Entrepreneur | HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR SALES NOW!!! STEP 1. Call Your Leads Until Your Fingers Bleed 2. Call Them All Until They Cry, Buy Or Die 3. Call Your Leads NOW If You Want to Create the WOW!!!

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Entrepreneur | HOW TO DOUBLE YOUR SALES NOW!!! STEP 1. Call Your Leads Until Your Fingers Bleed 2. Call Them All Until They Cry, Buy Or Die 3. Call Your Leads NOW If You Want to Create the WOW!!!

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I’m gonna beat all of their competitors prices or I’ll give you the mattress for free. How’s that sound? You look good. Let’s sell some mattresses. Sales for me, you know, it’s what makes the world go round. And it’s my life. You know, when I step out onto this showroom floor, it’s my time to shine. It’s my time to nominate. This is my coliseum and I’m the gladiator. So, look out. Hi. Hi. Cameron Coates. Nice to meet you. I’ve been taking care of your daddy. Mary? Yes. What a great name, that’s beautiful. And you are such a vision. Oh, Mary, what do I got to do to get you to bed today? You know, really, I just want to serve the people. I want to use my knowledge to better mankind. This is 100% memory foam mattress, okay, with a circle knit top. It comes from our King Arthur collection, and we call it Excalibur. Hop on up Mary. Oh no that’s not necessary. A lot of these guys out there they’re dishonest you know but I believe in truth in sales. This is a limited edition which means it’s a collector’s item which means that it will appreciate in value. So really think of this mattress as an investment into your financial future. I just love making people smile you know if at the end of the day I’ve made at least one customer smile, then I’ve done my job. I’ve succeeded Yeah, I need them to buy something as well of course because they don’t pay me for smiles but I Would be rich if they did Get ready to enter the drive time show We started from the bottom and we’ll show you how to get here Started from the bottom, now we here Started from the bottom, now we here We started from the bottom, now we’re on the top Teaching you the systems to get what we got Cullen Dixon’s on the hooks, I’ve written the books He’s bringing some wisdom and the good looks As the father of five, that’s why I’m alive So if you see my wife and kids, please tell them hi If you see and see up on your radio And now, 3, 2, 1, here we go! Alright Thrive Nation, on today’s show we’re going to talk about why you must dial and smile and call your leads until your finger begins to bleed. Yes, we’re going to talk about why you must dial and smile and call your leads until your fingers begin to bleed. It’s so important that you do that because if you don’t do that what’s going to happen is you’re not going to sell anything. And so I have Devin with me because I think when I say these things sometimes they might come across as hyperbolic or extremes or exaggerations or something that’s not actually an accurate pro tip, but it is a real thing. So Devin, we have a haircut chain called Elephant in the Room and when somebody fills out the form our team does what? They call them. And we have conferences every two months. If you go to ThriveTimeShow.com we have a business conference every two months. I’ve been doing those since 2005. Someone fills out the form. They say, I think I want to go to your business conference. They go to Thrivetimeshow.com. They click on the conferences button. And then what happens after they fill out that form? We call them. Okay. And then if somebody says, hey, I want to buy a ticket for one of our conferences we do all across the country, we do? We call them. Yeah. And then with the home builders that we work with, we work with so many home builders. In fact, one company in particular I can show you is called Shawhomes.com. We’ve helped them grow from just under $16 million to over $150 million in sales. And if you go to oxyfresh.com, you fill out the form at shawhomes.com, what’s going to happen? They’re going to get called. And if they go to oxyfresh.com, you fill out the form. You will get called. And how many times on average, Devin, does it take to call the average lead inbound? I want you to write this down. Here we go. How many times does it require you to call the average lead before they actually pick up the phone? Like six to eight times. What did you say? Six to eight. Times. Now, this is crazy. If you fill out the form, we’re going to text you, call you, and email you until you cry, buy, or die. Now, I’m not cold calling you. You filled out the form. We’re going to call you and tell you what? Cry, buy or die. The other day, I was at church, David Frazier. I’m at church and a young guy pulls me aside. He says, dude, I registered for your business conference and you guys are relentless, man. You guys are like, I mean, I got a bunch of missed calls and I just think that, I mean, man, you guys are on it. He wasn’t too happy about it. And I said, well, and he said, you got to tell your guys to dial it back a little bit. Dial it back. And I said, okay. And did we reach you yet? He said, yeah, you got me a ticket, but I mean, I think you probably called me 15 times. I said, can I see the phone? He said, yeah. He shows me missed calls. I said, what, what, what can I see? Who? And he said, oh, that, I mean, that was me. He goes, so you’re the one who was calling me on Saturday, Saturday night, like your head’s going to explode. I said, yeah, because you filled out the form. I came up here to put out a burning fire. I like doing sales. You had filled out the form. I saw you. And we have a list, Devyn, of the people that have filled out the form that we haven’t reached yet. Yeah. And what are we going to do as soon as we hop off this phone? Go call those numbers that haven’t been reached. Until they win. Cry buy or die. And I don’t think a lot of people do that. So I’m trying to help somebody double your sales today. David Frazier, you’re up in Canada, don’t you know. Tell me what happens at Bunky Life? I mean, how often do you have to call somebody who filled out your form before you make contact? That’s probably six to eight as well. And to your point about the guy that was like, you gotta lay it back a little bit, but did he get the ticket? Yes, he did. And the same thing happens with us. When someone books an appointment with us, we remind them like 18 times, we call to confirm, because I don’t want to waste somebody’s time if they’re not going to show up. And then they show up and they go, man, you guys really, you got to back it up. I’m like, did you show up? And they’re like, yeah, I guess I’m here. Well, it worked, didn’t it? Let me give you another example. This one is a little, can I tell you, it’s almost like a gossipy Ricky Lake story. You ready? Yeah. Years ago, I was working with a pastor and the pastor tells me, hey, this is years ago. He says, my wife tried to reach out to your basketball, calling your basketball coaching business. And I said, the one that I coach? He said, yeah, you know the basketball business you work on? I said, Score B-Ball? He said, Score B-Ball. My wife filled out the form and nobody has called her back. And I said, really? For my basketball, the client I work with, scorebball.com, you’re telling me, and by the way, on part two of today’s show, you’re going to hear his testimonial. I said, you’re telling me that my my client, his people didn’t call you. So I’m telling you, man, I’m a pastor. It’s making me crazy. My son’s trying to get basketball lessons. He was pretty worked up. He said, we’re trying to get basketball lessons. I want to stick it in. I want to stay in the family. I want to work with you because I know you like this guy. So I go to coach, I said, coach, my pastor has a kid, son, he filled out the form and he’s saying that his son or his wife, they never got a call back. His wife never got a call back. And what do you think the coach’s response to this? He’s a new client. What do you think his response was? He’s like, oh, we called them. His person, because coaches, coach will call you, his person said, I called him, I called him. So then David, I said, so you did call him, your guy called him, he said, I did, my guy called. So I go back to my pastor client, because I want to deal with it, this has to be dealt with, okay. So I said, this is an intervention here. So I go to the pastor, I said, ask your wife if she missed a call from this business. So she looks at her phone, and he says, she did miss a call. So then I go, well, how come she didn’t pick it up? He goes, well, she never answers the number unless she knows who it is. So I go, I said, did she listen to the voicemail? He says, she never listens to voicemails. Who listens to voicemails? I go back to the basketball coach. This is all within like a 10 minute period. Coach, did your guy leave a voicemail? He said he did leave a voicemail and she never called back. That’s what his employee said. And I said, well, let me solve this problem. I’m going to text you and her group text. I’ve worked with this business for over 10 years, by the way, Square B-Ball. So I’m going to group text you and the pastor’s wife. Here we go. And I’m texting. So coach, pastor’s wife, pastor’s wife, coach, basketball lessons, go. Boom, hit text, copy, paste, hit text. And Devin, how many times do you think I hit copy, paste, text in that day? Probably like six, seven, 10 millions of times. It’s an unethical amount, but I’ll tell you this. They pick it. Finally, finally, she calls me. What do you want? I said, you’re telling me you can’t reach my guy. I’m making it happen. And they got it done. And then this lady’s son became a client of this guy’s business. And so what I’m saying in this world we live in here, if you don’t- That son, hold on, that son, LeBron James. That not true. Okay, that would have been a story really epic though. That son became a very good sophomore Really, I picked that. Now, that son became a very good sophomore, and he started as a junior and senior. But he was a very not that great player, and he ended up starting junior-senior year. But all I’m saying is, like, the idea of calling your leads one time, it cannot happen. Because if you want to grow your business, David, you’ve got to call, text, email every lead. Now, we’re not talking about the deeper thoughts in the universe today. book of Revelation. What we’re talking about is calling your leads until they cry, buy, or die. Why do you, David, have to text every lead and call every lead, and not just text and not just call? Because everybody ignores their voicemails. Nobody picks up the phone. They also have to double dial. You can’t just single dial. That’s a lesson I’ve learned. So if you dial them once, there’s a lot of spam filters. They’ll just like, you don’t even see the call. But if you dial them twice in a row, they’re like, maybe it’s my mom, maybe she’s in the hospital, what’s going on? So if you double dial, it really increases your chances. Also, what I’ve learned recently is if you can get to that lead within 10 minutes or less, the chances of them picking up the phone is 65% higher. So you’ve got to call them, you’ve got to text them right after, hey, it’s Dave from Bunky Life. I’m just trying to get ahold of you, you’re not picking up the phone, that type of stuff. If you text them right after they go, oh, that’s the guy from the Bunky Life thing trying to get ahold of me, then they’re more likely to pick up the phone next time. So text, email, call. Now this is something too, I’m gonna help somebody out there. Devin, one of my clients, big business, I’m not gonna mention the name of the business, big business. He talks to some guys, this is years ago, okay? And he does it all the time. He always has a marketing guy on his team, he brings in some marketing weasel from the University of Who Gives a Crap. And this marketing weasel says, hey, we’ve installed the new chatbot. It’s an AI chatbot that has taken the, we don’t even need to have call reps anymore because we have put a chatbot on the website that will handle the sales for us. Now, can you please explain to me, Devin, why you think the sales for this guy’s business went down by 80% within a 30-day window of time when they got rid of the sales reps and they said, we’re just going to make everybody, we’re just like Google. We’re just like Google. Google, you can’t call somebody. We’re doing that. We’re getting, we’re just for 30 days. We’re going to take a pause, put in a chat bot. We’re not going to answer the phone. We’re just like Google. Google doesn’t have a phone number. No, you can’t call Google on the phone. They don’t have a phone number. And so we’re not going to have a phone number. We’re just like Google. Devin, why did their sales go down? No one wants to talk to a robot and it’s like super sketchy. If you don’t really know the business and it’s like a chatbot. I’m not going to get weird, but it’s kind of weird, okay? This particular business happened to be in the cosmetic surgery business. As a man or a woman, why would you not go and fill out a lot of details with a chatbot? Because you’re not talking to a person, you don’t know who’s seeing that. You tell me at what point that you would say hard pass, David. So imagine you’re on this cosmetic surgery website with the chatbot. This is what the guy’s chatbot was doing. Are you ready? Okay, so the chatbot, you go to the chatbot, you go there, and then right away, it’s gonna pull up a little chatbot at the bottom right of the website, okay? And it says like, text us or something, okay? And it pops up and it says, let’s talk about in this case, all these bots work the same, but it’s like, let’s talk about what procedure you wanna have done. And then it wants your name, phone, and email. What happens, David? I don’t know, I just think, do I wanna share the fact that I need a boob job with this random chatbot? Right, so you fill out the form, and what happens is the form, then it starts to say, what can we help you with? And so, you know, and would you go that, would you do that? Or would you be hard pass out? I think I’d be out. Right. So you do have things you can add these little bots, these little bot pop-ups, and I recommend this. And I’m just referring to an example that Devin can see, our listeners can’t see. I’m just giving examples. I don’t want to mention this particular brand. This one has been modified now where it says, enter your information and our team will contact you shortly. That kind of thing does work because people want like the fastest way to get in touch with you. That does work. What doesn’t work is having a chat bot that tries to automate the entire sales process for you. So let’s make sure that we’re learning something today. Okay. So step one, you got to call your leads until your fingers, what Devin? Lead. Yeah. I mean, you just keep, okay. Second is you have to dial and… Smile. Right. Until you call the mall. Now, the reason why you have to smile, David, if you talk to someone and they sound pissed, let me give you an example. Is this David? Yeah. I saw you filled out the form and I want to get in touch with you about basketball. Are you looking for a basketball coach? If the person you’re talking to sounds like a pissed version of Janet Reno, or they sound like they’re an authoritarian, dictatorial, fun police, like a mall cop who’s trying to apprehend somebody. Did you fill out the form? Like, you feel like accusatory? Did you fill out the form? Well, we’ve been trying to reach you all day, and I’m trying to get in touch with you about cosmetic surgery. That’s not going to work. So you got to, step one, you have to, you call your leads and tell you what? Your fingers bleed. Step two, you got to dial in. And smile. It has to happen. If you sound pissed, people are not going to fill out the form. And so, David, if you were called to business before and the person who called you back, maybe it was a customer service line for some sort of financial services or some sort of government entity, and the person who called you sounded annoyed or pissed or both. Or bored. Right. It’s a thing. If I’m bored talking to you, if I’m bored, I don’t, how just talking to you about the potential of using you, how boring would it be to actually work with you? That’s what I always think about. It’s brutal. And this is the real thing. These are not the deeper concepts in life, but these are the things that are going to double someone’s sales today. Double your sales. And again, I’m going to share with you the story of score basketball on today’s show. You’re going to, you’re going to see it. I’m going to share with you footage. You can see an opt or an operational call center at work. But again, Devlin, I’m going to make sure I’m a good teacher. So, Steph, when you got to call your leads until your fingers bleed. Oh! Step two, you gotta, you gotta dial and smile and call them all. It has to happen. And step three, you got to repeat until rich. I mean, there’s other details, but these are things, these are like the profound, not profound, but they’re profound impact that absolutely changed the game, David. I can’t tell you how many businesses, I was just talking to an auto-wrap guy last week, and he told me, I only call my leads one day, I call them one day a week. And I just, I’d love for you, if you’re sitting down with a young entrepreneur and he’s like, you call your leads once a week, say, well, I don’t wanna over-call. I don’t wanna over-call. What would you say, David, to somebody who says, I don’t wanna over-call my leads? Well, just picture yourself. I mean, you’re a busy person, you got stuff going on, you’re trying to get information. If you’re going to err on the side of over-call or under-call, go with over-call because at least you know what they’re thinking. And if you under-call, it’s like you don’t care. It really is calling them and following up to them until your fingers bleed and smiling and dialing is like showing that you actually care. And I think everybody, especially Canadians, man, it’s an epidemic up here, but it’s like, I don’t want to be rude. I don’t want to impose, but the reality is they reject to you. You’re not calling randoms off the phone book. You’re calling someone said, I need some information about your cosmetic boob jobs. It has to happen. Now we move, we move on. I move on. This is, this is stuff. If we get this far on, on, on part two of today’s show, again, I’m going to get into the coach Calvert score basketball story. I’m going to put in the notes here today, folks, the actual pro tips and the systems of things you need to do to build a functional call center. But I’m gonna take it this far and then we’ll get into the next part of the show here. You gotta have a call script for everything. Because if you don’t have a call script, you’re just betting on the personalities of the people you’re hiring, mixed with their very limited knowledge about what you sell because you just hired them. So you have to really think through that. So like for me, I’ve been doing consulting forever. I’ve been helping to sell carpet forever. I’ve been helping to sell dog training forever. I’ve been helping to, I can mention these industries. And when people go to Elephant in the Room, one of our haircut chains there, David, they fill out the form and they want to schedule a haircut. This just in, I’m gonna ask you that, you and I have not colluded about this offline here. When someone fills out the form, if you filled out the form today at EITR Lounge today, because you’re looking to get a haircut at Elephant in the Room, and you went to EITRLounge.com, EITRLounge.com. How long, like if someone, if you filled out the form at EITRLounge.com, because you wanted a haircut today, when would you expect to be reached? If I didn’t know that it was a clay clerk business, I’d like maybe sometime in the next 48 hours. But if I did, I bet you’d be under 10 minutes. And when would you want to get your haircut scheduled? If you as a male went, you Google search Tulsa men’s haircuts and you schedule, you reach out for, are you wanting to get in like next month or when do you want to get in for your haircut? No, my hair is already, you know, protruding out of my toque as it is, if I’m calling. Right today. Yeah. Nobody wants to get a schedule a haircut next week. They want to get in today. These are the profound concepts. That’s why our script steers people into scheduling a haircut today. Now, Devin, you’re a woman. You have longer hair. You’re going to schedule a haircut today? If you reached and you didn’t know who you’re going to and you just typed in Tulsa Women’s Haircuts, when do you want to get in for the haircut? As soon as possible. Would you look this up on a Friday if you had a Saturday offer? When would you start looking for your haircut? Yeah, looking it up on a Friday to schedule it the next day. So on a Friday you talk to a company and they say, yeah, we can get you in two Fridays from now. Would that work? No. What would you do if they said that? I would hang up the phone and go on to the next day. That’s what everybody would do! And I’m going to teach you is speed is equated with quality in the minds of a customer. Speed is equated with quality in the minds of most customers. You’ve got to… Yeah, can I make a point there? So that’s when you’re the receiver, as the customer, yes. But as the business owner, the fear is like, oh, I’m going to tick them off. I’m going to seem desperate, blah, blah, blah, all these feelings, right? None of them are rational. Because think about how you feel when you put the form in and obviously, you know, you get a call, the phone rings right away. You’re like, A, you’re 65% more likely to pick it up. But B, you’re like, these guys are on the ball. That’s how you feel. But as a knower, it’s the almost exact opposite. It’s like, oh, am I gonna bug them? Oh, they’re probably, think I’m desperate. No, like, it’s absolutely a professional thing. Why am I here as a Thrive Time coaching client? Because I fill out the form for the 13-point assessment and somebody called me literally within 10 minutes. That’s a huge factor of why I’m here. And I just won’t be able to understand this idea. Like you, I don’t care how big your business is or how small your business is. You have to call every single lead as though it is like your lifeline. Like it’s the only lead you’re ever gonna have. And I don’t, I just don’t quite under, I don’t think I’m, let me repeat, let me make sure I’m teaching something, okay? And we’re gonna go to bunkylife.com, we’ll pull it up here. But I want people to really, really think about the profound ideas we’ve covered on today’s show and then we’re going to get into the Don Calvert success story and we’ll have a lot of fun there. But, and by the way, Don Calvert when he reached out to me, he was in his late 40s, and we’ve helped him grow his business dramatically over the past 10 years at scorebball.com. Scorebball.com, great guy. So, step one, you’ve got to call your leads until your fingers… Lead. Yeah, step two, you’ve got to call your leads now if you want to wow. You have to do, you, what? You have, no, not like later though. And I’m telling you, this just in, people wanna buy goods and services now, not later. So here we go, we’re going to bunkylife.com, bunkylife.com. You guys have some incredible specials, you’re always running. Right now you have a December special running until December 22nd, kind of a unique promotion right here. Bunkylife is the home of like a bolt-on bedroom, kind of a customized cabin you can add on to your home if you’re looking to add on an extra bathroom, looking to add on an extra bedroom and you don’t want to pull a permit. This is what they do at BunkyLife.com. It’s a cabin kind of a theme here. If you haven’t seen the products they provide, I actually purchased one and I put this in our, in the mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so you can see this. But this is what they look like, folks. And you can add on one of these to your property today. Again, people love these things. You get like there’s a two-story version. There’s a single-story version. It’s a kind of a bolt-on bedroom. Again, sort of a cabin you can add on to your property. David Frazier, tell us about the special you have running right now, sir. So we got our Christmas specials on right now. You can get up to $1,000 off the different kits. Check them out online there and we’ll ship them all across North America right to your door. That’s BunkyLife.com. That’s BunkyLife.com. David Frazier, thank you for joining us today, sir, and we’ll talk to you next week. Okay, bye for now. Bye-bye. I played basketball at the University of Oklahoma and my father was a high school coach. When I got out of college, what I wanted to do was coach. I coached in college for about four years, and then I had my son, and life changed. And my son was terminally ill. He had muscular dystrophy, what’s called Duchenne’s. At the time, I was working for a school. I needed to make more money because of all, you know, doctor bills, all that kind of stuff you got to buy and everything. And so I started doing just a side program with score, just doing a few basketball lessons. My schedule filled up. At the time, you know, my son was in a wheelchair. It got to be quite a struggle with him. And so it was a constant fight every day of, do I work? Do I spend my time with him? How much time do I spend with working? But what I learned from all of it is you still got to get your job done. Well, I’m not a business owner. And I’m probably a terrible business owner. Back a couple of years ago. Because I had parents tell me all the time, Well, I wish I’d have known about you three years ago. Well, I’ve never heard a score. We get that all the time. And then doing the finance and doing the, just everything that I had to do was just eating me alive. It would take hours every day. And so I needed to get smart about doing my business. All of us need a game plan, and Thrive 15 has helped me tremendously with that game plan. We changed how it was charging, we changed the programs we were doing, we changed the advertisement we were doing, we started doing everything smart. We’re the largest basketball facility in this three or four state area. We have people that call us from all over Oklahoma because of our website. My time has been freed up tremendously because I’m not involved in all the little things. It’s just streamlining your business so it’s not taking just all of your time away from your family. Because my wife’s very important to me, my kids, you know, I’ve got to have some of that as well. And as a business owner, if you allow your business to eat you up, when it’s not really worth it, you got to have a value of life as well. We wouldn’t be where we’re at today without Thrive 15. My name is Danielle Sprick, and I am the founder of D Sprick Realty Group here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After being a stay home mom for 12 years, and my three kids started school and they were in school full-time, I was at a crossroads and trying to decide what do I want to do. My degree and my background is in education, but after being a mom and staying home and all of that, I just didn’t have a passion for it like I once did. My husband suggested real estate. He’s a home builder, so real estate and home building go hand in hand, and we just rolled with it. I love people. I love working with people. I love the building relationships, but one thing that was really difficult for me was the business side of things, the processes and the advertising and marketing. I knew that I did not have what I needed to make that what it should be. So I reached out to Clay at that time, and he and his team have been extremely instrumental in helping us build our brand, help market our business, our agents, the homes that we represent. Everything that we do is a direct line from Clay and his team and all that they’ve done for us. We launched our brokerage, our real estate brokerage, eight months ago. And in that time, we’ve gone from myself and one other agent to just this week, we signed on our 16th agent. We have been blessed with the fact that we right now have just over 10 million in pending transactions. Three years ago, I never would have even imagined that I would be in this role that I’m in today, building a business, having 16 agents. But I have to give credit where credit’s due. And Clay and his team, and the business coaching that they’ve offered us has been huge. It’s been instrumental in what we’re doing. Don’t ever limit your vision. When you dream big, big things happen. I started a business because I couldn’t work for anyone else. I do things my way. I do what I think is in the best interest of the patient. I don’t answer to insurance companies. I don’t answer to large corporate organizations. I answer to my patient and that’s it. My thought when I opened my clinic was I can do this all myself. I don’t need additional outside help in many ways. I mean I went to medical school, I can figure this out. But it was a very, very steep learning curve. Within the first six months of opening my clinic, I had a $63,000 embezzlement. I lost multiple employees. Clay helped us weather the storm of some of the things that are just a lot of people experience, especially in the medical world. He was instrumental in helping with the specific written business plan. He’s been instrumental in hiring good quality employees, using the processes that he outlines for getting in good talent, which is extremely difficult. He helped me in securing the business loans. He helped me with web development and search engine optimization. We’ve been able to really keep a steady stream of clients coming in because they found us on the web. With everything that I encountered, everything that I experienced, I quickly learned it is worth every penny to have someone in your team that can walk you through and even avoid some of the pitfalls that are almost invariable in starting your own business. I’m Dr. Chad Edwards and I own Revolution Health and Wellness Clinic. The Thrive Time Show, two-day interactive business workshops are the highest and most reviewed business workshops on the planet. You can learn the proven 13-point business systems that Dr. Zell and I have used over and over to start and grow successful companies. When we get into the specifics, the specific steps on what you need to do to optimize your website. We’re going to teach you how to fix your conversion rate. We’re going to teach you how to do a social media marketing campaign that works. How do you raise capital? How do you get a small business loan? We teach you everything you need to know here during a two-day, 15-hour workshop. It’s all here for you. You work every day in your business, but for two days you can escape and work on your business and build these proven systems so now you can have a successful company that will produce both the time freedom and the financial freedom that you deserve. You’re going to leave energized, motivated, but you’re also going to leave empowered. The reason why I built these workshops is because as an entrepreneur I always wish that I had this and because there wasn’t anything like this I would go to these motivational seminars with no money down, real estate, Ponzi scheme, get motivated seminars, and they would never teach me anything. It was like you went there and you paid for the big chocolate Easter bunny, but inside of it, it was a hollow nothingness. And I wanted the knowledge, and they’re like, oh, but we’ll teach you the knowledge after our next workshop. And the great thing is we have nothing to upsell. At every workshop, we teach you what you need to know. There’s no one in the back of the room trying to sell you some next big get-rich-quick, walk-on-hot-coals product. It’s literally, we teach you the brass tacks, the specific stuff that you need to know to learn how to start and grow a business. I encourage you to not believe what I’m saying, but I want you to Google the Z66 auto auction. I want you to Google elephant in the room. Look at Robert, Zellner, and Associates. Look them up and say, are they successful because they’re geniuses, or are they successful because they have a proven system? When you do that research, you will discover that the same systems that we use in our own business can be used in your business. Come to Tulsa, book a ticket, and I guarantee you it’s going to be the best business workshop ever and we’re going to give you your money back if you don’t love it. We’ve built this facility for you and we’re excited to see it. Thrive Nation, if you want to follow along, go to thrivetimeshow.com forward slash millionaire and go to page 199 of my newest book called A Millionaire’s Guide to Becoming Sustainably Rich. That’s the book title, A Millionaire’s Guide to Becoming Sustainably Rich. Not to get rich quick, not to get rich, but to get rich in a guaranteed way, in a step-by-step way, in a proven path that is sustainable. And you go to page 199 of my book and I quote Clayton Christensen, the author from Harvard who wrote a book called How Will You Measure Your Life. He was an acclaimed business author and he said the following. He said, in the absence of processes that guide people, experienced people need to lead and do everything. But in established companies where much of the guidance to employees is provided by proven processes and is less dependent upon managers with detailed hands-on experience, then it makes sense to hire or promote somebody or someone who needs to learn from experience. What he’s saying is that when you have systems in place, your business can scale without you scaling your time. It has the ability to create time and financial freedom for you. So if you’re listening today and you want to create time and financial freedom, we’re going to really hone in today on call centers and how to build a scalable business by creating a call center. Now, today’s guest happens to be the franchise brand developer for a brand called Oxifresh. So if you buy an Oxifresh franchise, they already have the call center in place for you. So if you’re looking to have a business model that you own that already has the call center component, I would highly recommend you look at oxifresh.com. But we’re really gonna dial into how to build a successful call center today. Matt Klein, welcome onto the Thrived Time Show. How are you, sir? I’m doing great, Clay. Thanks for having me. Now, Matt, I’ve written down the 10 steps for building a call center, and I want to tap into your wisdom on these. Step number one, you got to have call scripts. So people go to oxyfresh.com. I mean, you have 500 plus locations. Oftentimes, a location might get 10 calls in a day. I mean, you could have in a call center 5,000 calls a day or 4,000 calls a day. Why do you have to start off by having a sales script in place? Well, because it keeps people accountable. One, they can’t just go off script and start saying things that maybe aren’t true. Or maybe you just, um, essentially if you do the script, it’ll allow you to do it enough times to where it becomes second nature and you’re getting the information that you need from the customer with the least amount of, of like details, for instance, like we can get to the same end goal, but it might take me five more minutes than if I have a script. So the script just allows us to be very specific about what we’re asking. It allows the call center reps to get used to a rhythm and a flow because we’re trying to get the certain amount of information. So you just want to make sure that it’s standard too, because if it’s a standard across the board, then you can start to compare closing percentages, all volumes, and you can actually start to run that scheduling center and hold people accountable. Now, again, step one, folks, you’ve got to create a sales script for all interactions. And if you go to oxyfresh.com, you buy an Oxyfresh franchise, they already have that in place. Second, Matt, you’ve got to staff that call center. Now, this is a wild idea. At oxyfresh.com, you have a wonderful call center of people. But Matt, every week, you’re interviewing people, you’re training people, you’re onboarding people. Wonderful call center reps decide to be a stay at home mom, they decide to move to Michigan, they decide to put in their two weeks notice, other people stick on the team for years and years, but you’re never done recruiting. Why can’t you ever stop hiring people if you’re going to build a super successful call center or sales center? Yeah, well, one for OxyPress specifically is we’re always growing. So you always need to be increasing your staff to take care of the amount of call volume that’s required. But just like you’re saying, if you get 30, 40 employees that are actually answering the phones, a certain percentage of them will leave every year. You need to always be hiring, you need to be elevating your, like what you’re expecting of them, right? You need to be increasing your closing percentages. And that only happens by, you know, the people that are doing the best, make sure they’re getting better. And the people doing the worst, either get them up there or you need to replace them. Because if you have four people answering the phones at a high volume really productive, if you have one person that’s not answering the phones, that’s a wasted seat, right? They need to be replaced with someone that’s going to be productive. So you need to you just need to consistently make sure that that scheduling center is getting better and better through the people that you hire. Now this is going to sound potentially redundant, but you and I have not agreed on these top 10 ahead of time. You have to install key performance indicators, as you talked about a little bit earlier, I know, and Oxifresh is an example. I would say this, if you buy an Oxifresh franchise, and maybe, maybe you feel like I’m exaggerating, I don’t think I am. I think most people who work, most of the call center reps that work at Oxifresh potentially make more calls or receive more calls in a day than most contractors receive in a week. I believe that most of your salespeople and your call center are receiving more calls in a day or making more calls in a day than most contractors make in a week. Matt, I think your mic might be muted there. So Matt, do you agree with that? Yeah, a hundred percent. I mean, they are fielding calls for over 500 locations across the country. You know, they can get a phone call, answer the phone, get all the information from the customer, book the job in there in under five minutes, right? So the more we have franchisees, the more marketing’s out, the more people are calling. I would say that at the least amount, that’s probably what it is. Now, step four here, you must remove distractions from your call center team. As an example, I see a lot of people, Matt, and that’s why it’s so great if you buy an OxiFresh franchise. Your call reps, their job is to represent the franchisees and answer the phone. Now, I see a lot of business owners that say, my call center guy or my call center girl is also expected to respond to the mail. They’re also expected to go out and maybe do a photo shoot. Maybe they’re expected to help decorate for the Christmas party, maybe they’re expected to help go get lunch, maybe they’re expected to run errands, and then every time the phone isn’t answered while they’re gone, that’s money on the line that’s being turned down. I mean you have call center reps at Oxifresh, well-trained call center reps, that’s what they do. Can you talk about why you have to remove distractions from your call center team? Yeah, because every lost phone call is a lost customer. Like you can’t have customers calling and being on hold for three or four minutes. You can’t have customers calling and saying, hey, we’ll give you a call back or leaving messages. Every person that calls us, if the phone is not answered pretty quickly, is a lost opportunity. Because they’re not gonna sit there and wait for you to call them back, right? They’re gonna essentially go to the next company that they find on that list. And so for us, like having folks that are tuned in to answering phones only, one, the amount of calls they get, they’ll become experts at explaining what they’re doing, asking the right questions, right? Answering the right questions. And so that they’re the most productive folks that can be on the other side. I would argue that they are going to be better than any owner could possibly be, because just like you said, that is what they are doing every single day for the time they’re working. They’re not doing other things like an owner of a business would do. Now, this is powerful, and this is gonna freak somebody out here. Step five, you have to create a frequently asked question guidebook. And I see so many entrepreneurs, they’re like, why do I have to write down every possible question that somebody’s gonna ask? Geez, do I have to think through everything? Well, this is what I would say. I talked to one guy I worked with years ago, true story. I’ll be kind of vague, not get myself in trouble, but he was a surgeon. And if you and I answered the phone, thank you for calling such and such surgery. How can I help you? Most people want to know, Hey, I’m looking to schedule an augmentation or a lift, or I have a glass injury. I need a glass removed or a scar, you know, and they would say, what do you charge? And then we would say, well, you know what, Dr. Such and Such does the first consultation for free. So we’d like to schedule a time for you to meet. And that’s probably 80% of the calls, maybe 70% of the calls. But then Matt, there was people calling back like, hey, I had surgery last Tuesday and what medication should I take? How much is enough? How much is too much? Hey, before I go into surgery, I want you to know I’m allergic to this kind of medication. I do well with this. I don’t do well with this. Hey, by the way, I might need to reschedule. And this doctor just kept throwing people into the position before finally he had that breakdown and was ready for the breakthrough. And he goes, Clay, I’m ready to make my frequently asked questions book. I’m fine. And I’d worked with this guy for years, helping him grow his practice, but for whatever reason, he always would go back to Matt. I don’t know why I need to script out everything. Why do I need to script out everything? I mean, what are these people? And I would always tell brother, don’t be so emotional about it. You’re a doctor. You’re hiring a front desk guy or gal with kind of a fixed income. And they’re not going to stick around forever. You’ve been a client of mine for years and years. About every 18 months, you’re going to have to replace this person. Just document the frequently asked questions. Let me get your thoughts on that, Matt. Yeah, I mean, it’s very much, I mean, people can sense when you don’t know what you’re talking about. Right? If someone asks you a question and you stutter or you’re like, well, I need to ask somebody else. It’s like, it goes back to what we just talked about. It’s like every phone call not answered is a lost opportunity. Any phone call that you can’t give the right answers to is also a lost opportunity. These folks are trusting you to go in their home. They’re trusting you to do what you say you’re gonna do from the marketing that they’ve already read on, right? You need to be the most polished company possible, and that has to do with the initial conversation with the customer, any amount of failing to answer questions or stuttering on the questions. You’re also trying to put that employee in a position where they can easily answer questions and they’re not put up against the corner. They need to be able to fluidly discuss with the customer what they’re trying to get done, answer the questions accordingly, because that customer’s trying to find. The reason they chose you is because they thought that you would be the best option. You need to act like the best option. It’s powerful. This is powerful. Now, folks, this is move number six. And again, I haven’t gone over these with Matt Klein in advance. I’m just telling you this is what I would recommend that you would do, having helped so many companies at this point, over a thousand companies create call centers, call systems. This is just my list I go through. You have to install call recording. I happen to recommend a company called ClarityVoice.com, C-L-A-R-I-T-Y, ClarityVoice.com. You got to install call recording. I mean, you not installing call recording is like a football coach that doesn’t watch the game and or watch the game film. You not having call recording would be like a baker who’s blind and it has no ability to taste things. You not having call recording would be like being a basketball coach that doesn’t know, hasn’t ever watched your actual team play a game. You not having call recording in place would be like a ballet student not watching themselves in the mirror. You have to have call recording in place. Matt, why do you have to have the call recording in place? Well, one, it actually puts the onus on the consumer as well as the scheduling center rep. It allows you if there’s a problem, right? This happens to us sometimes we go to someone’s home, the quote is for eight rooms and a staircase, okay? And we get there and the customer says, well, you guys said you’d do all 14 of my rooms for this price, right? If I don’t have that call and I can’t actually go back, then I’m going to have to take somebody’s word for that, right? Whereas if I go on there and say, no problem, customer A, B, whoever it is, we actually record it every call. We make mistakes just like everyone else. Let me just double check that and make sure we didn’t mess up. You know what they’re gonna say? Oh, it’s okay. Just clean the eight rooms originally because they’re trying to get you, right? So you need to have it on both layers. You need to be able to spot check calls on your happy half to make sure that they’re answering correctly. They’re following the script we talked about, right? They’re answering correctly. They have a good attitude with the customer, but you also need that call recording to hold customers reliable too, or responsible for what they’ve asked for. So on both fronts, it just covers your back completely. And I’ve had to use it plenty of times, by the way. Now let’s move, and I would say we use call recording every day. I mean, in my office, it’s an ongoing, it’s like a lock on a door. I mean, it’s that common of a feature for us. Now, in step number seven, you’ve got to track every lead. Now at oxyfresh.com, if you buy a franchise, they do this for you. But if someone fills out your form, that’s something out of the norm, and somebody needs to call them until they cry, buy, or die. What am I saying? I’m saying you’ve got to track the lead, because you work so hard with your marketing, and your branding, and your online ads to generate a lead with your word of mouth, and your Dream 100, and your networking. So if a lead comes in, you need to call them until they cry, buy, or die. And the average sales rep, and the average sales organization that I’ve actually worked with, typically will call a lead one time and then move on. But at Oxifresh, they have a culture of calling back, following up until the person cries, buys or dies. Now again, they’re not randomly outbound calling random people. These are inbound leads, people that have actually filled out the form and said, we want to become clients. Matt, why do you have to track every lead until it succeeds in paying you? Well, it’s because you’ve already paid for that lead, right? As a business owner and or any lead that came to you in some fashion, whether it’s through marketing or through word of mouth or referral, like you’ve already gone through the entire process of gaining that customer, at least to the point of they want something from you. If you fail to respond back, maybe the customer’s not available at that moment. If you quit it at that, you give every one of your competitors the ability to step in and potentially get that job from you, right? So you’ve already paid for it. The point of this is to become a successful company that has the ability to grow. If you’re not doing that, I would say it’s a waste of time and money because you’ve already gone the entire length to get that customer engaged with you. That little extra step will actually allow them to be a customer long-term for you. Had a client I worked with years ago, he’s a roofer. And he used to tell me, Matt, he would say, man, I said, I’m getting a lot of leads, but nothing’s closing. And I said, well, when a lead fills out your form, when do you call them back? He said, well, I try to batch it. So like, if you pull out the form on like a Monday, I’ll usually call you back by Friday. And I go, what are you doing now? He says, well, I mean, cause I try to do, I try to meet with my techs, meet with the guys on the trucks, tell them, guys, we got to go out there and install this roof, that roof. I order supplies. I do it all. I like to batch, because he got on some podcasts where it talks about batching your time. True story. And I’m going, so you mean if anybody fills in the form on Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, you don’t call them back until Friday? He goes, well, yeah, I mean, Friday, I mean, it’s like Friday is buy day. And I said, what? He goes, dude, all my sales are on Friday. It’s approved. And I’m like, what? And he said, all my deals, I close all my deals on Friday. Yeah, because you only call them on Friday. He said, what? And it was like a cultural thing. And I said, who came up with that idea? And he said, well, I got one of my techs who works for me. And he told me that the best day people want to buy is on a Friday and we need busy on Mondays. And so we just, we don’t call people until Friday because Friday’s Biden. I’m going, just because it rhymes cannot be true. But there’s that, there’s kind of cultural jackassery that works its way into any company if you don’t afford it, Matt. And you’ve got to call every lead until they cry, buy or die. So step eight, if somebody fills out the form, you’ve got to call them until they cry, buy or die. And this just in, you got to text people, you got to call people, you got to email people until they cry, buy or die. And right now, an elephant in the room, our haircut chain and the other businesses I’m involved in as of right now. Hey, James, you got to hear this real quick. James, that’s my code for James. One second here. So this way. So James, when people fill out the form right now, it, uh, to attend one of our conferences, this is James from New Jersey. How many times do you have to call the average person before they actually pick up the phone and buy a ticket? These are people that have requested a ticket. Six times, 10 times, 15 times, I’ve called people 30 times. How many, what’s the average? If someone pulls up the form today and you print it off on the printer, it goes on the customer relationship management software, it prompts up, here’s their phone number to call them. Probably like eight to 12 times, I’d say. And I just don’t stop. I’ve literally called leads every hour of the day. Clay, you were my witness on that. Yeah, there was a lady there today that called me and she’s like, Hey, I want you to know I listened to you on Robert Kiyosaki. I love the show. Rich Dad, big old text. Love Rich Dad Porn. I loved your interview, Clay, on Rich Dad Porn. I love, this is a huge text, man. Big, and I just, I want you to know I’d like a ticket for your conference. I’m calling this lady. I am calling her. I’m boom boom boom. I got some downtime Matt and what some people you know, they some people smoke Some people go to the bathroom. Some people get coffee. I call my leads. I love it It’s just but I never get done with I like to just call like to be on the phone So I’ve downtime I’m like give me a lead. I like to go like to like to close some deals It’s fun. So I’m on the phone call. Boom. Boom. I text I call I got I got the move My move is text call text call boom. Boom. Boom. Boom often text while calling. I’m just boom. Boom. Boom. Boom And finally she’s like, what? What? I go, yeah, I was just telling you I wanted the tickets for the Reawaken event. Well, yeah, yeah, great. Let me pass the phone to George. Because it’s like, for whatever reason in her world, she had to see, no exaggeration, four or five missed calls from the same number back to back over a pretty short period of time to pick up the phone. Matt, I mean, what would happen at OxiFresh if you said, guys, call the leads once, what would happen? Your likelihood of closing would be very low, right? I mean, there’s people doing things, there’s people that can’t answer the phone, they might be at work, right? I mean, you’re just giving yourself the least amount of potential to book that job or to get that customer, right? I mean, if you just think about your own behavior, anybody that’s listening to this, like if you got a call, like let’s say you got a call just like him, he called you once an hour, would you answer it every single time? Would you maybe answer it one out of six or one out of eight? So what’s the name of the game here? Get as many customers as possible. So I would say do whatever it takes to close as many customers as possible. That takes five calls, that takes 10 calls, that takes calling back, text, whatever it is. The name of the game here is to grow and scale. That’s why we’re all in small business. I find a lot of people, Matt, they throw out the old ethical argument right about the time. Now, again, this is this is something you guys do at Oxifresh. If someone buys an Oxifresh franchise, you have a management team, a wonderful management team, a wonderful team of people. I’ve met many of them. And what they do is they manage the team. So they their job is to walk the floor and to follow up. Matt, I’ve seen it happen. You’re usually you have a person on your team who’s got a headset on or they’re walking around the room and what their job is to do is to make sure that your team is providing that excellent quality control that you guys expect. Now a lot of companies take out the management layer. They say, no, no, no, no, no, we believe in employee independence and we’re going to take a guy we just hired yesterday and we don’t want to micromanage him. So we’re going to let him just go three or four weeks at a time without following up. We’re not going to follow up every day. No, no, no, no. We’re not going to have a manager. We’re just going to let that person make calls. And we’ll follow up with them maybe once every week, maybe two weeks. We’re not going to have a man. I got OxyPress. You’ve got management right there. Good quality, inspired people who work at OxyPress, managers that are great leaders. I mean, you’ve got a wonderful team there. Now, if you take out that team, Matt, and you said, managers, go home, sales reps, start making calls from your living room whenever you get a chance, work from home, it’s fine. Every day is work from home day. What would happen to the productivity if you got rid of that follow-up management layer? Yeah, I mean, everything would start just falling apart piece by piece. People would not be held accountable. Phones would not be answered. Callbacks would not happen, right? I mean, yeah, it would become a very disorganized business, a very not successful business in a matter of days, not weeks. It would get bad. I’ll tell you folks, and not sexually speaking, so non sexually speaking, it would become Sodom and Gomorrah is what would happen very quickly. Now this right here, Matt, was my last day working at my DJ business and back when I owned it. It’s America’s largest wedding entertainment company. I filmed the last day. James, you ever show this video to? I love this video. It is an incredible video. Matt, try not to cry when I play this here because our final, our final step is you got to schedule a weekly meeting to train your team. Often daily, you want to do daily huddles. I recommend daily huddles as well, but you got to schedule time to train the team and that’s the stuff you guys do at OxyFresh.com. Let me play here. Matt, look at this. This is just, I mean, this is, listen to this, Matt. Let me crank it up. Oh, Matt, look at that. Matt, 20 men all following a strip. Look at this. Oh, yeah. That’s second, because that third package, those packages are regularly $800 and $900. Thank you. However, with the price threshold this week. I want to go back. I want to go back to that time. There’s Nick. He went on to become a successful miller. I saw Buzz in the room. I met this guy at the grocery store. He was hosing off vegetables. I hired the guy. He went on to make six figures every year selling photography. A blackout from my tree tonight. True story. He’s never taken wedding photos and knew nothing about the packages we offered, but he could just sell anything to anybody because he’s a script reading machine. He’s like a comedian. At nine o’clock I wake up, I’m like, I’m gonna spend this money on my desk, I don’t wanna change that, I’m gonna remind myself I’m working. It’s a lot of fun. It’s hard to sort, do you just use the money to heat your home and you don’t know what to do with all the extra money? That’s one way to do it, but a lot of times, you know, we just wanna make sure it gets to the right person. So, it makes sense. Just all day. Look at this, Matt. Look at this, all day, just the phones ringing. Oh my gosh. Oh, come on. Now, we don’t have enough time, but if you go to the other room across the wall, there’s more people on the phone and the phones ringing, Matt. Leads are coming in because the marketing is effective. It’s almost like a mini picture of an Oxifresh. Let me pull this up real quick. Because Oxifresh, let me tell you what happens at Oxifresh, okay? You go to oxifresh.com, you get a turnkey franchise. They’ve already thought through the marketing systems. They’ve thought through the carpet cleaning systems. And your job is to do this. If you buy an Oxifresh, clean carpets and teach people to clean carpets. What? Clean carpets, teach people to clean carpets. What do I say? Clean the carpets and teach the people to clean the carpets and make sure you gather objective reviews from real customers. That’s what you have to do, Matt. I mean, there’s some other details there, but I mean, that’s the main thing, man. And Matt, you have right now, as we’re talking today, you have multiple locations that you own. And right now your team at this very second is cleaning carpets right now as we’re talking. Matt, how is it possible that your team is cleaning carpets right now as you’re doing this interview with us? Yeah, it’s because one, I don’t have to pull all the strings, right? So the marketing’s out that Oxfresh helped build for me. I was able to get reviews with me, myself and my employees. Because of that work, we get consistent people calling us to get their jobs done. The scheduling center, off the rules that I have created within my software, by the way, they book a job in Fort Collins, which is my most northern area. They’re gonna give that job to the guy that’s most northern. If they do it in Boulder, Colorado, my southern area, they’re gonna book that job. So like you can actually preset the rules in the software so they book jobs so it’s the most efficient for your schedule. And my employees can log in at any time, see what’s happened in the past, present, and future, see where they need to be, who the customer is, what they’ve agreed upon in terms of the job itself, any specific notes. They can go there, meet the customer, do the job, get paid right there at their done. So the process between the actual customer calling and the money going in my bank account is all handled for me. Now I’m responsible for my employees and their behavior and their production and customer concerns if there are some, but 99% of all customers, they call in, they get the phone answered, they get on the schedule, the employee goes to the house, they do the job, they get paid. I’m not part of any of that unless there’s like something that that’s needed of me, but all of that’s happening It’s because the automation that we’ve created it’s because the technology it’s because the marketing right so that that’s the goal to have a business Running for me while I’m doing other stuff It’s like your own little benevolent dictatorship there James. It’s incredible running oxy fresh. I mean it says it’s an incredible thing It’s like your own benevolent dictatorship. What am I saying? I mean you’re in charge, it’s your business, you get to set your own hours, work at your own pace, control your own destiny. And Matt, it’s less than $100,000 to buy an OxyPress franchise right now. How much does it cost? It’s $44,900 to become a franchise, which includes your protected territory, your entire equipment set up for carpet and upholstery, about three months worth of product, a seven-year agreement, plus the training will fly you to Colorado. Folks, it’s a turnkey system. It’s a turnkey system. Now, again, if you want to know the details on how to build a sales team that grows your sales totals every day, listen to part two of today’s show. Then on part three of today’s show, I’m going to share with you the story about a client we worked with. Tell me if you can believe this story. We’re working with a guy, he’s an artisan, James, an artisan. You know what I mean? He’s an artist. Can you imagine this? I’m thinking about- Are you flacking out? I’m thinking about what an artisan is. Okay, this guy’s an artist. He’s an artist. Like, she? You know, it’s like a guy who, you know, man, he carves wood, you know, paints stuff. You know, he’s an art guy. Gotcha. And I just helped this guy, true story. He just sold his company, just exited the company, multimillionaire. Dude. And you know what one one-fourteenth of our system was? We had to build all these systems. These sales systems, specifically one-fourteenth of the system, is what we just went over today. We had to do the accounting systems, the branding systems, the marketing, the hiring, all the stuff. But again, if you buy an Oxifresh, folks, it’s already there for you. Now, if you want to learn more about attending one of our in-person Thrive Time Show workshops, it’s a two-day interactive business workshop. Just go to thrivetimeshow.com. It’s thrivetimeshow.com. If you want to learn more about Oxifresh, just go to oxifresh.com or fill out the form right there at thrivetimeshow.com forward slash Oxifresh. Fill out the form and learn more about buying an Oxifresh franchise. Matt Klein, you smell terrific. We do appreciate you and we’ll talk to you soon. Thank you. See ya, bye. All right, Thrive Nation, on today’s show, I am very fired up, so fired up that we have an actual long-time client in the studio, Sean Loom, we have a beautiful man. Sean Loom, we have a beautiful man in the studio with us, a man who runs a successful company. We’ve had the opportunity of working with him for years, and it’s been fun to see him in the office. And today, I think he’s here learning how to edit videos. Kevin, welcome on to the Thrive Time Show. How are you, sir? Thank you, Clay. Glad to be here. So, tell everybody out there, what’s your first and last name, and what’s the name of your business, sir? My name is Kevin Thomas, and the name of my company is Multi-Clean Commercial Cleaning Services. And, how long have we worked with you approximately? It’s been about four to five years. Okay, and then how much have you grown during that period of time? We have probably doubled in size. Now this is what I wanted to get into today. I just talked to a wonderful person this morning, a long time client of mine, and he says to me, Clay, how in the boop am I supposed to find good people? I can’t, how in the boop am I supposed to go out there and find some people that are willing to do their boop jobs. I can’t find anybody that will do their boop jobs. What the boop?” And he’s just so frustrated. I said, bro, you have to do the interview hiring process that we teach at The Thrive Timeshow. We teach to our clients. I’ve been teaching you for years. What is your hold back? He says, my industry is different. Okay. My industry is different. I’m in the construction industry and I just can’t, you don’t understand, it’s harder to find people in my industry. And I gave him examples of people in his same industry that we’ve helped to find good people, find good employees. I’ve taught him, I’ve walked him through it. And so I thought we deserved, I’m going to detach from his emotional situation because it’s easy, it’s going to be very easy to hire people if you learn these moves. But he’s so frustrated today. And so I’m going to walk people through the moves that we teach. And I’d like to get your thoughts, Kevin, on the application. I’m gonna kind of go rapid fire. So every week I told this client, I said, Mr. Client, every week you have to do an interview. Every Wednesday night at 5.30, I interview all of the job candidates that say they want to work with me. So step one, every single week, if you’re writing this down, folks, every single week you have to do a job post. Kevin, why do you have to do a job post every single week on Indeed, on ZipRecruiter, on the various hiring platforms and boards? Why do you have to do it every single week, even if you’re fully staffed? Well, you have to do it every week because there are many, many other companies that are competing for that space and that time. And so you have to continually be in front of prospective employees. And again, last night, folks, I did the interview last night. I do it every single Wednesday night. Sean, and you, you are a business consultant up here. Even when I’m out of town, I say, if I’m out of town, I say, Sean, I need you to do the interview. Why do I do it every single week? Well, because A players, when they’re looking for a job, we’d better be hiring. So we do it every week. So step one, we’ve got to every single week do the job post. Step two, we have to do the interview every week. Now, this is going to make somebody nauseous, going to make somebody sick. Someone’s going to get frustrated. They’re going to say, you’re so negative. 75% of people, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, look it up folks, don’t blame me, 75% of employees admit to stealing from the workplace, and 85% of employees admit to lying on their resumes. 85% admit to lying on their resumes, 75% admit to stealing from the workplace. Kevin, is that shocking to you as an employer who’s employed literally thousands of people throughout your career? You know, you think it would be shocking, but since we’ve been in business for 30 years, you just kind of plan for it. You plan for it? Yes. And so last night we had, I just want to get your thoughts here. I want to see if you see if you can read my mind. Here we go. Last night we had 24 candidates that said they would be at the interview last night. 24 said we will be there for the interview at 530. So 526, I look around, 527, 528, I look around and I count the number of heads of people that are here to do an interview with me and what number of heads, how many people do you think showed up out of those 24 candidates that said we will be here for the interview? How many of them do you think actually showed up on time? I would say seven. Negative. What do you think, Sean? Wow. It’s pretty negative. You can sense the bias there. Pretty negative. I mean, since I’ve ran the interview before and since you have an awesome company, people really do get excited to come in. You still run about a 60, 70% showing up, so I’m thinking maybe 17, 18 people, maybe? You’re a delusional optimist. Okay. I gotta tell you this. Kevin was right. We didn’t talk about seven people. Okay. All right. It was seven people. So we have a wonderful lady, I won’t mention her first or last name, but she came to the group interview. She came to the interview, she was phenomenal. And her business, the boss told her, hey, hate to do this to you, but we’ve gotten in a situation where we’re going to have to do some pretty big layoffs. So she just lost her job and her husband said, you should go apply. She hasn’t applied for a job in years because she’s always had the same job. And she shows up, she goes, I love the atmosphere, love the culture, I thought she was a great fit. Boom! Perfect fit. Now, out of that group of 24 people, how many people, Kevin, do you think were a good fit? Out of the 24, because we had 24 that said they would show up, 7 actually showed up. How many do you think were a good fit last night? Three. Yeah, I’m gonna say a lot of hopium there. I’m gonna say two. I’m gonna go down a little bit and say there was a surprise extra person that wasn’t there. We had two people last night. So two of the 24 seemed like a great fit. But that is every week. Now there it is. So what happens is I’m in a situation though right now today where we had a long-time employee who’s been here a long time. They’re doing a good job. They’re a pastor’s kid, always honest, good people. And this person says to me, I want you to know I can no longer work here. I happened, something came up, I’m gonna be switching careers and I wanted to give you a notice. Now, Kevin, how long of a notice do you think the pastor’s kid, who’s been here a long time, everybody likes this individual. You guys probably don’t know this person because they’re not in the building as much and they’ve been here a long time and they are good people. How long of a notice do you think they gave me? Because you know I mean it’s they’ve been here a long time and you know you want to burn any bridges, right? If you’re gonna go on to a new career or a new job, how long of a notice do you think they gave us, Kevin? Well ideally two weeks but probably what 30 minutes? Oof, pretty harsh. Look at the true entrepreneur there. What do you think there? Well, yeah, I’m going to just be a little, say they give you a week. Do they give you a week? At least a week? Five days. Five days, okay. Not five business days, but five days. Five days. They’re like, I just, woo, hate to do this to you. Now what’s crazy is that, survey says, I start to think, what other people know about this? Boop, boop. You know, I start to have like a good game show in the office Did you know about this? Mmm. Did you know about this? But and these people tell me they told me they wanted to tell you themselves. I didn’t tell you so Multiple people knew that this person was planning on quitting for a couple weeks To go to their new career, but they didn’t tell me either. Kevin, why is it that other people who work in the office with the person would not tell me even though they knew that this person was going to be leaving? You know, after 30 years, I’m still trying to find that answer. I think it’s because the employees want to be liked. They want to be this person’s friend. The friendship extends beyond the workplace. Maybe when this person goes to a new job, maybe they’re still buddies. I don’t know but so step one you have to every single week You have to you have to do the job post week number two you got to interview candidates step three step three So step one and post the job every single week step two to the interview every week step three You gotta have people shadow you and the shadow is where people You really get to know more who they are who they are when they shadow Now let me get your thoughts on that Kevin I tell people why you come shadow and you can shadow for like 10 minutes or all day, whatever it’s going to take. I just want to make sure that you fit with our culture. With the shadow, what happens if you don’t shadow and you just interview somebody and you hire them based upon the things they tell you during the interview? Well, you know, we like to hire for character, train for skill, and you really have no idea what someone’s character is during an interview. So, what we do is we have them shadow another manager, spend a half a day with them, and their character comes out because people say things they shouldn’t say, and they reveal their character. And so, that’s one of the reasons why we believe shadowing is so important, because you get to know someone away from the actual interview. Now, again, what is your website there, sir, if people want to learn more about you and your business, sir? It is multicleanok.com. Multicleanok.com. Multicleanok.com. And so folks, this is a real entrepreneur, real business owner. We’ve really worked with him to help him grow his company. If you’re in Oklahoma and you’re looking for a company that does professional cleaning for your office, would you classify that as janitorial work or what kind of services and solutions do you provide there, sir? Yes, I would say mainly janitorial cleaning for any commercial business, offices, industrial schools, churches. Okay, and again, I’m titling today’s show, How to Hire People on the Planet Earth. Because I think a lot of people, they think it’s a different industry, so it’s different. I don’t care if you’re a dentist, you’re an optometrist, you’re a doctor, you’re a lawyer, you have to do this every week. And this client that I talked to today, I mean, their business is booming, and they’re in the construction space, and they decided to not do the interview for a couple of weeks because things are rocking. They went on a family vacation. Kevin, what would you say if you’re sitting down with someone and they say, well, you know, I got the summer coming up, things are going good, our staff is rocking, so we’re just not gonna do the group interview for a few weeks, in his case, a month. What would you say? My recommendation is to always, always be interviewing because you never know when someone is going to give you, the pastor’s kid is going to give you a five day notice and you have no clue. And so you’re not prepared and then you have holes in your business. So you need to be always be interviewing, always taking resumes. Just keep that in motion every day. Sean, again, this is a construction guy who, I think people forget sometimes, but when I took this guy on, he’s a very small business, and now this guy’s business is booming. And he says, you know, with the summer coming up and all the family vacations, well, Thrive Nation, we are the Thrive Time Show. What we do is we help businesses grow their business owners to grow their businesses. The purpose is to create time, freedom, and financial freedom. And we’ve had a longtime client that we’ve worked with, and this is sort of like our exit interview because he’s actually exited the business. And so he’s at the other end of the rainbow or he got to the top of the mountain or he hit his big goal. And I’m honored to call him a friend and a long time client. Tim Whaley, welcome on to the Thrive Time Show. How are you, sir? I’m doing outstanding, Clay. Thank you for having me on. Can you tell everybody, how did you first hear about what we do in terms of business coaching? I first heard of you through your podcast, actually. So I started listening, was very intrigued. Actually, you had built and sold businesses in the industry that I was in. So it seemed like a natural fit to inquire about coaching. Yeah. And once we connected and you did your, I’m not sure if it was an onboarding interview or it was more of a, you were going to determine whether or not we were a good fit. I think that was it. But once we did that, I was hooked and was really hoping that you would take me on as a client, which you did. Now, before I met you, I mean, you’d been in business for a long time and one would say you’re probably the dominant resource or one of the top providers in your industry before we even met. Could you tell the listeners how implementing the Dream 100 system impacted your business growth? Oh my gosh. So within just a few short years, it doubled our revenue, plain and simple. So Dream 100 was by far the secret sauce for our success and really the reason why I was able to exit my business ahead of schedule. So just a brilliant program, makes total sense. As a company, it’s one of the few marketing slash advertising outlets that you have total control over. It’s not like you’re on Facebook, which owns Facebook, or Google, which owns Google, but I mean, you own the system, you make it work, and great things happen. Now, with the Dream 100, you have to identify the vendors that you want to refer you or the prospects that you want to refer. You have to identify the ideal and likely buyers that you want to refer you, and then you have to reach out to them consistently. You guys have done a phenomenal job at doing that. What were a couple of the challenges of persistently reaching out to people to get them to refer you guys a business? Well, a couple of things. One, you just really have to find the right fit. You have to find the right employee or employees because really when you’re going out there, you need somebody who’s obviously great at building relationships, and that’s a lot of different people. But what I found is you also just need a hunter-killer. So it’s not necessarily somebody who’s very personable and great with people, but somebody with those qualities, but also just has a, like I said, a hunter killer, just wants to, has a drive to bring business in. And you find that person and they just make it happen. And we were fortunate enough to find a couple great employees who were just very good at that. And now that you have sold the business, you’re gonna stay on as an advisor to make sure that the brand is successful and that sort of thing. What does it feel like to be on the other side of the rainbow or to be at the top of the mountain or to be on the other side of selling a business that you started so many years ago? Well, Clay, it’s only been six weeks. So obviously, there’s some mixed feelings there. But if I had to put it into one word, I would have to say freedom. Okay, yeah. So it feels pretty darn good. And my wife and I are very excited. And obviously we’re still, you know, we’re still helping the new ownership transition and whatnot. So there’s stuff we’re doing and stuff to be done. But overall it’s, you know, when you’ve been hitting it hard for 33 years, and then all of a sudden you don’t have to, it feels pretty darn good, not gonna lie. Now, Robert Kiyosaki, you know, the best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, I recently interviewed him, and he had me on his show, and it’s been kind of fun to connect with this guy who wrote the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, and it’s just fun to connect with him. And he’s been talking borderline obsessively on his show recently about it’s not what people say, it’s what they do. You need to watch what people do, not what they say. And I think a big thing about having a business coach or a personal trainer if you’re into fitness is if you’re into fitness, you need to have a nutritional plan, you need to have a workout plan, and then you need someone to hold you accountable. And if you’re a business owner, you need to have a business plan. You need to have weekly actions that you need to implement. And then you need to have some accountability. How has having a business consultant or a coach to guide you down the path, how has that impacted you? Tremendously. So there’s a running joke between my wife and I. I will often say I’m the most consistently inconsistent person you want to meet. And so, historically I’ve been the guy who starts this, goes for a little while, and then, you know, is, sees a, you know, I’m like a squirrel, right? I see the next great thing and I’ll go after that for a while and then, so, I’m an artist, right? I’m a photographer first, and, you know, business guy second, I guess. So, you have helped corral my artist brain. And having the weekly accountability calls and the action plan has definitely helped me stay focused on what needs to be focused on. So yeah, it’s been life changing. Nothing short of life changing. Now I wanna pull up something real quick and get your thoughts on this, because you and I have worked together, I think for about, what, three years? Or is it, how long did we work together there before you exited the business, you know? We started in 2019. So 2019. Okay, so you we’ve worked together for quite a while there and You know, so that’s so 2019 Wow So that’s almost almost five years four and a half years or so But if we do a search for a carpet cleaning quotes, you know, I’ve worked with one particular brand for 14 years, I think almost 15 now and they have 271,000 Google reviews. So for 14 consecutive years, I’ve been talking to the same ownership about you have to gather objective Google reviews from your ideal and likely buyers. You have to get reviews. You know, after you clean the carpet, you have to gather video reviews and Google reviews. And we talk about it every week. And it’s just like, it’s like bamboo. I keep coming back every week. I just, you can’t kill it. I come back every week talking about the reviews. And in a world now where people go online to look stuff up, this has been a powerful tool for oxyfresh.com. It’s grown from a handful of locations now to 500 plus locations. How has gathering objective Google reviews and video reviews impacted your sales process? Well, I feel like it’s a one-two punch clay. So dream 100 and the reviews work hand-in-hand So the majority of our business comes from the dream 100 But you know, that’s one referral source. So our couples Will be referred by you know venues, but they want to check us out So they’re going to go online and look for our reviews. So, you know, not only do you have to have a ton of reviews but you have to have a ton of five-star reviews. And so, the referrals plus the social proof on Google brings them in. Final questions I have for you, then I’ll be done harassing you here, is, you know, you now have got all the systems, the scripts, the website, the ads that work, the Dream 100 system going. And so to give people some clarity, you now have a turnkey marketing system in place. I mean, you have a Dream 100 system that works, you now have an online advertising program that works, you now have a sales process that works. It’s all documented, it’s all systemized for the new owner. So what would you say for anybody out there that is maybe thinking about coming to one of our in-person workshops or scheduling a free 13-point assessment with myself or a member of our team? What would you say to somebody who’s kind of on the fence about maybe coming to a workshop or scheduling a free 13 point assessment? Get off this fence. Just get off the fence. Bottom line, you know, you’ve helped make my company sellable, right? So those systems is exactly what made our company attractive to the buyer. They were looking for a company that was highly successful, that they could then take and scale. And our business qualified because of what we’ve done over the last five years. And so yeah, I would not hesitate. I’ve told anybody who’s ever asked me about my coaching relationship with you and your organization, I said I wouldn’t hesitate. Never in a million years. You have literally changed my life as a result of what you’ve taught me. You have got to come to Tulsa one of these days here. So I know you guys are going to enjoy your retirement or whatever it is you’re doing. But at some point, if you ever get the bug and you ever start a new thing or you’re ever in the Tulsa area, I really want to see you guys. You have my cell phone number. We can talk whenever. But I just want to tell you, it’s been an honor working with you, and it’s been so exciting to help you hit your goals. And I know you’ve worked 30-plus years to go on this dream vacation lifestyle that you’ve built. What would you say to anybody out there that has a business, and they feel—my final question for you—they feel overwhelmed by all the systems they have to build, and they’re not at the top of the mountain. They haven’t sold the business yet. It isn’t systemized and all they see is perpetual chaos. What would you say to that person? Just take the next step, right? Every journey begins with the next step. And that next step should definitely be contacting you guys. If they just do that, the rest will take care of itself. You make sure of that, so. Tim, it’s an honor serving you again. I appreciate you very much. And don’t be a stranger there, sir. You got it. Thank you. Take care, Chief. Bye. The Thrive Time Show two-day interactive business workshops are the world’s highest rated and most reviewed business workshops because we teach you what you need to know to grow. You can learn the proven 13-point business system that Dr. Zellner and I have used over and over to start and grow successful companies. When we get into the specifics, the specific steps on what you need to do to optimize your website. We’re gonna teach you how to fix your conversion rate. We’re gonna teach you how to do a social media marketing campaign that works. How do you raise capital? How do you get a small business loan? We teach you everything you need to know here during a two day, 15 hour workshop. It’s all here for you. You work every day in your business, but for two days you can escape and work on your business and build these proven systems so now you can have a successful company that will produce both the time freedom and the financial freedom that you deserve. You’re going to leave energized, motivated, but you’re also going to leave empowered. The reason why I built these workshops is because as an entrepreneur I always wish that I had this and because there wasn’t anything like this I would go to these motivational seminars, no money down, real estate, Ponzi scheme, get motivated seminars, and they would never teach me anything. It was like you went there and you paid for the big chocolate Easter bunny, but inside of it, it was a hollow nothingness. And I wanted the knowledge, and they’re like, oh, but we’ll teach you the knowledge after our next workshop. And the great thing is we have nothing to upsell. At every workshop, we teach you what you need to know. There’s no one in the back of the room trying to sell you some next big get-rich-quick, walk on hot coals product. It’s literally, we teach you the brass tacks, the specific stuff that you need to know to learn how to start and grow a business. I encourage you to not believe what I’m saying, and I want you to Google the Z66 auto auction. I want you to Google elephant in the room. Look at Robert, Zellner, and Associates. Look them up and say, are they successful because they’re geniuses or are they successful because they have a proven system? When you do that research, you will discover that the same systems that we use in our own business can be used in your business. Come to Tulsa, book a ticket, and I guarantee you it’s going to be the best business workshop ever. We wouldn’t give you your money back if you don’t love it. We built this facility for you and we’re excited to see it. We built this facility for you and we’re excited to see it. you


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