Bill Belichick Facts (Part 6) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 102 Facts About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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America’s #1 business coach, Clay Clark, breaks down 102 Bill Belichick facts while breaking down the management mastery of best coach in the history of professional football. 

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #73 – The Patriot Way | Bill Has Earned 8 Super Bowl Rings That He Does Not Wear

Belichick fact: He keeps his eight Super Bowl rings (two with the Giants, six with the Patriots) in a box somewhere – he does not wear them, and whenever a media person asks him about them he dismisses them. 

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #74 – The Patriot Way | Players Will Take Less to Learn from the Best

Rodney Harrison was heading out to Oakland to talk to the Raiders about a job. He was 30 years old, a free agent, a two-time Pro Bowl safety many felt like had seen his best days. Harrison had already talked with Denver, and he had all but decided to sign with the Broncos. Then his phone rang. It was Bill Belichick.

The two talked for only a few minutes. Belichick said the Patriots wanted him. They didn’t need to talk to him in person. They didn’t need to check out if he was healthy. They just wanted him. Harrison was curious why.

“I saw you in warmups one time, and I saw you level a wide receiver,” Belichick said.

“You saw that?” Harrison asked in wonderment. He remembered the exact moment Belichick was talking about. A teammate was running over the middle in a drill, and Harrison knocked him down hard. He did get fired up for football.

“Yeah,” Belichick said. “And I knew right then that I wanted you to play for us.”

“After we hung up,” Harrison says, “I called my agent and told him, ‘I don’t care what you have to do, I don’t care how much money we have to leave on the table, I want to play for Bill Belichick … I probably could have gotten a million dollars more a year with Denver. But after he said that…what other coach would even be watching a drill? And who else would remember that? I knew. I had to play for Bill Belichick.”

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #75 – The Patriot Way | Bill Makes Practice Harder Than the Games

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “My personal coaching philosophy, my mentality has always been to make things as difficult as possible for players in practice, however bad we can make them, I make them.” – Coach Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #76 – The Patriot Way | Bill Loves Overachievers Including Charles Barkley

Belichick fact: Bill Belichick loves Charles Barkley. He has loved Barkley going back to when he was coaching in Cleveland and Barkley was playing for the Philadelphia 76ers. It boggled his mind that Barkley, at 6-foot-6 or less, could lead the NBA in rebounding. That is the sort of magic that leaves Bill Belichick awed.

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #77 – The Patriot Way | A Man of VERY Few Words

A story: Jonathan Vilma and his college teammate D.J. Williams were scheduled to work out for Belichick down in Miami. They were both big-time prospects – both would end up first-round picks – and the Patriots had two picks in the 2004 first round. So this was an important workout. Belichick showed up with his son Steve and said two words: “Hi guys.”

“Then he worked us out for the maximum time allowed,” Vilma says. “I mean: To the minute. At the end we were dog-tired, sweating, we had worked and worked. … And as soon as we stopped he said, ‘All right guys.’ And he walked off.

“We were just standing there, and we looked at each other like: ‘Did that just happen?’ Our agent called – we had the same agent – and he asked: ‘How did it go?’ And we just said, ‘No idea. He didn’t say anything to us.’”

Vilma and Williams were both off the board when Belichick and the Patriots selected, but New England did select another Miami teammate, Vince Wilfork. Vilma went to the Jets where he won defensive rookie of the year. But when they played the Patriots, he noticed that Belichick never said a word to him. They would cross paths – Vilma would go talk with Wilfork – but he never said a word.

In 2009, Vilma was a Pro Bowler with New Orleans and they played the Patriots, and he had a spectacular game. One more time, after the game, he saw Wilfork next to Belichick. The coach did not say a word to him.

The next year, at training camp, the Saints and Patriots had a practice. Vilma was warming up and, suddenly – “out of nowhere,” in Vilma’s memory – Belichick just appears behind him.

“I’m glad you’re out of my division,” Belichick said, without any words of introduction.

“Thanks coach,” Vilma said hesitantly.

“No, I’m serious,” Belichick said. “You’re a hell of a player.”

“No smile, no nothing,” Vilma says now as he remembers. “He just said it so matter of factly. And that’s it. He walked away.”

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #78 – The Patriot Way | NBC Reports That Bill WILL NOT Coach Football Into his 70s

Belichick fact: He will NOT coach in his 70s the way Marv Levy did. He could not make that more clear. People think he can’t live without football. They’re wrong. He CAN live without football, and he will not coach when he’s in his 70s, and he says you can take that to the bank. Bill Belichick turns 63 in April.

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #79 – The Patriot Way | Bill is 100% on 100% of the Time

Gonzalez played in 14 Pro Bowls – he loved playing when it was in Hawaii. Things were always so relaxing there, so fun. One year, Belichick was his coach, and Gonzalez was curious what made this guy so good. Great players are as bedazzled by Bill Belichick’s magic as anyone else. They have all played for good coaches. They have heard all the inspirational stories, all been screamed at for not doing something right, all been shown something on tape that perfectly foreshadowed what they would see in the game. What’s so different about this guy?

On the opening kickoff, Gonzalez was out on special teams – there are no backup players at the Pro Bowl, so the stars have to do some menial things – and he went through the motions and didn’t block anybody. Gonzalez jogged happily to the sidelines.

“Why don’t you (bleeping) block somebody Gonzalez,” Belichick grumbled as Gonzalez jogged by.

What? Did he just say that? Gonzalez turned and Belichick was just glaring at him, “like I was a piece of dirt.”

Gonzalez felt himself fuming. This was how the great Bill Belichick treated people? They were at the Pro Bowl, for crying out loud. This was Hawaii, for crying out loud. It was a beautiful day, blue sky, blue water, this was supposed to be a reward, a way to honor Gonzalez for working absurdly hard and having another extraordinary season. And this was what he gets? To have the game’s most famous coach swear at him for not blocking on special teams in an exhibition game?

Oh, yes, he was mad – who did this guy think he was? Gonzalez played football the right way. He didn’t deserve this. He stewed on the sideline, furious. And then it was time to go back on the field for another kickoff, another special teams moment, and the ball was kicked. Gonzalez locked in on a guy running down the field. “Why don’t you (bleeping) block somebody?” Sure, he heard it again. OK coach, fine, check out this block.

And Gonzalez absolutely mashed the defender, took him completely out of the play.

Then Gonzalez walked over to the sideline, and you better believe he walked right by Belichick, wanted to see the grimace wiped right off the man’s face. But Belichick showed no signs of even noticing him. He was looking out on the field, seemingly oblivious to Gonzalez’s presence. So Gonzalez kept walking. And as he was a few steps away, he heard Bill Belichick say this:

“Nice block, Gonzalez.”

He looked back, and there was no hint of a smile on Belichick’s face. Bill Belichick just kept looking at the field, and in that moment Tony Gonzalez understood. The man had coached him into blocking on special teams in the Pro Bowl.


Belichick facts: Bill Belichick loves the Grateful Dead and Bon Jovi, will quote “The Art of War,” has read all the Harry Potter books, preferred lacrosse to football as a player and is probably breaking down film right now, no matter when you are reading this.

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Dr Breck, would you say that managing people is one of the most difficult aspects of running a business? Absolutely. That’s true for me. It’s hard for me to learn. Was it hard for you to learn? Yes. Well, I think one way we can learn is through mentors or mistakes. So if you’re out there today and you want to become an effective manager, listen to today’s show about bill Belichick’s management mastery.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show, but this show dies. Two man, eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

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Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. I am super excited about today’s conversation

One because we are talking about bill Belichick’s management mastery part six but beyond that it’s, it is rare. It is rare. It is rare. Think about this. There’s 330 million Americans, just 16 million of which ever started a business. 16 million people every year. Say I’m, I’m self employed. 16 million people out of a population of 330 but nine out of 10 startups fail. So it is very rare that I will have a show where we have the top DD top mortgage expert in his industry and in his area that one of the top grossing mortgage people on the show and the top chiropractor on the show and the tall and any top fitness systems guide to the detox fitness group training a expert all in the same place at the same time and it all before six in the morning. This right here is a miracle. Dr Breck, welcome onto the show. How are you sir? My muting you. I’m a horrible person. Dr [inaudible]. This Justin’s sorry about that sir. No worries. Thanks for having me. I am so glad you’re here, my friend. How was, how was your a Saturday? We had a great day. My daughter had a cheer and dance Palm competition where? Where was that was in broken arrow. Oh, nice. Oh man. They got second in their categories, so they were a little disappointed, but overall happy. This? What, what, what is your daughter’s name by the way? Clear. Big shout up to Claire.

Yeah, the clairvoyant one right there. Finish it second now. Currington you have brought us a gift. I did not expect to see you this morning

Before 6:00 AM you come in. I thought you were in Mexico and you show up here in the thrive time. Show studio and tell us what you have in your hand. And my friend. Well, I’m speaking through, you know, I asked you what’s the best Mike to get and you know, obviously the sure mic, right? It’s the one I found this company that does. They did my EarPods in green. You know my little Apple. You have an SM 58 microphone. It’s the same one that people, it’s all stand up. Comedians use this microphone. I had my EarPods like, I don’t know if they powder coat them on what they do, but I’ve made them green, you know, and then we were kind of playing around on their site and realized they did a bunch of stuff. So we got this. Sure. Mike for the conference, the colors, I’m going to use it at the conference, like the colors of the Patriots and the thrive times red, white and blue.

It’s a beautiful thing. And I’m also excited as we’re joined here today with a mosquito and or a Hornet. Maybe Jason Zen, a Hornet in the studio with us here. That’s totally a wasp. A wasp. You want me to kill it? No. Well you could as it what we’re doing the show. Why don’t you attempt to kill it while we’re doing the show. Okay. You attempt to kill it and okay. So we’re talking about the bill Belichick management mastery systems. Clint Howard, you have run a very successful company, Tulsa fitness systems for years. You’ve been in the you’ve been in the personal training space for 18 years where the group training space is from your opinion, is management one of the hardest things to do or is it easy? I would say that is the hardest thing to do is to manage people.

You think so? I think so. Okay. So we’ll see. Is it harder for, for Steve to kill the law or to manage people? That is the real question. All right, so let’s, let’s do a fun factoid number 73 bill Belichick, fun fact number 73 Jason, what is bill Belichick? Fun factoid number 73 of my friends. It’s gonna be so hard to concentrate. So fun fact number 73 bill has earned eight Superbowl rings that he does not wear. Why? Well, he keeps them in a box. Well, let me back up. Two of those rings are with the giant six or with the Patriots, but he keeps them in a box somewhere. He does not wear them. And whenever a media person asks him about them, he dismisses them. How does this relate to business? I’ll give you an example. I’m dr Breck. How long is your waiting list right [email protected] for our new patients?

It’s about seven to eight weeks out. And what’s your no brainer that you offer [email protected] a no cost free consultation exam, x-rays and treatment. No cost. No obligation. Has that cheapened your brand? No one has not. And you have a seven week waiting list. Yes. How much busier are you now than you were three years ago? Significantly is a percentage. You think? Maybe 10%. No, no, no. We’re double double doubles. So you’re busy. But do you sit there and like take photos of yourself and go self, this is a record. Damion, you sit there and make trophies for yourself. No, you don’t know Steve? I think a lot of thing gotten onto for not celebrating enough. I think a lot of people think though that entrepreneurs love to just count bags of money for the purposes of it. Why do you create copious amounts of cash, dr Breck?

What’s your, what’s your end all? What’s your real motivation for being profitable? Well, I have a number of things. I’m so I have short term goals. I have long term goals. One the biggest motivator for me is I just love helping people. And so even when I was in college and I thought I was going to go a different route, the one thing I knew that was consistent was I had to help people directly. I had to see the, the results of helping people. And you don’t mind winning awards, but you’re not, you don’t do it for the awards, right? Correct. So in Tulsa Steve, if you’ve ever gone to a personal trainer before, yes. Are there some real jackass personal in the Tulsa area? Mostly. Okay. He’s explained the kind of jackass or that you’ve experienced because nothing’s worse in my opinion. And when you want to get in shape and you book a workout session at 5:00 AM and the guy doesn’t show up, or when he does show up, he obviously doesn’t have a plan or he just woke up or there’s no real, talk to me about what kind of a Jack ass hurry have you experienced in the Tulsa personal training space as a client,

All of those things you described, you know rescheduling when [inaudible] sessions at 5:00 AM they reschedule on you? Yeah. The trainer’s late. That builds a lot of success. Know you’re looking for someone maybe, I don’t know, I guess you’re kind of paying someone to hold you accountable like you would a coach, you know? And so you kind of want them to be accountable and they’re not actually accountable. You’re the one like encouraging them to show up to your session.

What about the guy who just makes up workout routines? Obviously while you’re there, they want you to, they, they, they pretend like they have a plan. Clinton, you would enjoy this story. There was a personal trainer in Tulsa I’ve worked with for just a while helping him with his business and this is what he used to do. He’d go in, you as a fitness guy, dr Breck would love this. He’s like, we’re going to call today’s workout eight eight. It’s like eight comm or eight, eight, eight apostrophe S eight. And you’re like, okay, this seems plausible. So we’re first we’re going to do is we’re going to do eight, eight reps of curls. Then we do eight shoulder presses. Okay. We do that. So you’re like, okay, maybe as a plant. And then about the third one, he’s like, now we’re going to do, cause he’s not that quick.

He’s trying to get you engaged but he can’t think it and make it up as he’s doing it. So now we’re going to try step extensions and bench. You’re like, okay, it seems like he has a plan, but now like the third set of the 18 Roy doesn’t know what to do. So he’s like, we’re going to do a thing where you’re going to bend, you’re going to like kind of get into a TV watcher position. You’re going to reach down and then up and then you’re going to raise your knee and you’re like, what is this? And he’s obviously making it up. He’s obviously never done this with a client before. Clint Howard contrast that to Tulsa fitness systems. I mean, do you guys have a plan when people show up?

Yes we do. And sadly that is pretty common in our industry. So yeah, there, there has to be a system and honestly that’s where I came up with the name of my company. Tulsa fitness systems. The system is the system. Exactly. There’s a way you train the body when you do certain body parts, you know, we do total body workouts that we’re doing a certain number of reps if it’s for hypertrophy and muscle building and then there’s certain things we want to work on. Corrective exercise, mobility, flexibility, street training, several things laid out and we designed the program so they’re effective and not people aren’t going to get injured.

Bill Belichick, the coach of the Patriots has systems, darker brick. You have systems, Clint, you have systems. It turns out systems allow you to scale it. Once you nail it, you have systems in place and that’s powerful. However you’ve won a lot of awards at Tulsa fit

Since over the years, but you don’t do it for the awards. But, but sure. The listeners, what are some of the awards that you’ve won over the years at Tulsa fitness systems? Yeah, so the a C for six years in a row now, the last six years we won the Tulsa a awards for the

Best gym. All three categories, best personal trainer and best weight loss facility. But you don’t wear a shirt every day that says that on the issue of the shirt everyday. You don’t wear like a, you don’t wear the award, the Tulsa people award shirt everyday, right? No, I don’t. Well, typically he goes shirtless and just paints it on his chest. I just think people think that bill Belichick’s gonna wear his rings all the time, but at the end of the day he talks about he just adds a little safety deposit box. He keeps them in essentially, but he doesn’t coach football for the awards. He coaches because he wants to mentor guys, men on how to become the best version of themselves possible and he’s teaching them financial piece. He teaches him about saving. He teaches them about discipline. That’s his whole thing. He loves to win games, but he doesn’t like, you know where the Superbowl rings at all times that Jason wants.

Bill Belichick. Fun factoid number 74 number 74 his players will take less to learn from the best. Okay. Give us an example from the sports NBC article called, everyone’s got a bill Bellacheck story. Well, Rodney Harrison was heading out to Oakland to talk to the Raiders about a job. He was 30 years old, a free agent, a two time pro bowl safety. Minnie felt like had seen his best days. Harrison had already talked with Denver and he had all but decided to sign with the Broncos. Then his phone rang. It was bill Belichick, the two talks for only a few minutes. Belichick said the Patriots wanted him. They didn’t need to talk or they didn’t need to talk to him in person. They didn’t need to check out if he was healthy, they just wanted or they just wanted him. Harrison was curious why Belichick says, I saw you in warmups one time and I saw your level or I saw you level a wide receiver.

You saw that Harrison asked in wonderment. He remembered the exact moment. Belichick was talking about a teammate was running over the middle and a drill and Harrison knocked him down hard. He did a, he did get fired up for football. Yeah. Belichick said, and I knew right then that I wanted you to play for us after we hung up. Harrison says, I called my agent and told him, I don’t care what you have to do. Here we go. I don’t care how much money we have to leave on the table. Here we go. I want to play for bill Belichick. I probably could’ve gotten $1 million more a year with Denver, but after but after he said that, what are the coach would even be watching a drill and who else would remember that? I knew I had to play for bill Belichick. Okay, think about this for a second.

Steve Currington, you once reached out to a oral Roberts university professor, I believe, and volunteered to work for free. Why would you do that? I mean, Rodney Harrison took less money, right? Took less money to go play for the Patriots. You actually were a mortgage guy. You were doing well selling mortgages and you volunteered to work for free. This is fairly recently, like in the past 10 years, I believe you were working for free for a local professor. My correct. Well dr Greenio just volunteering with or you when he was there. Why? Because I wanted to learn because it was worth the time, you know, like I wanted to learn. I think that everybody, you could repeat that cause I don’t think anybody just understood the idea. You worked for this for free. Why?

So I could learn things that he had to teach. I still don’t get it. Could you repeat it again please? One more. Just one more time. It’s going to sink into somebody. You said you worked for him for free. Why? So he could learn from learning. There’s a value clay and like learning something. The other thing too that people don’t realize is that when you work with someone or spend a lot of time with someone that knows something about what you’re trying to learn, your learning curve is more vertical. So you learn a lot quicker.

As an example, dr Breck has been a client with a Tim Redmond suite. Do the backend support for your business. We’ve done that for years. But everybody I send into his place, people, there’s probably a dozen people I know who’ve gone to your place, including my daughter this past week. They all say he’s kind, he sharp, he cares. I feel better. He’s kind, he’s sharp, you know, I feel better. He knows his stuff well. I like seeing dr Breck every week. I know our listeners benefit from having a chiropractor on the show occasionally, consistently because we have a lot of our listeners, I would say probably a third of our listeners are in the medical space and it benefits our listeners. But last time I checked, he’s not paying me to be here. I’m not paying him to be here. We do it because we are learning. It’s, it’s a, it’s a great a kind of a mastermind as Napoleon Hill would put it.

And there’s things he knows about chiropractic health that, I don’t know. There’s things that Clint Howard knows about fitness that I don’t know, but there’s not a lot of people that are willing to learn unless they get a degree or unless they’re getting paid a fee. A lot of people are not willing to learn dr Breck unless they are earning a degree or getting paid a fee. Why do you, why do, why do you think that is? What, why do you think that most, you know, NFL coaches have to play? I have to offer players an insane amount of money to keep them there and bill Belichick

Can offer less. Well, I think the, yeah, there’s a number of, of aspects of that. The original question, you know, the appreciation for the knowledge itself is what’s lacking. You know, we’ve gotten to a point in society where we just say, well, you know, you’ve got gotta have the piece of paper, not what the paper represents. So it’s more shallow. It’s, it’s hollow. And that’s, I think why we see a lot of young people foregoing a college degree. It’s, it’s just not worth what it once was. Now on the coaching side with bill Belichick. Yeah, I mean, when you have the opportunity to rub elbows with greatness and and a hall of fame coach, it’s going to go down as the winningest coach in NFL history. I would be definitely willing to take less to be among, you know, that greatness and to, to, to learn and glean and, and come off the field and have far more experience and, and like Steve said a, just a better learning curve. He don’t, we have people reach out to us to be on our show. We’ve had a Tilman Fertitta the owner of the rockets we’re trying to coordinate with his team now. We’ve had

Grant Cardone just recently we got him booked on the show. We’ve got John Lee Dumas this week booked. We’ve got a songwriter for Aero Smith for a whew, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Bongiovi yeah, we’ve got Bon Jovi. We’ve got a meatloaf songwriter on the show. People say, well, how much do they pay you to be on the show? I get that a lot. How much do you, did they pay you or how much do I pay them? Nothing. Why? Because we value learning and earning and we know that if we educate our listeners and teach them something they did not know, they will come out ahead. And Steve, you’ve seen this, but to the group interview, do we not have people that are willing to come work with me for less because they want to learn something? If you, if you’ve not seen this before,

Yup. I’ll tell someone right now that’s working as an unpaid intern.

Well, they want to learn. They want to learn from you because he wants to learn. So, so let’s move on to the next fun factoid out there. But before we do that, I want to make this actionable. Are people willing to work for you for less? And if not, it’s probably because you’re not a source of wisdom. This just in fun. Factoid number number 75 bill Belichick, fun fact way number 75 the Patriot way. Jason, bill Belicheck makes practice harder than games. Ooh, read the notable quotable for us, Jason. So bill says, my personal coaching philosophy, my mentality has always been to make things as difficult as possible for players in practice. However bad we can make them, I make them. Why do you think that is Clint Howard, why do you think that a good cause you, you played baseball at a very high level.

You could throw the baseball and the 90s as a pitcher. Why do you think bill Belichick makes practices harder than the games? You know, there’s this saying you’ll always fall to the lowest level of your training. So if you’re prepared and training in a tougher, harder, more physically challenging environment, then when you get out on the playing field, you’re going to be prepared for that. I think there’s a lot of business owners, dr breakfast that have call reps people to answer their phones. Steve, you see this a lot. People have, they have employees who answered the phones, customer service people. And Steve, I don’t think a lot of people roleplay with their team about the difficult stuff. Right? I think a lot of people I know by default when I built DJ and I first started it, I did not do that. But now I roleplay for the tough stuff. I roleplay for the weird things that need the upset customers. Talk to me about that Steve. The importance of role playing with your team over there, over there at total lending concepts.

We record all our calls and that’s the reason we do that is so that we can take real world examples of what people are, what our team’s dealing with and use that for training. And then we hang onto the hot calls even from the past and have them in a kind of a library for people to go and listen to for for training purposes. But I think the probably the most nerve wracking thing for most people is listening to themselves talking or being on the phone. And so it helps you get over that fear a lot quicker when on, you know, day one, week one at Tuesday at noon you have to get in front of you know, the entire

Team and have them listen to your horrible call and critique you because most people don’t, well, no one gets on the phone and is amazing. The first time they do it. I have a bill Belichick a sound clip here from the Providence journal. The a this video was posted a year ago, but if you remember in new England, it snows a lot. Yes. And the Patriots have a huge indoor facility, like a minute, like a miniature dome and a bill Bellacheck total. The players, by the way, you have to be at practice. I don’t care what the weather’s like, you, you have to be there. And there’s no snow days on the Patriots. You have to be there. But also they tend to play games outside in the snow. So he had the players go outside, they remember they have an indoor facility to avoid the elements. You had them go outside and practice in the snow. So here’s the audio.

Breck you got to see this footage real quick. This is going to blow your mind. If you can see over there, it’s like Clint, you gotta see this, this is impressive. All these Patriots are coming to practice. Look, these guys, Oh, it’s so good. And other teams don’t do this, but they have to practice outside in the snow. Now again, they have an indoor facility. Now, dr Breck, what role do you think that plays in the

Patriots winning when it’s snowing? Well, I mean that’s the thing. I mean they’re, they’ve already seen it. They’ve already a game planned for it and now the game is actually easier than it is for them and practice. So it’s almost like, you know, if you’re going if you’re speeding up on the highway and you’re going 40 miles an hour in, that kind of feels quick until you’re going 60. And then 60 kind of feels quick. And here we go 80. There we go. Instead of going 80 you’re back down to 60 and it’s like, Oh this is kind of cruise and speed. This is easy. And so they’ve pushed it to the limit and then they don’t even have to be fully dialed in at a game and they’re still far ahead of the other competition. The most nerve wracking thing that happens is a wedding DJ. Going back to my DJ career is when the sound system stops working and you’re at someone’s wedding. Sure. So whenever we would role play, Steve, did you kill the Hornet? Did you kill the wasp? But you get it. He got it nice. He got it. He just killed this. Just it’s D. That’s very impressive.

But the most nerve wracking thing is when you’re deejaying and the sound system crashes.

I used to practice with the DJs and I would, there’d be PR, it would be DJ and there’d be about five or six guys. DJ and I would unplug a cord. They couldn’t look. I said turn it on their way. I’m an unplug one cable cause it comes loose and you have 50 seconds, 60 seconds to figure out one minute to figure out what’s going on, which probably feels like a lifetime in that or, or you have to switch up, you have to switch to the backup gear. So here we go, go and there’s like five guys trying to do it. I’m going, come on, let’s go, let’s go. And they’re like, dude, I don’t even know where to look. Even these are guys who’ve never deejayed before. I’m like, come on, let’s go. I push him, push him, push him like I don’t know how you’re going to get seriously.

You cannot work for me if you can’t figure this out in 30 seconds, 29 28 do. I can’t find that guy bought a like just keep going. Then eventually, eventually though they found it and we’d role play and role play and eventually they’re going, okay, I know what it could only be one of maybe 10 variables. Let’s just check them methodically. And they do that for commercial airlines. They do this in the air force, they do this. There’s like a check list and pro football, there’s a thing called a checkdown that the Patriots do. All NFL teams do this. But Brett, can you explain what a checkdown is? Essentially, if all of the receivers are covered and the quarterback doesn’t have any options, what’s a checked out?

So they have a play that they want to run, that that’s their intention to run. But they look at the defense and what the setup is and see if that step, if that play is still advantageous to them. And so if it doesn’t, then they checked down to a different play. If that doesn’t look, you know, likely to be successful. They checked down to a third play. And so the quarterback is constantly assessing while the defense is also trying to move around to make that more difficult, but they have next level, next level, next level plays, always ready to go.

People don’t realize how difficult that is to be a quarterback in the NFL. I know I couldn’t do it. Mentally, you have to know the plays and then if the play doesn’t work out, you have to have the backup plan, right. And another Bubbe black backup plan and another backup plan. And your star receiver may have just gotten knocked out of the game. And so that former plan, you had no longer exist. So how do you make this applicable for a business? Well, if you have a business, you’ve got to have a situation where you role play with your team until they can’t get it wrong. And I’m sure it Tulsa fitness systems with your clients, you see this, but there’s probably somebody who needs a modified exercise because maybe they have a knee injury or some kind of shoulder injury or something that’s unique and unique injury, Clint.

And you don’t want to tell the client, Hey, because you have this chronic injury, we can’t help you. So you have modifications. Talk to me about the, the level of preparation you put into training your trainers to be ready for these modifications. Yeah, sure. You had to be able to expect the unexpected. So it’s like I said, it’s preparation. So all of our trainers, they go through training. They know how to work with different clientele. So we don’t just throw someone out there. I think you have to know your customer, your client, and know what their limitations are. When for us, that’s an assessment, like a screening process and then our trainers have to know how to work with that. So we don’t have a, there’s not a cookie cutter, one size fits all with anything. You have to always accommodate to your customer, to your client. Jason, I would love for you to share this built Bellacheck fun factoid number 76. What? Say you sir? I say bill loves over achievers including Charles Barkley. So fact bill Belichick loves Charles Barkley. He’s loved Barkley. Going back to when he was coaching in Cleveland and Barkley was playing on the, or sorry, for the Philadelphia 76 hours, it boggled his mind that Barclay at six foot six or less could lead the NBA in rebounding. That is the sort of magic that leaves bill Belichick in awe.

And bill Belichick, if you watch him when he’s coaching pregame, he’s watching the other team always tried to recruit their players cause he looks for over achievers. What happens occurring to when you get an overachiever working in your call center at total linen concepts? What happens when you find an overachiever? They get promoted. What happens when you find a person who just performs at their intellectual level? They get fired. What if you have an underachiever who never can quite get to work on time and never can seem to quite follow the script? What happens? We hang them publicly. Oh wow. Wow. This just, I mean, not literally, right Steve? I mean, Oh no, we kill them. No, we good for HR to be a disclaimer here. Are you going to walk back and tells you, you don’t actually literally kill people? Are you going to give us that?

We need that assurance. Steve, don’t leave us hanging. Huh? I get what you did there, Steve. Tell us you don’t kill people. Okay, so here’s the deal. We don’t physically kill them. Okay? But by the time they’re done, they probably don’t want to. How old were you? How old were you when you first made six figures for the first time? I think 2223 what were you doing? I was a debt collector. Were you an overachiever? Yeah. Yeah, I think so. How do you make money as a debt collector? Well, we worked from eight to five Monday, Tuesday, 12 to nine Wednesday, Thursday, Friday from seven to four and Saturday from seven 11. So the way you win is when you suck on the phone. Like I did. You work from eight to nine on Monday, Tuesday. Then you work from eight to nine on Wednesday, Thursday, and then you work Saturday, Friday, Saturday, and then you worked Sunday.

If they let you come in and you make three times when he calls us. Everyone else. I want to tap into your wisdom on this, dr Breck as well as [email protected]. How do you exceed the expectations of patients? They kind of starts with your no brainer, but how do you systemically exceed the expectations of each and every one of your patients? So one of the things I always want to do is treat people the way that I want to be treated. And I do not like to have, I let me back up. I hate having headaches. I do not like to be in pain. And so my goal is to get my patients out of pain as quickly as possible. And I know that there are some clinics that I’m in the Tulsa area where they’re going to set you up on a treatment plan that’s 36 48 visits and maybe you’re going to feel some better somewhere in the process.

My goal is the first day that you see me, you are absolutely going to know that you feel better. You don’t have to doubt it, question it. And I can’t say that that happens every single time, but that’s my goal every time. That’s your goal. Every time, every time. And because the first visit is free, you’d have to be committing financial suicide to do that for free. And to not take care of people, right? I mean, if you did a bad job and people didn’t come back, you would never actually make any money. Right. And that’s the deal. I mean, if you’re going to offer them to come in for free, you’ve got to wow them. You’ve got to bring excellent each and

Every time. Because the goal is that they’re gonna come on board and stay on board. Dirty, funny chiropractic story from years ago, I will not mention the chiropractor involved here, okay. He said Cola, he didn’t do it, dude. He didn’t do free, okay. But he did the $1 free adjustment. Free exam, free x-ray. I’m like, yes. And we track conversion rates. Sure. And Steve, I’m going to show you the conversion rate for somebody and do not mention who they are. Do you cannot cause I don’t want to go back and have to edit this Steve. Okay. But there’s a doctor right now in town, and he and I were going over his conversion rates and we looked at this and he goes, dude, you’ve got to tell their people about this. Because I didn’t realize where my money was being lost. Okay, look at this.

40 appointments were scheduled last week and how many were actually scheduled, Steve, you’ve got this is how many right here, where we’re scheduled. This is how many procedures actually were scheduled. This is how many you have this many appointments that were, that were booked. That means the doctor met with this many people face to face, but only this many people converted. How many people did he, did he schedule 40 and how many actually converted into a paying customer unemployment. Oh, sorry. Three. Three. Now let’s talk about this may lead to unemployment. Well, so I asked the doctor, I said, doctor, you met with 40 people and only book three. And he’s like, yeah. I said, well, the person who previously, how does it work? Episode meets you. When does payment occur? When does someone’s scheduled the surgery of the procedure? And he says I don’t do it.

I have a guy on my team who does it for me and I’m going, he closes four out of 43 now what about last week, three for 29, eight for 19 five for 20. I saw on his game that eight for 19, dude, I said, now that, that previous person that you had before this person, what percentage did they close? And he goes, Oh, at 90%, I’m going, we have a problem here. Find that person and hire him again. So anyway, I got, I did some deeper research into this particular person and I have two stories kind of simultaneously, but this one recently we did some research into it. And this man whose job is to schedule patients and to take payment. This is what he says to people. Well, I’m Steve. It looks as though the doctor thinks you need X, Y,Z , one, two, three.

Why don’t you call us back? If it’s something you want to move forward with. Right. I gotta I gotta and he’s on his phone, literally on his smart phone go and Hey, I wrote and he’s on Facebook or Instagram or whatever. He’s doing something and we watched him on camera doing this. He’s like, now Steve, if you want to schedule, just give us a call back and you know, you don’t feel cared about because you’re what Steve, why would you not sign up for somebody who’s sitting there on a smart phone when they’re talking to you about a medical procedure? Well, because people are smart and they can tell when you’re checked out, you know, they know that you’re not brutal paying attention. Now the other example was there was a chiropractor where I worked with years ago, zero as a $1 for the exam x-ray and the adjustment.

And so I actually thought, I’m going to go in because he said, why don’t you come in one time? So I was in the area of down there in Dallas, I’m in the area. I thought I’ll just go in for an adjustment. Sure. Appointments booked like four. No exaggeration, guys know it was crazy. Like five o’clock. And my wife’s like, where are you? Cause I told her I’m going to get an adjustment for the guy said it’s like, takes about 10 or 15 minutes. I’ll be home at five. Back to the hotel. [inaudible] It’s five. I’m like, I’m still in the lobby. What are you doing? So I talked to the guy, cause he’s a client of mine. I said, can I ask, are you always one hour late for everything? And he goes, yeah, if you’re an, if you’re a new person, you’re not paying anything.

It’s a dollar. I’m not, I always greet those people on like more of a flex schedule. What the crap I go, so you mean the new people you, he goes, no, no, no. I mean new people. I mean some people show up on time, some people don’t. It’s just the headache. So I just kind of see him when I can I go. So how long does the average wait for a new person? He goes, Oh, like 30 minutes. I’m going, this is why we have a three for 40 conversion rate. There’s people out there that do that kind of crap. Clint, you know what Tulsa fitness systems when somebody comes in for their first what, what, what’s the no brainer that you guys offer? What’s the no brainer? Yes, ours is

21 days for $49.

Those first 21 days are critical. Are they not?

Hi, for sure. We tell people all, I’ll tell all my staff, you have to treat every person who comes in, like family, treat everybody just like you care about ’em. You do care about ’em. And one of my favorite books really is how to win friends and influence people. Recommend that to everybody. And if you, if you like what you do and you like helping people, hopefully that’s, you know, natural. But it’s a really good book that I recommend people read. Book is really good. I’ve read a couple of times, but yeah, I mean we love what we do. We love changing lives and if you truly care, then it’s just going to show you’re not faking it.

I would ask all of our listeners, what can you do to overdeliver? What can you do today systemically to exceed the expectations of each and every customer. As an example, complete carpet does a very good job. They get people gourmet popcorn after they cleaned their house score popcorn. Another client I work with a platinum pest in lawns, they give people gourmet cookies to first time customers as another example. See’s candy provides people with free samples that are not chincy. Think about what can you do to exceed the expectations of each and every customer. Put it on a checklist and do it every single time. Now also, I want to make sure that Clinton Howard, that you can exceed your wife’s ex ex expectations because I’m keeping you past at the time. So if at any point you need to leave, you just do that and when you leave all know that it’s time for you to leave.

Okay. I don’t want to create a problem with, with the wife at home. I, I’m a bad person and I asked her, you got here at 4:00 AM to record and I said, well, you want to stick around, you can. So I don’t want to get in the cause you to get in the dog house cause Kara’s a great lady. I’m a bad man. You’re a good guy. I don’t want to cause the problem there, you know. You know what I mean though. Dr [inaudible] here, you and I, I’m having a great time here so I’ll hang for a bit longer. Okay. So bill Belichick, fun fact away. Number seven, the Patriot way. Bill Belichick is a man of very few words. Very Jason, what say you. Yup. So a story, Jonathan, Vilma, I hope I’m pronouncing that right. Sure. And his college teammate, DJ Williams were scheduled to work out for Bella chick down in Miami for a chance to get on the team.

By the way, you’re working out for bill Belichick, you’re basically trying out. So Jonathan, Vilma and DJ Williams are working out in front of bill Belichick to show what they can physically do back. Gotcha. They were both big time prospects. Both would end up a first round draft picks and the Patriots had two picks in the two, 2004 first round. So this was an important workout. Bella chick showed up with his son, Steve and said two words, hi guys. Then he worked as a, or sorry. Then he worked as out for the maximum time allowed. Velma says, I mean to the minute, at the end we were dog tired, sweating. We had worked and worked and as soon as as soon as we stopped, he said, all right guys. And he walked off. So if hi guys, all right guys, five words. We were just standing there and we looked at each other like, did that just happen?

Our agent called, we had the same agent and he asked how did it go? And we just said, no idea. He didn’t say anything to us. Vilma and Williams were both off the board when a Belichick and the Patriots selected, but new England did select another Miami teammate events Wilke for will Wilfork never. We go, Wilma went onto the jets where he wanted defensive rookie of the year, but when they played the Patriots, he noticed that Belichick never said a word to him. They would they would cross paths. They’ll would go talk with Wilfork, but he never said a word. In 2009, Vilma was a pro bowl or was a pro bowler with new Orleans and they played the Patriots and he had a spectacular game one time after the game, he saw Wilfork next to Belichick. The coach did not say a word to him.

The next year at training camp, the saints and the Patriots had practice. They’re almost warming up and suddenly out of nowhere, Vilma or villain was memory. Bella chick just appears behind him. I’m glad you’re out of my division. Belichick said, without any words for introduction. Thanks coach. Zoma said, hesitantly. No, I’m serious. Belichick said, you’re a hell of a player. No smile, nothing. Goma says now as he remembers, he just said it so matter of faculty and that’s that he walked away. Now I have learned this over time. I’ve learned this over time. Jason, you’ve seen this in our Monday meetings with our coaches. Somebody will ask. What happens is we have 160 clients and I would say 40 of them per day. Jess and you are a, a Steve, you’ve been in these meetings too. The Jason’s been in and there’s about 30 questions a day that our coach can’t answer, you know, total between 160 clients cause we see 40 clients a day, you know, so about 30 questions and one will be like, Hey, I heard that I don’t need to have HTTPS encryption.

Is that true? Hey, I heard it’s illegal to do a group interview in Michigan. Hey, I heard it’s not ethical to do a no brainer. I, my team doesn’t want to use a script. My sister’s the one doing the sales and she doesn’t want to, she doesn’t want to sound like a robot. She doesn’t want her other frequently asked questions in the morning that you go, these are ones that are kind of frequent at this point. Do Google reviews really matter? How about I got a Google review, but when got deleted, Oh, emotional, emotional. What else? I’m writing content, but for some reason I’m not ranking. Oh, it’s been a week. Do I really have to fire this person or can I just train them better? My Facebook leads are bogus. I’m not getting any leads at all. Right? I can’t make the meeting. I forgot to track this month.

Oh, by the way, I haven’t, I haven’t seen my leads come in for a month cause I haven’t actually looked at my website for a month. I delegated the tracking to a Lackey. There’s all a trace similar, right? A lot of common things. Right? And I try to make sure all my answers are repairative and not punitive. I try to help the client get to where they want to go. But at a certain point, there’s only so much I can say about the subject. I can’t just, I can’t pontificate at great length about something as simple as getting Google reviews. Right? So a lot of times the coach will say, well what do I do? My clients have a hard time getting reviews. And what will I say? Usually you actually said this to me last week. You just go, just gotta tell them to get reviews because that’s what you have to do. And it’s always like, Hey man, people don’t want to leave reviews. And I’m like, I know, and you just got to make them do it. But how it’s gotta ask you gotta ask over and over. So that’s the thing. Now we move on to bill Belichick. Fun factoid number 78, the Patriot way. NBC reports that bill will not coach football into his seventies.

I want bill Belichick to become like football Yoda. He comes out there and in due time, shipper balls talks backwards. I want Billy, I want him to be like a old out in a wheelchair. 95 year old curmudgeon is what I want. I will not be happy until he’s out there. Just run out the hot fringe. We wait. Okay, so what, what, what do we have here? [inaudible] So fact he will not coach in his seventies the way Marv levy did. He could not make that more clear. People think he can’t, he earn, people think he can’t live without football. They’re wrong. He can live without football and he will not coach when he is in his seventies. And he says you can take that to the bank. Belichick turned 63 in April. Now look how look up bill Belichick. Right and hold is bill Belichick now cause we’re getting near the end of the road. You know, we’re getting to the end of where Billy is you know the very, I mean if he’s got, got a coach into his seventies according to this article here, three years, he’s 67. He’s 67. Now this is, this is interesting thing here.

Tom Brady, Tom terrific is 42. How old is husband? How old is Tom Berger? Now let’s say 43. He’s 43 I believe. So now Tom has talked about wanting to play until he’s 45. Oh, he’s 42. So he’s talked about is 45. [inaudible] Conspiracy. He said, Thomas said he wants to play until he’s 45. And how long? How many more years does bill bell check out? They both three years left. There is a rumor, I’m not kidding. This is a thing that bill has discussed this so they could retire at the exact same time and I think that would be really cool. And it hasn’t been seen since. Lambo or Vince Lombardi? Vince Lombardi, the coach of the Packers back in the day. Are you guys familiar with why he retired? No, I’m not. It’s a great story. Has Steve the coach of the Packers, he believed in taking up guys that other teams didn’t want and coaching them up to be successful in Lombardi was great.

When you win the super bowl, now they give you the Lombardi trophy. Right? He was the man. So he got towards the end of the road, he just won a super bowl. And this is, this is what, if you watch some documentaries, you’ll see this. Apparently he was talking it over with his, those closest to him and said for us to win next year, we’re going to have to cut some of these guys. And I can’t because they’ve sacrificed so much, so I’m going to cut myself. So he cut himself and quit coaching. So he wouldn’t have to cut the players who had been, who had made his career possible everything they could. But yeah. And he was like, I just, I can’t, I can’t bear the thought of cutting these guys, so I’m just going to cut myself. And I think that there’s a certain certain loyalty in sports and to excellence and when you can’t be excellent anymore, you realize I shouldn’t be coaching. I think that’s what bill Belichick is talking about and to make this applicable for entrepreneurs out there. I’m Steve at total winning concepts. You do one thing that I think is incredible. You guys are the fastest funding lender in Tulsa. I hear this all the time. The fastest funding. So when somebody applies for a loan, you guys get back with them super fast and you helped them get approved very quick, very quickly. What would happen if you lost that competitive edge? If you all of a sudden became like the big bags?

If we became slow. Yeah. Yeah. I mean we would, we would suck like they do. Okay.

But talk to me about how, talk to me from Europe, from your opinion, talk to me about how bad their services versus yours and just in terms of speed.

Well, most of the, the big players out there, your big banks just have I don’t know if it’s because they have so much business that they’re behind or if it’s because probably they have a lot of salaried employees that get paid whether a loan closes or not, but there’s not a whole lot of motivation to get things done faster. And so with our 21 day closing guarantee, we just knocked the socks off of them. And since we can be competitive when it comes to rate and fees, but we can get it done quicker, it gives a competitive edge to the client. I just got an application yesterday while I was in Mexico by the way. And they want to make an offer on a house on Saturday and they’re already approved with their their bank. But their bank has literally told them that it will take them 60 to 75 days to get the loan.

No, I have audio of you. You, you were at the re entry at a resort in Mexico. I have audio view at the resort helping this person get their mortgage. Let me queue it up real quick. This is you

Taking the call. And then you took the call and you help the person get to get alone. Well surrounded on all sides by mariachis. Am I correct Steve? Yep. This was it.

Now Steve, real quick though. Seriously, how do you call people back after five?

I call people back regardless of what time it is. It’s true.

Do you call people back on the weekends?

Yeah, I don’t have weekends. I don’t believe in the weekend.

Do you call people back? I’m on holidays. I don’t take holidays. I don’t believe in hotel holidays that people take that you’d want to know. What a holiday holidays that begs take that you don’t take?

Well, like veteran’s day. I’m a huge supporter of veterans, but I feel like veterans want me to get their loan approved even on veterans day. What about Columbus day? Oh, Columbus day. Martin Luther King day, president’s day. You know, I just don’t, the world doesn’t stop because there’s a holiday. And you know, the funny thing is, is there’s a lot of people that do get off on those days, which gives them the opportunity to take care of things like getting their application for their mortgage taken care of. Right. And so when you’re shut down, like let’s say you work eight to five as a mortgage lender and all of your clients work eight to five as a mortgage lender, or here’s a funny thing, do you think that people negotiate contracts on house, on houses when they’re buying them eight to five Monday through Friday? No. They get off work. They go meet with a realtor, they go look at houses and then it’s like seven 30 at night and they’re trying to make an offer.

This is something I’ve never understood. I, I struggle, I don’t, I don’t get this idea. Jason, you if attended the group interview for Shaw homes many times, you’ve seen it. Yeah. And at Shaw homes, a a client we’ve helped to grow from 37 million to over $80 million in the past three years. If you want to buy a house Steve, you typically go to a model home, you knock on the door, Hey, I’d like to see the home, here’s this. How can I learn more about buying a home or, or hi, I’m interested in buying a home. Could you give me a tour of that kind of conversation happens and Steve, that typically happens shockingly enough during people’s lunch hour or after work and you can make $100,000 a year at Shaw homes fairly easily. And Jason at the group interview, the number one question people ask is what about the hours at Shaw homes every single time?

It’s either how late do we work or how flexible are on the hours and people that they care about the schedule flexibility more than anything. Yup. Do not. They do every time. That was one of the questions when I went to the hiring event for elephant in the room, all of the potential stylists and Barbara is where we are you guys flexible on your hours just, just in men want to get their hair cuts, get their hair cut on the weekends and after work. Yup. I’m dr Breck, do you typically get your hair cut on Saturdays? Fridays. Friday for me. But it wouldn’t be, you wouldn’t believe how many stylists are saying I would love to work for the brand. I just can’t cut hair after five. Right. Or I can’t get here on the weekends. Yeah. it’s amazing how many waiters and waitresses apply for a job at the olive garden and they say, I would love to be here. I just can’t work at night.

Right. You don’t have to work after those hours. But also a fun fact about something that you guys don’t know. But if you take the hot sauce you get from taco bell, you know, like the fire sauce and you mix it and ramen noodles, it tastes exactly like poverty, which is where you’ll be right. If you just decided I can’t work best five or you can’t work on the weekend,

That is a fun factor. When you take hot sauce and you mix it with doodles, taco bell hot sauce with ramen noodles, it tastes exactly like poverty. Now bill Bellacheck finery factoid number 78 the Patriot way, NBC reports that bill Belichick will not coach into his seventies yes, we know that. I’m asking you, how do you make this applicable for you? Are you excellent and if you’re not become excellent or get out of that industry. Dr Brett.

Well, and one of the other things I love is that you know, those who are most successful tend to look at the end and then like reverse engineer with the end in mind. And so they’re doing today what’s going to bring them to that point in the end. So when bill Belicheck knows I’m not coaching into my seventies I’ve got to get it done today. If I want to win more Superbowl rings, if I want to continue this legacy, it’s got to happen today. Not, you know, we can’t procrastinate. We can’t say, Oh well next season, next season, next season. He knows each and every day has to be successful now that way he can be where he wants to be at age 70

Now bill Bellacheck fun fact number 79 the Patriot way bill is 100% on 100% of the time. This article comes to us via sports world dot NBC everyone’s got a bill Belichick story. Jason read to us, Gonzalez played in 14 pro bowls. He loved playing when it was in Hawaii. Things were always so relaxing. They’re so fun. One year Belichick was his coach and Gonzalez was curious what made this guy so good? Great players are as bedazzled by bill Belichick’s magic as anyone else. They have all played for good coaches. They have heard all the inspirational stories, all been scared at four or all been scared at for not doing something right at AU screamed at, I don’t want to say it’s good. All been shown. Something on tape that perfectly foreshadowed what they would see in the game. What’s so different about this guy on the opening kickoff, Gonzalez was out on special teams.

There are no backup players at the pro bowl. So the stars have to do some menial things. There we go. And he went through the motions and didn’t block anybody cause all this jogged happily to the sidelines. Why don’t you bleeping block somebody Gonzalez Miletich grumbled as Gonzalez jog. But what did he just say that Gonzalez turned and Belichick was just glaring at him like I was a piece of dirt. I’m sure Bellatrix had something else. Gonzalez felt something fuming. This was how the great bill Belichick treated. They were a at the pro bowl for crying out loud. They’re all star game. Yeah. Okay. This is, or this was Hawaii for crying out loud. He says it a lot. It was a beautiful day. Blue sky blue water. This was supposed to be a reward, a way to honor Gonzalez for working absurdly hard and having another extraordinary season.

And this was what I or, and this is what he gets to have the games most famous coach swear at him for not blocking on special teams. And an exhibition game. Oh yes. He was mad. Who did this guy think he was Gonzalez played football the right way. He didn’t deserve this. He stood on the sidelines, furious and then it was time to get back or the time to get back on the field for another kickoff and other special teams moments and the ball was kicked. Gonzalez locked in on the guy running down the field. Why don’t you bleeping block somebody? Sure he heard it again. Okay, coach fine. Check out this block and Gonzalez absolutely smashed the defender. Took him completely out of the play. Then Gonzalez walked over to the sideline and you better believe he walked right by. Belichick wanted to see the grimace wiped off this face, but Bella chick showed no signs of even noticing him.

He was looking out on the field, seemingly oblivious to Gonzalez, his presence. So he’s always kept walking and as her, and as he was a few steps away here at Belichick say this time nice block Gonzalez, he looked back and there was no hint of a smile on his face. Bill Belichick just kept looking at the field and in that moment, Tony Gonzalez understood the man had coached him into blocking on special teams in the pro bowl. That right there is great coaching. When you can get people in an all star game where people are just just messing around. Really it’s the pro bowl is almost unbearable to watch cause the players can be pretty awful trying hard. No one wants to get hurt. But again, like defense in the NBA hardened heart. And actually I this, this, this just did harden the shooting guard for the Houston rockets doesn’t actually understand the word defense. He has a mental block. So when he, when you hear when, when somebody else is saying the word defense, this is what he hears.

Lie, lie, lie you

Mike harden. How come you’re not playing defense? What

Lie lie. Lie. You

Harden. Why don’t you go play some

Lie, lie, lie you

Coach. I just scored 30 points. Why are you upset? Listen here. Harden. I need you to go out there and play some

Lie. Lie, lie you.

I don’t know what Luke is and why are you talking through a box? Seriously hard and get out there and play some [inaudible]

Lie, lie, lie.

That’s what it’s like for that. Have you ever watched that guy tried to play defense? Yeah. It is crazy painful. What, what is his deal? Well, and I also think about Chris rock did a special years ago where he talks about people just wanting credit for things they’re supposed to do. Yeah. And that’s what that made me think of. You know what I mean? Gonzales is a great player. I love watching him play. But yeah, Bella checks like, Hey, this is what you’re supposed to do. I’m not going to give you props for doing what you’re supposed to do. Now bill Belichick, bill Belichick, fun factoid number 80, but before we get into 80, I will say this, are you getting your team to perform at a higher level or a lower? Are you getting the most out of your talent or the least out of your talent?

That is a question. Bill. Bellacheck fun fact number 80, the Patriot way. Bill Belicheck has read all of the Harry Potter books. Jason, what say you? Well, I will say America’s going to love them even more because fact, bill Belichick loves the grateful dead and Bon Jovi. He will quote the art of war and has read all the Harry Potter books. He preferred the cross to football as a player and is probably breaking down film right now. No matter when you are reading this, that is so true. I mentioned this, I mentioned this about bill Belichick because bill Belichick is a human. He’s a, he’s a guy who likes, you know, music, the grateful dead and, and Bon Jovi. He’s read the art of war. He reads Harry Potter. It’s just, he’s a guy who’s very intentional where I want to leave today’s show, where I want to end today’s show shows. I want to ask to listeners out there, how intentional are you being about organizing and scheduling your day? How intentional are you being? Are you being random about your day? Are you spending your work today reading Harry Potter books? Or are you doing it in your downtime? Huh? Steve? It’s so easy as a self employed person to waste your time doing. What if you’re not intentional?


What kinds of things do entrepreneurs do? No, but you see that. You see a lot of realtors that come to you and say, could you coach me to be more successful? Steve, you’re, you’re a successful mortgage guy. I’m a realtor. Could, could you teach me how to do it? You’ve seen the top real estate agents. Could you teach me what to do? And when you first meet them, what are most real estate agents spending their time doing? You know something?

Yeah, they, they just started, I guess thinking that,

I see social media marketing is a huge thing. Oh, you’re spending a whole day on social media talking about, I’ve got eight new listings, one near cherry street. Now the problem is dr Breck, when you and your wife, or my, my wife and I, or Steve, you and your wife, when you’re looking for a house, there are two ways we look for a house. One, we drive by the part of town. We want to live in or two, we go online. True. Have you ever seen a Facebook post and thought to yourself, Steve, God, whew, I need to buy that house.

Never. No, I’ve seen it. I’ve seen Facebook posts and I’ve like like checked out houses because I’m like, Oh that looks nice. Have you ever seen the, it’s like 18 tips for how to become a more successful a home seller. You read that blog? Yeah. The fact is that 10% and Tulsa of the 4,000 agents actually do it for a living. So there’s a whole lot of agents that are playing nice people, but they’re playing a ton of money on their weekend warriors. And so their whole thing is, you know, actually have an agent that I work with that I noticed on his Facebook that he posted like on a Friday night that he was writing a contract and on a Saturday night that he was writing a contract and on a Sunday night that he was on the retina contract and like everybody’s like buzzing. I’m like, Oh God, he’s so busy and I know this guy. And it’s like my, that he’s written the contract

For, well it was the same contract, he was just resubmitting it, you know, like he just acted like he had a new contract but it wasn’t really a new contract. So I think there’s a lot of a fakery going on on social media. So there’s a lot of people that if you look at their social media profile, you might think, Oh they’re really good at what they do. Or they must be like amazing. And in all reality, they don’t, they aren’t, they suck. They probably don’t sell very many houses, but they play the, you know, talk a good game on social media and that’s how they get their, their buddies listing that they put on the market. Never sell after seven months.

So, okay, I’m going to give you the top five time wasting activities. Dr Breck, you tell me how much of your time you waste doing this. Okay, here we go. The average person spends 11.3 hours per day on media according to Nielsen and Jason. You can put a link to it there. The average person spends 11.3 hours per day consuming media. According to Nielsen term, I like TV media or apparently phone, smart phone fed media. That could be social media, it could be programs. Could be Hulu, could be Netflix, could be. How much of your day do you spend on medium?

10 minutes or less. Oh, I don’t usually watch any TV. Well, you’re never going to be a loser and I don’t, I don’t, I mean I have a Facebook account, but yeah, I really don’t do it for personal Facebook use. It’s more for business purpose,

Religious debates. Jason, you see this. Nothing can divide a team faster than debating about your definition of predestination. Post-Test, postmodern people debating right now a lot of people are debating Michael Todd, the pastor and Tulsa is doing very well. His church transformation church. A lot of people are saying, should Craig Rochelle have gone to Connie’s church? Should he have gone? Because pastor Craig Rochelle life church, Jason, you’ve seen this. He went out to life church. That was awesome. Some people are a little bit concerned about it. It did not go over well with some people. Some people are just to transformation. I think last weekend some people were worried, what’s he doing? Let’s debate religion. Let’s debate religion. Let’s debate religion. Steve, what percentage of your day do you spend debating religion with people? Zero. See, you’re never going to be a loser, guys. Guys, you’re not helping out at all.

I think a lot of people debate religion all day, right? Political debates. Dr. Brick. I mean, you know, again, I know you vote, I vote, but there’s a lot of people who are just irate. Jay’s, I cannot believe Bernie Sanders. He just, all he wants to do is give people free healthcare. I want to spend my whole day posting on Facebook about it. Bernie Sanders, I’m starting to sound like Bernie Sanders. I hate myself. I hate Bernie Sanders. Why am I telling you like this? I’ve been watching way too many. Bernie Sanders highlights stave. I’ve been watching Bernie Sanders highlights all night and I’m starting to sound like this all the time. Help me stay hype. You see people do that though, don’t you just

Don’t Trump 2020 too much of my day is taken up with that because the patients bring it in with them and so yeah, so much time is spent just trying to quiet that conversation. I think it’s ridiculous that people even talk about it and I’d like to point out that Epstein did not kill himself. Why Epstein did not kill himself. Okay. I want to point out, I’ve got three truths I like to discuss today before we start a agenda

At, at the chiropractic center. What are we going to do? Wait. Oh da. The impeachment of Trump. Tastic that has to be discussed. Oh, I want to talk about the, the, the Epstein. I want to get into that and then if we have time, I want to talk about the wall. It absolutely happens multiple times and you’re like, yeah, let me have you lie down here and all the gesture back. Meanwhile, meanwhile, someone didn’t do the checklist. Someone didn’t call their leads. Somebody, Steve people don’t call their leads. You wrote a book about it. Apparently that’s a thing. Tell us about your book. You wrote your bestselling book, a call your leads.

It’s a 101 tips to call your leads. You can find it on and just type in call your leads. And the reason we wrote this Marshall hell, you know, did really, really, I’m like a contributor and you can tell this by the four reviews so far, but the cover of the book says my name. But when you look at the inside it just says Marshall. So that’s how you know, like maybe I was like an afterthought, but you know, it’s like, it’s kind of like a joke, but it’s not funny, you know, because every page is just another way to tell someone to call their leads or to text their leads.

Jason, how often do you see a new client before you, before we, before we’re able to help them. How often do you see a new client who is unable to call their leads? A pretty often. I think that the average, you know, according to weekend we have all these stats. We can, we can show you in the office. If you come to our conference, I can show you. But the average person who has to be called five times true, the average lead has to be called five times. And the first delete also has to be sent a text message before they will answer the phone. Steve, you’re a master of getting a hold of your leads. Why do you have to text people and call them five times? Even if they’re the person reaching out to you. And especially if they’re the person reaching out to you

Because of spam calls. It’s true. That’s why, because people get so many calls and I mean they’re spoofing your own number now where they can call you and it looks like you’re calling yourself. So you know, there’s a lot of trickery in getting people to sign up for healthcare, get that warranty for their extended warranty, for their car or whatever. So people are just guarded. And a lot of people, my wife included, won’t answer ever unless the con, unless the phone numbers in their content they want to answer ever. So I employ tactics like just texting them with their first name and a question Mark, right? And then it works. Hardly anybody can resist that. They’re like, yes,

They filled out your form, they filled out your form, and you’re reaching out to these people. Now a point number four, these are time wasting activities, top time wasting activities. Number four, arguing with people that are wrong. I mean it’s just somebody who’s wrong, right? So as an example, we just had a Clint with Tulsa fitness systems on the show and he was talking about how if you want to lose weight, just eat chicken, meat and water, no bangs, no pre-workouts, no flavor. Really just seriously, just have chicken. The most successful diets are the ones that are the most boring, and you’re, you’re, you’re a fitness guy, dr Breck, you’re a chiropractor, but you’re in great shape and people do want to argue with you about three workouts. They want to argue with you about frosting when you can’t with crazy, I mean, and you’re not going to have zero calorie beverages like a Coke zero.

They want to argue about fat free ice cream. Meanwhile, you’re going to keep telling them, just eat meat, vegetables, water. But it’s not worth the conversation. They want to argue. All they’re going to do is argue cause they’re not listening to you at all ever and you’re not going to convince them otherwise by argument. They want to argue with you. They did. They want to just argue and you’re like, listen buddy Coke zero’s bad for you. No, there’s tests out there that have shown buddy smoking’s bad for, you know, how can you prove it? Dr Breck, how could you possibly maybe get my cigarettes? How could you possibly Mable I want to smoke too. I stoma. Help me out here. You know, I mean there’s people out there that are just wrong and they’re passionate though. They’re wrong. What Jason says

You, you brought up a very traumatizing experience. I was on a like some like science department trip and I was in [inaudible] and we’re at this place in Oklahoma city. I don’t know if it was red rock grill or red Canyon grill or something, but there is a lady who was outside literally smoking through her stoma. I’ve seen it happen. Craziest thing. My buddy Vincent goes, look what she’s doing. So he look over and she put the handkerchief in front of the Soma and then went and blew her nose through.


Oh, the list to say we did. We didn’t need after that. That’s lifelong drama. I just tattooed Matthew five 10 on my left bicep underneath my website and that helps me remember why people want to argue about [inaudible] is what it says. Blessed are those who are persecuted for their righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who are persecuted for their righteousness, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Repeat it again. Bless it are those who are persecuted for their righteousness, for theirs is the [inaudible]

Kingdom of heaven, but that means what? What should we get this that means that you will be persecuted if you are right, because most people are wrong. Let me queue up an audio clip from a TD Jakes who was unavailable this morning because he’s TD Jakes. I’ve been texting him though,

Any time you succeed, you will breathe haters. One more time. Any time you succeed, you will breathe. Haters. I remember years ago when Kirk Franklin did stall, you remember when Kirk Franklin did stop? It wasn’t controversial. [inaudible]

Now real quick, real quick for people out there who don’t know, Kirk Franklin is a did gospel music and he did one song called stomp that really took off and it became a number one hit on Christian radio and also secular radio and is across every hit. Yes. And this is the song stop. Let me just queue it up real quick here. This

For those of you that think that gospel music has gone too far, you think we’ve gotten too wrapped up in what? The message? Well, I got news you ain’t heard nothing yet. And if you don’t know now you know,

Features, it features salt from salt and pepper. And so it was a big controversy back in the day because he was doing a song with a secular artists. Let me hit play here.

It wasn’t controversial till he sold a million copies. If he’d only sold 10 copies, they went, wrote no articles about, it would’ve been no issue when he sold a million copies. Now people start talking about, look at it by prayer, shaking, shaken into Haim fajita Haidas though, always talk about you when you’re, when you have to decide who you want to be locked or do you want to win?

That right there is hot sauce. And by the way, if you want to hear the rest of that a sermon which I know you do, type in TD Jakes 2019 into YouTube and you’ll find it’s called the dressmaker, Bishop TD Jakes and November 3rd, 2019 check out that it’s an unbelievable sermon. And I think that everybody out there would benefit from hearing the entirety of it. But again, I mean, if you’re, if you’re winning, if you’re having any success at all, you’re gonna have some haters and then people are going to want to sit there and debate with you. And I just encourage you to not get into it. I, I just, Jason, what happens when somebody wants to argue with or argue with you about how search engines work? Well, don’t argue. I mean, of course I know that I’m right and I know that they’re wrong, but if I keep that conversation going, one, I lose brain cells in the process, but then two, we don’t get anywhere and then resentment starts to form.

So then I can you, you don’t have any, no, not at all. Now the average person is watching the average person’s watching TV. It’s 5.3 hours per day. Now, I don’t know how you could watch TV. 5.3 hours per day equals my mind and consume 11.3 hours of media. So there’s got to be simultaneously, it’s going to be some sort of intersection there. And then the new phenomenon phenomenon I have noticed, which is truly, truly incredible is I’ve seen people that now are watching TV while on social media. This is a fun one. I’ve seen if you were watching a TV show, it’s on while they’re on social media and my daughter just went to a birthday party where I saw this happen. None of the kids are talking, right? They’re all watching TV and they’re on social media. It sounds like a raging party, which means they’re not doing anything.

Actions just aren’t enough. So bizarre. I just, someone’s got to put the foot down there, but if you’re out there today and you feel stuck with your business, you don’t know what to do. One, I’d encourage you to watch NFL Mike with bill Belichick because if you already have a company, I guarantee you one of the biggest struggles you have if you already are doing $1 million a year of revenue is it’s managing people. You’re struggling to manage people and built Belichick. If nothing else is one of the best managers in the history of the planet, and I would encourage you to watch NFL Mike with bill Belicheck because he has a phenomenal, a phenomenal buffet of things you can learn from the guy just by watching NFL. Mike. Now we are on fun factoid number 80 right now and we have 102 and also have 75 notable quotable is coming at you as part of this Epic series.

So if you’re out there today and you’re going, I got to learn how to become a great manager. Listen to each and every one of these bill Bellacheck series and we’ll be joining you here shortly for a fun factor number 81 and to beyond dr Breck. We’d like to end each and every show with a boom. Are you prepared? I’m ready. Jason, are you prepared to, to end the show with a boom? And I know Steve said I lost my brain cell, so I’ll try. No, no, no. I said you didn’t have any to lose bro. Oh, okay. Okay, I’m ready. I’m ready for you. Prepared. Thank you for the microphone by the way. Oh, your was hot. And we in the show. These mikes are a little bit more sensitive now so we can cut it back up a little bit. So here we go. Three, two, one.

What if you could gain access to download each and every book that I’ve ever written for free? Well that’d be terrible cause I don’t like you. Okay. We’re making a big assumption here, but assuming that you do like me and you’d like to thrive time show, you can now go to thrive time forward slash free dash resources. That’s thrive time forward slash free dash resources to download each and every book that I’ve ever written for free. You can download the ebook version of each and every book that I’ve ever written for free. Hockley I just want to chime in here real quick. I don’t like you or capitalism. I feel like we should all get free stuff. Well I am in the process of explaining where you can get free stuff and you can now also download all the helpful infographics. There’s infographics on firing one Oh one the perfect hiring system, the principles from Ray Dalio, internet marketing one Oh one the lead bin management system managing humans one Oh one logo creation one Oh one why Google loves WordPress time management one Oh one we also have an incredible infographic about the importance of calling your leads often cause the average person no longer answers their phone unless they are called multiple times and unless they receive a text from you.

You also have the importance of file nomenclature, one-on-one sales lead conversion one Oh one and much, much more and it’s all available for you to download for free right now by going to thrive time are you suggesting I should have to move my body? Yes, it’s for free. Isn’t there a way you could just beam it? I mean why do I have to move my body? Because I think causes me anxiety, whatever, which is why I would never go thrive time come on forward slash free dash resource. I would never [inaudible] dot com forward slash free dash resources. All right. Let me clarify. If you have the capacity to move your fingers, go to [inaudible] dot com slash free dash resources to download an ebook version of every single Amazon bestselling book I’ve ever written, and all the infographics that had the power to change your life.


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