Rapid Business Growth with a Business Coach

Rapid Business Growth with a Business Coach

All right, welcome back to the ThriveTime show on your radio. For many of you who are just finding the show for the first time, this is business school without the BS. It’s a business school where we don’t really get into that whole BS zone. We don’t get into it I don’t know your syllabus, we don’t get into humanities, we don’t get into the way that you feel, about how I feel, about how we feel, we don’t get into the Tigris, the Euphrates, the Mesopotamia River Valley. We really don’t talk a lot about the periodic table, but we talk about how to grow successful companies and what we were just talking about was how a business coach can help you prioritize the action steps you need to take to find and solve the core problems that are creating your ongoing frustrations.

Gina Wickman one of the best business coaches in the history of the planet. Unbelievable business coach his program called traction and my opinion in my humble opinion as America’s most humble man and America’s number one business coach is that his program is very good and dramatically more expensive than ours. He says that he says “What gets measured gets done.’’ Well, okay. Well what else does a business coach tell you? Well the business coach is showing you how to measure the core metrics that are going to move the needle. There’s things that matter that relate to your business and things that don’t matter. I’ll give an example. I used to own a company called Epic photography and the people on the team for whatever the reason was they constantly want to talk about being more relevant on social media.

Well, I’m going to walk you through what I know. I don’t think people know what I know but let’s assume that they do. The average American I want you to Google this. The average American is let’s do it. Get your smartphone, average Americans screen time per week. Somebody go ahead and Google that. Okay, here we go. CNN says the average American is devoting more than 10 hours per day on their devices, however they’re looking for work with me, work with me. They’re looking to spend 50 minutes on social media as a diversion. As a diversion yes, as a diversion. You mean what does a diversion mean?

Okay, we might have a deeper show than I wanted to go into today but what happens is all of us are very busy. We like getting things done, we love achieving success but we need some time to relax. Some guys go grab a beer and watch football, some guys go whitewater rafting, some ladies go whitewater rafting they go for a run, they go shopping, they go write a book. I don’t know, but the thing is we all have a diverse and we go work out. A diversion is an activity that diverts your mind from the tedious or serious concerns or recreation or a pastime. For you, many of you this show is a recreation or a pastime because occasionally I might just lose my mind and I have a lot of fun on the show and so for you this is a diversion.

Then there’s this area called cathartic, the word cathartic means providing psychological relief through the open expression of strong emotions causing catharsis thus causing Facebook. My teammates would constantly want to have me invest time and money into Facebook marketing and this is how the meeting would go “Hey, I just wanted to know what are we doing to make our videos go viral on Facebook because there’s another company in Tulsa who’s there making Facebook videos that are viral.” Well meanwhile we’re out earning these people 25 to one so I don’t give a crap about the competition and what they’re doing, I care about making copious amounts of cash so that I could enjoy my time freedom and financial freedom.

What do you do right now thrivers and once you get out a sheet of paper and I want you to write down your F six goals now if you’ve already done this before dust that baby off and make sure you’re headed in the right direction but your F six goals are the following. F number one is faith, what do you want to do with your faith this year and how much time do you want to spend per week on your faith? Two family. Today I’m going to be planning a copius. I love the word copius a large amount a large sum of trees with my kids in a camp clark in chicken palace where we live we’re planning more and more trees, we’re continuing to erect to the wall and we’re not getting Mexico to pay for it. So calm down is not a political statement but we are building a massive wall to keep people that we don’t invite, just a thought.

Anyway so we’re building this wall, we’re planting trees. I enjoy that family time I took my son out today to go buy the trees. I’m taking my son to go pick out a pair of shoes. I’m honored he wants to be just like Dad’s he wants to shell toed Adidas baby. The thing is that is something I prioritize family. Faith, family but how much time when specifically will you spend time with your family? Then there are this thing called fitness this area called fitness. Well, fitness is you got a workout in when are you going to do it? I know for me it’s just like man get on that machine. I could probably do something else with my time. The thing is you’ve got to block out time for the items that get done what gets scheduled gets done and your business coach will help you.

That’s what business coaching is all about is helping you schedule time for what matters and achieve the results that you want. Fitness, right and then we have faith, we have family fitness and now we have what friendships. Who should you be spending time with and who should you stop spending time with? I mean because we read the notable quotable earlier but Jim Marone bestselling author multimillionaire he says, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Who are you hanging out with? I know a lot of the thrivers that come out to our workshops just to hang out with successful entrepreneurs and to be surrounded by them because they realize that mediocrity is accepted by mediocre people and nobody’s mediocre by birth. I’m talking about the choices that they make.

Faith, family, finance, friendship then there’s fitness and there’s fun. You got to schedule time for faith, family, finances, fitness, friendships and fun. I’m sorry I’m giving them to you in different orders. It’s hard to write them down let me try one more time. Faith, family, friendship okay friendship you got that? Friendship you got to write that down and then we have what was next one friendship and finances and fitness and fun not necessarily in that priority but you can decide your priority. Your coach will help make sure that your priorities match your action steps. Otherwise you’re going to have dissonance which is where you’re stating a goal but at no point are you moving towards that goal.

All right, so you’ve stated a goal but you’re not moving towards that goal. Then your business coach will help you to identify your biggest limiting factor so you can focus on what matters and what doesn’t. For me in those meetings with our photography team I don’t give a crap about Facebook. I don’t care how many likes we have. Do you know how many people like us on Twitter and Facebook at Thrive15? We have thousands of people who like us on Facebook and Twitter. Who cares? I care about the people that we help. That’s the number I track I don’t care about the number of likes. It’s ridiculous. I mean people like things they don’t even like and they like it because they should like it, they like it is their friend tell them they should like it because the salesperson said, “Please like my facebook the only way you can like our Facebook, that would be really beneficial.’’ I care about the people that we help right because that’s the metric that I track.

Now the next move a business coach will help you to help you execute is they are going to work with you to set three goals by creating a vision for what you want your life to be and what you want your business to look like in the ideal scenario. When we come back we’re going to get into the details of mapping out what you want your your life to be like. If you’re not intentional your life will just become the result of what people tell you to do. You’re getting up with a ton of student debt, you’re going to have a big mortgage, you’re going to have two kids, you’re going to drive a Prius, you’re going to do what society wants you to do. I believe that you already know what you want to do. When we come back I’m going to teach you specifically how to turn your bike into what you want to be.

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