(Part 1) | A Look Under the Hoodie | Exploring 102 Facts About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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102 things you probably don’t know about Bill Belichick. America’s number one business coach breaks down 102 facts about America’s number one football coach, Bill Belichick.


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Good management consists in showing average people how to do the work of superior people.” – John D. Rockefeller


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “The ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee and I will pay more for that ability than for any other under the sun.” – John D. Rockefeller


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #1 – Stay In the Player’s Box | Look Like a Military Operation Not a Bus Stop



Bill Belichick FACT #2 – The Patriot Way | Punch the Ball Out and Force Fumbles



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #3 – The Patriot Way | The Penalty Free Mindset.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #4 – The Patriot Way | Learning How Not to Lose



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #5 – The Patriot Way | The Little Things Matter Most



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #6 – The Patriot Way | Organization Changes the Conversation and Leads to Domination



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #7 – The Patriot Way | The Payoff is the Playoffs



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #8 – The Patriot Way | Consistency is King



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #9 – The Patriot Way | Delegate to Diligent Doers


NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much.” – Luke 16:10


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #10 – The Patriot Way | He Was a Wild Man in College 



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #11 – The Patriot Way | He Was Once Public Enemy #1 in Cleveland



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #12 – The Patriot Way | The Man, the Myth, the Nicknames



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #13 – The Patriot Way | Bill Has Forked Over Big Money in Fines from the NFL



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #14 – The Patriot Way | Outwork Everybody Regardless of How Much You Get Paid



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #15 – The Patriot Way | Bill Does Not Want Your Free Cars


FUN FACT: Mission BBQ – In the interview at Belichick’s favorite restaurant, Mission BBQ, he discusses his career, family, leadership style and defining moments. He also plays a rapid-fire word-association game that hits on several controversial topics.


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #16 – The Patriot Way | Doing Time to Help Stop Crime



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #17 – The Patriot Way | Too Busy Winning Games to Be In Video Games



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #18 – The Patriot Way | Bill Doesn’t Waste Time with Unnecessary Technology



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #19 – The Patriot Way | At the Age of 67 Years Old, Bill Will Still Outwork You

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick turns 67 today. William Stephen Belichick was born April 16, 1952, in Nashville.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #20 – The Patriot Way | Football is in Bill’s Blood

The son of a coach

Belichick’s father, Steve, was an assistant collegiate football coach, primarily at the United States Naval Academy, and taught his son the finer points of the sport from an early age.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #21 – The Patriot Way | He Has the Most Super Bowl Wins

Stands alone with Super Bowl wins

Belichick has led six Patriots teams to Super Bowl titles, the most won by any coach in history. Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Chuck Noll is next with four.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #22 – The Patriot Way | He Could Not Play Well, but He Can Coach

Although possessed of a precocious football intelligence, he was a limited football player who received no interest from top-division colleges and instead played centre and tight end at the smaller Wesleyan University, Middletown, Connecticut.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #23 – The Patriot Way | Bill Was An Assistant Coach for Five Teams

He moved on to assistant-coaching positions with the Detroit Lions and the Denver Broncos before joining the coaching staff of the New York Giants in 1979. After being fired as the head coach for the browns he took the Assistant Coach position for the Patriots and Jets with Parcells.


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #24 – The Patriot Way | One Small Step for the Giants; One Giant Leap for Bill-Kind.

He served as a special-teams coach and then linebackers coach before being promoted to defensive coordinator by head coach Bill Parcells in 1985. They would eventually win two Super Bowls for the New York Giants in 1987 and in 1991 with both of them coaching.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #25 – The Patriot Way | Bill Belichick Had the Opportunity to Coach Under the Head Coach Bill Parcells 

Bill’s head coach for The Giants, Jets, and Patriots was Bill Parcells. 


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Today’s show was about bill Belichick, who in my opinion, is the best manager on the planet. I’ve learned more from bill Belichick about management than almost anybody else except for Jack Welch. bill Belichick is a phenomenal manager and everybody listening to this show, if you have a staff, if you have a team, if you have employees, you want to get out a pen and a pad as we enter into the bill Belichick lab. bill Belichick is a phenomenal coach, a phenomenal manager. We hope this show will inspire you to manage like a Bill Belichick.

now Jason, this show has the potential to be the longest show I’ve ever written. We’re recorded. Uh, so far I believe our July 4th show. I believe that the show was 13 hours long. Yeah, I heard that one was pretty Epic. I don’t know if it was 13 hours. It could be less long than that. But I think someone told me it’s 13 hours playing your a, your DJ connection story is up there too. And how long was that? Oh, that one. That one was 13 hours. Maybe the 4th of July show was like six hours or something. I dunno. The point is, the great thing about this podcast is that we do a copious amount of research before each and every show. But tell the listeners what you have in your hands. They’re my friend. [inaudible] how many pages do you think that is? Um, if I had to guess, I would say it’s probably close to a hundred, but it’s like the Bible of bill Belichick.

You have 48 pages of notes about bill Belichick because I am bill Belichick’s number one fan. I’ve declared it to the universe. And on today’s show, dr Breck, we’re going to be talking about management because that is core. That’s what he does, right? So if you don’t like the Patriots or you don’t like, you maybe say, let’s say you like the Cowboys or the Browns or whoever you like. It’s not about bill Belichick and the Patriots. It’s about bill Belichick the coach. And before we get into it, I want to ask you, dr Breck, would you agree that management is perhaps the hardest aspect of managing a chiropractic clinic? I would agree. Yeah. Jason, you’ve managed thousands of customers at the elephant in the room and you don’t have to agree with us. I’m just asking you, do you think that management, that managing person is the hardest aspect of that or is it marketing or accounting?

What do you think is the hardest part of running the elephant in the room? It’s definitely the management of the people and the customer systems are easy marketing for, you know, most of it is easy, but it managing people takes a special level of care and also just expertise. I think it’s very, it’s a very, very difficult thing to, um, it’s easy to make, uh, an org chart or workflow or, yeah, but to get people to operate in those checklists and in those systems, that is difficult. Super for most people. And now for me, it’s not as hard because I’m missing my amygdala. The amygdala is the emotional processing center, AKA your empathy, your kind of your ear in your area of your head that allows you to have empathy or to feel something. So an employee is late, who works for me and I write them up and they say, I can’t believe you’d write me up.

I’ve been here for seven years. Um, I said, I’d, you know, I don’t understand how you’re feeling right now cause you’re the one who chose to be late. Let’s sign here. [inaudible] and I walk away and people all the time, they day we brought ’em a couple of the employees into a meeting so they could watch me fire somebody so we could have a witness. And both ladies were like, Oh wow. But I think they thought that it would be more difficult than it is, but I just pulled him aside, Hey, we’ve written you up I think 28 times apparently not working out. So you’re gone. Yup. And like, I don’t feel bad about it, but other people on the team are like, but they’ve got babies. What about the families? I’m going, Hey, if you got 28 write-ups, it’s time to go. So I’m going to read you two notable quotables and then we will, then we will begin the bill Belicheck laser show.

Here we go. Notable quotable number one from John D Rockefeller. Good management, consistent showing average people how to do the work of superior people, good management, consistent showing average people how to do the work of superior people. So this week when we watched the Patriots play the Ravens, uh, you will see that the Patriots don’t have a lot of number one draft picks. They’ve got a lot of undrafted guys, lower draft picks who are winning consistently. Dr Breck you played football. How is it possible to win a football game when you have a less quote unquote talented team, less athletic team? Well, I think a lot of that comes down to the coaching, the schemes, the heart. Um, you know, all these guys are very talented. But, uh, as you said, I mean bill Belichick’s doing it with, uh, guys that other people overlooked. And so that’s really impressive to me.

Now, John D Rockefeller will also went on to say, John D Rockefeller, the world’s wealthiest man and the world’s probably best manager ever said, the ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee, and I will pay more for that ability then for any other under the sun. Again, it’s hard to find people that can manage people. So bill Belichick is gonna teach us 102 super moves that you can use to manage your people. So fact number one, here we go. Stay in the player’s box. Look like a military operation and not a bus stop. Let me give you a little context here before Jason reads the article from NBC sports, if you watch a game this weekend, whoever your favorite team is, there’s a yellow line where the players are not supposed to go past that line. The players are not supposed to be right against the field.

They’re supposed to be behind their head coach. Could you explain logistically, dr Breck why the players should be behind their head coach and not blocking the head coaches view of the field? Well, I think there’s a number of reasons why they have a set-aside area that they can be in. Um, I know it doesn’t extend past, I think it’s the 20, uh, they can’t get down near end zone either. But a part of that is to keep it ClearPath for the referees that have to run along the sidelines, but then also to stay behind the coach where he can see what’s happening and, and you know, be doing his job next time you watch a game, I don’t care who the Patriots are playing against. And then next time you watch it Patriots game, look at the opposing sideline and noticed Jack [inaudible] is occurring on the other sideline.

Jason, continue reading the NBC sports article, my friend. Yup. So this one’s coming out us from NBC sports in the first quarter of the Patriots. Undressing of the Cleveland Browns lead official, Tony Kornetti. Kornetti Oh, there we go. Announce the Brown sideline had been given a warning. Their players weren’t staying within the player’s box. The hell was that you ask? Well, there’s a yellow line in the bench area that’s uh, about six feet away from the sideline. Players are supposed to stay behind the line unless they are coming on or off. The field. Coaches can be in the space between the yellow line and the sideline. Nobody’s supposed to stray inside the 30 yard lines or stand on the white sideline paint. It’s a housekeeping thing, a detail. The chain gang shouldn’t have to step around players and coaches while they do their jobs. Coach, you shouldn’t have to wait through players to eyeball what’s happening on the field.

Pause. Now, check this out. This is what I want to share with you is that you as a business owner, you have these details that matter, little details. Now if the coach can’t see the field, that is a competitive disadvantage. Sure. And the Patriots are the only NFL team that is not at a competitive disadvantage because of a lack of discipline. It’s crazy. If you watch the Cowboys games, you’ll see a Dez Bryant or a Hardy or a pack man Jones arguing with the coach on the Patriots. You can’t even get near the man. That’s a, that’s a, that’s a next level thing. That’s a detail. But Jason, what happens? The elephant in the room, if you allow the staff to skip those checklists where we have to make, no, let’s talk about towels. We have a lot of hot towels, right? How often do we have to wash those things?

We have to wash them every 15 to 30 minutes. Dr Breck, at your chiropractic clinic, what are, what are some details that you have to do every hour, maybe every two hours to make sure that your chiropractic center doesn’t become a chaotic bus stop? Well, for us it’s a lot about the paperwork. You know, dotting I’s, crossing T’s, making sure that a patient and paperwork is filled in completely. Um, and then the, the things can get passed on for insurance billing. So if you don’t have those details in order, then you don’t get paid. Okay. Another Patriot, fun fact, fact number two, this just in from the bill Belichick coaching center, unofficial the bill Belichick unofficial coaching center. But bill, we know you’re going to listen to the whole show. I know you’re going to, and when you do, I want you to know at some point you should allow me to interview you.

And I know, I know, I know right now you’re on the verge, you’re kind of working, kind of going through a dry spell. It’s been about seven years of rejection for me. But I know that you, bill Belichick started your coaching career coaching for free. I know that you did, you started coaching for free after handwriting 250 letters, handwriting, 250 letters and mailing it to all of the college coaches you could think of. You got rejected. It’s kind of like me, seven years of nuclear winter being rejected by you, bill. But bill, come to the blood head, come to the Butthead. Okay. So fact number two, the Patriot way, punch the ball out and force fumbles dr Breck, what does it mean to punch the ball out when you’re playing defense? So when you’re making a tackle, uh, you can just, you know, use your arms, your hands to wrap up a player, to take them to the ground, tackle them.

Um, but if you’re punching while tackling, then you’re actually attacking the ball. You’re trying to cause the turnover cause a fumble, and then your players have a chance to, uh, jump on that ball and you’ve now you possess it and you’re back on offense. Now if you watch it Patriots game, next time you watch it walk, you’ll watch it again with a renewed like, wow, I didn’t see that. When they tackle people, they will grab you and attempt to make you stop your forward progress. But once they’ve done that, they punched the ball out over and over and over until somebody comes to help tackle you. Right? It’s gang tackling. It’s crazy how many turnovers they caused them. So Jason, please read the NBC article title. Bill Belichick gets 300 wins because his team took care of millions of details. Yes. So a, as the game and the rain unfolded, the Browns turned the ball over on its first three possessions.

There were two fumbles. One came when Nick Chubb had the ball kicked out of his hands by a teammate, uh, going ass over tea kettle. We’re reading the article. I’ve never even heard that expression. I haven’t either. No. The other came real quick, real quick. Uh, you know, you know they say ass over tea kettle. That’s right. You know what they say? Ass over tea kettle. You know what they say? Booty smack them. Yakum was okay. The other came at the end of an outstanding Chubb run when Patriot Jonathan Jones chased him down and punched the ball out. There was an inner uh, there was an interception shovel pass when a Browns player didn’t execute a block and second-year Maverick quarterback Baker Mayfield volleyed the ball into the chest of Patriots. Lawrence Guy. Okay, pause real quick. Um, dr Breck I’m not, I’m not asking you to be a football expert, but you did play football and you’re also in my mind a business expert cause you’ve been self-employed for how long now?

Going on 16 years and everybody should check it out. Dr breck.com D R B R E C k.com. He’s been doing this for 16 years and I’m sure the Brown’s game plan didn’t involve. Okay guys, step one, we’re going to hand the ball to the other team. He’ll be confused. Typically not, but it happened. Right. And on bill Belichick’s team, you practice until you can’t get it wrong. And on the other teams they just sort of practice until they’re done. Yup. So talk to me about how does that happen where somebody misses a blocking assignment? Like how does that, does it happen? Does it, is it, there are so many plays people forget or what happens? I think it’s a lack of focus, uh, is one of the biggest reasons. And so, uh, you know, being well prepared is a big part of that. Um, but uh, yeah, if the player is not bought into the scheme, they’re not on point.

They’re not well-rested. Um, you know, taking care of the, off the field details so that they can really focus when they’re, you know, downfield if you ever watched bill Belichick talk about his teammates, he always talks about smart. They are. And I have noticed when you watch an interview with James White, the running back for the Patriots or, or with the, the McCourty brothers, there’s, there’s twin brothers on the team, by the way, the McCord, these are twins. It’s crazy to have twin brothers on the same team. But when you hear their interviews or James or a, I’ll say, uh, Matthew Slater or Tom Brady, regardless of their color of their skin, their race, their ethnicity, their background, what position they play, they’re all smart. You don’t get a lot of interviews with Patriot players where you say, so tell me what happened in the game there.

And they go basically like you do. The coach is like, I mean, but a lot of teams, you listen to the interviews and you’re like, so tell me about what happened in the last game. And it’s like, are we talking to a surfer here? It’s the same thing too. Cause I said, well, you know, we went out there, we uh, we gave it 110%, we did our best. But I mean that’s typical, that’s a typical interview with a lot of players. And when you, when you listen to the Patriots, they’re all very articulate, well spoken. I don’t think I have the mental capacity to be on the team, but the amount of plays they have to memorize and know, I mean it is tough and if you get a chance to look it up, Troy Brown, former Patriots wide receiver a does a lot of work with the players before the games.

Helping them to memorize the plays, learn their routes, what they’re supposed to do. But dr Breck would, somebody calls a play, a quarterback calls the play, right? How many different plays maybe even at the college level or high school level are there and spinning around in the minds inside an offensive lineman. I mean, how many different plays could a quarterback call? I mean that, that varies widely by different teams. Cause you’ll, you’ll notice some teams will run, you know, the same core 10 plays, but then there’s other teams that’ll run a hundred plays. Um, and so depending on situations, uh, you know, what, down in what yardage, where they’re out on the field, uh, the, uh, Mount of clock lift. But for a quarter or the half? Um, yeah, I mean they, they have uh, several different schemes and things that they’re trying to run and so, uh, some may be a a hundred. Let me play the audio clip of the, what I again, there’s a lot of smart people in the NFL, but there’s a lot of guys that cannot be in the Patriots and I am definitely one of them. But this is a surfer being interviewed on Fox 11 explaining what it’s alike to serve. So let me queue it up here. The park is still flooded

tickets out here. Again, some of those kids today will go, I told her, she’s like, dude, you got the best barrels ever, dude. Just like you pull in and you just get spit right out of him and you just drop in just smack the lip who are back jogged down. [inaudible] and then after that you just drop in the barrel and get pitted. So pity

I wasn’t that you were asking about these surfing experiences is what he says. Then

best barrels ever. Dude, just like you pull in and you just get spit right out of him and you can just drop in, just smack Dilip core back. So and then after that he just dragged me through that Sean Penn character on high.

All right, so fun fact number three, the Patriot way, a penalty-free mindset. I find a lot of teams in the NFL get behind. If you watch the Patriots, um, they’ll play against the team. They win a lot of games by like seven points, three points and it’s cause they don’t make dumb plays. But a lot of teams are like playing against themselves, constant penalties everywhere, everywhere. And bill Belichick is obsessed about attempting to be penalty-free. So Jason read to us the next article we have here for him. This is from NBC sports. Bill Belichick gets 300 wins because his teams take care of details. Go and read the excerpt from the article please. So the Brown’s took 12 penalties. There was a false start near the end of the first, after the Brown’s head, first and 10 at the past or at the pats 40 so that’s at the Patriots 40 yard line for anybody who doesn’t know sports like me.

Okay? That was followed by a hold on first and 15th next thing you know it’s third and 24 after Cleveland or after Cleveland got it to 17 seven the Patriots had a drive in which Cleveland was called for a defensive holding. Then an illegal use of hands. Kitchens challenged a fork down spot on a completion to Mohammed Sanu. He lost that one. So just so we’re clear, I’m not going to make the, let little listeners suffer through the reading of each and every penalty. All I’m saying is that when you watch the game, they just keep having penalties and it is so impossible to win when you have penalties. And most of the teams and the NFL have an insane amount of penalties. So it doesn’t matter how talented your team is. If you can’t be disciplined, it doesn’t work. Now you’re just beating yourself. Baker Mayfield, the coach or the quarterback for the Browns was asked about the penalties and he says it’s just non disciplined guys not being focused on doing their job.

It starts first and foremost with me to be the leader every single down, get our guys lined up, make sure that we’re set, we’re paying attention because if we can’t use cadence, we’re hurting ourselves. Anytime we try to use a double count, it seems like we’re false starting a bit, but we’ll get the discipline part fixed. The accountability, and I’m sure you will, Baker may feel the problem is is we’ve already played eight games and so the Browns, I mean it’s like we’re working on the discipline. We want to, we’re going to, we’re going to be good and that’s, that’s great and I’m excited that you’re going to get better. The problem is you’ve only won two games and you’ve lost five and of the games I’ve watched, the games you’ve lost are, the highlights I’ve seen are all due to penalties. So Baker Mayfield doesn’t need coaching advice from me.

I’m just saying I’m bill Belichick’s team. You will not be on the team very long if you keep getting penalties. Now in the office environment, let me give an example of what would be a penalty not following the scripts. When the phone rings at elephant in the room or any of my other companies make your life Epic, whatever. If you don’t follow the scripts, it doesn’t work. It’s like a recipe. If you don’t follow it, it doesn’t work. It’s like building an airplane or a or a building. If you don’t follow the blueprint, it does not work right now in my company and my business, if you don’t follow them, Jason, what do I do? Uh, you get it written up and if you get written up enough times, you get fired. There it is. And I don’t feel bad. Nope. But dr Breck, you’ve been on the other side where you know you’re, you’re a nice guy, you’ve got an amygdala, you have compassion, give empathy. So you’re aware of, but you’re a guy. Who cares. I do. Talk to me about where it gets hard when you see a member of your team getting penalties figuratively and they just won’t do their job well. They’ll talk about where that gets hard. Well,

yeah, I think a part of it is if you’re taking on too much responsibility for that employee. Um, and so, uh, you know, you’ve laid it out, you have a clear game plan, you have a clear expectation and then the employee misses that. And so you’ve got to bring it up. Um, and if you don’t, then you know, it’s now on you as the manager, uh, for not having the backbone to step forward and say, Hey, this is how it has to be. Because you can start to breed that environment to where it happens over and over.

The first time that you fired someone, did you feel bad? A little bit. Yeah. Okay. Jason, did you feel bad the first time? Yeah. Let’s have all the listeners out there. Let’s have a moment for a second. Let’s just pretend that right now we’re all mentally firing someone for the first time. So Jason, your name for the roleplay will be Carl. Okay? If you’re out there and your name is Carl, um, don’t get offended. We’re spelling this with a cute, cute RL Carl. So I’m gonna, I’m gonna, I’m gonna fire you. Okay? Okay. And this is how it’s good. We’re gonna role play this and we’re going to keep it true to form. Okay? Got it. And we got to create the mood real quick. It’s gotta be the mood. Cause this is what I hear in my mind when it’s, when it’s firing types, let me just get them because I’m looking at them. I want to set the mood right. Here we go.

Hey, uh, Carl could, could you come? Miracle. Yeah. What do you need? Um, you know how you relate today, uh, just, just by a little bit for ya. And it just keeps happening. You had like three write ups. Now you’re gonna think you’re a great guy. I just want you to know it’s not working out. You’re fine. Oh, you’re fired. You’re, you’re gone. You’re up.

And then when you leave, this is how I feel cause I feel like I feel like I cleanse my colon. There’s a weight lifted. Yeah. Because what happens is there’s some, there’s some blockage that’s keeping your team from being successful. It’s like a weight carrying your team down and customers vote with their dollars. And if you won’t fire the guy who’s perpetually late, the customer will fire fire you. Just this week I talked to an elephant, the room customer is a great guy who, uh, uh, was very, very dissatisfied, you know, about his experience. And I talked to him and the core issue is it one person on the team who is late. And I’d asked him about his experiences in the past he’d been at, he’s been with us for about a year. Okay. And I said, how’s it been every other time? Because, well, the first care cuts have been great.

Second, third, I don’t, you know, keep track of them all, but I’ve never had a problem. But this last appointment I had, this guy literally started my haircut, you know, 10 minutes late and never acknowledged he was late. He just, he didn’t even acknowledge me. Well that guy has been fired. Now we move on. But the reality is I do apologize to the guy. I gave him a refund. Right? I invited him to come back for his next haircuts free as well and we’re going to make it right. And he thanked us for doing that. But at the end of the day, our marketing could be great, our signage could be great, our packages could be great, our accounting could be great, our business model could be great, everything could be great. But if we have a bad stylist with a bad attitude, things aren’t great. Dr [inaudible] hot take.

Well I was going to ask you, how many times have you had to fire somebody and then your customers tell you their complaints about that person? For us at elephant, the room, because we have video cameras installed and we have a mystery shopper that comes in every day. Not so much anymore, but before that, um, every single time. Cause every time I’ve done it, every time my patients, they’ll come back and say, Oh yeah, I’m glad that you, they’re gone. Because this was happening. That was happening and usually usually people have told 10 other people before, not the owner before they’ve told you about the bad employees. So again, fun factoid number four, this just in the Patriot’s way, bill Belichick learning how not to lose this article from NBC sports spellcheck gets 300 wins because his team took care of the millions of details. Jason, what say you Belichick has said in the past that in order for a team to learn how to win at first has to figure out how not to lose.

There’s a level of organization and attention to detail that players have to understand isn’t Harry highschool crap because it creates a level of accountability and stability that then carries on to preparation and playing. Plenty of coaches come in and are plenty of coaches come in as hard acids, hammer the little things and do not get ’em and do not get the buy in because players push back on being treated like kindergartners to borrow element from a daily as Thomas. Yup. Go for it. Okay. Uh, Greg shiano probably had a very neat sideline too. He didn’t last because he couldn’t get buy in and a [inaudible] and a revolt ended his time. So what they’re talking about is when you’re managing people, you have to hold them accountable. But in the NFL, all these guys are multimillionaires. Yup. And there starts to be a revolt if cause they don’t like you.

So bill Belichick has to produce wins in order for the players to buy in. So even if he’s like obsessive about checklists and details, but they lose, the players aren’t going to buy in. Right. So it’s this really weird deal of like, um, Jason, you’ve seen me coach clients for years and I’m sure I’ve told you something to do something that’s controversial. Yeah. Like one thing I tell our coaches to do is if a client will not do their action items, just tell them it’s time to move on. And then people are going, you, you fire your customers. Yeah. Why? W cause I don’t need the money and I don’t need the headache. And so that’s crazy. Yup. But as a coach, my job is not to be your best friend. My, my goal is to help you get wins, right? So the buy in comes from Dell Rick research going from $0 million up to $100,000 a month of profit.

That right there, Google search that the buy end comes from Shaw homes growing from $37 million of sales to 80 homies. We’re not in December yet. This is crazy. I mean, yeah, when you see, um, I mean, I’ve worked with chiropractors, dentists, doctors, lawyers, uh, Dr. Morrow growing by 25% MLK dentistry.com. When you see companies growing by 20%, 50%, 80%, that’s where the buy in comes in. Yeah. But I could be a stickler for details, but you as an implementer and as a coach, if you’re like, well, none of Clay’s clients stick around. I mean, I couldn’t point to the scoreboard, right? So you’ve got to get the winds and the buy. And now, Jason, we’ve got a fun factoid. Number five, this is coming in from the bill Belichick Patriot’s way help desk. Totally unofficial. Bill does not endorse this program at all. And in fact bill would be watching bill, no matter what time you’re listening to today’s show, bill is watching game film, unless he’s coaching again, no matter what time it is, if you’re listening to this at 3:00 AM or 5:00 PM or he’s going to be watching game film.

So bill, I’m telling you, I’m not mad at you. I’m just saying you and I have a relationship that needs to begin starting right now. You’re going to hear this show and you’re gonna go, you know what? This crazy Oklahoma has spent 40 hours, maybe 50 hours researching me, reading my books. Nah, I won’t do an interview this year, but you know what party you bill wants to be on the show. Okay, Jason, you’re talking about 40 hours this week, right? Jason continuum Belichick’s gotten the buy in on the little things so that they are now elementary and that leaves him to not worry about the order of the sidelines or other housekeeping items and frees him up to worry about other weirdnesses like when the roof will be closed during the Superbowl or being able to get his eyes on the opposing. Just so we’re clear.

Versus the Falcons. If you watch NFL miked Patriots versus Falcons, bill Bellicheck is freaking out because he wants to know when they’re going to shut the roof. And the officials are like, coach, we don’t know when they’re gonna shut the dome. We don’t know cause it’s an indoor outdoor stadium. He says, you have to know because if you, if it’s shot, then the ball’s going to do this and if it’s not sure it’s going to do that. I want to know. And they’re like, well, we never thought about that. I had to go call upstairs and find out when they’re going to shut the dome. No other coaches are thinking about that stuff. Right, right. They’re not. They’re just next level. He’s next level. Okay, continue there Jason. Um, let’s see. Uh, OK. or, um, cleat linked officials tendencies or a million other things that a coach who can’t get his team to stop jumping before the snap.

Never got to bill. Belichick has 300 wins because he was on the detail’s a long time ago. Uh, Jason, uh, you are not in our Tuesday meeting. Usually for our sales team, but our Tuesday meeting sales meeting is at 7:00 AM and I think you’ve been in a couple of them, but what am I doing with those recorded calls? It’s like game footage. You’re listening to them with the team and going through what they did right and what they did wrong. You’re saying I listened to the recorded audio with the team every Tuesday. Every salesperson really, every single time. What happens? What happens if someone’s calls are bad? You address why it’s bad. Tell them what they could’ve done better and then give them steps to improve and people tell me all the time, you’re so mean. You would play an employee’s calls in front of the other employees.

Oh yeah. Even the bad ones. Oh, especially the bad. Why? Why does that work? We dr Breck. When you know that your coach is going to be watching game film of you or your boss is going to be listening to your recorded calls, what do you tend to do? You’re going to step up your game. There it is. I mean, you know, you don’t want to be the example of what not to do, so you’ve got all this social pressure with your peers that you want to perform. There it is now. Fun fact toy number six about bill Belichick, the best coach in the history of professional football. Fun fact number six is the Patriot way organization changes the conversation and leads to domination. I see so many entrepreneurs who are so motivated and so excited, but so disorganized. Jason, please read Mohammed Sanu has, am I saying his name right?

It’s Mohammad’s son who’s sending Muhammad Sunu has been here about 15 minutes. He’s over the moon about being in an organ or in an organized setting. This guy came from the Falcons. He’s been on the team for 15 minutes. They traded for him and he loves how organized everything is. Keep going even in a short time here in watching over his career at being on the outside looking in. I see why he’s successful, said Sanu because he’s so detailed in work. No stones unturned. Make sure all the guys are so prepared. Our sideline, it’s got two lines to be back. He said, I’ve never seen it before. Usually guys are hugging the line, hugging the line, hugging the line in the way he literally has a, or Hillary has it, so detailed that no one would ever go over the line. This is what you should do.

So do it. Keep reading. It doesn’t matter who we’re playing or who we’re playing at what time or where said linebacker, Kyle van Noy. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a preseason game or a regular season game or the super bowl, he cares about winning. He’ll do whatever it takes and it shows, prime example was last week against the jets when he pulls us in. Uh, in end, hell sorry. When he pulls us in and hones us in on the details of what to not let happen when the Patriots were ahead 24 to zero quick, they’re up 24 to zero and bill Belichick pulls the guys in and is hammering them on how to be more effective. Now this is what’s crazy. People don’t understand. This. Last year, bill Belichick lost his defensive coordinator who went on to become the head coach for the dolphins [inaudible]. That’s like your defensive manager.

Two years ago he lost Matt, Patricia, his defensive coordinator to go be the head coach of the lions who is coaching the Patriots’ defense this year is a bill. Yeah, bill Belicheck, so he’s coaching the head coach. He’s the head coach and the defensive coach and he’s the general manager. He chooses the players, nobody’s at his level and so far through eight games, the Patriots have allowed 40 points. The best defense in the history of the NFL previous to this year would be the 2002 the 2000 Ravens with Ray Lewis. They gave up 80 points and their first dead games. I wonder what want to understand this. So far the Patriots are double the best team in the history of professional football as it relates to defense and it starts with all these details. They’re up 24 to zero and he is still not happy and or content.

Now, how does this relate to your business? When I ran DJ connection.com we’d go to a bridal show and we’d booked 75 weddings at one show, 101 hundred weddings at one show and Sunday the second day of the trade show, we’ve already dominated. We’ve got an hour left. I will not let the guys go leave to get something to eat. I’m like, no, we’re here to win. Keep booking things, keep booking things. I don’t take my foot off the gas when I’m working. Right? You have to become that kind of manager. Cause Breck, what happens on the day before, let’s say you’re going to give your office the day off the day before Christmas Eve. So you’re gonna say, guys, a lot of patients aren’t scheduled. So we’re gonna let you off at two o’clock on the 23rd and you’re off Christmas Eve, the 24th and the 25th right? What happens if you’re going to let your team leave at two o’clock on the 23rd by default if you’re not careful?

Oh, I mean, they’re gonna have already left mentally by nine o’clock there it is. I mean they’re going to, yeah, there’s, there’s no focus. They might as well not have been there at all. There we go. Fun factoid number seven, the Patriot way, the bill Belicheck way, the payoff is in the playoffs. Jason Bellatrix created a culture that despite its relentless demands and isolated bouts of pushback, players embraced because of the payoff. A Tom Brady says it’s pretty amazing. Brady beamed after the game. Pretty amazing. 300 wins is pretty spectacular. He likes the word pretty. Oh, he’s the best coach of all time and it’s a privilege to play for him for as many years as I have. He’s taught me so much on and off the field. Just, uh, just been a great mentor for me. Uh, being here 20 years ago, it was his first year.

It was my first year. It’s been a great journey. Just proud of him. Everything he’s accomplished. Amazing to think that he coached for another place and they didn’t think he was good enough. And then he comes here and does a great job. It’s a great celebration for him. Time out. Bill Belichick was once the head coach of the Browns and the Browns would not allow him to choose players. So bill Belichick is the general managers. He chooses the players that are on the team. Okay. Right, right. So he is the head coach of the Browns and this is a, this is a fun fact. It’ll blow your mind. They’re ready. They’re starting quarterback was Bernie Kosar [inaudible] and bill Belichick, you said he wasn’t pretty good as a head coach. What actually the last game that the Browns have ever won in the playoffs was when bill Belicheck was coaching them almost 20 years ago.

Wow. So they were pretty good. But he said, I’m going to a bench. Bernie Kosar. So he benched their favorite player and so he had to get police security because of the threats. So he had literally, he had police security, sick watching him 24 hours a day surveillance because people were so upset about it. And then the front office sided with the fans and not with him. Right. So that’s why it didn’t work. There’s because he didn’t have buy in from his leadership. Now, if you’re out there listening today and you are the owner of something and you undermine your managers, if you’ve given them the rules and the autonomy to make decisions, and every time they make one, you go over their head and change it, that’s a problem. Yeah. Right? And sometimes you do have to go over their head if they make a bad call, right?

But the teaching moment here is you want to make sure that you’re holding people accountable to implementing your systems and you’d better be winning because if you implement your systems and they don’t work, you will not get buy-in. Fun fact, fun fact. Way number eight from the bill. Belichick Patriot, help desk consistency is King. Jason, what? Say you? I say he’s had a big influence on me, said Brady. So technically Brady said he’s taught me about pro football. He’s taught me about leadership and consistency, dependability, all the things I think he really preaches to us as a player is what we get out of him as a coach. His consistency, dependability, trust, confidence, all those things over a long period of time really add up. So he’s just a very stable figure when he gets up and speaks to us. It’s about trying to win games and I think we all appreciate that shining a light on the sideline decorum as a symptom of why the Patriots are a good team is bound to cause IROs but anybody or, but anyone thinking that’s the point is either dumb or up to slow.

Keep reading being where you’re supposed to be when you’re supposed to be. There is a matter of consistency. Can you meet a simple expectation? Yes. Then how about a more important one, like remembering the snap count or blocking the and you’re supposed to block or not getting a ball punched out of or not getting a ball punched out on one Kerry, quick time. Now this is what’s crazy. If you are a running back and dr Brooke, you played receiver in high school am my correct and renovate and Bernie Mac. I was a small school so you had to do multiple jobs. Okay, but when you get the ball, what should you do with the ball and running? Well, you’ve got to tuck the pointed end up against the ribs and in between the ribs and the elbow, and then you have your hand over the other, the opposite pointed in.

And the only time that you would take your hand, your other hand away from the ball, the only time you did just be carrying the ball with one hand would be when, well, it’s a running back. You really shouldn’t be. If you’re in the open field and you’re really pumping. Yup. You’re breaking away. Then you keep it away from the opposing players. So like towards the sideline. Got it. And then you just in the one arm, but you still have it. You should be running the ball with two hands the whole time. Yeah. If you’re in traffic, you have it covered up, but you break free and you’re looking, if you get separation to outrun the other guys, you would carry it with one hand. Well, yeah, with your right hand, arm and body. Got it. So it’s supposed to be three points of contact, but you’ll see a lot of times a quarterback will be holding it out in space.

Yep. You know like the statue of Liberty up in the air, which is a bad thing, which is bad because then you only have one point of contact the hand and it’s much easier to know. I don’t like code Odell Beckham. Yeah, he runs the ball like that all the time. It’s flashy or it looks exciting, but you’re going to get the ball knocked out. I’m learning so much right now. You carry the ball out, you’re going to get the ball knocked out so you have to tuck it. All I’m saying is on the, on the Patriots, if you do not run the ball with three points of contact, if you don’t tuck that ball, you’re coming off the field. Even if you don’t fumble, you’re getting off the field. You’re not allowed to fumble on the Patriots and they don’t give up fumbles. They just do not fumble the ball.

Right. But then when you are trying to tackle a man, you have to club the ball at you grab the guy, you stop him from gaining momentum and you have to knock out the ball. If you’re on the Patriots and bill Belichick sees you try to blast the guy and try to just tackle them as hard as possible and you’re not trying to wrap him up and knock the ball out. You’re coming off the field now you as a player could not handle the kind of feedback, that kind of intense coaching from someone who’s not consistent. No. So this is a call to all of these small business owners out there listening. Do you skip your meetings? Do you ever skip your own meetings? Do you ever, you know, do you ever have a thing where you you, you kind of, Oh guys, you know it’s a Monday. We go over the same stuff anyway. We’ll just cancel the meeting.

Ever show up to meetings without a printed agenda like we don’t ever have, like it’s not a typed out or a printed agenda, it’s just you talking esoterically about ideas. Do you ever not follow the systems yourself? Do you? How consistent are you? Because the consistency is King. It’s very hard to get people feedback from out. Awesome. If you are in the bus station of life, not being consistent, so you have to be consistent, starts with you. Consistency starts with you. Fun factoid number nine, the Patriot way. Delegate to diligent doers all night. By the way, if you wanna read this article just to type in NBC sports, bill Belichick gets 300 wins because his team took care of millions of details. Jason say you, one of his strengths is his ability to give ownership to the players. McCourty explained, there’s a lot of times for us as defenders, we get out there and he’ll tell us like, Hey, we’ve got five different options right here.

Whatever you see best buy formation by personnel, make the call. And he’s told us, whether it’s myself, Darren, Pat, who really makes a lot of calls, Hightower, Jamie bent, he Rob, that’s a great name. Yup. He tells us all as signal callers, nine out of 10 times I trust you’re going to make the right decision. So I don’t want to tell you what to do and ruin the game as high I’m out. How powerful is that when you’ve coached your guys so well that when they ask you for advice, you say you make the call man, that’s great. You’re on the field and I’m not, yeah, that’s like ideal management situation. Oh it’s beautiful. It makes me, you know, if you’ve been trusted with little you can be trusted with a lot. There it is. Jason, keep reading please. Um, as he always says, coaches mess up games more than anything and I think ER and I think him allowing us to do that for one, it makes us want to study and understand the game to take accountability to our coaches, to our teammates. And then I think too, it allows us to just play free, go out there, study the game and do what you think is necessary. I think once you’re able to do that, good or bad, it falls on us and we take that responsibility. I think that’s why you see us so fast as the defense right now because if something goes wrong on the field, we don’t have to look to the sideline.

You want to, how does this apply to business owners? Well, if you’re a business owner, you want to role play with your people so well that they can’t get it wrong. So we give you an example. We have, I dunno, dozens of people that reach out to me, um, a day to be like, uh, they want coaching. Now, Julia or the team members have to, um, vet these people. So if you’re out there listening right now, um, and you’re going to know if you should fill out the form or not. Okay? I’m gonna tell you that. I’m gonna tell you what we’re doing. We’re looking for diligent doers only. So as an example, if you’re the kind of person who is looking to start something, um, that’s one point against you. If you’re a startup. Now, if you’re somebody who already has a business that’s, that’s doing more than a million dollars a year of revenue, that’s a point for you.

It doesn’t mean you’re excluded. It’s just a point because it’s very, very, very, very hard to build a successful company. So again, nine out of 10 people in America do not ever start a company. So every year on only one and a 10 people start a company. Okay? So it’s only 9% of our population actually starts a company. But of those that don’t fail, just, just, just 10% of those who do start a business don’t fail because 90 per member, 90% of startups fail. And only one out of 10 people ever starts a company. So statistically it’s 0.0, zero eight one percentage chance that you will be a successful entrepreneur.

So what happens is if you’re a startup and you sound like this on the phone call, let me just cue up. This is what, if you sound like this, you pull in, you just get spit right out of them and you just drop in, just smack the lip. That’s another negative point for you. So a lot of times Julia will talk to someone and she’ll say, so tell me about your, your business idea. And if you’re listening out there, I’m not gonna mention your name, but you have to know this is crazy cause you know this, if you’re, if you’re the listener who did this, you know who you are. But this person fills out the form and a member of our team hops on the phone. He said, so what is your business idea? What I want to do is like, you know, um, basically I want to do nuclear realizes, do nuclear rise a submarine. So that way you know, we can provide fresh water for the, for the Israelis who are being right now under totalitarian regime of the Palestinians. So wait a minute. Step one, you want to buy a nuclear submarine and demilitarize it this true story? Yes. Yeah. Cause then they’d have nuclear power and then you could use that to desalinate water, thus providing fresh water for the Israelis.

Do you have a background in nuclear energy military? No man, we could. Jimmy John’s true story. I will say, I’ll give him credit for no offense to Jimmy John’s workers, but in order to understand like the desalination process, the only reason why people can’t desalinate waters, it takes a crap load of energy. So I can see why he would need a nuclear submarine, but at the same time, like how is that a business? So we’re, let’s say we were looking for people to have a business model that is solvent. I am not going to try to come up with an idea. If you’re looking to take your idea and turn it into a business from a startup perspective, you need to go to Tony Robbins because Tony will talk to you about these things. But if you’re looking, if you already have a business model, like you’re a dentist, you’re a doctor, you’re a lawyer, basically you have a mouse trap and you’re just trying to make it better than the competition.

You’ll like me a lot, right? Cause I’ll give you proven systems. Sure. But I can’t teach you on shark tank. You have a great product. You don’t have a company, right? You have business yet, if you are thinking about being on the shark tank, don’t reach out to me because it’s not a good fit. I’m looking for existing business owners now you can attend our workshop if you want, but I, if you’re trying to secure funding to make your business work, again, not a good fit. So if you’re trying to secure funding, you’re in the idea phase. You don’t have a business model. I’m not a good fit. Now, if you’re doing at least a hundred thousand dollars a year of revenue, um, then maybe we talk, but her job is, there’s only one of me and I’m going to do every 13 point assessment. So she, her job is to vet into, to filter, to see if you’re a good fit.

And we had some, somebody I talked to this past weekend who is a multimillionaire, who wants to start their next business. That’s fine. I just don’t want to talk to people who are having a hard time with consistency in their life and try to teach them how to run a company. Right? Because Jason, what happens if you’re trying to coach somebody who is having a hard time being consistent and just, you know, being on time for a meeting. If we’re on a fundamental level, we’re having a hard time being on time for our meeting. What happens? Well, the relationship gets weird because as you are trying to teach them consistency, it’s one of the most important things that we can teach is being consistent, is going to make your business grow. But if we’re constantly preaching something they’re not doing, they get offended in a way. And they’re like, well how, why, why would you talk to me that way?

I’m doing, I’m doing my best. I am showing up for the last 15 or I got some of the items done or you don’t understand. It was a whole, it was a hard week and you’re okay. It’s, it’s okay. Chemo Sabi like we just want to make sure we get you on that path. And the more you push him in, the more that they don’t want to do it. Or the cognitive dissonance is there’s something wrong. As an example, my dad got Lou Gehrig’s disease and then passed. I didn’t miss payroll one time or I didn’t miss any of my meetings when you could have, could have most, let’s say I should have, but I didn’t. Um, because I have a responsibility to the employees, to the customers and to the families of the employees to make sure that their paychecks clear and they get paid. Um, as an example, when I have, when I’m sick, I have a sick day.

I, I show up to work. True. I take DayQuil I’ve seen it. I’m using it. Yeah. Because consistency is King. Now. Uh, Luke 16, 10, dr Breck was a sharing, says whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much. That’s Luke. Uh, the Bible. It’s from the Bible. It’s the book of Luke chapter 16 verse. Now, fun fact. Toy number 10, this comes to us via the Patriot way hotline. Not in any way endorsed by the Patriot nation. But again, the only reason I like the Patriots is because of the bill Belichick systems. I’m not from new England, right? I didn’t grow up liking them. My dad didn’t like them. I have no loyalty geographically. I don’t have a family member who wants played for them. And my loyalty extends to that of bill Belichick.

I was kind of wanting them to, to on the back of the jerseys next year. Do you know, cause on the front says Patriots from the back. I wish it would just say Belicheck on everyone’s Jersey. That’d be awesome. So fun factoid number 10, the Patriot way. He was a wild man in college. Let’s just end for mental floss. Please read Jason. Yup. So from a things you might not know about bill, but uh, 11 things you might not know about bill bell checks part of the flank, 11 things you might not know about bill Belicheck cause he meant from the mental floss article back to you. I’m excited to read this. Before graduating from Wesleyan university in 1975, Villa chick was reportedly the polar opposite of his current reserved persona. Classmates were that a president of the Chi PSI fraternity, the son of Navy’s football scout in future NFL hall of Famer could usually be found in the vicinity of frat guys peeing on rival houses and blasting soda machines with a shotgun. Oh, Billy bill. Really? So this might’ve been bill in college, like, Hey guys, let’s go over to the other fraternity and blow up their soda machine with a shotgun. I could see him doing, guys, let’s go pee on the other fraternity house.

But again, people do have the power to change, but people do change. Seldom. So we all have to start somewhere. Right? But I think that’s pretty incredible that we’re where he came from. Fun fact. Number 11, the Patriot way, he was once public enemy number one in Cleveland. Tell us more about bill Belichick from the mental floss article. Jason, another, another one of the 11 things before moving to the Patriots. And Belichick spent four years as head coach of the Cleveland Browns when he cut popular quarterback, Bernie CoStar from the roster. Bella chick was so reviled by Cleveland fans that he began to receive death threats. So did Casey Coleman and area broadcaster who defended village six decision? Both men got FBI protection until the third died down. Okay. Dr Breck. Um, I know with my team we have a large number of people, right? Um, this just happened, uh, last week I remember of the team that, uh, asked to be, can I bring another person to the holiday party Christmas party?

I said, what do you mean? They said, well I know I get to bring one. It’s, it’s me and like my date, but can I bring somebody else? And I said, I know. I said, why? Well cause it’s $60 ahead and I’m paying. And they said, well I’ll just pay myself. No. I said, no you can’t do that because then I have to report it as income. So essentially I have to pay income tax on your friend attending and we only have accommodations for about 400 people at the Christmas party. So you can’t bring them all. They were outraged and they apologize by the end of the day. I’m glad they did cause they probably wouldn’t be working here anymore. But they were mad. I mean they were, I write about they wanted to bring their significant other to the party, which is fine. And somebody else. Dr Brett, have you ever had to upset people to hold them [email protected]?

Sure. Yeah. What kind of things upset customers and or employees when you have to be a stickler about a certain thing? Oh, well, um, you know, we’ve got things that are in writing that, uh, people just want to overlook. And so when it’s time a problem, uh, not typically for my, my crew now, but it has been in the back in the day. Let’s go back 16 years. When you try to hold people accountable who are, you’ve never been on time in their life, right? What happens? Well, of course they pushed back, you know, so, uh, again, it comes back to that consistency. Um, if I’m doing it and I’m not, I’m never going to ask him buddy to do something that I’m not willing to hold myself accountable to. Um, so I think that’s a big part of where it’s got to start. But, uh, yeah, I mean, if you’ve got something that is clearly delineated, you’ve got the, the parameter set and they’re just crossing them here or there. The other one, see a lot of people who passively aggressively don’t want to use the checklist the company has. Right. And they just draw a line through all of the things on it and write, done. Yup. I see that a lot. I get to have a meeting tomorrow with somebody that uh, is, is not, I think some of that’s happening with the checklist. Oh, unbelievable. And then this is what that meeting’s like.

So go over here. What to talk to you for the checklist. So you’ve got to use the checklist was we’re going to be sleeping with the fishes co-treat shoes. It’d be flipped around at the bottom of the ocean down there. Basa. Why do you have that lead pipe? A bullet point does is it’s a teaching tool. It’s a, it’s a pointer, if you will. I’m going to put this foot pipe at your kneecaps are boss. Why you punch in the air?

I want to get my appointment in Miami caps with a lead pipe.

It’s a way to demonstrate you to say no pain, no gain. And I’m going to teach you.

Yeah. But seriously, people feel like that. But you don’t do that, but people feel like that’s what it’s like. Even if you give any correction to a lot of people get irate, so sure. Good luck to you there. Right, so that’s all right as part of it. Bill Belichick, fun fact number 12 Patriot way the man, the myth and the nicknames. Jason, what say you from the mental floss article? Ooh, since beginning his NFL coaching career in 1975 with the Baltimore Colts, Belichick has assumed several identities in the league, Stinson, Detroit and Denver. It led to the nicknames boy, genius and punk in New York. Bill Marcel’s called him doom and gloom. Bill Parcells. Bill Parcells. Sorry. Who by the way, I’ll show you when we get off the show. He sent me a text message telling me he won’t be on the show. Bill Parcell are you going to frame it?

Huh? Are you going to frame it? Frame my text? Yeah, I probably should cause he, he, I mean he was a bill Belichick’s mentor and I got a text directly from bill parcels telling me he won’t be on the show when I told him. It’s one step closer to him being on the show. And then I said, well, maybe in the future. And then he ghosted me. So, but he messed up and gave you his number. Well he did not somebody, I’ve just say a source very close to mr parcels. Now you said calling. How do you book your guests? Oh, through only the most intense Nioco focus. That’s true. I mean I work my way to get these people on the show and sometimes I believe our listeners deserve to have the best guests and sometimes I get rejected. But let’s go back to this real quick. The nicknames, they read some of the nicknames again. Yeah. So we’ve got, um, so students in Detroit and Denver led to nicknames such as boy genius. Is that a good nickname? I think. I think that’s a good name. What’s the next one? Punk. Is that a good one? It depends if you’re, if you’re from Seattle or that’s grunge. Okay. Cause I mean maybe this guy, his name was a little bit opposite.

He called me punk. Okay. Jason couldn’t tenue rating my friend kid. Let’s go on to the next fun factoid here. Next. Bill Belichick. Fun factoid. This just ed from our home office. Now, by the way, if you’re out there looking for bill Belichick, fun factoids, there’s a, you can Google search right now, mental floss, 11 things you need to know about bill Belichick and you can find them. But bill Belichick, fun fact number 13 the Patriot way bill Belichick has forked over more money and fines from the NFL than any other coach. Jason, back to you after a Patriot’s employee was caught videotaping defensive hand signals from the New York jets in 2007 the NFL slapped a Belichick with a $500,000 fine, the largest in league history in roughly 12% of the four point $2 million salary he reportedly earned that year. Let’s talk about this for a second.

Let’s say bill Bill Belichick. Okay. Let’s pretend Jason, you have a camera and dr Breck is the other coach. Yup. And you’re filming him. How would that benefit you to film the mouth of dr Breck calling plays? I would be able to start to see patterns. And I can only if you watch the footage exactly. So this is where it takes it to the next level. Not only did bill Belichick’s team film, the other coaches talking, but they had somebody who was a professional lip reader who was reading what they meant and then sending it to bill, who then can relay it to the team within 10 seconds so they could actually act on it. See, and I was thinking hand signals and then they see what is that scheme and set up for the defense. And so they are like, you know, uh, reverse engineering it.

But yeah, I would take a little bit of time. Now my understanding, again, you’d have to look this up, is it didn’t say in the rule book that you couldn’t film the other team talking rent, hire a lip reader to read what the other person is saying and to real time provide that feedback to the coach who has memorized the other team’s playbook. So he knows what to do. So imagine this, you’re a guy, guys filming a coach. We’re going to be a, we’re going to be running the ball today. I’ll be running the AC 42 option VZ 42 and then the coach goes, okay, they’re running the ball to the left. I mean, Holy crap. I mean that’s like spy level. Yeah, that’s what it’s called. Spygate but again, that’s, I mean I don’t think a lot of teams would have the discipline needed to actually pull that off even if they did film.

Nope. Right. But bill Belichick, why is he paying for what? Jason, why did you have to pay a fine? Well, because he did something that the league didn’t and he owned up to it and said, okay that’s like a, you showed me that video. I never would have noticed this. But like every time the ball is close to him, if it goes like on the sideline, he’ll just take it and Chuck it. Know there’s a little bit of entrepreneurship. That’s right. Bill Belgian. When the ball comes out of bounds, a lot of times he’ll throw the ball cause it’s hard to hike the ball and if you don’t have the balls. So it’s kind of a game stop. But you know, if you will look in our ceiling, don’t mention the name of the company. You see that sign right there? Oh, I see it. Yep.

Oh, I’ve got hundreds of those signs. Let me explain to you. One of our competitors was stealing the signs from one of our companies and we caught him on camera doing it. So we confront the guy, Hey dude, stop stealing our signs. And he says, well, I am. He’s kind of a red Nicky kind of guy. Let me get into it. He says, well, I’ll tell you, you, you know, just war. Business is war and you can’t stop me from taking my signs and you know, you can’t prove it. I’m like, well, got you on video footage, but wait, it’s war. And he’s super max. His business is just losing. Yeah. Right. So one day he woke up and discovered that hundreds of his signs were missing. Now I don’t know where they are. I cannot find them anymore. I don’t know. I you, they used to be available on the road and now they’re not.

It’s probably just the wind. And if he were to ask me what happened to the signs, I would tell you, I don’t know. After things go in the trash where they go, maybe they go to a landfill, maybe they get burned. I don’t know, but I can’t tell. I have one right here is a piece of memorabilia to remind myself that businesses and I probably would get a fine from whoever if they discovered that I did that. But when you have a business, the goal is to win. True to win. Don’t pick a war. You can’t win, right? Don’t, don’t steal my signs buddy. Cause I’m going to take all your signs and this was years ago and the signs just keep disappearing. I don’t know how, I don’t know how it’s like somebody is still thinking about how much that made them upset somebody having that thought right now, who is taking these signs and I would say, I don’t know Jason, bill Belichick, bill Belichick, fun fact number 14 the Patriot way outwork everybody regardless of how much you get paid.

This comes from the CNBC article. How bill Belichick got his first NFL job at 23 Jason, please read bill Belichick got his first job in the NFL at age 23 it paid a $25 a week, which is $123 and 20 cents how old are you? How old are you? 26 okay, so let’s, let’s role play this. You call dr Breck and you say, dr Breck, I want to come work for you. And dr Breck says, well I’m not hiring buddy. And then dr Brett, he offers to work for how much Jason per per week? $25 a week. But in today’s money, that’d be how much? $123 and 20 cents. So dr Breck, you hear this guy who’s pretty sharp, says I’m willing to work for how much again, Jason per week, $123 and 20 cents. What’d you take him up on it? Yeah, I probably would. I could.

I could find something to for him to do. So filmed. I’ll check though. Please understand this. He worked for $25 a week. My man continued to new England Patriots head coach. Bill Belichick reportedly earns more than 10 million a year, but he started out at the other extreme, a Belichick’s first job at the end or in the NFL with the Baltimore Colts. Paid practically no money. Uh, it was 1975 and Bill Belichick. Then 23 had just graduated from Wesleyan university after shooting stuff with a shotgun, a college coach, um, off his put in, uh, or sorry, a college coach of his put in a good word with Ted. Why do you say that name? Ma art March Rhoda. March Alberta. There you go. Nice. The head coach of the Colts at the time, bill Belichick interviewed with Marsha Broda and told him he wanted to work 14, 16 hour days and that he do anything his boss asked him to do.

Ian O’Connor reports in his 2000. He said to the coach, I’m willing to work 14 to 16 hour days for basically free. Okay. Continue. Um, marching Broda thought the kid sounded sincere enough and took him up on it. The gig, which involved everything from analyzing game film to drive in the coaches around and working. The Xerox machine was originally unpaid, still Bellatrix eyes. It was a sweet deal. I got three meals, a bed, and a lot of football. He told O’Connor. And that was all I really wanted at the time. Think about this for a second. If you’re out there today and you’re wanting to do is to start a company, uh, I read dr Breck, in your case, you’re trying to start a relationship with a potential customer, total listeners about the deal you have going for the first time customers. So, uh, for first time customers you can come in and, uh, receive an examination and x-ray.

Yup. Uh, that first treatment, um, all at no cost, no obligation. And you’re a chiropractor. Yes. Why would you offer it for free the first time? Because I know if you allow me the opportunity to essentially interview with you, you’re gonna feel better. You’re going to like what we do. You’re going to see that I’m a normal guy and uh, it’s not so scary. And uh, you’re gonna, you’re gonna want to come back. You’re gonna want to stay, you’re gonna want to invite your friends and family, but you had to make a no brainer deal to get people to try out. Sure. How have you grown? How big is your waiting list right now? How far in advance are you booked out? I think right now we’re about seven weeks. Seven weeks booked out. Jason, you should tell a client that, that right there is a bragging story that is pretty much done for seven weeks in advance.

Seven or eight weeks. Right now it’s a hot deal. True. And bill Belichick was willing to offer a no brainer, which was I’m willing to work 14 to 17 hours per day for 25 a week. Somebody out there should write that down. What are we is making an hour? I’m not a mathematician. That’s crazy. It’s a crazy, it’s 50 cents. 50 cents. It’d be like less. Yeah. That’s crazy. All I’m saying is very out there today and you are not getting customers create a no brainer. True. A no brainer offer. Now, Jason, where do people push back on the no brainer? Oftentimes it’s, can I afford it? Uh, is it going to cheapen my brand? I mean, it’s just a, a lot of people are afraid to give up a good quality service or good or product for cheap because they feel like it’s worth more. What the inverse of that is like, well, I mean the why is because one, they’re just, they’re, they’re scared.

But like with elephant in a room, we do a great haircut. We have an awesome service and I would think it would be dumb for us not to give it away for a dollar. Cause I’ve been to other barber shops that offer something similar, but the only downside is now I’m paying 40 bucks to be unsure. But with us, I’m paying a dollar and I’m wowed by the way, I have mystery shops, some of our competitors and Tulsa that are high end men’s grooming lounges and one, it was a disaster and it was like 50 bucks. Oh yeah. But I tried it. I’m like, Whoa. I mean it was bad. Now I tried another one. They did a very good job, but they were really late. And again, it was like full price. Yup. Now the problem is when you’re bad and it’s full price.

And I went to another one, uh, that was great and it was full price, but I would not have gone there. I’m just not that curious to try out something if I, if I’m not guaranteed, I’m gonna like it. I mean, dr Breck you see this all the time. People, um, you know, you go to a restaurant that might cost $100 a head. Have you ever been to a very expensive restaurant? It’s terrible. Yes. Uh huh. And how do you feel after you dropped $100 per person on a meal that was terrible? You feel robbed? Yup. Now what if the first meal was 90% off, right. Or half off that that would lessen the blow. I think oftentimes you, a, you grade the meal on a value scale. So, you know, if you, uh, pay far less for it, then it doesn’t taste quite so bad.

If it’s not great. But, uh, yeah, if you’ve not had a wonderful experience, not had a great meal, and yet you still paid a premium for it, you really feel dissatisfied. I find that a lot of people, um, are afraid to get learning opportunities. Let me give you an example. When I started deejaying, I DJ, I would tell, I would tell people, I’ll DJ your party for a dollar and you just have to pay me the remaining balance if you’re happy and you could pay me as much of the remaining balance or as little as you want based on your satisfaction. So I tell the customer, the average DJ in Tulsa is charging $500 for the show or 600 or whatever. But I think at the time the average DJ was charging 600. So I’m going to go out there and do the best I can.

I’m going to DJ for a dollar. [inaudible] I’ve got a wife, I’ve got a life, I’ve got things, I got obligations. And if you think I’m good, you can pay me whatever you want to pay me. And if I’m not, you can pay me whatever you want to pay me. How does that dr Breck free me up to get better as a disc jockey? Well cause you’re going to have more opportunities cause nobody can say no to that and then you’re going to grow, you’re going to get more experience, you’re going to learn, you’re going to get better and better and you’re going to figure out what the client wants so that you can get the remainder of that paycheck. And then the next thing you know you’re killing it every time. So, okay. Again. So Jason, do you think that bill Belichick is a better coach now than he was when he was starting out the age of 20 was it 23 yeah.

Oh and he absolutely, he is a much better coach. And I did do the math and it was less than a quarter, an hour, less than a quarter per hour. Bill Belichick started his career. Jason, what is our next fun factoid? What’s the next bill Belichick fun fact. So that’s fun facts and number 15 and where do we get this information? This one is another mental floss.com article part of the 11 things you might not know about Billy Belichick. Okay. Continue reading my friends. So as a high profile sports figure at Villa chick is often approached by car dealers with offers a free vehicles in the hopes his celebrity will provide them with greater visibility. While it’s hard to turn down free wheels, Belichick does. He buys his family’s cars only from feral Volvo in Southborough, Massachusetts, a dealership owned by his college friend Jim Ferrell. By the way, if you look up bill Belicheck, you will discover that he is fiercely loyal, very, very loyal.

True. Why does that say a lot about somebody? Dr Brackett great quality bill Belicheck will not take an endorsed me. He won’t take a free car from Mercedes or from Lexus or from Lamborghini. He will only drive a Volvo from his college friend they bought from me. He buys from his college friends dealership. Why? Why does that speak to who bill Belicheck is? Well, I think it comes back to trust. I mean, loyalty is such a, a a loss characteristic. Uh, currently, especially in our current society. And so, uh, yeah, I love, I love that quality. Um, you know, cause when you, when you have that loyalty, then you have a greater amount of trust. And the next thing you know, I mean this guy has a limit on, uh, that relationship. Now I want to tell the listeners a little fun fact toy. That’s not one of our fun factoids, Jason.

Cause I know so much about bell bell chick just stuck in my head. Um, bill Belichick’s favorite restaurant is mission barbecue. Alright. It’s in an Apolis, which is the home of the Naval Academy and Apolis of Maryland. Do you guys know why it’s his favorite restaurant? Mission barbecue food’s good, but why does he like, mm? Uh, it probably, they sing the national Anthem every single day at lunch. Wow. They stop the restaurant and they sing the national Anthem and he loves that because they’re on a mission and they’re standing up for what’s right. And for our military. And his father was in the military, but bill Bellicheck did one of his first sit down interviews. Which dr Rick, you’d love that interview, but he did that interview with at mission barbecue to give his friend’s restaurant good PR. So the only sit down interview he’s done in a long time is at mission barbecue.

And Jason, why did he say it has to be there the first sit down interview? Yeah, because it was an environment that he enjoyed that he was comfortable in a kind of right also. Did he want to endorse them? Yes. He want his friend’s business to get his friend ahead of time or did he become his friend because he liked his restaurant? My understanding is he became his friend because he liked the restaurant. Yeah. And he liked how patriotic they are, but he went out of his way to give his friend good PR and he didn’t get paid to do it. He did not get paid to endorsement that you could hardly afford. Right now. Jason. Let’s go to our next fund, foot fun factory and our next fund bill Belichick fun fact is what fun fact number 16 the Patriot’s way doing time to help stop crime from the 11 things you might not know about.

Bill Belichick article. Yeah, Belichick. He uses his off-season time to do humanitarian work and he’s particularly interested in rehabilitation of our incarcerated population. Belichick has worked with former NFL. Great. Jim Brown on the Amir. I can program. Okay. Leaning aid and support to prisoners as well as paying visit or paying visits to gang members for a talks on how to avoid violence. Why does he that and why did you just now discover that he does that mean why is it that nobody knows about that and why does he do what? What do you think Jason? I would say one, he does it because he is, he’s a coach at heart. Aaron wants to be able to coach people no matter what their situation is. It’s like why? He takes in undrafted people, he finds value in them and he is that one source, that one person saying, you can do it.

Here are the tools to do it. Here’s how you can get better. You don’t have to be stuck where you’re at. And the second answer to that is why people don’t know about it because he doesn’t get on social media and brag about it. He does it for a good reason. Patriots fat fund, factoid number 17 bill Belichick. Fun fact number 17 the Patriot way too busy winning games to be in video games. What do you got here, Jason? Fans of the long running, Madden NFL video game series might be perplexed whenever they call up the Patriots head coach. It’s never Belichick, it’s never Belgium. Okay, continue. But in anonymous character named Josh Moore, sometimes the more generic in he coach is used for a game officially licensed. It’s a strange decision. While Belichick typically avoids queries as to why one possible answer might be the fact that he hasn’t joined the NFL coaches association quick time out. He’s the only NFL coach who was not a member of the NFL coaches association.

Now, if he was a member, he would get paid a percentage of the Madden revenue. Okay, so he’d make a couple hundred thousand dollars a year every year if he would just sign the piece of paper. But you know why he’s not a member of the coaches association? No. Correct. What do you think? I’m guessing they have certain guidelines he doesn’t agree with, want to follow. He wants to beat you. He doesn’t want to be your friend. He doesn’t want to share ideas. He doesn’t, he’s not sentimental about being a member of a fraternity of coaches. He wants to beat you. He wants to trip you when you’re walking, he wants to beat you and that’s what he’s looking to do. So it wouldn’t make any sense for the head of the Israeli military to hang out with the head of the Palestinian military and go over game plans.

Right. Nord. It makes sense for me to serve on a board that is run by my competition. So you have a business, it’s called a fiduciary duty to not if you say have a partner. Okay. And the two of you team up to start elephant in the room together. I as a partner in the elephant room here business, I have a fiduciary, AKA legal duty to not compete with myself. Right. To not aid and ABET my competition. So that’s how bill Belichick views it. He will, he doesn’t feel the need to team up with you if you’re a company. Breck why? Why do you not sit down with other chiropractors every single day and share with them your plans? Like get, I want to win. But could you, I mean, did you ever get calls from other chiropractors like Hey dude, you want to, there’s a lot of comradery with a chiropractor, you know, I mean in medical school a lot of times you’ve probably heard stories about how it’s really cut throat and it all depends on, you know, you want to be first in your class and your residency depends on your ranking.

In the class and chiropractic school is very different. Um, it’s definitely more collaborative. Um, we don’t see one another typically as much as competition, uh, because we have a greater mission to extend chiropractic and the wellness model across the board, um, to a greater amount of the population on a nationwide level. You’re trying to team up, right? But the guy across the street [inaudible] no. Now bill, ball Trek, fun fact number 18, the Patriot way bill does not waste time with unnecessary technology. Jason, he does not waste time with unnecessary technology. Read to us the fun factoid from phone factor way number 18 from the mental floss article. Police having been involved in football since watching his dad in the 1950s, Belichick isn’t one to a band or isn’t one to abandon what works after trying some tablets to arrange his plays and other data on the sidelines. Belichick was seen smashing one to the ground in October, 2016. Sorry, common as you probably noticed, I’m done with the tablets. He told media there’s just two or they’re just too undependable for me. I’m going to stick with pictures which several of our other coaches do as well because there just isn’t enough consistency in the performance of the tablets. I just can’t take it anymore. Here we go. This is Billy.

In seasons recent, the NFL has certainly cracked down on any tremendously outward displays of emotion on the field. So what about this? You’ll notice Patriots coach bill Belichick just taking it out on his Microsoft surface tablet during a recent loss to the Buffalo bills. The NFL is in the middle of a forest.

By the way, if the NFL wants all the coaches to use this technology with Microsoft,

NFL is in the middle of a $400 million five year deal with Microsoft to exclusively use the tablets on all NFL sidelines. That I’m

the same way. I can’t stand watching salespeople use a PowerPoint on their iPad that doesn’t work 100% of the time. Right? Get that crap out of here. I see so many businesses. There’s one business in particular. You know what I’m talking about? There’s an online sign in crap when you get to go there to cut your hair. So you’re standing right in front of somebody and they say, do you want to sign in online? No, no. I want to sign an offline cause I’m talking to you like, Oh, sorry. I went online and I watch a 45 and a 50 year old man try to sign in and it doesn’t work consistently. It’s just stupid when a pen and paper works just fine. Have you been to the old garden recently? No. Oh my gosh. The waiter kept handing me the stupid tablet thing and I’m like, he goes, well, you just swipe your card right here.

So I swipe my card. It doesn’t work. You swipe my card, it doesn’t work. Um, I’m like, Hey, can you just take my card and go swipe it? Uh, what I mean, seriously, it’s like, instead of asking me what I wanted, he hands me the tablet so that I can choose what I want. Right. Just make some freaking eye contact. I mean, have you seen that crap? I have not, but that to me is a great way to not get a TIF in live on the [inaudible] hiding behind that freaking technology. Yes, I have. And actually our last experience at all of garden was laughable for our entire family. The waitress was just terrible job, just checked out there to all the garden has been doing. And by the way, if you’re listening right now and you’re a member of the olive garden family, um, I go there a lot for the salad, but I wanna I want to say something that salad versus the poor customer service.

It’s like there’s a tipping point, there’s a tipping point. And what’s happening is I’m seeing these, these new employees hiding behind these iPads to take my order and it’s not working. Yeah. You hit play, there’s like a video and it’s like duh, duh duh duh. You hit play. And it like is, do you want the, uh, it’s like the taste of Italy. Lasagna. [inaudible] no, I don’t. You hit like play and you can like learn about your food if you seen that crap. Get outta here. I don’t want to learn that tour of Italy. You get to, nah, I don’t know. I don’t want that. I want a human to talk to me. Frick. Unbelievable. Jason, what’s the bill? What’s the bill Belichick fun factoid number 19 I believe. Number 19 fun factoid at the age of 67 at the age of 67 years old, bill will sell out work you new England Patriots, coach bill Belichick turns 67 today.

Quick time out here. He was born on April 16th, 1952 in Nashville. It’s really funny. There’s an interview with Julian Edelman and they’re asking what time bill Belichick gets to work, right? And he talks about, I was a rookie, he used to stay late. So one night he’s there late and he goes into the workout room and Bill’s on a treadmill watching game film and like 11 o’clock at night. So he’s like, so I’m going to go to the hot tub area. So he goes to the hot tub area and when he goes to the hot tub, Bill’s in there and he’s like, he never leaves because he’s trying to press to be the last guy out. Right. So then when he goes to leave, he runs into bill again, who’s just now finally leaving at like midnight. But he’s tried to beat him to work like, you know, 5:00 AM or 4:00 AM and he’s already there.

Right. So trying to figure out when does he actually leave? I mean it just need to go home. He just went to grab a bite to eat and he’s coming right back. He will outwork you now bill Belichick, fun factoid number 20 the Patriot way football is in Bill’s blood. Jason, what say you, he is the son of a coach. Bellatrix father Steve was an assistant collegiate football coach, primarily at the United States Naval Academy and taught his son the finer points of the sports from an Eagle eye. Okay. So again, it’s, it’s a, it’s a pass down tradition. He watched his father coaching and that’s where he picked it up. Bill, bill, Chuck, fun fact toy number 21 in honor of Deion Sanders number 21 the Patriot way most. He has one of them. He’s one of the most Superbowl games of any other coach. He has the most super bowl wins of any other coach.

Jason back to you. Yup. So he stands alone with Superbowl wins. Belichick has led six Patriot teams to Superbowl titles the most one by any coach in history. Former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Chuck Noll is next with four. Okay. Think about this for a second. He has the most super bowl wins. Dr Breck, in your mind, when somebody has the most super bowl wins, does that make them feel best or near the best or what are your thoughts on that? It does. It makes them the best, but a lot of people. Jason, no one talked about the facts. No, not at all. This is interesting. This is a coaching moment for the listeners out there. Um, a lot of my businesses like DJ connection.com back in the day was the largest wedding entertainment company in Tulsa. And people would like, like to criticize me all the time at chamber events.

They’re like, that company wouldn’t even allow you to meet the DJ before your wedding. It’s the only company you couldn’t meet the DJ before the wedding. Well then I’d sit down and explain to somebody, I’d say, Hey, sarcasm. The one reason you know, my name is because I’m dominant. Yup. If I was not good, you wouldn’t know my name, but all the DJs back in the day, you’d go to someone’s wedding if you worked for me and we would, they knew that at the wedding you do your best job, you follow the systems, you follow the checklist, you follow everything. At the end of the wedding, I as the owner will call the bride and say, how happy were you with the DJ’s performance on a scale of one to 10 and if you rated your DJ a nine or a 10 the DJ could double his money, the DJ could make a bonus.

But if the DJ got a poor review, then they made less money. So the bride and the groom and I had a relationship. We had a triumvirate, we had a, a triangle of trust where it was, I’m going to do the best I can to train these guys and get them out there. But if you’re not happy, they’re not gonna get paid. Very much. So, unless the guy who wants to commit paycheck suicide, he’s going to do a great job. And they did. Right. But people always want to criticize people at the top. Yup. Nobody criticizes somebody at the bottom. So if you’re out there and you’re a business owner and you’re not being criticized by your competition, you’re probably not winning. Nope. All right. So bill Belicheck fun factoid number two, the Patriot way. He could not play well, but he can’t coach Jason.

Let’s say you. Yes. Although possessed of a precocious football intelligence. He was a limited football player who received no interest from top division colleges and instead played center and tight end at the smaller Wesleyan university. Middletown, Connecticut. Is Wesleyan university of college powerhouse there? Doctor brick? No, no, not last. I checked. Usually division one football. You have like the Florida Gators or Oklahoma state or Alabama. Oh, you are Michigan or Notre Dame or USC top tier team. UCLA. You don’t hear a lot about Wesleyan university? No, but he is a great coach. How is it possible? You can be a great coach and not a great player? How could it be? Jason and I can coach our stylists on how to provide a great service, but yet I can’t cut hair. How is that possible? Because a lot of business owners get hung up right there.

They say, I can’t possibly teach my team how to be a great stylist if I can’t cut hair. How do we do it? Well, you understand what it takes to have a good wow experience. I mean, you’ve detailed it in your books, you’ve baked it into my brain. All the other coaches, brains your clients’ brains. It’s like you understand what is needed for any customer in any industry to enjoy the service or product or what I hire great people like Spencer who know how to cut hair and then they teach our stylists. Yeah. Yeah. You hire people who are already good at it and then also people who are coachable. That way you can teach them and then they can teach the next generation. Now, bill Belicheck, fun factoid number 23 for the folks scoring at home, the Patriot way. Bill was an assistant coach for five teams.

Jason back to you. So he moved to assistant coaching positions during the Detroit lions and the Denver Broncos before joining the coaching staff of the New York giants and 1979 after being fired as the head coach for the Browns, he took the assistant coach position for the Patriots and jets with parcels. People don’t know this. He was an assistant coach for the coach, for the Patriots and for the jets underneath. Bill Parcells was rejected me via text. Dr Breck, people forget how long bill Belichick paid his dues right before he became a head coach. This guy started doing overnight success after 20 years. Ryan, it must be nuts. Talk about that. How long have you been a chiropractor? Going on 16 years now. How often do you get approached by a young whippersnapper chiropractor right out of school. Who wants you to teach them the secrets to building a conference?

Last weekend and yeah, there were a few. Yeah, they wanted to know the secrets. How did you become a 10 year overnight success? Now I could give everybody out there. The proven strategies needed to get to the top of Google. Oh, you got to have the most content, the most reviews, the most canonical compliance and the most mobile compliance. But Jason, when you know what to do, it’s up to you to actually do it. Yeah, you have to consistently do it and you have to have to reconcile in your mind. You know, like Brett keeps saying, it doesn’t happen overnight. He is a 10 year, 12 year overnight success story. He’s been hammering the same things, knowing what to do for the past decade and that’s why he’s where he is. That’s why the Oxy fresh franchise is so successful for franchisees. You can buy a franchise for under $40,000 and they’re top in Google.

So if you type in carpet cleaning quotes right now, do a search for carpet cleaning quotes right now and you’ll find Oxi fresh at the top of the Google search engine results because for 12 years they’ve been writing content. Right now if you do a search for Berge Nazaryan, B E R J Nazaryan, that’s the assistant, that’s bill Belichick’s, personal assistant and chief of staff. I come up top for that. If you do a search for bill Belichick’s number one fan, the number sign I come up top for that and Google. Jason, why? Because you spent the time and did what you needed to in order to get there. And on today’s show outline a Jared McKnight and I have collectively worked on, I’ve been reading bill Bellacheck books for books for years and I had Jared pull up articles and links. So we’ve been working on this [inaudible]. There was 48 pages of outlines here it looks like even more.

I’ll be honest, it looks like at least 80 pages. It’s a lot. So I’m just saying it’s people say I want to be top in Google for the name bill Belichick, right? Well you’re probably not going to be Tom if you do like one article because you’re going to have to lock yourself in a room for 40 hours. Now, Jason, how much money do I get paid as a result of being top in the world for the phrase bill Belichick’s number one fan, I would assume nothing. Right? And why do I do it then? So you can be top so people can find you. Why else? Why else? Uh, cause you’re sick. Freaking you [inaudible] it’s just fun. It’s, I love winning. Yeah, I love it. It does not even some of these, I don’t even know how many people are competing against me. There’s somebody out there who’s saying right now, I tell you what, he’s not even from Boston.

I have a one wheel Bellacheck can’t. I’ve got to pull out a check tattoo. I got a boob. Well, a check poster. I got it. I’m the number one. There’s nobody. I got the bobblehead, I got the whole, I got the hoodies. I dress like this at work. I get knocked at work cause I cut off the hoodie sleeves. No money. It’s a big a fan and meat. And I’m like, well that might be true, but I’m talking Google. It’s true because of the maniacal amount of research that goes into this. Jason, what’s the next big bill? Big bill. Belicheck fun factoid. The Patriot way. One small step for the giants. One giant leap for bill kind. So he served as special teams coach and then linebackers coach before being promoted to defensive coordinator by head coach bill Parcells in 1985 they would eventually win two Superbowls for the New York giants in 1987 and in 1991 with both of them coaching, uh, dr Breck, can you explain what a linebacker’s coach does and how that’s maybe different from a defensive coordinator? So the linebackers

kind of like the quarterback on the defense. Got it. They are the captain, the one that’s directing traffic for the defense. And so the linebacker’s coach is responsible for them being in the right place, making sure that the rest of the team is in their correct place, that they’re doing their job. Um, so it’s a more specific, uh, role than just the defensive coordinator, which is setting up the scheme for the overall defense. Um, you know, they, they’re the ones that are crashing heads as the running backs coming through. So, uh, if they don’t do their job, the whole thing falls apart.

Okay. Jason, I want you to talk about this for a second. I want you to think about this for a second. Being promoted from a assistant manager to a manager is kind of a big thing. Yeah, it is. And for our listeners to make this actionable, I see a lot of people that won’t promote somebody from an assistant manager to a manager unless they can cut hair or unless they have the golden resume. But here’s the guy who played football at Wesleyan who got promoted. But a lot of people won’t promote people based upon the merits of the work they get done. They only promote people based upon their resume. Talk about that for a second. Cause we promote people based upon the results they produce. And most people don’t do that in the world of business. Talk about that. If you’re somebody out there, you only promote people based upon the size of somebody’s resume.

Well you’re going to be promoting them based off of something that is 85% of the time a lie. So you kind of have to crunch those numbers. But, um, that’s one of my favorite quotes we have in both elephants and, uh, thrive is, um, correct me if I’m wrong, it’s Carnegie and he says as I get older I watch what men do and um, care less about what they say. Yup. So it’s the same thing. It’s like if, if Breck is our employee and he’s just crushing it like he’s a stylist and he on his resume that he submitted months ago, it might not say he’s had managements, you know, um, experience. But um, or like Carly is a really good example. She has just made her way up to master trainer cause she started as just a stylist and then you realize she can command the team, she can delegate checklists, she wows her customers every single time.

She’s always early. She is driven to do whatever task she needs to do and never once said, Hey, I want to be a manager. She came in as a stylist and then just got stuff done. And now because of that, she being promoted. And then eventually we’ll probably see a lot of bosses though, Jason, that only promote people if they’re pretty, I’m being serious though. I see a lot of bosses that only promote pretty women. Our men with big resumes. A lot of people promote people based upon how they look. Yeah. I’m not talking about racism, I’m talking about just this weird, it’s called the halo effect. There it is. [inaudible] explain what the halo effect. The halo effect essentially means that if you find a positive quality about someone you assume other positive qualities that they possess. So if you think they’re attractive, uh, visibly, then you think that they’re also smarter. You think that they are also more capable and more responsible or other positive qualities you just attribute to them without any rationale and got promoted.

I don’t know if, so your glasses strength needs to be up right now. I’m like looking through the, the humble space satellite on my right eye. Right. And I got some thick lenses, so Hey, you’re going to track to me. Okay. Number 25 the final fun factoid up today. This is part one of what I believe to be a five part series about bill Belichick’s greatness. Bill Belicheck facts, bill Bellacheck quotes. We’re going to give you so much bill Bellacheck knowledge that you can’t get, you cannot get in college. You’re going to become a super manager as a result of implementing these management systems. People from all over the world are going to be sharing this podcast going, Hey buddy, we need to become better managers. And this podcast teaches the moves. Jason, what’s the next? What is the next fun factoid? So it says, bill Belichick had the opportunity to coach under the head coach bill Parcells.

It’s like we talked about before, Bill’s head coach for the giants, the jets and the Patriots was bill for ourselves. I want to make sure that he understands that he was mentored by a great coach, right? So if you’re listening right now, what does that mean? You need a great coach in your life and if you have employees, you need to be that great coach. So if you’re out there listening today and you’re not getting coaching from somebody, I’m not talking about hiring me. I’m talking about if you’re stuck at the bottom of Google, hire Bruce Clay, Bruce clay.com for $8,000 a month. Uh, they’ll help you. He wrote search engine for dummies, hire him. Hire. If you’re stuck with your PR right now and you don’t know what to with your public relations, hire Michael Levine. He was the PR consultant of choice for Nike, for prints, for Michael Jackson, for the Clintons, for the bushes, for pizza hut, for myself.

And for four grand a month, he’ll help you out. Or you can hire us, but we only have 160 spots. So figure it out. Find somebody, find a neighbor, find a friend, find somebody who’s had success, somebody who’s gone to the top of the mountain and have them teach you the path they took to get there. But don’t take advice from randos. Nope. What happens if you get advice from randos you lose. I’ve watched that with clients that I’ve coached. I’ve watched that with people in my life after I became, you know, an implementer and I’ve learned your system. Yeah. For me, it’s easy to say, Hey, find yourself a doctor zone or find yourself a dr Breck. Ironically, find yourself any doctor apparently. Right? Um, find somebody who is winning, not just where you want be. Find somebody who is winning and has a system and don’t be afraid to ask them how they got there and take notes, sacrifice time.

Get up and meet them in the morning knowing you’re not going to get paid, but you’re going to get paid in the knowledge. Because if you just let a bunch of other people tell you how to run your business, it’s not going. And by the way, I don’t want you to intern for me. I don’t want you to, I’m going to tell you this right now. I’ve got a lot of people reaching out to me, dozens of people a week reaching out to me about interning, right? Let me explain this to you. If you want to intern for me, understand, I don’t want you to intern for me. If you want to intern for me, just understand. I don’t want to, so don’t, don’t tell me. This is what’s funny. People say I’m willing to work for free, but um, how much, um, guaranteed training will there be?

Right? What does that mean? Could you fill out paperwork that shows to my college what I’ll be doing? What could you, I mean, is there any position that’s paid? What one guy went as far as to say, can you come to my college and meet my professor so he can see whether you’d be approved? No. Make it easy for the person who’s mentoring you so that you have to do nothing. I’ll just shadow you. I’ll be a fly on the wall. Pick up the trash. No caveats. Don’t make your mentor do something they don’t want to mentor you. Come on now, man. Seriously, be serious about this. Don’t, don’t ask the mentor to do a bunch of work in order to qualify to be your mentor. Now we come back a part two of the bill Bellacheck series. We’ll be talking about fun facts number 26 through 50 yup.

And then part three will be a 51 through 75 and then part four will be a 76 through a hundred and then through 102 yup. And then we’re going to get into bill Bellacheck quotes and this could take us weeks but there is so much knowledge in here and I’m telling you if you struggle with management today, you can do two things. One, you can not apply what you’ve learned and just keep going as it is. Or two you can listen to the show, take notes and ask yourself what do I need to do to become a more effective manager? Cause once you nailed the marketing and the accounting and it comes down to managing people. Yup. My name is clay Clark, I’m a business coach. That’s dr Breck. He is a chiropractor and a great chiropractor. Check them [email protected] that’s Jason Beasley. And if you are on the video version of today’s show, which we currently don’t produce, you would see why it’s easy to have promoted him based upon nothing but good looks good. Looks only. Now, if any further ado, let’s wrap up today’s show with a boom. Here we go. Great.

Stop what you’re doing and think about this for a second. What would happen if your company was suddenly able to generate exponentially more quality sales leads? That would be incredible. What would happen if your company came up at the top or near the top of the Google search engine results? Quail? I would just feel overwhelmed with all that pissed answer. How many thousands of dollars in lost sales or millions of dollars in lost sales are you missing out on simply because your potential customers can’t find you when they go online to search for the products and services that you offer? I refuse to think that thought because I don’t want any more business unless you are a dirty communist that hates money. My new book search engine domination will help you grow your business. In my new book, search engine domination. We will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate the search engine results. What do you mean by dominate? You see in my new book search engine domination, we will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate search engine results. Download your free ebook copy [email protected]. I repeat, that’s the best SEO book.com.

My name is Amy Baltimore and I am a CPA in Covington, Tennessee. I’ve been working with the thrive team now for about a year. Uh, one of the first things that they did was to update my website and my search engine optimization. I prior had a website but I was not being found on Google and all of my new business was coming through referrals from friends, family, et cetera. And right away I started to see results of people were calling and coming in saying that they found me on Google. They just Googled CPA near me and there I was at the top of the page. And so, um, it’s been a great help to my business.

Again, you can download your free ebook copy [email protected].

Dustin Huff, I’m with Keystone Harbor Marina. Um, we joined thrive, uh, back in January and uh, had been working with these guys for about seven months. Uh, during that time period we have, uh, moved up our Google rank through reviews and SEO processes that we’ve, uh, uh, compiled through these guys. Our leads have gone from about four week to now, 165 a week. So the process works. Uh, I will tell you from experience once you begin, you have to stay with it as long as you continually do this weekend and week out, month in and month out, you’ll continually grow.

The system works, but nothing works unless you do. You’ve got to take some action. Download the ebook for free [email protected].

Hello, my name is Daniel Daniel’s heating and air here in Amarillo, Texas. The way Google has affected my business, uh, we have got a lot of calls from Google right now. It’s July, and we’ve had the best month ever and it took us about eight to 10 months to get on top of Google. And I’m glad we did.

Remember nothing works. Unless you do. You have to go to the best SEO book.com today. Download the ebook for free. Just download that ebook for free and you’ll be off to the races. Hi, my name is Nemus. I am

the owner and operator of angel such autobody and detailing in borne Massachusetts. Um, we have been working with thrive and their coaching for say eight to nine months and it took us about six months, five to six months to get on the top of Google. Um, and with their help with the website and marketing, um, and the SEO and retargeting ads with Google and it has been phenomenal. We just have light and day business coming in, phone calls coming in, uh, walk ins, uh, referrals. It’s just through the roof. Um, and we couldn’t be happier at the moment. We are up 50% this year from the previous year. And not only is that part of our own hard work and diligence, but also with the help of thrive and what they’ve done for us and getting us on the top of Google and you know, all their knowledge and coaching. Um, and yes, so super grateful. Super pumped to see what the future holds for all of us. Thank you.

This is your year to thrive. Today is your day and now is your time. Lazy hands make for poverty but diligent hands bring wealth Proverbs tenfold. I’m here to tell you you can do it if you can just motivate yourself to up. The masses had to cut off to you. So on the day I could run, they do a misshapen tree. I had to prove I had to make cuts to be here daily at new wave of knowledge, monsoon. I could pay them, no permits. Those a doubt in the next spot for the next Dr. King who changed the way, what you run by like a one to one, it’s up to you. I removed the body back into the door like the template. Well, with the jobs that tried to consume food, the future that I could pursue. What? From the mountain top. Now I can do clue that you have what it takes to your used to thrive success.

Today is your day and now it’s your moment. Might’ve been rough with what you’ve got now is now even show you how but you gotta be discussed with the old plow started from the bottom of what? My way I was been prayed up. You got to get it. Don’t quit. Today is your day. Today is your day and now they should be all went to [inaudible]. But we cannot begin without self-discipline to fall with your face. Get yourself a teachers up to Kohl’s dot or with the friends when the storm is getting up in a scout. Only with yourself who believe in you, but not as much as God knows. If you’re going through hell, he’s got nothing. Apply what you learned and Chris, switch to a bird. A, what’s your blurb? A breeze. What your bird in do? Tell him you got money to increase.

What you burned into tangent. Got money to sing it. Sing. Increase what you burn in due time. You got money to money. I look the shutdown, the doubters, silver beads that became your dream. Flowers empower you to de devour all the obstacles that make your sweet dream sour. As for me, I used to sit, stood, stutter, but now up on the microphone. Smooth light. If I can do it, I know you can too, but you bust stick to it like posters too. And while Morgan XOM McColl was singing what he’s saying, shoot truth dreams today and now it says you will day is your day to day and now is your turn. It’s your time today and now sing it Barton. Today is your day. [inaudible] I realize I can’t sing like that, but I can’t talk and

play the woodblock. Okay? If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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