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Clay breaks down why the mind truly is what the mind is fed, why you are the average of the five people that you most associate with, why the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already where you want to be and why everybody needs to listen to Guy Kawasaki’s podcast interview with Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. 

Past Guests Include:

  1. Steve Wozniak – The real story of how apple started
  2. Arianna Huffington – Thriving, redefining success and creating a life of well-being
  3. Martha Stewart – On the making of an empire
  4. Guy Kawasaki – The marketing specialist, author, and Silicon Valley venture capitalist and Thrivetime Show guest. He was one of the Apple employees originally responsible for marketing their Macintosh computer line in 1984. He popularized the word evangelist in marketing the Macintosh as an “Apple evangelist” and the concepts of evangelism marketing and technology evangelism/platform evangelism in general. From March 2015 until December 2016, Kawasaki sat on the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, the non-profit operating entity of Wikipedia. Kawasaki has also written a number of books including The Macintosh Way (1990), The Art of the Start (2004), and Wise Guy (2019).

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A Carnegie or a Rockefeller or a James J. Hill or a Marshall Field accumulates a fortune through the application of the same principles available to all of us, but we envy them and their wealth without ever thinking of studying their philosophy and applying it to ourselves. We look at a successful person in the hour of their triumph and wonder how they did it, but we overlook the importance of analyzing their methods and we forget the price they had to pay in the careful and well-organized preparation that had to be made before they could reap the fruits of their efforts.” – Napoleon Hill (Best-selling author of Think & Grow Rich).

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The Goal: Redefine Your Normal

  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The mind is what the mind is fed.” – David J. Schwartz (The best-selling author of The Magic of Thinking Big)
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “You are the average of the five people you most associate with.” – Tim Ferriss (The best-selling author of The Four Hour Work week and the host of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, etc.)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.” – Reid Hoffman (The co-founder of LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock partners)
  4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The first element of change is awareness. You can’t change something unless you know it exists.” – T. Harv Eker (The New York Times best-selling author and Thrivetime Show podcast guest)
  5. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The Mastermind principle consists of an alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others.” – Napoleon Hill (The best-selling author of Think and Grow Rich)
    1. Aaron Antis – Home Builder –
    2. Steve Currington – Mortgage –
    3. Clay Clark – Real Estate Agent – 


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On today’s show, I break down why the mind is what the mind is fed, why you truly are the average of the five people that you most associate with. Why the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already where you want to be and why everybody needs to listen to guy Kawasaki’s interview guy Kawasaki’s podcast interview with Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak. Dear was not a computer company. His idea was what he knew he’d sold surplus electronic parts. He knew how to buy switches and capacitors and transistors and sell them, and even some little low level chips chip those days and sell them for a big huge deal when it was a good deal. So he wanted to make a PC board. Neither one of us could really come up with a good argument that we’d make money, but he said, well, at least for once in our life, we’d have a company and he did. One thing he wanted was to somehow be important in the world. And we didn’t have the academic background or real business background, but he had, he had at least me. And so I said, let’s start a company and my gosh, I froze at that point because what I started company buying Hewlett Packard’s back when I was determined and told everyone in my life I would be at Hewlett Packard engineer forever.

We’re radio and podcast download. My name is clay Clark and I’m joined here today inside the box that rocks with clay stairs and a member of his team by the name of Sean and Sean Loman is his name and Sean. Welcome inside the box. How are you sir? I’m outstanding. Clay, how are you doing today? You’re a liar. You’re actually in the box. You’re not outstanding. Oh, good one. You got me, dad, Joe. Oh, I’m almost 40. I can just so I can fire them off all day, folks. Unbelievable. I need the workforce. Where’s my Tim Johnson laugh? I need my Tim Johnson letter.

There it is.

Okay. stairs. I welcome inside the box that rocks. I’m glad you’re honest about where, where you are. Exactly. Yes. Good to be in the box today. Now we’re talking today about why the mind is what the mind is fed. The mind becomes, the mind is fed you and your actions are shaped by what you’re around. You become the average of the five people you spend your most spending most of your time with. Again, the mind is what the mind is fed and why. I believe all the listeners should at least listen to one episode of guy Kawasaki’s markup. Remarkable people podcast, the remarkable people podcast. Because in his podcast he interviews Steve Wasniak. Now I have read Steve jobs biography, and I’m sure a lot of our listeners have too. But just as an example of something you’ll learn by listening to his biography are, are listening to the interview that the guy Kawasaki does with Steve Wazniak.

Steve jobs did not really invent the computer. Steve Wasniak did that by himself. Steve jobs merely saw a way to mass market it and sell it and then he had more of the entrepreneurial mindset. But if you’re not careful, popular history would teach you that Steve jobs actually created the computers. He, he, you know, people think he was a coder. Another example, Michael Jordan was not cut from his high school team. I know, I just made somebody cry cause they’d been living on that story. It’s some guy right now has been working out like a boss. He’s a junior in high school right now and he’s like, Michael Jordan got cut from his team and I did too.

Michael Jordan was great and his high school coach recognized that he was great and thought, you know what, this kid’s going to be next level so I should probably as a sophomore give him more playing time. And you were a coach in the high school level. If you had a guy that’s good enough, you coach track. But if you had a guy that was good enough to barely start as a freshman, but you know, he could barely see he’s good enough to lose every match, barely at the varsity level. Why is there a certain science to letting him do junior varsity as a freshman and letting him win all of the meets? Why is that maybe a better idea than to have them go out there and lose all the time his freshman year? Oh yeah. Well it’s all about just building your, your strength, your confidence building that that self-confidence.

Okay. Cause that’s huge in athletics. It is. And so his coach said, Hey Michael, I want you to play all the time. I want you to have a ton of minutes. I want you to develop your shot, your dribbling, your passing skills. I want you to just go dominate. And then your sophomore year, you know, junior senior will move you up to varsity. Well anyway, Michael was shooting a commercial and I’m sure we’ve all seen movies that are as are, are based on a true story shot. Have you ever seen a movie based on a true story? Yeah, there’s lots of those out there. Let the blind side of yesterday, the movie, the blind side base, I watched a interview with Michael or who the, the movies based on and he was expressing his frustration that the movie wasn’t an accurate depiction of him and his mental capacity.

And he just wanted everybody to know that yes, this family took him in and yes, they raised him and yes, he was appreciative. But no, this didn’t happen and no, this didn’t happen. And so again, I’m just saying it’s, I think it’s nice when you can hear from the source how history went. And if you listen to the Steve Wazniak and guy Kawasaki podcast interview, you’re gonna hear a bunch of things. And one of the things you’re gonna learn is, man, a guy who wasn’t technically inclined at all teamed up with a guy who was technically inclined, inclined to build a huge company. But I think somebody out there who doesn’t know that story thinks well, Steve jobs was great at coding and sales. Therefore I could never qualify to build, make a computer company because the guy who built the biggest one had to be good, good at both.

So let’s start there. Stairs. How often do you, do you see an entrepreneur out there who is maybe bad at sales and therefore they just don’t do the sales as opposed to hiring somebody who is good at sales? How often do you see that scenario where they go, you know I’m bad at sales and maybe they don’t know this whole Steve jobs Steve Wasniak story and they go, you know, because I’m bad at sales, I’m just not going to do it. As opposed to hiring someone who could do it. How often do you see that problem? Well, again, most of the time it is probably 100% percent of the clients that we start out with clay and usually it falls in that area of management. They are, they are great at being a leader. They have the vision for the company and they are great. At putting on the tool belt and actually getting out there and doing the work or being the architect that’s doing the drawings, but it’s that management level that they are uncomfortable with the, you know, this things that we’ve talked about in other podcasts.

The management of actually setting clear goals, tough holding people accountable and being the butthole when you have to be a buddle. I think management really is the messy middle that no one wants to talk about it. Yeah, and definitely if you listened to guy Kawasaki’s interview with Steve Wasniak, I just think it would be so helpful for somebody out there because when you hear a long form interview and you hear a guy like Wazniak talk about the struggles of building Apple, you then realize, Hey, you know what? Apple wasn’t built in a year or two or five or when you, when you listen to podcasts and you discover that Facebook lost 3.6 $3 million during their first two years of business. Wow. When you discover that Amazon didn’t make a profit for a decade, doesn’t that reframe your thinking a little bit? When you start to know that other people, I say other people, all successful entrepreneurs, all of them have gone through this process, this messy middle. How does that impact your thinking stairs when you’re in the room with a coach who’s been there, who’s done it, who’s telling you this is normal? Or when you’re listening to a podcast and you know that now you’re not an outlier and that this is going to take, how does that impact

The thinking of an entrepreneur when they know that they’re not alone and that their slow growth isn’t maybe scary? Yeah. Well clay, again, it goes back to that self confidence and it lets you know that where you are on the path is normal. And again, I think if we just watch movies and we just look at Facebook and if we just look at headlines, we see people after that 10 years. Yes. When they’re successful. It’s just like with children, if we’re not careful, and I’ve had several conversations with my kids about this, but they see the parents living in a nicer house. We’re having the nicer cars going on, the nicer vacations and now they are coming out of high school or coming out of college looking for the job and they’re expecting the same fruit in their life at age 22 that they’ve seen their parents have in their 50s.

And it’s just, no, you’ve got to go through your path. Just like I went through my path, you know, and some of my personal path w you know, some of that time was actually living in a car, you know, being homeless and living in that Delta Delta, ADA suite. Yeah. The car seats were very cozy, but I, you know, it was wonderful until the car got stolen. And did you get stolen with the car? Were you in the car? I happened to be in a [inaudible] to be in a real car at the time and they stole that one. So that was interesting. But but yeah, just the path that furnace that everybody goes through, that leadership furnace, that entrepreneurial furnace, the eye of the needle that each of us have to go through. I think so often we have as business owners, we have an idea for a business and we get this idea.

We picture the future being a successful, we have money and we have free time, but we don’t realize that there’s going to be an entire season of preparation, a season of consecration, a season of purification that’s going to go on before we can get to the identification of that full successful online entrepreneur. Now I know, I know I got, I got, we got got got two up there. You’ve got to queue it up here now. Now this is important though. Somebody out there has to understand that the mind is what the mind is fed. They’re putting a bunch of crap in their mind while they’re driving down the road all the time. They’re listening to negative stories, sarcastic FM radio DJs, Howard stern, and they wonder why they don’t have the persistence needed and preached the good in their own voices. We hear the own our own negative tapes in our mind talking to us and we know more than anybody else.

We know our own faults, we know our own limitations and we accuse ourselves, we accuse the accuser of the brethren comes in. I find it is me. It is my own voice that I’m hearing. Shutting down cast out basically. I remember for me feeling feeling at a spot where I was feeling yeah. Where I was very discouraged where my life was. This goes back to a 2011 2010 very discouraged where my life was. I got together with Dave Jewitt here in town who will be on the show in two weeks. That’s awesome. Yeah. With your one degree and life coach. And I got together with him at a Panera bread one time and, and Dave Jewitt asked me a handful of questions and then he actually said, clay, you are right where you’re supposed to be at 47 years old. You are right where you’re supposed to be.

In hearing that voice, when I had been hearing so many negative voices in my head, hearing that voice of encouragement actually broke me. And I began weeping right there in Panera in front of, you know, the, the bread aisle. And you weep on your, on the bra on, do you have a bread bowl and [inaudible] some extra salt and everything like that. Yeah. So I mean it was very difficult. But then clay, I connected with you and having this proven path that you have walked me down that you have used over and over and over again. I have been able to consistently be able to see where I am in the path. It helped Contel much to know where you’re at in the

Yeah, just as an example, we’re building this building right now and we’re actually a, they started building the road on a Thursday, so the roads going in and getting ready and you know, I’ve never built a road. I’ve never built a parking lot. I now we’ve built houses and buildings but never a parking lot. So we hire a great firm and I will not mention their name until I’m happy at the end. But once I’m happy at the end, I will mention them all the time. So right now I have a pool company called pool creations that I have used on a previous project. And I’m using them again on this project because pool creations is great, so if you want to pool pool they do not pay me a commission, although I’ve asked, but they are great pool these guys are great.

I won’t mention who’s building the building yet until I’m happy with it, but I can tell you the process has been great so far and they connected me with previous happy customers, happy references. They’ve told me what’s next. This is what’s going to happen. We’re going to do a soil test here. We’ll pull a permit there. Then this will happen that and they keep you informed and it’s so great to have someone coaching you down the path and if you will just listen to guy Kawasaki podcast interview with Steve Wazniak. You’re going to hear about the messy middle and you might say, well, who’s guy Kawasaki? Well, guy Kawasaki is the marketing specialist, the author in the Silicon Valley venture capitalist who really got his start in his big windfall financially by being one of the original Apple employees who is responsible for marketing the Macintosh computer in 1984.

You see, he popular, he popularized the concept and the word evangelist and that can the context of a business. He was a the Apple evangelist for all the Apple products and it was his job to run around the country convincing that you wanted to buy an Apple computer, convincing other businesses that they wanted to use Apple computers, conventions, convincing entire school districts that they wanted to use a the Apple computers. And now he is the he has the evangelist, a product evangelist from Mercedes. Oh wow. And for a company called Canva. And he released a bestselling book called wiseguy last year and he has agreed to be in on my new book that’s coming out here called the mastermind manuscripts. But he also interviews on his podcast interviews. Arianna Huffington, who you might say, well, I don’t agree with her politics. Okay. Calm down.

She built Huffington post from nothing into something. And I’m always interested in that. If the story goes left at the end or the story goes right at the end, I’m not talking about that. I care about the startup and the messy middle. Yeah. If somebody wants to go laugh, Ted Turner wants to, you know, go green and save the Buffalo. That’s cool. That’s fine. If Trump wants to run for president, that’s cool. I’m not into where they end up. I’m into the beginning and the messy middle because not enough people know that part. Yeah. Don’t peel it up, Sean. People think it’s easy. Yeah. There’s a great quote, and I hate to paraphrase it, but I’m sure we can grab it. It’s an Napoleon Hill quote where he says that people like to look at the success of James J. Hill or a Rockefeller and [inaudible]. They like to kinda look at that in their hour of triumph and, and kind of say, well, why am I not there?

Or whatever. But they fail to, and I’m totally ruining this quote, but they fail to look at the actual steps that they took to get there. They just look at the end, the result. Yeah. Well, they look at the vision, but the vision is just the beginning. The vision is the encouragement from the great unseen hand from the, from the universe, from God, the vision that drops on to a person when they’re sitting there frustrated in their hourly job or in their salary job that they have and they go, I’m going to start my own thing. And a vision comes to them. It’s not the vision of how hard it’s going to be. It’s the vision of the finished product. But the vision is the beginning. Again, the next step is the preparation. Then comes the consecration. Oh, here we go again. The purification and then, and then, and only then is the identification of the vision.

So these are the steps. I remember doing this when I was doing a ton of discipleship training. It was the same thing there that somebody at a young age would feel like they were called by Jesus to to do certain activities. And so they thought that it would just happen. Whoever I don’t remember who created the movie field of dreams. I would like to meet them and kick them in the shins. Okay. If you build it, they will come. That is not true, but it, we want it to be true. And so I’ve heard so many people quoting an AMU, a movie line. Yes. If you build it, they will come. No they won’t. They will not come just because you have built it. But the vision is the beginning. It’s the excitement. The energy is that rocket fuel that gets us off of the launching pad.

It was a foot that kicks us off the cliff. We had a guy by the name of Phil Alden Robinson. He’s the one who adapted the WP can sell his novel shoeless Joe into the 1989 American fantasy drama known as field of dreams. I want to kick him in the Shan, Sean. Ready? Notable quarterly. Paraphrase, so I’m gonna read the whole thing for you here. You make me work today to sign all the good. Yeah. Okay. But Napoleon Hill says, a Carnegie or a Rockefeller or a James J. Hill or a Marshall field accumulates a fortune through the application of the same principles available available to all of us, but we envy them and their wealth without ever thinking of studying their philosophy and applying it to ourselves. We look at a person in the hour of their triumph and wonder how they did it. But we overlook, we overlook, we overlook the importance of analyzing their methods, and we forget the price they had to pay and the careful and well-organized preparation that they had to go that had to be made before they could reap the fruits of their efforts. That’s the one that is good. That’s the one. No, that’s not the one. Clay, I was thinking of a different one. Now I will say this, success is about more than just words. Yes, it is.

It’s gotta be, boy,

The original more than words real quick, because this is the song is I w I just wanna listen to this song all night. If you, if you have the, if you have the capacity to, I’d like for everyone to go to Spotify after you listen to today’s show and listen to more than words by extreme. I’m going to play just a little sample up to get you kind of all lathered up, but go to a Spotify and listen to more than words by extreme. What a great song. Because you can’t just have words stairs. You can’t just fill your mind with positive thoughts. You got to act upon those thoughts. But what I find is when you do act on those thoughts, you will immediately come encounter with some type of opposition, some type of pushback, some type of adversity. And when you have the voices of super successful people echoing in your ears and you can hear the future cheers, you will persevere.

Yeah, it happens every time. But when you cannot hear the, that, that’s what it’s, it’s, it’s interesting. Now in this mastermind manuscripts book, I’m working on this and I’m talking to a an agent who’s helping me and we’ve just met. I haven’t, I haven’t known Roger very long. He’s being super helpful, but I know where I’m going and I think he knows where we’re going, but I think it’s, I know it as a fact and I think everybody around me knows it as like maybe, but I know Napoleon Hill’s story. And I know when, when he hit his peak and the age, I know Walt Disney lost it all at 37, again, eight 37, he didn’t hit his stride till he’s 45. And so as I’ve tried to explain this to anyone around me who’s ever asked it never goes well, but they’ll say, so let’s, let’s, let’s understand here.

You’re going to start recording a podcast every day from Tulsa, Oklahoma. Yeah. Yeah. Why? Well, cause we’ll Vinci will be top on iTunes and eventually we’ll have a bestselling book and we’ll mentor millions. And then, you know, that’ll happen then that’ll lead to online subscribers for our online school and all these different things. And people will say, what? Look at the top, look at the top 20 on iTunes. How is it, how are you looking at every single, every single show or most of the shows that are up there except for Dave Ramsey are very left of center, very liberal. They’re very infotainment. You guys are teaching principles, you’re conservative, almost like founding father, conservative, your libertarian. I, you’re, you’re, you’re, what? It’s just not going to happen for you. But then when we hit iTunes, when we hit the top of iTunes once, that was cool.

And then everyone around me was like, Whoa, what sounds like a fluke? At that point, you know, you hit the hit top and you don’t expect it. It’s like, what did you do to get there? Right? How did you cheat? And it’s like, well, yeah, we’ve recorded almost 2000 shows and people like to shows and we got reviews and then it was like, we hit it again. We hit it six times, we hit the top of iTunes six times. And then when we booked, I’m the senior editor for Forbes, Zack O’Malley Greenburg on the show. He’s the one that was the hip hop rich list, the big, he never writes books about Jay Z and he’s just huge. People thought, well that’s lucky. Let me book Sharon Lechter from rich dad, poor dad. Oh, it’s lucky. And then when you get Wolfgang pockets, lucky you get guy Kawasaki podcast.

It’s lucky. But when you hear in your mind the echoes of these great men and women who went before you saying, don’t stop until you get there. When you hear people saying that you don’t commit to a goal for an amount of time, you commit to a goal until you get there. Oh, that’s good. Say that again. Will you commit to a goal not being a man an amount of time. It’s until you get there. Yeah, it changes things. That’s great. And so right now we’ve got, I can’t say that John Lee Dumas has invited me to be on his show four more times this year. That’s one of the top podcasts of all time and he never has people on more than once or twice and to be on there four times. That’s cool. But we just though it’s awesome man. We had, we had some bad, I can’t mention in his name right now because of, of working through some stuff, but we have, if not the top podcaster of all time close one of the top of all time who were looking at being on their show as well.

And we’re just heating up. But we had to, we had the cofounder of square, a $6 billion company. His people reached out to us to be on the show. And this is all from Oklahoma. This is all from the box that rocks off the left coast of the river. This is not from Manhattan. Lewis Howes is based in LA for the Lewis house, a school of greatness podcast. Gary V is in, in Manhattan. I mean, we’re not just teaching this stuff. We’re living the, the, the, the, the statistical probability of a guy at the age of 47 being able to quit his job as a teacher and then the leader of a camp basically going from the world of nonprofit or government in your case stairs, and to be able to reinvent yourself at the age of 47 in a world where 96% of businesses fail according to inc magazine, the statistical probability of that is almost nil.

Yeah, and you did it, did it, you didn’t insert it just shows about people that did it. Sean, I want you to share with me one of your clients this year who has grown dramatically and no matter what verifiable truth you tell me, I will one up you. And we will continue this game until one of us gets bored because all of our clients are doing well and we have a hundred and we have 160 clients and we’ve got there. The average client is growing by by 104% so I’m going to, I’m just asking you right now, you tell me one of your clients that’s growing no matter how great it is. I’m going to one up you. We’re going to keep doing this because it’s not polite to one up, but it is polite to one up if you’re the testimonial being shared because our clients love it when we brag on them.

So give us, give us a great client success story. All right. Levi Gables with Gables excavation has grown 168% over the last year. We just did a podcast featuring him. Okay, that’s a mega point for you. I’m going to go with a tip top canine who’s here today on the back. You can hear the dogs out there. Sometimes they’re training dogs inside our facility here. Tip top canine has been in business for nine years before running into us and in the past three years they’ve grown 10 times the size. However you might get the nod because they’re a franchise now, which means they didn’t personally have to open up all 10 of the locations, but they did have a lot of legal fees. So shout my guess you want up me on this when you, I, I lost this one.

But the score right now is score right now is Sean one point. Meet me zero points. Give me another one Sean. Okay, so this isn’t per se my client, I’m going to Rob from clay stairs cause he’s got a lot of them too. But scotch construction in new Braunfels, Texas has grown. They have tripled in size, tripled 300% triple, triple since working with Joel triple a, I’m going to one up. You right now, Shaw homes, we talk about them often on the show. When we started working with them in 2016 January they did $300,000 of sales during the month of January show Shaw, someone should look it up now they are doing $12 million of sales during the month of January for a 38 times growth. So you have lost and I have one one-to-one. Give me one more stairs. Do you have a verifiable, when could you want up both of us because I feel like you’re sitting on a hot he success story. Do you have a hot success story? Yes. We’ve got a Doug Yar holder with a metal roof contractors over in Oklahoma city. That let’s see. Last year.

Yeah, 2018 2018 day we’re sitting at about $6 million and as they came to 1219 finishing up 19, they were able to,

Who hit their goal of $8 million 20, 28 million

And they were at what to start at six.

You win all the mega points, but I’m going to give you a [inaudible].


It’s not nice to one up people. It’s unbelievable. Not nice to one appeal, but I’m saying the mind is what the mind is fed on this show. We talk about exclusively things you can control. Somebody the other day said to me, do you know it’s going to snow tomorrow? True statement. I said to them, I have not looked at the weather in 20 something years. They said, what? How do you know what to wear? Wear the same thing everyday doesn’t affect me. But seriously when I wore a suit, the same thing. But I see people stairs, I’m sure you see it. People that literally are changing whether they’re going to go to work or how motivated they are or how motivated they aren’t based upon weather patterns. Do you not see this? I see it all the time and again, I was trained in that mindset many years of being a school teacher with the snow days.

Those days. Again, I love snow days, okay. Lesson, but it trained me that there’s such a thing as snow days. There’s such a thing as take a break. There’s such a thing as you’ve been working really hard do a movie today. I know people that were so offended by Trump tastic winning and getting an office that they literally took a week off of college to mourn and grieve. I know of colleges that told students they allowed them to do it right. And I know of other people that when Obama won, they’re just like, economy’s not going to listen. We are, we’re all gonna have to no longer use our 22 air conditioning. Ah, you can’t use the air conditioning a coolant anymore. [inaudible] There’s new light bulbs you can’t use anymore. The salaries just went up for everybody. They did. And you know what? I’ll move on. But there’s some people that just can’t move on and they just, they can’t move on cause they don’t like Trump’s tone. They don’t like Obama and they, they focus on everything around them. The weather, the Trump, the Obama, then they don’t focus on what they can control. I only care about what I can control because this has to be about more than just words. It can’t just be about work.

No, no. It can’t be just about words. Yes. Now, if you haven’t heard this song in about 20 years, what are you doing? You’ll listen to it more than we’re out to go beyond the, Oh man. Is it that, that’s his praise and worship background right there. Oh man. Yeah. Here we go. Yep. Here we go. Promise everybody’s tapping, right? They’re squinting their eyes. All the white people are squinting their eyes. Here we go to show you everybody. Now here we go. Yeah. Then you say that’s you love. Oh yeah. [inaudible]


We’re going to take you into verse two, but I need you to, if you’re out there, put this on your playlist more than words and every time that you have a meeting and you leave with no action items, [inaudible] show your whole freaking team, the whole freaking team and say, you know what, guys?

During this next meeting, we’re going to do nothing but listen to extreme more than words, because that’s about as profitable as doing nothing.

Sure. [inaudible] I know I’ve got a middle aged white man out there right now doing the white man over by lettuce on the Emmett. Then you were going to end it right here we go. Just fine.


You can’t just be

About words. You can’t be yes. Talk, talk, talk, shut up and do something. I get so tired of people that tell me about how they’re going to change America and fix our environment. Get a job. Yeah. I’m so tired of people telling me they’re going to change the world and change America and they’re going to fight back about against Obama and Trump and global warming and people out there fighting back about socialism and capitalism and just religions and then they’re fighting over, I’m a Southern Baptist, but you’re Baptist and I’m assembly of God and let’s focus on what we, what divides us. Let’s focus on things that irritate us. Move on and focus on what you can control stairs. That’s what you gotta do. And clay,

Again, before I met you and came into your universe, I did not have anybody in my world that, that was a doer that was an active participant in reaching goals. Everybody in my world at that point, again, it doesn’t mean they were bad people and evil people by any means. They were good friends of mine and some even family members, you know. But the idea there was is that they, they weren’t doing the activity. And so I was by

That. And so when I wasn’t doing the activity, it was very easy for me to feel like I was okay because nobody else was doing it either. But clay, you have introduced me to an entire world. My friend circle is different. So now correct me if I’m wrong. But you’re hanging around very, very successful people on a daily basis and are they mean, are they abrasive, are they, cause a lot of people think rich people are mean and abrasive and difficult to get. Are they that way or do you find that they’re kinder and nicer? What do you find about these people? I find that they are very giving. They are they are very focused and I think many times people, again going back to my old self and I, I just, when people are all up in the drama and all up in the the, Oh my gosh, Trump and Oh my gosh, this then that I would watch him that Nath NOLA Trump was announcement last night.

If there’s a announcement and he blows he with up there. And she was like [inaudible] I was like [inaudible] [inaudible] and I’m on Facebook and Instagram going, Trump is terrible. We did. And I get that. I get that because I used to live in that place. I used to think that way in the fact that Trump has now fired too. It just came out, I think earlier yesterday, he has fired two people that were working for him that testified against him. He fired him. And I know, you know, I’m looking on Facebook and people are just livid. They are so mad that he fired two people that testified against, I want to dedicate a song to Trump tastic right now. It’s called hit me with your best shot cause I hope he hits all those people with his best shot. I love when you fired him out. You hate me. Why would I keep you in my arm? That’s like his line to your other today, if you’re out there today and you have somebody kind of like the Nancy Pelosi of your office, I encourage you to fire them. You can’t have somebody working against you in your,

Oh, come on. Hit him with your bed shot. Fire off. You’re a real tough hook. It Pat, come on in the hairdo. Nice. Here we go. Oh wow. Everybody now, best shot.

It just got hit. But the best is, you’re probably a bad girlfriend. Stop being a bad girlfriend. Unbelievable. I just think it’s so important. We focus on what we can control. We’ve got, if we’re listening out there, we got to do, we have to redefine our normal. So what I’m gonna do is I’m going to tell you a little story that I learned from Rockefeller years ago. Did I just keep doing over and over? It’s so easy. It’s such a good story. It’s in the book tightened by Ron churn now of Auron Ron Chernov. It’s the book of books called Titan. And let me, let me Google search. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve read it’s Ron turnout. Ron churn now, and the book is called Titan Ron churn now C, H. E, R, N. O. w. And Vanessa got this book for me years ago and I read it and I was like, Oh, Oh, I get it now.

Because I had heard about the mastermind, but I didn’t really, really get it. I, I heard about, I’d read it. Sometimes you read things and we don’t get it. We want it, we want to get it. But we, but so I would encourage you to buy the book. It’s, it’s a Titan and it’s, it’s great. But anyway, it’s about Johnny Rockefeller, John D Rockefeller in his life. Well, John D realized that every time that he he was a refiner. Okay. So every time that he we started out being a guy who worked as a clerk at a grocery store when he was about 12, because his dad was married to two women, but his mother didn’t know. So John’s dad would disappear and would go live with the other family half of the week, his family half the week. And John was the only one who knew as the oldest son.

He caught his dad doing it and his dad was a snake oil salesman. He would con you and take advantage of you and just a bad person. So John D Rockefeller was a note taker, a journal or that kind of thing and he decided I’m going to go to Cleveland and work. So at the age of 12, he went door to door knocking on doors, asking if he could work for free until he could show that he was worth it. A group of guys said yes. Eventually it took him again. If you read the book, it’s crazy. It took him over a month to find a job to find somebody willing to pay him to work for free. At the age of 12, he finally got the job working for free and when he got the job working for free after 30 days the guys realized this guy’s Goodwill wouldn’t pay and they paid him like nothing.

But he was the bookkeeper and he was doing the math and he noticed that eventually if they continued their trend, they would be out of business. They were a shipping company. They ship things in and out of Cleveland. And he knew they would be out of business in time. So he committed to saving every dime he made, except for what he gave back to his mom who needed who he was. He was supporting his mom, but he saved everything else except for that. So he lived super cheap, slept at the office, that kind of thing. And one day the guys who, the brothers who owned the business said this, this point, John D Rockefeller is like 17, 18. They said, Hey, we’re on the verge of losing it all and we need to know bookkeeper. What should we do? I mean, we’re, we’re upside down or cashflows crazy.

We don’t have any money. What are we gonna do? We’re not gonna, we’re not gonna have any money. We’re going to be in bankruptcy. What do we do? And he says, well, what I would do is I would go to the auction and I’ll present numbers that are real and fair. And you can get yourself a buyer there because you’ve got, you know, buyers and you’re a seller and you’ve got contracts. But you could just get something and that way you guys have at least one last puff of income and then you, and then the savings you guys have saved personally, you should be fine. So they said sure. So the auction starts and it’s filled with a lot of different people. And in the back there’s a guy wearing a hat who, and no one can know, no one knows who he is cause he’s got the hat pulled down low and the bidding starts.

And when the bidding is over, the guy who has the winning bid takes his hat off and he is John D Rockefeller. Oh. And the brother, these brothers were irate that he had tricked them, that he had what, what had was they had verbally abused him for a years and he just saved everything knowing the day and time this would happen. But then to put a big old a bow on it the next day, a massive crane showed up with a huge sign that said Rockefeller imports. And he had built that sign years before knowing that it would happen. A big expensive sign. Wow. So then as an import or export or people would come into his life all the time and they told him rumors and stories of oil and he knew he was a great manager, didn’t need it. He knew nothing about oil, but he knew he was a great manager and at the time kerosene was the hot commodity you want to kerosene.

So he said to this guys says, Hey, you know, do you, do you how does it work? He said, well, we have to have money to drill. And then if you find something, you split the profits with the investor and that’s how it goes. He says, okay, well I’ve got a lot of money saved up. Let’s go do it. So they start drilling, drilling, drilling, and then eventually find oil. And John D Rockefeller has to sell his oil or has to have his oil refined by refiners. And he visits the refineries and they’re a bunch of alcoholics. There are a bunch of modern pirates. They’re crazy people. And he says to himself, if I saved up a bunch of money and I bought my own refinery, eventually I wouldn’t need them. So therefore I could have, I could procure my own oil and refined it myself.

Thus I could make more. I will delay gratification to do so. So we did, it took about five years. Now he starts refining and discovering his own oil and he notices that in America we had such an abundance of oil. People don’t know this, but if you were in a Lake during the time of Rockefeller, before we discovered oil, this is before we found the oil. The lakes would be oozing and bubbling with a sludge because oil was coming up from the earth. Crus without being drilled for and up from the ground can live low. Well, what’s crazy, this is what some environmentalists need to know. The lakes were actually more polluted back then than they are now because it was just coming up naturally from the cause. It had had to come out at some point. So Rockefeller gets together with chemists and scientists and says, what do we do with the rest of the black stuff?

I mean, we were only using the kerosene. What do we do with the rest? And they said nothing. It’s not usable. And he’s like, well, let’s devote a certain amount of our budget to figuring that out. And so he is credited with being the guy who invented gasoline also rubber. Yeah. So he keeps doing this. Now during the process, John Rockefeller, who was kind of an environmentalist, people don’t know this. He noticed that a lot of people would go in and completely destroy all the timber in an area, leave it up, leaving a mountain, completely barren. And he thought, that doesn’t make any sense. If that’s your land, what do you want to replant trees and why would you want to completely, it’s just dumb. It’s like raping the land. So he decided to buy as much land as he possibly could and turn it into our national park system.

So the national parks were actually started by John D Rockefeller, the world’s number one oil guy saved the environment. He did that. So then he’s the one who started the modern doctorate program to keep people from his, like his dad from ever being able to take advantage of people again. And he just kept riding the wrongs of the world throughout his career. But one thing he talked about was how at a certain point he realized, I can refine my own oil, I can find my own oil. One thing I can’t do is I can’t shift my own will and I can’t afford to buy the whole railroad track. I can’t. The railroad track goes from point a to point B to point C, I can’t afford to buy point a, B, and C. But what I can do is I’ll buy point B and then any other oil company that wants to ship on my railroad has to pay me the Rockefeller tax.

So I’ll be getting paid for my competition. And I thought, Oh, that’s a good move. So anyway, this is called a monopoly. So John D Rockefeller, before it was all said and done, owned the railroads, he owned the oil, the shipping, the exporting. He owned the whole thing. And he became the world’s wealthiest man. So when I built my company, DJ connection, the same thing, I realized, you know what bridal stores that when a bride gets engaged stairs, the first thing that a woman does, but right before she gets engaged, what does she buy right before getting engaged? Or what does he buy right before they get engaged? Ring, ring. Second thing they buy typically is a, after the ring, after the ring, they’re going to buy a dress. Yep. There you go. So I figured after they maybe they typically don’t. They typically we don’t want to discriminate against anybody out there, but they typically buy the ring, then the dress and then the DJ, they book way later.

And so I had the idea, what if I could coach the bridal store and in the jewelry store, what if they get one, if they can be my clients. So my first coaching clients guys were like in 2002 and 2003 I was coaching jewelry stores in bridal stores. And Sean, why would I do that? Well, I mean there’s a lot of benefits to getting their business when the client comes to them first. So you’re going to directly benefit with referrals by helping them. By the way, tip top cane canine is going on behind us here. The D dog training franchise I’m involved in, they are matriculating dogs right now. They’re indoctrinating dogs, they’re full careful. Let’s talk about this though. So what happens is I realized stairs if I have, I can’t own the Brattle stores, but if I can be in someone and get someone in, if I can be somewhat in control of them, who they refer cause they, I told her I will help you grow your business but you have to refer me.

That helped. Then I started the DJ company. Why do you think stairs? I started a photography company after DJ company because you’ve got to have a photographer and I can refer myself. And then why do you think I ended up starting the largest wedding show in Tulsa? Why would I do that, Sean? Well I’ve heard the story and it’s because they wouldn’t let you in. The other main ones, he started your own. But now my competition had Mike, but the other DJ companies in town had to buy a booth at my show that’s paying so awesome. By the way, I always promised I’d get the list to you within 48 hours and I always promised myself I’d get myself the list within two hours after the show. Let’s start action. It’s coming Napoli. So now I’ve got another one working on this and this is a fun one.

I coach a client named Shah homes and Shaw homes is the largest builder in Oklahoma. And when you buy a house, typically people get a what? Sean? What do they get before they buy a house? Typically they get a [inaudible] loan. Yes. Yeah. I was going to go with a mortgage, but you at my mum alone, he’s Karl Malone fan. I get it. So, so Sean Holmes though it has a preferred lender and the preferred litter is also my client. [inaudible] And when you need to sell your house, you know, stairs, I’m sure you’ve dealt with realtors. Yes. What’s the typical percentage that a realtor charges? It’s like three or 6% yeah, 3% on the buyer side. 3% on the seller side, 6% total. So we started a company with Glen Shaw who owns show homes called Sam Adams Realty. And when people are tight and they only have like 7% equity in their home, they won’t be able to afford to buy a Shaw home if they give all their equity to the realtor.

So they refer us and we make money on that too. So now we control, we’re involved in some way with the whole, and you can learn these things, but again, it’s more than words. Stairs. You can’t just learn these things and not apply them. Yeah, you’ve got to apply them. So I went, I’m going to go through the lightning round here. I’m going to read off a notable quotable to you and you have 30 seconds or less stairs to break down side on seed sight unseen to break down how this applies to the listeners. Okay. David J. Schwartz, the bestselling author of the magic of thinking big says the mind is what the mind is fed go

Mind is what the mind is fed. This goes back to a lesson that I learned early on with T Harv Eker that your thoughts lead to your feelings or your emotions. Your emotions build your belief system. Your beliefs lead to your actions and your actions lead to your results. Hot. I call that T bar thoughts, emotions, beliefs, actions, results. If your thoughts are jacked, then the rest of the whole process is going to be jacked. It’s not just about changing actions. You’ve got to change the thought process. Tim Ferriss, the bestselling author of the four hour work week and the host of the Tim Ferris podcast States. You are the average of the five people you most associate with. Michael Levine says, fire flaky friends is the tip to success. Stairs. What? Say you, your mind is a garden and whatever you plant, whatever you allow to grow in your garden, that is what you will reap in your garden. Clear out the garden, clear out the

Garden. Reid Hoffman, the co founder of LinkedIn, and a partner in the Greylock partners venture capital fund who bought as well. He States the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already where you want to be. Can I stairs? You can only think what you think. It is impossible for you to think anything other than what you think. The only way to change your mindset is to be around people that can put good thoughts. Begin to plant good salts and thoughts and so good thoughts into your mind. All right, here we go. Reid Hoffman. We got Reed hop. Now let’s go on a T. Harv Eker, who you mentioned earlier. T Harv Eker, the bestselling author of the millionaire mindset States. The first element of change is awareness. Self-Awareness. You can’t change something unless you know it exists. Stairs, what? Say you.

Yes. And that was probably one of my biggest issues is there was a lot of drama in my life and a lot of drama in my mind to, because I did not take ownership for my own thinking and my own actions. I always wanted to blame. It’s the government’s fault. It’s my boss’s fault. It’s my wife’s fault is my kid’s fault. It’s the weather’s fault. It’s always somebody else. I did not want to take ownership and clay, you have taught me how to do that. And now it’s, I feel so healthy because I’m able to take ownership. I, I just, I want to give the listeners an example that’s so powerful. The guy who wrote, wrote the subtle art of not giving an F is best friends with the guy who wrote the book hooked near I all. So Mark Manson and near I, all our good friends.

I did not know this until I heard a podcast the other day with a song on the John Lee Dumas podcast where he was interviewing near all. And I guess those two, this is how they write, how they, how they, how they wrote their last book near. I all goes into the room and Mark Manson’s in the same room. These are two New York times bestselling authors in the same room and they don’t leave or do anything else all day. But write a book and then they hold themselves accountable to certain deadlines. And if they don’t do it, the other one has to pay the other one 10,000 bucks.

There you go. But that’s the, that’s the, that’s how that, that iron sharpens iron stuff. Yeah. Let’s move on to the next notable quarter one. The final one of the show here. This is from Napoleon Hill, the bestselling author of thinking grow rich who writes, he mastermind principle consists of an Alliance of two or more minds working in perfect harmony for the attainment of a common definite objective. Success does not come without the cooperation of others. A coach, how to climb stairs. What is this talking about? Well, you know, I think it’s pretty self explanatory there, but I think the key word to pull out is cooperation. There has to be a cooperation. There has to be in alignment with the two lines. When I came to you, clay, at 47 years old, I came to you and said, tell me what to do and I will do it.

True. I at 47 years old, I realize what I’ve done so far is not working. If I knew what to do, it would be happening, but I don’t. So I came to you and said I will submit, I am willing to submit to you and follow your advice and and that has made all the difference, that cooperation alignment. Sean, you know, hot take. Yeah. I don’t know. You said this was going to be the last quote but that’s fine. I’m piling on with two more Napoleon Hill quotes. These are the ones that have stuck out to me and that I kind of chant to myself every day. And the first is that a strength and growth come only through continual effort and struggle. It’s going to be hard guys. But action to quote him again, action is the true measure of intelligence. It is. I think though a lot of times is people, we want to believe that the education takes the place of the actual doing.

I think we want, I think we want it to work out and I don’t know, cause I don’t do formal education. I don’t get it. But I think most people do formal education and very few people reject it the way I do. And I think that most people feel like if I just get my master’s, Oh, there it is. That if I, if I just get a certification, if I just, if I just go back for one more thing, that will help me, but I encourage you out there. If you’re out there today, two action steps for you. One, go listen to guy Kawasaki’s interview with Steve Wazniak. The podcast is called guy Kawasaki’s. Remarkable people podcast. Go listen to that podcast, listened to that podcast and just see how hearing that story changes how you think to book your tickets for an in person workshop or download the eBooks for free.

Book your tickets or download the eBooks for free. Where do I download the books for free? Great question. I’m glad I asked myself in a different voice. Go to thrive time forward slash free dash resources thrive time port slash free resources. I have carpal tunnel. Get outta here. Get one of those bowling. Those bullying. What’s the, it’s the bullying. A guys glove, the bullying glove. It’s like the, the, the, the, the, the brace. Get the brace and the bowlers where, where that and tight, but it hurts too much. They cry while you type. We’ll go to the thrive time,, forward slash free resources, download the eBooks. And with that, without any further ado, I think it’s time to end where the boom stairs. Are you a metaphysically ready to bring the boom? I’m in a positive metaphysical state right now. Yes, Sean, are you, are you, are you habitually ready to bring the boom or did you find yourself continually ready to bring the boom? Oh, always. I’m always ready psychologically prepared to bring the Boone’s psychologically esoterically, metaphysically let’s boom. Are you spiritually aligned in a place where you’re ready to, to say the word boom at the same time you feel the word boom. My alignment is right in line members more than words though. Yet to actually do it. Here we go. I’m about to boom it. What does boom, stand for? Sean, do you know? Stands for big, overwhelming, optimistic momentum, and now we’re ready. Here we go. Three, two, one, boom.


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