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Why are prices constantly going up for things like health insurance for employers? During this episode of the Thrive Time Business Coach Radio Show Doctor Robert Zoellner and the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year (Clay Clark) tackle health insurance for employers, why the price is going up and what you can do about it. Clay also discusses his vasectomy at great length which makes things awkward for all.

My name is Clay Clark and the former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the year and current business coach and I sit here on a mission to make your financial troubles disappear and your time freedom troubles disappear.

Now inside inside the box that rocks today at the beautiful home at the  world headquarters we have assembled a dream team of humans here of co-hosts with the most filling in for Dr. Robert Zellner who apparently is out expanding his vast entrepreneurial Empire today. So what start with you Mr. Steve Currington You are of the mortgage fame you’re from the whole mortgage game. Can you introduce yourself to the to Tulsa Oklahoma. What do you do and what kind of problems can you solve for the great people of Tulsa.

I have a new nickname that happened today. I think it came from you as my business coach. Is the bowling ball of mortgage bankers.

I really feel like you are the bull involved mortgage bankers. If it’s in my way I just knock it out. Hello.

You are a Lamborghini driving deal closing mortgage man bowling ball and a great business coach client.

And somebody said why did you strike out. No no ATI’s. That’s right.

I had a person I know very closely who was actually using you right now for a loan and they told me they said if everybody did the loans the way that Steve Currington does I would use them for every aspect of the home buying process they said he just the he closes loans I said well what does he close loans. They say well he calls me back every day. He works via appointment. He doesn’t take forever to get things done and he’s actually pressuring the other vendors to be responsive. He’s working with my realtor to get things done. It just seems like you work with a sense of urgency is what I was hearing so for the drivers out there who are listening and maybe who have that same sense of urgency that you have and have begun to sell some things you have probably dealt with complaints. So it’s right nation work with me here. If you have a sense of urgency about selling things you probably have run into this thing called complaints and that’s what we’ll be talking about today. On today’s show is dealing with complaints.

And Tim Redmond you grew a company from two people to 450 people called tax and accounting software. You did very very well that business was sold over 100 million dollars to Turbo Tax. You’ve been featured in 21 irrefutable laws of leadership. You had a daughter that just graduated from from victory high school is that right.

Yes. You’re up on that. Your boys didn’t go to jail. I mean there’s so many great things that money is out of jail. That’s a big deal right there. This is awesome, great job a business coach. I don’t have any grandkids yet. So you you you and your wife have done some things well and I want to ask you Have you ever in the process of growing tax and accounting software have you ever dealt with a complaint.

I usually handle a complaint about once every two point four minutes. I believe that’s about right.

How many complaints? I mean how many complaints were you dealing with when you’re working there tax and accounting software?

Well they were I mean we we marketed to CPA you know CPS ask for right pain and oh abdomen.


Nice. So anyway we would work with these business coach guys and CPA as they like to have everything perfect and when it’s not perfect they blow up.

So we have blow ups all the time and so we we train our people to be able to handle those.

Now Steve have you ever had a complaint in the mortgage business you’ve been in the mortgage business for quite awhile now have you ever had any complaints at all.

Well you know no secret to anybody buying a house and going through the process as well. Yes it’s a very stressful thing. It’s emotional too. People are moving in there. They’re leaving a house maybe that they love and they’re going into a new house and Anytime there’s a problem yet stressful so people complain for.

Now Sam you’ve never owned your own business but you’re in the process of building your own business. Have you ever complained. Have you ever had a business that you’ve paid your hard earned money to do a service or deliver a product to you and you thought it clearly could be done much better than this. Have you ever felt the need to complain or have you ever complained Is it ever happened.

I personally don’t usually complain. I’ll usually put up with it unless I know the owner or if I have the opportunity to you’ll tell your friend I’ll tell my friends for sure but I won’t complain too.

Ok I’m so glad I’m back.

What I’m gonna do right now is that thrivers I’m going to throw at you today an unbelievable amount of business coach knowledge and you go why do you know all these things. What do I prepare for every show but two is it. I challenge you to not believe what I am saying and I want you to make it a fun game today to do your research on this. Sam Walton the CEO the founder of Wal-Mart once said he said that the customer can fire everyone from the chairman of the board to the CEO on down simply by spending their money somewhere else. However Bill Gates who is the world’s wealthiest man are in the top or for he says that customer complaints are your greatest opportunity for learning. So I’m struggling to I’m listening I’m probably struggling to understand. So do I want complaints do not one complaint. And that’s all we’re going to get into today but before we do that. Sam you had a question today about keywords in Google can you ask your question has little to ask. The answer the mailbag questions from drivers all over the world and specifically you’re in the building and you had a question so can you get an answer to your question about the keywords and how that works. I want to answer that before we get into dealing with customer complaints.

Yeah me my wife were wanting to start our our business but before we do that we want to get to the top of Google but we don’t know what keywords that we need to be focusing on. So my question is how do we decide which keywords we need to be writing content for?

And I know this doesn’t translate well to the people listening because this is a business coach radio show so you’ll need to work with me on this.

But if you get out your computer and everybody gets out your smartphone or your computer or a tablet or something and I want you to type in Tulsa we’ll go with Tulsa mortgages. All right. Tulsa mortgages everybody do that with me now. OK. I want to get your take the pledge buddy. I state your name. Do hereby You hereby type in Tulsa mortgages into OK great. You type it in and when you type it in yes it comes up top. OK so you see ZFG mortgages and Steve boom.

You’re saying that on the radio Steve. Come on.

He’s a good guy. He is. It’s Fareed is it good. He’s a great guy. We just hope he’s got a Google. I mean he will still be a great guy when he’s on page four. Yeah. What’s interesting is he is still up there because of the business coach tips you provided.

Exactly are we having such a good for doing such a good job for him.

Years ago he was a business coach client years ago. But I’m going to go ahead and show you how to know what they’re doing over there. ZFC mortgage is the first person that comes up topping Google’s TFG mortgage. And when you click on their side or they click on their site right now. Do good when you click I want you to right click now on the home page and I want you to look for this thing called View Source right click and then do view source someone says I have a Mac and I right click if you don’t figure it out but go get it. If you go get a different mouse right click and when you do look for it there Sam if you can see it you can see the description I’ll see him as a bit of it because he’s either in the box that he can see the screen. But Sam do you see there are title tags up here. Yes. And do you see their description. You know what you’re going to do is make a spreadsheet of all of the words of the top 10 competitors. That’s step one. Got it. Then step number two and this is the part that people don’t like to do because it takes time.

Isn’t there an app. Isn’t there an app I could use instead.

No. Isn’t there a program. No. Is there a way I can know. Is there a way I can get fit in like 30 minutes. No. Is there a way I can get a great abs into it today. No. Is there a way that I could grow a tree faster without dying faster. No. Is there a way that I could make hamburgers for 99 cents and have them not filled with fillers. No. The thing is organic cost isn’t wearing form in the show. Right. So what you do is you type it.

I am suddenly hungry for a hamburger.

So I’m going to get with this. Let’s get one after the show. So here’s what you’ll do.

We’re going to go does he have a mortgage and we’re going to type the word site and then colon in front of in front of the actual web address and I click enter and it shows how many pages of content they have.

Four hundred and ninety eight pages of content. And I used to be their business coach so I do know what that means. They have 498 pages so you have to write that down on your spreadsheet. You go to when that word Sam you would need 498 pages and you do. Do you keep doing this yeah you know. Clever. Clay says you have to double decker. I would definitely double it. So go through a whole spreadsheet of all the terms you think you might want to be top for by stealing them from your competition by right clicking and in clicking view source and putting on a spreadsheet. Then in the next column we’ll call it column to you make the list of how many pages of content you need to be top and Google and I always take the number of pages they have time to. Now what’s a page a page is a thousand words of content what’s content. My friends you need to book your tickets for the next in-person workshop here. It’s going to be in July. What date is it. Listen. Thrive nation would you go to a in June sold out. You go to July all

But Sam you can see the screen. Yes so what questions do you have. And I just said doesn’t it does make sense or my Russian over it. It makes sense.

You just go to your top competitor find out how many pages they have. Top 10 competitors top 10 make a spreadsheet and then double what all of them have and figure out which ones you could realistically double.

Yeah. So and I know what industry you’re going into. So I’m not going to say it on the air. I’m just going to say I’m typing in Tulsa. Tulsa veterinarians because I know you’re going to become a veterinarian. We’ll pretend that that’s what I’m doing right now. I’m not giving away Sam’s keyword right now because I want to give away his niche. But you type it in and once you type in Tulsa veterinarians you see the first people that come up top you’ve got Yelp YELP Foursquare Djama Jews tropicals smoothies moody King whatever. I type it all in here and then when I do it what I’m going to do. So I do that kind of mix it up there saying I’m sorry I’m going to go see a therapist after. It’s hard to do plus it on the road. Right. Show me what you type. You find who comes up top in Google and then you click site code and you see that this guy is seven pages of content. Oh. So hard. So Sam you can be top of Google for your term very quickly. That’s like two podcasts bro. But you and your you. And again each at a thousand words is roughly 10 minutes of a podcast transcribed or 10 paragraphs typed out. That’s how you do it. And if you want to know more about it thrive nation go to thrive type of show and book your tickets to the next in-person workshop. But back to today’s topic is dealing with complaints.

So step number one when dealing with complaints is, one you have to accept that they will happen. Business coach Tim,  I’m going to start with you. Yes. When you built task what. How many accountants were you. Were you dealing with at the peak.

Well at one time we had 22,000 accountants and CPA and tax preparers that we serve.

So 22000 22000 so I’m going to take 22000 and thrives and we think about this 22000 divided by roughly 50 weeks. How many how many customers is that a week that you’re dealing with if you just dealt with an even number per week and that’s not something that you did but just work with me on this. OK so let’s just say you only dealt with each customer one time a week. So 140 is what I would support and 40 and let’s say that you were a lean Six Sigma. What does that mean.

It’s a level of quality where you have less than a 1 percent error rate. You’re so good. You look like me. Yeah like you like her so you say you have a 1 percent error rate though that means you’re going to upset four people a week if you have 400 customers. Oh wow. How do you deal with four complaints a week. What did you do when you had a complaint a tax and accounting software when you’re growing it. How did you deal with it.

Well I’ll tell you the first thing we did was when we had a complaint we first went and were before we went outward. So they’re complaining about sockets or something that we can do to make their life better rather than just going into the defensive and say you know you’re a Darel. You’re not seeing it right. You’re an idiot. We said hey what can we do to make their life better.

And I would encourage all the Thrivers to do exactly what Tim just said and I encourage you to use the system that Chick-Fil-A has created for you. It is called last L A S T. How do you know this. Because that’s all I do. Last L E A S T L stands for listen a stands for answer.

S stands for satisfy and T stands for trust when we come back we’re going to talk about more about what does it actually sound like when you get a complaint call. I’d like for Steve to role play were Stevel be a complainer and Tim would be the guy dealing with the complaint all and we’re going to have some fun with this. But if you’ve ever dealt with a customer complaint you don’t want to miss out for a walk you through how to deal with it mentally emotionally practically financially the whole gamut.

And if you want or need to get to the top of Google go to the raft I’m sure dot com and book your tickets for our next in-person workshop.

It’s a game changer and you can only get your tickets today and Thrivetime Show.

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