Simple Super Moves You can Use to Optimize Your Website and How to Determine Who Your Ideal and Likely Church Goers Are Going to Be

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Clay Clark, Doctor Z, Pastor Brian and Pastor Jessi break down how to optimize your website and how to determine who your ideal and likely church goes is going to be.

  1. 4 Part Google Domination Equation:
    1. Most Google Reviews
    2. Most Canonical Compliance
    3. Most Mobile Compliant
    4. Most Original Content
  1. Determine the winnable keywords
    1. Do simple Google searches
    2. Search for “site:” and then the website so that you can see the total number of indexed web pages that your competition has.
    3. You must have 2 times more indexed 1,000 word web pages that your competition.
    4. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “A business owner must find a way to get in front of their ideal and likely buyers in a compelling way or they will fail. If search engine optimization is one of your strategies you must play by Google’s rules, not by the rules of the person who designed your website.” – Clay Clark (Forbes Contributor and former U.S. SBA Entrepreneur of the Year)
  1. ACTION ITEM – Commit to a long-term and sustainable search engine strategy:
    1. Record 10 minute podcasts to produce 1,000 words of original content.
      1. Add in the keywords to the 1,000 word transcript.
      2. Add in the correct metadata into every transcription.
      3. Upload the content to the website.
      4. Transcribe the content via
    2. Having our team write content for you (articles)
      1. It takes our team approximately 40 minutes to write the content.
      2. It takes our team approximately 10 minutes to upload keywords into the content.
      3. It takes our team approximately 10 minutes to upload the content to the website.
      4. It takes our team approximately 3 minutes to quality control the content for search engine friendliness.
  1. See overview of the “How Google Works” print piece / infographic
    1. Most people want to get rich quick which is not how Google works, so you will actually win and become top of Google by default if you just remain consistent.
    2. Consistency is key.
    3. He or she who has the most original content will win.
      1. EXAMPLE –
      2. EXAMPLE –
      3. EXAMPLE –
  1. ACTION ITEM – Create a list of winnable keyword phrases
  2. Podcasts:
    1. How to Determine Winnable Keywords to Optimize for in Google Search Engines –
    2. Search Engine 101 – Not Fighting How Search Engines Work –
  3. Downloadable –

Determine The Ideal and Likely Demographic

See – Boom – 13 Proven Steps to Business Success – Page 121

  1. Demographics?
  2. Industry?
  3. Places where they spend their time?
  4. Men or women?
  5. Age?
  6. Location?
  7. Income level?
  8. Hobbies and interests?
  9. Do You Want to Sell on
  10. Do You Want to Sell to Dealers


  1. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “To the weak I became weak, to win the weak. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means I might save some.” – 1 Corinthians 9:22
  2. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Best buyers buy more, buy faster, and buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal clients. Have a special effort dedicated to just the dream clients.” – Chet Holmes (Best-selling author of The Ultimate Machine)
  3. NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Unless you own a business like Doctor Robert Zoellner and Associates optometry, you should not focus on marketing to everyone because in most cases it’s too expensive to market to an audience of people that are not ever going to buy what you are selling.” – Clay Clark
  4. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Elephant In The Room Men’s Grooming Lounge only markets to men who are married to women who wear yoga pants buy $7 smoothies at Whole Foods.
  5. AMPLE EXAMPLE – only markets to women because women make the overwhelming majority of domestic home purchases.
  6. AMPLE EXAMPLE – Z66 Auto Auction – Only markets to used car dealerships.
  7. AMPLE EXAMPLE – The Thrivetime Show only markets to business owners and aspiring business owners.
  8. AMPLE EXAMPLE – – Only markets to conservatives.
  9. AMPLE EXAMPLE – – Only markets to liberals.
  10. ACTION ITEM – Define your demographics on a spreadsheet:
    1. Men or women
    2. Zip codes
    3. Income
    4. Age
    5. Hobbies
    6. Interests
    7. Other
  11. Podcast – How to Determine Who Your Ideal and Likely Buyers Are –
  12. Downloadable –
Business Coach | Ask Clay & Z Anything

Audio Transcription

Want to attend the legendary thrive time show business coaching program workshop for free, subscribe on itunes leave. It objected review and send his confirmation at info at drivetime show.Com to claim your tickets want to live in a van down by the river, come by and see us at our riverwalk offices and will be able to make your dreams come true right time show on your radio, and we have the pleasure of enjoying here with dr. Robert zoellner kind of id, with you, tris, really he’s an entrepreneur. Absolutely who cares about people and helping them get to know christ trap with inside the label of whatever you think a pastor is a pastor. Is somebody who pontificates on a sunday about howin this wrong and I’m doing? This is what god wants you to do, but and I’m not supposed to deposit pastor. Is the secular world? Maybe views that, but you I mean you’re a guy who, whether we want you to or not you want to take the shirt off of your body and give it to somebody else. Why why you would want to help people? What is going on? What psychological is wrong? With you, why do you want to devote your life to helping people get to know christ where there is no earthly reward for you at all? As a result of you helping the least among us to get to know christ, you know I’m always giving shirts away clay I just take off my shirt anywhere and everywhere, and give it to give it to a random person. But here’s here’s the deal, the things that are eternal in the things that are that really matter. It’s it’s people and people are valuable to god other, so valuable to god that that god sent his son right. I believe that, with all of my heartthe bible teaches that I believe it’s bedrock true that jesus came to this earth to save people from themselves from their sin etc and he does it through business coaching program love, and so people are worth investing it. You guys invest in business and i. Think that’s great, and it’s wonderful and I do that as well, but I want to invest in humanity because people are beautiful, and this is the thing I met you for the first time, aaron antis, with the shaw homes introduced me to you and I told vanessa that night.

So don’t it don’t process this and an ambiguous. Weird way. We like the sky, is so weird, but I told the guy I can get behind because I see you do things that don’t you were helping people that could never repay you. That being said, you can’t help people unless you get to know the people and what are the ways that people are trying to find the things they need their trying to find the solutions that that to the problems they have is through searching on google, and there is a really really sad, youtube video you can find where it shows you what the average buisiness coaching program person searches for in google people search for like how to find happiness, how to find a partner how to find a spouse. These are things people used to pray to god. They now search into the internet and chop how you get the top of the internet search results. Google has nothing to do with religious belief and has everything to do with you following the right or rule number one you talked about in the previous segment you can hear on our podcast is whoever. Has the most google reviews for following the google canonical search engine, optimization compliance a standard? The third is making sure your site looks great on mobile to mobile can play until the 4th. Oil is the most content now chip. Here’s the deal. Pastor brian speaks on a typical sunday for 30 minutes to 45 minutes every single sunday chop. Why is that a unicorn event for a search engine, optimization person like ourselves, because there’s a little special thing we can do with that sermon. It’s a how long about 2 hours you can get the longer the better and that’s the whole thing is about an hour to our service has been about 1 hour an hour and 5 minutes coffee, probably 35 minutes. Yet, yes, sir, so you have a leg up for everybody else in the business world, because you can record the audio of that and then then you can transcribe that audio actually put the words into written format.

So then you can upload that to your website. So you have a built-in content creation machine that other business owners, people that aren’t running to church we’re up speaking where they can record it. They have to blocktime specifically to create that content and I can be hard to do. Google doesn’t even count a page of your website into it has a minimum of 450 words of content. They recommend a thousand, and so, if you speak for 10 minutes, see the average person they’re talking it’s crazy. The average person’s body I know your unicorn, your different talks faster than they type interesting. So when you just talkin you’re producing-and you got-you are a man who speaks of the passion, so you’re, probably pretty soon 40000 words per 30 minutes and check. Why is that so business coaching program powerful for search engine optimization, because you’ve got to have more content than your competition? So if you look online it so you can take in the in the search bar in the url bar on a web browser pull up your competition’s website and it go to the beginning of the www and type the word site site and then a colon and then the website names that do thatlindsey I’m, going to put the word site and then colon in front of it, and it shows you. We have two thousand six hundred pages that google counts right at the top.

It says about 2600 results and that’s counting the number of pages you have until the rule of thumb. If you want to have double your competition minimum and so busy I would have happened to your college. Mind and I want to talk to pastor brian’s college, mind ok google. When you went to college and remember that time at all what year you graduated did the range of years. What decade graduate as I started in 82 graduated finished up college in 90 I went for years undergraduate degree, mathematics been 4 years of optometry school 1982. Tell me if this happened. Cuz i, when I was in college. 1999 17 years later, this is what happened to me. I remember this doctor for the mail to get darkno disrespect the doctor. So now cuz you should have you say no disrespect, that’s when you say this is like this and I know where this is going already talked to come to new charismatic lifecare’s medical life is for people who looking for a new mic, is he falling asleep new and fresh perspective on the new testament now and I’m over the city said now, I’m all of the students were expected to ride a 14 page essay that must be submitted by friday, and he would talk like that. Why you talk i, don’t know what maybe just trying to trick me into being hyper focused as a business coaching program expert, but you had to write a certain number of pages. Don’t have to be a certain number on page 12. I’ve already got to the point. So in summary, basically what the new testament was saying was an invoice. If you look at it overall and summation going to discover it I’m, just absolutely glabrous blabbering. Can you draw shakib what why do professors want you to write a minimum number of pages? From your perspective, this is a college student.

Why do you think that is i? Think it just because the more you ride, the better you get at it, and so they they want to give you a minimum amount. You have to turn in. So that’s they know the more you ride. The more you haven’t pontificate and you might have to come up with something good. That’s why they said. You know what, according to my college, professor, who has the most words, is probably the best paper, so I’m going to set up a minimum threshold to hasn’t lived a thousand times if I have to have a thousand words per business coaching program page, who reads that the answer is google pastor brian before learning these things. Did you know about how google worked before business coaching at me know it was a total mythical creature that existed out in some tech world. That’s ruled by people in caves with pale, skin and large, or some upper-level crank type energy drink. It’s the top of google. If you will just let your business coach show you how to do, we come back we’ll talk about how to know who is your ideal and likely consumer buyer or churchgoers broadcasting live from the center of the universe. It’s business school without the bs featuring optometrist turned entrepreneur, dr. Robert, zoellner ussba entrepreneur of the year clay clark. It is the pop time show that you’re super kourtney pregnant with the focus function like san quentin prison. Still, talks like june from portland oregon that might be better like I’ll, be riding a gray whale through life, I mean literally a great well I think they’re. Actually we look that up. That’s their migrating through there, so cold come to the drive. Time show portland. What’s up with you? No really. We just got out of the podcast also because it was all over the world.. It’s crazy, but like i, say 7 to 8% of our listeners are in south korea right now. It’s very cool:hey south, korea, seoul, south, korea, 60s, america, there’s a very there’s, a heart out there in south korea for people to britain’s very a judeo-christian, very much capitalistic entrepreneurial australia.

Listening and one of the the the things I hear. A lot of business coaching program entrepreneurs asks whether you’re in the ministry or in a business, if they say I’m struggling to figure out who my ideal and likely so I’m, going to ask pastor jesse the harsh questions that you should never ask a a pastor of a church. You should never ask these questions to ask on the radio and she’s never had chance to prepare for the system where there are a few. Is a church have a limited amount of budgeting dollars out there? You have it in you and everybody. You want to reach people that are homeless. You and rich people there and you started your church by ministering to people at bars. But how do you decide if you had if you had $10 to spend on advertising and marketing? How do you decide? How does a pastor listening decide who to market to how do you do that? You have $10 to spend on advertising, maybe $100. How do you decide how to spend your business coaching program marketing dollars on? How do you know who to market to I think that we have just had to make up our mind in the bible says, be all things to all men so that you might win some and I think that the reason you in some is because your created to win some and not everybody supposed to be good everybody. You know so that when we’re marketing we’re trying to find those some that we’re actually going to win so I think at the end of the day, when we’re marketing, we made up our mind, we’re not marketing to someone who’s already made up their mind if they’re going to serve god or not and we’re not marketing to someone else’s church members, we are marketing to the unchurched and then saved, and that means that for us we are looking for people who are not churched people and when they get there, they are our people and we were going to it we’re going to minister to them.

So for us we just had to target, who are we good at reaching? What is our goal audience to reach? Who are we most interested in getting in the walls of the shirt? Is super duper offencive direct way. You know, I meant pastor brian. That is the only reason that I am a fan of pastor brian. There’s a lot of good pastures out there there’s a lot of good people out there, but it said you and your husband you’d share a heart to care for the people that everybody else forgot and it’s a business coaching program guy. Hopefully this is an offense of to the listeners out there, but it may be it shocks you into reality:z I’m, not a life coach, doubt you’re not and you’re, not a life. No I do not want to be a lifeguard, so somebody can not get to work on time. You and I have to fire them, promote them to customer status, whatever clever, let him go, but here pastor, brian and pastor jesse are focused on reaching the people that really maybe our culture gave up on master i. Did that this is you to pastor jesse? We know we don’t know who you’re trying to reach and then west carter you’re an attorney, and you specialize that you work with business owners to, but you specialize primarily in working with judeo-christian business owners and with churches. I mean your organization, your law firm winters. Can you guys represent joel osteen, a td jakes joyce meyer? Can you explain to me why you guys have focused on business coaching program churches and not pagan institutions of higher learning? Well, I mean the founders of my foreign back in the 80s were both christian men and if you spend enough time the legal industry there’s not a lot of faith-based law firms out there, and so it’s an easy way for us to put our talents to use for something that we believe in as opposed to nothing. We have divorce attorneys that people do it at 3% rappers who hit their girlfriends. Why is it that you could be a guy who represents your girlfriend? I said that I’m working in the district attorney’s office doing criminal defense, doing bankruptcy and i, just I felt personally I had to call in to do something different with the talents that god gave me other than those other important areas of the law. Everyone deserves I believe in my heart, a good legal defense, no matter what their accused of it’s just i. Personally, don’t want to hear about that defense, first, corinthians, 9:22, pastor, jesse, just said it because I am kind of a novice to the bible verses I’m, a big guy in deciding everything on the guy goes to church and I’m constantly and so I became weak to win the week does to the week I became weak to win the week. I have become all things to all people so that by all possible means, I might save some so z I’m listening out there and I’m an entrepreneur and I know I need to find my niche, but I’m also feeling like I want to become all things to all people help me sort through my biblical knowledge from 1st corinthians 9:22 and making a profit. How I do it? Take to run a business, you can’t be all things to all people.

Do you take you on a business trip to say that’s great, that you want to be all things to all people, but if you’re focused on like running a cheerleading gym, you don’t want to run your facebook ads to women over 40 correct. Why or two or two men over 40. Do it most likely? Customer though, and that’s for you, that’s the meat of your advertising should be going after those people in it. If you don’t know who you’re most likely is what can help you with that right play witness it down for us, our business coach will sit down with you. We’re going to do. Is we call this rifle marketing morgan sit down with, you were going to say who are your ideal in likely buyers and here’s a really really sexist observation, I’ve discovered this is just a thing open in the room at the, men who come into our men’s grooming lounge look, a lot like us, you yo daddy’s. What a coincidence! This is what this is. How I did it so I can tell you, draw a foreign car or a nicer car. It seems to be maintained if nothing else, you have a higher in toyota. You pull in, and here’s the deal, your wife’s in the passenger seat. She hops that she’s wearing lululemon, lululemon, pants and she’s sipping on some going to fresh, pressed whole, food juice and she has spent at least $125 in those pants and $18 on it. Smoothie $8 in the smoothie there’s some in so I know that if your wife shop at whole, foods you’re business coaching program going to love elephant the room. Now, if your wife, no offense, that you do when you say defensive, but if your wife is shopping at woods for pant I love her cuz, that’s where I shop for pants but she’s, not you’re, not going to be ideal likely by her and she’s, not going to be an ideal likely, buyer and so i, don’t run my ad to focus on your business coaching to help you sort through that and chet holmes, the best-selling author of the book, the ultimate, sales machine. He says best buyers buy more they by faster they buy more often than other buyers. These are your ideal. Clients have a special effort dedicated to just the dream:buyers. Your dream buyers over there at dr. Robert, zoellner and associates in soccer moms moms did side with the kids going to go and they also make the appointment for their husband or just that I go after soccer mom, so you’re the radio station, that’s cute board two women and a soccer mom age right or the ones I’m going after can I just can I absolutely just get super political fox.

News is not actually fair and balanced. There right of center cnn turns out it caters to liberals. I thought that was the clinton news network. So again, the fox news network only focus on the right cnn. The left and they’re going to serve up with her ideal and likely. Buyer wants to patrick. Essy is a pastor. Why is it so important you preach from the bible, when you’re running a church focused on me to the boss? I see business coaching program clients pastor’s, it literally will do not cite scripture drink servants. Why do you do that? We absolutely only thing that changes people ultimately like they can like us. We can have a good effect on them. Their kids can love our kids ministry at the end of the day, they’re going to go home, they’re going to be by themselves when they get that call that something is terribly wrong and we haven’t put the word of god and I’m when they don’t need it. It won’t be there when they do go bible.Com. We have podcast video business conferences. If you don’t run a business, you will not like it and it’s always 3 to 1


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