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Is your restaurant struggling just to make ends meet? Have you ever wondered how to grow a successful restaurant? During today’s episode of the Thrive Time Show Business Podcast, the former United States Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year, Clay Clark teaches the proven path to building a scalable and profitable restaurant. During the show he teaches how to avoid the typical restaurant killers, how to generate more first time customers, the importance of knowing your numbers, branding and more…

ACTION ITEM #1 – Avoid the Restaurant Killers
  1. 1. Not Having a Memorable Experience
  2. 2. Not Knowing Your Hard Costs
  3. 3. Not Knowing Your Variable (Food Costs)
  4. 4. Not Having a Clear No-Brainer
  5. 5. Not Having Daily Checklists (for cleanliness standards)
  6. 6. Not Holding Team Accountable for Daily Key Performance Indicators
  7. 7. Not Doing Weekly Group Interviews
  8. 8. FUN FACT – Food Network Chef Robert Irvine Shares The Top 5 Reasons Restaurants Fail –


ACTION ITEM #2 – Define Your Numbers Before You Start
  1. 1. How much profit will you make per customer?
  2. 2. How many customers do you need to break-even?
  3. 3. How many customers do you need to achieve your goals?
  4. 4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Know your numbers’ is a fundamental precept of business.” – Bill Gates (The co-founder of Microsoft)


ACTION ITEMS #3 – Create a World-Class Brand from Day #1


  1. 1. What makes you unique –
  2. 2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is a failure. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible.” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of the Purple Cow)


  1. 1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The man behind Tesla, PayPal, SpaceX, etc…an estimated net worth of 16.1 billion. Ranked number 21st on the Forbes list of The World’s Most Powerful People.)
    1. 2. AMPLE EXAMPLE – World’s Best Logo
  2. A.
  3. B.
  4. C.
  5. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The World’s 10 Most Valuable Brands – Forbes –

#1 – Apple

#2 – Google

#3 – Microsoft

#4 – Facebook

#5 – Coca Cola

#6 – Amazon

#7 – Disney

#8 – Toyota

#9 – McDonald’s

#10 – Samsung



  3. A. The Variables Every World Class Website Must Have
  4. 1. No-Brainer Offer
  5. 2. Testimonials
  6. 3. Optimized Title Tag
  7. 4. Optimized Description Tag
  8. 5. Optimized Keyword
  9. 6. WordPress-Based
  10. 7. Clear Call to Action
  11. 8. Click to Call Phone Number
  12. 9. Header Text / Headline Text That Makes Sense
  13. 10. Social Media Icons
  14. 11. Horizontal Navigation Bar
  15. 12. HTML Sitemap
  16. 13. .XML Sitemap


  1. 1. Create a marketing video –
  2. 2. Create testimonial videos



ACTION ITEM #4 – Create Repeatable Daily Operations and Processes
  1. 1. Manager On Duty Opening Duties – See Chik-fil-A (checklists…we have access to)
  2. A. FUN FACT: “The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that 75% of employees steal from the workplace and that most do so repeatedly.” –
  3. B. FUN FACT: “WASHINGTON, D.C. — The percentage of U.S. workers in 2015 who Gallup considered engaged in their jobs averaged 32%. The majority (50.8%) of employees were “not engaged,” while another 17.2% were “actively disengaged.” The 2015 averages are largely on par with the 2014 averages and reflect little improvement in employee engagement over the past year.” –
  4. 2. Manager On Duty Closing Duties (checklists…we have access to)
  5. 3. Create Menu Boards
  6. 4. Create Menus
  1. 6. Create Inbound Phone Scripts
  2. 7. Create Inbound Email Auto Responder
  3. 8. Setup Call Recording (
  4. A. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “With no feedback, no coaching, there’s just no way to improve.” – Bill Gates (Co-founder of Microsoft)


ACTION ITEM #5 – Build Your Online Reputation As Soon As Possible




      1. 1. AMPLE EXAMPLE –
  1. A. Google search “Tulsa Cookies” = Barbee Cookies
  2. B. Google search “Tulsa Men’s Haircuts” = Elephant In The Room
  3. C. Google search “Tulsa basketball camps” = Score Basketball



  1. 1. Former customers
  2. 2. Current customers
  3. 3. Family
  4. 4. Friends
  5. 5. FUN FACT – “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation—which is astounding, considering most online reviews are posted by total str angers. The same survey found that only 12 percent of the population did not regularly read reviews for consumer products.
  6. 6. What this means is that not offering user reviews (or ignoring them as a potential marketing opportunity) is akin to alienating 88 percent of your buying population, depriving them of information they want to help them make their buying decisions.” –




ACTION ITEM #6 – Create a No-Brainer Offer
  1. 1. Create No-Brainer Facebook Offer
  2. 2. Create No-Brainer Google Adwords Offer
  3. 3. Create No-Brainer Retargeting Ads
  4. 4. Create No-Brainer Landing Page
  6. A. – Free first lesson includes a free t-shirt
  7. B. – First lesson = $1.00
  8. C. – Conferences – $99 with money back guarantee
  9. 6. NOTABLE QUOTABLE“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney

I know you going to dig this broadcasting live from the center of the universe, the BS featuring optometrist dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year clay Clark. Welcome to the Thrive time show on talk radio 1170 Christmas makeup at this moment.

What we do you could do with it. I showed you, with the five times show on your radio and took 5 times show and away. We go it’s about time to show on your radio and three here we go All Tribe Nation. Welcome back to   business coach  the conversation is the Thrive time show  business coach  on the radio now John Kelly’s with us inside the Insurrection broadcasting today live from the man cave the man cave No Junk tell when I ask you, you heard that phrase.

Let’S go was that Eli Manning saying let’s go or was that Tom Brady I don’t know about New England Patriots fan, I might have a bias. I might have wanted to hear Tom Brady saying let’s go well with Eli or is that Tom Tom Brady? I don’t. I don’t know what you’re getting it right now trying to. I was trying to figure it out if the.

If the Giants this year, World War 3 start the season or their own Owen, 3 and Steve, are you aware that the Giants are they  business coach  and they lost the first three games? Did they win the first three games? I get confused? I don’t know that they cover the Giants anymore. I haven’t seen any news on them. You know, there’s a fable, The Tortoise and the Hare, so it’s not  business coach  really how you start the race.

It’S about how you finish is a little wisdom in heaven, but on the planet. Earth they’re not going to win a lot of games. What everybody’s a winner with Jesus restaurant! We have so many entrepreneurs out there who will listen to the show and it will email in those two:

Hey, listen. I have a small business or a large business and I need a a proven path. I need to learn how to grow this thing and we had a restaurants  business coach  n Tulsa reach out and they said hey. I want to know how to grow my business and so we’re going to  business coach  break down the proven path to a building a successful restaurant, because many restaurants grow. I need to become very profitable and we just want to break down the specific steps for you today.

So I don’t ever want, is you want to avoid the restaurant killers? There are certain proven, tried-and-true methods fail and I unfortunately, according to Forbes 8 out of 10 8 out of 10 businesses fail, and that includes restaurants and so number one, and I’m  business coach  going to I’m going to get Steve this not having a memorable experience like at the Restaurant, where you go in there’s really no overhead music in the food is good. It’S good! It’S great! It’S not bad! It’S just good Steve break it down.

Well, you know you got to have something that people are going to want to come to. You know to come back to, I think when you walk into Chick-fil-A Chick-fil-A, you been to a Chick-fil-A lately when you walk into Chick-fil-A. What  business coach  is every single person in Chick-fil-A say when you order it’s my pleasure, my pleasure. It’S amazing! You want to go in there. So that it’ll be someone else’s pleasure, absolutely hey! Kids! Let’S go get some gas, but so far that hasn’t happened.

Yet we have an Institute martial law, but I went to The Ridge at grill for a doctor, Z’s birthday, and you know what it’s a memorable experience. Steve Steve you been to the ridge 101st in Mingo, they got the nice to Corley got the outside.

You can eat outside at Sam at the bar. They got the bar going on,  business coach  they got the decor, the bathrooms are kind of cool. I can’t remember: there’s something about the men’s bathroom. It’S amazing what it is, maybe it’ll come to me later or outside it.

There’S a man on the outside of the door. There’S like an like. I don’t know if it’s like an Italian thing on the door: music, overheads, great adult in the food’s memorable. It’S a good thing good to see you that’s an entirely different restaurant that stinks the restaurant  business coach   on the Ridge at the race.

Turkey Mountain, your business owners of the time they just don’t know what it cost to be in business. They’Re not aware of the lease they don’t have great people, like my wife, who are looking at the numbers every week. Talk to me about this, not  business coach  knowing their cost of doing business as a lot of business owners.

They they know that money is coming in and I know that money is coming out, but they don’t know where it’s going, and so it’s super important to actually sit down and  business coach  write down all of the hard cost that go into running a business or starting a Business and so that way you can budget accordingly and Mister restaurant guy.

I would just encourage you to write down like stream-of-consciousness pull an all-nighter pull up in a  business coach  couple hours on it, lock yourself in the end in your house dude. If you got to do but make the time take off for hours and write down every single cost, that cannot be changed. The lease the utilities, your phone bill, right that stuff yeah.

I know  business coach  the next move here, not  business coach  knowing your variable cost, a Steve, your mortgage guy you’re with total lending Concepts. What’S your title now, are you still the Executive Vice National, Regional Grand Puba? Is that sell your title? That’S it no matter! What are you how you  business coach  remember that every time so you know your FHA Loans are conventional loans.

Your 30 year fixed your 15-year fixed stuff. So let’s say hypothetically, it’s going great the dirt on the lot. Text me the address and I’ll go by there and I’ll do kind of a I’ll get to get there with a group of people and we’ll just go to gather what we will hold hands style Or what we’re going to do a ceremonial digging after they do? What they’re supposed to do slow come back, and I could have been  business coach  digging here. Actually, I’m doing everything that they just did.

No one wants to go out there and get a mortgage for this deed. Will be done for this house? What are some variable costs associated with the mortgage cost that maybe you, as  business coach  the mortgage Banker the mortgage lender that then maybe  business coach  people wouldn’t realize that are associated with you getting somebody qualified for a loan?

Well, what a lot of people? Don’T realize is when they look at what you would call closing cost. They think Mandy, the lender’s close Koster are so hot, so hot, but 90 % of it or not the lenders closing cost. I mean they’re not like the stuff, I’m charging you, because people pay their first year of insurance at closing, they’ll pay for the appraisal. Closing that goes to a third party.

Not me they’ll  business coach  pay title for like the abstracting and the title insurance and there’s all these cost. All of these all these monies are going to use state extorting from John at closing fees. You are manipulating charge for the dirt, so you  business coach  there’s there’s cops all these different cost, and so, when you do a mortgage, how many different costs are there? I mean how many kind of costed are the variable costing are related to even you guys make it to money.

Well, there’s a lot of them and that’s the reason why the federal government is coming and requires that  business coach  we have what they call the loan estimate and if a restaurant, for example, was required to have that estimate on every single, maybe meal, they preach it or take It they would have their food cost and all their expenses down, because they would know exactly what they would have to this.

Could you imagine if you had to disclose to the customer what your cost of buying the food was, so it it’s just. It requires us to go in very  business coach  detailed and break down to every cost that is going to be associated with someone getting a mortgage now.

The next year is not having a clear no-brainer John break, that down with no brainer, and why does every new restaurant need a no-brainer? Will a no-brainer is something  business coach  that you need to have as a business to make people try your Wrecker Service and making it so easy that it’s a literal no-brainer like.

Why would you not? Why would you not go eat at this restaurant? So if a restaurant, you could do things like you know, kids eat free, is a popular one or if you know free, apps, free appetizer for your first time or something like that anything to get them to the door. So then you can show off your memorable experience that we just talked about not having  business coach  checklist and eat.

Now you are far from England, I realized being from England you’re always trying to do kind of a hostile takeover. But you you are. You are a business coach. You do know what you’re doing, but first off full disclosure. When did you stop? What did you realize that that the the the the war was over and that your country did in fact of losing weight? When did when?

Did you finally declare America’s Independence? What do you reconcile that talk about it? To be honest  business coach  with you, I try not to think about it. Bro, you celebrate it very well Cooke City of his little boxes on the wrong side. Have you ever any, don’t have to mention any details?

I don’t anybody in trouble, but if you ever  business coach  maybe been in a surgery or working with the doctor or the hospital, where you realize man, a critical step is being missed. How is it possible for somebody to Misses? Have you ever seen this scenario?

I have seen that  business coach  scenario before I’m solutely and you just try to. God is as best as possible. They know what they’re doing, but they have to learn so much.. She continually that from time to time there are steps that need to be guided without without doubt the checklist Manifesto where he went out instead he’s actually the  business coach  leading medical, a professor at Harvard medical school, and he discovered that surgeons have so much going on.

There might even imagine, operating on somebody and wearing you’re, going to make a mistake that you are probably someone’s life line and one of the things they forget to do without a checklist are some of the basic things, and so they introduce checklists into surgery and the Amount of accidents went down, but John, you have to operate with a checklist for  business coach  the oral surgeon or a search engine Optimizer.

Why? We always talk about you, you expect what you inspect, and so, if you don’t have anything where you’re going down a list of making sure that no steps are being missed or or the team doesn’t have s  business coach  omething to follow them, then things get the balls, get drop Things get messy, it’s just a bad deal. The New York Jets. What is the name of the team Steve? What’S the team, they don’t cover them on the news anymore, but yeah.

I know who you’re talking about to help the patriots, also something that you like to do get into the score. Standings American football said about winning right now we were talking American football. Yes, there were moving European flare guns down  business coach  for a minute here and try to enjoy this American football game.

If you have a restaurant yesterday, they know what to do it another day that they know they need to take out the trash. You know they need to clean the bathroom. They know that they need to do whatever they need to do to keep that restaurant. Looking high and tight looking sharp, like the Ridge Grill, however, we’ve all been to Hell’s Kitchen kitchen is a friend of mine.

He says: hey, you know what I like to eat at these  business coach   little hole-in-the-wall restaurant as opposed to the big ones, and I said fine, fine friend, fine, we will go we’ll go I’ll. Go take me to Crazy Town I’ll, go there with you fine. So we go into this restaurant and her servants of India, Indian food, and let me tell you  business coach  what you go to the bathroom and it let you know that no one has been in that room ever who works there.

It’S just it’s like it’s nasty, but I’d have to choose to believe that the level of detail they’re not putting into the bathroom, is being taken that that level of energy they would spend on. The bathrooms is now  business coach  focused entirely on the food, because if they kept the food, if they maintain the food in the kitchen coming us the way they do their bathroom, then maybe I don’t want to eat there until we’ve all been to a restaurant like that, you’ve Got to hold your team accountable, and then it says you have to do weekly group interviews.

You got to have new people coming in new talent coming in at all times, people coming in you can’t the people go that are  business coach  choosing not to do their jobs at Clark. Your listen to the DriveTime show on your radio book. Your tickets today for the next. In person today Thrive time and show Workshop, you get those tickets today at Thrive time, tickets start  business coach   at and for some reason, Steve Currington is wearing my uniform. Why is it? Go?

Sting live from the center of the  business coach  universe, its business school without the BS between optometrist and entrepreneur with us SBA entrepreneur of the year, alright Drive Nation. Welcome back to the conversation duck disease out today, expanding its vast entrepreneurial Empire. However, however, he just celebrated his 53rd birthday 53 years on the planet, Earth, dr. Z, happy birthday, hope, you’re having a great time and when you get  business coach  back from expanding your Empire, we will be here to to put you in a headlock and to take you to The ceremony flagpole and to do all the birthday hazings that typically happen when your 53, I mean Steve head what what are you typically what’s?

What’S the current in Tradition that you guys do to someone who  business coach  celebrating their 53rd birthday, is this still the ceremony of birthday floggings yeah yeah? Definitely we just beat the crap out of people. That’S like the thing that I want to have a birthday at all, except dr. Zu kind of like you can’t mess with him. He said: there’s no penis about him like yourself, so he knows how to kill you without anyone finding out about how to build a successful restaurant.

How to build a successful restaurant, be proven game plan. The 13 steps for creating a successful  business coach  restaurant action item number to Define your numbers before you start. You have to write down here to figure out. You have to do the math to figure out how much profit you make per customer, and I have a very bad bad story. Steve will take us to the bottom and maybe John can  business coach  help us to help us. Take it out of the gutter here. You know.

There’S a business in in Tulsa Hills that opened up about 4 years ago and they called me in today we need help marketing and, I said, awesome great, let’s figure out how much  business coach  profit you make per customer and Steve. Why? Why would you think that me as a business coach guy?

Why do I like to focus on the numbers before I start working with a client if at all possible? Well, if they’re going to be paying you you have to coach, then you might want to establish. First of all, if they even make any money at what they do, and I want to help you helping them. So I did the math and I found it. They made about per customer Steve Steve, couldn’t sign  business coach  for the details.

They serve food and they make 3 bucks per customer right now. They’Re hard costs just to be in business for about ,000 a month. So John, your ear math Wizard and easy math wizard Steve the math wizard. But if there, if it’s or of profit per customer, they have to bring in ,000 of profit just to pay cash for the variable cost to cost for the food. The cost for the. But just have to bring in at least ,000 just to break even Steve how much money, how many customers do they need to have just to break even 4000. Okay, they’re only open 6 days a week so give him 25 days. They go 25 days. Okay! So then one that’s 160 customers a day per day.

They need just to break even just just to pay the bills right. Foot like the lights on pay, the rent by the food pay the employees right. So I talk to I talk to the owner. I said hey: what’s your busiest day, what’s the most people you’ve ever had in  business coach   like a day when you’re swamped me that’s what this is all about? 110. We can’t keep up because it’s so busy and I’m like so you would have to have your busiest day everyday and you would still lose money stay right and then she goes.

Oh, no. This isn’t going to work and I go I know, but the thing is when you get excited to do that business and you got a great credit score Steve. You got like a 780 credit score and that bag wants to  business coach  lend you money in ain’t. No, they know you can pay it back. If you got hundreds of thousands of dollars saved, are they going to pay know you got like you? Don’T have saved like a 780 credit score to open up a little restaurant in you’ve never made a late payment.

Your life that I’ve been going to probably lend you that money you go bankrupt, so it’ll be like oh yeah. I have a  business coach  joke with Mike my my business card. Sharks, green was in the restaurant business and did a lot of restaurant stuff and, as like a funny thing with him, I would always say man voice dreamed of owning a restaurant. I think I’m going to own a restaurant and he would always encourage you probably not to do that right. Why don’t you just give me ,000 now and in two years I’ll give it back to you and that way you won’t lose a million bucks night, because that’s what a lot of people do and it’s not just restaurant, but they have their idea of whatever business.

They want to run and they take all their life savings that they built over 20 years and they lose it in 9 months, and I I sat down there, I looked  business coach  at the owner of the dog, looks at the end of the day. It’S a couple aside to hate: you need to shut  business coach  it down and just pay the lease, because the lease is going to be at ,000 a month and you’re only going to lose four thousand a month for the next five years.

That would be better than to continue doing what you’re doing, and then you need to sublease it to somebody else and after they fought the Earth’s gravitational pull for about 7 months. I got a very emotional call from the guy and he said we’re  business coach  going to do exactly what you said to do, but I wish I would have got seven months ago because we spent our entire life savings on trying to prop this thing up biggest people. Just don’t know their numbers, you have to know your profit per customer.

I don’t know how many customers need to break. Even you also have to know how many customers you need to  business coach  achieve your goals and finally Bill Gates would say knowing your number. He does know your numbers is a fundamental precept of business Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft. You have to know the numbers from the beginning, some encouraging right now how many customers do you need just to break even and how many customers do you need to achieve?

Your goals and how much profit do you actually make per customer? You must  business coach  create a world-class brand from day one. You got your purple cow, make sure you click on the show notes for Today Show you will see a link to Sushi Sushi.

Pork is a brand that we work with and they allow you to serve other day that they serve sushi, but they  business coach  don’t try to mess with the shame of you and I not being able to use Chopsticks, no John you’re kind of refined individual.

But one do you eat sushi? No, I do not. What can you do Chopsticks? I can really are you good, I’m very, very qualified and trained you in the chopsticks with chopsticks, I’m a chopstick user. Okay. He was just realize that a lot of people like me will call it American barbarians. We don’t know how to use. If you like, I could try to use the Chopsticks that I’m a ghost I’m not unlike a  business coach   famine diet here. Okay, I can’t I got actually eat some food here, so they came up with the idea or two more of a casual.

You can use a fork to eat it. It’S called sushi for they’re doing very well in or near there in the process now franchising. We work with him for about 2 years and they’re very, very close to open another location in Dallas Texas, but guess what they know their numbers and in the very beginning they created a purple cow. They better watch out  business coach  because I’m going to be Sushi, fingers and I’ll, be I’m going to blow that franchise. Hats like no. I don’t know who she figure, I’m actually starting when it’s cold Sushi Steve’s, that’s it! I don’t want to go there, a purple cow! Your purple cow, you don’t know, there’s a notable quotable from Seth Godin. He says in a crowded Marketplace. Fitting in is a failure.

Any busy Marketplace not standing out is the same thing as being invisible. You’Ve got to create a purple cow, Thrive nation, and if you want to learn how to Brand your business going to thrive time, it’s drive time should I come and you can download the start here book all for free download, ebook to start here book for Entrepreneurs, just like you for free at DriveTime,, hello, America and welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio. Lot of people have compared their show. Does Steve Martin meets Steve.

Forks Jim Gaffigan meets Fox Business. However, I like to think of this, show more as fish meeting fruit in a blender and producing a succulent beverage that we can all enjoy and see what you’re going to want to do is you’re going to want to get Allied fish like we have right here In the studio right now, but I can carb or a sunfish or I’ll bash your going to put that in there with some mangoes and I’m going to put in there right now, I’m going to hit that start button it when I do.

This is what the audio magic that you here on a daily basis sounds like to me here. We go put the word on now, your squirt blood, all over the studio. 4. You got a point: it doesn’t it’s not working out the way it’s supposed to go back to you, guys in the box that rocks Steven feels like deja vu. It feels like we’ve already been right now.

John., Have you guys ever had I’m over? You thought this moment has already have it like you and it was weird because you somehow knew what was going to happen yet Sean’s going to say a bad joke, never experienced that. Have you ever experienced this before? Yes, I’m sitting next to a guy and I’m talking this guy named Mike. I know I’ve had this conversation before I time hundred percent certain, and so I thought I look to my left and I’m going okay. I don’t know that I’ve sat here while talking to this guy before, but I know I’ve had this conversation so John.

I thought about reaching up at reaching over across the table, finding a blunt object and hitting myself to see if I was still alive. I thought of it and then it happens. He realizes the same thing he’s he says I feel like. I know you discounted Falls familiar. I think I know you from somewhere. You know the other down by the river and here’s.

What happens if you were in the other one he’s a cardiologist and I met him at the airport and we have discussed this before and I was like yes you’re, the vegan cardiologist guy and he says yes, I’m married to Piper. Who is you know one of these friends? I like? Yes, that’s how I know you invite for you, but in her office, and she says yes,

I have it.. You were like you have about a mistake. I am I. Why am I not today we’re talking about how to build a successful restaurant in for us, it’s kind of like deja vu, because we help people do this over and over again? It’S really not that hard once you know the proven path. So actually I remember 3 days. You must create a world-class brand from day one you got to quit that purple cow John purple cows. Before we move on to talk about logos, why does every single business owner have to create a purple cow? Will you have to stand out from the crowd, and so you use sushifork is an example.

That’S a great example: there’s that that roll place where they throw  business coach   the rolls don’t forget, sushi fingers Sushi fingers is something and then you don’t even like wearing the same thing. Every day, a little clay cart move which II Segway to Steve Arrington is actually wearing the clay park. Right now he’s got the make sure that you’re doing it stands out.

You want to make sure that it’s remarkable meaning somebody’s going to talk about it. That’S the importance of the Purple Cow. When I DJ Rebel DJ connection, I would  business coach  have a meeting a case about once a week or somebody was a big deal, would come to the office in a someone. Is the CEO of something the head of something they would come book their corporate party?

And I would say you know what I’m going to dress up on that day. Cuz it’s Tuesday he’ll, be here on Tuesday, the rest of week I’ll be not be casual Wednesday. I’M not going to big deal Tuesday and Wednesday and I got one on Thursday, so I have that the dress up  business coach  these three days next week, it’s like 4 days it’s by pretty soon I’m going to dress up everyday to minimize the decisions I needed to make.

I decide to wear the same thing everyday and I got that idea. Cuz. I was reading a lot about Steve Jobs in Walt Disney famous presidents and people that were very successful, and one thing that happens is your cognitive in your brain. You just can only make a certain number of decisions, cuz, your brains, like a muscle before your  business coach  head, just use that can’t do it. I need one of these.

I hated was trying to figure out what to wear everyday, and so that’s how I came up with my uniform until that is the movie logo. Brand is just a perception and perception will match reality. Overtime. Sometimes it will be ahead. Of the times will be behind  business coach  what brand is simply a collective impression: some have about a product, Elon Musk, The Man Behind Tesla PayPal, SpaceX. If you go to and you look at that website, I encourage you to look at that website.

While John is breaking down logos in what makes a great logo, because the Tesla logo, my friends, is nothing but a font. John talk to you about logos, Matt logos, so are the better chance of you. Look at like apple. You know. If it’s an apple, you know Facebook is it so you want to make something that is, is unique but also stands out and the simpler, the better and what we find it with a lot of business owners that if they want to make it really really complex And they want to put like you know this new roof on the TV that would make up a Tulsa something and then it’s going to be a window and then, by the time it said and done it’s just like this monstrosity, and so here’s where it becomes

Difficult, I think, a lot of business guys, don’t realize this when you have a logo and then you want to have cool stuff right like hay like you want fidget Spinners or you want a t-shirt. So you want shirt. So you won’t ever call your auntie and you want to get a red coat yeah.

You want every member of your team every once in awhile. I want you to bring your basketball team. You want to come play some soccer reference for your whole team, so doctors, he can wear one of your soccer jerseys. But here’s the deal. It’S a pain in the butt when you have this complicated logo, because  business coach  they’re literally having to like change it and take this off and at this just replaced fit in the box right now I have.

I have audio actually of an Diane mansard business coach she’s on the phone with a company after he’d made his break break complicated logo he’s trying to get all the Indy matheron logo with you when he first started and email turn it in and Associates it was It was actually a musket that was what was your logo  business coach  in a musket of followed by a member Redcoat.

There’S a man with a musket to is a red cold lights on a musket letter T in the harbor harbor British flag in it. That’S right, which Queen was it. It was a Queen Elizabeth II and who was the guy. Who was the guy who betrayed the government who got killed? What was that guy’s name? He was crushing a soccer ball to Andy’s on the phones with the with the company.

Try to get the t-shirts made, this is your  business coach  daddy’s, I mean I’ve never heard you so hot out here is Miss Tracy was serious and I couldn’t be more more time to mastering the website. John world-class world class website looks like but you’re in between now and then I encourage you to thrive time. Show.Com, it’s DriveTime in there you can look at our website and sort of a get some ideas and the free start here book. The book start here is a 550 page manual.

It’S like it’s like an owner’s manual for a bit Sodor, specifically what you need to do to  business coach   start and grow a successful company, and is yours absolutely free to download at Thrive time, What’S Facebook all right back to the conversation, my name is Colette Clark on the former USS be a entrepreneur of the Year. Normally normally would like to start this show with an offer, but I’m going to start the show with my daughter. We had a small business out there that start up that came to Z, and I today I want to start a business entirely  business coach  focused on spatulas.

I believe that I’m going to have the lock on the spatula and distribute people from all over the world are going to come and gather at my store and ends, and I are saying don’t start a company focused on spatula spatula is because we sell spatulas and That’S all it. It didn’t work out so well for these guys, and so we want to play their One and Only commercial never quite made it to radio and two are going to play that one commercial in honor of the startup  business coach  that quickly failed spatula City, there’s just one place To go for all your special needs, some color, and because we eliminate the middleman we can sell all our special is Factory Direct to you.

Where do you go when you want to buy name brand specialist at a fraction of the retail cost, and this weekend only take advantage of our special liquidation sale by nine special? For just one penny, don’t forget they make great Christmas presents and what  business coach   better way to say. I love you than with a gift of the spatula.

Try to myself hello. This is side greenbloom, president of spatula City, I like their specialist, so much about the company. Why? Where did you get that lovely spatula? Oh yes, oh I can imagine why it didn’t work. We have drivers all the time will reach out to do. They want to start a  business coach  successful company and one of the first tips.

We always will tell you what you must have a real product of people really do want and have a very, very sad story in the rain to get into building a website. Ok, Google. I want to build a successful restaurant and I want you guys to help me with my path. I want to get there. It is a sad story. It’S far enough in the past, it is not funny, but it is it is it is. It is sad and trip. My wife has a person that does a wee wee  business coach   Mutual acquaintance. We know and meet your acquaintance says: hey you coach businesses. Could you help me? I said absolutely but here’s the thing is,

I need to have you do the surface and your wife is a lady of a virtue in class. She likes to keep the place clean, bathroom likes to keep that house clean. My right now. She insists on doing your own laundry. She can’t even Outsource. That has to be perfect in my right, John, that’s so correct. Okay, so we were married to some women  business coach  that you don’t want things to be cleaned at a certain way. Long story short this person cleaning service in your house for free to show you what I do and I said sure – and I wasn’t sure if I wanted to work them as a client.

I said sure they came and cleaned and it was the worst most non. Detailed most inaccurate, most shut crap in the closet, most just nasty cleaning job ever so I call the person I said: hey I got to let you know, I don’t you get attacked attacked by my wife. My wife  business coach  is like a great lady in in my wife. Has the ability, where she’s calm, nice call nice, nice calm and then?

But if you get the Cobra, if you, if you get the job, you heard the Cobra, you seen the Cobra seen the Cobra heard of the Cobra. I just said in the cost of us. I just want to make sure that you maybe want to clean it again cuz. I just know that she’s not going to get feedback, and I wasn’t I did it for free. We just kind of did a light brushing up, and I said, that’s not the juice.

That’S what  business coach  we do whatever we do, a free cleaning cuz it is it. You know where we’re doing it for free, you know, and if so I was going okay, I want to be honest with you. If you’re going to clean somebody’s house for free as a no-brainer, you better do an awesome job because they’re certainly not going to use you again.

It’S like an audition took a job interview and I had restaurants over the years reach out to us to help us to help them grow their business and their food was bad, so John, assuming the food is good. Why is why? Is it so important? I was next step, they have a great website and what kind of things are included in a great website? Will people always go to the interwebs to check out you know, reviews or what what you’re about, and so, if you want to make sure that you were website, is showing a good first impression so that way when they land on the website.

That I owe this  business coach  seems like a credible business, not maybe they just started out of mine basement and so on the website. You want to make sure that loud and  business coach  clear, just front and center on that top header is your no-brainer offer, and so that way it pulls them in there like. Oh, I didn’t know that you know that I’ve never been on this internet. You you do. You speak of, I know they never checked it out there or do I need  business coach  to be on an MP3 player or a fax machine to to access Hard, MP3, typical Tom Brady fan on there.

You want to make sure that you have testimonials on there as well. So people can see other people that I’ve already tried the service. They had a good  business coach  experience than you have these specific steps implemented, because if not it’s just not going to work, it could look good. But if you don’t have a no-brainer, it’s not going to work.

Making the checklist your drivers, you got to have a testimonial to have to have testimonials. You got to have video testimonials. People need to see that you’re a real business it. According to 4, 88 % of people read reviews, especially before going to a restaurant, and have you ever  business coach  attempted to take your wife on a hot date.

That’S okay! When you go to see reviews before going to the restaurant., Have you ever read the reviews on route to a place in your wife’s? Read the  business coach  reviews. Always come to another place or is a man of your ear is a kind of a rugged Barbarian man? Have you ever gone to a restaurant when your when your wife is not present, we haven’t read reviews and you’re like hey, it’s Dad, I’m eating it.

I hope I won’t have to leave. I refuse to read reviews I want to have my own experiences really feel. Like that, women are the ones who drive all purchases there’s all this data to 7210 purchases are are made by women. I meant  business coach  to say I don’t know. I do not know classy women who are not reading reviews before going somewhere.

I don’t I don’t know examples of it so important. You get the reviews optimize. Your title tag, your description tag, your keywords, no Johnson was listening going. I actually write a blog though, and I heard that Google has made significant changes in the third quarter, with the panda updated. Now. No longer do you need to I’ll be subject to making  business coach  such about updates at the title tag in the description, Tech. You know cuz overall, I’m in Google’s just it’s impossible to win the Box. What is true that Google constantly makes updates about those updates are still you still have to do the title tags.

You still have to have the content, you start content is King, and so basically, when Google does update  business coach  what they’re doing is they’ve the other much smarter than us, and so when people try to cheat the system, they do an update. The saying hey, that’s not! Okay and now so I can work anymore press based in someone’s listening.

I don’t want to make it WordPress, John I’m in myself and Drupal. I don’t want to drive, use Wix. I use free, it’s free. Have you not seen some nasty websites over the years, or so it’s just fighting the Arkham Knight our clients, heard rumors  business coach   of other people’s client fighting about using WordPress based website.

All of the time all the time why it’s a one? It’S it! What are comfortable with! I think two is a lot of times business owners when they’re getting the business going, and you know everybody knows a guy that it’s, like you know, graphic design, web design class in college. When you know it’s not a good thing to feel bad about not using WordPress and then so do not use WordPress. If Dad is you, I want you to do  business coach   it so if you’re not using WordPress in you refusing to do it, what I want you to do. This is a three-step process step. One deep breath got to step to.

I want you to reach down to your derriere, your bum. I got a hold of it to your buttocks. I want you to step 3. Pull your head out looks like something I should probably do. Every morning I come to work, don’t suffocate, can you get porter head out? I have another move. You can go print out in color your website, but just printed out like so you  business coach   have it. So you can see it and then put it in a you know. One of those like like fire pits were you have something in the wood burning and you just Burn It To The Ground. Now Steve Step2 was grab your dairy or not mind.

Please tell me weird shower now: okay, so you have a clear call-to-action. You got to have a click2call phone number. You got to have the header text headline that makes sense. You have social media icons that have horizontal navigational  business coach  bars. That makes sense. You have to email, sitemap, XML sitemap, and you have to be able to remember all this and you can’t so go to thrive time, and click on the podcast and look at the show notes for today, because you can find all this checklist right there and If you have yet to download the start here book, you need to do it going to thrive time.

Show.Com put on the starter book, you can download for free or just book your tickets for  business coach  next in-person Thrive. Time show Workshop get your tickets. Today, tickets are starting at thanks to a  business coach  enerous, generous sponsorship from Paul Hood CPA just for general admission tickets and 500 for the premium.


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