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You have some really specific points you can hop into. So we’re going to go to page three seventy nine. I’m going to bring up Greg with glue and nails real quick, and Greg is our is kind of a mean person. He uses fax. And so we bring up Greg because he’s obviously a negative, irrational person because he uses fax. How many of you feel like we’re in a world right where if you if you use fax, people can’t handle it. Facts, truth. So managing a business, your job is to again, find a problem that you solve for people in exchange for a profit. You find a problem, solve the problem, make a profit. That’s what you do. Find a problem, solve the problem, make a profit. And so we’re going to hopefully teach you those skill sets. I’m going to bring up Greg here because Greg is a client. He’s doing really well and he’s in the process of growing his business. I think there’s a lot of texture he can provide here. So page 379, it says, I noticed that the dynamic range between what an average person could accomplish and what the best person could accomplish was between 50 to 100 to what? Given that, you’re well advised to go after the cream of the cream. A small team of A plus players can run circles around a giant team of B and C players. That’s great that Steve Jobs said that. We’re excited for that. That’s great. Awesome. However, when you’re trying to remodel homes in Tulsa, how many people do you interview on an average Wednesday at this point, Greg? We had 17 yesterday. I’m sorry, Wednesday How many of them have a sound mind? To Steve obviously Greg has lost jumped off the deep end lost his mind. I’m gonna bring you up here real quick here And because he’s into facts, maybe you’re different Maybe you can just give us feelings when you do the group interview Steve for your call, you know for your business Yeah, yeah out of every ten people that show up for the interview. How many have a sound mind? Zero. That’s really negative. Seriously? I mean usually, but if you have a hundred there’s maybe two. I mean it depends. Sometimes you have three normal humans out of ten and sometimes you have negative three. So what I’m saying on page 379, if you just circle that and take the note, you have to do a group interview. You must do a group interview. You’ve got to do a group interview. You have to interview people every week. So if you don’t, your life will become crazy because the quality of your employees and the quality of your customers will dictate your overall happiness. So there are certain people that you just don’t need to be hiring and you don’t need to be doing business with because it’ll wear you out. It’ll take you to a place where your day is crazy, okay? So page 379, it’s great to say, oh yeah, we need to hire a players. But the problem is, where do you find these people? I wish that I had a wonderful solution for you that would jump off the page and say, wow, this guy has the secrets. I really don’t have the secrets. I just do the group interview every week. And this past week, for those of you who came on Wednesday night to see it, we had one Satanist, two transgenders, two straight one, one Satanist, two transgenders To just write one one. Say this to transgenders. We had 39 Haley people that showed up Is that right and how many people said they’d be here? 50 said 50 that so they’d be here 39 showed up to transgenders and one Satanist That’s a real thing So again and of that group I think we had three that are hireable to that actually wanted a job one that was hireable But doesn’t want a job. They applied because they thought it was interesting and they like to learn through interviews. True story. Like I just like doing interviews and I find I can learn about different businesses and so I just was here. Okay. Well, all right. So let’s move on. So page 332. It says top left, ideas are easy, implementation is hard. So let’s go to Glue and Nails, the website. Sean, let’s pull it up. This desk here, Greg, did you make this desk? Yes. So tell me about this desk. Is this desk called Excalibur? What do you call this desk? This one we have affectionately named the Blue Jean or Denim Desk. The Denim Desk? Yes. What do you call this one? We call this the Clay and Vanessa Special. Oh. CVS. That’s nice. CVS. What do you call this desk? Big Papa Pump. We call that satin machine. Satin machine? It was supposed to be satin. Oh, sorry. And it’s as glossy as it can be. Like there’s two of everything on that table from where I’m standing. Okay. And what is, what do you call the desk next to that? That is Blonde Farm something. What about the desk next to that one? That’s not me. That’s not you? Somebody else. You don’t want to name someone else’s desk? No. Have you thought about building one like that? That one’s really nice. We actually have, yes. Okay. So, but if people go up to your website and they go to the gallery button. Gallery. Let’s go to gallery. And yesterday you were saying while you were here you were getting a lot of phone calls or a few phone calls like three phone calls is that right? Yes. Okay and if you click on before and after click on the before and after these are these are homes that you’ve remodeled is that right? That is correct. Okay and so when I say in our coaches meeting with you hey we need to gather before and after photos of every job it’s easy for me to say that but to actually do that let’s walk through all the steps that have to happen you have to take photos of the before, take photos of the after, then do all the work that makes the before and after possible, and then you have to send us the photo, you add the photos to your agenda, then my team has to take the photos, optimize them properly, add them to the website, add them to the Google Map, add them to the website, add them to the gallery. And so there’s like six or seven steps to do that. It’s about six seconds to make the statement, but about six steps from people to make the action happen. Does that make sense? And it may take six months to happen. So for you now, you had how many calls from Google yesterday? Five, six. Five yesterday? And then how many people reached out to buy a desk? Sean, click on the for home furnishings under gallery. Scroll down. This is a new button. Okay. Custom furnishings. How many people reached out to buy a desk this week? Four. Four. So what I keep saying every single time I see Greg… Steve, I say this every time. It just seems reasonable. Yeah. Greg, did you build a desk this week? Sometimes I say yes. But I ask every week, right? He does. Does that seem reasonable that I ask the same thing every week? Yeah. Okay. And then when we follow up about the desk, the photos have to be taken and we have to get it uploaded to Dropbox. And then from Dropbox, it has to go on the agenda. And from the agenda, we have to edit it. And it’s over and over and over. Next thing I follow up with you every week on is Google Reviews. Yep. Yes. How you doing on Google Reviews this week? Fantastically well. Because we would normally be meeting on Friday. So how are you doing? Wonderfully well. Okay. And so that drives revenue, but you’re not gonna ever get Google reviews unless you ask for them. So it’s a process. What if you switch the before and after photos so it looks like after it’s worse? Have you thought about doing that? It could be a move, but I’m gonna just install with my business advisor. It’s the appeals of a hipster in you. Okay, but it’s the ideas are easy, but the implementation is hard. And I think that what happens is if you’re not careful, if you watch a lot of YouTube videos about how to get rich as a consultant in 60 days. Let me walk you through the commercial. You tell me if you’ve seen these before. There’s usually a guy with a European accent in front of a waterfall who’s like, do you want to get more leads? Get six times more leads in six minutes and get six minute abs. Six minute abs in 60 seconds. This commercial is 60 seconds and in 60 seconds you get six times more leads and six minute abs. Have you seen these commercials? Sean, will you pull up Tai Lopez? Oh, God. Now, no, pull up Tai Lopez on a jet, please. You know what I love more than this private jet? My boobs. You’ve got to YouTube that. Okay, right there. Now watch this. Now, now, pause. I want to walk you through this. Now, this is big. You need to know this. Okay, this is Ty Lopez. I just want to punch him in the face. And one of my clients, one of my, a guy I went to college with, I told Steve about this guy. I went to college with this guy. I won’t mention his name, but he has a business that is, if I had to summarize what it does, it’s a pop-up paparazzi. So everybody knows who Sharla is. She would never have this problem, okay? But, because everyone knows who she is, so she already has a paparazzi at all times. And she’s a very humble person, so she’d be like, Away with you! I’m just trying to eat my meal. However, there’s a not famous person who goes to LA, and they want to look famous. This is actually pretty cool. So what they’ll do is the guy who wants to look famous will lease a Lamborghini for the cost of like how much would cost a lease a Lamborghini? That’s like 1500 a day to lease one. Yeah, okay, so they’ll lease the Lamborghini for the day and then they’ll drive around LA I’m telling you this is this is a real thing and then they’ll call this guy went to college with his business is pop-up pop-up Pots are on the paparazzi and I’ll go. Hey, I can help you to go. Yeah, I need for And I’ll go hey, I can help you they go. Yeah, I need four only fans models five Definite porn stars for actresses ten guys that look like they play pro sports I need a guy who looks like he’s a cameraman and I need and I need like three or four people that are like appear To be younger like 15 16 child actors that scream And he’s like, okay, and he will fill the order and next thing, you know, this person’s walking down the sidewalk If you’re like, oh my gosh, it’s this person And they do it all the time and then people who watch TMZ They like to see the celebrity was out getting Breakfast and they were stopped by the paparazzi and the whole thing is they’re creating news There’s another industry and I won’t get too deep into it but they’ll actually leak their own sets their own sex tape so typically like sports reporters will do this they’ll leak their own sex tape so that way that’s controversy and then therefore they’re famous for the sex tape that was so you feel so they got two things working for us I got the mortgage this thank you okay so one is they have the the fact that a lot of people feel bad how dare how does that I can’t believe that would happen to you. So now they got the victim card. Then they got the fact that it’s a video that’s all over the Internet. Then they got the news. And this is the guy that I know from college. He does all this. And he’s he’s like, oh, it’s crazy, dude. People want you to like make a fake sex tape and film them and then act like it got leaked. I’m like, no way. He’s like, oh, it’s a thing. So you start to think there’s people like that that exist in the world today. And I know you’re not that way, but they exist. I like it. Thank you, Steve. Review number two. Okay, so here we go. Let’s hit play on this video. What I like more than flying in a private jet like this? My books. Oh, shut up. Actually not, but. Pause. Now, Greg, you’re an expert analyst here. What about this video seems wrong? Everything. Okay, Steve, what is it? The girl directly behind him can’t read, probably. What about this situation is not real? Why does this work? It works because the thumbnail is him on a plane with two girls. So that’s why people watch it, because they’re vain and they want to see boobies. So then what will happen is he’s going to say stuff that’s crazy, but because he’s in an aluminum tube With these people Every day thousands of people sign up for this program of how to get rich and that’s his whole game, but hit play here we go You play doing the flow Sean show you sleep back there The question was how to figure out what you’re meant to do, what your purpose is, and I find that’s the most common question and I was just thinking about it when I was here, we’re flying to the biggest investor conference in the world, Warren Buffet, the billionaire’s annual meeting. And one thing that people who are highly successful do that you can copy is figure out as quickly as possible what your destiny is, and I don’t mean that in like Any kind of crazy way. I just mean figure out what your career What your strengths are? Pause okay now let’s do Tai Lopez Lamborghini. This is what go out. This is your favorite one Steve This is the one that got Steve. That’s how Steve got wealthy with his book wall, okay? I’m in my garage with my wall of books at my Gallardo that I paid 80,000 for now I’m gonna see if Greg could break this one down here because Greg has what I call a BS detector. It’s pretty strong here. But again, a lot of us have, we well intentioned, we went to a real estate seminar and they try to sell you a get-rich-thing. And I don’t have that. So I think a lot of people get depressed because they’re like, so how quickly can you get me rich? I’m like, well probably never. That’s it, Sean, at the top. I mean, you know, like a guy like Steve puts in the work so he has success. The guy like Greg puts in the work so they’ll have success. But if you don’t put in the work, it’s probably never. And in fact, if you’re even looking for a way to get rich quick, that’s probably an indication that you don’t have the mental capacity to do it. Okay, so hit play. Here we go. This is the good one. I just bought this new Lamborghini here. Fun to drive up here in the Hollywood Hills. But you know what I like a lot more than materialistic things? Tell us. Knowledge. Oh, knowledge. I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold 2,000 new books that I bought. Oh, 2,000 new books he bought. The billionaire Warren Buffet says, the more you learn, the more you earn. Now maybe you’ve seen my TEDx talk where I talk about how I read a book a day. You know, I read a book a day not to show off. It’s again about the knowledge. In fact, the real reason I keep this Lamborghini here. Pause. Now what’s crazy is he actually signed up for his program that will teach you how to read a book a day and what he’ll do is he’ll tell you really I’m just this is this is the kind of training he’ll give you because you got a book this up so what he’s to sign up for this just so you can watch it he’s like well what you’ll do basically is you want to open the book and just read the first paragraph of every chapter because that’s where the meat is we call that the meat and people are like oh this is amazing. Then what you do is you read the end of the book we’ll call that kind of conclusion that’s a summary they wrap it all up and that’s really what I do and he’ll send you like a summary of a book every day if you want and it’s like three points so there’s a program called blinkist blinkist I think the name dumbass was taken so they went with blinkist but blinkist will send you a three-minute audio book oh they’ll take like a huge book like the Bible and they’ll send you a three minute summary of like Proverbs. Look at it. It’s so crazy. It’s like more knowledge and less time. And so people are running around going, I read a book a day, but it’s me. It’s not about knowledge. Who doesn’t tip the windows on their Lambo? Okay, let’s continue. All right. It’s a rented Lambo. All right. So let’s continue. We’re going to go now to page 331. 331. All right. Beware of little expenses. A small leak will sink a great ship. I find that clients that don’t want to track their numbers end up in a bad position. You have to track your numbers. So you have to track your numbers. So summary, conclusion, track your numbers. And I know it seems, wow, this is not deep. It’s really not deep, but it requires… so in your business, okay, you’re gonna do, let’s say, a remodeling project. And let’s say… what’s the average ticket price for you at this point, Glue & Nails? $25,000. What’s the biggest project that you’ve tackled so far? No, I said doll hairs. What’s the largest thing? What’s the largest… I like this tension that’s building here. This is good here. I can pay you in doll hairs? What’s the largest project? The largest we’ve done so far? $725,000. Dang! Buy a Lambo! No, don’t you usually just spend all of it? Third rebuke, you’re in timeout. There’s a client of mine who I worked with years ago that did drywall. One of the wealthiest people in Oklahoma called the person and said, could you do drywall for me? And they go, well, yeah. And this wealthy person was very tyrannical, tyrannical person, like just wild, like came like third generation wealth, very mean person. And they said, I’m building a 20,000 square foot house. Could you do the drywall for me? And they say, yeah. And she says, well, the way it’ll work is I don’t pay until it’s done Oh, yes, and so these guys were like super happy to get a Google They weren’t getting a lot of Google leads before coming to our conference. They come to the conference. They optimize their website We helped them for about three or four months and the phone is just ringing non-stop But these guys are you know, very poor people who now are getting a lot of leads So I’m telling them do not do business with the devil do not because if you do You’re gonna have to pay for there’s hell to pay for that. So, Greg, what do you think happened to the guys who said, yeah, we’ll do your project for the lady who says, I won’t pay until you’re done? I’m going to use my psychic ability and say they didn’t get paid. Right. So it gets to the end of the job and the lady’s like, I’m not satisfied with it and I’m not paying. That’s not a problem. We just go take it back out. But no, this is the rule. They said, I’m just not, I’m not paying. And they’re like, what do you mean you’re not paying? She’s like, I’m not paying. And furthermore, we did a handshake deal. There’s no proof of it. So I’m actually, I’m not paying anything. And they’re like, what? And people, how many of you have seen people like this that exist? Okay. So somewhere on page- Their house accidentally gets burned down. Here you go. Page 331, somewhere on page 331, you need to write down, get deals in writing. So whenever you quote the customer, get it in writing, sign off on it, get it in writing, sign off on it. You know, the reason why like my consulting program is month to month and I don’t put stuff in writing is because I want it to be month to month. Now if I have a long term relationship with a client where we’re gonna scale and open up multiple locations, I’ll put it in writing, why? Because if it’s month to month, I just want it to be like, hey, if it’s not a good fit, we cancel, we’re moving on. But if it’s a long-term deal, you got to get that thing in writing. You have to. Who’s been screwed by someone who looked you in the eye, shook your hand, said this is what’s going to happen, and then after you do the work, they screwed you? One hand, two hand, three, four, five. Yeah, and so you just got to get that stuff in writing. I find that a lot of times where people lose money is you have one deal that really screws you. Greg, have you ever had the deal that screwed you? Yes. Was it awesome? It was. Okay. Because again, that negates the profit of like 10 other projects. Okay, so we’re gonna go down to page 309. Okay, 309. 309. Bueller. Okay, here we go. 309. You got to be organized. So you look here, page 309. You have to have a universal nomenclature system or a universal way to name things. So if you go, Sean, to forward slash staff, forward slash staff, you should see our staff page. And on that staff page, we keep all of the core documents needed to run the company. So every checklist, every system, they’re all saved in one place. If you scroll down and you click on, let’s say the first document there says daily shop assistant manager checklist. Steve, what do you think is on the daily shop assistant manager checklist? Turn on the lights. Keep going. Greg, will you read off what’s on there real quick? Keep going. I mean it should be that basic, right? Clean out the paraffin tub, paraffin master list. Turn on all shop lights. See, I was right. One point for you. Now why is that on the list? Because you walk in and all the lights are off. We were downtown one day. I go downtown to check on the store only because a mystery shopper said, are you having a power problem? There’s no lights downtown. At the time I was officed downtown so I thought I’ll just come by. Sure enough there’s no lights on. I talked to the manager. Oh, because the power was out? No. I said to the manager, I said there’s no lights on. They go, oh I guess I forgot. That’s what I’m saying. What drugs are people on? I don’t know. But we had a window up front kind of like we have here so there was some light coming in but it was crazy dark. I asked the other stylists, I said how come you guys didn’t say anything? They go, our manager gets pissed when you bring stuff up. I’m going, there it is. Add that to the checklist. It’s crazy. Okay, next, what do you got? Turn on all the computers and iPads. Oh, keep going. Unlock the door. Come on, Kiro. You’re wandering around in the dark, running into the furniture, getting injured. I’m being serious. Keep going. Place the signs outside shop 15 minutes before the shop opens. Place employee tickets on the front desk for them. Place opening shop. OK, now every day at the bottom of this document, scroll to the bottom of it, there’s a part you sign there. Sean, right there. And can you read that real quick, Greg? By completing and initialling this checklist below, I certify that the items in the checklist were in fact completed. I understand that intentionally falsifying the information on the checklist, or that simply checking off all items on the checklist with one pen stroke is not acceptable and is viewed by elephant in the room Corporation as lying and grounds for termination We answer every day all the employees have to the checklist and when they finish the checklist They take a photo of it They send it to mana and mana gets those and every day out of the three stores one of them fails to do this and she Has to get intense every day because it’s you have to trust but verify so I’m just telling you that is the thing but all of the documents we need to run the company they’re all saved on this page so everything we need to run the company the hiring process go back to that page real quick Sean look for the word hiring h-i-r-i-n-g okay and anything related to hiring would be right there boom this is the now hiring flyer click on that okay anything how to read your pay stubs, all the training documents, everything that we do is all saved here in one place so everyone can find it. Cool. So that way when someone asks how do they read their pay stub, you can say, well, log into the portal and watch the video on how to read your pay stub. Right, everything’s that way. So the whole thing is that way, okay. So we’re moving on here. One, it says here on page 309, the cumulative best practice systems and processes of your businesses are easy to locate. You’ve got to make sure they’re easy. Two, your business systems are being used on a daily basis to execute the daily core competencies. Three, your business becomes reliant on systems and processes and not people. Four, your leadership team can quickly access and edit the core workflow documents. Five, your files are backed up and retrievable. That’s what you want to do. That’s the kind of stuff that I focus on if I’m working with a client. So that way everything is savable. So as an example, we’re on the Reawaken tour and someone says to me offhand, they’ll go, hey do you know what time Simone Gold is speaking? I don’t know, but I can pull up the document and find it real fast. Or if someone says, hey what’s the address of the hotel? I don’t know, but it’s all in one document. And so it’s very, everything is organized that way. Everything is a checklist. It’s very important. Okay, and then we go to page 295. 295. It’s right after 294. Wow. Hey, you’ve been watching Tai Lopez videos, haven’t you? You’ve learned a lot. I’m just chasing the knowledge, bro. Thank you. That’s why I bought these 40,000 books that I put up on my shelf. Okay, page 295. Action is the real measure of intelligence. A lot of times it is possible to come to a workshop and really gain some great knowledge, but not implement it. So the challenge that I have been having personally is reading the Bible a lot and then trying to figure out what do I need to do with this? Because there’s like a lot of things in the Bible that you learn, and I start to ask myself, am I actually implementing this principle? So one you can look up, this is kind of wild. Look this up here, Sean. I’ve been marinating on this one. It says in the book of John, and I’m paraphrasing, I don’t have the verse memorized, but it says in John that if you’re a friend of God, you’ll follow His commandments. Look that up and then you can find the actual verse here. So it says, if you’re a friend of God, you’ll follow His commandments. Can you find the verse just a second? So I mean, that’s sort of an interesting thing. Okay. Pull it up there, John. You can click on that there. friends if ye do whatsoever I command you henceforth I Call you not servants for the servant knoweth not what his Lord doeth But I have called you friends for all the things that I have heard of my father I’ve made known unto you so we’re supposed to be a friend of God if We follow what he wants us to do right so if we follow his commandments, and I started thinking about this is you know a Conversation I’ve been having my brain for about four years in a row I started thinking okay there’s lockdowns quarantines curfews happening and Hebrews 1025 tells us to not forsake the gathering even as we draw closer to the end that’s Hebrews 1025 if you look it up so God tells us to not forsake the gathering even as we draw closer to the That’s a God commandment. Now it’d be easier for me to lock down and just go along with the flow, but I’m not gonna do that. And then I’m not going to perpetuate a lie by wearing a mask to hide from a virus that’s less deadly than the flu. And I’m just not. And so that was easier said than done because very few people at that time agreed with that idea. Or when we fire people. My wife loves to pray for people that we, that like if someone steals from us, so like right now I’m dealing with somebody who’s stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars per year from me, currently at this moment, right now. And my wife, she’s like, we should pray for them. I go, I got a good prayer. Yeah, you should pray for their safety. Well, I mean, I have these thoughts of like, who knows about the story about Elisha having a bald head? Do you know about the Elisha bald head story? Who does not know about the Elisha bald head story? Sean, look this up. Elisha bald head bears. So in the Bible, Elisha, he was a prophet and some kids were mocking him for having a bald head and he was kind of pissed about it. And can you find that Bible verse there? Go back to the Bible verse. I want you to… OK. Click on this. OK. Elisha baldhead. Yeah, OK. And then, Greg, could you read this there, the King James Version? OK. Go for it. Yeah. And he went up from Thentz unto Bethel. And as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city and mocked him and said unto him, Go up, thou bald head. Go up, thou bald head. And he turned. Pause. I can just imagine him going, you’re having with the prophet. And they’re like, what’d you say? Christian curse didn’t say the word. Just I could just see this guy who’s a sensitive about the bald head thing. This has been a problem. And he’s got. So keep reading the next part here. And he turned back and looked on them and cursed them in the name of the Lord and said, I find your lack of faith disturbing. And they came forth two she bears out of the woods and tear forty and two children of them. Wow. Does that mean that the bear killed forty two kids? So I take it. That’s pretty wild. Oh, nice. So these are the kind of prayers I want to do for people that screw me. I’m like, and we’re going to bring it in the bears to eat them. And so my wife said, I don’t think that’s what Jesus was saying. I’m like, oh yeah, you know, so I like to find the part where like David cut off the hands, you know, of the enemy and I’m like, that’s the prayer I’m going to have tonight. So again, as you read the Bible and you start to really study God, you get to know what he meant by things and how they work and all that. But it’s one thing just to read the Bible or to go to church, but it’s another to actually try to live by those principles. Much harder to do than to talk about doing. And so that’s, to me, the humbling or convicting. Every time I part about reading the Bible, every time I read the Bible, I feel like it’s like a personal attack on me. Have you guys ever read the book of Mark? You ever read the book of Mark? Matthew’s longer. Matthew’s more of a long-form kind of guy, but Mark’s a pretty, it’s a gospel, but it’s a little shorter. Luke’s a little shorter. And you read it and you’re like, man, this guy is really calling me out. What is the deal with Luke? You know, and you start to realize these are people that died for their faith. And a lot of people aren’t willing to even ever get a bad Facebook comment for their faith. You know, so I start reading that. So again, I just encourage you guys when you leave here today, try to implement the stuff. You know, don’t just gather the information, but really try to implement it. And if you go on to page 204, Steve, there’s a quote from Andy Grove who escaped communism to go on to become a successful entrepreneur. Could you read that real quick on page 294? Oh, 294. My bad. It was 204. If you watch too many Tai Lopez videos, you no longer can find pages and pages. The Andy Grove quote? Yeah. If you’re wrong, you will die. But most companies don’t die because they are wrong. Most die because they don’t commit themselves. They fritter away their valuable resources while attempting to make a decision. The greatest danger is in standing still. I think a lot of people, what they do is they get so overwhelmed with all the things they could do that they don’t do anything. What you got to do, and this is the best analogy I can give you, right now I’m transforming into a place where we have conferences. A lot of people like to stay nearby and we’ll have a lot of people that come here, like business owners will come here for a week sometimes. And a lot of times they’ll stay at a hotel nearby. But I’m trying to build kind of a campus where people that want to stay here can. And we always have people flying in to visit. You know, we have Kash Patel this week, but some weeks we’ve had General Flynn or we’ll have someone like a Michael and Dell and sometimes these people are more high-profile and putting them up in a hotel it becomes difficult sometimes because the way people perceive them in Oklahoma most people are positive but some aren’t so we’re trying to just create kind of that environment so I know what I want to do and I’ve sketched out what I want to do but then you have to do just one thing at a time you know so it might not seem exciting for you but you know having the basketball goal installed yesterday was a big part of that but I put that on the list you know a year ago but getting that up or the rocks when you first walk in the parking area Those are big to get that set up properly and then getting the fencing around the outside of us There’s a list of like 50 things that need to be done But sorting it in the right priority and then following up every day on those things is that is the real skill there now you get a page a 233 page 233. And in this book, I mean, there’s a lot of really specific stuff that will apply for your business, but I’m just trying to make sure that you get some things out of it that I think are just next level important for you. Page 233, we talked about the F7 goals on other pages, but I don’t know that people really, really think about their goals to a way where it defines their day and their calendar. So tonight at seven, I’m going to watch my son play the drums and to me that is the highlight of where the highlights of my week and it does not financially pay me and it doesn’t it’s not a financial benefit it’s it’s what I’m doing I’m doing and then tomorrow my good friend Kash Patel is coming to Tulsa and we’re gonna do I think eight podcasts back to back to back on Saturday and it doesn’t pay me to do that. In fact, the entire Reawaken America tour thing we do has so far cost me $1.6 million thus far, so I don’t make any money on it, but it’s something I feel called to do. I’m not saying that you feel called to participate in it, but I feel called to do it. I have so many pastors that will come to me, and Marty, I’m not talking about you, just saying, a lot of people in ministry will come to me and they’ll go, could you promote my event? Marty doesn’t do that. Marty understands if he’s doing his event, that’s his thing. But a lot of people will come to me and they’ll go, gosh, could you help me promote my event or my thing? I go, I can’t. And it’s not that I don’t care about you, it’s that I’m currently paying ongoing legal fees with the election fraud stuff, and I’m spending $1.6 million in deficit spending to put on this event, and I got a lot of stuff going on. So no, I cannot. And when you say no a lot of people cannot handle that idea. It bothers them. Another example we had a guy yesterday, not a mean guy but just a guy, and he says is there any way you could work with me to grow my business? And I said no. He said why? I said I just don’t think it’s possible. Not for you to grow your business but for me to help you. I cannot possibly perceive a way in which your business plan is possible. Yeah, and so Steve, have you met people where they’ve pitched you, a shark tanked you, and said, could you help financially support me? And you hear their business model and you know that it’s not possible. Yeah, all of them. Yeah, you probably, I was right too, wasn’t I? Okay, thank you. I don’t even remember what it was, but it was stupid. I saved you thousands of dollars. You’re welcome. A lot of people will pitch me ideas, and I’m not being a jerk, and I’m not saying that it’s not a good thing for the world, but I just can’t help them with it. I know what I can do. I know what we can’t do. Like the elephant in the room, it’s a haircut chain for men. We don’t do wedding parties. So groomsmen that want to get their hair cut all together before the wedding, we don’t do it. And it’s not mean, we just won’t do it. And under any circumstance, not going to do it. Why? Because I don’t want to do it. And if I do it well, it’ll lead to another one. So I don’t want to do it. You know, so you have to have those boundaries. And hopefully on page 233 you can find those. You got to know your numbers. We talked about that on page 232. And if you’re flying through this stuff, if there’s anything in there you can say, I need to come back to that, just dog ear that page. Page 230, you gotta have examples of logos. These are the world’s, not to say the world’s best logos, like I’m highly suspicious of all things NASA. I don’t know about NASA, I don’t know. Had Nixon call the moon, he probably had a great cell phone. Great, great signal. How do you think Nixon called the moon there, Craig? Really long wire. Steve, how do you think he called it was Nixon called the moon? What was his strategy? How he did what he called the moon. Nixon called the moon. What does that even mean? He called the astronauts on the moon. How do you do it? Oh, it’s fake. Okay. Okay. That’s I think anybody believes that I think is a culture. We’re almost there where people are just saying it out loud now they’re like not possible but anyway you know it was a corded phone stop it like where does the cord go okay so page two third where’s the telephone so these are logos I don’t endorse these companies but I think a lot of people make their logos super complicated you just want a logo that works where you can print it on shirts hats signs and it’s not expensive to do that. I recommend that your logo is a one color or a two color, but don’t have a ten color. I just put some examples for you because a lot of people spend a lot of time making a very complicated logo. You really just should not spend a whole lot of your life making your logo. Will you look up the first Apple logo real quick, Sean, just as an example of what not to do, but he did it anyway? Can I say just while you’re doing that, just to clarify, don’t hire a company to do that and then put six colors in it and every time you print something it costs like a thousand dollars. Yeah, good idea. Hypothetically. Okay, so this is the Apple logo. This was the first logo for Apple. Requires a lot of work. That’s Apple’s first logo. You know, it’s a lot there. Now, over time, it’s simplified to the point now I think it’s just like a black apple, I think. But, anyway, just don’t make your logo super complicated, okay? Next thing I want to cover here, this is on page 227. Page 227. 227. 227. Okay. Jack Welch says the following. He says, if you pick the right people and you give them the opportunity to spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind them, you almost don’t have to manage them. Almost. If you pick the right people and give them the opportunity and spread their wings and put compensation as a carrier behind it, you almost don’t have to manage them. And what Jack Welch is saying is that when somebody has a clear penalty and a clear reward associated with their job, they tend to do a good job. If there’s no penalty and there’s just a reward, or if just a reward and no penalty, they won’t do it, see public schools. So there was a guy who used to work for me and we’ll take a break in a minute. But there’s a guy who used to work for me years ago and he was always available to DJ Steve. This guy, he had a job, he was a teacher. And I would call him and I’d call the guys, guys, we got a show next Friday, if you guys wanna book it before I take the deposit, I wanted to see if you’re open. And this teacher would always go, oh, I can do it. I got it. It’s like, okay. He said, by the way, any shows you ever have, weekday shows, middle of day shows, any shows you have, most of our events are Friday, Saturday, Sunday. But very few people have an event during the middle of the day, unless it’s like a corporate event. And I said, hey, could I ask you, how is it you’re always available during the day? And he says, well, as a teacher, you cannot be fired. You understand this, right? And I said, so what do you tell them? This was like 10 years ago, I guess it’d be 15 years ago. He said, well, you got personal day. Okay, we’re back. Okay, so I want to tell you this story real quick though. So there’s a disc jockey who worked for me and his whole thing was he’s always available. And the way that works in a lot of schools, and Randy was mentioning the school, what was it, Piedmont? They now have a kitty litter in the bathroom for kids. This is a real thing in Oklahoma. So in Oklahoma, most of the teachers are either actively or passively aggressively communist. That’s how they are. And this is just a real thing. And so in Oklahoma, you cannot be fired. And so I go, what does that mean he goes well you have in this case I have personal days how many of you people have no teachers that have told you these things they have personal days and a personal day is where you cannot ask why they’re not there so you can’t ask him why it’s a personal day and then they have their vacation time and then they have accumulated paid time off and then they also have sick leave or maternity leave. And they get the entire summer off. Right. So this guy is a man and he said, because we do DJing all the time, and he would say, any show you want during the week, I’m your guy. So I just struggled to grasp this idea. So one night, you know, after the show, this is all pre-Christ, when the guys would come back from, you know, the shows, we rented margarita machines. That was a big core component of our business. And my move was I used to tell the guys, no margarita mix can be wasted. So we have to drink it all. Right. Who are we? So we would unload all the DJ gear at about 2 or 3 in the morning and at the time I was probably 24 or 25. We had a big house and we had about it’s about a five acre property and my wife would go, here they go again because he would unload the gear and there’d be probably 95 margaritas left and I’m going there’s only 40 of us we got to do this thing so I’m talking to this guy and I’m like dude I gotta ask you tell me right now tell me what are all the reasons you’ve called in in your lifetime as a teacher he’s like well I did maternity leave and I got a huge period of time off I’m like did you have a baby no but they can actually do that these days. Yeah. It’s like, man, you can take time off for paternity leave and you don’t have to prove you have a kid. So he just used that move, you know, that he’s got paid. They got paid time off. He actually did an entire cruise one time by just making up things all the way for two weeks. And the teachers know this game. And so a lot of people today become teachers for the specific reason that they can’t be fired. In college, they go, I can’t be fired, so I’m choosing that profession. And Steve, we know people that have done this. And we’re old enough now that we know people that this is what they do currently. And they’ll say, teaching is awesome. I’m off three months a year, and I don’t have to do anything. And a lot of them now, or to a place now, what they do is they just give the kids the Google computer thing and they say we’re gonna do a self-study and then they’ll go work on their side hustle they’ll go watch movies I know this because I have kids who will tell me these things it’s crazy and so there’s no merit-based pay so what if somebody doesn’t fear God and they can’t get fired Greg why would they actually do a good job I would assume they would not. Right. So in your small business, if you’re paying somebody $12 an hour, and there’s no possible way for them to make more off a commission, and there’s no way for them to make less if they don’t do a good job, why would they do a good job? I mean, they’re not going to. Yeah, because they don’t fear God. So the work ethic isn’t in them, because they’re not working as unto the Lord. They don’t believe they can get fired. How many of you’ve gone to a place of business recently and have thought, what has happened to the customer service? Have you seen this? No. Yeah. It’s so bad. What are the worst examples that you guys have seen recently? Sir, you’re making a loss of us. What’s that? Sir, you’re making a loss of us. Oh, you’re being negative. What about TSA? Have you seen TSA? Oh, my God. Have you got to a place where TSA, have you seen how TSA will now almost yell at passengers. Have you noticed this one? So I know in the Tulsa Airport and the Dallas Airport, I’ve watched them multiple times berate people that are hard of hearing. So they’ll say, sir, you have to take off. Have you seen this phenomenon? Take off your shoes. You’ve got to take off your shoes. And the guy can’t hear very well. And they’ll go, excuse me, I don’t understand. Take off your shoes. Just yelling at people. And it’s because they can’t be fired at all. It doesn’t matter what they do. They cannot be fired. You know, and we had a lady in or was I was flying in from somewhere recently and the lady, you know, you’re supposed to put your, your, your, take your shoes off and your laptop and put it in the bucket thing. And that goes through. And this guy was taking his time to try to get his laptop. He had a new computer, you could tell, and he was trying to be careful and she just grabbed it, slammed it in there and shoved it through. And I’m like, wow, have you guys ever seen the people huck your luggage? You ever looked down and see them? How many of you have gone on like American Airlines or it’s one of these United and you watched them like throwing luggage into the plane? Have you seen this? You ever seen that that was your luggage? And they’re just, this doesn’t happen on Currington Airlines. Thank you. So I’m saying is that if you don’t put merit-based pay in place, it’s not likely that they’re going to do a good job. So what I want to do is I want to take a quick 10-minute break, and I’d like you on page 227 to circle any questions that you have or anything about merit-based pay, because what I find is a lot of entrepreneurs, they start to say things like, is it legal? Is it ethical? In my industry, I don’t know if I can do that. And I just want to make sure that we all have a merit-based pay program in place. And we’re gonna come back here in 10 minutes. We’re coming back here at 145 for our final sprint of the day. Okay. The number of new customers that we’ve had is up 411% over last year. We are Jared and Jennifer Johnson. We own Platinum Pest and Lawn and are located in Owasso, Oklahoma. And we have been working with Thrive for business coaching for almost a year now. Yeah, so what we wanna do is we wanna share some wins with you guys that we’ve had by working with Thrive. First of all, we’re on the top page of Google now, okay? I just wanna let you know what type of accomplishment this is. Our competition, Orkin, Terminix, they’re both $1.3 billion companies. They both have 2,000 to 3,000 pages of content attached to their website. So to basically go from virtually non-existent on Google to up on the top page is really saying something. But it’s come by being diligent to the systems that Thrive has, by being consistent and diligent on doing podcasts, and staying on top of those podcasts to really help with getting up on what they’re listing and ranking there with Google. And also, we’ve been trying to get Google reviews, asking our customers for reviews, and now we’re the highest rated and most reviewed Pest and Lawn company in the Tulsa area. And that’s really helped with our conversion rate. And the number of new customers that we’ve had is up 411% over last year. Wait, say that again. How much are we up? 411%. Okay, so 411% we’re up with our new customers. Amazing. Right. So not only do we have more customers calling in, we’re able to close those deals at a much higher rate than we were before. Right now, our closing rate is about 85%, and that’s largely due to, first of all, like our Google reviews that we’ve gotten. People really see that our customers are happy, but also we have a script that we follow. And so when customers call in, they get all the information that they need. That script has been refined time and time again. It wasn’t a one and done deal. It was a system that we followed with Thrive in the refining process. And that has obviously, the 411% shows that that system works. Yeah, so here’s a big one for you. So last week alone, our booking percentage was 91%. We actually booked more deals and more new customers last year than we did the first five months or I’m sorry the first we booked more deals last week than we did the first five months of last year from before we worked with Thrive. So again we booked more deals last week than the first five months of last year. It’s incredible but the reason why we have that success by implementing the systems that Thrive has taught us and helped us out with. Some of those systems that we’ve implemented are group interviews. That way we’ve really been able to come up with a really great team. We’ve created and implemented checklists. That way everything gets done and it gets done right. It creates accountability. We’re able to make sure that everything gets done properly, both out in the field and also in our office. And also doing the podcast like Jared had mentioned that has really, really contributed to our success, but that like is of the diligence and consistency and doing those and that system has really, really been a big blessing in our lives and also, you know, it’s really shown that we’ve gotten a success from following those systems. So before working with Thrive, we were basically stuck. Really no new growth with our business and we were in a rut and we didn’t know. Okay, the last three years, our customer base had pretty much stayed the same. We weren’t shrinking, but we weren’t really growing either. Yeah, and so we didn’t really know where to go, what to do, how to get out of this rut that we’re in. But Thrive helped us with that. You know, they implemented those systems, and they taught us those systems, they taught us the knowledge that we needed in order to succeed. Now it’s been a grind, absolutely it’s been a grind this last year, but we’re getting those fruits from that hard work and the diligent effort that we’re able to put into it. So again, we were in a rut. Thrive helped us get out of that rut. And if you’re thinking about working with Thrive, quit thinking about it and just do it. Do the action, and you’ll get the results. It will take hard work and discipline. But that’s what it’s going to take in order to really succeed. So we just want to give a big shout out to Thrive, a big thank you out there to Thrive. We wouldn’t be where we’re at now without their help. Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Moore, I’m a pediatric dentist. Through our new digital marketing plan, we have seen a marked increase in the number of new patients that we’re seeing every month, year over year. One month, for example, we went from 110 new patients the previous year to over 180 new patients in the same month. And overall, our average is running about 40 to 42% increase month over month, year over year. The group of people required to implement our new digital marketing plan is immense, starting with the business coach, videographers, photographers, web designers. Back when I graduated dental school in 1985, nobody advertised. The only marketing that was ethically allowed in everybody’s eyes was mouth-to-mouth marketing. By choosing to use the services, you’re choosing to use a proof-and-turn-key marketing and coaching system that will grow your practice and get you the results that you’re looking for. I went to the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, graduated in 1983 and then I did my pediatric dental residency at Baylor College of Dentistry from 1983 to 1985. Hello my name is Charles Colaw with Colaw Fitness. Today I want to tell you a little bit about Clay Clark and how I know Clay Clark. Clay Clark has been my business coach since 2017. He’s helped us grow from two locations to now six locations. We’re planning to do seven locations in seven years and then franchise. Clay has done a great job of helping us navigate anything that has to do with running the business, building the systems, the checklists, the workflows, the audits, how to navigate lease agreements, how to buy property, how to work with brokers and builders. This guy is just amazing. This kind of guy has worked in every single industry. He’s written books with Lee Crockerill, head of Disney, with the 40,000 cast members. He’s friends with Mike Lindell. He does Reawaken America tours where he does these tours all across the country where 10,000 or more people show up to some of these tours. On the day-to-day, he does anywhere from about 160 companies. He’s at the top. He has a team of business coaches, videographers, and graphic designers and web developers. They run 160 companies every single week. Think of this guy with a team of business coaches running 160 companies. So in the weekly he’s running 160 companies every 6 to 8 weeks. He’s doing reawaken America tours every 6 to 8 weeks. He’s also doing business conferences where 200 people show up and he teaches people a 13 step proven system that he’s done and worked with billionaires helping them grow their companies. So I’ve seen guys from start-ups go from start-up to being multi-millionaires, teaching people how to get time freedom and financial freedom through the system. Critical thinking, document creation, organizing everything in their head to building it into a franchisable, scalable business. One of his businesses has like 500 franchises. That’s just one of the companies or brands that he works with. Amazing guy, Elon Musk, kind of like smart guy. He kind of comes off sometimes as socially awkward, but he’s so brilliant, and he’s taught me so much. When I say that, Clay is, he doesn’t care what people think when you’re talking to him. He cares about where you’re going in your life and where he can get you to go. And that’s what I like him most about him. He’s like a good coach. A coach isn’t just making you feel good all the time. A coach is actually helping you get to the best you, and Clay has been an amazing business coach. Through the course of that we became friends. I was really most impressed with him is when I was shadowing him one time we went into a business deal and listened to it. I got to shadow and listen to it. When we walked out I knew that he could make millions on the deal and they were super excited about working with him and he told me he’s like I’m not gonna touch it, I’m gonna turn it down because he knew it was gonna harm the common good of people in the long run. The guy’s integrity just really wowed me. It brought tears to my eyes to see that this guy, his highest desire was to do what’s right. Anyways, just an amazing man. So anyways, impacted me a lot. He’s helped navigate. Anytime I’ve gotten nervous or worried about how to run the company or navigating competition and an economy that’s like, I remember we got closed down for three months. He helped us navigate on how to stay open, how to get back open, how to just survive through all the COVID shutdowns, lockdowns, because our clubs were all closed for. I’m Rachel with Tip Top K9, and we just want to give a huge thank you to Clay and Vanessa Clark. Hey guys, I’m Ryan with Tip Top K9. Just want to say a big thank you to Thrive 15. Thank you to Make Your Life Epic. We love you guys, we appreciate you, and really just appreciate how far you’ve taken us. This is our old house, right? This is where we used to live a few years ago. This is our old neighborhood. See, it’s nice, right? So this is my old van and our old school marketing, and this is our old team, and by team I mean it’s me and another guy. This is our new house with our new neighborhood. This is our new van with our new marketing. And this is our new team. We went from four to fourteen. And I took this beautiful photo. We worked with several different business coaches in the past. And they were all about helping Ryan sell better and just teaching sales, which is awesome, but Ryan is a really great salesman, so we didn’t need that. We needed somebody to help us get everything that was in his head out into systems, into manuals and scripts, and actually build a team. So now that we have systems in place, we’ve gone from one to 10 locations in only a year. In October 2016, we grossed 13 grand for the whole month right now. It’s 2018 the month of October. It’s only the 22nd We’ve already grossed a little over 50 grand for the whole month and we still have time to go We’re just thankful for you thankful for thrive and your mentorship And we’re really thankful that you guys have helped us to grow a business that we run now instead of the business running us Just thank you. Thank you. Thank you time for that The Thrivetime Show, two-day interactive business workshops are the highest and most reviewed business workshops on the planet. You can learn the proven 13-point business systems that Dr. Zellner and I have used over and over to start and grow successful companies. We get into the specifics, the specific steps on what you need to do to optimize your website. We’re going to teach you how to fix your conversion rate. We’re going to teach you how to do a social media marketing campaign that works. How do you raise capital? How do you get a small business loan? We teach you everything you need to know here during a two-day, 15-hour workshop. It’s all here for you. You work every day in your business, but for two days you can escape and work on your business and build these proven systems so now you can have a successful company that will produce both the time freedom and the financial freedom that you deserve. You’re going to leave energized, motivated, but you’re also going to leave empowered. The reason why I built these workshops is because, as an entrepreneur, I always wish that I had this. And because there wasn’t anything like this, I would go to these motivational seminars, no money down, real estate, Ponzi scheme, get motivated seminars, and they would never teach me anything. It was like you went there and you paid for the big chocolate Easter Bunny, but inside of it, it was a hollow nothingness. And I wanted the knowledge, and they’re like, oh, but we’ll teach you the knowledge after our next workshop. And the great thing is we have nothing to upsell. At every workshop, we teach you what you need to know. There’s no one in the back of the room trying to sell you some next big get-rich-quick, walk-on-hot-coals product. It’s literally we teach you the brass tacks, the specific stuff that you need to know to learn how to start and grow a business. I encourage you to not believe what I’m saying, and I want you to Google the Z66 auto auction. I want you to Google elephant in the room. Look at Robert, Zellner and Associates. Look them up and say, are they successful because they’re geniuses, or are they successful because they have a proven system? When you do that research, you will discover that the same systems that we use in our own business can be used in your business. Come to Tulsa, book a ticket, and I guarantee you it’s going to be the best business workshop ever. We’re going to give you your money back if you don’t love it. We built this facility for you, and we’re excited to see it. Hey, I’m Ryan Wimpey with Tip Top K9, and I’m the founder. I’m Rachel Wimpey, and I am a co-founder. So we’ve been running Tip Top for about the last 14 years, franchising for the last 3-4 years. So someone that would be a good fit for Tip Top loves dogs, they’re high energy, they want to be able to own their own job, but they don’t want to worry about that high failure rate. They want to do that like bowling with bumper lanes. So you give us a call, reach out to us, we’ll call you, and then we’ll send you an FPD, look over that, read it, fall asleep to it, it’s very boring. And then we’ll book a discovery day, and you come and you’ll spend a day or two with us, make sure that you actually like it, make sure that you’re treating dogs to something that you wanna do. So an FDD is a Franchise Disclosure Document. It’s a federally regulated document that goes into all the nitty gritty details of what the franchise agreement entails. So who would be a good fit to buy a Tip Top K9 would be somebody who loves dogs, who wants to work with dogs all day as their profession. You’ll make a lot of money, you’ll have a lot of fun, it’s very rewarding. And who would not be a good fit is a cat person. So the upfront cost for Tip Top is $43,000 and a lot of people say they’re generating doctor money, but on our disclosure the numbers are anywhere from over a million dollars a year in dog training, what our Oklahoma City location year to 25-35 grand a month. To train and get trained by us for Tip Top Canine to run your own Tip Top Canine you would be with us for six weeks here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’ve been married for seven years, eight years. So if you’re watching this video you’re like hey maybe I want to be a dog trainer hey that one sounds super amazing go to our website click on the yellow franchising tab, fill out the form, and Rachel and I will give you a call. Our Oklahoma City location last year, they did over a million dollars. He’s been running that shop for three years. Before he was a youth pastor with zero sales experience, zero dog training experience before he ever met with us. So just call us, come, spend a day with us, spend a couple days with us, make sure you like training dogs, and own your own business. Well, the biggest reason to buy a Tip Top K9 is so you own your own job and you own your own future and you don’t hate your life. You get an enjoyable job that brings a lot of income but is really rewarding. My name is Seth Flint and I had originally heard about Tip Top K9 through my old pastors who I worked for. They trained their great parents with Ryan and Tip Top K9. They did a phenomenal job and became really good friends with Brian and Rachel. I was working at a local church and it was a great experience. I ended up leaving there and working with Ryan and Tip Top K9. The biggest thing that I can create my own schedule. I have the ability to spend more time with my family, my wife and my daughter. So my very favorite thing about training dogs with Tip Top K9 is that I get to work with the people. Obviously I love working with dogs but it’s just so rewarding to be able to train a dog that had serious issues whether it’s behavioral or you know whatever and seeing a transformation taking that dog home and mom and dad are literally in tears because of how happy they are with the training. If somebody is interested I’d say don’t hesitate make sure you like dogs. Make sure that you enjoy working with people because we’re not just dog trainers. We are customer service people that help dogs. And so definitely, definitely don’t hesitate. Just come in and ask questions. Ask all the questions you have. You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at


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