

My name’s Clyde Clark, you listen to the time, show on the radio. They were talking about how to create both time and business coach  Financial Freedom and specifically, come back here to talk about me.

Finding your true form and handsome your branding and dominating the world going to drive time should I come today and sign up subscribe to podcast it’s clean, which comes with the required free, which business coach   means bring because it’s free business


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