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OK, everybody, we’re going to go get started now. For some of you who weren’t here yesterday, welcome to day two, if you were here yesterday. I want to recap some things. Johnny, back there? OK, great. So what we’re going to do is we’re going to recap what we learned yesterday, making sure we’re making progress here. So I’d like everybody for a second, we’re going to go ahead and open up our book to page number five. We can open our book to page number five. I just want to make sure we’re on the same page and then I’m gonna use Steve I think you have enough mic cord to go here or there you’re everywhere. Okay, you feel good about it Oh, you get all detangled. See you feel good about your morning. Okay, so what you did So what we’re gonna do here is we’re looking at this page number five here And on the establishing revenue goals, does everybody feel like you’re in a good spot with that? We know we everyone know your numbers? Does anybody here know? I have no idea. The idea is you want to know how many sales you have to have to hit your goals. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to pull up a workflow. So Sean, if you can go to the agenda and pull up the workflow. We’re going to do a search for a workflow. And hopefully this will get some clarity to this idea. So we’re going to pull up a workflow for a couple different businesses and then maybe this will be helpful to see. So Sean, you find the workflows? And, okay, and I’m gonna have you pull up the workflow for elephant in the room and tip-top canine because these are two workflows. And for every client we work with, the ultimate goal, the end game is to create a workflow that looks like this. So, Sean, should we on the, just go to the conference document? Yeah, you’re going off the road here. Go back to the conference document. Just look for… That’s great. Okay, great. So this is the document. So Rick, can see this document’s a workflow? Is he already fired? No, he’s good. All right. Hey, we gotta do better. Okay, let’s pull that up, the workflow. Follow the system. Okay, so right here, this is the workflow. Good to miss you, Sean. You’re good. And Steve, I’m gonna have you pull this TV up a little bit here this morning. Okay, cool. Okay, so this workflow, everybody see the workflow? This is what a workflow should look like, okay? So if you bought a tip-top canine franchise, this is the entire business model. There’s really nothing else to do except for this business model, and that’s why it works, it’s a franchise model. So let’s look at it, this is what you should have for your own business when it’s all said and done, okay? So if you look here to the left, the first in black, that’s the stuff you need to do if you are a franchise owner. If you’re a franchise owner, that’s what you need to do. So I’m going to pick on Greg. Greg, if you bought a Tip Top K9 franchise, what do you need to do? Reviews. Yep. The Dream 100. And that’s it, as far as marketing. You do the Dream 100, you get Google Reviews. That’s what you have to do. And why, Steve, does somebody have to get Google Reviews if they buy a Tip Top K9 franchise? So people will read reviews before they buy. And Sean, crank up his mic a little bit. So. And they find you. Okay, so let’s do a search here in Google real quick. So Sean, do a search for Southlake dog training, okay? So let’s pretend for a second that you lived in Southlake and you were looking for a dog trainer. And, okay, so you see Tip Tops number one, number two, and they come up in the search results. Scroll down again, you should see them again. Okay, and the reason why they come up top is not because I’m a good guy or because they’re good people but it’s because they have the most reviews and the most content. Okay? So if you were to come to the conference like this and learn that idea and you didn’t get the most reviews it wouldn’t work. Let’s do an example. Let’s look for Steve Carrington, mortgage Tulsa. And Steve, recap, how many Lamborghinis do you own, Steve? I’m light right now because I sold a couple of them, but I swapped a V12 for a V12, so we got the Rolls now. So you have a Rolls Royce now. I have the Rolls, I have the blue Lambo, I have like six Lexuses, I have a Range Rover, I have an airplane. I’m bringing this up because I have a car, take your mom in with me. Scroll back up here, Sean. Type in Steve Current in mortgage, please. So how he does that is he came to a conference like this, but that actually does the work Okay So again if you’re today you got to make a workflow for your own business and you actually have to do it scroll down real quick Sean so Find his Google map real quick Sean so you have to have the most Google reviews on the same page We got that. Okay, so yeah, so Steve has 764 reviews and Steve. How do you get reviews? What do you how do you get your customers to still leave you a review? I’m kind of a tyrant So I it’s on my agenda every single day at 730. I have a phone call with my production manager work wife Casey and every dad Throw the crap at her and tell her to get more reviews. Okay, great. So let’s go back to the workflow Okay, so if you don’t do that It’s not gonna work. Okay, if you bought a tip top, you could buy a tip top, you could buy a franchise, and there it is, boom. But then the next thing is the search, this is the gray stuff. So what we do for the franchisees is we write the search engine content. We do run their online Facebook ads, and we run the retargeting ads. And retargeting ads are ads that follow you all around the internet, but their entire marketing system is right there. And the reason why I’m showing you that model is that A, it’s a proven model so someone can buy a franchise if they wanted to, or in your business, you have to have a model that looks just as clean. Does everybody here have, are we all clear on what we need to do to market our business? Anybody here not clear? Anybody? Bueller? Bueller? Anybody? We’re good? Okay. So then the second area is the leads come in, and when the leads come in, they go to the homepage of the website, and when it goes to the homepage of the website, let’s pull up, there needs to be a clear page that converts people from interested into an actual lead. So if we pull up another tab,, that’s elephant in the room, I’m just showing you two examples. So what, Greg, is our call to action on this page? I’m gonna harass you a lot today Greg cuz I love you so much okay yeah okay what else was the call to action there should be like four of the same thing but in a different way what else schedule your first haircut what else yeah what’s the next yeah they’re all the same thing at the end of the day you’re just trying to get you to schedule a haircut that’s not what use read reviews is on there? So I will be very clear though, you take the person to the home page, and on the home page the variables that have to be present on your web page, you have to have a strong call to action. It cannot be a complicated, super clever thing that no one can figure out. It has to be just really, really obvious. And then you have to have a place where someone can read the reviews. And Steve, why do people want to read the reviews? Because they want to make sure before they call someone that someone else has had an experience or two with them. So if you have really bad reviews, don’t put that on your website. If you suck, then you probably shouldn’t have reviews. Does anybody here own a rental property? A vacation rental property? Does anyone here own a rental property? Okay, so like a vacation rental property as an example. I helped one of our clients recently really increased their sales dramatically. So we go back to our workflow and his workflow, okay, from this is every business should be the same, okay, his workflow was he does Airbnb, we got that Airbnb, he does the RBO, he does RBO, and then he does Google search results. That’s his way he markets his property, okay, because it’s not likely that you’re gonna run a Facebook ad and convince somebody to A, have the money to do it, or B, have the desire to then travel to your vacation property. So he’s going for people that are already looking for. So if you’re already going to Airbnb and looking to rent a property at this particular location, you’re going to find him. And if you go to the VRBO, you can find him. But then when you go to the website, he didn’t have, Greg, what do you think he didn’t have? Reviews. Yes, he didn’t have reviews. Furthermore, he had one review from an Airbnb. Now, Steve, if you’re not intentional about getting reviews from the Airbnb people that stay at your home, what kind of reviews do you think you’re going to get by default? You’re going to get complaints about how the toilet doesn’t flush right or the water pressure isn’t good enough in the shower. There’s some other issue. So the only review he had, which basically stated, not professional, thought it was hard to find parking, hard to find it, couldn’t find it, was difficult to find, didn’t like what it did. So he had one bad review and it’s not because he’s a bad guy, it’s just he hadn’t got reviews. Then on the particular web page for it, he didn’t have a way to get to those reviews. So you need to make it very linear. And then when you go to the home page, once you get to the traffic, you go to the home page, you got those conversion tools right there, boom. So for TipTopK9, the first lesson is, Greg? Yeah and why is it a dollar? There it is. And then Steve, when you hire someone to train your dog the average ticket’s about $2,000. Yeah. But why do we offer the first one for a dollar? To get them to try it. Yeah. Now you sell mortgages. You sell mortgages and what you, this is what Steve does, which I really I love working with Steve because Steve, we don’t work with competitors, so like I don’t work with two dog training companies in the same city or two, you know, I don’t work with companies that compete with each other in the same city. I just don’t do that. And Steve’s had probably five to ten of his competitors who’ve come to this conference and it’s that Newman Seinfeld moment where they see Steve and they’re coming because they want to know how he’s selling so many mortgages And we’ll sit here and they’ll go over all this and then I have said to Steve at least three times Did I remember I’ll say Steve because I’ve worked with Steve for what eight years now So yeah, so I said to Steve Steve, there’s a competitor who’s right here at this conference Do you do you he’s wanting us to work with him. What are your thoughts? And Steve says to me, work with him because he’s a loser and he won’t do it anyway. Didn’t you say that? Was I right? Yeah. Okay. Now, but Steve’s like, I want you to teach him everything just because it will validate the fact that he’s a loser. Yeah. It’s 48 laws of power. Like, you know, destroy your enemy totally. Yeah, this guy is reading 48 Laws of Power. So, all I’m saying is I’m sitting there going, are you sure he’s… Oh, yeah, the guy’s an idiot. So let’s go back to the workflow. I’m trying to help somebody here. It’s true too, and then he quit. And he had like four reviews. So this guy, he comes into our… Again, if you’re a coaching client… He still sucks. You should do this. If you’re not a coaching client, you should do this. But what you do… Both of them. I’m giving you… You need to write this down somewhere on page zero. If you’re a coaching client, do it. If you’re not a coaching client, do it. You need to have one hour a week blocked out where you look at your numbers and you work on your business. So pass or fail, did you do it, did you not? Okay, and so this guy, he goes, hey, I’m just making up, I don’t remember the time, but it’s like, I can’t make today at noon something came up. Could we do tomorrow at noon? Can’t do tomorrow at noon something came up. Could we do the next day at noon? Can’t make that day at noon. So you finally meet the guy. Did you get any Google reviews? No. Did you add? This is a mortgage guy. Did you get any Google reviews? No. Did you put in a note? Did you figure out your no brainer? No. Are you calling the leads that did come in? No. Did you write a thousand words of content per page? No. So we’re like, these are all the things you need to do. So after about a month of this, the guy goes, well, could you write the content for me? I said, oh yeah, I’ll write the content for it. So we write the content for the guy and then the guy says, I don’t like the content, but I’m gonna review it. Another month goes by, he never approves it. Still has like one Google review and the whole time Steve is like, has he quit yet? Because this guy’s an idiot. He’s not gonna do well. I guarantee you. And again, the guy does nothing and because he does nothing, he gets no results. So what we do for business is very analogous to a personal trainer for fitness or a home builder for building homes. You have to do something. It’s not the acquisition of the knowledge. And so we’re very clear of what we need to do. Now Steve gets a Google review every time he closes a mortgage. He asks for it and he also gets, and this is something you can jot down here, he also gets video reviews. He’s really good about saying, hey this person’s gonna close Thursday at 2 p.m. could you guys get a video review? And he either will film it himself or he’ll send or he’ll send us the video and we’ll edit it. But you need to do that. It’s just super important. Any questions about that? I will make sure everybody here grasps the idea that marketing does not need to be a difficult thing but it has to be something that’s an active thing that gets done. Okay? So then we move on to the next page. Now I’ll go back to the TipTopK&I workflow. Leads come in and Steve, you personally call the leads and I know this because people have asked me, people on the tour, hey I listened to your podcast and I heard about the Steve Carrington guy. Should I use him for a mortgage? And I said there’s a lady by the name of Sarah Hidrava who I’ve used since I was 18 years old and they’re Steve. And so I’ve had the same two people, I mean Steve’s the best and Sarah’s the best and I think you should, you know, compare. And everybody has always ended up using Steve. They’re very happy, but they always say, he called me back within like 10 minutes. And so, Steve, can you kind of explain, again, that’s something that you do that your competition won’t do, and you actually call them yourself. Yeah, I usually just answer. That’s what I did yesterday when we were standing up here. My phone was ringing, so I got to answer it. I’ll answer the phone at your business if it’s ringing because I can’t stand to have the phone ring So and I’ve done that before, you know, I’m at like Hobby Lobby and I’m like Hobby Lobby I’m gonna be like are you gonna get that? I mean, that’s a deal right there. So yeah, so But then I have all these crafty little messages that I reply to people like some of the phone with a client that I’ll send My message says hey, I’m on the phone, but I do want to talk to you So I’ll give you a call back and then but I hang up on people a lot. So I mean, I hang up on people I’m talking to, like my wife, my office manager, you know, my mom, because I don’t have time to tell them, this is money on the phone, I love you, I gotta go, because then they’re like rambling, so I just hang up on them, answer the phone, and then I call them back and pretend like, oh, I don’t know what happened, I was going through a hilly area there, it hung up on you. And then they figure out after 17 times, they’re like, you drop a lot of calls. Love you mom. Okay, so we’re moving on to the next box. So we have here, these leads come in, but you’ve got to call them. And I just want to be very clear, I’m trying to help somebody here, and this again, if you’re taking notes, page 5 might be a good place to do that. But you need to call, text, and email every lead until they cry, buy, or die. So I have a story for you that is far enough in the past that it won’t get me sued, but current enough that it’s relevant, in my opinion. Okay, so Oral Roberts University is a school that I went to for a while, and I wrote a parody song about the school’s president that he did not find to be as funny as I did, and I got kicked out of the school. So then the year was like 2000 and maybe 10, because it had to be like 11 years after college, because I went in 99, so it was probably 2010, 2011. I get a call from Jesse Peysers, and Jesse Peysers calls me, his testimony’s in this book. He calls me and says, hey, the alumni, we’re raising about $23,000 a month with our alumni department, and we would like to have you come in and fix it. So I said, yeah, we could totally fix it. And Jesse said, what do I need to do to fix this? Well, it’s really easy to fix this problem. Just let me get in there. So we booked our meeting time, went to Oral Roberts University, I’m at the campus, and I said, what we’re gonna do, and this is just how we did it, this is how we’d recommend that you would do it for your business too. I said, but when an alumni texts or emails or reaches out to the school, that when someone reaches out to the school and alumni, we need to call, text, and email them until they cry by or die. This has to happen. We have to call them, text them, email them until they cry by or die. That’s one. Two is we need to have a script that we follow, okay, an actual script that we’ve written. Then we need to have recorded calls so that way the calls are recorded for quality assurance. And then finally when we get someone to make a donation of some kind, the student who is on the phone with them, they need to earn some kind of commission for the donation. Basically like a discount off of their tuition. So you’re not actually paying them money, but it’s a discount off of their tuition. You’re charging at that time, like 30,000 a year to go to school there. So if a guy donates $1,000, let’s give the student $100 off their tuition, or let’s figure out some kind of commission. So we go in there, and it’s so wild. They have these adults who’ve been there for years. And Steve, the alumni department at Horry at the time, most of the people in that department had been there for years. Average age was probably 50, 40, 50. And when I went in and said, Steve, we have to call every lead until they cry, buy, or die. How do you think that went over? They probably all quit. I mean, they refused to do it. They’re like, well, we just find that we don’t want to overwhelm our people. We don’t want to over call them. We don’t want to inundate them with calls. I don’t know if I was being called a thousand times, I would be irritated. All this kind of stuff. And I go, I don’t care at all what any of you are saying at all because you’re doing $23,000 a month of total donations, which is less than you get paid. Like, all of you have a department that brings in less money than you get paid. You are operating at a deficit and then you have the Hobby Lobby guy that’s like donating to offset your jackassery. You guys got to get it together here, you know. So what we did is they refused to do it. So I talked to Jesse and I said, can I bring in students? And he said, sure. So he brought in students that had no experience at all. And Greg, how do you think a student who’s a sophomore at ORU who has no experience at all did versus the alumni department person who’s been there for a decade? Smoked them, yeah. So before we stopped, we were bringing in $128,000 every week. Every week. That was our average. And Jesse was like, this is incredible, you know. And I just committed to do it for a small period of time to fix it. But again, this isn’t rocket science. You just had recorded calls for quality assurance. And I got so much pushback from the faculty about this. They’re like, it’s not ethical to record our calls. When you call American Express it says, for quality assurances, call me be recorded. If you call an airline, for quality assurances, call me be recorded. And they’re like, why do you guys not want us to hear your calls? You know, what is the deal? So again, if you own a business and you get leads that are coming in, right here where it says leads, you’ve got to install call recording and you have to have scripts. It’s very important that you do that. So you see where it says step one, pre-written email, pre-written text, you see that? Step two, inbound script, recorded calls. That has to happen. Steve, if you take out that aspect of that particular business, what would happen? You won’t sell anything? Well, you’ll just leave everybody their own little system that they decide to create on their own. Yeah. And most people don’t have a desire to do well, they have a desire just to survive. Most people, they’re not really going to want to grow the business. You’ve got to install that call recording so that you as an owner can drive that growth. We talked about it yesterday, but I’m going to recap. You have to schedule a weekly time to hear those calls. Sean, can you go to the agenda and look for recorded calls? This is a client of mine who’s given me permission to play these calls. This happens with every client every time. I have yet to have a client where we record the calls and this doesn’t happen. But once you install a call recording, you’re going to find you’re probably losing right there on that workflow, probably 80% of your business. If you have a physical business like a store, like a haircut chain, or a model home, or a restaurant, or a jewelry store, some kind of business where people walk in, you’ll find you’re usually losing 8 out of 10 customers if you’re not watching what the people are doing when they interact with customers. Okay, so Sean go ahead and play a call. Now at this point we had a problem with this particular business. It’s a basketball business, a great business today called and we had a situation where if you go to, okay, you kind of start to see a pattern here. Their first lesson is a dollar, okay and they charge a couple hundred dollars a month if you’re a member, but it’s the first lessons a dollar and the leads were coming In and Steve, what do you think? The problem was we had 15 to 20 leads coming in now We’re topping Google ads are working. No brainers there. What do you think? The problem was probably had a low energy human answer on the phone low energy human. That’s a problem Okay, that’s a problem. Can’t be low energy. Okay, so let’s go to the calls. Let’s just play one. This was the guy who was returning your call. So imagine that you’re a parent. You filled out the form, Greg, because you want your kid to learn basketball, okay? You filled out the form because you want your kid to play basketball, and you get the call from this guy. Let’s see how it goes. Hit play. Feeling the flow. Good ringage so far. Good ringage. Hello, this is Jonathan. Hello, may I speak to Bowdoin? Uh, this is his dad. Hey, uh, this is Daniel with Score Basketball. And I just gave you a call. We were wondering if your son, is it Bowdoin, still plays basketball? He’s going to on a school team. Oh, he’s going to go on a school team. Yeah, just to let you know, it’s great to hear. What school does he go to? Middle of the North. Pause. Now, context. At no point is he following the script at all. Let’s go to the next call. Also, he thought the kid was going to answer. There’s just a lot going on there. He’s probably five. Brandy? No energy. Hello. Hello, may I speak to Brandy? Speaking. Brandy, this is Daniel with Score Basketball. Just to give you a call, um, Kade has been in fall break camp and he’s offered a free week of group lessons. Oh yeah. If you’d like to get him signed up, we’re currently busy, but we can definitely get him signed up starting next Monday. If you want to take advantage of the week. Please take my money. Next Monday. Does that work? Next Monday. Well, I know he can’t do it every day to have football practice. Pause. Every single call he did, he never followed the script. So, Steve, I’m going to go ahead and do the script because I happen to have it up in my cranium. It’s not exactly right, but I wrote it, and it should be. We talked about it yesterday. It should be one page or less, report needs, benefits closed. So Steve, I’m going to call you because you filled out the form, okay? Right on. There you go. Hey, is this the father of Aubrey? Yes. Steve, what’s going on there, sir? How are you? I’m good. Hey, this is Clay with Score Basketball. I saw you filled out the form. Yep. And you’re looking to get your kid in basketball camp, is that correct? Yeah, he sucks at basketball. How did you hear about us? A friend of ours told us about you. Okay, and what position does he play? We’re just trying to find a position for him to play. And how familiar are you with Score Basketball and the way we do things? I’m not. Okay, well let me walk you through it. There’s three things we do that no one else does. One, we’re the highest rated, most reviewed basketball camp in Oklahoma. Two, we’ve helped to put, at this point, we have on the website, we track it, we’ve helped to put over 100 players in Division I, as far as earning a Division I scholarship, and we’ve put six players in the NBA. And then third is that we have a kind of a quality control guarantee where your first two weeks is a dollar, and if you’re not happy, you get the dollar back. And then after that, we have different packages to work with you and we have a scholarship available too for families in need. When’s a good time to schedule that, Monday or Tuesday? I guess Monday. Okay, we’ll get you set up. I’m going to email you testimonials of college coaches, college players, and NBA players endorsing the program just so you can see what we do. And I look forward to seeing you. Are you familiar with where we’re located? No. And it’s the script over and over and over. So I had to like, in this particular business, I started just calling leads myself just to show it’s so easy, but you have to have energy and you have to follow the script and you have to care. If you don’t give a crap, you have low energy, you don’t follow the script, it’s not gonna go well. And the guy’s going, I just feel like my approach is more who I am. Like, well, who you are is a problem. You are a problem. You have a personality disorder, and nobody likes you, and nobody wants to buy from you, and you need to go look in the mirror and do a redo. Stop it. And I’m not kidding this guy. I’m just keeping it real. Well, you’re keeping it real poor, stop. I’m being serious. This is what I have to do, and this is why most people who work for my clients don’t like me, okay? That’s why the owners of the business like me and their employees don’t. That’s why I refuse to work with employees of the businesses I work with, because the employees have a very different goal on on average than the owner. The owner wants to grow the business and the employee wants to do the least amount possible. That’s typically what’s happening. Okay, so you see the call recording how it’s important. And then Sean, we have a recorded call for elephant in the room. I think we may have a call as we can play. This is our haircut chain. And again, it’s not like my staff walks on water and your staff doesn’t, or my staff’s terrible and your staff’s great. We’ve got humans on the planet Earth, and we have to spot check those calls every single week. It’s just like pulling weeds in a garden. It never gets better, it will never stop, the morale will never improve, you just do it every single week, and as long as people live in suspended terror, and they know that they get a reward if they do a good job, and a punishment if they do a bad job, it’ll be fine. It’s the same thing with the highway. We’re never going to stop speeding. We’re all 45, 55, 35, 25, whatever. We’re all fascinated to see how fast over the limit we can go without getting a ticket. We all have our own theories. Some of us are like, oh, you go four miles over, you’re fine, unless you’re by the lake, because in Grand Lake, you’re one mile over, you’re getting a ticket, you know. And then they go, well, but I got a radar. Okay, you got a radar. Great. Some people think. But at the end of the day, if there wasn’t police that would pull you over Give you a ticket you would just drive as crazy as you want to do. That’s how it would go so even though even though the whole Sure, you know I pulled you over Circus here insurance even though the whole thing makes me crazy You and I know it would be complete Sodom and Gomorrah on the highways if there wasn’t somebody out there To enforce that thing by the way clay gets pulled over for going too slow. That has happened. They literally are you asleep? Like what why are you going 23 in a 50? That’s happened. Okay. So let’s go ahead and hit play on this call and let’s pull up the script too, Sean, so we can follow along with the script and the call. Go for it. That’s good Hey, this is Liz with elephant in the room and screaming mom and I’ve gotten your inquiry for a $1 haircut I was just reaching out to see if this was your first time in with us This is my first time. This will be my first time getting a haircut with you guys. Yes Awesome. How did you originally hear about us? I think I got a bad haircut or something and I just buzzed my head and then one of my buddies was like, just go to Elephant in the Room. It’s your first one in one dollar. And I was like, you know, hey. Yeah, awesome. Even if it’s chopped it up, at least it’s one dollar, you know. Yeah, exactly. Alright, well let me tell you a little bit about the Elephant in the Room haircut experience. So first off, all of our packages come with a beverage, a consultation, a tailored haircut, shampoo, and condition with a massage, as well as a hot towel, face moisturizer, and a style. And because it’s your first time in, yeah, you’re $600. And you get Kupree X-Grade atoms, which are the paraffin hand treatment and the essential oil scalp massage. And are there any additional services you’re looking for with that haircut such as a beard trim or a bra wax? No, I can’t grow a beard or my eyebrows are this big, but they’re okay, I keep them trimmed up. Pause, but this is reality, this is how it works. This is real talk, this is the stuff behind the stuff. And I’m telling you, I went in years ago, I won’t mention the name of the company, it’s a big, big corporation, and they hired me to come out there and fix their call center and this is what I do every single time. It’s the same every time I’m telling you all the secrets that’s what we do. I say okay what we need to do is we need to get all your all your call center reps in a room and we need to just hit play and we need to have the call script in front of us and I need every rep to be physically present and we’ll just hit play and listen to calls and every single time without exception they go ah I don’t know I don’t want to throw my people under the bus I’m like you’re not throwing them under the bus, you’re holding them accountable. I’m like, well, let’s do it. And then we play the calls and every time it is awful. Every single time nobody’s trying, there’s no energy, no one’s following the script, it’s terrible. And then I say, what we’re gonna do, moving forward, because I’m the consultant guy and you’ve hired me to help you fix your business, we’re just gonna put in merit-based pay. So carrots and sticks. So moving forward, if you follow the script and we catch you following the script, that is great and you’re gonna get a bonus However, if we cut if we catch you not following the script, we’re gonna lower your pay for the week to minimum wage So I know you just make 18 an hour and I you’re making like 725 So that will motivate you all week to live in suspended terror And then that way if you do a good job now for anybody who’s here in the room, you know You normally make 15 an hour if we catch you following the script You’re getting a bump to 18 an hour. But if we catch you not following the script, you’re going down to minimum wage and then the beatings will continue until morale improves. And that’s how it’s going to be over and over and over. And it works every single time. But every single time all the employees are, I don’t want to do this. Isn’t ethical. And so Shaw Holmes, we helped him and Steve, you’ve seen this. We’ve helped him grow from, you know, a $16 million a year business to well over a hundred million dollars a year in business. And the call recording absolutely changed the game. Now, you can do all the marketing, all the branding, all the websites, all that. But if you don’t have quality control in place, it’s not going to work, OK? They even do video recording now. So they have a lot of fun. Yeah, and the video recording is powerful because you get to watch what the people are actually saying when they interact with the customer face to face, which is even more disturbing. Oh, yeah. I have a good one. Go for it. They had a salesperson that was sitting at her desk. Real quick, Aaron shares this, so you’re not saying something about Shaw Homes that Aaron has not shared. Well, this is my own personal experience, and it’s a First Amendment, so sorry Aaron. I’m just saying they’re a very good company. I’m just kidding. He has shared this, and he’s showing it. She’s no longer around, but I don’t know, something was in her toe. So anyway, it was on the desk with her shoe off with her Fingers in her toes while the client was sitting across the table on camera like With her tongue out Yeah, it was it was awesome She also didn’t sell anything ever. No, there’s a difference. I’m just giving you, we were on the home builder topic. Yeah. We had a home, true story, we had a home, there’s so many examples, but we had a home builder we were working with and he put cameras, and again it was not a creepy thing, you put it up and it says for quality assurance and for safety we’ve got cameras. If you walk in the model home you know there’s cameras. Just like a quick trip or Walmart or I don’t know, you can see clearly there’s cameras up, like you know there’s cameras up, it’s not a weird thing. And so anyway, we notice that the sales rep all day is basically they’re doing the P90X thing, you know, but like in the home all day. So you know we’re like, so the owner of the business doesn’t know what they’re doing, so the owner’s like, man this lady is just getting jacked, you know, she is just getting jacked. And we’re like, she is getting jacked. And then we just, and all the clients are meet this live the sales rep she seems like really sweaty like profusely sweaty so this lady’s going to work dressing sharp but she’s like doing like lunges and she’s doing squats and doing you know all sorts of resistance bands all day not calling any leads at all ever not doing a single thing and then the knocks on the door for the Model Home Tour, and she’s just profusely sweaty every single time. And so you ask her, like, hey, we’re checking the cameras, we’re noticing you’re working out all day. Well, yeah, I mean, that’s how I get my workout in and I’m selling the houses. The problem is you’re not selling houses, you know? I’m just trying to help you because this part is so big, okay? I used to work with a pharmaceutical, this is like a naturopath version of like a pharmaceutical sales rep. So it’s like an apothecary business. And we put GPS on the cars to make sure that the guys were actually meeting with the doctors. And Steve, where do you think they went every single time? The bar. Yes. Yes. So we’re going, guys, there’s a sales guy in that business model. We generate leads, and then we have to send the sales rep to the doctor to meet the doctor. And so we tell the sales reps, guys, we’re going to be putting on GPS on your vehicles so that we can know, A, that you’re taking the most efficient route, and B, that we know where you’re going. And C, for insurance, we get a better deal if we do that. But you have to do it in the meeting. You have to bring it up in the meeting. So we have our first meeting. It’s downtown Tulsa. Have our first meeting. And the reps come in. And the owner, I said, guys, we got the GPS. And so today, I wanted to analyze where you guys have been driving so we can make sure that you guys are going to your route and everyone’s faces turned white and it was all like you know you can tell it was like really bad and so the owner at the time he says to me well guys let’s take a quick break here we’re workshopping today and I want to talk to clay and then we’ll come back and analyze that so I talked to you and he goes clay they all go to the strip clubs together, all of them, every single one of them. And they’re all married guys. And I’m like, oh, this could be an interview. He’s like, so I think we need to like tell them that we’re going to talk about it next week. But like, let’s kind of take it to the line, but not bring it up. Make them think that we’re going to bring it up, but we’re not bringing it up. And this should put the fear of God in them. And that way we don’t have to have that. So I’m going, okay guys, next week, start next week, we’re gonna look at it. They’re like, oh. You know? No, I’m not kidding. And so we- To be fair, Nitro’s has a good chicken sandwich at lunch. Get out of here. And so, stop it. So you have, and then the actual owner of the business, no, these are things we had to do. I’m just telling you real things we had to do. We gotta go, guys, for insurance purposes, we get a discount on the rate if you put GPS in your cars. And just moving forward, just so again because it’s a company car and maybe some of your spouses use it, we’re gonna email your spouse and you a daily recap of where the vehicle’s gone. And the guys are like, but we’re not gonna start last week, we’re just gonna do this week moving forward. We won’t do, and they’re like, oh my god, thank you. And every sales guy’s like, bro, I swear, please don’t tell my wife, please don’t tell my wife, please don’t tell my wife, sure. But it’s real. So if it’s on the phone, they’re not doing their job. If they’re in person, they’re not doing their job. If they’re driving around, not doing their job. And it’s because without accountability, you’re just not gonna be doing what you’re supposed to do. So if we look at this workflow, the stuff behind the stuff, go back to the tip-top workflow. And it happens even if people are like the owner of their own business, everybody needs some level of accountability. Okay? So in my office I don’t do walls. You probably noticed that theme. I don’t do walls. I like to keep even that office in the back there’s no actual wall. It’s just like a framed opening that appears to be a wall maybe. Anyway, less rumors, less gossip when there’s no walls. You know what I mean? So okay, so we move on to the next box. This is box number three. Okay? And this particular company. Then, so if someone goes to, then the call center calls them, and the call center is expected to call them over and over and over and over and over until they book the appointment. Once they book the appointment, it turns into a $1 first lesson. And I’m gonna bring up JT real quick here because he actually owns a TipTop, and that way he can talk about that. And then JT, we have a mic for you right up here. So if you, here we go. So once the $1 lesson is booked, what is the expectation of what you’re supposed to do? What I’m supposed to do is then I go out to the client and I meet with them and their dog, and I’m working with their dog, going through that, and selling it. Do you have your dog with you? I do have my dog with me. Can you go grab your dog? Yeah. Achilles, come. Okay. So is there various tricks you could do that would wow us? Yeah. Can we do like the camera thing where you could like see? Can you do something where you can see this on the camera for people watching it online? Because it really if I explain like the amazing Achilles moves around in a way that that probably won’t do it justice. Is there a way that you could like do it? Can you make him attack a Democrat? Can you do something where you can? Some guy just ran out the back door. OK, so Haley, just tell JT where he needs to be or move where you need to be. So over here. OK, so just show. The first lesson is $1. So he shows up with his dog, and he says, hey, I can teach your dog how to be well behaved. Let me show you. Go ahead, you do it. And so we don’t teach stays. We teach you do whatever I tell you until I tap you on the head and say break. Or I give you a new command. So, he was over there on place and then he just has to stay there until I say come. And then, so like there, sit, down, bang. He’s dead for the people in the back who can’t see. Backpack. The killings don’t eat my face. Okay. Oh, boy. But that’s some of the stuff. Yeah. And so the customer who has like white fang or Cujo, I have a Chihuahua. And their dogs, again, we talked about this yesterday, but it’s a serious thing, though. I have a chihuahua. And their dogs, again we talked about this yesterday, but it’s a serious thing though. Because people will get a dog, because they think it’s going to be a cute addition to the family, and then the dog pees on the couch, attacks a neighbor, bites their leg, eats their cat, and they’re like, okay, we’re going to put it down. We just had it for two weeks, it’s time to put it down. It’s been a good… You don’t put it down, you send it to a farm where it can run and play. How many of you men were raised on a farm? The men are like put it down. We’re doing right now. I’ll put it down right now And the women are sick of the guys like I’ve put down a lot of things. I’ll put down something right now Let’s go put it up. You know and so the women like you’re a sick a guy’s like no. I’ll put it down I’ll just choke it. I don’t know so I’m not kidding though So when you show up for the $1 in that kind of attention No It is and you show up to the $1 to and so we have metal briefcases and some people, like they don’t tell you in the notes that the dog’s aggressive. And they’re like, well, I just wanted to see what would happen when you walked in. So it’s good. So the first lesson is how much? One dollar. Okay. And so again, this is an example. It’s an example, but it also benefits him. If you look up, pull it up in the Google, type in Franklin, Tennessee dog training. So this is his business. It’s Franklin, Tennessee dog training. And you pull it up there. Okay, Franklin, Tennessee dog training. And so there you are, I think. Are you? Scroll down. Okay, right there. So if you guys look up on your phone real quick, you just take a second and type in Franklin, Tennessee dog training. If you can find it in Google. I know a lot of you are duck, duck goers, so am I, but let’s just pretend for a second we’re part of the deep state. So we’ll go to Google and we’ll type in Franklin dog training, Franklin dog training. If you find it, and what’ll happen is, today if you guys leave him a review on what you just saw, you’ll be entered in for a chance to win a TV. But I’m just showing you as an example. In this actual example, it benefits JT if you do that, because that’s how he gets reviews, is to show people demos and then he gets reviews. And then, but you guys also get a chance to win a TV if you do that. We’ll give that away today at 3 o’clock. We’ll give away the TV. I don’t know how big it is, but it’s a brand new CCP spy device you can put in your home that will record your conversations, aka a TV. Yeah, if you could leave a review right now, that’d be great. But that’s what he has to do at scale, though. You know what I’m saying? So the first lesson is the dollar. Now, by show of hands, if you had a dog and you showed up for the $1 lesson and he said, hey, I can teach your dog to do this versus your dog that’s rowdy, how many of you would at least say, yeah, I’d like to know about the prices at that point? Okay, so then as far as like the pricing goes, at that point you pull out your one sheet, right? Yep. Your sales sheet and explain how that works. Yeah, so how it works is our prices are anywhere from basically $700 to $5,000. $5,000 like if you want your dog to be exactly like mine. And then the other one is just like, I literally just need my dog to stop jumping on everyone, barking at everything, and come when called. Well, okay, let’s do it. Yeah, and so what happens is people, they want to move forward, and then you’ve got to find out the right pricing option or the right payment options. And that’s how it works, you know? But it’s hard to explain that over the phone, what you just saw. It’s more of a tacit thing that you have to see demonstrated and so that’s why you schedule the $1. Does that make sense to you? Okay, yes ma’am. Potty training? Yeah, we have a potty training book. It’s the one thing we can’t guarantee because I can’t move in with you and make sure you do it. Be a lot cooler if you’re out there today and you’re selling, and I’m just trying to give examples of people I’ve helped to do this. There was one company I worked with in Austin, Texas, and he was a dermatologist. He’s now sold the business, but there’s a lot of dermatologists and his whole thing was he really needed to get his sales up. So we got him to the top of Google. He really fought me on this, but I said, you’ve got to make your first medical visit, your first consultation a dollar. Now, Steve, at that point in Austin at the time, every dermatologist was charging a couple hundred bucks for the first consultation. And why do you think the guy didn’t want to charge a dollar for the first consultation? Probably thought it was going to cheapen his brand or probably thought people were just going to take advantage of it. And why do I want to charge a dollar and not do it free? And that perfect. Why would I in my world want to do that Steve? Why charge a dollar and not give it to him free? Yeah. I don’t know Clay, why charge a dollar and not give it to him free? Why? Keep going, we’ve all been on a cruise ship. You’re getting close. You’re heating up, you’re almost there. You’ve all been on a cruise ship. We’ve all been on a cruise ship. How does the cruise ship work? Come on. Love, both exciting and new. Come aboard, we’re expecting you. Your card’s on file. Hey, soon you’ll be having another margarita. Because once your card’s on file, it’s easier to say, you want to do this package or that package? Great, we’ll charge your card on file. Because if you have to get the credit card twice, people are like, ah, okay. So we charge a dollar, and then we say, okay. So they bring them in, and this is a guy I worked with in Austin for years and it was one of the most painful Relationships that I’ve had he’s a doctor and doctors are really difficult because they’ve been told that they’re really smart because they can memorize things But they usually can’t critically think So they usually can’t like You’re a doctor you get it, right? A lot of doctors are like well, I can’t seem to open this door. And you’re like, yeah, because it’s locked. Well, the protocol says, like, I don’t care what the protocol says, the door’s locked. Well, the protocol, you know, you’ve met these people though, right? You’ve seen this. So, I just want to be very clear. This doctor, I said, what we’re going to do is let’s bring in like a Panera bread, light kind of salad, fresh wraps, grilled chicken wraps, fresh fruit, and let’s have that in your lobby every day. So when someone pays a dollar for the first consultation, we say, hey, the doctor will get you in in 20 minutes, but while you’re filling out the paperwork, would you like to have fresh berries, fresh, it’s like a gourmet kind of a concierge breakfast, and it costs us about $300 a day. Now, why did that work, Steve? To offer fresh fruit, various things while you’re waiting, and it was a dollar. Because people weren’t annoyed by waiting for 20 minutes because it’s something to do. And people felt like man you’ve invested in me and then the lobby was super ghetto. The lobby felt like you were at the DMV, the bus station, you know I had pictures like cockeyed that said the word excellence on it you know that kind of crap. And so I had to really go through so we did and this is a real thing we ripped off all the, basically the wall just looked nasty and we basically got the corrugated metal, kind of like you’re going into a Chipotle, and then we put a hard chair rail above that, painted the walls so it looked clean, ripped out all the ceiling so it was exposed ceiling, put in, just so it looked like intentional, we got rid of the low ceiling tiles, painted the ceiling black so the ceiling disappeared, and then we put in music so it’s, you know, so you walk into the dermatology instead of being awkward, awkward, could you fill out the paperwork, ma’am? Have you ever been to a doctor’s office? Yeah, last time I went with my wife, we were having our last, or we have five kids, and the last time that my wife went in for her final appointment with the doctor, Dr. Thompson, a great guy, I just remember how awkward it was, how thankful I was I never had to go to that place again because he’s a great guy, but it’s like, sir, would you like a coffee? And I’m just living a life out loud. That’s how Steve is, too. So I go, yeah, I’d like a coffee if you’re like somebody’s talking. You know, there’s that weird. You know, I’m talking about that tension. So we played music in the background sites, sounds, smells, sat down with the doctor and said, doctor, you’ve got to be intentional about the sites, sounds, smells. He said, I’m a dermatologist. I’m not like, I know it needs to feel like a sushi bar. It needs to have a cool atmosphere. And if you have a nice atmosphere, people won’t view the transaction as difficult. So then the people come in and we say, Hi, are you Miss Smith? Yeah, great to see you. Well, I’m going to have you and your daughter. We’re going to the doctor’s going to see in about 20 minutes here. You can help yourself to a light concierge breakfast if you’d like there. And would you guys like a coffee while you’re waiting? Yeah, let’s get a coffee. Boom. So you feel like you’re in Panera Bread. It doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office. And we say, the doctor will bring you back in just a moment, and we’re super excited to see you. And then you sit down with the patient, you go over the stuff, you say, okay, well, here’s the situation, here’s what’s going on to clear up that acne, to fix this, whatever. We would recommend more of a holistic, we kind of call more of an organic approach, and we recommend A, B, C, 1, 2, 3, as opposed to these pharmaceutical treatments. Are you open to that? Are you open to it? Okay, great. Well, we’re gonna take you up front and find out the financing plan that works for you. Some people like to pay up front, some people like to make payments, but let’s set that up. Which package do you wanna go with? We never ask, do you wanna move forward? Are you wanting to pay us? We just say which package, and then we go, now did you wanna do care credit, like a payment plan, or did you wanna pay up front today? And the sales just skyrocketed, but we couldn’t fix the atmosphere. Nothing would work until we could do that one dollar. But before it was like $299 for your first consult. Now JT, why would you not want to pay $299 to go to a dermatologist for the first time? Because I don’t know what I’m actually getting and I don’t want to spend that money. First of all, if you go to the dermatologist for the first time, you have to book it now for like 2025. And so by the time you do go you’re like What am I paying for what was wrong with my face? My face already peeled off and the year it took now Does anybody ever try to go to the dermatologist like it’s a thing. I think we need more of them. I Could be your dermatologist. Oh Can you move in? JT with the dog training. Yes. I have it’s a male companionship program Dermatology where we move in with you, we get to know you, live with you, snuggle with you. You’re up in dermatology looking nice. Okay, so what we do is we have a workflow and everybody, I just want to make sure because I don’t want to move on until everybody has the workflow, so we go back to the workflow. Now what happens is, how many people tried to leave a review but you couldn’t figure out how to do it. Show hands. One, two, okay. So you couldn’t figure it out? Did you ultimately figure it out? Did everybody figure out how to find his map? Because you got to type in Franklin dog training. Anybody like I couldn’t figure it out? I just want to know. Okay, but you found it? Okay, because what happens is is the customer will say I’m gonna leave you a review But they won’t why? Because they’re gonna get stuck on one spot or they’re gonna type it in and it’s gonna take more than three seconds to load and They’re gonna be like, yeah So you have to go? Hey if you leave a review today Then you’re entered in for a chance to win a thing Do you know how to do it and two out of three people go? I don’t I don’t know how to do it and you have to guide them through that process. And what will happen is, I’m telling you, I love everybody here, but a lot of people will put up a QR code that says, leave us a review for a chance to win. And then no one will do it. Why? Because nobody wants to do it. So you have to, at the end of the day, interact with a human about this. Okay, yes ma’am. So a comment that we come up against is people in our community are patriots. And so a lot of them will say, I’m not logged into Google, do you sit and literally wait like 5 minutes? Oh yeah. Every time. Oh, it’s good. It’s like, and I’ll sit there, because after we train their dogs, that’s when I also get a ton of Google reviews. And it’s like, because I did a great job, I need you to tell other people that I did a great job. Now, if we’re online right now, if you’re online, because we’ve got about 10,000 people watching online right now, so if you leave a review online right now. What I want you to do is if you left a review and you want a chance to win the flat-screen TV because you’re online, you just type in TipTopK9… Franklin TN TipTopK9. You leave a review and then just text me so that way we know that you did it. So I’ll give you out my secret cell phone number. It’s my cell phone. Just text 9188510102. And then that way we know you did it and you’ll be entered in for a chance. We can ship it to you too. Because if you can ship your pants, we can ship your TV. Okay, we’ll continue. A little Target reference there, huh? We’ll sit there, I’ll sit there after and I’ll be like, yeah, it helps us out a lot and it helps other great people like you find us so we can help them with their dog training issues also. If you have your phone on you right now I can walk you through how to leave a Google review and then I sit there. But I’m just trying to make sure you’re getting this idea because I care about you guys a lot I want to help you. The reason why I’m obsessing on this is I see so many business owners that for whatever reason this part of the workflow, the idea of creating a no-brainer, they’re just stuck and then the idea of actually calling the leads until they convert doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. So when we first started the first Reawaken tour, the first event we did, JT worked for Score Basketball. So those calls I played from the basketball place, he worked there after that guy that I played those calls. JT got hired about five years later to work there. And so I… Was JT Daniel and he changed his name to JT once he got more energy? No, no. But so JT said to me, he goes, hey man, could I come work for you guys in the morning before my score basketball shift? So I work at score, you know, from three o’clock every day until like eight o’clock at night. Can I work for you in the mornings? And so we talked to the owner of the business and he was totally cool with it. And so JT started working here from seven to three. This is what’s wild. I want to help somebody out there. When we I would tell people on shows and podcasts, I went on One America. I said this. I said this on Newsmax. Every interview I did, I said, hey, if you want to request tickets to join us at the reawakened or the time is called the Health and Freedom Conference in Tulsa. Just go to time to free America dot com or you can text me to request tickets at nine one eight eight five one zero one zero two. And yes, we had a ram of fifty five hundred people that showed up. And yes, we had seven million people that watched. But what people don’t know is those first 1,000 tickets, I sold them all myself while also doing what I already do. Because I just call people and I go, hey, you can name your price, we’re super excited to have you, I’m on the phone. And then JT joined the team, and he probably sold 3,000 of the next 5,000. And he would typically sell 10 leads, 10 tickets for every one ticket that someone else sold. So he was usually 10 to one. And we have these weird ass beta personalities that our society has created. I call them snowflakes. I call them weak ass. That’s usually what I call them. If I wasn’t doing the show that was streaming live, I would call them weak ass. Okay, wait. I’ll say it to their face though. So what I have, can you get my megaphone in my office here? So like in my office, if people whisper on the phone, I’ll get out my megaphone, because I think it’s a subtle tool. You know, and I use my megaphone to coach the sales team. Because if you’re a weak individual, like if you on the phone don’t inspire confidence, it comes across and then no one wants to buy from you, because they feel like there’s something wrong with your product or you. Now what is kind of crazy, this is how I would do sales training. So let’s pretend JT’s on the phone. I actually do this. If you’re in the office for any period of time, you’ll see me use this. Okay, ready? Let’s pretend that you’re calling somebody with low energy about a Reawaken America tour ticket. Okay, ready? You’re on the phone with Steve, okay? Okay. You’re calling Steve because he requests a ticket, but you’re a low energy guy and I can’t hear you. Ready? Hello. Is this Steve? Yeah, that’s me. We can’t hear you on the phone. Here, we’ve got a process here. Do you know who’s attending? Now you’re on the phone with a guy who’s being yelled at by someone with a megaphone. And I do it all the time. Keep going. Do you know who is speaking at the tour? What will happen is someone will get really good at sales or they’ll leave within about 10 minutes because I’m not going to put up with the jackassery. I just don’t deal with the bullshit of like, I just am more of a beta person. Fix your life, change your life, go drink a Red Bull, tase yourself, lick a nine volt battery, attach car jumpers to your nipples, whatever you have to do, just get motivated, man. And so I only put up with- That’s actually effective. But all I know is that Carter, you’ve sold tickets, you did great, but there are certain people that will say, I’m going to go to my car real quick, and they never come back. And that’s cool, because if you’re going to get poor, you can hear your company getting poor. If people are quiet and introverted on the phone, it’s not going to work. We had a lady that went to go let her dog out at home, and then she never came back. So if you see a lady roaming around looking for her dog… Because people don’t want to buy from that. So you’ve got to crank that up. Okay, back to the workflow. So we move in. So you do the $1 lesson, JT, then you step five, you go over with them the package and the one sheet. And what kind of gross sales do you do in a week right now, approximately, with your tip-top canine location in Tennessee? Right now we’re consistently doing about 10,000 a week of actual income. Okay, and then so how does that? How does income work versus gross sales? How does that work? Well sales Typically, we’re booking the boot camps and training out a couple weeks because we’re booked out So we’re selling it then but we don’t actually receive the money until we train the dog So what are your gross sales? sales Sales, like two weeks ago, I did $33,000 in a week. And then I’m doing like between $15,000 and $25,000. But then the money coming in right now is $10,000? Yeah, consistently. How long have you been open? Just under a year. Okay, so what will happen is over time, the amount of sales will go up a lot because the money will start coming in. It’s a process with that. How long does it take to train someone’s dog in your business? We fix 95% of issues in 2-4 weeks. The Wimpy’s owners, the guys who founded the company, I’m a partner so I helped them scale it to help them grow up from the one location to the many locations. But the folks who founded it, they do a very good job teaching people how to become dog trainers. How long did it take them to teach you to become a dog trainer? Six weeks. Six weeks. So in six weeks, you’re learning how to run a business that can do as much as you want. The top guy in Southlake right now, I don’t want to exaggerate, but I think he’s doing about $140,000 to $150,000 a month of sales, training dogs. And he takes six weeks of training, you know? So that’s the whole workflow here. And then you move on, step number six, it says you gotta do the weekly group interview. We talked about it yesterday, but why do you, Steve, whether it’s the mortgage business or the dog training business or home remodeling or landscaping or a church or a retail store, why does everybody have to do the interviews every week? A lot of reasons. One of them is you always have fresh talent coming in. It sends a really good message to everybody that’s on the team to let them know they’re replaceable if they don’t do their job. It makes it where you’re never dependent on someone. Employees get proud and they think, if I wasn’t here, this place wouldn’t run. How many people did you have at the group interview? There was like 60 people on Wednesday night. I think we said the total, because I think Haley was counting, we had a total of 39 that showed up last Wednesday. Yeah, so it just gives you options. You’ve always got people that are in maybe the pipeline or shadowing and coming in. When they come in and shadow, it does cause the people that are there to step up their game because they know you’re not just dependent on them and you have more people that can come in and replace them. Now speaking of pride, good segue right there. What’s that? Speaking of pride. So about two years ago, I’m just trying to help you. We had a videographer who had been here a long time, years, trying to speak vague so I don’t get sued here we go and this person how they show up to work one day this is a married woman okay and I know both the husband wife whatever person shows up with kind of a rainbow theme apparel but not like the rainbow of the Bible you know and another another videographer who’s also married they both one of them went to or you know one didn’t so these two married women show up and they’re kind of holding hands I’m like, interesting bonding going on. Maybe it’s a new video strategy. I don’t know. And then I noticed that one of the videographers starts like kind of wearing weird CCP themed apparel, but on their arm because it’s tattooed. So they’re coming to work with a sleeveless thing, the pro Marxist like I’m going wait a minute so I have a you know I have a motivational pep talk I’m like so what is going on here and they go well we’ve left our husbands for each other and we reject capitalism and we’ve decided that we’re gonna march with you know and I’m going okay this is like right pre kovat I’m going what so again I’m just trying to edit videos, okay? So I call one of my clients and I go, hey, did you notice anything weird about the last video shoot? And they go, yeah, the young lady has like shaved her head and has a tattoo on her arm that’s like very pro, Marxism with a little Satan pentagram thing going on. And it was really, really weird. And I go, why did you tell me to go? I don’t wanna get her fired. I’m like, no, no, no, I’ll get her fired. You’re just you don’t have you don’t need to do that. So I rounded the two people up and I said, hey, I don’t promote Satan or Marxism or whatever the hell you’re doing. So you’re gone, you know, because I can’t if you as a customer wouldn’t want that at your video shoot. And here a customer had to deal with this. You know, I mean, and the customer is like, hey, I had one video. I want to have one videographer come to my shoot. I got two ladies holding hands, wearing Marxist, pro-Marxism things with a little side of Satan, and it’s weird. Yeah. And Steve, if I sent those video people to your closings, how would that go over? It wouldn’t. Plus, I only believe in gay marriage if both chicks are hot, so it would have to be like… That’s your first official rebuke. Okay. So, I just want to be clear, like, you have to do the group interview. Again, I told you yesterday, our top salesperson I’ve ever had at one of my businesses calls me from Hawaii and said, hey, I just want you to know, I don’t want you to be in a bad spot, so I’m telling you, I moved to Hawaii with my new man friend. I’m going, aren’t you supposed to work tomorrow? Yeah. So you finished your shift on Friday, got married, moved to Hawaii, yeah. Yeah, wow, I got a baby on the way. Okay, and that happens, and you as an owner are always the last person to know, so you have to, just like you need leads for your business, you need leads for people you’re gonna hire, otherwise you get stuck, you gotta have quality leads. Yes, Mr. Dana. Question for you, how did you avoid litigation from the videographer? Oh yeah, there’s a lot of stuff, it’s a great question. We’re an at-will state in Oklahoma. We can fire for everything. Well, I mean, the thing is, just so you get it, though, okay, these people work really great on our team, and then all of a sudden, they, you know, you come to work, one of them has a shaved head, one’s got the thing going on, and then they start arguing with everybody about everything, because that’s the personality type. So it’s just like, well, oh, really, so you’re going to make me do this now, because Marxists don’t do the whole org chart thing. And then it became being late, then it became looking like disheveled. I mean I go on and on all the things. So there’s a lot of stuff. So I just say it’s not working out. That’s what I do. He didn’t say, hey you’re a Marxist, get out of here. He just… I’m just telling you the story so you know. But that’s what I say. It’s not working out. I say that for everybody I fire I don’t really get into why because if you don’t know I’m not gonna spend my day getting into it with you I just say it’s not working out. That’s my motivational phrase. I’m not happy. You’re not happy. Let’s get happy Today’s your last day That’s also Steve’s pickup line. Yeah He’s popular at the gay bars, okay Ha ha! Hey, hey, hey, check it, your first rebuke. Stop it. All right, let’s keep going. Okay, so let’s look at a different workflow. So again, I’m just trying to be very clear, though. This is what a workflow looks like. It shouldn’t be complicated. If you can’t explain your entire business model on one sheet of paper, it’s not going to work for you, okay? Here’s our business model. This is a haircut chain. You’ll notice, Greg, here we go, and red is what the local franchisee needs to do. What does he have to do? Reviews. Yes! Now, we talked about this yesterday, but who built these tables, Greg? Okay, so all these tables, this is Greg, and Greg builds tables. And one of my goals I have is to buy as many random tables as possible. You know, and so I’m always like, you know, I have Andrew go online, he’ll go, dude, this table, like this table you guys are sitting right here, I really like this one. But we’re always finding random tables, and I just, I think it’s something awesome. I like wood, actual wood, real tables, a little personality. And Greg works with people that say, we want you to remodel our whole house. But a lot of times they want to have like a custom dining table or a custom whatever. So Greg and his wife and his team, they build these tables, you know. And so but nobody’s going to find you, Greg, unless you have the most. Yes, the most reviews and because is it is a general rule, nobody wakes up with a burning desire to pay you. You have to ask people to leave you a… Right, which is why I told Greg, I said, hey, if anybody leaves a review on your tables during the weekend, we can give away a TV as a chance to kind of help you out there. But it’s gotta be like a psychological problem that you have, and it can only be solved by more Google reviews, it has to happen. But you can’t just get Google reviews, right? You also have to, Greg, what else has to happen for the local guy in red? Oh, nope, not on this one. Straight signs. So if you own a haircut business, you gotta put the $1 street signs out every day. You know why you have to put out a $1 street sign every day? The one, wait, you only put a sign every day. You know why you have to put out a sign every day, Steve, that says $1 haircuts every day? So people will see it. People will see it. Also, if you put one out, it’ll probably get run over, mowed down, or something happens. Yeah, so we got to put those campaign signs out every single day. There’s not a day you can skip, it’s just every day. And I think a lot of times people don’t want to do every day. They want to do it when they feel like it, which is not often, so that’s the problem. Okay, then we do Valpak mailers in blue, we do search engine optimization, we do Facebook ads, we call previous customers, we do retargeting. Then all the leads, they flow into, the next step is that all the leads, everyone who fills out the form, they all end up, all the traffic, the web traffic, it all goes to a landing page, and on that landing page, we have the no-brainer offer. And then, JT, step one, what do we do? Pre-written email. Yeah. And pre-written text. There it is, and then step two. Inbound sales script. Yeah. And recorded calls. Yeah, and then next. Booking. Yeah, and today, at about 10 or 11, you’ll see some of the call center folks showing up today. And they’re, they’re really nice people right now. But we had someone the other day that wasn’t very nice. And so I fired them. Because I like nice people. Because I’m not going to spend my day figuring out what is wrong with you that causes you to not be nice. You know, so if you’re someone who sounds like you hate people on the phone, then we need to have I and this is my philosophy to management, you can have your own. My philosophy is I state the obvious, hey, sounds like you hate people, what’s going on? Right? And they go, I’m going through something they’re going through, you know, I’m getting a got a regrettable tattoo, slept with somebody I just met, doing drugs, quit doing drugs, got high, not high anymore, I moved here from Michigan, I got locked out of my car, got in a car accident, the wind, the wind, it’s a windy day, I don’t like a wind overcast, the wind, I don’t like it, what’s over, these are all things I’ve heard, I don’t like it when it’s overcast, I don’t like that, the clouds seem a little strange today, I don’t know, I wish I was at the lake. I don’t do well after holidays I don’t we would do all before holidays. I’m not a really a Extroverted person I have anxiety I have anxiety and all that I go no matter what the answer is Great. I need you to sound enthusiastic on the phone If they don’t then I say some motivation like you’re fired And then it’s that’s the process because if you don’t why would you pay someone who can’t do a good job? What is that all about? So let’s get into sports for a second. Steve, JT, let’s talk about this. Steve, if you were going to shoot free throws today, what percentage would you hit right now if you had to? Cold turkey shooting free throws. Somewhere between zero and ten percent, probably. Okay. And JT, cold turkey, what would you hit in free throws, probably? Right now, at least 75%. Prove it. Well, we’ll do it later. But no, but JT played college basketball, and that’s kind of his thing. Now, the thing is, if you are trying to grow a successful basketball team, you wouldn’t let somebody be on your team just because you knew them or you made a poor decision to hire them at one point. You would say, you only get to play if you’re good. But for some reason in business, we’re like, this person’s terrible, but I know them through church, so I’m going to let them play on my team. It’s weird. So in business, you have to run it just like you’re running a sports team. You just cannot have people on your team that can’t perform. And so I’ve had people on our team that are 70 years old with no sales experience at all that have come in and dominated. I’ve also had people that are 70 years old that are like, I just don’t do phones or computers. No, seriously. I’ve had people that are 20 years old that do a great job. People that are 20 years old do a bad job. So you’ve got to have, you’ve just got to get them on the phone or get them doing their job and if they can’t do it, you’ve got to move on. Now JT, you have to train people to train dogs. Yes. How quickly can you tell at the group interview if someone’s a good fit or not? At the group interview, within like 10 minutes and then we schedule a shadow day. Okay. So are we feeling good right now about the workflows? Anybody feeling like I don’t, because this is what you’re trying to build. This is the end game. Can I add something about fire people? Yeah, go for it. I use that analogy all the time. If you guys are watching football and the quarterback or let’s say the running back is dropping the ball, what happens? Everyone in the stands is screaming at the coach, take him out, get him out of the game, get him out of the game, get him out of the game. All the players are saying, get the guy out of the game, he keeps dropping the dang ball, we’re going to lose, right? But like Clay said, in business, that’s not necessarily… You’re letting a player run to the one yard line and drop the ball, and then it’s okay. What happens is all the players lose confidence in the coach, all of the fans lose confidence in the coach, and you wake up one day and realize no one believes in your business anymore because you’ve let all these crappy players on your team drop balls, and they don’t trust you anymore. We had, at the Reawaken tour, we have a really good lineup of speakers now. Really good. I think they’re all doing a great job. But we had one guy a couple of events in who every time you speak of the tour, you have a speaking slot. So your slots are like 115 to 130. The next guy is 145 to 2. Next guy is 2. Everyone’s got a time slot. My whole thing is you’re an adult. I don’t have this conversation, but I have had to have it, but I don’t have it often. But there’s one guy, he’s a great doctor, I guess, and he’s like, so are you gonna pick me up from the airport? And I go, no, but you’ll speak at 2.15 and then you go till 2.30. He’s like, so where would I stay? I go, no, but you’re gonna speak from 2.15 to 2.30. And he’s, is there any way you could send, no, but 2.15 to 2.30. Could you send me like tips on the best way? No. But you’re speaking from this is like the ivermectin guy he’s like breaking the news that ivermectin will treat you if you have COVID and hydroxychloroquine and this kind of thing but he just couldn’t grasp the idea that he needed to get his grown body his own body to the airport and then from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the stage and from the stage and so guy calls me true story calls me and says I I don’t know where to get a car Where are you bro town? I’m at the airport. Okay, we’re gonna have to get one. Could you get me a car? No True story. So dude gets to the event and Aaron Antus pulls me aside. He goes dude. You’re not gonna believe this I go what he was dude just got his car towed. I go, what? He’s like, he says he couldn’t find a parking spot, so he just parked. We do not parking and they just towed him out of here. So then the dude calls me after his speech is like, you’re going to have to get my rental car out of the it got towed and I need to get. I go, no, because that kind of person cannot function in the world. And if I had even two speakers like that on our lineup it wouldn’t work and to this day the guy hates me you know and he’s like I’ve never been treated more poorly I’m like I don’t know what you are but you are not a resourceful person you cannot you’re like the MacGruber there’s like MacGyver and there’s MacGruber MacGruber is like the reverse of MacGyver and now you’re out of here bro bro town and this day he is pissed and he’s told a lot of people and the people he’s told are like, this guy is mildly retarded, I can’t believe he’s a doctor. But he’s a doctor. How many of you have met people like this? They’re like really good at the doctor thing but they can’t do life? Or they’re really good at like classical music but they can’t do conversations? Or they’re really good at coding but they can’t wear pants? I don’t know, you just have to like, so you have to decide in your business the level of dysfunction that you’re gonna allow. Otherwise it gets crazy. Now other things I wanted to cover here before we take our first break here. Somewhere on page zero, we need to write this down. We’ve got to have a to-do list. I know we talked about it yesterday, but I’m gonna hammer it, because if you leave here and you don’t use a to-do list every day, you’re going to drift. You’re going to drift, it’s gonna happen. And is Devin here? Haley, is Devin around here? Is she here, is she nearby? No, okay. So the way it works is that you You’re gonna have things that will come up Like so today. I got a message from somebody. I’m supposed to be booking a dinner tomorrow night at a particular restaurant Well, I’m not gonna remember that there is Devin. I need you The blue stone who went there last night, did you guys go there was it good? Was the owner there? Yeah, blue stones a good one. Okay, so eight o’clock I need you to make reservations at the Blue Stone for Cash and then I need you to call Vanessa to figure out who all is going. That’d be Saturday night. Yeah, and again we’ll keep it private, but Cash Patel and us will be at the Blue Stone. Okay, so I just talked to him and he’s like, yeah let’s do it. But I’m not going to remember that. So I put it on my to. Yeah. So this morning, you know, four in the morning, I’m looking at my getting caught up on my day. And Laura Logan sent me a text because she has a new documentary coming out. And I’m not going to remember that Laura Logan text me. So I’m right right down on my to. Yeah. Awesome. And then Sam Sorbo member Hercules that show Hercules. She sent me a text today saying that she wants to have a table at our California event. And I’m not going to remember that because I’m going over just three items on my to-do list. This is all previous to 6 a.m. Okay? Then we have Zenodi. That’s our CRM for our haircut business. And a card did not go through or expired, so I have to apply a new card today. But we’re also doing a conference today, right? So it has to happen. Then you have Jeremiah, the book of Jeremiah. Who’s ever listened to the book of Jeremiah? Anyway, all these like really deep theologian people that are in my life right now, they’re all like, bro, you’ve got to read Jeremiah tonight. And I’m going, it’s kind of a longer, longer one. So I got to block out time. I got to sleep too, so Jeremiah is on my list right now. Then I got to paint the dead trees. We got these dead trees and I noticed yesterday when we drove in my white van, some of you might have noticed that the tree hit the top of the van while we were driving. I’m going, I think that’s a dead tree. So I need to spray paint the dead trees so they can get rid of the dead tree. Then I got to meet this guy named Jaron at 11 and then I got to get the signs from a company that I ordered. I order signs from this company called Frederick’s. Anyway, they make like wood signs. I need to get those signs delivered here. Anyway, I’ve got a list on my list today. I think I have 41 items on my list today to do, none of which I am going to remember because it’s all on my list. And if you leave here today and you’re trying to remember, that’s a bad deal. Also, I wanna tell you, your smartphone, according to Nielsen, how many hours for a chance to win a copy of the home game does the average person spend per day consuming media on their smartphone Eleven point three yes pull it up because someone watched online won’t believe it the average person spends eleven point three hours per day On their smartphone reacting to stuff, so these are just rules. I have for my life I’m not saying you should read this way. This is what I do. I do not acknowledge emails from people I don’t know you might want to but I don’t. If you email me, it’s like we didn’t communicate. Because I’m not going to check it during the day. And the longer it is, the less time I’ll spend on it. Try again, I do not use emails. And the longer the email you send, the less time I’ll spend on it. So if it’s like 10 paragraphs, it’s like one second. If it’s two lines, I’ll give you maybe two seconds. But the more it is, the less it is. Delete, delete. Because I’m not going to have my day defined by passive aggressive people that send long emails. And that’s how those people are. They’re killed keyboard warriors, you know. And they just do that. And so it’s a guy who got a haircut, he wasn’t happy. Rather than being a normal adult and calling and saying, hey, I had a problem with my haircut, could I get a refund? Or could I, I want to work it out. Or I’m not happy. Or telling the front desk people when he was there, or telling the stylist, the kind of guy that goes home and goes, I’m gonna write an email. That kind of guy is just not worth my day or my time. Okay, so you gotta make that to-do list. The next thing you have to do is you have to have a calendar. Right, you gotta have a calendar. And if you don’t have a calendar, that’s gonna be tough, because the calendar is how you design your life. And so designing your life is a very, very important thing. So you need to put dates with your wife, dates with your husband, call your mom, go work out. Everything needs to be intentional because if not, you’re gonna just drift. And drifting is how you end up at a bad spot. No one intentionally says, I wanna live in a van down by the river. That’s a goal I have. Let’s start smoking pot. Here we go. And then they, it’s usually, it’s just a drifting over time. Usually no one wants to say, I want to be in my late 40s and have no money ever for anything. That just happens over drifting. No one says, I really want to have a crazy relationship with my wife that ends in divorce. It’s just over time it drifts. So you got to be intentional to schedule that stuff. So you got to have a calendar and a to-do list. Other stuff, and I’m just trying to help you, and then we’ll take our break here. You gotta block out time every day to schedule your day. So like today, I blocked out time to schedule my day before you guys were here, and that’s how I organize my day. And there’s just things that need to be organized every single day, and I recommend you take an hour a day. So today, I took two hours, I was studying Saudi Arabia and BRICS, because I really, I think Saudi Arabia will become increasingly a vocal leader of the BRICS nation, so I just want to study that today. And that has nothing to do with this conference, but I’m just doing that because that’s what I want to get into. But then also I had to organize my day, so that’s what happens. You had a question, sir? Yeah, no, this is crazy. Don’t be negative. It’s a really controversial theory that I’ve developed over time about these interesting patterns. Two out of three people don’t do what they say they’re gonna do. In every situation. So what I do is I schedule my day with no breaks, betting against humanity, and then when people drop the ball, which they always do, I have time to work on my to-do list. So if somebody says, I really wanna meet you at 12 o’clock, I’ll schedule it, knowing that two out of three won’t show up. And I’m not curious as to why, I just move on. So that’s kinda how I do it. So I schedule back to back. On my end, I’ll be there, but two out of three people aren’t. It’s always that way. It’s like, someone’s like, with the Reawakened tour, it’s gone increasingly crazy, but people will call me and go, I’m a doctor from California and I really want to meet you to go over this about remdesivir. I go, great, let’s book a time, Monday at one o’clock. And I’ll put it in my calendar and I’ll call them and it goes to voicemail, I’ll call them again, voicemail, send them a text, voicemail, don’t get a call, call, call, call. And then I realized this person didn’t write it down because nobody uses a calendar or a to-do list anymore. Nobody. I don’t know if they ever did, but people just don’t. And then they just, then they say, I forgot. Actually, what you do is you text and say, text went free while you’re calling. I do. Text went free and you’re going, like, oh, God, click. Yeah, what I do is every day I make a list of all the things that I need to do. So as an example, like listening to reading the book of Jeremiah, how I read books is I don’t know that it’s it would frustrate most people because I read it with a pen and a highlighter and I won’t move on to the next line until I understand the first line. So it might take me 12 hours to read Jeremiah. And I read and I read. I’m pissed. That’s how I read. So I sit up, I’m not laying down. I sit up with a highlighter, and I’m sitting and I read out loud. And I get like kind of violent on how I read, because if I don’t understand it, I won’t move on. So I’m reading it and I’ll read it. And I’m going, like in the Bible, as an example of Proverbs, it’ll say, God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slackered. How I would read it is I get the Bible and I’m go God blesses the hand of the diligent and punishes the slackered and I pause and I’m like he punishes the slacker that’s awesome God and so if you read my Bible if you see my Bible almost every word is highlighted because that’s how I do it oh man so I’m always getting some profound nuggets and I won’t move on until I get it. That’s how I am with business books too. I always write in the margins, I’m circling and highlighting, but I have a very intense way that I try to do it. So if I block out time to read a book in my calendar, it’ll be like from 12 to eight, read a book. Or if I’m writing a book, I’ll block out from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., write a book. You know, JT just finished his book we’re working on. His book number one. He just finished it yesterday. Yep. And so he I was the final one to prove his book. And so I read that thing and you saw my highlights in there. Yep. And sometimes I’ll like I’ll write something and then I’ll read it again. And I disagree with myself the second time because I’m just so aggressive in the way that I edit. So he wrote some things that I thought made sense. But I’m like, I don’t know what you meant by that. I’m going to read it again. And anyway, that’s kind of how I do it. I just like to have a highlighter. All the time I just keep my to-do list going on, my calendar, and I love to take notes. And then it doesn’t bother me that I’ve missed like a thousand text messages this morning so far. Or it doesn’t bother me that I’ve missed like 55 calls or 72 emails, I don’t care, you know. And then every morning I get to work, I block out my day, and then I get my inbox down to zero. So if there’s like a bill that I need to pay or something I get I get I get my inbox down to zero every morning and then I move on that’s how I do it. Is that helpful? Okay yeah. Okay and then other stuff email management we talked about that. Other thing just pro tips to help you don’t be late or people will hate you. I don’t say that enough. But they won’t tell you that. No, it just normally just makes them mad. They usually are mad. They won’t say anything, but they’re mad. So you don’t want to be late because people will hate you. If you are late, we all make we all have times where something goes over or a meeting went late, then we just want to acknowledge, hey I apologize for keeping you waiting. I’ll be there in just a second. But you don’t want to be late. Another pro tip, you really want to over deliver. So whatever you promise a customer, you want to over deliver. So with restaurants, I used to work with an Outback Steakhouse back in the day. This is my final note and then we’ll break here at 830. But I used to work with an Outback. And if you go to Outback and Steve if you walk into Outback and they say you say how long’s the wait? What’s the maximum amount of time they could say before you go somewhere else? Outback. Steakhouse. I wouldn’t go to Outback but if I did probably about 15 about 25 minutes. JT, if you went to Outback and you said… Who goes to Outback? I love Outback. You’re a jerk. There’s no hands raised. I am apparently the only one who goes to Outback. Anyone online… You know it’s kangaroo meat. I don’t like people like you. That’s why I go to Outback. Okay, so if you went to Outback to get seated, how long is the maximum wait time that you, they could say before you would leave? Probably 20. Okay. So there’s the Outback. They hired me to help them. This is back in my DJ days. They hired me to help optimize this Outback to the local owner. And the way Outback works is they call it a managing partner. So the company’s corporate, the stores are corporate owned, but each local store, the guy can pay approximately $20,000 to be the managing partner. And that means that he’s like a manager on steroids and he gets a percentage of the profit plus his salary. And so he knew what I did, because I DJed for his store and he said, “‘Could you help me fix my Outback?’ And I go, oh yeah, super, super easy. I’ve worked a lot of restaurants. It’ll be very easy to fix. So I said, let me just meet you up at your restaurant and we’ll fix it. So we go into his restaurant and the big issue is they go, and I’ll role play, okay? Welcome to Outback, how are you, sir? I’m great. How many people do you want to have in your party tonight? How many people? Four. Four? Okay, the wait time is about 20 minutes. Apologize, we’re really busy tonight, but we’ll get you in in 20 minutes. Well, about half the people would leave. So I said, what we need to do is tell people, here we go. Sir, the wait time right now is about 15 to 20 minutes, but because we have a wait time, we don’t want anyone to wait, I can get you a free beverage a free adult beverage or a free bloomin onion or any kind of appetizer you want while you’re waiting is there a certain appetizer you want there sir oh yeah just vodka great but but the thing is is it when you offer somebody a free beverage or a free appetizer they usually don’t leave and they feel appreciative of the situation then you go and hey by the way just so you know today if you do leave us a Google review You’re entered in for a chance to win a free steak for a year You know, so people are like, okay, so they now they feel like Wow, I’m not really waiting I’m getting an appetizer and I have a chance to win something and then you just get them in, you know but people were blown away that wow, I get a free appetizer or a free beverage and I get a chance to win a thing and it really fixed the whole culture very quickly because the business went from a place that perpetually was turning away people to a place that got everybody in. Then we went with the waiters and waitresses and we worked with these folks to tell the people, like if the food ever comes out later than expected, get them something that’s readily available. So salads and usually desserts are readily available and they’ll go, hey I am so sorry that the kitchen’s a little backed up. I know you shouldn’t have dessert before your meal, but to compensate for the fact that you’re waiting, can I get you a dessert or a salad? On us, what can I get you? Just that mindset of over-delivering totally fixed that store. That’s just over-delivering is a big thing. That’s Outback. I mean, if you can do it with Outback. Why do you hate Outback? I’m just saying, it’s kangaroo meat, dude. Look it up. Google it. I mean, go to DuckDuckGo and search. It’s all kangaroo meat. You are sick. All right, we’re gonna take a break here. It’s 8.30, we’re gonna come back here at 8.45 with or without Steve, we’ll see. All right. The number of new customers that we’ve had is up 411% over last year. We are Jared and Jennifer Johnson. We own Platinum Pest and Lawn and are located in Owasso, Oklahoma. We have been working with Thrive for business coaching for almost a year now. What we want to do is we want to share some wins with you guys that we’ve had by working with Thrive. First of all, we’re on the top page of Google now. I just want to let you know what type of accomplishment this is. Our competition, Orkin, Terminex, they’re both $1.3 billion companies. They both have 2,000 to 3,000 pages of content attached to their website. So to basically go from virtually nonexistent on Google to up on the top page is really saying something. But it’s come by being diligent to the systems that Thrive has, by being consistent and diligent on doing podcasts and staying on top of those podcasts to really help with getting up on what they’re listing or ranking there with Google. And also we’ve been trying to get Google reviews, you know, asking our customers for reviews. And now we’re the highest rated and most reviewed PestSimone company in the Tulsa area. And that’s really helped with our conversion rate. And the number of new customers that we’ve had is up 411% over last year. Wait, say that again. How much are we up? 411%. Okay, so 411% we’re up with our new customers. Amazing. Right. So not only do we have more customers calling in, we’re able to close those deals at a much higher rate than we were before. Right now, our closing rate is about 85%, and that’s largely due to, first of all, our Google reviews that we’ve gotten. People really see that our customers are happy, but also we have a script that we follow. And so when customers call in, they get all the information that they need. That script has been refined time and time again. It wasn’t a one and done deal. It was a system that we followed with Thrive in the refining process. And that has obviously, the 411% shows that that system works. Yeah, so here’s a big one for you. So last week alone, our booking percentage was 91%. We actually booked more deals and more new customers last year than we did the first five months or I’m sorry the first we booked more deals last week than we did the first five months of last year from before we worked with Thrive. So again we booked more deals last week than the first five months of last year. It’s incredible but the reason why we have that success by implementing the systems that Thrive has taught us and helped us out with. Some of those systems that we’ve implemented are group interviews, that way we’ve really been able to come up with a really great team. We’ve created and implemented checklists that when everything gets done and it gets done right, it creates accountability, we’re able to make sure that everything gets done properly, both out in the field and also in our office. And also doing the podcast like Jared had mentioned that has really really contributed to our success but that like is of the diligence and consistency and doing those and that system has really really been a big blessing in our lives and also you know it’s really shown that we’ve gotten a success from following those systems. So before working with Thrive we were basically stuck really no new growth with our business. And we were in a rut, and we didn’t know. The last three years, our customer base had pretty much stayed the same. We weren’t shrinking, but we weren’t really growing either. Yeah, and so we didn’t really know where to go, what to do, how to get out of this rut that we’re in. But Thrive helped us with that. They implemented those systems, and they taught us those systems, they taught us the knowledge that we needed in order to succeed. Now it’s been a grind, absolutely it’s been a grind this last year, but we’re getting those fruits from that hard work and the diligent effort that we’re able to put into it. So again, we’re in a rut, Thrive helped us get out of that rut, and if you’re thinking about working with Thrive, quit thinking about it and just do it, do the action, and you’ll get the results. It will take hard work and discipline, but that’s what it’s gonna take in order to really succeed. So we just want to give a big shout out to Thrive, a big thank you out there to Thrive. We wouldn’t be where we’re at now without their help. Hi, I’m Dr. Mark Moore. I’m a pediatric dentist. Through our new digital marketing plan, we have seen a marked increase in the number of new patients that we’re seeing every month, year over year. One month, for example, we went from 110 new patients the previous year to over 180 new patients in the same month. And overall, our average is running about 40 to 42% increase month over month, year over year. The group of people required to implement our new digital marketing plan is immense, starting with a business coach, videographers, photographers, web designers. Back when I graduated dental school in 1985, nobody advertised. The only marketing that was ethically allowed in everybody’s eyes was mouth-to-mouth marketing. By choosing to use the services, you’re choosing to use a proof-and-turn-key marketing and coaching system that will grow your practice and get you the results that you’re looking for. the University of Oklahoma College of Dentistry, graduated in 1983 and then I did my pediatric dental residency at Baylor College of Dentistry from 1983 to 1985. Hello my name is Charles Colaw with Colaw Fitness. Today I want to tell you a little bit about Clay Clark and how I know Clay Clark. Clay Clark has been my business coach since 2017. He’s helped us grow from two locations to now six locations. We’re planning to do seven locations in seven years and then franchise. Clay has done a great job of helping us navigate anything that has to do with running the business, building the systems, the checklists, the workflows, the audits, how to navigate lease agreements, how to buy property, how to work with brokers and builders. This guy is just amazing. This kind of guy has worked in every single industry. He’s written books with Lee Crockerill, head of Disney with the 40,000 cast members. He’s friends with Mike Lindell. He does Reawaken America tours where he does these tours all across the country where 10,000 or more people show up to some of these tours. On the day-to-day, he does anywhere from about 160 companies. He’s at the top. He has a team of business coaches, videographers, and graphic designers and web developers, and they run 160 companies every single week. So think of this guy with a team of business coaches running 160 companies. So in the weekly, he’s running 160 companies. Every six to eight weeks, he’s doing Reawaken America tours. Every six to eight weeks, he’s also doing business conferences where 200 people show up, and he teaches people a 13-step proven system that he’s done and worked with billionaires, helping them grow their companies. So I’ve seen guys from startups go from startup to being multi-millionaires, teaching people how to get time freedom and financial freedom through the system. Critical thinking, document creation, putting it into, organizing everything in their head to building it into a franchisable, scalable business. Like one of his businesses has like 500 franchises. That’s just one of the companies or brands that he works with. So, amazing guy, Elon Musk, kind of like smart guy. He kind of comes off sometimes as socially awkward, but he’s so brilliant and he’s taught me so much. When I say that, Clay is like, he doesn’t care what people think when you’re talking to him. He cares about where you’re going in your life and where he can get you to go. And that’s what I like him most about him. He’s like a good coach. A coach isn’t just making you feel good all the time, a coach is actually helping you get to the best you. Clay has been an amazing business coach. Through the course of that we became friends. My most impressive thing was when I was shadowing him one time. We went into a business deal and listened to it. I got to shadow and listen to it. When we walked out I knew that he could make millions on the deal and they were super excited about working with him. He told me, he’s like, I’m not going to touch it, I’m going to turn it down because he knew it was going to harm the common good of people in the long run. The guy’s integrity just really wowed me. It brought tears to my eyes to see that this guy, his highest desire was to do what’s right. Anyways, just an amazing man. Anyways, impacted me a lot. He’s helped navigate. Anytime I’ve gotten nervous or worried about how to run the company or you know navigating competition and an economy that’s like I remember we got closed down for three months he helped us navigate on how to stay open how to how to get back open how to just survive through all the COVID shutdowns lockdowns because our clubs were all closed for. I’m Rachel with Tip Top K9 and we just want to give a huge thank you to Clay and Vanessa Clark. Hey guys I’m Ryan with Tip Top K9. Just want to say a big thank you to Thrive 15. Thank you to Make Your Life Epic. We love you guys, we appreciate you, and really just appreciate how far you’ve taken us. This is our old house, right? This is where we used to live a few years ago. This is our old neighborhood. See, it’s nice, right? So this is my old van and our old school marketing and this is our old team. And by team I mean it’s me and another guy. This is our new house with our new neighborhood. This is our new van with our new marketing and this is our new team. We went from four to fourteen and I took this beautiful photo. We worked with several different business coaches in the past and they were all about helping Ryan sell better and just teaching sales, which is awesome, but Ryan is a really great salesman. So we didn’t need that. We needed somebody to help us get everything that was in his head out into systems, into manuals and scripts and actually build a team. So now that we have systems in place, we’ve gone from one to 10 locations in only a year. In October 2016 we grossed 13 grand for the whole month. Right now it’s 2018, the month of October. It’s only the 22nd. We’ve already grossed a little over 50 grand for the whole month and we still have time to go. We’re just thankful for you, thankful for Thrive and your mentorship and we’re really thankful that you guys have helped us to grow a business that we run now instead of the business running us. Just thank you, thank you, thank you, times a thousand. The Thrivetime Show, two-day interactive business workshops are the highest and most reviewed business workshops on the planet. You can learn the proven 13-point business system that Dr. Zellner and I have used over and over to start and grow successful companies. When we get into the specifics, the specific steps on what you need to do to optimize your website, we’re gonna teach you how to fix your conversion rate. We’re going to teach you how to do a social media marketing campaign that works. How do you raise capital? How do you get a small business loan? We teach you everything you need to know here during a two-day, 15-hour workshop. It’s all here for you. You work every day in your business, but for two days you can escape and work on your business and build these proven systems so now you can have a successful company that will produce both the time freedom and the financial freedom that you deserve. You’re going to leave energized, motivated, but you’re also going to leave empowered. The reason why I built these workshops is because as an entrepreneur, I always wish that I had this. And because there wasn’t anything like this, I would go to these motivational seminars, no money down, real estate, Ponzi scheme, get motivated seminars, and they would never teach me anything. It was like you went there and you paid for the big chocolate Easter bunny, but inside of it, it was a hollow nothingness. And I wanted the knowledge and they’re like, oh, but we’ll teach you the knowledge after our next workshop. And the great thing is we have nothing to upsell. At every workshop, we teach you what you need to know. There’s no one in the back of the room trying to sell you some next big get rich quick, walk on hot coals product. It’s literally, we teach you the brass tacks, the specific stuff that you need to know to learn how to start and grow a business. I encourage you to not believe what I’m saying, and I want you to Google the Z66 auto auction. I want you to Google elephant in the room. Look at Robert Zellner and Associates. Look them up and say, are they successful because they’re geniuses, or are they successful because they have a proven system? When you do that research, you will discover that the same systems that we use in our own business can be used in your business. Come to Tulsa, book a ticket, and I guarantee you it’s going to be the best business workshop ever and we’re going to give you your money back if you don’t love it. We built this facility for you, and we’re excited to see it. Hey, I’m Ryan Wimpey with Tip Top K9 and I’m the founder. I’m Rachel Wimpey and I am a co-founder. So we’ve been running Tip Top for about the last 14 years, franchising for the last three, four years. So someone that’d be a good fit for Tip Top loves dogs, they’re high energy, they wanna be able to own their own job but they don’t wanna worry about, you know, that high failure rate. They wanna do that like bowling with bumper lanes. So you give us a call, reach out to us and we’ll call you. And then we’ll send you an FDD, look over that, read it, follow through, it’s very boring, and then we’ll book a discovery day and you come and you can spend a day or two with us, make sure that you actually like it, make sure that you’re training dogs is something that you want to do. So an FDD is a franchise disclosure document, it’s a federally regulated document that goes into all the nitty gritty details of what the franchise agreement entails. So who would be a good fit to buy a TikTok canine would be somebody who loves dogs, who wants to work with dogs all day as their profession. You’ll make a lot of money, you’ll have a lot of fun, it’s very rewarding. And who would not be a good fit is a cat person. So the upfront cost for a tip top is $43,000. And a lot of people say they’re generating doctor money, but on our disclosure, the numbers are anywhere from over a million dollars a year in dog training, what our Oklahoma City location did last year, to $25,000, $35,000 a month. To train and get trained by us for Tip Top K9, to run your own Tip Top K9, you would be with us for six weeks here in Tulsa, Oklahoma. So we’ve been married for seven years. Eight years. Eight years. So if you’re watching this video, you’re like, hey, maybe I want to be a dog trainer, that one sounds super amazing. Go to our website,, click on the yellow franchising tab, fill out the form, and Rachel and I will give you a call. Our Oklahoma City location, last year, they did over a million dollars. He’s been running that shop for three years, before he was a youth pastor, with zero sales experience, zero dog training experience, before he ever met with us. So just call us, come, spend a day with us, spend a couple days with us, make sure you like training dogs, and own your own business. Well, the biggest reason to buy a Tip Top K9 is so you own your own job and you own your own future and you don’t hate your life. You get an enjoyable job that brings a lot of income, but it’s really rewarding. My name is Seth Flint, and I had originally heard about Tip Top K9. They did a phenomenal job and became really good friends with Ryan and Rachel. I was working at a local church and it was a great experience. I ended up leaving there and working with Ryan and Tip Top K9. The biggest thing that I really, really enjoy about being self-employed is that I can create my own schedule. I have the ability to spend more time with my family, my wife and my daughter. So my very favorite thing about training dogs with Tip Top K9 is that I get to work with the people. but it’s just so rewarding to be able to train a dog that had serious issues whether it’s behavioral or you know whatever and seeing a transformation taking that dog home and mom and dad are literally in tears because of how happy they are with the training. If somebody is interested I’d say don’t hesitate make sure you like dogs make sure that you enjoy working with people Because we’re not just dog trainers where we are customer service people that help dogs and and so Definitely definitely don’t hesitate. Just just come in and ask questions ask all the questions you have


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