The Dysfunctional Mindsets of an Aspiring Entrepreneur

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If you have ever found yourself stuck as an entrepreneur you will want to listen to this episode of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show. During this radio show the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year (Clay Clark) and Doctor Robert Zoellner teach about the most common dysfunctional mindsets of an aspiring entrepreneur.

Welcome back to the Thrive time show on your radio. My name is Clay Clark.

Your not so humble but tempting to be humble host and you’re really I’m excited today because I’m joined with a guy who when he’s every time that he’s inside the box that rocks he just takes the show to another level here. Got the business coach man with the plan the co-host with the most the optometrist turned tycoon. He is the Daniel Boone of entrepreneurship exploring the vast city of Tulsa looking for opportunities and I understand you’re now into the extermination business is this correct Doctor Zellner.

Well my brother my I helped my brother I’ve mentored my brother up so I feel like I am. But technically it’s his business but I fill up my one of my one of one of my many brothers is you know they all come to me and Shark Tank me and I’m like well hey it’s about time you stepped out and did something solely on your own. So he did the moves and now he’s got Zoellner exterminating. We’re all very creative in naming stuff. Put Zoellner in the room right. My chiropractor like Zoellner chiropractor. You know I buy new buildings Zoellner center. It’s very creative I know for a business coach.

Did you and I just wanted to make sure your brother’s aware I saw you out front of the Thrive world business coach headquarters the 20000 square foot facility here by the left coast of the Arkansas River and the river walk. I saw you out there spraying for bugs like really just spray and like really like passionate and I didn’t know if you’re taking some of his business or if you were marketing or wasn’t sure of the relationship.

Sure it was me. No I’m not sure. OK. But I mean I will pray especially against you know mosquitoes I mean mosquitoes are probably I mean because you think about me when you if you want to go camping and have a mosquito free experience. You’re the guy who does it. You just bring me along. You invite me you bring me along.

Now we have a rich. Inside the Box that rocks now Rich is an incredible member of the Thrive team. A cold calling phenomenon and from time to time we like to bring him into the box that rocks because he has some knowledge that you don’t pick up in college. This guys learn through the hard knocks of cold calling in search engine riding up dizzy. I’m excited to have rich on the show.

Well he’s a wonderful man a beautiful man, business coach. And you were talking earlier and it is kind of like he’s he’s kind of that debt like that unicorn. Yeah. That you know is there like a sasquatch. Oh no. You know they exist. Yeah. You very seldom see them. You know when you have this sighting of them it’s always very kind of like euphoric when you’re like oh my gosh I finally saw a sasquatch.

Now Rich how are you doing my friend.

I’m living the dream for you guys as a business coach.

Well we’re we’re it’s ecstasy now that you’re next to me right now. Justin how are you doing. My friend Justin founder of the elephant in the room men’s grooming lounge How are you sir.

I’m doing awesome. I’m just glad you guys have been back.

Week to week so your beard is looking thicker it’s looking healthier. What products are you using.

Yeah. So it takes dedication and a beard as some listeners know but lots of combing right moisture I mean always try oils oils accouterments utrum and to be honest after a while people ask me how long I’ve been growing it for and if I ever shave it off and I don’t think some of the I’m not going part ways with it you know it gets attention now it’s like Harden it’s like it’s kind of like it’s kind of like it’s kind of like a dog in the park that you don’t have to feed.

I mean if you think about it oh a dog in the park I know that I’m doing that with the dog. I do take that dog in the park. I’m going his face it pre-kids get attention. Oh yeah. How.

Is it your cousin. Is here to pet it.

That’s a move I’ve never thought about that. I mean I’d probably do the move. I mean that’s that’s that’s the movement.

But seriously I was like I own elf in the room men’s grooming lounge. And I want to become a brand myself you know on top of that a lot branding yourself. But ultimately so my hair in my beard is just that.

So it gets attention a lot of times well and it should it should. Now we’re talking today about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart. This is the dysfunctions of an entrepreneur that is so mind set.

And this is right in our wheel house and I’m going to make a confession on this show and I’m going to share the one that’s my problem or was my problem. But every entrepreneur listening I want to encourage you to find the one that you use I’m going to start with.

Where is time. Time out to go pump the brakes Peguy pump pop top pump.

The problem is the way you just said that implied that you only have one dysfunction.

All I have. I mean I have many many idiosyncrasies but there’s one primary I used to have I is function. Yes of course. So here the dysfunctional mindset OK. This is the employee mindset entrepreneur and business coach client. I’ll start with you Justin you can break this down for us OK. You want to be a successful entrepreneur but you desperately want to be told that you can keep the same schedule that you had when you were a 9 to 5 employee to find life balance just like when you worked for someone else. Anytime there is snow on the road you want to call in and request off for safety reasons for your own business you know you want to take the day off before every major holiday the day after. You know the day before a Columbus Day you know you desperately want the law of sowing and reaping not to apply to you because you are now self-employed. Justin what. Talk to me about the employee mindset entrepreneur you’ve seen these guys. They want to work the same schedule they had when they were employees but they haven’t built the business yet to be able to do it. And so they’re kind of like why won’t work you know 36 hours a week and take off 12 weeks a year you know what. Yeah. Right. Talk to me about it my friend.

Those are people that actually probably hate their job. You know I love to work. I don’t work for the weekend. I don’t have the horses. But here’s the thing you need to work like no one else. So you can live like no one else. Preach it. Oh OK. And your column this morning. OK so I had all the training in the room and so I see hundreds and hundreds of people for training and a lot of training for the mindset. Will you do what’s required of you to get the result you want. That’s my definition of success. And so one of them is put in the work in. So if it’s if it’s a simple math equation Erin taking holidays off air and taking weekends off air takes takes nights off. I’m going to work those hours make myself more valuable over its time period that will show dramatically.

OK so now I’m going to go with the doctors for five thousand make a point. I’m going read this this mystic’s statistic coming that you got from business insider it says check out how much the average American works each year compared to the French the Germans and the Koreans. The average American is now working approximately 1600 and 80 hours per year which if you’re dividing that by 40 hours per week means that the average American only works Forty two hours or forty two weeks per year. The average American only works 42 weeks per year Z. If you haven’t got to the gold yet why is it a problem if you’re taken all the time off and you’re being self-employed.

Well let me can I get a doula preachin. Oh come on. Am I allowed to preach to them. You are allowed to preach.

Let me let me let me get myself mostly just see here. OK. You watch it. I’m watching you this preaching. I paid attention. Go ahead. If you like a nine to five. Job. When you place a place you got to work 80 hours you two hours you do. You said 80 hours and. The hundred hours you have to.

I don’t know if I’d go there with it. There were like a lot of work day.

Or you could be like eight out of 10 businesses and just you know shut down after you’ve opened it up after you spent your hard money your time your dreams all your passion Joe you could google it. It’s Forbes 8 out of 10 businesses fail because most people are trying to make a job for themselves and they want the same rules that apply when they have a job.

OK now I’m going to read you an edible Cordele from Jerry West the NBA hall of famer. The logo the NBA logo was actually designed based upon his body his silhouette. Is the NBA logo. He says you can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good. Now for even more business coach knowledge..

Rich I’m going to read off the holidays that most people take off are the pseudo holidays and then I’m going to let you because you’ve learned the concept of rise and grind since you’ve been here. So here we go. You’ve got the day before New Year’s Eve New Year’s Eve New Year’s Day. The day before New Year’s Day the day before Martin Luther King Jr. Day Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the day after Martin Luther King Jr. Day the day before Presidents Day president said the day after Presidents Day the Thursday before Good Friday Good Friday the Saturday before Easter Easter. So we have something in a lot of time on our hands to make this list think the Bank Holiday.

I mean I could go on and on and on but I’m not going to. So rich. You’ve been here for a while. How is your work ethic changed since joining the Thrive team you know versus maybe previous occupations.

I literally work three quarters of these.

OK so you you work these days that most people take off. Going don’t take Black Friday off. Oh no no no. This year I did because my wife made me. What do you make more money now though the new used.

I make three times more now than I have ever in my life.

So if you can educate your former self you know you’re talking to your normal self. There’s there’s there’s the self from let’s say. How long have you been with her a year and a half. OK so a year and a half. You could talk to that version of yourself that applied for the job a year and a half ago please preach to yourself stop filling your day with jackassery and get your stuff done.

Oh wow. Wow Z that deserves a business coach breakdown right there I don’t know how you going to write that down. Wow.

Will jackassery is defined as all the stuff that you do that doesn’t go toward your checklist of getting stuff done for the day. You know I love Clay’s guzzles you know he like me right. I don’t know they could get fired. Do you use on your checklist because that’s them all nine at nine. Yeah. Yeah. It’s small it’s so it’s so fun that when you say OK these are things I need to get done in life. And if you’re doing something that is not working toward getting those things done that’s called jackassery and jackassery is a wealth repulsions system that all cultures have to learn. Oh and it’s it’s very effective. By the way it’s very effective.

It’s amazing how it’s not a it’s kind of agnostic almost think it’s like any religion any group of people any culture has picked it up it’s amazing how you see jackassery I mean if you travel around the zoo you’ve traveled around the world.

Oh yes and it’s and it exists in every culture. It exists in every country. It exists in every race. It’s it’s out there it has no biases. I mean it doesn’t care who you are it will affect you. Like like a virus if you let it.

If you have the employee mindset you might want to circle that if you have the employee mindset to what you want become an entrepreneur not good dysfunctional mindset never to the aggressive critical and demanding of immediately impossible results. Here’s an example.

You don’t like the concept that over 25 over a 25 year period of time one business coach man Dr. Souttar with diligence could build the state’s most successful auto auction or one of the states the states one of those states was profitable optometry clinics the state most profitable where you go on a list. I mean a list of businesses you’re involved in durable medical equipment diagnostic Sleep Center Online Business School. I’m missing something. Well see why they did not show the AKAGI. Watch it here.

I care that thoroughbred thoroughbred. But people are listening. They say I don’t like that. Well I just watched a Tony Robbins video and I got excited. And I and I watched his tie Lopez video. And I want to get my success right now. I want to immediately because I want it to be right now because I want to get rich quick because I deserve it. I believe it. I’m a name. I’m going to claim it. And they’re mixing kind of religion with motivation.

They walked on the hot coals they want it now they don’t like the idea but how long did it take you to build the optometry clinic to where it is to where you can actually open the next successful business because you were fruitful before you multiply by 10 years. 10 years!!

Yeah probably a good I would say let’s say 91 one to a ninety nine years eight and a half to nine years.

I’ve rounded it up to 10 and probably somebody listening who is not in the corner of an entrepreneur but they are in the family of an entrepreneur and they’re going to him like she works Doomadgee works two mines they work. They work all the time but how many hours how many days a week did you work when you started the optometry clinic at home. How long did you keep up that pace before it could finally scale without you.

Well I started seven days a week and then I peeled off a day every you know every year a year and a half to two years I peeled off a day. And so you know then finally after what 10 12 years you know I’m not physically working in the practice anymore. How many years did you work seven days a week. Probably two because you know I said I start peeling off a day but every couple of years and so therefore you know you know them in six days a week and then five days a week and then four days.

So you want to six days a week still after you’ve been a business maybe for five years yeah.

Well then you’re probably transitioning to five. At that point yeah.

Did you have kids or did you live in a van down by the river. We know they were talking when we come back after the break. We’re doing what you did to have kids at the van the river.

Did you live in a van down by the river during that shag carpet or the inside of it. Probably the business coach stories that we come back we’re going to talk about the dysfunctional mindsets that can be preventing your success.

That is the prime time business coach radio show. Stay tuned.

Prime time show non-comp now has a little story to tell about a teacher named Doc named Zeff way back in 2002. I’ve applied for a job interview. I had to pass the case. Does it take to produce this show. So want it.

Now more from the man whose face was made for why he was such a mean mean statement right there Center. My face was made ready but true. I mean mean what true is. It’s very it’s all about being self aware. My man. It’s all about being aware.

I don’t know that it was made for radio. I mean I think you are such a handsome man. I mean let’s break it let’s break it down. I mean you’ve got zero pigment so you could be you know just physically the whitest guy no.

Absolutely. Keith Van Horn if he hadn’t ever gone outside right.

I mean if your family if your mom and dad had named you Casper. I mean we we would we would understand why.

Yeah I mean that’s the thing that a lot of drivers are going Hey listen I’m trying to think about things that could help. Clay I’m trying to think about ways to get back in the community and one thing you could do is just shield me from light. I mean as an albino it’s tough any light at all.

One thing I need to make sure you’re doing is taking some Vitamin D supplement because you’re your neighbor.

You’re not getting it from the sun which is some vitamin Z what you need vitamin D. Oh I’m assuming you’re planning your trees like at 3:00 in the morning or something. Cause the guy who was giving me the vitamins is kind of sketchy. Oh yeah I’m going to think about it. I I’m really I don’t really check the FDA label on that. D. Right. Easy. Oh it’s a little bit further up the alphabet.

I’ll talk to you though after the fact was that there was a time that Clay had a really really nice tan. I mean that story went time but there was a spray tanning spray tan one time and maybe you can share with you.

But this is in every competition he has ever had to share that with. He’s never never told me I don’t want to share with the just did it. I have done fitness competitions.

We shouldn’t want to again here where we can really really say really should look at his body for life though before and he did a 60 day 90 day 90 day challenge and we got after it we got into it and it worked. We out there thinking about life a lot. I don’t know say they still do it but we didn’t get to do before pictures and after we need to do we need you to get intense. So anyways I have an idea. So when you’re guiding they spray tan to show the definition and I said let’s get spray tan because our definition is we want to win this competition and you make your photos lots of it’s nationwide. And so I taught in this great tanning where a young lady sprays us. She I guess her setting was for like ultra dark you know old dark dark nights. So yeah we got pretty dark and it was pretty funny but the tank of the dark was like those pictures like I see I but they’re gone now. Other drawbacks are there. I see everything. I can barely pull them up. We’ve got to get you out of here because it’s like Photoshop our heads were Photoshop. We didn’t create her face.

I think it looks like the trumpet of it. You know you’re asking a member.

Let’s make a rap song for EITR and that would be the cover right there. OK

I’ll get off the rest. I accept that challenge all day use that you have to text me an old school song you like. OK. Any old school beat down. It’s got to be old school because the majority of our listeners are in their 40s and 50s you know five to 40. You don’t start a business to have a kid or two you know. And so the listeners they love the old school hip hop. So that’s the move. So a vocational mindset never to be aggressive critical and demanding of immediately impossible result. Now Zeke you worked seven days a week for two years roughly and then you worked about six days a week for two more years what kind of tradeoffs and sacrifices did you make and did you have kids at that time or did you live alone in a van by the river.

Actually I had started starting the family about the year before I started my business. And so I had kids and I had I had all that going on. And the tradeoff is that you know your course when your kids are real young and they don’t you know I mean like when I was born and I was born in Dallas but I don’t remember it I was pretty young.

What I know is I remember the exact moment I came out of my mother. We’re different now. How you coming around. I came out and I’m like this is gross. I know the Rose give me out of here I’m going to remember the specific cycle lights are bright. But the thing about it is is that you do.

You do make tradeoffs but you understand that you’re trading one thing for another thing you’re trading now for the year and you’re delaying gratification is basically what you’re doing. And that’s one thing that you know I tried to teach in IBM but listen I will I will say it over and over again. Delay gratification because then what happened is by delaying it it’s much better and bigger down the road.

When you said delay gratification I heard you say. Maybe.

And can you repeat that again real quick to sort of make sure well it’s about delaying gratification. It’s about you say well listen I don’t I don’t want to work hard now because I know I’m going to work the rest of my life. If you work hard now you don’t have to work the rest of your life.

There’s a thriving who’s got some kind of ear blockage going on in all they heard which you can have and you said you said something and when you said it it’s so counter-cultural it’s hard to maybe hear what you just said one more time just in case the drivers just cleaning out the earwax or it’s delayed gratification.

Oh it’s crazy I know. But the thing about it is is that our whole culture especially here in the US is that you know you go out there and you you you don’t delay it but you actually get it before you deserve it.

And so you get credit card you know you got there got a job you’re going to school you get that debt you get that car you get that house you borrow you borrow just borrow Barbaro.

I’m not opposed to borrowing but I’m also opposed to people living outside their means. You know living outside their means and so that’s what makes it tough to delay the gratification.

Now Gino Wickman This is the guy who started a business coach program called traction which is full disclosure with the competitors of 315 dot com and I quote him because his program is awesome. It’s just seven grand a month zero seven grand. Seven thousand dollars a month it is a contract and you know he’s he’s sort of like the the golden boy of the coaching creed works at companies that already have you know 10 million dollars of revenue you are in our heart is more to help somebody find the path established a path and grow the existing business.

He’s just 7000 a month going to sign up for year and that’s $84000 commitment.

And you know it’s a deal and he says there’s no money. He pauses and he says most people not make sure you’re not.

We don’t want to do accurate math. We just want to be vague on what the business coach man says. I that most people are sitting on their own diamond mines. And the surest way to lose your diamond of mind is to get bored become overambitious or to start thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.

Find your core focus stick to it and devote your time and resources to excelling at it. Rich you make cold calls for businesses. Yes. Today how many calls did you make roughly out about how many cold calls did you make. Roughly my man about 250.

And how many appointments did one sorrow. Ten. Ten. Now I’m just telling you rich of all the cool colors I’ve ever had I’m not exaggerating. He is the best Cold Caller I’ve ever had. Seriously. He’s like he’s the ice breaker now rich when you’re making booty calls your success rate one out of 25 Z2 doing the math.

It’s like what percent I mean when I’m 25 it feels like he said he had decided that 10 out of 250 Rohatyn turned 50 so what’s the percentage on that there that’s out of 100 that would have been 10 percent.

So just under five.

OK I was gonna say you said it five because 10 percent would have been 25. And he only said 10.

So Rich as a business coach I need to know, I mean when you’re making those calls how do you stay focused, proud smile and dial till they buy cry or die.

Now when you offer it buy or die when you first heard of work at the head of your first day go because your first day you’re working with the marshal and he had like an interactive spiritual coming to Jesus connection with you there. How did it for you either don’t think he’d ever been in a place where it’s like you literally make calls until you describe ired. But what was explained to the thriver is that interaction while are super hot and close to that microphone Oh it was it was bad.

There was some colorful conversations in between Marshall and I mean even Jonathan Kelly and Even Eric Herman and I. So it was kind of like the trifecta of awesome trying to teach me to get better.

Now here’s the deal thrivers is that if you are an entrepreneur though and you don’t have a boss or a manager holding you accountable you’ve got to find some way to hold yourself accountable so maybe that’s your thing maybe your thing is you just want to get results immediately and you don’t want to be held held accountable. And we come back we’re going to talk about a dysfunctional mindset. Number three the chronically distracted on your furniture and we’re trying to figure out which one of these dysfunctions is the one that’s holding you back from the success that you deserve. Which one.

Absolutely. Well we’ve got to get to the end of the list and then we will uncover will uncover.

Doctors say I’m so excited about you and you’re just a great Americanism Stay tuned.

Halftime Show Daka made a mixtape in my dorm room came the lead is. Does this scene show all that levee bad.

No it’s the Thrive time show up in Batum now.

Started from the bottom now he it from the bottom now we started from the bottom now.

Is the one you start at the bottom. And at the bottom. I mean what if you’re a kid at 10 entrepreneurs according to Forbes They start at the bottom and end at the bottom. You start at the top at the bottom. Either way it’s like they’re not you know eight of 10 businesses are failing and we hate that number but what does say the entrepreneur who is maybe gone from the top to the bottom or from the bottom to the bottom.

A couple of times.

Well I would suggest is this is that maybe you might want a little help you might want to find a mentor. I am a business coach and we here at the Thrivent nation we are asking to be your business coach. You know we do it with excellence. We have a lot of success stories. You can get on drivetime show reviews and you can see the people have come to our in-person workshops and the life changing information that we gladly happily i.e. joyously go out joyously Oh we have it we would have what we would call an order I fiery passion talking to you and as a wordsmith we want you all we ask for you to have an alacrity which is a cheerful joyful to have in us to learn.

It’s a cheerful it’s excitement and eagerness to learn alacrity. Want to that down alacrity. That’s all we ask you have is there is a willingness and eagerness to learn because if you are if the student appears to have this dude is ready the teacher will appear for it.

Yes and we humbly suggest that you allow us to maybe help you down your journey of starting and growing a business. That’s that’s what we’re about that’s the journey we started. Clay’s been doing Clay as certified as the world’s best business coach in case you didn’t know. And I’m just I’m just here to kind of make sure he didn’t you know Runamuck that go crazy then you I’m the guardrails at the bowling alley.

You know you know our our minds were now writing articles for Forbes or doing some stuff and there’s a very strong possibility our pod cast is going to be we’re in the process right now but it looks like we may be endorsed soon by Forbes and the little you know little podcast suggested.

Fantastic. Well they’ve already kind of endorsed 315 I mean they think a lot of it and we are appreciative that and so it’s a thing it’s a it’s you know it’s the thing and we’re we’re here.

But our heart is to help you. With the tough stuff in business because a lot of times you don’t know what the tough stuff is nosey.

I’m going to I’m going to read some stuff right now it’s very offensive. And I just want you to be reverent about it. I don’t want you to you know make fun of the thrive are out there because here we go. This is the mind’s dysfunctional mind set number three is the chronically distracted entrepreneur or what. What does my phone just rang her score. You want to focus and pay attention. I’m sorry my wife just text me. But you received a notification on your phone that you wanted to check real quick. I do want guacamole squirrel secret squirrel. And then you know you know that you and you alone must create the thousand words of conta that Google needs on every single page of your web site.

But you keep updating your Facebook status and you got into a 45 minute conversation with one of your employees about how you felt instead of doing it. You also recently discovered it’s hard to write while watching nonstop coverage of a recent hurricane on CNN. You my friend are the Carnegie distracted entrepreneur and Daniel Goleman a clinical psychologist says this for you he says.

We need to recreate boundaries. When you create a digital gadget when you carry a digital gadget that creates a virtual link to the office you need to create a virtual boundary that didn’t exist before. So to start with you see because this is huge. How do you manage yourself.

Because people they want to call you on your cell phone me on my cell phone even when you’re out at a movie they’ve got to move.

How do you handle yet a lot of businesses a lot of employees. How do you specifically handle yourself.

You know here’s the thing. Clay is that it’s so easy and people are spinning in. Companies are spending billions of dollars to get you a dictator that thing and get you check every 32 seconds you understand the true. I mean just printing billions. I mean this is a fight for your brain. It’s a literal fight for your brain and your attention and they are making copious amounts of money on getting your attention. And you have to be very purposeful in saying you know what my attention is going to be directed focused on where it needs to be focused. And so you just have to be purposeful. I mean you have to say to yourself you know I’m not you know I’m not used to be. I remember back when we were a kid and you just had to have cell phones you had to phone the house right. And that phone would ring. I mean it would be like like an Olympic sprint to the phone.

I mean there would be just like oh my gosh something Jesus said to be Christmas.

Oh my gosh it was like to be like an Olympic sprint. Are the kids going to try to get that phone. I mean because you know it could be something you know exciting pick up the phone. Hello Zoellner residence Hello how may I help you. Who’s calling.

You know we had a little we had a script that we had to use on the phone and God forbid if someone called long distance what you do is all I got was shut down. Your Aunt Karen is calling long distance. You understand what the guy she’s calling long does it when she would stop. You know a long phone with a cord long cord and you take that long cord because you didn’t have the cord legit or wireless you know what you would do is you would say she is calling from Minnesota. Oh it’s like oh my gosh from Minnesota so far on one phone line. How is that possible.

It’s just crazy. So good. So we we’ve all been I learn as you go about with that phone it’s almost like a Pavlov’s dog thing. You ring the bell and you salivate. You know it’s kind of like oh my gosh buzzes it beings. Does one ever time. Well. First of all turn up all your notifications you don’t want everything ding and a buzzer and beeping on your turn I’ll call of occasions turn up all the notifications and then check it on a regular basis under your situation.

And then you time out because you said this and I saw you do this you had a laptop up here at the office and someone turned on the jackass mode which is the notification mode where it would update you when there is it. Turn that off. Do not know what to do.

You just turn that off turn that off there’s enough banging and buzzing and flipping and burning and banging Psychology Today did a study and it said the average American has over 70 interruptions a day. Seventy sevens units between texts and voicemails e-mails. How can you get anything done.

So Justin you’re an entrepreneur in the digital age. You know potentially living in the digital age. What advice would you have for the man there because he turns off the notifications and you’re out there running a very successful company you know getting closer and closer to 100 employees at all in the room. Things are growing. What questions do you have for the business coach Zoloft.

Yes. So the cell phone is definitely a distraction you’re reachable 24/7. And the best thing to do is as you know maybe put a few in that phone turn off at night. You know it can wait till tomorrow. Some employees. What if the place burned down is that it was places burning down they asked me I said because no one you know and there are more undershirts things like that. So say you’ve done that move now. So now you’ve got to shop this is kind of where I’m at. So I walk to the shop and it’s are you going to second got a minute. I got this idea and he wants them by you know and it’s that. So it’s almost like the the person themselves employees is now that distraction instead of the phone. And so it’s really in that you’re scheduling time. So because I get bombarded as well we have some new staff members retrain the call center. And so for me it was the move was write down all caution throughout the day on one sheet of paper. I want you try some First your own and it will schedule time to sit down and go over these because I found myself not getting my To Do list done. You know if you’re going to have to do this of your own and in the days and throw you it’s own to do list I get a fever and the only cure is how do I deal with God a minute meetings Hey you got a minute.

You got a minute. How do you deal with it. And how do you deal with it.

No no no. Write him down to visored supervisors supervise boom. What you do is you put you put layers in between you the people have to kind of maneuver to get through to you that sounds mean. Oh my gosh that sound that sounds so mean. Think about it is is that your right. I mean. An employee with with this idea in their mind can be as big a distraction as anything is you’re going through your day. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a good idea and you don’t need to talk to them. But as a general rule of thumb you don’t get every single time you have a process that gets vetted.

That they get to you when we come back we’re talking more about how to deal with the distractions that inevitably come up as an entrepreneur or stated as the drive time business coach radio show maybe that.

Best song ever do you guys remember a time when you said the best song ever I mean ever of all times. I mean of all times it’s frightening in the top. I mean are you a day really good today. Yes there is. You look a little allergic. I want to I want to. This is this.

You remember a time Z where the family would gather around the tube. The television that actually had a tube in the television yes you would gather in the room was thick it was deep. Yes. You would gather around and you what you do is you would you’d watch the show Full House or different strokes or family matters or silver spoons.

Rick Schroeder Oh yeah here we faced him bass. A couple of the persons spoons was the one with palkee.

What was the share of exchanges there are fresh prince. Oh yeah. Fresh prince of bel air born and raised. And so the thing is the show only came on at one time. You couldn’t just Netflix you could be in a meeting and start Netflix.

So this is what I’m told you were the dysfunctions of the modern entrepreneur. And this literally happened in my office now. Z you like Game of Thrones. I like Game of Thrones. There are scenes in Game of Thrones though. There we go. Maybe we could do without but they’re in Game of Thrones correct. And so I’m mean to me him just before I sold the photography company. One of our best photographers who I lobbied super hard to fire but I could not fire him because I didn’t have the final decision making power as we were transitioning during the selling of the business. I’m talking to him and then I noticed to my right I look he has two monitors one monitor he’s editing photos on the second monitor he’s watching one of the adult scenes from Game of Thrones. Oh ok. Got. And I said why are you watching Game of Thrones and why is that scene on. And that’s got to offend the ladies who work here. There’s so many things wrong with it you know and he goes oh I didn’t know I couldn’t watch Game of Thrones while working. No

I didn’t. Brown. Hey bro you could not do that back in the day you did bring your big tube to the office too but you’d have to air your cable subscription cable subscriptions.

There are so many ears you’d have to know how you bring your the ears the rabbit ears on your TV.

So I could watch it because I’m a meanie. And then I realized his productivity was at an all time low we fixed it Z. But today in a world where everyone carries a digital gadget these distractions and he’s got a minute meetings in just this. It’s almost like according to Psychology Today it’s almost like the critical thinking skills of the average adult when they’re using a smartphone is now that of an average third grader it’s almost like people are getting dumber. And the article is called is your smartphone making you dumb. So what advice would you have for the entrepreneur who’s been constantly interrupted by digital gadgets. What do you say.

Well you can turn off the notifications turn that thing off put it on. I like what Justin said it definitely when you’re sleeping and when you’re home or you know at certain times you turn on silent. Then you kick in periodically and you know the thing about it is and then you don’t respond to every single thing that pops on there. Every e-mail every text every whatever you don’t use as part of the ones that you need to respond to because I’m just the day I was getting this text conversation with someone like this I called them on the phone like I’m not could sit here and text this back and forth with you let’s just can we talk then we talk for a couple of minutes. Got knocked it all out. Sit there you know just texting or somehow just when you’re joining the cast for my thumb now you know so it’s kind of like when those deals are words kind of like you’re you’re going to let those things if you let them they will distract you and keep you going all day and Facebook being Facebook. There’s a Instagram there’s a snap chat. I mean social media aside even even though the core business can you know we get hundreds of e-mails a day. And if you let it go you know. Ding ding ding you you will ding ding ding to death.

Now dysfunctional mind set number four is the knowledgeable skeptical and complex one to be leader who you graduated from the University of whatever with a B.S. Bachelor of Science degree or whatever and you’ve come to realize that the marketplace does not pay you based upon your academic resume.

You know just enough about everything to wow your friends and engage in an intelligent conversation with any random person you’ve ever met on a plane. But at the back of your mind you’re thinking it just doesn’t work out. I might need to go back and get an MBA. You’re in love with the vision and goal setting part of the business that one person at the front of the process but you are not in love with the work ethic and the grind needed to get it done and you hate this quote. Jim Rohn gives me this quote you hate it. You don’t get paid for the hour you get paid for the value you are willing to say that it be an hour you don’t get paid for the hour you get paid for the value that you bring to the hour.

But the think about it as Clay you got to understand that the concept of all your life leading up to that you could pay by the hour and that’s the way. That’s the rule. That’s the move. That’s the thing. That’s the jam. I mean that’s the play you know. And so you’re going to it you know 10 hours today I work eight hours a day I worked 40 hours this week I get so much an hour and that’s what I get. But when you become the entrepreneur it’s not the hours you work it’s the value you bring.

Now Rich you are a recovering jackass and I am too. Yes. So we are in that business coach boat together where we’ve done jackassery we’ve played that game. And when you started working here it’s been like night and day thing. Let’s just talk about search engine optimization in sales calls. OK. So search engine optimization and when you were doing search engine optimization a couple of months ago what were you getting paid per article that you wrote three dollars and sixty five cents.

How many those things could you bang out per hour. 15 15. So you’re just boom boom boom boom boom. And if you walked into his room not that you would be like mean about it but you were just kind of like get out of here. And you were just great.

Well yeah. Because the way I saw it was I’m going to make as much money as possible. And no one’s going to stop me from reaching my goal. Whether that’s Hey I want to be able to take my kids out this weekend so I’m going to go ahead work 14 days to be able to do that meet my deadline and then go ahead and be able to do stuff that I want to do.

Previous jobs you’ve had though is always paid per hour flat rate or whatever talk to me. The difference in your mindset that you had as an employee or team member or contractor or whatever.

Well I felt like as an employee that I was entitled. Whereas now I feel like I literally have to earn everything that I get regardless of whether it’s articles or trying to set up appointments for our clients.

And so now you set appointments for clients and you get paid per appointment. So your mindset is like I’m going to get as many appointments today as possible not work as many hours as possible correct.

I want to set my personal goal is 50 appointments a week.

Now I want to ask you this Justin you work you have you own your own business. When you have a lot of we’ve really really nice grooming professionals that work in L.A. and the room quality people. You know there’s really some really just awesome dynamic ladies who I’ve met there most ladies there’s a couple of guys that work there are mostly ladies and some of them are are focused on results are focused on the value they can bring to the hour and I see these ladies and they say hey I’m trying to get my income per hour up to 25 like when they did the last meeting. She says I’m trying to get to $30 an hour. What tips do you have that she’s trying to sell more products and cut the hair more accurately get better reviews. He’s trying to sell more memberships I mean she’s. And that somebody else is like you know can I get more per hour because the eight hour thing is done. I mean there’s one mind set is just trying to get more minimum wage and they’re the ones trying to get this commission. So someone’s making 30 bucks an hour. What’s going on the mind set and how do you as a manager try to incentivize people to be motivated.

Yes. We structured an incentive based pay scale and it really helps that people go in from the hourly mindset into the productivity into the entrepreneur mindset. Severe right now and your entrepeneur and you want to launch your business. These are some things that I come across with read people in their businesses and even some of my employees. The what if it doesn’t work out. What if my plan doesn’t work out or this is Carne’s you had today with a potential employee in training says we’ll see how it works out of the room and I tell them you either decide ill planned ill work you need to solder right now or you decide it’s not going to work because ultimately let’s be honest over the five years I could have closed my business several times you know and I would have killed you. Killed you you know what found it and ultimate called my my business coach my partner clay Clarke and I said hey this is where I’m at this. You know and I had that talk with you but I seriously could have given up I could have. And now we’re in amazing position it’s awesome you know. And it’s a lot of fun. I’m sure doctors say there’s certain times where you could of looked and you could have you know. But will you do what’s required if you get the result you want.

We push those things so you decided early on to make sure it will work just to set a beautiful thing and I hope the drivers out there I hope the people listening to this radio show podcast show listen to it. And you said listen when I was at the depth of despair. What did you do.

You know when I when I was when I was thinking about Shatner day own when I was thinking about giving up. I called.

A business coach my old movie me. What would Justin do. And I replaced those thoughts with people who had been where I wanted to go financially with Ryan and stuff and my business coach clay Clark is that guy will thrive.

And I just I appreciate you saying that.

Very nice. But I will tell you when I’m in a business straight up I don’t ever lose. I just won’t lose because I’m going to quit. And that’s that you have to be all in you have to. You have to understand what that means to be all in and we come back and talk about what it means to fully commit to your business your success is worth it. Stay tuned. Five time business coach radio show I get a chance.

Really. Megan maybe together we get some places get something from nothing to maybe make something. Myself I got nothing to.

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