Create a Lead Generating Website

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Is your website actually producing leads for your business? Clay Clark will teach you the proven needed steps to build a website that will generate leads from your ideal and likely buyers.

Create a Lead Generating Website

  1. On the back-end the website needs to be optimized for Google.
  2. On the front-end the website needs to look visually better than your competition and needs to be focused on converting 1st time customers.
    1. Must gather proof that you are in fact real (previous examples of work, client testimonials, before and after images, etc.)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Brand is just a perception, and perception will match reality over time. Sometimes it will be ahead, other times it will be behind. But brand is simply a collective impression some have about a product.” – Elon Musk (The man behind Tesla, SpaceX, PayPal, etc.)
  4. Understand The 9 Components That Makes a Website Convert Well
        1. Google Canonical Compliance
          1. Downloadable Internet Marketing –
        2. Most Reviews
          1. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.” – Forbes
          2. MYSTIC STATISTIC – “Research shows that 91 percent of people regularly or occasionally read online reviews.” – Inc.
        3. Most Content
          1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “We recommend that you have a minimum of 450 words of text content per page. Having fewer than 450 words on a page makes it hard to convince search engines that you’re a subject matter expert. In fact depending on the industry and keyword, 450 words might still be too few. The search engine optimization industry averages 1,000 words per page, and this is true in other industries as well.” – Page 221 – Search Engine Optimization for Dummies – Bruce Clay
          2. List of Books to learn about Google
            1. Get Rich Click – Marc Ostrofsky
            2. Search Engine For Dummies – Bruce Clay
            3. How Google Works – Eric Schmidt
        4. Most Mobile Compliance
        5. Interactive component
          1. Search feature
          2. Podcast download
          3. Etc…
        6. No-Brainer Offer
        7. Testimonials
          1. “88% of consumers read and trust online reviews.” – Forbes –  =
        8. Https Encryption for Your Website – Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) is a variant of the standard web transfer protocol (HTTP) that adds a layer of security on the data in transit through a secure socket layer (SSL) or transport layer security (TLS) protocol connection.
          1. Podcast – Https 101 –  
        9. Information Exchange – Give something in exchange for the client’s contact information
  5. Podcast – How to create a lead generating website –
  6. Downloadable –
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Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary drive time show business conferences for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. Orange madness, you work it back to the conversation to the five-time show on your radio and podcast download into they were talking about, creating how to create a lead generating website. I just want to make sure we’re getting this concept. I want to shoot your. They were sharing it with the 11 tensity needed. If you build a website that doesn’t generate business and or leads, did you really just have a hobby website? But if you build a website to generate leads generates leads, it can change your life. It can change your life, so make an example. I work with called barbie cookies. If you do a google search for tulsa cookies, you will find that she comes up top in google search results. You type in tulsa, dog, training, tulsa, dog training, movie, say I want to train my dog, so you type in tulsa dog training. You see tip top k-9, one of our clients coming right up their top in google. It’s a game, changing amount of money that can be made if you type in dallas real estate, photography, dallas real estate, photography, calm down I’m typing.

As fast as I can. Okay, we go you’ll, see full package media coming up on page one of google. Do you dye want to make sure you’re getting this? If you type in tulsa men’s haircuts, you’re going to see the elephant in the room coming up top in google? So why is that I got what I got a recent win h, 2 oasis, fun center in teahouse google? Not only that when we relaunched her new site launcher new site for her, they were getting 0 web leads for a year. 0 web leads day. 1 no advertisement they got 10 web leads really. The first day we launch their site. You can fly a kite, encourage you as we go through this podcast to go through this radio. Show today work off the assumption that what I’m saying is not true and then look it up. I mean if you type in business conferences tulsa, iphone, repair, tulsa, iphone, repair, all you’re, going to find phone doctors coming up top and google search results, and it’s not because they’re good people they’re hard workers. It’s just it’s because we understand how to optimize your website to get to the top of google’s the question I have for you is:do you know how to do it? Because if you do know how to do it? Great, if you don’t listen up here, we go so on the back end of your website, you have to optimize the back into the website. That’s the stuff! People don’t see, you have to optimize the back of the website. That’s that’s! That’s! Half the equation using two halves on the front end of the website. You website needs to look visually better than your competition and it needs to be focused on converting first time. Customers. So here are all of the variables that you must have on your side in order for that to happen, either the 9th variables that you have to have on your website. Okay, your website has to be google canonical compliant, so so pretty but who’s who hasn’t heard this before marshall. In a nutshell, what does it mean to be google, canonical compliance, cuz, obviously we’ll put on the show notes the downloadable where people can click and in and nick, and see the visuals of hard to explain just verbally, but but what does it mean to be googly canonical compliant canonical comes from the root word canon, which is meaning set of rules, and so when they were found in google, larry, page and sergey brin, they had to create a set of rules for how the search algorithm was going to work, and so they had to create all the different rules.

Things like your meta title tag things like your meta title or your meta description. Things like how many words need to exist on a page for google to index if they had to create the the rules for how they were going to evaluate whether or not a website was compliant example that those of you who are subscribers. Com, you can see visually if you business conferences subscribe, 19 bucks a month to get all the video versions of what we record here, but I have in my hand a copy of the book called guerrilla marketing with technology, and this is by jay conrad levinson right I have a copy of my book in my hand, called a signed copy by the way of more than a hobby by the founder of hobby lobby david dream on both books on the back of the book. They have a barcode reader barcode back here this one’s kind of obstructed. Cuz. We have a price tag on it. I guess., for 1499 done this one over here, his barcode. You can, you can see it if you’re watching the video here who came up with barcodes, who came up with marshall to get your book on amazon, you have to have an isbn number. What is that you got? It is every book that is in circulation that has to have some registered number that is used to track it between the internet and bookstores and anywhere else that they’re selling books, international standard book number and it’s a commercial book identifier and someone says why do I have to have that. I am very, very confident that I could I could spend the rest of my life.

I will I’m doing the research right now for a show, we’re going to be airing here soon about the, life and times of stephen hawking, and let me tell you what like, he spent his whole life trying to figure out and it was a black holes-could truly can’t really consumed things or whether they were actually just portals into another dimension and I got to be honest with you:i, don’t care i, don’t care at all about any of that stuff, because it’s not it doesn’t help me optimize. My wife know that guy was totally physically confined to a wheelchair and he could only use his cheek muscle, which is how we navigate to the internet and how he wrote. So I applaud the guy for using that time to move forward with research, but I don’t understand. This show is only about practical actionable business conferences how to grow a business kind of stuff, and so, if you’re hung up on why you have to be google, open planner. Why yourself, how your cell phone works and then we can move on if we can show you how it works, it’s a good drive time should I come and you click on this particular podcast. You will find the other downloadable link, it’s a link to a infographic where we show how it works, but again they had to come up with some system. They were like the cowboys or the internet, and the internet wasn’t organized. They had to come up with a way to do it. I mean. Today we have zip codes. Why do we call the zip code? Why do we have zip codes? Because somebody eventually had to organize things? I mean why don’t you have a phone number with a 9189?

You have a number after that wife eventually organized way you make phone calls I mean there had to be a way and google made the rule. So you follow them. You went right, but if you don’t you lose i, don’t like the rules of law. I, don’t like the rules of law off the x won’t pay my taxes at all. It’s just Something:i’ve been too well. That’s cool, except you’re, going to end up in prison with a guy who’s excited to see you views this again, but I would hope that you would know you can you can argue with the google canonical rules if you want, you can also argue with gravity and you can go up on top of the building and you can jump off and then let us know how that goes for you. But grandma is going to win same thing, google’s going to win like they’ve already built they do. This is what they do. So, let’s follow the rules and get to the top of google. So the next thing is, you have to have the most reviews you have to the most turkeys. I’ll. Tell you why you have to have the most reviews, since you do weight value, might say why don’t like that at all? Is there another reason:yeah cuz customers, trust reviews? In fact, according to business conferences forbes, will put a link on the show note 88% of consumers read reviews before making a purchase. 88% also put the link on here. Ink magazine shows that 91% so ink magazine numbers 91% of people read reviews according to ink 88% of people reviews according to forbes, but everybody is using google according to who vintage classic stages of thrivetime show on your radio attend the world’s best business workshop, led by america’s number one business coach for free by subscribing on itunes and leaving us an objective review. Claim your tickets by emailing his group that you didn’t and your contact information. So you can point drive, time, show.Com, all rights, red nation.

Welcome back to the conversation we’re talking about how you can make copious amounts of cash by getting to the top of google search engine results. Don’t get overwhelmed, don’t get to a place where you are just got on my gosh i. Don’t know what to do if you only for action items, you need to learn today, but I wanted to start up with some ample examples that the human mind can handle. If you do, a google search for tulsa cookies, you’ll find barbie cookies. If you do a google search for dallas real estate, photography, you’re going to find full package media if you do google search for tulsa dog training, you’re going to find tip top of cana. If you do a google search for tulsa float tanks, what in the world is the tulsa float tank jump? It is a sensory deprivation tank that you lay in that has no sights sounds no feeling of gregor floating and epsom. Salt filled water and you have no senses coming into money. No input and its release is your mind. So they’re their tagline could be come to h2oasis, float, center and shut the heck up. That’s what it is. It says that when you walk in tulsa off phone repair, tulsa iphone repair our client. Why cuz? We know how to get them there and I was the only thing you need to do to grow. Your business. Convert, the lead, is a lot of work there, but here’s what you have to do on your business conferences website today. You got to make sure the back end of your website and here’s to the google, canonical compliance rules and on the front end of your website. You got to make sure that your website is visually better than your competition and it’s focused on converting first time, customers and if you have time shut up,, you click on this podcast. You can see the downloadable, so you can get a visual of what we’re talking about. So we have to have the most reviews right step on. You have to have the most cut.

You have to have the most google canonical compliance. Your site has to be canonically compliant, that’s step one. What is it mean to give me have a downloadable, you can click it and see the checklist. Okay. The second is that you have to have the most reviews. Why? Because forbes says 88% of consumers, trust reviews and read them before making a purchase. Ink magazine, piles on to 91% of people read reviews before making a purchase and I would say every wife that I married to always referred to as before we go out to dinner. What does that mean? I mean seriously. We never go out to dinner without reading review. Why would you i, don’t know it’s crazy to people like you. 8% of population 9%, 12 % know you have the most content, not jeff. Can you read a notable quotable from the book search engine for dummies, page 221, please I can says we recommend that you have a minimum of 450 words of text. You just said what 400 minimum of 450 words of text content per page having fewer than 450 words on a page makes it hard to convince search engines that you’re 8 that your subject matter, expert? Okay, you got to be a subject matter:expert, yes, but I’m, actually very good at what I do, but as google now that yes, but I don’t care because I’m awesome does nike I was looking at the nike website and I thought to myself. Does nike have a thousand words on every one of them. To say to this is method man doesn’t know it does not just for sports shoes for nike, hey I’ll, be over here. That’s what they’re doing in fact, depending on the industry in key word for in 50, words might still be to view the search engine. Optimization industry averages. A thousand words per page in this is true in other business conferences industries, as well, temperature, tell you.

What you’ve told me I’m supposed to read:get rich click. We get rich, quick by marcus dropped because it’s hot me to say one and two I don’t even want to read that I think marcos property and I don’t want to read that 13 year for dummies. I, don’t want to read that book. Neither and I don’t want to read how google works by eric smith commit what your name is. Eric I don’t want to read that just tell me what to do with, because I have not read those books and I have read some blogs and talk to some people at the bus station that I’ve met and those people want to help me get a candy bar out of the vending machines. In the second thing they, mr. Block, you should read them. It’s a blog made by mr tai lopez had all these cook funnel than all these things. It is really awesome and I can make a ton of money if I don’t have to do a thousand. What does the word mazel? That was one of the most impressive things I’ve ever heard all the time to do it. They do it all the time they feel like, because they read an article on bill’s, blog or tai. Lopez was in a meeting, and he was telling me that the google’s made some changes. Here’s the thing you got to learn some best practice to follow. Why not follow a best practice of somebody? Who’s done it. So, regardless of what all these other blogs that you’re reading say what about just doing? What works, if you have a recipe for baking a cake, don’t go, introduce a bunch of weird ingredients so that you’re like well water, jimmy, I’m, a mexican cake. Compliance is the next aspect you have to the most business conferences mobile compliance and has to look good in mobile has to work good in mobile, because google does check for that any google’s not going to allow people to be top in the search results.

They have a terrible website why cuz people would stop using google if the results that they produced were crap. Furthermore, google’s not going to allow somebody to become top and google simply because you copied content from another website for hired a company from india to copy the content, hire an article writing company from india to do it. Why? Because google knows what you’re doing and if they are allowed a company to just pay $20,000 this week to all the sudden become topping google people would quit using google, so I know of at least at least 45 50 per-cent of clients. I’ve ever worked with have told me:i had a guy that called me and it seem credible because he called me up and what I’m going to be able to search engine optimization when you get to the top of the google search listing i, get you on the map, i, get to add all the articles of journey $775 a month. We do it. It’s called an article. Spinner will spin the articles of the google doesn’t know it’s amazing. We can get you to the top of google it when it’s not true, not true, going to lose every single time. Now what you are, the top of google or getting closer to the top of google. You got to add a kind of a I search feature to your business conferences website. If you can some kind of interaction like a search feature or chubbies on the show notes at 8 and interactive components, maybe videos, people can watch a podcast. People can listen to because the more time people spend on the website and actually makes the site ranked higher in this is called the bounce rate. Then what you want to do is you want to decrease the bounce right by keeping people on the site longer and google does measure that I know.

They know everything you don’t understand. Google actually makes a copy of every website and when you search on google for something you’re, not actually finding that website, you’re finding google’s copy of the website, because google download every single website single day, sure that’s why you haven’t read how google works better judgement, but if you can’t I invite you to buy it, so you can get the book or every year for a fun read. You can always download, can I download search engine for dummies. You can buy the book the ebook and every year I read the update and every year it’s terrible, but every year I learned something cuz google make subtle updates to keep down scammers. But it’s fundamentally the same thing. You have to create a no-brainer offer what you just a very, very good offer. You know an offer. It’s so good people try out. Then you want to put your testimonials on the website. You want to do that right. Then. You want to put http encryption on your business conferences website, that is a hypertext transfer protocol. What hypertext transfer protocol security? What does mean? Is it keeps your site from being able to be hacked into?

It’s called go to youtube today, right before www.Youtube.Com you’ll see https, and we have other podcast on the show notes where you can learn how https works then finally want to have an information exchange. You want to say in exchange, for you giving me your email address or your contact information for filling out my form I’m, going to give you a free something in marshall. We have a free something for all the lizards. We have a free e-book copy of your amazon best-selling book called start hearing in that book we have a thing called the seo manifesto marshall, it’s free. It’s a thrivetime show.Com convince the listeners why they should download the start here or go to the business conferences, but we’ve taken the decades and decades of experience that we have all of the best business books that we have read and we put it together into a 550 page, behemoth book of practical action of awesome. If it is awesome until you got to download that you got to read it, it is a ton of real and rob business. Steps that you and I share in that book is very awesome. When we come back from the break and creating a business that stands out, how do you find your niche, and how do you create a business that stands out in a cluttered marketplace


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