Can You Teach Fish to Climb Trees? | Elon Musk versus Tom Brady

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“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is, what is your genius? – Albert Einstein (The German-born theoretical physicist who developed the theory of relativity, one of the two pillars of modern physics)

Elon Musk Versus Tom Brady 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is, “What is your genius?” – Albert Einstein

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “All the evidence that we have indicates that it is reasonable to assume in practically every human being, and certainly in almost every newborn baby, that there is an active will toward health, an impulse towards growth, or towards the actualization.” – Abraham Maslow

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you.” – Kobe Bryant 

What if Tom Brady spent his time trying to be the next Tech giant, inventor, founder?

Tom Brady statistics:

  1. 14 Pro Bowls
  2. 3-Time All Pro
  3. 6 Super Bowl Championships
  4. 6’4” 
  5. 225 lbs
  6. Networth: $580 million

What if Elon Musk spent his time trying to be the next NFL star?

Elon Musk statistics:

  1. Founding member of PayPal
  2. Founding member of SolarCity
  3. CEO of Tesla
  4. 6’2”
  5. 186 lbs
  6. Networth: $20.2 billion

Daily Routine:

  1. Faith Goals
  2. Family Goals
  3. Finances Goals
  4. Fitness Goals
  5. Friendship Goals
  6. Fun Goals

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You must say no to grow.” – Pastor Craig Groeschel 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Do not be misled: Bad company corrupts good character.” – 1 Corinthians 15:33

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.” – Proverbs 13:20

Action Items:

  1. Find your ocean where you can be a fish
  2. Define your F6 goals today
  3. Write down what you have to say no to today

Statistics – 

FUN FACT – “Past statistics have shown that in the U.S. 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce.” –

FUN FACT – “78 percent of the men interviewed had cheated on their current partner.” – 5 Myths About Cheating

FUN FACT – “75% of employees steal from the workplace and most do so repeatedly.”

FUN FACT – “9 out of 10 businesses fail.” 

FACT: “American adults spend over 11 hours per day interacting with media.” – 

Listen to pastor-craig-groeschel-teaches-dealing-with-criticism-how-to-create-new-neural-pathways-his-daily-routine-and-more/ 

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44% of People Do Not Pay Income Tax –

47% of People Do Not Pay Income Tax –

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Tom Brady’s Backup Makes More Than He Does –

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Audio Transcription

Can You Teach Fish To Climb Trees Elon Musk Versus Tom Brady Thrivetime Show

Can you teach a fish to climb a tree? Can you teach Republicans to rap? Can you teach a fish to climb a tree? Can you teach corporate commander to be a nice guy? You see Albert Einstein once famously wrote, everybody is a genius, but if you judge it fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life. Believing it is stupid. The question I have for you at this point of your journey together is what is your genius?

Yes, thrive nation. Welcome back to another exciting addition of the prep time show on your radio and podcast downloads.

Today’s show. We are joined with the man, the myth, the legend at dr Breck. How are you?

I’m doing great. I’m excited to have you on the show today. I’m excited about a great many things. When we get into today’s topic

topic, which is can you teach fish to climb trees? Elon Musk versus Tom Brady. Alright. You versus everybody else. Let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s talk about this real quick. There’s a neat thing that was created, uh, back when I was in college, uh, called Napster, which allowed you to download files. You, you remember that dr Rick? Absolutely. So you can download files and it was kind of a neat, neat, nifty thing. It changed the music industry, right? And then there was this thing that came out a little bit later called Facebook. All right, now Facebook, um, I don’t like Facebook, but I’m not into Facebook. I don’t want to go on Facebook. Um, I’m kinda like bill Belichick as it relates to Facebook, but I think it’s very important for you, the listener to understand what Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, what they’ve done to you. And if it’s a good thing, great.

And if it’s a bad thing, that’s okay. What I want you to be aware of, and let’s have this conversation for a second. Facebook essentially allows you to be perpetually distracted in a great game called comparison and jealousy. So let’s, let’s give an example. Let’s say that my good friend dr Breck is on, is on Facebook and my good friend Jason’s on Facebook. Now. Jason, you just got married, right? I did. And you got married and what, what is your wife’s name? Her name is Alexis Alexis and Alexis is a very kind person. Beautiful lady. Great lady. Nice person. Okay, so you get married to Alexis and your photos turned out great. Um, Andrew photos. Andrew used to work for us when I owned Epic photos and now Andrew decided to volunteer to take photos for you and the photos turned out great. Oh, they’re so awesome.

They’re really, they really did turn out great. You picked a great place. You got married and got married at the botanical gardens, which is a beautiful location. Um, can you kind of explain to the listeners what that location looks like? It’s like a massive park with a bunch of plants and flowers and fountains and flowing just streams and a giant pond. And the upkeep is, I don’t know like what they pay the groundskeepers, but they should be paying them like a crap load. Cause these guys do a great job. Like if everything is just pristine, it is, it really is a wonderful facility and this just end. It’s nicer than most people’s backyard. So what happens is though, as some people not, not you, not, not you, there’s just other people. I’m sure it’s not our listeners, but some people then began to see your photos on Facebook of your wife and you and they start to go, I wish my life was that good because it’s like, you know, cause that’s a great time in life to get married.

Great photos of the store. They start to say, I wish my wedding photos were that good. I wish my photos would have turned out that good. Um, I wish my life would be, are you going to go like Dr. Brock here? Okay. He’s like at a Donna’s, he’s a fucking fitness guru. He’s a, he’s a chiropractor. He’s a great guy. And so dr Breck, you know, he’s on Facebook just doing his life right. He’s just doing his life and maybe he, they, they post highlights of a birthday or a party or something positive, but then someone else goes, Oh God, I’m not as fit as him and they feel bad. So then people go on Facebook and they’re like, well, before I post this photo of myself, I’m going to change the angle of the camera. Right. Because this angle by shoot up or even straight on, I look kind of fat.

If I shoot down, I look kind of thin. So I want to just change it. Can we go ahead real quick guys, before we take the photo? Can I just change it real quick? Can we, and then we have the little filters. We can, there’s little filters you do and you change the filter cause you want to remove any impurities, any type of thing that would make you look normal, uh, leaving would make you look like a real person. Because we don’t want to look like a real person. We want to look like we’re a super person because we don’t want to be real. We want to be, we want to be better than real. And so what happens is we start to compare. So will, what are we talking about when we’re talking about is that you listening today have a gift. I believe that you weren’t a mistake.

I believe that you were born with a purpose and you have a gift. And I don’t know what the gift is, but I do know that you have a gift and a purpose and you were born to do something. Well, I don’t know what it is. I don’t know. Maybe you are born to be a chiropractor. Maybe you are born to be a great musician. Maybe you were born to be, I don’t know, a drummer. Maybe you’re born to be a great Baker, a great mom, a great dad. Maybe you’re born to be a great dentist, but if you were born to be a fish, and then I teach you how to climb a tree. If you attend to my tree climbing school and I’m trying to teach you mr fish to climb a tree, you’re not going to do well. And Jason, why would a fish not do well in my tree climbing school?

Well, it could be due to lack of arms or opposable thumbs. The fact that he’s the opposable thumbs. Okay, continue. Um, he or she may be gasping for air as they’re trying to do its thing as how they’re outside of their element. No less. It’s an underwater tree. So I’m going to give the listeners some examples where we, before we get into this idea, because I want you to figure out today, what is your gifting? What were you called to do? All right. The word vocation originally meant calling. That’s what it meant in the original. Latin is calling the word vocation means calling. All right? Vocation means calling. So I’m asking you, what are you into? What is the thing that you pursue when you do you like it? It’s like a, it’s called the flow state where you can lose track of time and space cause you’re so into it.

So Jason, could you read the notable quotable from Mr. Albert Einstein? Who by the way, yes. He was a physicist. Yes, he did things where you’re going, I don’t really know how that applies. Like what did he do? He was a physicist. I mean, how did that really impact our life? Yeah, yeah, sure. Because a lot of people think about that. Yeah, it was genius. But what did he do of practical value of practical value? He was the one who introduced to president Roosevelt, the idea that the Nazis were developing a nuclear weapon. And he pointed out that, Hey, if we don’t get on it, we’re going to die. Because we hadn’t started our program yet. They were almost done. So we started the Manhattan project. Uh, Albert Einstein recommended that we choose Robert Oppenheimer to lead the project. They began to make the nuclear weapon that we then dropped on the Japanese, thus ending world war II.

We would all be speaking German right now though, if Albert Einstein, who is Jewish, but he was born in Germany, did not save America. So he right there. Albert Einstein, in my opinion, is one of the founding fathers of modern freedom. We would not be free today if it weren’t for Albert Einstein. So please read the notable quotable Jason from Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein says, everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. The question I have for you at this point of our journey together is what is your genius? Okay, so let’s, I want to get dr Brex take on this, but I am going to, I’m going to throw myself under the bus to explain to you in what areas of my life I am a fish trying to climb a tree.

All right? I went to school and at school I am a semi dyslexic, which means that I don’t understand the words I’m reading on a page until I read it like the third time. Thus it’s hard for me. Also, I have very, very limited capacity to memorize things, so when I read something, I have to read it over and over and over and over and over. So a lot of school consists of this. All right? Class I want, I want you guys to do today is I want you to get your book, your history book, read pages 80 through one 10 and I want you to memorize, I want you to memorize the States and the state capitals. Well, for me that’s like an impossible task. That to me is like asking a fish to climb a tree. But our modern school system is based on memorization.

That’s the system. True. So therefore, because that is, the system is memorization. I can’t participate in that conversation. I can’t do well there. So therefore, in school I thought I was an idiot. And then I realized fairly quickly, I’m not an idiot, I’m just a fish trying to climb a tree. But I tried for a long time to climb that tree thinking I was an idiot. Another example, physical coordination, don’t have it. So I tried to live up to, my dad was a very good athlete. I tried to play sports and I was okay at certain sports. I got, you have to be pretty good at basketball. But I was never great, but I was trying to climb a tree and I was a fish. What I’m was born to do, what I’m good at is business is very easy to me. It’s what I do it thinking of logical conclusions of if you do this, this works like the scientific method towards business.

If I do this, this works asking me. To me it’s very easy to go. I wonder, I wonder how everyone gets to the top of Google. I know what I’ll do. I’ll download all of the websites that come up top for the search. Tulsa DJ’s that aren’t mine and then I’ll look for common denominators and that’s what I did and then I figured it out. I didn’t know how to download. So I to pay some OSU students who are interns to come and download the websites and what’s crazy as they were learning internet, they were learning, they were college learning how to code and learning technology. But they were near, they were about ready to graduate from OSU with a degree in some type of sort of computer science. And they knew how to download websites, but they didn’t know how to get them to the top of Google.

And to me, I just thought if we download the ones that are top, eventually we’ll find a common denominator. And that’s how I learned about title tags and descriptions and keywords and content and all of the things I learned about. So again, I am naturally born to be a, an internet marketing search engine, hiring business growth, accounting, marketing expert guy. It’s easy. Business is easy for me cause I feel called to it. So dr Breck you, you or do you feel called to be a chiropractor? I do. And what, how do you know this? Oh goodness. I was headed towards a medical school while I was in college. Uh, you know, kinda the opposite of you. Uh, school came very easy to, here we go. Um, God gifted me with a great memory. So memorization was an easier thing for me. So real quick, somebody needs to hear this. It doesn’t mean that I have to resent you, right? Or vice. No. We need to understand our giftings and respect each other because of them and to not compare or to feel jealousy. Get off of social media and stop comparing. Dr Breck is a very smart man, very good at memorizing, but you’re all smart. We’re all, we are all smart in our own way. So you were good at memorizing good at school. So you thought I should go to medical school. Right.

So I was headed towards medical school and then realized I was disenfranchised with that whole idea. And then I discovered chiropractic for the first time. I hadn’t experienced it as a patient. Um, but I started looking into it further and further. And the deeper I got into it, the more I realized it was aligned with my passion. And so it did very quickly become apparent to me that it was actually my calling, the, the philosophy of health, that health comes from the inside out, that God has designed us to heal, um, that we’re one with our world. And the nutrients that we bring into our body are important for its, uh, health and wellbeing. And so all of those aspects together to said, yes, this is, this is you.

That is good. That, that right there, my friends, that right there, that is good. Now let’s say you’re listening right now and you say, I don’t know my calling. Well, I’m going to say this and then dr Brexit has a hot take here. I’m going to say this. You should spend your entire day all day. Yeah, yeah. No, no, no, no. I know. Now, I know right now, according to Nielsen, and I want you to put it on the show notes. Okay, Nielsen, the average person consumes 11 hours per day of media. Just do a Google search for 11 hours of media Nielsen, you’ll find it in Google and put a link on the show notes. But the average person, we don’t have time.

No, no. You, the average person, you, you have time. But the average person doesn’t, the average person now you listening right now you have the time. The average person does not have the time to figure it out. What’s it going to do with their life? Because they are on social media most of the day, 11 hours a day. They don’t have to know day to day. They are busy right now. Thankfully, when I was trying to figure this out, social media didn’t exist. So you sat down and thought about what you wanted to do. I really made a very conscious effort to figure out what path I was going to take. And then very, very intently, uh, intentionally went down a certain direction. But I was gonna say that I really felt that I could succeed in the school academic setting. And so I knew, you know, when there was a test, what the measure was to success. However, once I graduated and I was in business, that’s when I became a fish climbing a tree. So just the opposite of you, clay. Um, I was, I was way out of my element trying to run a business. And so that’s why I figured out I had to put other people around me like you to be able to make up for my shortcomings so that we could compliment one another. And the thing

is, we all, everybody out there in some area of our life, we are a fish trying to climb a tree right now. I’m going to cue up an audio for you. This is what I spent my entire day on yesterday. I spent over 12 hours yesterday on this. And the way I, the way I spent my Saturdays just to listeners knows I get up around three usually yesterday we were up late on Friday that my kids went to a football game. And so we were up later. So Jason, you and I met at the office at what time would be four 45 or five was it fine? It’s like four 45. Yeah, four 45. So we, we uh, met clients and did, we did, and then we got home around nine. I think I got home around nine 30. I think, yeah. And then hung out with family and did some chores and bought my wife some flowers and went to the store and watched a movie with my wife and swam and had a good, a great time.

But Dan, you know, when the kids are off doing their thing or they go visit their friends, there’s kind of this pocket of time. But, so I had, you know, about 12 hours I was working on, so it was like five hours I guess on Saturday and maybe two on Thursday night and then another one or two on Monday. But I’ve been working on this all week. I, I’m very, I’m very excited about this. This is an audio. TD Jakes has a great sermon. He just did called grasping the moment TD Jakes grasping the moment. Right. And it’s about how, um, you, if you are the one who feels called to do something, then you’re gonna run into opposition. And people that don’t agree with you and people that want to form committees and people and he talks about how trying to seek consensus is the worst thing possible because nobody is going to agree with you because if they already agreed with you they would have already done it. And so it’s a really good message. But I turned it into this, let me cue it up real quick.

Power of one.

So I want you to understand that whenever God gets ready to do anything,

does it with the power board, does it with, I want to talk about the power because you were one

and everything starts not with the board, not with the committee, not with the votes. Everything starts with once. The power of change begins with Warren, whether it is one Nelson Mandela or whether it is one woman who decides to sit down on a bus or whether it is one person that decides we should be able to fly or whether it is one person that offends telephone. It starts with once you have to decide first of all, this morning if you’re going to be the ones or are you going to be the person who’s always waiting on some one. Whenever the enemy knows that that cold one is coming, he always sets traps to stop them from succeeding because they’re the one, whenever the enemy knows that the warm is coming, he always sets traps to stop them from succeeding because they’re the ones always on the hit list because they’re the ones I want to talk to.

Some people that have been up on the crazy attack attack the blind sided you. A tactic came out of nowhere. I pack on another level that doesn’t even line up with your situation. I want you to understand what the enemy understands about you is that you are the one haven’t tried to hammer home much is given, much is required. And so the tech starts out talking about Abraham because Abraham is the one and Abraham had to move out from his country and away from his tidbit because he was the one. So he was a misfit because he was the one. So he had to live in isolation and separation because he was the one. So he probably was lonely because he was the one and it took a long time for it to materialize his significance because of [inaudible]

what’s the one? And so he was traveling nomadically as a misfit from place to place. Never fitting in with any crew. No group would take it because he was the one that’s on punk and tons of people who have always been a little isolated. Never been excepted, never been a part of the crowd is always happens because you are the one you probably not gonna like me cause I’m the one, I’m a little strength child. No one I don’t fit in. I don’t say yes. What I mean though, I don’t fall over without a fight cause I am the one. I understand that I am the one ever willing to be controversial because I am the one.

So you’ll start begging for people to come into agreement with polls and census and trying to get everybody to come into consensus with your vision. You want to say, man, with your preach, come. If you already know that the God of heaven said, Hey man, I know what it is to work 40 hours a week and put my check in the church to keep it goal. I know what it is to have my lights off at my water off and my gas off. And I thought to myself, if you have a good whip, all your utilities all at the same time, if you ever get where you can go to the grocery store without an animal, get to the point that you ain’t got a pocket full of coupons.

We’ll be, we’ll be on, well, let me tell you, that’s because you just called the fight and fuck this level to fighting on that level. The fight, low wage continue big church, little church, big puff strip is develop resistance. Tramp is resistance. Stop crime about what Sue brought to [inaudible]. It’s called be back. So I do some strip from the struggle, the struggle, I right. That’s why the balance is a good one for me that I was afflicted. That’s why the devil can’t chase me out of town. You just got to make up your mind. You just gotta make up your mind.

Let me tell you how always I’m about to have a moment whenever I’m about to have a moment. I always have an attack struggle right South in my life trying to get a witness. Can I get a witness? Change what your time you have to turn, which means you got to have something that we are not good at. Delayed gratification. You ain’t going back. Hunger is temporary. Discomfort. We don’t. Wrestling between temporary discomfort and long term benefit. Never make a permanent decision over a temporary condition. Reason to specify this person right on the cusp of something and your values are going to make a difference because your values are lovely.

Determine your choices and if you value the right thing, you will suffer for it. You will wait for it. You will endure for you will sacrifice for it. You will know that the longterm benefit outweighs the immediate gratification.

What kind of sick person would spend their entire day by themselves editing together a sermon that’s an hour and a half long and turning it into like a six minute highlight reel and then set it to music. I don’t know. That’s what I, I, that’s, that’s what I do. I’m a fish and somebody else might go, why? I, people ask me this all the time at conferences. How long did that take you? Why? Why would you do that? Well, the thing is I’m a slow learner, but I have found if I listened to the same sermon 12 times, I’m starting to get the idea. I’m starting to feel like brother TD Jakes was teaching us that when you’re the one like Abraham, your family is not going to like you if you are the change agent. If you are the irritant that causes the oyster to make the Pearl, people are not going to like you.

If you are the pressure that causes the coal to become the diamond, people will not like you. So I’ve started to realize, okay, this is why so many people dislike me. Um, but yet I benefit so many people. So last year my wife and I were just sitting down doing the math and it looks like we’ve helped our clients create over a billion dollars of growth last year. 1 billion. That’s awesome. So that’s, but man, I’ve irritated their competitors because their competitors are like, well, you’re taking our business away from us or my principal that I’ll only work with one type of business in every city. That irritates people. The rule that I’ll fire people who don’t do their jobs, that irritates people. And so the idea that like if you work for me and I ask you to write content and if you don’t, I’m going to fire you.

Accountability. These ideas, they’re their irritants. So I realized if I am the one, I cannot run it by my team, I cannot ask them for a census or a survey or see if it’s okay because I have to be the one. And then if you have a value or something that you really believe in, you’re going to struggle for it. So because I will not work with companies in the adult industry or the um, uh, casinos or companies that you know, benefit off of liquor sales, whatever it causes people to get mad at me when I tell somebody I’m not going to work with your vaping shop or your, or it bothers people. And so what happens is, is that I had to learn this idea and TD Jakes was his, his fish. He’s a fish and his ocean is illuminating the word. He takes a text that is very much a living text, but it’s the text that it was w as Christians, we believe that it was inspired by God, divinely inspired text. He takes text, which frankly I think is boring and he makes it relevant. Any illuminates the text. But Breck, I mean, have you ever, when you read the Bible does, is it exciting to you when you read the words or you going some woo sometimes, sometimes some part. Give me some parts that are excited. Like, James, you’re like Proverbs, you’re like, what do you like?

So I like story. And so, you know, there’s a lot of story in the Bible, so different characters, different personalities, uh, because I believe there are real people. Um, so I’d rather not call them characters, but people in the Bible that their story is told about them. Yeah, I enjoy reading the stories about them. But there’s also parts of the Bible, um, Leviticus numbers, um, where it’s very mundane, it’s very boring. Um, it’s just kind of a chronological history of, you know, who was, whose father, who was whom, his father. Um, and those kinds of things. And so, yeah, that’s not necessarily a lot of fun, but, uh, you, you read about things that I think are almost written for script for like a movie scene, and I wished Hollywood would grab ahold of it. But like you think of like a Samson, there’s been a couple of movies that have been made about Samson and it’s like, man, you guys have just missed the Mark.

Um, but then you’ve got, you know, uh, David, uh, there’s also been a movie, I think Richard Greer, um, actually, uh, was the star of the movie that was about David’s life and he’s just a phenomenal person in that, I mean, it’s full of turmoil and he’s full of, uh, you know, some controversy and, and some hypocrisy within himself. But he wrestles with it and he tries to follow God, but he has this nature about him that, that wants to do his own thing as well. He’s a hero and a champion in one moment and then he, he falls away and does something totally, uh, you know, inappropriate and wrong on another. Uh, he’s actually like a hero for the

nation, but then he becomes a murderer and, and uh, and an altar. And I think everybody, I think everybody out there, everybody out there. Okay. Some of you are going to say, I love reading the Bible. It’s fun. Some are going to say it’s hard to read the Bible, but we can, we can all agree that TD Jakes, his ability to illuminate and to bring context to the Bible is incredible. Now adjacent before you work here, here’s kind of a quiz show before you came to work. You’ve been working here now for how many years? Um, all in all. Almost three. Three. Okay. So I’m going to read these names to you and you tell me if you knew these names before working with me. Okay. Were you familiar with Lee Cockerel? I was not. Okay. Lee Cockerell, the former executive vice president of Walt Disney world resorts who wants managed at the same time, 40,000 people.

Uh, what about Napoleon Hill knew of him? Never. Never read anything. Okay. Okay. Interesting. Yeah. Okay. What about, what about, uh, Andrew Carnegie? Um, that one again was another name that was like, you know, big, but I knew nothing. Personal. Campbell. What about bill camp? Did you know about bill Campbell? No. And I’m actually better, now that you’ve introduced me to bill camp, can you explain to listeners who bill Campbell is? The super coach, the coach of the, some of the most successful people in the world. The business coach for Steve jobs of Apple for the founders of Google. Eric Schmidt, the CEO, Larry and Sergey Bezos, Jeff Bezos, Facebook. Unbelievable business coach. Bill Campbell, look him up. Where you, where you fool, but I’m just going to refer you to a few more names. Sir. Were you familiar with, uh, again, there’s just Daniel Goleman. I was not. Okay. Daniel Goleman is the, is the guy the bleed wrote the book emotional intelligence, you know?

Um, what about, um, what about David Bach, the guy who wrote the automatic millionaire? No, that was new one too. What about, um, let’s go with Jim Roan, the bestselling author. Speaker? Nope. Nope. What about, um, what about Chet Holmes, the author of the ultimate sales machine? I was nuts. You have a bug right there? I got a bug. What about a, um, Elon Musk? Yeah. Did you know what he did? Um, I knew he was the guy from Tesla. Okay, but did you know much beyond that? Did you know about his 80 hour work week? Well, no. Or PayPal or solar city? Nope. I just thought he was the crazy man who made the electric cars. Did you know a lot about Proverbs ten four that God blesses the diligent and punishes the hands of the slackard? I did not see. This is what I’m saying is working here for me, I am a fish.

My water, my ocean is growing companies, right, but if you’re out there today and your ocean is adjusting the human spine, you’re a chiropractor or you’re a dentist or you’re a lawyer or whatever the crap you are, it doesn’t mean you’re an idiot. It just means we all have a gifting and one area and we’ve got to find what that is. We got to find it. We got a few. You have it, but you got to get off of Facebook for just like an hour and then maybe 10 more today, but just get off of there all day and think about your life and ask yourself where are you right now versus where do you want to go? You have to ask yourself this thing. If you don’t ask yourself where are you are versus where you want to be, what’s going to happen by default, Jason, what’s going to happen?

What is going to happen if you do not ask yourself where you are now versus where you want to be? Well, you’re going to end up getting stuck and you’re going to go through the same motions day in and day out wondering how come I don’t have the things or you’re going to be that guy who’s looking at bricks, photos on Facebook saying, I don’t have that. How come I don’t have that? How come I don’t have a pool? How come I don’t have a business? How come I don’t have a great family? How? Because you’ve got to stop jealousy and comparison. We’ve got to start figuring out what our ocean is. It’s so important. I’ve known what I was supposed to do since I was 16 so I’ve had a head headstart here. I’ve known that I was called to make copious amounts of money growing businesses.

That’s what I do. But you, mr. listener, mrs listener, we have to figure that out. Now, Abraham Maslow, those of you who went to college, might’ve studied, studied, studied on Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Um, he’s the first guy really to get into positive psychology. Now there’s psychology though. You had Freud and he’s talking about the ode IPIs gum Plex and the other lecture of complex and it’s weird, but um, let’s talk about Abraham Maslow. He was teaching about what makes people successful. What, what is it? It’s Jason, will you read the notable quotable from Abraham Maslow? Oh yeah. All the evidence that we have indicates that it is reasonable to assume in practically every human being and certainly in almost every newborn baby, that there is an active will towards health and impulse towards growth or towards the actualization. Okay, we can read it again, please. All the evidence that we have indicates that it is reasonable to assume in practically every human being and certainly in almost every newborn baby, that there is an active will toward health and impulse towards growth or towards the actualization.

What he’s saying is that everybody is called to have success in some area. That’s what you want to do. But if you don’t, you get depressed. And that’s what it’s called a casino. So the casino is, you go there because you’re seeking some success and you can’t have find it yet. And so you go there and you go [inaudible] [inaudible] and all of a sudden that that didn’t mean meaning, that replaces that winning. So for me, I hear winning the meeting. That’s what I hear. So whenever I have a successful day, I get something done. I make money, I sell something, I grow something, I build something, I go and if I need anything, I get that. A little little rush of energy, that little woo, I get that from winning. I don’t get that from need anything. But people who don’t have any winning because they don’t know their ocean yet, they haven’t figured out where they’re supposed to be swimming.

They then go to the casino and editing the meeting. And have you ever seen this brick? Have you seen this? Oh, absolutely. But then also, you know, going back to Facebook, I mean there’s been a ton of money dropped into the psychology of the little dot with the, you know, the red dot that tells you how many messages or how many notifications and then the how many likes. And that’s for a lot of people, that’s their only ding, ding, ding is a, Hey, I got 200 likes. And then the other day we made a video, um, called wake up and wake up was what does this video, um, we put we put out there and the video, the reason why we put it out there is that I’ve interviewed a lot of super successful people, right? And when I’ve interviewed billionaires and millionaires, I’ve asked them, you know, what is your daily routine look like? This is the video I’m gonna cue up real quick here. And this video here, um, it has 581 views, right? And it’s, it’s, it’s a compilation of me interviewing, I think it’s like 25 people or so. And I’m asking everybody from Craig, Rochelle to Wolfgang puck, what time do you wake up and what does your routine look like? And they all basically are saying, Hey, I wake up previous to six in the morning, six 30 and I have a routine I do every day and I don’t deviate from it. That’s, that’s, that’s the thing. So I’m going to hit play real quick.

I know that most successful people do this. I hope that you can be inspired by what I do

and I’m going to do it on the spirit. That’s a bigger no dream move.

Eric Thomas right there. Uh, one of our guests, this is Melissa Hart.

I am quite famous in my community, at least from my commitment to my morning routine,

the founder of whole 30, the bestselling book and [inaudible].

I do not deviate. I do not deviate. I do not DB, she doesn’t deviate from it for any reason. Even when I travel, even when I’m on vacation, the morning routine is preserved. And I figured this out a long time ago, realizing that as an entrepreneur, working for myself, if I didn’t start the day off the way that I intended it, my day was just going to run me over. I wake up in the morning around six 30 without an alarm,

Papasan, the bestselling coauthor of a Gary Keller, the book, one

five 10 most days my wife and I, we work out, we eat a healthy breakfast.

And anyway, this video’s never probably going to have a million views. And I’ll explain to you why. It’s because I’m teaching you how to be successful and people don’t want to be successful. You do. Cause you’re our, one of our listeners and I, I get you, but most people, they just want to go on Facebook and like and comment on things and I don’t think they need. Now if I wanted to make a video about, um, sex drugs or ice cream kittens, I could get a million views. All I need to do is make a video about sex, drugs, ice cream, or babies. I mean, if I made a video about cute babies, very confusing. If all of those are in one thing right now. But I’m serious. If you watch, if you like, I’m going to do a search real quick for cute babies on YouTube [inaudible] and there’s videos, 36 million views right now of babies laughing so well. Hey buddy, are you hungry? Are you hungry?

36 million views folks. I almost, I almost have to club in the crotch to stay awake while watching this video. I just, I couldn’t, I would never want to watch this video. I’ll be honest, I don’t, I don’t get how you can have 3 million views and I might just be a weirdo, but I don’t want to watch somebody else’s kid laugh cause the average person is spending 11 hours per day consuming media. Let me tell you a cute kittens. This one has 15 million views of this video with the kittens. That’s all people want to do is spend your day, you’ve watched, you know, the the YouTube or excuse me, the Facebook app for you know, however many hours, five hours and you’ve just gone down, down. It’s like taking a depressant over and over and over, and then you’ve got to have a video that’s laughter or kitten so that you can, how to get yourself back up.

And I’m not depressed, I’m not, I’m not depressed that I have 580 views and I’m a 500 as I don’t care. I’m not, again, I’m just throwing it out there. If I make a post on Facebook, which by the way, for the listeners out there who listen to our show, it’s heavily contrived. So all my Facebook, all my social media is very intentional. I’m somebody who is not me, is posting and we sit down on Mondays and agree on what’s going to go out and I hate it, but it has to go out. So we posted a bill Bellacheck video, um, that it’s a great interview, but I just, I just hate the medium of social media because it’s such a distraction for people. It keeps, it’s a distraction that keeps you away from taking the actions that you need to take. It’s a distraction instead of, it keeps you from taking the action you need to take.

It’s a distraction. And so, but I don’t, again, I don’t, I’m not going to compare and feel bad. All right, but let’s, so let’s get into this. This self actualization. I want to explain Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. You’re the very Bay, there’s a pyramid, okay. And the pyramid is broken up into these five levels. Okay? So level one of the period of the, of the pyramid is psychological needs. Basically Maslow points out, we all have a need for food, water, warmth and rest. All right. Food, water, warmth and rest. I’m not sure if people are aware of this and like communist China, which I’m not a fan of at all. And communist China essentially, if you don’t work, you don’t eat, which I do like that feature. So America though, we’ve created this thing called Los Angeles where you now you’re going to say welfare. Have you look up real quick.

Look up on your computer real quick. Look up the Los Angeles, a Los Angeles, a tent community. Real quick. I just want to see this. I just heard about this on Rogan’s podcast. You did? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. So I just talked to Michael Levine about this. He lives in LA and urging it now, but there are, Oh yeah. And there’s in this area of LA, there is, um, I don’t know, thousands and thousands of people that now choose to live a homeless lifestyle out there in LA. And it’s, it’s huge. And our country somehow believes that if you’re lazy, that you deserve food, water, warmth and rest. And so a huge, a part of me that can kind of get behind this idea and that is that, you know, if you’re here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I’ll help get you a bus ticket and you can go live in LA where the weather’s great.

I agree with that idea. Now you will get behind that, that aspect of the idea. Jason, look up what percentage of our federal budget goes to welfare. Please look that up please. I will say this tent community is nuts. Yeah. Yeah. But I mean it’s, it’s, this is what happens when you tell people we’re still going to give you food. It’s still going to give you water and shelter if you don’t want to do anything. So clay Clark will keep working very hard today and he’s going to work the first half of his day for you. Remember if you’re an entrepreneur out there, it’s called a graduated tax system and the more you make, the more they take. A lot of my clients discover how taxes work on the first year I worked with them because I’ll have an entrepreneur that comes in who has a goal to make 200,000 a year.

Right. And I explained to them and you don’t, then you’ll need to earn 400,000 and they’re like, what? I’m like, yeah, cause you’re going to pay about half of your income in taxes. And they go, no, no, no, no that’s not true. Texas doesn’t have a state income tax. Like okay well the federal income tax is what it is. And then you buy a car and you have to pay it hag. I get a tax, you buy a house, you have to pay real estate property tax, you buy a dinner, you have to pay tax. You go to the grocery store, you pay tax, you buy clothes, you pay tax. You look at your cell phone bill and see what percentage of your bill is tax and you realize that you’re going to spend about half your income on taxes. Jason, did you find it hard statistic from a credible source that shows the percentage of the American federal federal budget that goes towards welfare?

Have you found something? Well, it looks like from the Peter G. Peterson foundation, they have a full report from the fiscal year of 2016 okay? Say it recently. It was the most complete set of data available from snap. Snap assisted approximately 44 million beneficiaries. I want to know a percentage of the federal budget that we spend on taxes. It costs 71 billion or 2% of the overall federal budget. So 2% goes to welfare. Okay, but in 2012 it was 235 billion that was spent. That was 12% of the overall federal budget. I don’t believe these statistics. I want you to look up this real quick. Just look up the percentage. I don’t like that. I don’t like that website. Look up the percentage of Americans that don’t pay income tax. Let’s do that. That’s probably the best way to look this up. Okay. And find me a credible source, don’t you? If you quote me NerdWallet or something, I don’t want it.

I want a quote like I want to quote Fox. I want to quote CNN. I want to quote a USA today. Give me some what percentage of Americans do not pay taxes. Okay, so Morgan Freeman says, get out of here. You find it something over there. Um, I am scrolling through. Nothing is more terrifying than have to look up statistics on here, but it’s what percentage of Americans do not pay income taxes. You will find it. We’ll come back to this. Oh yeah. Did you find it a no, I’m okay. You keep looking. So we’re moving our way up. So the psychological needs, then you have safety needs you. I want to feel security and safety, right? Then we want to feel the next level is belongingness, love and needs. When have like an intersection friends, by the way, by the way, by the way, if you have a friendship, it requires what?

For the friendship to work. It requires having values. You share values and you share time. You share values and starts with a time. So if you have a thousand Facebook friends, are they really your friends? I mean, could you spend time with a thousand people? I have found this to be true. He who finds a friend finds a good thing and most people have a hard time having more than six friends by self included. Why? Because it requires spending time, time. So you’ve got to get off this thing of like, Oh man, Oh man, look at that. I bet you, and that’s true of all relationships, right? You know, I mean you were talking about buying your wife flowers and you know, you’ve got to be intentional with your time, with your children, with your wife, with your business, with your friends, whatever relationship you want to have, be positive and, and continue to progress.

You have to spend time [inaudible] I’m going to, I’m going to Jason, there’s a link. You can look this up real quick. If you’ll type in more than 44% of Americans pay no federal income tax, more than 44 has found that from the uh, the tax policy center. Yes, and this is, you can find the link right now on or the tax policy center. You can find it. You can also find it in Forbes. If I want to put a link to the Forbes article. All right. Yeah, the Forbes article better than I thought. I thought it was just over 50% so, well, let me read five is an improvement from what I thought. Well, let me read Forbes. It says new estimates of how many households pay no federal income taxes. This is Forbes shows right now, says the tax policy center has updated its estimate of the percentage of households that will pay no federal income tax this year.

Now this article came out in 2015. Right? And at that point, we now figure it is 45.3 nearly five percentage points higher than just 2013 so I wanna make sure we get this, this article, and I want to put a link to it says new estimates adjacent. It’s called new estimates of how many households pay no federal income tax. If you find that they’re on Forbes, you will find it. And if you, I’ll put a link here for you. That’s 45.3% of people pay zero taxes. That was in 2015 it went up 5% from 2013 I’m just telling you right now, according to all of the estimates I’ve read, everything I’ve listened to, all that I’ve consumed, it went up again. But as of this, there was an article that Jason was just about to click on that looks like it may actually, there’s another Ford Forbes, excuse me, a article that says 47% yes.

And I then I want to put a link to those articles. It’s good. It’s going up, right? So I’m just pointing out this for you. This is, this is the kind of BS I, that’s why I was attacking your stat earlier. I’m not attacking you. I’m just saying is if you pay no taxes, who’s paying your taxes? We are so don’t give me that crap that only 4% of our budget or 2% of our budget goes to welfare. Half of the people pay no taxes, right? So who’s paying for their roads? Who’s paying for their college? Who’s paying for their military? Who’s paying for the security? You are. Why? Because you have a job. Why am I going off on this? I’m going off on this because every single person needs to find their ocean. You need to find the ocean where you can be a fish and then you need to contribute value to society, and then you pay a percentage of your income and taxes.

But if you want to be a hipster running around, recycling your clothes, living in Los Angeles, you are a magnet on our society. You are a magnet. You are a soul sucking magnet. You are a parasite. You are a parasitic. You are a sucking the lifeblood of our country. You’ve got to find the ocean where you can be a fish and then you must work, work because you need to contribute into your thing. Okay? Your contributor be a contributor right now. The next area is belongingness of love. Again, we talk about relationships. Now you move up a steam, prestige and the feeling of accomplishment. So layer one, the first area of the pyramid is psychological needs. The second level, level two is safety. Three is belongingness. No, you have to earn your way up this. You’re not just given this. You have to work your way up.

This esteem needs prestige and a feeling of accomplishment. You don’t get that feeling. You can’t short change your way to the filling. No, no, no, no. I have a way to short change it. I know how we can, I know how we can get that fake. I have a way. Let’s make cat videos and put them on YouTube and run around talking about how we have 45 million views. Right, and you get a little hit cause you went viral. Let me, let me explain. Hey, may may make money off of YouTube. This is a true, true thing, all right? For every 1 million views, YouTube will pay you $2,000 right now, okay? So if you made a video with a million views, you got $2,000 so we had 10 million views. You got $20,000 so if you want to spend your day making cat videos, right? You can do that and actually make money, but you have to make videos about things that people want to look at, and I’m going to repeat the categories.

These are little tips for you to be viral on YouTube. One, people love sex all they love sex. People have controversies. They love scandals. Oh, you gotta have a scandal. Controversy. People love celebrities. They love, they love Bieber. Bieber is doing this, Bieber’s doing that. Connie is doing this. Kanye is doing that. They love celebrities. They love controversy. They love sex. People love watching other people fail. People love to know the pastor that got exposed for this or the celebrity who’s falling. People love to see people lose. People love to see about the new person’s addiction. People love gossip and rumors. They just will be just, it is a love it. They, they love cat videos. Oh they love puppies. Cats. Now if you want to put a video up there like you know how to achieve success, no one’s going to watch that because some people don’t want to have success and if you want to talk about gaming the system and the secrets the government doesn’t want to know about getting federal loans, people love that kind of stuff.

People love Illuminati. People love inside nine 11 inside job stories. People love controversy but people don’t want, don’t be posting things of practical value because people, people aren’t really into that right now. Now esteem needs. Now the next level is self actualization. Achieving one’s full potential. This is where you are doing what you were called to do. You are a fish and you’re in the ocean now you feel good when you’re in there helping your patients get aligned and get into proper health. Do you like it? I love it. Do you feel like you’re, I can flow state where you kind of lose track of space and time. Like you could do it all day, every day.

And the thing is, yeah, people ask me if I ever have a bad day and I’m like, no, I’m helping people all day long. But then I even, you know, I’ll go home. Uh, having worked really hard physically, uh, you know, throughout the day, mentally, emotionally, um, just giving, giving, giving and yet your batteries,

it’s like an endless reservoir of endless resource of energy. Yeah. I mean, I still go to bed tired. I mean, when my head hits the pillow, I go to sleep. But you don’t feel good, you let me know. Yeah. That’s what you love to do. I do. So this is what’s crazy so crazy. People say to me all the time, it happened just yesterday. A guy says, dude, you got up at three 30 yesterday. I said, no, the yesterday I got just being real. I got up at five. Why? Because we were up late with the football thing. Right. I got up at five. Thank you for going to the office at five 45 right, but most days, yeah, three o’clock so you get up at three and they’re like, how do you do that and not get tired? I’m like, well one, I’m in my flow state, baby.

I’m doing what I was called to do. I love it. Now you say, well clay is there. Are there ever people ever, are there ever times in your business coaching career where you don’t love it? Oh yeah. Let me tell you why I don’t like lazy people. I don’t understand them. I don’t want to understand them. I don’t empathize with them. I don’t deal well with people. They’re like, I just don’t. Just to fill a motivated, I don’t know what that’s like. So Jason, what tends to happen if you work at elephant in the room and you find it hard, you find it hard to stay motivated. You find it hard to get to your work by 10:00 AM or whatever your shift is. What tends to happen? Well, that’s, I mean, I haven’t done that personally, but I’ve seen it happen. I’m the person who finds it hard to get to work, eventually starts to show up later and later, or they miss meetings or they’re there.

They’re also actively just not engaged whatsoever. I keep them around and is some sort of life project and try to fix them at the expense of our customers. Some would, but we don’t because it’s not good. And so my customers who love to exchange their hard earned money for goods and services that are good, appreciate me for firing idiots and for pulling the weeds. And you might say, well, don’t you feel bad? No. Why? Because it’s my flow state. I believe I was called to fire idiots. That’s what I’m good at. Right? Think about this for an example. Kobe Bryant, uh, the famous NBA player turned now venture capitalist. He said, I can’t relate to lazy people. We don’t speak the same language. I don’t understand you. I don’t want to understand you. So as an example, this is, this is interesting. Um, we had a member of our family who offered to pay for me to go to Europe as a gift.

And I appreciate the the gesture, but I don’t want to go to Europe. So I said, I don’t want to go to Europe. And they’re like, we don’t wanna go to Europe, but we’re gonna pay. I’m gonna pay for it. You can go, Nope. Bye. I’d rather business coach my clients do what I do rather recorded 12 hour show about breaking down a one and a half hour TD Jakes sermon into 12 minutes or six minutes. I’d rather, I’d rather do the same thing every day. Reticuli Atwood’s why is my flow state? I’m serious. People struggle to it. Once you find your flow state, you’re not going to want to retreat from it. The word vacation means like retreat, right? Retreat from something. When you have a vocation, you find your calling. You know every day you’re going to love, you’re going to, every day it’s going to feel like a celebration when you love your occupation.

So let’s, let’s look at Tom Brady for a second. Oh, would you argue that Jason, objectively, he’s done well. Very. I have some Tom Brady stats here real quick. Can you read some Tom Brady’s statistics real quick please. Oh yeah. So Tom Brady 14 pro bowls. Okay. That’s like the all star team. Ah, yeah. Three time All-Pro which means you’re like the best. Okay. Six super bowl championships. Okay. He is an astounding six foot four. Yup. He weighs 225 pounds heavier than I thought. But then again, he’s tall. Yup. And then, uh, his net worth is $580 million. That’s what he’s worth and climbing. So he’s worth $580 million. Now let’s look, let’s compare for a second. Let’s go on Facebook. Let’s just kinda compare. Let’s almost kinda get into this comparison jealousy thing. Let’s talk about Elon Musk, the musky one. How much? So it’s a trade off. Some stats for Elon Musk.

Well, he’s the founding member of PayPal. Does he have any pro bowls? No. Okay, keep going. He’s the founding member of solar city. Was he an all pro at anything at business? No title though. He didn’t make any. All pro NFL. All pro. Okay, keep going please. He’s the CEO of Tesla. How many Superbowl championships does he have? I believe it’s zero. Okay. He stands at a not as astounding. Six foot two. He’s not six. Four. He’s not. Why genetics? Okay. How much does he weigh? 186 pounds. How much does Brady weigh? 225 what’s Elan’s net worth? Well, that is 20 point $2 billion. I feel like based upon the jealousy and comparison game, one could argue that Elon Musk is a pathetic loser. I mean, we think about, he’s not two 25 he’s not six four. He hasn’t won any Superbowls. True. Right? Now you could flip it and go Tom Brady, based upon the judgment and comparison thing.

This he, he’s, he’s pathetic loser too, cause he hasn’t how many tech companies and he doesn’t, it’s not worth $20 billion. I mean, so here’s the problem. If you don’t know what you want, it’s never good enough, right? Because Tom Brady is great the greatest of all time at what he does, but he’s nothing, nothing. He’s not worth anything at all in the tech world. Ah, what loose right now you think about Elon Musk. He’s great. He’s great. But Elon Musk, he leads, he’s one 86 yup, and he doesn’t look sometimes like a lean one 87 what you understand Tom Brady? He looks lean, but he’s two 25 that dude is just straight muscle. He was like a swimmer is how he looks. He’s red. He does kind of look like he’s just, he’s very, very physically strong, but he’s very, very lean, so he doesn’t look like he wouldn’t be.

Look, look up Tom Brady 2019 look at his face. Look at him. This guy. What in the world? Look at Tom Brady. Tom Brady 2019 this guy is just, he’s a beautiful man. Look at his face. Look at his face. Look at the, you’ll get the beauty. Look at his face. Now I want you to look at Tom serious pictures on now look at Tom Brady 2019 versus his rookie year. Look at his face, looking at it. Look at him now versus then look at his face. So Tom Brady, say Tom Brady now versus then. Okay, now versus then Tom Brady now versus then look forward on Google images. Look at him right here or you see on Pinterest, you see that Tom Brady. If you just type in Google Tom Brady now versus then and then click on images. You’ll see at the top left, you’ll see the image. Click on that. Please look at Tom Brady now versus then.

Do you see that picture? Did you find it in Google images? Yep. Okay, look at that. That’s a different person. Do you see that? Now I want you to put a link to that on the show notes so people can see it. And if you had to guess not knowing Tom Brady, which one does he look younger? And um, well actually he looks younger in the, now I know he’s a professional. So now you know, now he’s got the, the Schiff and he’s got the routine and he’s, he’s doing it well, this is what I’m saying. He’s improving as he gets older. I add this. This is what I am saying to you. This is what I am saying to listeners is Tom Brady has found his flow state. He’s found his Oh shit. Where he can swim. So when Tom Brady’s doing an interview, this is what people don’t understand is the oldest quarterback to win a Superbowl.

Correct? Correctamundo if you listen, if you listen, if you listen to this show with any regularity at all, or you listen to any interviews with Tom Brady, you will understand this idea. Tom Brady was interviewed recently, asked him how old, how long do you plan on playing? And he says, I’m paraphrasing. He says, I have no hobbies or no interest outside of football. Really other than my family. So I for sure will play it on 45 but, but, but I’ll play as long as I can. I predict that he’ll play until he’s 45 yes. But I believe he’ll try to play maybe till he’s 50 you think? Yeah. What you can do, because of the way he plays, right? There are Tom Brady rules and if you watch Tom Brady play, there are certain rules he does. One is he tries to release the football within three seconds. Right?

So when he gets the ball, he’s counting in his head 1001 1002 throat. So you can’t really, he’s almost like his own offensive lineman cause you can’t tackle him if you keep, he doesn’t have the ball and the, the current rules work in the league. You can’t hit the quarterback if he doesn’t have the ball. Right. You can be suspended, find et cetera. Back in the day you could hit a guy late. Now you can’t. So with the current rules and his current regimen, it is likely he can play till he’s 50. So you might say what yet. And Tom Brady almost every year takes a pay cut so that the team can afford better offensive lineman cause that allows him to win. Other quarterbacks don’t seem to have this figured out. So Tom Brady look up, look up Tom Brady, um, how high he gets paid versus other quarterbacks. So Tom Brady’s salary versus other quarterbacks and you can find where he pays himself because he could command whatever he wants.

Sure. But he chooses to make less money over the team player. Right. Because TD Jakes spoke about this, he has a long term perspective. He values winning. So he’s struggling for it. Financially struggling. He’s only making [inaudible] he could be making twice as much, far more. I know it’s kind of a joke, but serious, he could make, do you understand his career? He’s turned down almost a hundred million dollars of earnings so far. That’s crazy. I didn’t know that. Yeah. Cause every single year homeboy takes a pay cut so he can afford an offensive line because he wants to, he values winning a championship over making the most money. So if you look up Tom Brady’s salary versus other quarterbacks, you’ll, you’ll find them. So again, think about this for a second. Brett, I want to get your take on this. Sure. Tom Brady or Elon Musk in your mind, who’s more successful or they both successful in your mind?

They’re both successful, but again, it’s, you know, being in their, their correct ocean, their own water, uh, space. And so, uh, yeah, I mean it’s just ridiculous to compare them. Um, and I hate the comparison game. Um, I don’t get, I have a Facebook account. I don’t get on it very much at all. Um, but I believe that about 10% of it is positive and beneficial. You know, you can stay in contact with people. Here we share photos with the grandparents about the kids. I would say about 10% of sex is positive. I would say as a general rule, I mean this, I’m not just joking. I mean this, I think that the average person, um, sex was meant to be a good thing. It talks about it in the Bible. However, for a lot of people, sex and lust and constantly chasing women around is a thing they can’t overcome right now.

This is what I want to share with the listeners out there, Tom Brady in 2019. Okay. All right. Tom Brady right now in 2019 he is going to make, this year he’s going to make, I says this contract raises a 2019 salary by 8 million to 23 million. So he’s making $23 million this year. That’s what he’s making this year. So the highest paid quarterback in 2019. Now, Tom Brady, again, he’s making 23 million. So the highest paid quarterback this year. Uh, let’s see here. I’m going to Russell Wilson. All right, so Russell Wilson this year, how much is you making this year? And um, okay, says NFL quarterbacks, the article is called NFL, his highest paid players, Russell Wilson on top at 79 million says contract extensions are pouring in as the NFL gets ready to kick off its hundredth season. Thursday night, Ezekiel Elliott and Jared Goff signed contract extensions worth more than 220 million combined with all pro wide receiver, Julio Jones is inching closer to a mega deal that is likely to set a record for wide receiver salaries worth close to 20 million a year.

But even those stars can’t touch Seattle Seahawks, quarterback Russell, William Wilson, who is the NFL is highest paid player in 2019 at 79 million including 9 million off the field. And April Wilson’s four year $140 million contract extension. His average salary is 35 million per year and Tom Brady is not making 35 million per year, right? So Tom Brady’s making 23 and Russell’s making 35. So you would think, well, maybe the guy is winning the most championships is getting the biggest deal. No, no, no. Right. Because Tom father time, Tom Brady, he continues to value winning a championship over being the highest paid. True right now if you will. This is a fun stat. If you look up the highest and you don’t have to do it now Jason, this is just fun for our listeners. If you look up the highest paid quarterbacks over the past several years, they don’t win championships, right? No, I’m looking at the list on here.

So from 2018 of like the top 35, um, Brady’s 14th and everybody else I’ve never heard of. Yeah. And it’s because they weed off some of the other guys. They’re making more, more money than Tom Brady on. Right? So more than Tom, Matt Ryan for the Falcons Falcons. No clue how many Superbowls they winning. Okay, back to you. Keep done. Okay. So cam Newton, I know him. Cam, cam Newton, Kim didn’t let me give a little the candidate a little tip here. Camera cam Newton. I have no athletic ability, but I want to taste something. Throw the ball. You gotta stop trying to run around. Tom Brady has a three second rule. Why don’t you just throw the freaking ball? You could play forever. Cam Newton if you would just throw the ball, stop running around. Okay, continue. Then of course that number 11 Phillip rivers, rivers, the chargers. Fine man for the chargers.

How many Superbowls is he won? Keep going. Oh, it doesn’t say butts cause you’re not going to find it. And I keep going. Number 10 Eli Manning, Eli, Eli, Eli. Now Eli has won two championships and he’s, since I’ve watched football, he seems to have only played well in two games. Okay. Back to you. And then number nine is Ben Roethlisberger I pronounced? Yep. That’s the quarterback for the Steelers. Ah, he’s had a fine career. Okay. Who else? Then we have Russell Wilson was number eight last year. Okay. I keep going. [inaudible] then we got, uh, Aaron Rogers number seven, number six, Joe Flacco. Flaco. Flaco. Yeah. Again, these are guys who are very good, but they’re not at the level of Tom Brady. No. But they’re making more than Brady. And then skipping ahead. Number one, was Jimmy Garappolo grapple? Oh yeah. Would be Tom Brady’s backup. Ah, how much is he making now? Uh, so this is as of 2018 it was 27.5 million.

So we’re quick. Tom Brady’s backup is making more than Tom Brady. That’s literally the name of this article. Yeah. Tom Brady’s backup was making more than Tom Brady put links all over the place on the show notes. This is good for the listeners. So what I want to do is I wanna make this very practical. All right. We’ve talked about Tom Brady, his ocean, which is football, right? We’ve talked about Elon Musk. His foot is ocean, which is business and tech startups. Now let’s talk about your ocean. So what can listeners to get out a piece of paper, a paper. I don’t want to use paper. I want to use my smartphone. I be careful because that smartphone makes you dumb cause you get 11 hours per day spent on there. You need to say clay, the smart phone is a good tool. Yeah. 10% of the time. Clay nudity is a good thing between a man and a woman yet.

Well, what percentage of nudity out there spent between a man and a woman? Right now I just want a husband and a wife. Think about that. What percentage of of? Of? Of of, okay, so if you get into smartphones and we think about this for a second. So the smart phone, let’s put it down for a second. Let’s take notes on a piece of paper cause we want to put it up where we can see it. Where there is no vision, the people perish. There’s no vision. The people perish. Let’s put it on a tablet so we can see it. Let’s put it somewhere and we want to write down our goals for our faith. What are our goals for our faith? I’m waiting for you to write down your goals today. I’m waiting today. Who do do, do, do, do. Okay now. So now what are your goals for your family?

I’m waiting now. Clay, we need to move on. I’m getting bored. This is about you write down your goals for your faith. But clevis, I’m driving. Pull over, pull over, pull over. It’s okay. You can pull over [inaudible] faith. What are your faith goals? What are your goals for your faith? I don’t want to do this. I don’t like, I’m gonna turn this show. I’m gonna turn your show off right now. I’ll stop. Okay, fine. Write down your goals for your faith. Now these are my goals for my faith. I’m telling you my goals for my faith. I want my kids to know and love the Lord so that they won’t depart from him when they’re older. I want them to have those values. I don’t want to put my values on my kids. Okay, fine. I want my kids to discover their own path, which is why they’re both addicted to pot.

Oh, so figure out your faith goals. All right. Family goals. I want to be married to one wife my entire life. She is my goal. What? Yeah, that’s why like this is how I, this is how that the house that we’re, I think we’re building right now. Um, is it, is it an interesting, that’s my wife right now is designing the house and she’s going over the plans and there’s rotunda this rope tug does this nice, nice circular room that looks out over the pool and you know the house designed, it’s got the little wine cellar room and I got nothing on that. Right. I’m not thinking about it. I’m not really involved because it’s gotta be her house. We’ve, we’ve lived blower means forever and she would like to design something that she likes. That’s fine. Happy wife. Happy life. It sticks within our budget all as well.

All I’m saying is I’m not going to sit there and argue with my wife about what kind of flooring she wants. Right. Because my goal is to make her happy. Do you see the difference Jason? I have a black toilet in the man cave. You’ve seen that black toilet have I have. Why is it black? Because you want it to be right. Why do I have my own bathroom? Cause you don’t like to share a bathroom. Other people, anybody. Yup. So my wife’s goal is for me to be happy. I would like for her to be happy. So we don’t sit there and fight over some couples. I see couples, I have met couples as the Lord is my witness. I have met a couple just in the last four or five months because a lot of times I work with couples in our business coaching.

I’m business coaching a business owner and sometimes the couple owns it together and they are fighting. I walk in the meeting, they’re still fighting over, I guess one of them keeps the bathroom cluttered and so there’s like towels and you know, I don’t know, towels and there’s a toothbrush or there’s, you know, deodorant or whatever is going on. There’s dirty clothes all over the room and these couples are fighting still over it. So I realized very quickly in our marriage, I cannot share space with people. I can share conversations and I can share them so that our living room is my wife’s dominion. I had no input there. I don’t even go into my kids’ rooms, some people, listeners. So now I don’t ever go in there cause it’s not my world. Right, right. So again, what are your goals for your faith and your family? Now let’s talk about your goals. How many kids do you want to have brick? How many kids do you have? I have three. You won’t have any more kids? Um, potentially. I don’t think, uh, biologically. But yeah, maybe down the road you’re saying, do you have the ability, I’m, I’m up for, uh, fostering and adopting. Do you have the ability to create kids yourself or you look at amoeba where you can self duplicate? No, no, no. So you have to have somebody who’s participating.

There’s definitely needs to be a partner.

Does she want to have more kids? No, Shanda? I think if we’re out there though, it’s, it’s so important. We know how many kids we want to have, especially if you’re not married yet or you’re married without kids. Breck why is it important for someone to sit down and define how many kids they want to have?

Well, I think, uh, yeah, I mean, if you’re married, it needs to be something that you guys agree upon. A one of you doesn’t. I mean, it’s not gonna work out so well if want to be once like eight kids and the other one doesn’t want children at all. Actually had a couple that I treated years ago where he had lied to his, uh,


would be a fiance and told her that he wanted children when he knew in his heart he never wanted to have children and uh, they didn’t stay together.

And I see this only every time there’s an exception. I’m serious though, because people won’t talk about these goals because we’re on Pinterest or we’re, we’re watching the boys tonight, right? We’re too busy going out to eat. We’re trying to figure out chase, I’m trying to get DoorDash to deliver me off guard and I don’t have time right now to think about my family goals. Well, he’s talking to me. You just cleared up 45 minutes. They’re bringing you stuff now. Finances. Let’s talk about your finances. People wouldn’t like to put a lot of pressure on your finances. Some people like to say, can I borrow money? Can you help me out on this? I have to buy a car right now. Could you help me with the down payment? Could you help me with my house? If you have money, everyone says I would like a little pay raise.

Every employee wants to get paid a little more and the customer always wants to pay a little bit less. Right. I’ve noticed that the customers want, the customers won’t pay just a little bit less and the employee just wants to make a little more, but very few people are going, Hey boss boss, can you pay yourself a little more? I mean I was thinking about it for the weekend and I was thinking I was going boss, I think you should pay yourself more. I have never had an employee do that. Also also, it was a general rule as not always, but I would say 99.78342% of the time. Almost all the time nobody ever says good job boss. Now I recall doing payroll this week. I recall my wife doing payroll. I recall getting the checks on time, but there very no one ever calls me and says thank you right now again, because they’re working.

They are exchanging their time for money. They’re solving problems for our customers. I pay them, but I don’t get a lot of employees. I had one, I had one lady, one young lady for the elephant in the room, just did this and I appreciate her by the way. She came up to me in our Friday meeting and she said, I want you to know I am now making more money than I’ve ever made in my life and I can now afford my utilities and my car, my gas. I’ve worked in the hair industry for years and for the first time in my life I have money in the bank and it’s you. I have to think so I just want to tell you and I’m going, Oh, there are people who are appreciative. Yes. Yeah. And man, it took you what, like 15 years. I mean you get like you get like one every three years or two years.

But again, so you finances, you got to figure out your goal. Now what happens Breck, when you know your financial goals and you hit them, like if you’ve hit your financial goals, what, what, what, what do you think happens to me? Um, I’ve got other goals that I want to accomplish. Um, what do you think is happening to me for you? For me personally, I hit my goals cause I think that’s a win for you. It is a win for me. So I think you, you thoroughly enjoy it. Succeed. And when, I mean for me, when I reach my goals, now here’s what’s crazy, crazy town we’ll go into crazy town is recently a lot of people in the ministry space have been reaching out to me and telling me I need to get involved in ministry. Now let me explain this to you. Why I don’t get into ministry.

I curse too much. Um, I don’t feel called to do it right. I am annoyed, annoyed, annoyed when people ask for help and then don’t do anything with it. I’m annoyed with people that are like, could you pray for me? I’m looking for a job. I’m like, how many jobs have you applied for? Well, I haven’t yet. I’m just trying to wait for that perfect job. Could you pray for me? I’m trying to buy a house. Have you looked at houses now? But I, I just am annoyed with the idea of, I think you have to do in the natural what you can do and then the supernatural at God. Do what he’s supposed to do. But don’t sit there and pray for, you know, God, I want you to give me a staff and all of a sudden it magically appears you’ve got to do what you can.

I get annoyed with the idea, but a lot of people are saying, you should go with me to the Amazon. I’m going, what? You need to go with me to Brazil? A lot of people right now, a lot of business coaches in the jungle that needs your help. There’s at least five people I can think of right now who are telling me almost every week I need to go to Brazil or Argentina or Israel to do missions with them. Right? And I’m going, I don’t want to do missions. Why do you understand mr? Listener that I barely acknowledge the presence of other countries. Like I have a map and I’m like the U S of a. And you’re like, what about the rest of the world? I’ve never had that thought. The Michael Jackson song is like, heal the world. Make it a better place for you. And for me and the entire human race there in my mind, I hear it.

Heal America make it a better place for you. And for me and the American race. There are people in America dying. But I don’t think about the whole, I don’t care. I relate. The Olympics to me are dumb. I hate the Olympics. I cannot stand the Olympics. Why? Cause I don’t care what I don’t care. I’m so tired of America’s going to compete this year versus the Soviet union. But do Americans, should we compete versus the communist country now that that’s America versus Russia. And it’s Putin treating as athletes ethically. No. Cause he’s an idiot. Should North Korea be allowed to compete in the Olympics? No. Cause they have a Supreme dictator who’s a freaking idiot. Should China be allowed to compete? Shocking. Shocking. But China bulldoze people’s homes to build us Olympic stadium. The Olympic village. Are you kidding me? Do you understand what it is to be in a communist country?

You can’t own land. You’re told how many kids you can have forever. It was one which meant you can’t have an uncle or an aunt. There’s always one child and what happens with the other kid? I know this because I have very, I have multiple friends who’ve adopted babies from China. Let me tell you what they do in China. If you have a second kid, this true story, you give birth to a second kid, which is a violation of the code. If you do make it to give birth, they make you take your baby and set it on the side of the road to die.

That’s why if you’re driving in China down the road, you will see babies dead babies on the side of the road in China. And you say, well I just want to give a little more power to the government because our country is not doing well. So let’s do a little more universal healthcare and let’s deprioritize things. Let’s do a little more universal free college. Let’s be more like France. Let’s be more, let’s, let’s be a little bit more like North Korea. Let’s be a little bit more like Argentina. Okay, so you want to give up your, your, your responsibility for a little convenience. You want to advocate socialism and communism. I get it. Okay. Okay. So what we’re talking about again is your financial goals. Everybody puts goals on you. People say you should speak at colleges. I don’t get to speak at colleges cause listen, if you’re on a college campus right now and you’re not there to get a specific skill, you got to drop out.

As I said, the establishment doesn’t want you to speak at colleges. Oh my gosh. I spoke there so many times and every time it was always caustic because the student would put their hand up and go, I’m a junior, I’m studying business, and I want to know what are your beliefs on the responsibility of business owners to give back and to fight climate change. I’m like, okay, do we want a real answer? Yes. Okay, well, I want you to look up hydrocarbons. Mr. student, look it up. They’re like, what? Just look it up. Look how many hydrocarbons. Look. How many pollutants go into the air when a volcano explodes. I would like for you to look that up please, please, please look up. Like when Mount st Helen blew up, please look up the soot reached Seattle. Look it up. See how much pollutants go into the air every time a volcano can busts.

Look that up please, and then explain to me should be banned volcanoes or banned cars. I mean, you’re like, what am I? Do you understand? We’d have to keep all of them, but the whole world would have to have their cars on constantly to produce the same amount of pollutants that we produced when a volcano blows up, like it would take a century of cars to make up for one volcano explosion. Should we ban volcanoes? What? And then I get into this hole, we, it just, it was dumb. I never have these thoughts or I was on, I remember one student put their hand up, they won an award for the best business plan and it was first solar panels. Right? And I’m like, can I explain something to you and go, yeah. Do you understand that if we cover the entire state of Oklahoma with solar panels, we would not produce enough power needed to produce the energy for Chicago?

And you’re like, what? I’m like, look it up. If you put a solar panel on your house, do you understand it won’t pay for itself for like 20 years. Well on the cost of energy to go into producing the solar panels. It’s not even going to pay for itself, but it’s taught as a fact that you have to do solar panels. And anyway, I can’t even go on a campus. I can’t go there, but people want me to, they asked me, you should come teach entrepreneurship. Well, in Friday’s program, uh, that aired on Friday. It was about the NBA or pushing of, it was about MBAs, whether to hire, whether to get, and Elon Musk is not a fan of MBAs, nor is Peter teal, nor is dr Zellner. Nor am I. So again, you say, what are your goals for your finances? The problem right now too is financially I’ve hit my goals a long time ago and people keep telling me I have to do things that can, I mean it’s like, well, clay, do you understand that if you would expand like a thousand clients, then you could make more money.

I don’t want a thousand clients. I want 160 of you and that’s it. Jason, you see me do onboarding. So what kind of people are a good fit for our program and who’s not? People who understand, well, one, people who are coachable, um, people who are willing to grow. When you and I, I’ve noticed there’s like a certain look that you give when you’re doing the onboarding and you say, okay, well initial homework before we set this whole thing up, I want you to look at this, I want you to look at this and I want you to do these three things. And the people who are like, okay, got it. Write it down, print it off. I will do that by the next time we talk. You’re like, that’s great. But the people were like, well I think I can do that or I can try to commit to that or you know, I’ll ponder it.

I could try to commit to that, but I don’t know. I’m going to have to watch the kids in the morning. Yeah, get up earlier. I can’t stand 45 year old men tell me they can’t get their action items done cause they have to spend time with their kids. Wake up at three, go to bed at nine, wake up at three, get your, get your six hours of work before they wake up. Quit making excuses. Stop it. So faith, family, finances. But you’ve got to figure out your financial goals. Jason, do I like traveling? No. It turns out though, I get people all the time who fill out the assessment form and say, could you come if traveled to New York, we would hire you if you’d come to New York, right? No, your conference could be bigger if you move to Dallas. No, I don’t want to move to Dallas.

Why? Cause I want to be able to have a small enough of a group where we can do what business coach 160 people and answer all the questions. Right. To know their names. Our conference changed. If we had a thousand people, it wouldn’t be the same at all. It really, I mean, you can literally raise your hand in the crowd and you stop and call on that person to, you know, answer their question. Um, but if it was bigger, how it’s very intimate. It feels very connected. If it was bigger, um, you just be a number lost in the ground. Um, it would lose its energy. You’d lose the vibe. It would, it would be totally different. It would be different. I don’t want to do that. I don’t want to talk in generalities and get people excited and walk on hot calls and woo, I don’t want to do that.

I want to help you get your answers to your practical questions, but your finances. Listen, listen, mr. listener, listen to this, ms listener, write this down. Somebody needs to write that down. How much money do you want to make per year and don’t let me or you or you’re doing anybody. Don’t let yourself be impacted by anybody else except for you with that number because the world says you should always make what more, right? Because you need a newer everything, every car, house, new car. So many people, so many people tell me all the time, they say, clay, your Hummer, man, that thing’s got 210,000 miles on it. Dude, that thing, I was behind it the other day in traffic and barely accelerate anymore. I’m going, don’t you, don’t you talk about Betsy, don’t you? The Hummer of love. Let me tell you, I’m not putting that thing out to pasture. They said put, get a Porsche, you should get a nice car. I don’t want to. Why?

Because I like it. I was looking for different vehicles, you know, cause it’s getting near the end of there. I think it was going to buy another age too. You should. I think I’m going to because it’s my move the box trucks out. Yeah. It’s either that or the original [inaudible] yeah, that’d be the problem is my wife wants me to have enough room, oddly enough for our kids to fit inside the vehicle and I was like we could put them in the box back of the box and just rolling around back there. Moving around. We can paddle. Hold onto them. That’s right. It’s like a bag of cats back there. Just moving around. So, but again, finances, everybody says I need a bigger house. People were always underwhelmed by my house. Every house I’ve ever had in your backyard. It’s really, I mean it does look smaller from the front then from the back.

But yeah, you’ve created an amazing Oasis here. People though I’ve always had like had a house, like we lived in a couple of houses behind Gates and they’d come over and they’re always expecting to find the biggest house in the neighborhood and they pull in and they’re like, Oh wow, it’s a 4,000 square foot house or, or, and you know it’s nice but they’re like, Oh yeah, I thought it would be more bougie. I thought it would be more, I thought it would be more paintings of yourself. I thought you would have more leather. Well I remember one client had a leather floors in their house. All right. Leather floors. What in the world? No, listen, the true story, leather floors, huge aquarium. The most opulent decor to beautiful, pristine, magnificent, like our backyards pool, but twice. [inaudible] and this is what she said to me in a meeting.

She says, is it possible I could go down to the scholarship this month cause my, I’m at my limit and I don’t have enough money to make my mortgage this month. Wow. And to true story. And so I’m going what? And you know why she has all that stuff you don’t want Jason [inaudible] because people told her she needed buying stuff. She doesn’t need and impress people. She doesn’t know exactly those people who aren’t actually looking in care. There it is. So you gotta, you gotta figure out your financial goals. The goal should not be the acquisition of stuff. It should be financial peace to de stress. So you don’t have to work every hour of the day just to make it okay. You don’t want to look, you’re being chased by a lion and every second of the day. Now, fitness goals. Brick. Yes. Fitness goals. I don’t know why you always come to me when it comes to food cause you’re a fitness guy and you’ve seen your own biceps.

Get out of here. It’s a fitness goals though. Again, I want to encourage the listeners out there. We want to get in good physical shape, but have you met people who are, um, at this spectrum where they’re already jacked? You clearly see this guy or gal is jacked, right? But yet it’s not good enough in their minds. Have you seen this? Yeah, definitely. Especially with other women. Men and women. You see men and women? Yeah. Well, because I think, um, you know, there’s a time years ago where like body image issues were primarily women, but I think those days are more and more behind us. I think more and more men are having body image issues. Hmm. Yeah. See a lot of dudes like back when I was going to a planet fitness, there was a guy and he was always throwing up like he would curl like 55 pound dumbbells or nothing.

I’m like, wow, that’s, uh, that’s impressive. And I was a, I was a scrawny dude back then. So I’m like, how long did it take you to get to where you are? Is like, I do this every day. I’m like, you do it every day? He’s like, yeah. I was like, aren’t you afraid you’re gonna hurt yourself? He’s like, I can’t be big enough. Every time I look in the mirror, I’m smaller. I got to be bigger. Now again, if that’s what you do, if that’s what your pool is and you’re a fish, if that’s your water and you’re a fish, that’s your ocean and you’re a fish, fine. Right? But make sure it’s your own goal. Yeah, right? Don’t you got to own it. Don’t get into the comparison and the jealous jealousy of, of comparison of where it’s never good enough because one goal can override the others.

I mean, you may want to be married to that one, one for life, and yet you spend all your time at the gym for your fitness goals and you’ve undermined another one of your goals. Now we get into friendship goals. This is big. It’s just so important. You write down your goals for your friendship because if you don’t, this is what happens to me a lot when you’re successful. Before. Well, before I was successful, when I was building the DJ business, I always was trying to network with anybody I possibly could try and learn as much as I could. I was chasing, I was selling, chasing, selling and chasing, trying to get, um, uh, yes. Trying to, I was asking everybody, Hey, do you know if someone getting married soon? Yes. Um, would they like to hire me? Are you getting married? Are you planning a party?

I would ask everybody, are you looking to get married soon? Or you know, somebody who is, are you every, every, every chamber event, every networking opportunity? I was always networking, trying to find a new lead. Everybody was elite. One of your gifts is the hustle, the hustle. You embrace the grind and you, you are a hustler. So I, that was what I did for a long time. Then it was like try to chase a lead, but then at a certain point I realized I can’t make any more time but I can make more money. So now I’ve had to say no to grow. It’s flipped. So now people were like, do you want to go out to dinner? No. Do you want to come over? No. Do you want to go out to eat? No. Well, what, because I really don’t have a whole lot of friends and the friends I do have, I want to spend time with, it’s like I want to spend time with dr Zellner and I’m not like dr Zoellner, let’s go on a date tonight.

Again, it’s not that. It’s more of, I just want to see him a couple of hours every week, you know, a couple of hours to stay in touch. I want to see my wife. You know, it turns out a couple, three hours every day. I want to see my kids. But if you have a friend, I want to have friendships with the people I value. I don’t want to just be out there just kind of an acquaintance of the world because that can happen by default. Can absolutely. Yeah. Where nobody actually knows you. There’s no intimacy at all. It’s all at arms distance and, and I think that’s another reason why so many people feel depressed and, and they’re unknown to everybody. Nobody actually knows who they are on the inside. They just what they’ve put out there as an image of who they might be. So you’ve got to write down right now who, what friendships do you want to have?

Cause your network is your net worth. Your network becomes, determines your normal. So let me give an example. If you hang around people, I want you to, I want all the listeners to write this down. Think about this. Hoo hoo, like an owl. Hoo, hoo, hoo. Where do you spend your time with? Think about this. If you hang out with people that are all really into fitness, you’ll probably find yourself getting into fitness. If you’re around a bunch of people who are very wealthy, you’ll probably find yourself over time becoming very wealthy. If you’re around an entrepreneur who’s successful, you’ll probably become a successful entrepreneur. Now you are just through osmosis because it’s hard to be friends with somebody who you are doing totally different world views and values. Then it’s hard, you know what I mean? Calm. And to bring you back together. Now, if you are around people who have criminal frequent run ins with the law frequent for, no, I’m not talking about speeding tickets.

I’m talking about like um, drug issues, uh, people who are constantly having problems with beating their spouse. That’s a dangerous thing. Yeah. Why is it dangerous, Jason? If you hang around with a guy who has domestic violence issues cause then domestic violence will start to become like your new normal and that crazy. Yeah, because it corrupts morals. Um, um, this is, this is a big idea from Proverbs. It talks about this and I’m going to look up the verse real quick for the listeners so I can, it says, um, well let’s start with full. Let’s go with first Corinthians first. First Corinthians 1533. It says, do not be dyslexic. Bad company corrupts good character. First Corinthians 1533. So Jason, put that on the show notes. First Corinthians 1533 do not be misled. Bad company corrupts good character break. Have you ever seen this happen before?

Yes. What happens when you hang around corrupt people, you become like them and how well I’m like you’re saying, I mean it becomes a new normal, a, there’s some certain aspect of a desensitation, you know, Oh, desensitizing. Yeah. They start to [inaudible] to that negative behavior and the next thing you know, it’s kind of your norm. So, um, you know, an example from my own life, uh, when I was junior high, um, some people were making fun of somebody and I, I joined in knowing it was wrong, but I joined in because that was who I wanted to impress. And, um, you know, the person that, uh, I didn’t realize it in the moment, but the person I made fun of was actually somebody I care very much about. Um, and so I felt like lower than low, like I was below. And Anthony’s, um, and so, you know, I learned, but you learn hard.

Yeah. That was a hard lesson. But I learned, um, and I’ve seen it with my, my own kids, you know, friend groups, uh, who you hang out with is who you are, starts to affect. Our talk starts to become who you are, the attitude that you carry. Um, you, you’re around a lot of kids that don’t like their parents that are disrespectful of their parents. It’s easy to become disrespectful, disrespectful if your parents right now, Proverbs 13, 20 rights walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Again, Proverbs 1320 walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Um, this walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. Yeah, see I’m getting it stuck in your head right there. You see it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s your neural pathway.

You see him Proverbs 13, 20, if I say it enough, it gets stuck in your mind. Walk with the wise. You see I just made you say that say walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm. You see how that works. So I want to make sure we’re getting this idea cause this right here is, is an idea. That’s terrible. Um, years ago I was running the DJ business and one employee came to work and showed naked photos of his wife to our entire team. And I am going, I didn’t, I’m not aware of this. Right. I’ve done it and I’m, one of the employees pulls me aside and was like, dude, we’ve got a problem here. I go, what’s the problem? He’s like, this dude just showed naked photos of his wife to a lot of guys and I’m going, he did.

So I confront the guy. Did you do it? No, I didn’t. I go to the two guys. Did he show it to you? No, he didn’t. Okay. So I found I, anyway, long story short, I talked to the guy, this is about six months later, cause I couldn’t prove it and it was just hearsay kind of versus kind of a weird thing going on. So I finally confronted a guy he’d had at this point, an adult beverage and I’d said, Hey, did you show photos of your wife? He goes, yeah, that’s how I got her to marry me. I took naked photos of her and we were in high school and so since she was a freshman in college and I told her if she ever broke up with me, I’d put them over there, all over the internet. And she’s a pastor’s daughter and that’s how we’re married.

Wow. That’s a terrible man. True story. True story guys still married by the way. And I said so and they hate each other. And I’m like, so it was a true story. I’m like, so you wait, wait a minute, you’re, you’re, you actually took naked photos of a freshman in college and then you said that if you break up with me, I’m going to put them on the internet. He goes, exactly. And I’m like, so that’s how you got married was exactly. Now that guy does that kind of thing all the time. Like he has, um, I’ve seen him hire migrant workers that aren’t legal now as I’m watching from a distance now I don’t, I don’t hang around the person, but he’ll hire migrant workers and then not pay them. And then they’ll say, I need to get paid. And he’ll say, well, I’ll have you deported.

Right. And then we’ll all agree to pay you half of what we promised so that you won’t get deported. How about that buddy? And this is what he does now. He, he is a guy who’s had success suck emphasis on the suck. Then the success he’s had success by his terms and I know people in Tulsa. Well, I’m thinking of it now. It’s good. Won’t Tulsa recently discovered his games and they know that he was in association with me many moons ago. And so they’re going, are you aware that this man is married to a quote unquote trophy wife? As a result, he’s married to like a, a model, uh, a trophy wife as a result of holding naked photos over her. I’m going, Oh yeah. Are you aware that he does not, he was able to get things done on time and on budget because he doesn’t pay migrant workers.

Oh yeah. Are you of his drug issues? Oh yeah. Are you aware of the cocaine? Oh yeah. Are you aware of the prostitution? Oh yeah. And you think, how did he get that far? Will you look who he’s around, right? Holy crap. He’s around some bad people. What’s your so you reap. So the moment that I confirmed I knew what he was doing. What do you think I had to do Breck? The moment that I get him loose, how do you let him go? Yeah, you can. It can’t be in your inner circle and you had to let him go and he and other people have since tried to make it right with us and Hey, you guys should meet. I’m like, I’m not meeting with that guy. No, no. I somehow I was out somewhere. I somehow ran into the guy and he was like, Hey, we need to talk.

I just want you to know, man, I have to change person. Totally changed. This is like five years ago. Totally changed. I want to make it right. And that was like five years. I’m like, dude, I don’t, I’m not gonna talk to you. And just recently I found he’s doing it again. The same stuff. I mean, I’m just telling you that right there is suc cess that’s what the word, that’s what the world, a lot of times the world says by any means necessary. Do what you have to do to financially get ahead. That’s what do you not agree that that’s the universal Anthem in our world right now? Yeah. Do whatever it takes to make money. That’s very true. Do you don’t agree with this? I, I agree that everybody believes that. Yes. I was on a conference call the other day with a, this is B, well this would be maybe the other day, but it’s like a year and a half ago, I guess I was on the conference call with a guy and uh, we’re done.

He is not a client of mine, just for full disclosure, not a client of mine was a vendor. Okay. A vendor. And he in the background, you could hear his wife kinda yelling at him or something. And I said, uh, got okay. Do you want to reschedule? It’s okay. And he says, well, I married a seven and I’m letting her talk to me like she’s a 10. Wow. And I’m going, what? And he goes, well, you understand, she’s 20 years younger than me. Okay, is I’m married hers cause she was a trophy wife and serious. And I’m going, I’m going, what? But he let me just comes. It’s tip of it’s tip of tongue. It’s right off the top of his mind. He just said, his retort was, man, I married a seven. I let her talk to her like she’s a 10 and I was like, what?

And he goes, she’s not that hot. I mean, she has kind of smaller teeth. Seriously. And he’s having that thought, right? And I’ve met her, she’s a very beautiful person. But there’s people out there that view success as they’ll do whatever they have to do to make money. Complete completely void of values or morals, right. And if you have that mindset, you’re going to pay for, have you heard about celebrities buying their kids degrees? Have you heard about this? It’s a big deal. Oh yeah, you’re going to buy your kids a degree if all you want it. Right? But you, you, you, you, you could see why you would do that. If you’re a high school, a a coach and your goal is to win by any means necessary, you could see where you might be paying your players and breaking the laws. You could see why.

If your goal is to have sexual pleasure at all costs, you could see why you would prostitutes. You could see why. If, if your goal is to always be in a euphoric situation, while you might constantly gamble, you could see where if you don’t have your goals defined, you’re not going to have success. Now, Craig, gross, gross shell, the pastor of life church, the largest church in America writes, you must say no to grow. You must say no to grow. So what I’m going to do right now is I’m going to give the listeners some hard statistics and Jason, you can grab them off you off of the the show notes here that this would have been the 1129 show notes. I’m not sure when the show comes out, but if you can grab it off the 1129 show notes. Here are the statistics I will read in the following order.

Here we go. Harsh reality check. Wow. 50% of first marriages in America don’t work. 67% of the second don’t work. 73% of the third marriages don’t work. According to psychology today, 78% of men have had an affair on their current partner. According to the Washington post, 78% of men, 75% of employees steal from the workplace. 75% nine out of 10 small businesses fail. 85% of employees steal. Check this out. 85% of employees lie on their resumes according to inc 85% lie on their resumes and 75% steal from the workplace, right? So brick, if, if you’re in a room with a hundred people and 85 of them are, you know, lying on their resumes, or 75 70 75 with a hundred people are stealing, right? Do you want to hang out with them? I don’t know if you know that 78% of men are out there having affairs on their wife.

Do you wanna get marriage tips from 78% of people know if nine out of 10 business owners are failing? Do you want to get advice from almost anybody about how to run a company? So I’d just encourage you as action items from today’s show. One, figure out the ocean in which you can be a fish, right? Don’t feel bad if you can’t climb a tree and you’re a fish figuring out your ocean. [inaudible] put this on the show and it’s one of these action steps in here. I want to make sure it’s actually not a number one, find your ocean where you can be a fish. Find. Define your F six goals today. Now here’s the hard part, the hard part, like like a very trendy haircut. Here’s the hard part. I encourage you right now to write down what you have to say no to today, today.

What is the thing you have to say? What’s the thing for you, for your family? What do you have to say no to no to to have those family goals happen? What do you have to say no to? To have those faith goals happen. Faith, family, finances. What do you have to say no to to make those financial goals happen? Faith, family, finances, fitness. What do you have to say no to, to hit those goals. Faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship. Who do you have to stop hanging out with? Is corrupting your morals and who do you need to start hanging out with? Faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship and fun. Fun, fun, fun goals. Yeah. What are some things, when does it time to stop working and to go have fun? When is it time to go hang out with your kids? By the pool? When is it time to work so you can afford a pool.

That’s the great challenge and I just encourage you today I want to, I want to live. I want to leave a dr Breck opportunity here to kind of give us capstone thought, but the show is designed to be repairative. It’s designed to not be punitive. I’m not trying to punish you or yell at you or judge you or I’m trying to coach you up, teach you. And it might be harsh. You might go, man, and have some harsh examples, man, that’s, that’s, whew. You’re hanging around some crazy people. Well, let me tell you, um, when you allow thousands of people per year to come to a conference, when you have hundreds of employees and hundreds of clients, when you, when you open your world up to that, you’re going to see corruption, right? You’re going to, you’re going to see it. And I have seen, I’ve, I’ve like lived a thousand careers because I have coached so many business coaching clients, so I’ve seen it. But Breck, what advice would you have for someone today that maybe hasn’t been able to find their ocean yet? They’re kind of, you know, they’re, they’re a fish and they found themselves trying to climb a tree and maybe they’re 35.

Well, I mean, there’s a number of things. One of the things I was going to say is, uh, it’s easy for me in my position to look at guys like Elon Musk and Tom Brady and to say they don’t have to say no to things, but yet I know through, you know, some of what I’ve been exposed to that they both say no to certain things. And so, you know, we were talking about Tom Brady and how his appearance has changed. I know that there are a lot of food items that he doesn’t eat. I know that there is a regimen that he keeps, um, and there’s time that he spends in the gym and things that he has to say no to in order to keep those commitments. Um, so no matter what level you’re at, you still have to say no. Um, you know, so Craig Rochelle’s words are true.

I know their true for himself. I know they’re true for me and for everybody else listening. Um, but if you find that you are a fish out of water trying to climb a tree, uh, take that pause, go through these F six goals, figure out who you are, who you want to be, and uh, what matters most to you. And then you start eliminating those things that are not in direct connection to getting you where you want to go. You know, you can, you can really end up in the wrong place and go a much further away from your goals than you ever realized. If you’re not actually keeping score, paying attention, knowing what the destination is, enjoy the journey, but you still gotta be pointed in the right direction.

Now, Jason, I would like to ask you this because you’ve coached some clients and help them to have some success. Yeah. Do you, what advice would you have for a client out there right now that say in, they’re finding they’re struggling to find time to achieve their financial goals. They’re struggling to find time to automate their savings because you’ve actually gone through the evolution yourself. You’re your, are you there yet? No. Am I there? You know, but you’re, you’re down that path. You’ve gone through a huge transformation in the past three years. Um, with your health, with your finances, a lot of stuff. Give, give somebody out there some practical advice or maybe share what you’ve done cause you’re a really different dude now. Yeah. So take it from me. I actually, I slipped up in my, in my growth path last week, I was talking to a John about how everybody in the office is like in the foot, like football and I’ve never really watched sports other than like MMA.

And I told him, I’m like, I just don’t have the time to watch. He goes, no, you don’t make the time. And I thought that’s super important because how had I not heard that? I wouldn’t have identified that problem. But that’s one of the biggest things I run into when somebody says, Jason, I don’t have the time to sit down and look at automating my savings. I don’t have time to do something fun, make time. I have recently found that I have a ton of time Friday and Saturday to allocate to my marriage and making it better. So what I do is Saturday or Fridays from like five until nine. That’s all lifetime. This is good. This is, nobody gets anything. They don’t respond to my phone. We do date night and then Saturday after we do the, I’m like onboardings and shadow sessions. It’s typically around noon when I’m free.

Yup. I have the rest of that blocked out for what I’m calling Saturdays, which is [inaudible] wants to do during the week. Your man [inaudible] Saturday and you’ve been married for how many weeks now? Going on for I am. So I’m so impressed with what you’re doing because you gotta pull the weeds and way ahead of the curve. I mean, Andrew has been married now for a year, I believe. Yeah. It’s so cool to see their marriage. Oh absolutely. He’s automated his savings. He’s has a Saturday date scheduled. I just, he’s not spending one on one time with other women all the time. He’s setting good boundaries. You’re doing the same thing. It is so exciting. It’s so encouraging to see young men and women out there not living in a tent with three chicks and a dude smoking pot. It’s just exciting to see that, but it doesn’t feel as good as where I’m at right now.

Job well done. And now without any further ado, we’d like to end each and every show with a boom. And I’ve discovered with our new studio, these mikes are a little bit more sensitive and so when we boom, you have to like kind of pull back. It’s like a boom. It’s like a three two and we’ve got a backup three two one. We’ve got to back up before we move. Cause if you people moving when you’re too close at peaks, ah, we can’t be, we can’t be picking on them man. Cause then I gotta ask Greg to come in here and fix it again and then he’s going to say I can fix it, but this is a new system and you gotta back further away. So who am I to have to pop the,

your listeners here tell, here we go. We don’t any further. Ed in three, two, one attend the world’s best business workshop led by America’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on iTunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing as proof that you did it and your contact information to info at thrive time.


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