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How do you create powerful and viral word of mouth for your business or organization? Clay Clark, Pastor Brian and Jessi Gibson and Aaron Antis with Shaw Homes teach you the importance of the Law of Reciprocity and how to over-deliver consistently to new customers and first-time visitors.

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” – Walt Disney
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The most selfish thing you can do for the growth of your wallet and your business is to wow the customer by consistently delivering more and better service than they expect.” – Clay Clark
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Going the extra mile is the action of rendering more and better service than that for which you are presently paid. When you go the extra mile, the Law of Compensation comes into play.” – Napoleon Hill
    1. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Fresh Fish at Pike Place
    2. Southwest Airlines flight
    3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – The One Number You Need to Grow
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The percentage of customers who were enthusiastic enough to refer a friend or colleague—perhaps the strongest sign of customer loyalty—correlated directly with differences in growth rates among competitors…True loyalty clearly affects profitability. While regular customers aren’t always profitable, their choice to stick with a product or service typically reduces a company’s customer acquisition costs. Loyalty also drives top-line growth…Customers who are truly loyal tend to buy more over time, as their incomes grow or they devote a larger share of their wallets to a company they feel good about.” – Frederick F. Reichheld (The One Number You Need to Grow)
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “When people are wowed they will cathartically tell others about how much they loved the service that you provided them.” – Clay Clark
    1. DEFINITION – Catharsis – Psychological relief that is experienced through the open expression of strong emotions; causing catharsis.
    1. Design a visual enhancement of your physical client interaction:
      1. Office decor
      2. Flat screen menus
      3. Office furniture
      4. Presentation materials
      5. Receipts
      6. Menus of Products / Services
      7. Bathroom Decor
    2. Determine how you could visually exceed the expectations of your customers every single time.
    3. Determine how you could exceed the expectations of your customers with sounds and audio every single time.
    4. Determine how you could exceed the expectations of your customers with your tours/walkthrough and scripts every single time.
    5. Determine how you could exceed the expectations of your customers with their tastes every single time.
    6. Determine how you could exceed the expectations of your customers by adding in free items (additional products, services, food, free extra time, etc.) every single time.
    7. Add these over-delivery and service action items to your product/service delivery checklists, so that it happens every time.
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    1. How to Create a WOW Moment for New Customers –
    2. Systematically Creating a WOW Experience for Your Customers –
    3. Finding Time to Work on the Business and Create WOW Moments –
    4. How to Create a WOW Experience –

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Want to attend the legendary drive time show business coach workshop for free, subscribe on itunes, leave an objective review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see it’s in our riverwatch offices and will be able to make your dreams come true. I know many of you are listening to this podcast because you want to grow a successful business. I, don’t believe you listen to this podcast because you are disturbed by me or you’re, saying, at least by comparison. It sounds like i. Have it together, so you listen to the show is a way for you to feel like you can mentally one up somebody every single morning, every single day and I and I and I get that I get i, know i, get that and I appreciate you listening to the show for therapeutic reasons. I know some of you listen because you heard business coach companies like shaw homes or full package, media or phone doctors or tip top, k9dj connection or dr. Robert zoellner barbie, cookie, drake I’ve, been there o’reilly’s, you Say:i’ve been there to hewlett-packard rick I know about this, and you know that we’re teaching has worked for them and it can work for you will. The next move is focused on this concept. Called the net promoter score the net promoter score harvard. Did a study about this thing called the net promoter score today, since it’s the number one thing that your business needs to grow? Let me paraphrase when people say they typically refer you now when people say wow, they typically ben refer you a lot of people are saying. Why are you saying at that way? It’s because I want you to remember when people say wow they’re going to refer you very close to now.

You might say why, psychologically speaking psychologically speaking and it’s win like you, saw a dog get hit by a car, and you have to tell somebody you got to open expression of your most janitell, something a bit to let it out there was it founded the company wow somebody that people just feel the need to tell somebody and so frederic reichheld one of the professors at harvard. He says the percentage of customers who are enthusiastic enough to refer a colleague, perhaps the strongest sign of customer loyalty related directly with the differences in growth rates among competitors. Truly truly loyalty clearly affects profitability, while regular customers on always profitable little bit, reduces. Gibbs a crap. What he saying is that if you are happy as a business coach you’re going to tell a friend is so weird napoleon hill says going the extra mile of rendering more and better service than for which you are paid just going. The extra mile is the action of rendering more and better service than for which you are presently paid not going on strike, but actually doing more than your pay to do so. I’m sure all the teachers list and you guys are rocking, but my teachers were terrible, high school and, in fact, gallup his teachers, 30% of current teachers, according to gallup, only 30% of 30% of teachers according to gallup, said they’re engaged meaning.

So the key is, if you do less than your paid to do, and if you want a pay raise, it typically doesn’t work out in the world of entrepreneurship or teaching I’m. Not talking about the teachers know columbus is no,. Those are great teachers. All of them are engaged. None of them are going on business coach strike. What other states, but anyway, this is a thought and you wow people that aren’t currently typing in your church is a chance. They might come back in time when you’re wearing customers that aren’t used to show a customer get their potential customers is the chances are going to buy a home from you? That’s all I know all three of our guests disagree with every political statement. I just made walt disney might agree with me. What did he say whatever you do? Do it well? Do it so? Well that when people see you do it don’t want to come back and see you do it again. I’m impressed by people that are on strike I want to see him. Do it again, no he’s at whatever you do. Do it well. Do it so well that when you see people do what they want to come back and see you do it again and they will want to bring others and show them how? Well you do what you do so pastor brian here’s my thought when you started river city church, how many people were at your first service? Can you remember when your brother was? There are thousands that point I mean that you’re big now that would have thousands your first service I think the first, the first bible study we had there were 24 people present. Then we had a lot of like stunt doubles. We brought we brought business coach people in. We knew that would not be a part of it, but we needed living breathing bodies in the room. To look like somebody wanted to listen to us, there’s actually a service out there in la. You can sign up, for we can rent a paparazzi and a lot of scam. Artists use this where you pay people like a two people to follow you around. These were friends:i had some friends in the area. I grew up in an hour south of there in the people that were coming to the church. A lot of them had drug addictions. They were in church before. Could you have to focus on reaching people that hadn’t previously had a relationship work with christ you weren’t going to other churches and trying to recruit their people right? And no? That was not my strategy.

I don’t want other people’s church boca I was came to seek and save that which was lost. You did have the strategy. I will not deliver a great sermon until I get a great time, I’m not going to hold it until they pay. Would your church of effort it would have never grown I’ll. Tell you in those early days, I was preaching to adjust, will tell you I preach, like there were, ten, thousand people, there, a hundred thousand people I’m thinking like and nothing comes back. You were on the couch, what are some of your preaching in a business coach or football stadium and there’s like six kids sitting in pretty intense. I would be sweating and preaching and I’m talkin to the back, but I was trying to get them. There’s people out there, though that are saying I cannot possibly wow people at my church now, because, when they’re not giving yet we’re not big, yet we haven’t proven hartley we haven’t. They haven’t proven to me that they’re loyal so I can’t possibly well them. It is easier to wow them now. Isn’t it jesse in a lot of ways, then it will ever be in the future, cuz still wow on a smaller scale. It takes less that there’s less people, there’s less distractions, there’s less things you got to take. Take and I know you don’t have all the gadgets yet, but the gadgets don’t do the work for getting the gadgets only x. What you’re already doing there is there in an answer, so you can wow people at a small scale at a high level for like i, mean think about this in your ear out there in 22, more than we thought. How is it? You have to create an unforgettable wow moment for visitors and first-time guess whether it’s a business or a church in so many churches, I hate to say this. So many businesses, I hate to say this, but I talk to him. I said:listen, there’s a cookie business I work with years ago, when I said cookie, business was a cake cake, cake business. I said when people come in to your bakery. I want you to give them a sample of have like 10 different flavors, your favorite five flavors, give them a sample sample I mean not a little chintzy, but I mean give him a nice slice of the red velvet of the trouble, never give it to him and then say how can I help you, but first i, have you been here before? No hey, would you like a sample start that way? You’re, not a buyer. With this one I’m a partner so and I’m the majority owner, so you have to do it.

You should find this is ridiculous, but every time she would have a sample took it about three weeks of resentment to get this, but people would come in just kicking tires and they would give this wow. What is this next thing? You know there a buyer, but it was like four years. It cost so much. It’s so expensive to be cheap, it’s so expensive to help somebody out there that has a church that saying I really don’t want to go all in for these people, cuz there’s only 24. A lot of people would tell us that, like his only 20 people, do we really have to wear a lanyard there’s only 20 people. Do you really want me to stand at the door and greet them? I can do that whenever it’s, because the church is so whenever you get in people just want to talk to their friends, but we are constantly he trying to think of ourselves as the first time guess it’s coming so I would go around every time before service and I would spray vanilla spray. Brian says god, church i, say myra I heard that vanilla was a smell, that everyone really liked and it made him feel at home so that we wanted it to have a homie atmospheres is 24 business coach people so far, so we would do that. We would make sure that our bathrooms were spic and span and we met in a building that had a concert venue, so they were filthy and every time before the service we would get them. People would say to me:why do we have to watch these bathrooms? No, but none of us care I said because someone’s coming the carrots and they want to know that we prepared a place for them. So we always did it like it. Was everybody so I’m going to give you a checklist mr. Listener that you can find at drivetime? Show.Com by clicking on the podcast miss listener, you can hear this by going to drive time should I come listening to our podcast. You can find if you can also play in the show notes I’m going to fire off a bunch of these moves. You could use and I want aaron antis with shaw home to maybe break down a couple of these. If you have time to get into all of them, but office decor I meet at your office decor feel like a bus station with what do you think about it both days and I love both days and I love the smell of the person. Next to me, I love the fact that you can’t stop I love the accessibility, I love both of public transportation is awesome. Well, okay, if you were born yesterday and you’ve been sold that by your college, professor okay, quad screen menus. What’s good for haps, you should have a flat screen menu yet i, don’t like them. Cuz my customers, one organic okay, fine office, furniture, presentation materials. Maybe your brochure people, don’t judge me based on my protege with my personalities. What does it for me every time receipts? Maybe you shouldn’t hand write them.

You know this is a thought in that your contractor out there. You know the whole handwritten unlegible receipt, move menus bathroom decor that makes the people want more i, think about it. We exceed the. How can you visually exceed the expectations of your customers every time yeah so I mean. Obviously, when somebody comes into one of our model homes, we have more furnished and decorated model homes than anybody else goes, and they just look at a two dimensional floor plan. That’s black and white. There’s no color to it. It’s really hard to see how you’re going to live in that space and I buy real quick with you sure, stephen hawking said that is what he’s known for it. Apparently he proved that radiation cannot escape a black hole and when radiation, that way, when the object tries to escape a black hole, it actually becomes a two dimensional object and goes into into a parallel universe, universe, and he says he knows this, because he could thinking 11 dimensions I’m, not making this up so i. Just let you know that proves it right, 11 to grab me:there cannot be god just throwing it out there, caesar i, just stephen hawking’s, arguing with you here. Maybe people don’t like your two-dimensional stephanie, maybe you’re right about that. I hadn’t, but I appreciate you pointing that out. I will tell you stephen, hawking! I will tell you, though, that most customers are so visual that they can’t understand it unless they can see it, and so we try and paint the full picture for him. That’s why we have furniture in all of our business coach model homes of my customers, my congregation, my potential guests, my whatever what the audio pastor brown audio, the music rumor has it. You know you watch the movies. I was thinking about this right. Now., but, I’m, going to watch the movie star wars and I’m, going to like put in silent, like nope, nobody’s ever going to watch it on youtube and type in star wars without the soundtrack. Everyone should do this and if you watch the scenes where there’s no soundtrack, what is like, bom bom, bom bom, ba bom, ba bom luke me when I get rid of all that, and it’s just it’s just weird to music. It screws up the whole ambiance pastor brian. How do you try to get the music right in the church? What what role does music audio play there at river, city to walton music, is massive in the church world all on multiple levels? 1, you need your music right and clay. You help me with this cuz you’re, a music. I wish I didn’t have the right music in my four wheeler when I met clay and then clay’s like the four years. Awkward and I’m like yes, it is, it was sharp. The jesse had it stalled out. Looked awesome. I think we had a look at the doctor’s office. You get up to pour coffee.

This happens. Yes, I had 5 kids, so it’s good that we go to go to dr. Thompson’s office would go there when I get up before a coffee, and you can hear like me, siblings, to chinese place. Just the other night that it had, it was like the awesome 80s looking decorated to the hill old school fancy chinese place very, very cool, but it was so quiet. You could hear them fighting with nunchucks in the back. I promise you, and so it’s like that music has to be right and then the the music in the sanctuary must it now here’s the deal was or your potential church members by giving them a scripted to or I will tell you. This I went out to river city, because I was so excited to see them execute these systems, and this is not. This is not hyperbole. Folks, I’m driving by shoney’s shoney’s I love chinese I’m driving by shoshoni. Why do you always talk about sean’s i? Don’t know, i, don’t know what they serve there, but I like I’m, attracted to sign it. I drive by shoney’s and there’s people waving at me on the side of the road river city signs everywhere a suppressor way that the kids are at their way to hang a right angle, richard I turn right. I turn left I wanted to stop and maybe not go to church, but to go to the wings place. Cuz it weighs place, was open, i, look over by 9:30. Open, yet so I thought to myself. You know what but the 11 service. Maybe we can have the wings before the church by drove by rebuked rebuked the temptation I drove past the wings place I drive over to the to the refurbished and used to be a service merchandise, a beautiful business coach building which got the white brick there. It’s got. Such great britain building I go in river city I park. The car I parked the minivan I’m classy I’m driving a minivan I’m sexy I’m driving a minivan women are chasing atkins, I’m driving a minivan drives a white women, I’m married, so I guess I got to my car and in and after I fought off the drugs of women have a greater there. So have you been to river city before I go into the lot? These people don’t know me I’m a homie that doesn’t they don’t know me, you know what I mean they? Don’t they don’t they don’t know? How are you doing in there just like this and the kids loved it? The kids loved the church service and the thing? Is they, my kids? The kids are like the unfiltered truth cannons. They just say stuff. Like oh yeah, because shut your mouth, you will shut, you will shut your mouth. Have your mother beat you or something you took your face? Is bigger i, look at the photos.

Why is paraphasic? Two kids are my kids off in the vehicle and the kids went if we say like that. Church was terrible, but the kids I said this is awesome. We live in oklahoma, not kentucky and they’re going I know. If you can come back next week, cuz you thought about the cost. So, let’s think about the cost you but I’m just saying is the kids are going to tell other kids if they like the church service or not, there’s no escaping the calendar of the kids. The next move, the taste of your business or a church. This tastes are so important errand and as I know it shaw home. You guys do or want to open houses. You guys do on a model home put taste in there, any reput like what do you put in there? Do you put some extra of corn syrup you just like a little dispenser? What do you? What do you do to get the taste tasted good thing now we’ve got cookies, we’ve got different traits will have when people come into our design, studio and they’re, going to build a home with us and are picking out there colors we offer them all kinds of different beverages. Come on get fresh, stuff. They haven’t even upgraded upgraded to a nicer with having a wild business coach experience with your sew-in seeds of reciprocity man. If you do that too much pretty soon, it starts coming back to you with all my heart way to do with all your money going to eat the seeds of reciprocity. We move on how you can exceed the expectations of your customers by adding in free items, pastor jesse, there’s people rumor. Has it ever been to church before they’re, not tithing? What am I going to george barna, don’t get anything for up to 6 months, yet you’re still giving them what kind of stuff do you give new people on a consistent, weekly basis? What kind of services or business coach programs you give the new people before we try to wow people when they come in? We try to wow them with that. Don different weeks will do different food items. We always have coffee available for them and then for all of our new gas, we hand them a box just full of goodies that they can have our bill, we’re giving them a book right now it in the process of giving that to them. We just try to make sure that they leave with something in their hand and something in their belly and something in their spirit. So I was reading in the bible pull this up here. Cuz I want to get this right. You tell me if I’m getting this wrong here. Okay, so you know about the golden rule. Yes, something to talk about the astroworld okay, so I was just pulling it out and I’m I’m. Looking at here.

This is luke 6:31. This is not a question. I can ask you to recite it verbatim, but I was reading in my bible. Do you tell me cuz I might have like a misprint. It said, don’t do to others, as you would have them do to you until they’ve done it to you is that is that what it says it looks like we’ll be going to need. Another translation do to others, as you would have them do to you. That’s more like it that’s. Why was the world? Why is the world say I’ll hook you up, I will treat you nice butt paper yeah, but the the world is saying:hey I’ll get the world’s got that backwards. Really jesus gives us a model that works, and that is when, whenever we do something for people we go the second mile for them we serve them that date. They want to do something to help you back. It’s a win-win situation. Think about this jesus multiplied. There’s a miracle of multiplication recorded in the bible. He takes fishy takes loaves. He breaks the multiplies to many feeds, it’s a massive miracle. He feeds thousands of people all right. The people show up to get fit and now once he’s fed them physically, he can feed them spiritually. The same thing will happen in your business coach or business. If you take a step toward towards somebody, you do something for them up front that they see you care, then they’re going to want to be a part of your deal. I was thinking about this. The world culture I want to I want to prove you’re wrong. You’re wrong. I went through this thing about what I’m going to do this year, man as I’m, going to go, I’m going to harvest my crops and then I’m going to so then I’m going to sew the seats. No man just a shot. I got this new metaphysical to read a lot of stephen hawking, who turns out he’s just having a freaking genius. Dimensions he’s proven that god isn’t real freaking genius, I’m, so glad that he’s contribute so much to society. Given so much to so many people, stephen hawking, I’m, so excited about everything. You’ve, given the worldly wise so I was reading something hocking I realized I’m, going to like get more metaphysical this year and I’m going to I’m going to get a harvest. First then I’m going to till the soil. You know and then I’m going to mix it all up, but it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work what the world would have. You tried pastor jesse I’m, still, not convinced that you should over-deliver to somebody before there a business coach customer before they actually reciprocating help me resolve this, so I can move on according to scripture. God gives seed to the sower, so he actually gives you a harvest when you become a seller and get begins to multiply it. What cd put in your hand? So if we so, then we will also reap and it, and it’s so much more true in the realm of people than anything else.

So if we’re going to sell into something the best thing you can so into as a person, and there is no way to keep harvest from coming to you and getting a supply back in your hand, if you treat people I got that really cause. You obviously are are are a couple whose archaic you’re clinging to your guns in your gold in your religion. Obviously you’re delusional you’re into the whole bible thing, I’m going to go to a guy’s, got more figured out here:aaron antis, shaw homes, largest largest home builder, in oklahoma, which rumor has it turns out to be states, doing quite well in the economy. I would be. Is it bigger than texas no oklahoma doing? Well, though, and so I just want to ask you, this I mean surely there’s quackery going on over there? Would you ever want to be married to one woman? Your whole life of these are just stupid idea. Let’s talk more about adam and steve right. Let’s not talk about I mean, what’s not so i, don’t ask you to do you believe this concept of over-delivering before so he’s actually signed a contract? Absolutely we we go multiple steps beyond what any other builder in tulsa is doing to learn the customer. So you know we go out there. We spend a lot of time. We spend a lot of effort to get the customer to be able to visualize. What’s going to work best for them, and so you do that you spend the time you so into him and it comes back to us what we found is. We often have customers who walk in our door and they’re, like you know, i, just don’t have the money to buy I love your homes. My credit is terrible by the way we filed bankruptcy on her way here today and to the word they treated like a business coach criminal. Yeah. So we go suck up the steps of talking to them and helping them to find their way back to where they could eventually purchase someday, even though we know it may not be with us office. We have people on our team who are not qualified to buy a house yet and when it rains as they turn around and go tell other people how helpful we were when we couldn’t even sell them at home and it’s a when they do sell their house. They come in today. I know it wasn’t a good fit a year ago, but I’ve seen the way you’ve behaved to artem in the way you treat vendors by the way.

The way you treat vendors by the way just run out, there is the way you treat everybody just throwing it out there, so you were a vendor for you or a business coaching program for shaw homes. The way you treat us I mean what the teammates see it. Some some of the vendors are hilarious, isn’t it fun people? This is the client we fire. Come in and going to your team’s bunch of freaking idiots, but I know that you we are. The coop show you’re going to help me and then it’s like well, okay, you did see the thing is the team? Is me-and it’s not just me-it’s weird. You should have told me. We think we are we when you said we are monkeys, I’m, a monkey so and so I’ll give you treat all of our teammates with respect all the men, all the women you say, hi to him, you shake their hands. What’s going on how you doing the people who are entry-level positions are people who are high positions, and you know, what’s crazy-is that we had. Two people are office in the last 4 months. Buy a house from you enough for me to just convert the income you’re, paying me into them:buying houses and they’re doing it because they could choose any other business coach home builder, but I see the way you carry yourself. So this is my final deep thought for you. My final deep thought:you truly doing what napoleon hill says:are you going the extra mile and rendering more and better service denver witcher presently being paid? Are you doing this? Are you truly doing what luke 6:31 says do to others, as you would have them do to you secret marital tip? If you over delivered to your wife, she might reciprocated. That’s a good thing! That’s a good thing, because you on the manbearpig and I’ve, certainly email me info at drivetime, show.Com and I’ll hit delete. If you have a question email me to info at drivetime show.Com, and we wasn’t in the show, with a three and a two and a one in a bump inside the practice of your listing right now you want to it’s a three and a two and I want and then


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