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Learn how you can grow your business during today’s episode of The Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show. In this podcast, Clay Clark and the team discuss the proven path for building a successful compounding pharmacy. During the show the team discusses: branding, marketing, search engine optimization, gathering Google reviews, retargeting ads, checklist creating, and more.


  • From the beginning we have built our pharmacy to provide our patients with quality-individualized medicine for an affordable cost through eliminating the “middle men.”
  • Apothecary – Definition – One who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes – Merriam Webster 2. Specializes in providing custom medication.
  • Goal to Grow from $110,000 annual revenue to $750,000 annual revenue
  • # of Customers Needed to Achieve Goal = 181
  • # of Customers Needed to Break-Even = 125
  • # of Hours Willing to Work on the Business = 2.5 Hours


Step 1 – Create a Google compliant website (keep the same look and text) just modify for Google Compliance on WordPress



Step 2 – Define demographics of ideal and likely buyers

Narrow down ideal and likely buyer niche – Must work to narrow down niche focus…not…currently investments, small customers, large customers, families, high-end, retail, industrial, land, etc.

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” – Steve Jobs (C0-founder of Apple and former CEO of PIXAR)


  1. 1. Zip Code:
  2. 2. Age:
  3. 3. Gender:
  4. 4. Background:
  5. 5. Places They Currently Shop:
  6. 6. Websites They Visit:
  7. 7. Potential Referral Sources:



Step 3 – Create No-Brainer Offer

DEFINITION – Quid pro quo – a favor or advantage granted or expected in return for something.



Step 4 – Create Purple Cow

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing. In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible (56).” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of The Purple Cow)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You can’t know if your Purple Cow is guaranteed to work. You can’t know if it’s remarkable enough or too risky. That’s the point. It’s the very unpredictability of the outcome that makes it work. The lesson is simple – boring always leads to failure.* – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of The Purple Cow)

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Boring is always the most risky strategy. Smart business-people realize this, and they work to minimize (but not eliminate) the risk from the process.” – Seth Godin (Best-selling author of The Purple Cow)

  1. 1. Example: – Buy a Pair Give a Pair
  2. 2. Example: 1st Time Visit = 50% Off
  3. 3. Example: Sign Flipper –
  4. 4. Example: Train Theme – Dental Depot –,-95.8866303,3a,60y,255.72h,78.95t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1s-NZ6gK8ZXtItxIC4PL_XVA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656
  5. 5. Example: Large Inflatable –…2304.12470.0.12592.….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..16.18.1572…0j0i67k1j0i10i67k1j0i13k1j0i13i30k1.0.M5hSAaRapTU#imgrc=upGN7igzrZCz3M:



Step 5 – Create a World-Class Experience

EXAMPLE – Starbucks

  1. 1. Smells
  2. 2. Sights / Decor
  3. 3. Uniforms
  4. 4. Music
  5. 5. Signage
  6. 6. Samples


EXAMPLE – Whole Foods

  1. 1. Smells
  2. 2. Sights / Decor
  3. 3. Uniforms
  4. 4. Music
  5. 4. Signage
  6. 6. Samples



I know you going to dig this sting live from the center of the universe without the BS featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert zoellner with us SBA entrepreneur of the Year. Clay welcome to the drive time show on talk radio 1170. Yes, it’s Ian Claire broadcaster  business coach   from the box from the 90s, but I showed you with the proper business coach  show on your radio it’s about time.

So anyway, we go. It’S about time, show on your radio and 3-2-1. Here we go Thrive, nation and Patriots fans. Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio. We survived an incredible two-day workshop this past weekend. We had people are joining us Chubb.

I don’t know if you met all these people, but I believe we had one person that I met from from California. California, Jim Cathcart legendary speakers from a California we had Tennessee representative, we had Fargo Fargo, we had whoever we will give it to Oklahoma City. That’S my New York New York, New York from business coach  England, and so is very International.

That is correct. I was there any nice guy there, I think, before we get into Today’s Show, which is all about building a successful compounding pharmacy. Okay, we have a driver out there who wants to build a successful compounding pharmacy, and this guy is based in Dallas, Texas and so we’re going to lay out be proven, pass to build a successful compounding pharmacy.

But before we do the question business coach  that I have any good drivers want to know. This is it you know Andy when you’re attending a workshop and everyone is attending, is where all Americans I mean worst e? Where would it anywhere all Americans chat, we’re business coach  all we’re all? Just gun-toting Americans were or a bunch of uneducated people the front row to make it classy.

I want all you guys to wear pants. That’S hella American Conference is the leader of the hillbillies Class Act and most of all the attendees are classy too, but it’s just. I attract non classy people, anybody who is really really going through the the redneck time of their life you’re into the movie Joe Dirt. I attract you too dear. Take a screening – and we had everything, went when you’re attending a conference with his people like myself and Steve, are saying: hey man, you want to recycle that coffee from yesterday someone left a half cup of that’s what that black people business coach   like that?

How do you as a proper Englishman, a guy who is classy your Tactical you’re, married to a great lady? You have a lot of experience in the medical industry or formally educated. You know where were you you bad you doing with it? What are you doing? What’S going through your mind when you’re such a redneck Utopia to the teething 7 and 8 in your coverage,

I just put those things surrounding. He actually slapped me in business coach  the face. I handed him an iced tea and he said we don’t drink iced tea. Thank you for keeping it classy for building a successful compounding pharmacy. Can you explain from your perspective? He worked in the industry, break it down for many many. As matter fact, they were there around before they regular promises easy today, regular Pharmacy started mass-producing in the in the 60s because you not for profit for help the masses. What does this business coach   the need for compounding pharmacies now?

Because there are so many patients out there that can really necessarily take the regular pills, except for there on the market. To let me translate self your mom said to myself, hey man, I got a rash and I went to the typical Pharmacy on our way to Walgreens and I went in there and they couldn’t get me what I needed.

So I need to find out a custom pharmaceutical product. Should I go to my friend business coach  Leroy, or should I go to a company party, but we shouldn’t go to Leroy’s and talk to them about what they can do for you to leave and he’s parked in the gym on for several years, and we have here is One who prepares and sells compounds for medicinal purposes: special housing in custom, medication, okay, so step number one. If you go to create a successful, compounding pharmacy compliant and you’ve got to make sure that this website is based on WordPress and time again, we’re Geniuses come in people who know business coach   their stuff. Doctors we’re talking my doctor, dentist search lawyers, surgeons, people that have their stuff together.

They come in and their website looks awful and it’s not WordPress based. Why do we have to switch business coach  over to WordPress, even if, even if they don’t want to, even if your sister-in-law’s cousin made the website not and we’re, even if your wife made it even if, whatever Sarah Jane made it I’ll, tell you what she did herself using Him when we call a Doe B, Leroy and Sara Jean, we love you guys were just making we’re just having fun here. The reason that you got to go to WordPress is because Google likes it, but I think 23 % of the internet right now is business coach  is powered by WordPress.

Now you start using statistics focus on opinions and emotions. Opinion is on this thing: Beyonce and Jay-Z there on WordPress. She is so you just got to go to WordPress just get over whatever your hang-up isn’t do it have. You ever met a physician who spent 10 grand 10 grand 12 Grand a grand 7th grade website, and they don’t even control.

At the end of the process I have met. Several different people will spend ,000 on. A business coach  website will spend at least a minimal amount on things that they don’t necessarily understand, because they are just Monsters of the Cross, and they don’t want to know when I understand that portion of it. Steve Steve, have you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re

Paying high monthly fees for a website that is not based on WordPress and it will not get you to the top of Google. Yes, that exact thing happened to us now, Steve you business coach   got a whole street used radio show she got to talk and explain to her. The situation and I cannot find my Jack Daniels go when I find out. I will get more involved in the conversation, so he had a company that specialized business coach   in mortgage websites that built us. I don’t know if you remember this, but we actually paid them a large amount of money to build us a WordPress website because it had they had these features. We wanted widget business coach   a secured loan application. You know and we went all the way down that path. I don’t know if you remember, but we actually had a build 3 web sites and then we scrap them and we had to start.

All of you know Steve with this reminds me of his. If you hear about a guy who builds a customer chicken coops, yes, there’s one in your backyard. Then runs off of your head and you’re paying for the 4th to get him to come back again. He runs off again about the 51. You say it’s not! It’S! Not working out we’re going to have to not use you for a website or for chicken coops Steve.

I want to give you a few times, though, for not getting emotional about that when it happened, and you started working with us at Thrive and then you’re like alright. Well, whatever right, let’s just get a website, that’s going to get us up there. You didn’t freak out. We have what we just did 3 web sites just for fun. Full disclosure of your coaching clients, ARR packages, start at ,500 a month depending business coach  upon to the package that you need a lot of packing to do work on it.

You know it just depends on the needs of the customer, but it’s included what websites are created and they’re they’re included all the video ography, all the photography, all the updates. All the search engine optimization through this particular Apothecary business we’re going to get him to the top of Google right there in Dallas as part of their.

Where are we going to build business coach  the site, we’re going to get him to the top of Google and that’s something that you can do because Rumor Has It? People are using the internet, people are using the internet to Ryan Tedder song by the way over to business coach  define the demographics of your ideal, unlikely buyers, Andy of a lot of experience in this industry.

What kind of Ideal and likely buyers go to a compounding pharmacy? To me, it sounds like a bunch of Mystics of the mistakes business coach   that might be those people that just really cannot take that pill and it might be a child who needs need something outside of a pill. Cuz they cost spells to have the same effect as somebody who who who would take that pill. So it would be if you’re, if you’re listening here today and you’ve ever been doing Apothecary shop, there’s one in Tulsa called Apothecary to put your Anna and then I won’t see you but I’ll just know you didn’t need it..

I want to keep that hand out and stretch get there.. I got one in the back clay nice to see one in the nice now you can go and put your hand down now. Okay, so great see where to find your ideal unlikely buyers. In specifically, you want to business coach  narrow down your idea when likely buyer Niche, because you would you don’t really focus on everybody, you don’t have the financial capacity.

Maybe, Mr Dallas, maybe you do, but you don’t typically have the financial  business coach  business coach  capacity needed to go after every industry. At the same time, you’ve got to narrow down your focus so specifically zip code, Niche business coach  narrowing criteria that you want to go through missionary worst Michigan, ZIP code, transgender as well.

I wouldn’t say that I’m home now, but that’s in the past and I don’t business coach  know longer, serve everyone wished websites. I visit potential referral sources. You want to know things even like you know what were business coach  their kids going to be at. We can maybe advertise business coach  the people there. What are we know where they at where they like?

What are they into you know where on this list, do you have them that your invention did? You ask? Are you, okay to Market and Aliens now, there’s a lot of information. I’Ve business coach   been watching late-night here and shut up, I’m just saying there could be. I could be a new Nick. It’S an Emerging Market, Explorer territory of oil from England with aliens and I’m just joking.

Around there are people Eric that I’ve seen this happen as a business coach  business coach who want to Market to a people group, it’s not a thing that they really do want to Market to what I deal in likely, buyer that doesn’t exist, and so aliens are not one Of them you’ve got a narrow down your Niche Focus. Do everybody business coach   right it’s hard to do shotgun, marketing,

Steve I so rudely cut you off. I was going to say when you’re running a business, sometimes you’re so focused on your business that blew it or not. Some people have a really hard time even defining business coach  this, but I think that’s what when, when I came into the Thrive, I think that that’s one of the things I’ve appreciated overtime, because you know everything from like coming up with podcast episodes to defining who your target Market is business coach  having a business coach that can isn’t in your industry that can step outside of that and say boom boom boom in your light bulb.

But it’s because you’re so focused on your business. That you can I mean it’s. You can’t see the forest for the trees kind of thing, so I didn’t courage you to get somebody that that can. If, if you can’t Define this yourself, you need to get a business coach or get somebody that can help you to find a big shout-out to somebody business coach  who participated in the program and we were able to help dramatically cat Barbie with Barbie cookies. I took my kids to get some cookies over the weekend and it’s it’s so exciting to see somebody who I was stuck go from really in a Perpetual stuck next to having to thriving Bakery locations, and I’m telling you drive nation of you feel stuck.

This is your year to get unstuck time. Should I come in download be business coach  start here book today. It’S free for you stay tuned. Is the drive time to show on your radio, not shaving, for the truck I’m going to pull team Halifax helicopter black cards. Good credit report – customer cuz, you know I’m shy number one in the most humblest to myself, cuz I’m at the peak of where my home, okay, I started from the bottom of it now,

I’m at the top listed all the things that my humble business coach   self pay parking Tickets in trees, rabbit’s foot, massage with the assurance that obese, Saudi Papa’s or cell phone number one business coach, helping to build wealth so pale and jealousy phone Kevin McHale from a man. Who’S never been called Beautiful.

Your host clay Clark, you know – I don’t know if you worked with the Epic voice guy, but it seems like every introduction that he does is sort of a sort of it’s a definite business coach  passive, aggressive attack, attack, kind of wanted to say something comes back at you With whatever you want to say that you are a beautiful man, you say please say these words are the words I wrote were please say and now back to the most beautiful man in the history of America in other countries, and then, when I get back, you Think when you have radio show as much as you spending you invest in the show, he would do it and business coach   then he sent that back and I will tell you what it’s at some point. I’M going to take him and his epic voice and put him in a headlock. I remember the first draft of that one and it was like having breed able to say that you are actually read what you write exactly.

Everyone needs a hype. Man now there’s a thought before we get into how to build a proven path and Steven want to give you this., Because I know that you would actually do this, and this is this is what I called the business coach  super Christmas present. This is a super one.

Okay, what you do, if you ever look at like a rapper or a successful like business tycoon a lot of times they start to have like a an Entourage, so trouble walk into a room and he’s got like a business coach  guy with an earpiece on behind him and Another guy and her guy that always just jacked. I think it would be hilarious if you hired a hit man for someone as a Christmas gift so that when they walk around and there’s 5 people falling business coach  them, that’s right dating so that way, every meeting they have majority thinking how cool that would be is for One day they walk in front of them and tell people to move out of the way for the day and five dude. You made it like business coach   Lifetime Fitness or just jacked, and even those 5 dudes. He goes today.

You guys have to drive and you have to get out and you have to stare down and across their arms are kind of puff up their biceps in her chest and they business coach  kind of just look at you like no matter what he saying right now he’s right. I think that has to help in negotiations got to be great, but I think we should do the Hub gym seems like those guys are, jacked wouldn’t be going to go.

You need business coach   to get yourself a limo for the day and get the guys from the gym to go with you everywhere and then go negotiate. The purchase of your next exotic car was actually already have a limo for the day. I don’t drive myself around, but business coach  you’re being serious, you have a small white cost less than Lamborghini. He has a Lambo limo a successful compounding pharmacy in Dallas that reached out to us and said hey. I want to know the proven path. I want you guys to coach my business and to help me grow this thing and tell her. We are we’re breaking it down since 10 or 3.

You want to create a no-brainer offer. No Andy. You have been in medical and an antimatter business coach. You kind of business coach  know what you can’t do in medical, I’m not going to Badger you about specific details of that button. Obviously our client who’s now a busy guy business coach client in Dallas.

They know the medical laws for those people out there that don’t know what are some things you can do in the world of medical, as relates to no-brainers other some things of immediate things. Are you can’t offer another doctor XYZ to refer you or what can you business coach  not do so? Well, that’s very speak English at least pay Physicians, to send customers to you or anything like that.

You want to stay away from that stuff, so giving things away for free, hey! You can get this for free. If you come to a pharmacy is one of those things that provides a lot of red flags for that. So all these pharmacies that there’s no brainer is not going to be giving away things for free to play. Okay, so what they could do, business coach  though, if they could have a really really nice atmosphere in that place, where just attracts people they can maybe something set up for the kids in front of the actual facility like I’ll give an example. I know it seems stupid, but it actually works and then somebody might see it isn’t stupid.

All this sounds great. So what else might take this is my dentist man. Why are you ripping on my guy? I’M not rubbing on your guy business coach  just saying: there’s somebody out there who’s pushing back mentally about this idea. We have a great dentist in Tulsa who actually has a Trane Parts in front of his Dentistry.

It’S called The Dental Depot and it. Why does he do it? Cuz, it draws a crowd, it creates kind of a no brainer, it creates a brand, and so mr. compounding pharmacy. If you’re listening today, I would highly recommend that you would have some sort business coach  of purple cow in front of the pharmacy. Mr. kept one of the clients on working within the medical field is a a pediatrician, and the companies called the foundation and she’s got a no-brainer offer of she’s looking for expecting mothers to be there. Her New Yorker new patients right so free new parent class.

With your email, when you, when you come here for your first visit, you can come the free new parent class, where she business coach  goes over things for expecting moms who haven’t had a kid. Yet, as a lot of things, you need to learn things like how to deal with life when you don’t sleep after birth right how to make it through 9 months of your life before you feel physically awful, and then then, once you, this is my mother.

Do you feel horrible and that your husband can’t empathize will try and then, as soon as the babies out, to get the baby out you’re going to feel worse when you’re going to actually business coach   go to a place that has been described in the Bible? Some people would call it as hell well giving birth. Then after the baby comes out the little baby.

Her ear does the cute little baby. That little monster will deprive you of sleep for the next year and that baby. That little monster will also now become your boss and that baby for that she will tell you what to do every day, so you’re saying he does baby boss. I guess I will get up. Okay, I will feed you the worst most non self business coach  self dependent, self-reliant boss. Ever it would be the baby boss will then rule your life and there’s a book called Babywise. That would recommend you read that should help you solve most of those problems. I have 5 kids and more important.

My wife is still alive after giving birth to these five kids and they all used to be babies, baby, it’s like baby boss, but the other way around East Orange, New Jersey and pitfalls. He might not know about it in there, and you business coach   said New Jersey, East Orange New Jersey to talk about our business coach client step number for, as you’ve got to create a purple cow. It ties in a little bit to that whole idea of having a no-brainer, but we come back from the break room to write down what a purple cow is and why every single business owner needs one. If you don’t have a purple cow, we’re going to help.

You figure it out. Last white Clark Hill still drive time show on the radio. We can’t wait to do business coach  after break. Come over. Adidas. How much baby I can’t wait. Can you wait? Wait live local broadcasting for this Saturday? Is the Thrive time show tonight.

Do you feel good tonight? All We Got Is This Moment alright Drive Nation were business coach   talking today about how to grow. A successful business in specifically were focusing in on how to build a successful Apothecary shop for one of our drivers in Dallas, Texas, and so are we going to do here today is were going to business coach  break down the specific step step by step, what they need to Do to build a successful business with show me.

The principles were teaching today will apply directly to you and your business, no matter what kind of business do you have this next principal Eric Choppers? You have to have a purple cow and I think a lot of people don’t know what a purple cow is, but then once they do find out, what would a purple cow is yet still some people refuse to make business coach  he jump to make the change to actually Sit walk us through what a purple cow.

Is there a chip? So Seth Godin says that you don’t remarkable people in rock Apple products. Get talked about, boring is invisible, so if you want to get out there and when you, while your customers, when you get a Min and you want them – we got their start. Talking about. You’Ve got to have something separate you from your competition, something that makes you a little different, business coach  your unique value proposition.

What is it that separates you from that competition and makes you better and sets you apart from them, so we got. You know some examples of a purple cow hear you know by a pair of give up here and then it’s going to go to something good. That’S awesome! What time does a 50 % off the Purple Cow Purple? Cows?

Really there they are there, things that are all around us and if your intention business coach  about looking for them you’re going to find them if you’re not intentional, about looking for them just by knowing that they exist you’re not going to find them everywhere right. So I’m going to give you some of the arrow in the FedEx logo arrow in the FedEx logo, on once you see it. That’S the only thing you’ll ever see. Oh now, you’ve done that to 100 1st and Memorial. There is a sign flipper.

Have you guys seen the signs business coach   a time at the one who’s on it? Is he the one that’s directly down from that that mortgage company total lending Concepts? He is right near he’s right near that business called total lending concepts of do you know anything about this business yeah. I do in fact are purple cow is an interrupting cow, so we just walk around and we just go move every time. Someone tries to talk now, I’m going to give you a I’m business coach  going to give you a I’m going to give you another recordable from his book called Purple Cow.

He says in a crowded Marketplace, fitting in is failing any busy Marketplace, not standing out of the same thing as being invisible. He goes on to say you can’t know if your purple cow is guaranteed to work. You can’t know if it’s remarkable enough to or too risky that’s the point, it’s very unpredictable and he says it’s the very business coach  unpredictability of the outcome that makes it work. The lesson is simple: boring always leads to failure. He goes on to say: boring is always the most risky strategy. Smart business people realize this and they work to minimize the risk from the process.

So here’s another example: Geico Geico they have a gecko. What does a gecko have to do with insurance? Nothing? It has to do with their name and their name actually stood for before Warren Buffett business coach   bought. It stood for the government, employees insurance company – that’s what it’s for, but Warren Buffett is like God, that’s not going to be through memorable, so we’re going to make it a gecko.

Cuz reminds us of Geico geckos, pretty charismatic Australian. I believe he could be from New Zealand. You know what I like about that gecko it. Actually. I was able to save 15 % on my car insurance in like 15 minutes or less is amazing. It’S right there in business coach  front of the day this office that the Purple Cow. What about the Krispy Kreme donut assembly line? That’S a big one. You know how they get Krispy Kreme.

They make the donuts in front of you, that’s a purple cow. Nobody else does that normally it’s like any, will your wife, let you go to Krispy Kreme ever she doesn’t. Allow me to think that I didn’t mention about what a purple guy was. You might be thinking, okay, that all sounds good, but the reason that business coach  they called a purple cow is cuz.

You see cows all the time, but if you were to see a literal Purple Cow when somebody didn’t paint or anything weird was just like a purple cow. You would most likely feel compelled to go. Tell some people about it. Should I make my logo just a purple cow then I mean. Is that the move? I would say if you’re listening to show today and you sincerely don’t know what to do.

If you’re saying I could business coach   do this, I could do that. I can type I’m going to give you some more Purple Cow examples: Warby Parker is buy a pair of give a pair Tom’s Shoes is buy, a pair of giving her Warby Parker, Warby, Warby, Parker, glasses, is buy. A pair of give a pair of glasses will give a pair of glasses away when you buy one Tom’s Shoes is the same thing.

I’M Harley-Davidson. Are they decided to make their motorcycles ridiculously loud loud in and people say, could you business coach  make it more quiet yeah? They could, but their cells went down so now they made it louder. So that’s the whole thing is to make it. What is your purple cow?

I encourage you to think about that and if you can’t think of a purple cow I’ll, see what you could do is you can just paint all your vehicles purple with purple cow print and people would say what is that, and it would at least remember you Right – and you would say I do home loans and they’re business coach  like was out of the other prokaryote.

That’S my purple and you don’t know what I would encourage you to look at the Purple Cow as an option, but you can also check out and Today Show notes if you go to DriveTime and you click on the podcast button. There you’re going to find all of the show notes from today and you can find all the notable quotables that we’ve been referencing for you and a link where you can watch a video of the sign business coach  flipper. And we have a link where you can see. The offices of the Dental Depot – you can see a large inflatable display in front of one business, so you can get an idea of what we’re talking about now, step number 5.

Did you ever create a world-class experience, a world-class experience? This is so different than what most people do by default, and I will just give you one visual example: Starbucks. Would you walk into Starbucks? How does it smell why business coach  every 30 minutes I have to make fresh piece of the smell is regulated. Howard Schultz, Howard Schultz, was obsessed with making sure that it had the right smell the right Aroma II is the sites in the sound. The music is designed to be a certain way.

The decor is a certain way. Everyone has uniforms think about that music. Pick up the signage, their signage is All Uniform. They have samples of their products, they have nailed it guys. Can you bring a little business business coach  in in town or something where you really like the experience in that you’re thinking about yeah?

I got one burncoat. Anybody ever tell you that are open and they’ll come over and just like hand you a river to while you’re standing there smelling it, and it’s just an even order food, because I don’t forget about The Flintstones what this is massive, but it’s delicious and they figured That system out, because people love their food but, like I said the lines can be ridiculous, but business coach   then the owner walks up and hands you a delicious ribbon.

You like, okay, I’ll, wait in line. This is great. I wonder where you went today for 7 hours later. You want to know why I burn Co. Riverwalk help you be successful happy, but we can’t help you if we don’t get to know you going to DriveTime sure., Come and sign up today for an ex Workshop or download the new start here. But you could download the start here. Business book for free at DriveTime business coach what happened yesterday?

What you want flushed your teeth because they are in jordan-hare crooked teeth, make them straight and said: Patrick investment in teeth. When you don’t straighten your pictures of Joel, I don’t live in his dojo, putting places in faces for both kids and she got the teeth because he’s a man who’s never been called Beautiful.

Your host clay Clark, yet again you don’t give the microphone to the Anchorage. I just come business coach  out and see what it says should say. This is the truth about how to build a how to build a successful compounding pharmacy. The Proven path to building a successful Pharmacy in before I went to break we’re talking about purple cows and how to come up with a unique brand that stands out and one of the examples of Gables Geico who now uses a gecko to eat, to promote the Business and it’s it’s because the Geico stand for government employees, Insurance business coach   Corporation catchy to be having Purple Cow. We need to have something stands out until they came up with the Geico.

It we’re talking about or try to figure out what voice where it where the guy was from, and I would say, maybe New Zealand, maybe Australia and India matheron business coach answer Andy and a guy who’s still recovering from the brainwashing. That always happens on the other side of the pond.

He’S still here wears a red coat business coach  three days a week. You pointed out something anyway. What did you say? I did not wear my raincoat today, Stephanie Garcia, please please, don’t call me Australian, because he’s at his English guy I’m going to put you on a paint you into a corner and put you in the hot seat, I’m going to attack attack.

Here we go here. We go now, I’m just and I know you’re. I know that you are a Shameless English apologist, and so you have to answer these business coach  questions and if you get them wrong, you get judgement which we give you anyway, cuz you’re, not support of us. But if you get it right, you get acceptance for the day.

Sorry, the question I get to 1776: what was the last big invention or big company that came out of Brittany, the United Kingdom, I’m looking for a company or invented something that they invented? That actually is used by the rest of the world, and you have at least 3 to 4 business coach  seconds to come up with a viable answer. What you got, can I see someone help me right now, best National Basketball Association player to have come out of the best one by far the best he stands. He stands that he’s the king amongst the who’s, the best of Michael Jordan.

Sincerely Yogurt, you love America. Can you talk now how freaking hard it is to start a business in the United Kingdom versus the u.s. is very hard, but this really business coach  continues to be the land of opportunity. You know that there’s people have, it is about competition, and over here really is encouraged to have your own business and – and it’s a lot tougher – how to say that you came over here to ask about Oral Roberts University one of your purchases when you save dat Money as you bought the biggest vehicle that you could possibly get, it was a white, Suburban Steve.

You would business coach  have like this. It was on the verge of being the most massive vehicle on the road, and why did you get that car? Because if I had scratches on it every single day about over here, I was excited and I’m at old guy, so I took him to a Suburban. Very comfortably was about the massive vehicle, but in English I mean it’s hard to bite it, just it just being just logistic Lee. It’S so packed. It’S so crowded.

The cost of living is so high, there’s business coach  so much regulation, it’s so difficult to start a order grow. Successful company over there, so we’re so excited you’re on this side of the pond and in three years you’ll actually have been a American majority of Americans in America longer than you have been in the UK. You know it American citizen. I am really glad to have you as a fellow can. I would never quiz you about American history because we don’t know the number fives you got to create a business coach  world-class experience.

I’M you really really got to do what you got to nail it down. You got to know them the smells and someone’s writing these down. I encourage you to take a moment to write these down. You got ta write down the field on your smells, your sites, that so that’s like the decoration, the uniforms, the music, the signage, the samples.

If you don’t know what to do just go to Starbucks, just look at what they’re doing they rip it off, go to business coach  Whole Foods. Do what they’re doing they all the experience down the move number September 6th you’ve got to create daily checklist and systems for everything. This is the part that English maddening for a lot of entrepreneurs, but stay in the room when you got to create an opening checklist when the when the place opens every day, you’ve got a credit check on a lot of businesses. Automotive repair work at the doctor’s dentist lawyers. Are you c business coach  oached cylinder for everything?

If you don’t have a checklist, you can’t duplicate yourself. If you can’t duplicate yourself, then you’re not ever going to have any time Freedom. You will be in the Doom Loop of the better. Your business does the worst. Your life is because you have to do everything there for as you scale you lose all of your time, so you literally have to create a checklist to tell your team members. This is what to do if you’re, in this position business coach  and the other thing that’s awesome about having a checklist is,

if you have an employee that failed or doesn’t show up, or you have to bury, find out, they’re stealing from you or whatever. It’S a lot easier to fire somebody whenever they don’t know, if they’re, not the only person in your organization. That knows how to do certain tasks. If there’s a check list, you can train somebody on the checklist, show them how to do it and then business coach  they’re Off to the Races.

Now, Steve you are a a mortgage guy and whenever somebody Bieber at the strip, if you were closed on a house over by the house and gone to the closing of the sign, just tons of paperwork like yes, it’s like you feel like you’re signing like you’re Running every page of the Magna Carta in the Bible and the Constitution, just all consecutively Steve what would happen if they got rid of the checklists and the guidelines in the business coach  mortgage industry? Well that already happened. It was called 2008 a heartbeat and you got to have those systems in checklist. Are you you?

Wouldn’T you can’t run you just can’t run a business? If you don’t have those checklists, that’s why I love it. If you’re, if you’re a book, reader, listen to books, listen or like me, go get the e-myth Revisited. It’S a great start, your business book that talks about being a technician versus being a business owner, and it talks about business coach  creating checklist and job descriptions for every position and it’ll be in your company one day and you’ve got to put that down on paper. Because then, when you do higher the receptionist or the person to answer the phones or whatever it is,

I guess is the receptionist. In the person the same week, we come back when we come back Steve. We’Re going to hear what I told go on day would have to say about Chico’s Tacos Atul gawande, the best-selling business coach  author of the book called The checklist Manifesto, also the head of the Harvard Medical Schools. This guy knows a thing or two about checklist on the radio and bills, and I encourage you to buy anything from our sponsors. If you don’t even business coach  need anything, just go in there and buy things from him.


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