The Eye Doctor Who Grew His Business by 30% in 60 Days

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An ophthalmologist by the name of Tim in Alabama shares how Thrivetime Show business coaching has helped him to grow his business by 30% in just 60 days.

What is your name and when did it first occur to you that you wanted to become an ophthalmologist?

    • My dad is an ophthalmologist so naturally, I wanted to do anything but that. I had a career lined up in Urology….

Where were you stuck before you were able to hook up with the Thrivetime Show business coaching program?

    • I wanted to grow, but I didn’t really know HOW to grow. I knew there was a great opportunity where I wanted to be from where I was, but didn’t know about the day-to-day operations to systematize my practice.
    • I knew where I was and where I wanted to go but I didn’t know how to get there.
    • I didn’t have a real grasp of how to create systems and I wanted to become more proactive.
    • I wanted to learn how to scale so that I could run the business as opposed to working in the office all of the time.
    • I had a plan to be a urologist but I didn’t like getting peed and pooped on.

How did you first hear about the Thrive business coach program?

    • I have no clue! I think it was recommended in itunes because I listen to other business podcasts. Or maybe a guest you had on cross-promoted it.
    • I called and someone called back and we talked for an hour. After we had our first consultation, you called me and interviewed me and we decided that we were a good fit.

How has the business coaching program has been able to help you to increase your sales and how long have you been a client?

    • I’ve been a client for two months.
    • It has helped me to realize my highest and best use for my time. I have been pulling myself out of the actual clinics and more into the OR (operating room).
    • I’ve changed from being a doctor to a business owner

How is the Thrive business coaching program helping you to achieve both create time and financial freedom?

    • I started 2 months ago and all of the metrics have been up 30% over last year.
    • I have been in the operating room more.
    • I have been able to leave work early by one hour every day
    • I am working less and making more money.

What have been the biggest needle movers for your business in the business coaching program?

    • We work on the things I don’t want to do in the meetings. I’ve found that the things I’m not good at that are harder make a big difference when you do them. It’s nice to have the positive feedback.
    • When you do the thing that no one else wants to do feels so good when you complete them.
    • The Dream 100
    • We had 10 or 12 optometrists who would refer us clients. We needed more.
    • We would go out to different businesses that we wanted to receive referrals from and gave them food and goods to build our love bank with them.
    • Over time, they will start to like you and eventually begin to refer you, clients.
      1. Having someone to talk to who has been on the path before
        1. It is great to have someone who can see what is around the corner
        2. It’s like paying a minimum wage employee who can bring much more value that what they are being paid.

What ways do you follow up with your team with the business coach systems you have implemented?

    • We have a morning and weekly huddle
    • I follow up on things like the Dream 100

How would you describe the overall coaching experience?

    • I didn’t appreciate the value at first but after I sent in a lot of questions, I realized how powerful this program is.
    • I can send in any questions and get them answered within a few days.

How has Google reviews affected your business?

    • I had a bad review and that really stings. I found that you have to get more google reviews to compensate for the bad ones. You will mess up once and a while and you have to make sure people see the good reviews too.
    • Surgery is tough. It is not always going to work. It is hard when the patients love you so much and tell you that you have changed your life. You have to stay humble and not get a huge head.

Why would you recommend the Thrive business coaching program?

    • It is month to month. There is no other marketing, consulting business, or even a business conference like that.
    • They don’t work with the same kind of company if they are in the same town.
    • My company has grown 30%


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Audio Transcription

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What have I told you that we could grow a doctor’s business enough in ophthalmologists business by 30% in 60 days? Would you, would you believe that that will be possible if you, if you didn’t work here with myself, uh, probably not grow the company by, yeah, it seems 30% in 60 days asked a real ophthalmology business. Yeah. What if I told you that the doctor has now saved five hours a week off the schedule while growing by 30%. That’s a lot of hours. It’s unbelievable. And it is a real story. And we have a thriver out there by the name of him. He’s an ophthalmologist in Alabama who’s agreed to share his success story and a little thing that we like to call get on the floor. You can do it. Tim in Alabama. How are you my friend?

I’m doing great. How are you?

Well, Tim, I’m excited to have you on this show because we have so many doctors, lawyers, professionals that listen to this show. Uh, and there’s also some bro fessionals like me, but mostly professionals. So I’d like for you to share with the listeners out there, um, you’re an ophthalmologist in Alabama. How did you first hear about the thrive time show?

I actually don’t remember. I think I was doing a lot of business podcasts and I think at the bottom, I think it sort of recommended you and I started listening and I thought this guy a little weird and they mix a lot of funny noises. And then I started thinking, I don’t know, every, you give a lot of really good advice and so sort of bought in and then I love it. It’s a great show. I like to listen.

I’m glad that you are honest and you said that you’ve found our show at the bottom. That’s important, that that sort of honesty you’re going to get from Tim and Alabama and we cannot mention the name of your practice because it’s a growing business. And I promised you I wouldn’t. So for anybody out there, I, you’re saying, what’s the name of his company? I can’t, I can’t go and divulge that information. But, uh, uh, where were you could describe to the listeners, where did you feel kind of stuck? Uh, before we connected?

I read somewhere that leadership is knowing where you are, where you’re going and how to get there. And I knew where I was and I knew where I wanted to go, but I didn’t know how to get there. I think the big problem was sort of what they call, like professionalizing your practice and setting up the system. I didn’t really have a grasp of that. We’d always sorta just sort of done. It May, you know, surviving every, every day, every week. It’s all, I wanted to be more proactive because I had this vision of growing and scaling and I just wanted the, uh, I wanted to know how to scale so that I could get out of my business and do much more surgery and managing the business rather than seeing the day to day patient. So that’s, that’s what, that’s what, that’s the value I’ve gotten from your, from your mentor.

You know, I, I, uh, um, work with a lot of surgeons. Jonathan, you’ve seen us work with spine surgeons, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, doctors, lawyers, home builders, plumbers, and many of them say, but my industry’s different. Right? There’s, there’s a lot of that all. But my, my industry is different. So I would like to talk about the different things about your industry before we get into the things that make every business scalable. What made you first want to become an ophthalmologist? Where you and I were, were you an eyeball toucher as a kid? Would you like tackle your friends and touch the eyeballs, balls? You, somebody had a fascination in the eyeball were you really into cyclops, the character as a kid. Did you like what, what got you into I did it when I wanted to become an ophthalmologist?

So my dad’s an ophthalmologist so I always sort of grew up around it. But because he was an ophthalmologist, I decided I did want to do ophthalmology. Uh, I actually had a career in urology plan. Um, but then I did urology and I got peed on and pooped on and I did not like that. And I don’t, I don’t get paid on the pooped on now. It’s great. So I, I, I did a rotation in ophthalmology and I loved it and I love everything about it. So great.

This might feel, this might sound over the line, Jonathan Kelly, but you know how I, I, we’ve said for years and every, every business is kind of the same. Yep. Here’s one of the ways that a Tim, I know whether a client is a good fit or not. If They Poop or pee on me, I’m done. I’m not mad there. It’s different. It’s different time. It’s a hard day, that’s for sure. If you’re a urologist, you say, let’s go back for more. This is a good visit. What Mosa right now. Okay. So now you heard about our program and do you remember our first interaction? Um, did remember my team call you? Did you, uh, what, what was the first interaction like?

Yeah, so I still have to, uh, I think I called and someone from the phone team called me and then Marshall Morris, who became my coach called and he interviewed me for like an hour. I think it was a long interview, asked me a bunch of questions all about my business. I really felt like I felt like I was, I was being interviewed for the job as much as he was, if that makes sense. And so I, I felt confident that that fit would be good or at least that he knew what my business was and knew he could provide value. I thought that that was a really in depth process

because we only work with 160 clients. One of our biggest challenges or opportunities for growth is that we really don’t want to work with, with delusional idiots. And there are some people who have some really crazy ideas and I think we’re all idiots in some way. You know, I’m a like, I’m an idiot chicken farmer. So what I mean by an idiot chicken farmer, it’s not profitable if you, if you thought about that, what does it cost me per egg? I’m probably in Tim, 40 bucks an egg, you know what I mean? Cause they get the, the chickens get murdered all the time by raccoons. I’ve had multiple coops among coop number three I’ve got, and so it’s not, it’s a hobby for me. It’s not a profitable business. Now, if I wanted to make it a profitable business,

I’m going gonna say you’re my business coach and you’re making $40 x, that’s not good. You

know what I mean though, if, if, if, if were going to make my EBIT,

we’re going to make my chicken coop profitable, my chicken business, I’d have to make some changes. And I see a lot of business owners that it’s kind of a hobby, you know, for them. And it’s like I’m a plumber because I enjoy it. I’m a ophthalmologist cause I enjoy it. And you go, well I know you enjoy it, but are you making any money? And then some people will say no. And so talk to me about some of the changes that you’ve had to make to increase the profitability or the success of the business.

The big thing is sort of to to think of like highest and best use. Yep. Um, I think, uh, medicine is not that much different than like carpentry or mechanics. You know, if you do surgery, you, if you see the patients, you’re not doing as profitable as if you’re doing the surgery and you’re not providing as much value to the patient. And so just sort of thinking about trying to pull myself out of clinic into the o r more, that’s where I like to be. That’s why I provide the most value. So it’s kind of a win win for everybody. Um, and then there are different lens options we can use during surgery and thinking more of a sales mindset, not to con people into buying different Lens options, but teaching them and being comfortable offering them I think has been a big change because the patients have responded well, we’ve gotten great outcomes and people crying and thanking us that we offered them. But it’s just doctors tend to shy away from feeling like salesman, right? When really you’re just helping, you’re helping the patient pick something that they want to buy anyway. Like people get mad if you don’t offer it to them. And so it’s Kinda just changing the mindset to be a business owner and not just a doctor. So then my friend.

Yeah. And we call that internally. Um, it does make a ton of sense. We call it an internally, you know, observing. You’re basically finding the, the problems that someone has and you’re showing how you can solve it better than any anybody else. I’m also a waging a silent but also silent. Jonathan Kelly is, but it’s a, it’s a peaceful war on acronyms because a lot of our listeners go, I don’t know what that means. You said, Oh, our, uh, Tim and some of our listeners out there aren’t really, a lot of listeners aren’t, aren’t doctors, they’re not, you know, they’re there. We have a lot of listeners who are kind of a big deal, but I mean, you, you, you are, you’re a doctor. So what does o r stand for? For anybody who might have lost yesterday?

Fans for the operating room.


Balls are feminine.

Oh, Shanda. I got now. Now, now. Okay. So now we’re talking about the, the brass tacks, the business coaching experience. How has thrive helped you to grow or maybe as a percentage, have you grown? Have you found yourself working less hours? What are some of the tangible differences you’ve seen in either production or time freedom or scalability? What kind of results have you seen?

It’s been pretty incredible. I think, I don’t remember when I started, I think it was two months ago, sometime in January and the last two, three months I’ve been, all the metrics I look at have been up 30% over the last year.

Ah, just said

you grew by 30% in two months. Is that right?

Pretty incredible. I know, right?

No. Um, you know, here’s what, sorry, I’m just saying that, that right there, I just want to let the lizards let listers marinate on that for a second. Because you know, Tim, there’s a lot of people, according to the gross, diminish the gross domestic product to the research out there that shows they every American business grows by about 2% a year. If they make it, you know, nine out of 10 businesses fail and nine out of 10 startups fail. Think about that. According to Forbes, nine to 10 small businesses, startups fail. Eight out of 10 existing business owners are only growing by two to 3% a year. What are some of the specific changes you’ve made? Because I know the listeners want to know that.

I think the big thing is, uh, you know, marsh and ally w Marshall and I work on the things I don’t wanna do. And so it’s sort of like letting go of those things and you, one thing I realized is if you don’t like doing it, you probably aren’t doing a great job of it. And so I found that I’m doing things, I do better, I’m doing them better. And I think you’re getting that positive feedback, um, in hiring other people to do them. They tend to do better. Um, kind of just doing what you were made to do more. Does that make sense? I don’t know if I’m,

no, it does. It does. I just do. I’ve worked with a lot of auto mechanics and Jonathan Kelly, you and I are very similar in this regard. You and I for whatever reason, I don’t know that we like making checklists or editing books or writing search engine reports, but when you and I, uh, would sit down together, let’s go three, four months ago, we’re sitting down together, do an SEO reports on Saturday. I don’t know that you, are you excited about doing the search engine optimization reports? Here we go. There we are.

No acronyms. Yeah,

no, absolutely no, no acronyms. I tell you what, anybody who would use an acronym but like SEO reports is probably in any home which, which stands for

and amazingly whole person. It’s kind of ironic. Nice. You would do that. Thank you. The, the eye connection, the eye jokes there that, that right there, I don’t want to cause a spectacle that Johns tuner ro [inaudible] weren’t doing these search engine optimization reports. We don’t, we don’t want to do them really. But it’s like we know that the benefit for the client is huge. Right. And we like the wins. Yeah. And there’s also a certain beauty to the fact that like doing something, you know, that nobody else wants to do, you know, you get to do it. And then like just crossing things off your list, it’s us. Such a good feeling. We’re kind of like the Dennis Rodman’s of business. We do stuff that people like Tim don’t want to do so they can do this stuff they want to do. We’re like, we just get the rebounds.

I’m dying my hair pink right now. It’s impressive. Okay. Now Jonathan, you don’t get a chance to talk to a whole lot of our clients because you’re behind the scenes managing the team. What question would you have for Tim? Because he is such a diligent person. I don’t think there’s a meeting. I don’t think we ever go buy a week without him bragging on, on Tim and the of his business in Alabama and how diligent he is. What questions do you have for, for Tim? Yeah, I’d ask ’em. So you mentioned that you started delegating some of the things that you don’t want to do, which makes total sense. You’re the business owner. Uh, but what, what processes or checklists or systems did you have to put in place now that you’re delegating those? Like how do you follow up? Did you have to change anything? Did you have to do a morning huddle where you didn’t use to? Like what did you have to change in that regard?

Yeah, so we’re doing, we do like a morning huddle, like a weekly huddle with the team to make sure we’re putting the patient or the patient’s first to make sure we all have the same vision. Um, I also have someone who helps me. One big thing is focusing on the dream 100. Um, I, I have a smaller referral base of other optometrists, but um, I found that me doing it myself, you know, you don’t do it every week if you’re doing always doing it. So having someone else help me, we’ve been much more reliable in doing that and we get to it every week and it, we’ve seen a big uptick and the response just do that consistency.

Can we talk about the dream 100? I think a lot of listeners don’t know what that is. I, I talked about it a lot on the show, so hopefully if you’ve listened for months, you probably know what that is now. But explained kind of the mechanics of the dream 100 and how, how you’ve been able to execute it so efficiently.

Yeah. So for us it was like 10 or 12 optometrists were there, uh, eye doctors to see the patients and when they need surgery they refer them to me, uh, very kindly. And so we just made a list of everyone we would ever want to get a referral from and we go see them every week and we bring them cookies or donuts or candy led write letters to say thank you. And we just have a, when I worked with Marshall, we have a spreadsheet and we write down the referral source and how often we see them. And we, it’s very systematized in terms of making sure that you’re getting what you think you are and then working in that you’re putting the work into that relationship to show them how much you appreciate them and it comes back. It is really increased the strength of those relationships.

And I wanna I want to make sure that all the listeners out there get this idea. And Andrew, I think, I think you’re, you’re all miked up there, my friend. Are you Mike [inaudible]? Yes sir. Um, think about this for epic photography used to work with me for epic photography, right? Uh, this is how it would go. And Jonathan Kelly, you, you actually were the one who’s executing the system for a while there. Yup. You show up at the venue and uh, do they want you to be there Jon? Uh, no. So step one, you kinda annoy somebody cause you’re showing up without an appointment or without them wanting, you know, Tim, a lot of people aren’t calling you saying, Hey, is there any way you could stop by to remind me to refer you? It’s probably right in the middle of the day unannounced. If you just Kinda, that’s the move.

And then step two, after you annoy them. So week two, or, or month two, I recommend week two, week two, now they’re kind of going, ah, really? It’s almost like they’re, they’re, they’re, they’re skeptical at this point. They go from being an annoyed step one to this point and just being curious like what would makes w what would make a co man come by here two weeks in a row, especially after they go, please don’t come back. They you still come back and you’re like, oh, and then week three they’re like, they kind of like you a little bit but Kinda like you a little bit like, okay, I admire the persistence about week four they go, you know what? This person is persistent, therefore I trust them a little more. About week five you’re going to get a referral if you are, if you’re consistent and you do that to your dream 100 I believe that skillfully and art flav worked with pharmaceutical sales companies, big hospitals, small dentistry is large dentistry’s worked with lawyers, all different kinds of businesses and I have found that junk pretty much.

You get about what, 15% of those a hundred to start referring you within about eight weeks if you do it consistently. Yeah, consistency is the key because so many people will just drop by their stuff one time. Right? And so that’s what everybody at the dream 100 that’s the, that’s what they’re thinking. So you stop by, you drop off your stuff, they just throw in the trash cause like, oh cool, I’ll never see that person ever see him again. But when you come every single week, week after week, and then all of a sudden they’re like, okay well this person’s reliable. They’re consistent. So surely the product or service that they’re delivering is going to be the same. Okay. So Tim, I want to ask you this. There’s a lot of things we’ve helped you do. If you’d to think about the biggest needle movers, she got the dream 100 you’ve got maybe search engine optimization, you’ve got schedule optimization. What have been maybe the two or three biggest needle movers in your business that you attribute your a growth of 30% within 60 days to

I’d say the dream 100 and then having marshal or having someone there to talk to, um, to bounce cause they oftentimes he can see around the corner and he goes see things that I’m not seeing and like tell me what I’m thinking before I start thinking it just cause he, y’all have worked with so many businesses and like we’ve been having other conversations but I would have even thought of, but they make a lot of stuff. Um, just having a partner there cause it’s certain like, I think you said it, it’s like hiring a minimum wage employee. It’s just so, so much value for that that uh, have I like a coach there to help you.

Have you ever had a minimum wage employee come up to you that you’ve employed and say, hey, you know, here’s the deal boss. I know that after taxes you’re paying me about $2,400 a month cause you’re paying me $10 an hour, Jonathan, for 40 hours a week, 4.3 weeks a month. You know, I’m making about, you know, after taxes you’re, you’re devoting about $2,400 a month to pay me, you know, between the real estate and taxes and my $10 an hour or in Alabama is the minimum wage. What is it, seven 75 right now? Is it seven?

Yeah, put the pair of Alabama tickets

or they were, they were, came up to you and said, hey, um, I feel guilty that I’m not bringing in 10 times more or three times than you’re paying me. So what I want to do is I want to execute a whole bunch of strategies that I’ve been shown to work for other businesses. So I wanna do a thing called a dream 100 I’ve been researching, I got the search engine plan that works. I’ve got checklists and systems and I, I got it all figured out. I’ve seen around the corner and I know how to grow the business by, you know, 30% within 60 days. And because you’re paying me that much, I feel guilty. You want to sit down and huddle. Have you ever had a minimum wage employee do that for you?

Not yet, but I’m holding out. Huh?

Oh, nice. Nice. Okay. Okay. Now, um, how would you describe the overall experience? Because you do tap into your ability to as if you’re a member of the thrive business coaching culture. John only are only our clients. Do we promise to answer their questions via the podcast and the radio show? So Tim, a lot of times we’ll email in to info at drivetime. Should I come or ask us coach a question and then we answer it on the show? Yep. UH, t Tim, um, talk to the listeners out there about the overall experience in terms of being able to able to have your questions answered on the podcast as well as the one on one business coaching as well as the backend support team to help you execute those action items.

Yeah, I didn’t appreciate that value when I signed up, but I quickly, I feel guilty. I emailed you all a lot of question.

Oh Yeah, love it.

The email, the conversation with Peter Bregman I thought was huge and you texted me and you were saying that you have access to a lot of people and I’ve found I’ve gotten a lot of value just from that, just from being able to ask unique questions, uh, accounting questions or management questions that I just wouldn’t have answered otherwise.

Also, have you, have you gone to a business conference? You have, you, have you bought a ticket yet to one of the business conferences or, because when you’re a client, essentially your, your ticket is, is comped. Have you attended a business confernece yet or are you going to be doing that in the future?

I have not. My wife is 36 weeks, 34 weeks pregnant.


So we’re, yeah, so, uh, I think I’m going in July, July or August or September, sometime in there.

The June is going to be huge, by the way. The June conference is going to be awesome. If you get a chance to, I have, I have a, um, a, uh, a tip here for you. If you want a tip to injure marriage quickly. I’ve got a tip here for you. A tip is you want to attend business conferences when your wife’s about 36 to 43 weeks pregnant. That that’ll end the marriage pretty quick, John, right? Yeah, that’s a pretty much a rumor has it? Rumor has, we have no data on this. We just have speculated and then we have a lot of other of other tips to make your air marriage in and quickly. But here, here’s one more just to give you ideas on how to make your marriage end quickly. Probably my best tip is tip number eight. Uh, always keep bags of your own poop collected throughout your stay and just have it ready. That’s a tip. That’s a tip for, it’s weird how often poop is coming up. [inaudible] to urology theme here. So I think it’s smart for you

to not come here to a conference until probably August. But, uh, we look forward to seeing you when we see it. Now I’ve come final couple of final questions here for you. A lot of listeners out there, doctors, dentists, lawyers, professionals. I think professionals are the ones who find it the hardest to pick up the call because they look me up and they say, this man was a former disc jockey and I would rather take advice from a carnie because I went to medical school to learn everything about everything. And although my business won’t grow, there’s something psychologically wrong with that man and I’m not gonna call him because of his little funny voices that I kind of like, or sometimes they make me crazy. I don’t know if he’s credible. Did you ever go through that phase where you thought, I’m not going to call a former DJ. I’ll probably just call a carnie instead. Did you ever ask those rude questions to yourself?

Oh yeah. When you call just now. I don’t have an answer, but it’s a leap of faith. You got to take it. I think it’s one thing I sorta, I fell short of a, you know, it’s just a, a way to get attention, but it, it works really well. I think it systems or systems in businesses business. I think if we dilute ourselves into thinking that medicine is different, but it’s just about relationships and convincing people and maintaining trust with referral sources. There’s, and there’s no different than the DJ business.

We talked, uh, yesterday when I, when I was in the parking lot of a great reputable organic grocery store, but the name of research, I was at the grocery store, I was driving over their research and I asked you about Google reviews because Google reviews, nothing irritates me more than those Google reviews because I know that I’m credible. You know, you’re credible. I was born in 1980 I had achieved my awards before Google was a thing. You know, it wasn’t a big deal. So look what I received the entrepreneur of the year award from the state of Oklahoma, Small Business Administration, the young entrepreneur of the year award or these different things. There wasn’t like a Google page. There wasn’t a web page that was indexed and put on the Internet for people to find. Every time I got, I did a wedding that was great. United 4,000 weddings, our company would do 4,000 weddings a year. If Google reviews existed, then I probably would right now if you’d Google my name, I’d probably have 15,000 positive Google reviews and probably, you know, 300 people that hate me for jacking up their wedding in some capacity. Um, how much have Google reviews bothered you at first and then how much have they benefited you now?

I think they bother you a lot because you see the one stars every now and then. Right. And uh, that’s thanks. Yeah. But one thing, uh, Marshall is saying is that, you know, with a, you can correct me if I’m wrong, I think what y’all say, like one out of 33 haircuts aren’t gonna work out or something like that.

Exactly. One of the 33 haircuts, which by the way, that means if I’m cutting 33 mins, a hair in a row, one time, I’m going to mess up. Now, just for context real, if you’re playing baseball and you get a hit one and a three times, you’d go to the hall of fame. If you can sustain it for a decade. If you’re in the NBA and you can shoot a free throw nine and a ten nine and a 10 times, you will be an all star in some capacity. If you could make a free throw, if you can hit a three point shot, 53% of the time you’re Steph curry, 53% of the time cutting hair, very difficult. Different size heads, different. Some men arrive late, some leave early. John, you see we have a lot of different varieties. Some guys come with longer hair, shorter hair, and for somebody to be able to knock it out of the park, 32 out of 33 times, that’s a pretty high percentage there. So, uh, back to you. But just wanna make sure I break that down because it is very hard to cut hair that accurately. Back to you, Mr Tim.

Oh no, that’s okay. I was just, yeah. This goes back to the business coaching thing. I had a bad review. I was talking to Marshall about it and he was pointing that out and saying it’s not, you know, kind of stinks for that relationship, but you sorta have to treat that like a business, not like as a doctor. And so I feel like putting all that stuff in perspective, having a coach helps a lot because doctors aren’t, we’re not used to, you kind of have to have a god complex too. May do the next surgery job. You wouldn’t do it, but it’s kind of stinks to have that to see where you come to come up short. Um, but it was nice having Marshall there to help remind me that that’s a facet of the business, not a facet of being the doctor. Does that make sense?

Can you explain what the God complex means? I think somebody out there is going, I don’t, I know what you mean. I’ve worked with a lot of surgeons and I get what you’re saying, but I know somebody out there is not able to quite relate to that because I’ve never heard that before.

Being a surgeon is tough psychologically. Um, cataract surgery for example, 99.9% of the time we can improve your vision if not make you 20, 20. And I didn’t invent it, I didn’t invent any of it. Um, I went to a great place that taught me how to do it really well. And so, but it’s hard when the patients hug you and say you’re great and say you did a great job. You have to, you have to stay humble and remember all the bad stuff so that you don’t, it’s easy to get a, it’s easy to let that boost your ego up and think that you did something rather than what God helps you do, if that makes, does that makes sense?

Yeah. Yeah. No.

What your forebearers did all the inventors who created everything.

No. I want to ask you this, and I know John has a final question for you as well, but I want to ask you this. For somebody out there who’s listening today, who is, their business is not growing by 30% in 60 days. Um, what advice would you have for them as it relates to, um, and you haven’t been to a workshop, you know, what advice would you have to them as it relates to maybe attending a business conferences or seeing if we have a business coaching spot available? What feedback would you have for the listeners out there who are kind of putting the toe in the water? They’ve been in business for over a decade and they’ve kind of got to a place where they’re stuck. What advice would you have?

I don’t remember. I’ll let you talk about the phase and all that. But the thing that got me that hooked me was that it was only month to month. Yeah. And so I figured

that get, that gets me, that gets me, by the way, by the way, that that gets me every time. It’s month to month. I talked to people, bankers, all the time. Bankers, bankers talk to me. They go, hey, you’re looking at buying this building, right? You’re going to buy this building. Are you going to pay cash or are you going to finance? And I go, well, it depends upon the rates. I mean the interest rates are so low right now. They just, rates are so low. I’m like, you know, I could buy it cash or do you interest rates? Would we do, if we go with a mortgage, a commercial loan to buy a building, let’s say that if the rates are super low it might make more sense just to borrow money. But they’re going, well how long are your contracts locked in? You know, just so we know a month to month ago, your month to month what I no one understands that idea. But month to month, I mean that isn’t that a rare thing for consultants? They’re, Tim, you’ve probably worked with consultants. I mean month to month is crazy.

Oh yeah. And uh, I did a website thing right before I found John. I wish I hadn’t, but it was like a six month deal or something like that. Um, I know it’s terrible, but uh, the month to month thing really makes a lot of sense cause you know that your, you only, you’re only out couple hundred bucks at a time and there’s a lot of confidence in somebody who guarantees months a month. You know, like y’all, y’all would provide that. Y’All know, you provide value otherwise you wouldn’t offer that.

You know what’s really crazy is when we grow companies, a lot of times you’re like, we haven’t had your competitor reach out to us yet to my knowledge. But usually we have somebody who reaches out and goes, here’s the deal. I know you’re helping Tim. I can, I figured it out. I found your podcast and I want to crush him. How nice is it to know that we’re not going to work with your competition right there in your hometown?

Oh, I didn’t know that. That’s fantastic. That’s good.

That’s the thing. And we have, well I have a lot of listeners, I’m serious. I’ve got a lot of clients who’ve been clients in mind for like over a decade, you know, eight years, seven years, six years, nine, 10, whatever. And a lot of them go, so you’re not gonna help my other guy, right. Because you can’t go out there and hire a $10 an hour employee. You can get that kind of success. But John, you, you’ve got a chance to see, uh, Tim’s success from very, very close, uh, managing the team but also from afar cause you’ve never really talked to him. Yep. Oh, what question would you have for, for Tim? Yeah. So our big thing that we preach here is time and financial freedom. And so grow your business by 30%. That’s definitely helping the financial aspect of you know, things. And so what are areas in the time freedom that you’ve seen some increases in?

Yeah, what’s cool is I’ve been able to get into the operating room more, um, which is where I want to be. Um, because I had more business and I’ve also cut out a day, an hour early each day because I’ve also got a two-year-old at home and everybody says they grow up so fast. And so I thought, well I might, my, my numbers may go down a little bit, but I’ll at least probably break even if I take off an hour. And I haven’t seen that much of downtime. I’ve just been more efficient at work and I get off an hour early. Um, I don’t know. It’s been, it’s kind of like work less do at least do as well or do better. It really just causes you’re more efficient. You’re more intentional.

Now Tim [inaudible]

[inaudible] sorry, go ahead.

So you’re saying because you’re more intentional, you, you are having more time freedom. I mean how many more hours a week do you have free now

I was freed up four to five hours a week. So what,

so you’re earning your 30% more of sales, more revenue in 60 days and you’re also shaving off five hours a week potentially

so far. Yeah, it’s been great.

And I want to tee this up for the listeners out there, that would be a 260 hours a year, which is basically like a full, you know, 6.5 weeks a year. That’s like 6.5 weeks, a year of vacation time. Now, Tim, I have a special announcement I want to make and if you’ve listened to the show for a while, you know I’m a huge patriots fan and when it comes to the NFL. All right, and do you remember what, what gift you sent me? Which, by the way, I appreciate that very much. What do you remember what gift you sent you sent to me while myself and Marshall?

Yeah, a customized Alabama Jersey.

And do you know who the head coaches of Alabama?

Big Table.

Right. And do you know what state that you’re, where we’re based in? Are you familiar with what state? We’re based in here for the thrive time show.

Not Alabama, is it?

No, we’re in Oklahoma. But here is my, it can be bumpy or OSU fans. O U Fans, Oklahoma State University, the cowboys, the, Oh, you’re the sooners. Some might say you’re from Minnesota, maybe you’re a golden gopher fan. I have a special announcement. Let me, let me cue it up here. [inaudible]

are we going to build with the hyperbole? And Tim, if you can just kind of give me some drum rolls on your end here. [inaudible] here we go. Like Ah, can I,

I am now an official Alabama fan for life, not switching Nick Saban. There it is. And the reason why is because Nick Saban is a bill Bellacheck disciple. And when I researched, I thought I typed in Alabama cause I thought about should I put this Jersey in my man cave or should I say eh? So I thought about it, it’s been sitting there at the desk for awhile. Then looking at it going, where should I put this? And when you come to Tulsa, I want to give you a personal tour so you can experience Camp Clark Chicken Palace at the Lampoon Lagoon. And I thought, where should I put this? And I thought, I don’t know. So I looked up, Nick Saban really went deep on it, really went dark, went to a dark place, went really deep into to the bottom of the ocean and discovered that Nick Saban and bill Belichick have a connection that’s pretty deep. And therefore I feel like he’s kind of like the bill Belichick of college football. So now

Alabama for life. It is. So now you will hear thrive nation probably more Nick Saban references from time to time. Those of you who grow tired of my bill Belicheck references, that’s fine. Um, but now I am now a fan of Nick Saban and Bill Belichick. Uh, thank you Mr Tim for making that happen. Um, the Jersey sales for them will go up by an outstanding one jersey a year and I will now talk about Nick Saban on at least one show a month probably. So thank you so much for ’em and I sincerely will, you can hold me accountable. You’ll get to hear some nick Saban references coming down here pretty soon.

That’d be great. Yeah.

Why I appreciate you and if my eyeball ever needs to be sought on, I will give you a call.

Yeah, let me just give me a heads up.

Yeah. I mean, if I ever needed to get to come out there with them, do some swordsmanship on my, I’ve offered, he just won’t take me up on that. All right, Tim, you have a blessed day and out there in Alabama, uh, for those who are out there who want to know the name, the name of Billy’s business, you’ll probably have to come to a business conference in July or August to shake his hand. But again, thank you so much and have a great, uh, evening with your family, my friend. Take care. If you’re listening today and you feel like your business is stuck, I want you to think about these facts. Now, Andrew, you’ve been around here long enough to see these facts here, these facts, learn of these facts. But I’m sure at first it was a little bit depressing when you heard these, but let’s, let’s start with the fact number one and John, tell me if you’ve heard this stat as well. So we’ll go with John First. Nine out of 10 small businesses fail according to Forbes. Is that in fact effect? That is effect. Andrew, the first time you heard that, that seemed depressing, made up too high. What were your thoughts? Uh, I s thought it seemed a definitely a high but also depressing and, uh, a realistic cause came from Forbes and uh, just to lighten the mood a little bit. I mean, only 78% of men according to the Washington Post, admit to having an affair that makes them feel better. Yeah. [inaudible]

22% of marriage has got it going on with the right spouse. Okay. Now the next is get divorced again. Our numbers don’t take it back up here. So now, eight out of 10, eight out of 10 existing businesses, okay. Eight of the 10 existing businesses fail. So eight to 10 businesses. Just if you’re in business right now, you’re like, I made it through the first year, eight out of 10 fail. John, have you seen that step? Yes. Andrew does that, uh, did that blow your mind the first time you heard that? Wow. Nine out of 10 bit smart startups fail, but now the one that’s left, I mean, very little of those make it, yeah, there’s a, they must be very few businesses out there that are successful and profitable. Andrew Papa gallows you work with, think about them for a second picture in your mind.

Papa Gallo. John, think about a client in your mind right now. A client that’s really grown. Okay, Tim’s gonna share, but Tim just shared about his company in Alabama, grown his ophthalmology business. But could you think of a client, John, that we’re working with, a client, Andrew, that we’re working with. Think about it. A client we’re working with, it’s grown by more than 10% John, do you have a client? It’s grown by more than 10% yeah, we had a platinum pest. Come in and talk to the team, uh, just a little while ago. And um, they’ve, they’ve experienced huge growth. Now that number, they, they said, uh, not 10%. Remember that they said not 10% now let me keep my music. This is my, um, let me see. I know that I know the stat, John, I know the stat. Here we go. Let me keep my music. This is my, uh, platinum pest hype music. Here we go. Let me queue it up here. Alright. They came in and spoke. By the way, if you type in platinum pest thrive time show, you can find the reviews or if you go to

thrive time and you click on the testimonials button, you will see their testimony of Jared and Jennifer Platinum pestle. Jon, they didn’t grow by just 10% none. And Andrew, they didn’t grow just by 20% John, they didn’t grow by 30% come off. They didn’t grow by 40% Andrew Ego, they didn’t grow by 50% no, and they didn’t grow by 60% and they were going to the White House knowing just Kipp. They didn’t grow by 70% they didn’t go by 80% and here we go. The White House, and I’m just kidding. They grew by 90% they didn’t grow by 10% a hundred percent 110% 120 130 Andrews at too high note, not 200 4,000 5,060 101 hundred 7,000 891 or 200 [inaudible] 300 no, 210 now three 28 40 lizard. Three (536) 027-0380 no, no. Now three 90 nope. Too High. Nope. 39053906789 tig. You guested tribe nation. They grew by 400 freaking percent.

What are you doing? Fill out the form. Escape from the norm. Quit losing. Fill out the form. Escape from the norm. Quit losing. Take your business from ordinary to extraordinary. I am mildly retarded in all my businesses grow. Welcome to the thrive time show. I took my Algebra test three times. Let me look at your on the show that I host and you know, if you listen to the show for any amount of time at all, you know I have no hobbies, no real interests, no, no skills, no degrees. If I can grow multiple businesses specifically epic DJ elephant in the if we can grow Dr Zeller and I can team up to grow, think about it. 13 multimillion dollar companies and now 14 business. There were 14 we’re just finishing the franchise disclosure document on tip top canine if we can grow 14 businesses.

Andrew, you’ve been here long enough, you’ve, you’ve worked with me now for how many years going on? Three. Is it, is it shocking to you that the business has grown by this percentage now? It’s shocking compared to all the other businesses out there. Yeah. Take about papa gallows, public, gallows. It’s got to be, come on John. Haven’t you gotten numb to the growth? All of our clients win. Yeah, I mean it’s awesome, especially when they come in and talk to the team. It’s so incredible to see complete carpets and another one that has grown tremendously year over year, a Williams contract. I mean, the list just goes on and on and on. So Williams contracting, complete carpet. The listeners out there, there’s somebody out there listening right now and you’re going, gosh, I need some more proof. Andrew, talk to us about papa gallows. Yeah, papa gallows.

They have a, they’ve hit multiple goals financially. Uh, they recently actually this past week day, the biggest again every single week, I think it’s like three weeks in a row now. We’ve had the biggest week every week company has ever had. They grown by 10%. Andrew. Uh, I was just trying to pull up the percentage now I’ll, I’ll do that in in a second. But it’s like they were trying to hit a financial goal and then they hit it and then they just knocked it out of the water the next week and then knocked it out of the water again. They’ve gotten, uh, I think 600 Google reviews since we started working with them. How about, how about, how about this? How about a Shaw homes? John from February this February to last February month over month sales are up like 45% these are new homes, John. Yeah. You live in a Shaw Hall. I do live in a show home.

$300,000 houses, man. These are, these are [inaudible]. They’re nice houses. This is business to business kind of companies. These are business to consumer kind of companies. These are online businesses. These are a mortgage company. Total lending concepts. We helped them to go from a startup to what, five locations? Yup. I mean, Gosh, there just are so many examples out there and if you’re listening today and you don’t, you don’t think you qualify to be successful, there’s probably five objections you have out there. You’re probably saying, I don’t qualify to be successful. I’m not that smart. John, come combat that idea for a second. Someone says, I’m not that smart. What advice would you say about the business coaching program? Yeah, I mean it’s easy go to business if you’re, it’s consistency is the hardest part. Doing the things that are laid out to you by Clay Clark and Dr z and the in the proven path.

If you do it each and every single day, you will be successful. That’s how it works. It’s, it’s a system. It’s a system. Okay. Somebody out there says, I don’t have the money for it, so I’m going to hire a full time marketing guy. John, I’m going to pay a marketing guy five grand a month. Okay, I’m going to pay Brewster Damas five grand a month full time employee to come there and grow my business. Why is a $1,700 a month business coaching program? Pennies compared to 5,000 in terms of the value you get and the cost. Yeah, I mean for that $5,000 employee, he’s going to have his or her or she’s going to have her a specialty in a specific area, so they might be doing web design only and that’s all they can do or graphic design only and that’s all they can see.

You’re sitting there, not a videographer or photographer, a crap graphic designer, a coder, a web developer, an app developer, a search engine optimized content, right? They’re not all those things, right? It’s a gaggle of humans. So now there’s, I don’t wanna get roped into a contract. It’s probably a bait and switch. I’ll tell you that. I don’t even, Brett roped in, John talked to us about our, our, our month to month program. Is it really month to month? It’s month to month, baby. When you first started, did that blow your mind? Yeah, I did. What? To discovering the industry. I mean it’s, that’s unheard of. So I heard of everybody’s gotta have, you know, 12 month contract minimum for these extraordinary fees. And then you’ve heard me go off on rants about how much I hate these marketing companies that lock you into fees. Right? Can you share maybe some of the things I might’ve said to you that are appropriate for this radio show about why I hate those companies that lock you into longterm deals? Well, so many different reasons. One, they lock you in there so then they can just extrapolate out there. They’re, the research is a great

word that they like to use as like, hey, we’re researching this product or we’re really trying to, to, you know, work on your brand and they give you these esoteric, you know, vague ideas and they never actually give you deliverables or any specific steps on how to grow a business and you’re stuck. You’re stuck with these companies no matter how frustrated you get, you either have to like buy the contract out or just write it out and it’s terrible.

Andrew, did you figure out how much papa gallows has grown? Yes. Uh, from about three or four weeks ago, they’ve been kept, they’ve been growing uh, tremendously. And just from about, I would say about a month and a half ago, they’ve gone, they’ve grown 40% 40% and a half ago. That’s crazy. But that’s our normal here. Joe Number Bar Barbee cookies. Yeah. When I first started working with Barbie cookies, was she at the location over there by the star world movie theater or she moved into the new location? Do you remember when I first started working? Yeah. Uh, she was still at the store world location. Okay. Kayla had the one, not the two. Yeah. Now she has two locations. She’s topping Google, checking out Barbie cookies. John, my favorite one I love to talk about every time we’re, we’re bragging on our clients. I love, I love to Brag on Thomas with full package media.

Oh, nice. This guy’s a paramedic. He’s a, he’s great guy, great guy, paramedic. And he’s been able to grow full package media. Never started his own company before. John. He’s never started a company before. Yeah. He just would diligently hop on the calls every week. Stoically diligently, consistently just doing his action items. He had our team make cold calls on his behalf because he didn’t have a team at that point. Right. And we staffed the call team to make calls. Uh, we recorded the team’s calls. Yep. We coached the salespeople. We hired the sales people, paid the salespeople, we managed the salespeople, we recruited the salespeople. Yep. And then he focused on delivering excellent real estate photography. And now full package media, full package media. Check this company out. Full package media based in Dallas. You can just Google search and full package media in Dallas, Texas.

Jon did it blow your mind that they did $100,000 of revenue in a month and then they did it again and again. Does it blow your mind? It’s crazy. I mean it still blows my mind if you think about it. If you’re out there today and you’re going, you know what? I don’t know if I can fill out the form. I’ve got one viable reason for why you shouldn’t fill out the form. John. I thought about it. Okay, if you don’t have hands, you know, so I want you to talk to text though. So I don’t know if that’s viable anymore. We’ll just say you have like you have hands with. It’s more like you carpal tunnel. Like you did some crossfit yesterday. You have physical hands, but you you don’t, you’re in pain. Okay, now and if that’s you, I want you to do this.

I’m going to coach you through this. Step one. I want you to put your fingers on the home roads for there. Now, I don’t want you to just go to thrive. It’s t, h. R. I have your friend help you. Come on, belly, help me. Belly thrive time. T I, me ace s h spot, maybe la o I know one more Rep. Dot. C o. M. Hit the enter. Boom. Now you’re going to click. You’ve got to just click over there and the next thing you know, you fill out that form. We’ll call you. We’re going to help Ya. It’s freaking awesome. It’s gonna Change Your Life. Thrive time, If you don’t believe me, we have over 2,300 reviews over a thousand of which John are on video. True. Hard to fake those. It’s overwhelming because of so great hologram technology. We’ve got 500 plus Google reviews.

You know what we need and you don’t. You have Andrew. When you grow a big business, what’s that? You get some haters [inaudible] I think every marketing company that’s losing doesn’t like me. We’re not a marketing company. We’re a coaching company. I think there’s a, we only take 160 clients. So if somebody calls me who’s delusional, crazy, psychologically impaired, they’re not going to be happy. So we’re going to get some haters along the way. But if you go up to thrive time, you can see video reviews there. You can read reviews on iTunes. Um, because I do imitate different voices all the time. There’s some people who think I hate Germans, you know, so you’re gonna find some, Hey, you’re gonna find some love, but you can find real, real businesses, real results, real success. And if you’re out there, John, someone that someone is someone out there, they’re saying, I want to attend a conference.

Yeah, but I’m in a bind financially cause I have to fly to Tulsa. Shh. [inaudible] helicopter big. You apply to Tulsa. That’s going to cost some money. I gotta put myself up in a hotel. Got to take time off of work. Jen, if someone’s in a bind but they want to attend the business workshop, yeah, it’s $37. If they do what they have to leave us an objective review on iTunes. Just let us know what you love about the show and just screenshot and send it to info at thrive time. there it is. Just go to iTunes, find the thrive time show on iTunes, leave us an objective review. Just subscribe. Okay. Leave us an objective review. Send a screenshot of it to info at thrive time, and uh, after you do that, my friend, what we’re going to do is a, you email us the info at thrive time, and a member of my team will call you and you pay the Lolo price of $37 and that includes the business workshop from 7:00 AM to 3:00 PM each day. A copy of the workbook, the world’s highest and most reviewed business conferences It’s all there. It’s going to change your life. You’ll never leave without your questions being answered. My name is Clay Clark. That’s Jonathan Kelly. That’s Andrew bloomer. And we’d like to end each and every show with a Ba. Here we go. Three, two, one, boom.


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