Bill Belichick Facts (Part 7) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 102 Facts About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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Bill Belichick’s #1 fan and the Young Small Business Administration Entrepreneur of the Year for the State of Oklahoma Clay Clark breaks down 102 Bill Belichick facts while teaching how they can be applied in your business.

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NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” – Winston Churchhill (on financial education and entrepreneurship

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure, and have what they believe to be air-tight alibis to explain their own lack of achievement:

  • If I had the money
  • If I could get the job
  • If I had been given a chance
  • If I were only younger
  • If I were only older
  • If I only had a better education
  • If I could just save some money
  • If I lived in a big city
  • If I were not so fat
  • If my talents were known
  • If I didn’t have a past
  • If I had my own business
  • If I had the courage”

– Napoleon Hill (on personal development)

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Bill Belichick management mastery part seven.

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Some shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce a show, but this show dies to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 multi-million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time show

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we’re having a conversation about the great Bill Belichick, perhaps the best manager in the history of American football and one of the best managers on the planet. As we continue to break down the 102 bill Belichick facts that very few people knew previous to us recording this Epic show series. And you might say, well, why are you committing 20 hours of your life to recording a show series about bill Bilichick? Well, it’s because I’m obsessed with bill Belichick. You know, for years as an entrepreneur, I struggled to be a good manager. Marketing. If you look at growing a business, you look at it as a linear workflow. So step number one in growing a business. If you turn to page four of the boom book, which you can download for free by going to and clicking on the podcasts button, you can download the Boom book for free.

Page number four from the Boom book from the Boom book lays out a linear workflow. So step one is very easy. Everybody out there, if you’re a business owner or want to be, you can write down your goals. We can all do that. We can write down our goals for faith, family, finance, fitness, friendship fund. We can, every, everybody could do step one and we could figure out how much it costs us per per year to do that. That’s so easy to do. We could even sit down and figure out how many customers it takes. So as an example, for elephant in the room, every time we cut someone’s hair, I make $2 $2 $2 that’s what I pay myself. $2 so we do 4,000 haircuts. I make $8,000 everybody out there could go, Hey, my goals are to make 96,000 a year. I’ve got a goal to achieve this goal financially and to do this and to take my wife to this trip and that trip and go on this vacation with my husband or do this with my kids or send my kids to private school.

We can all make goals. It’s so easy to make goals. It took sighting to make goals. You go to a conference that’s so fun to make goals. A lot of conferences spend most of the time helping you make goals, but then after you’ve made the goals and you’re sufficiently motivated, then we have to break it down into how much money does it cost us per year to achieve those goals and all of us could do that and then we can all sit down and go, how much profit do I make per customer and how many customers do I need to have to achieve my goals? We can hope we don’t do that. You say, okay grant, I need 40,000 customers a month. Boom, step one done. Now. Step two. This is the second box of the boom book pen found on page number four is you’ve got to figure out how many hours per week you’re willing to work and this is where most people fall off the wagon.

They said, Oh, step one was awesome. I was on fire. I knew my goals, I knew my why. You got to know your why, your what. Your goals are only as strong as your why. I’ve got a big why. It’s like the why from the YMCA. Everybody can do it. I know my why. I’m excited. [inaudible] I know that my what I got the what, but then how do I know the number of customers I need to achieve my goals? Yes I do, and I know I know the numbers, but then determining the number of hours I’m willing to work on my business. I’ll skip that step. Let’s talk about branding. No, we’re going to go back to it. So we get to determine the number of hours per week. You’re willing to work for bill Belichick. It’s all of them. So you might say, well what do you mean all of them?

Well, the guy has a goal, like every other coach to win the Superbowl, but he’s willing to do whatever it takes to win the Superbowl. So I thought I would introduce a few people onto the thrive time, show a few characters, a few great people from the office. Here we have Jared McKnight who is a member of the thrive time show team. He works on the search engine team as well as on the sales team. He’s an up and comer who I believe will be a future coach here in the not so distant future. And we have Andrew Rojas who actually managed a Fuddruckers for many, many years. So let’s start off with a Andrew. Andrew, how long were you a manager at at FID Rutgers. And make sure you eat that microphone with a spiritual passion because that, that microphone is, is so sensitive. So how, how long were you a manager at Fuddruckers?

I was a manager for three years. About two years as a general manager. Yep. So three years. Three years. You worked there two years as a general manager, but no, no, like seven years. I was working with the company three years as a regular manager and then two years as a general manager. That makes sense. Any sense? Okay. And then so in Jaron, what were you doing before you joined up with us here at eighth grade us history teacher and also owned my own accounting firm. Okay. And talk to me about this for a second. Have you always known your goals? Jared? Have you had your goals written down somewhere? Honestly, no. I, I was a newer thing. Yes, that was correct. And so you now have it, I’m going to ask him to you to share what your goals are, but you’ve written down your goals, your, your, your F six goals for your faith, your family, your finance, your fitness, your friendship and your phone.

You’ve written those goals down? Oh yeah, about four months ago. Okay. And do you feel has that helped you if phenomenally every single decision I make in life now since I know my wife for every single F six goal, someone asked me, do you want to go to the bar tonight? Nope. Doesn’t align with my F six goals. So you know your goals. So your goals are like your compass. Exactly. That’s powerful. And I’m not diminishing the power of knowing your goals, but it once you know your goals, I mean, now we’ve got to put in the work. And, and you do Andrew Rojas. Let’s talk about your D. Do you know your goals would be sat and thought of your goals?

I actually did last week and I sat down and I was like, I’m going to make my goals. So I actually put it on my phone. I have it written down and as just like you said, ed is my compass on what I do things and as my big why on a lot of things that comes to my faith and my family and my fun. And it was, it was, I had to think about my friendship on there. Like who do I want? Am I circle on, who am I talking to? Who am I surrounding myself with? And I put those people into my calendar and I called them on a weekly basis. Now.

So you’ve done this, you’ve implemented the F six goals? I put that in myself. Yes. How long have you been on the team, by the way?

I’ve only been on a team for about a month now.

I think your microphone hates me. Can you [inaudible] keep you like right on that thing? Are you better now? Oh, that’s better now. [inaudible] Your mic was spiting us. It was wanting the microphone subconsciously. I’ve been trying to mute you from America. Okay. So you know your goals. And Jared, how long have you been on the team? 130 days. So before you joined the team, did you have all your goals written down? I know that that part working here has helped you. Oh, phenomenally. How, how has working here helped you to better define your goals? I really think that the biggest thing I’ve changed is consistency. So now that I know my goals, I just never put an environment where someone said, you need to know your goals as a history teacher. And they just said, show up everyday and you’ll be great. But I’m demanded here to do things.

Okay. Now there’s a notable quotable that goes on the Patriots. It’s the only one that is on the wall and the only quote that’s in the Patriots’ locker room according to everything that I could possibly read about bill Belichick, which is all of it. And so I wanna read the notable quotable to you guys because this is so powerful. The quote says, every battle is won before it’s ever fought. So I’m asking you right now, given that this is painted inside the Patriots locker room the locker room where the America’s number one coach, NFL coach of all time offices, the locker room, the new England Patriots there, bill Belichick put that quote up. But what does that mean in the context of, of our lives? Well, box number two, step number two from page four of the boom book.

How many hours per week are you willing to work, period. Let’s get that. Let’s what’s write that down. Somebody should write that down. Somebody should write some. I’m asking somebody right now to get out a pen and write it down. So I’m going to tell you what I’m willing to work and for accountability and for transparency. I’m going to pull up my calendar right now and Jared will be coming up kind of looking over my shoulder so you can see this and you could vouch for this and I just, cause you’ve been up here before, but as a general rule, do you not see me at approximately 4:00 AM every morning? If you’re here at four do you not see me at four that is correct. I’m your son. I’m used to, you see me come in at four (402) 350-5345 two this is about that time. That is correct.

All right, so I wake up every day at approximately 3:00 AM you say approximately why I want six hours of sleep. Then I’m willing to go from four until, and you look at my calendar here, I’m done with my last interview on Monday at six. So from four to six, how many hours is that? That is 14 hours. That’s correct. Do you see me take lunch breaks? No. But when clients are out of town or they can’t be here, I’ll eat something then. But other than that, I mean I’m here, right? Yes, that is correct. So 14 hours a day and I’m here 14 hours a day and 14 hours a day. And then how many days a week do you see me up here? Jared, you’re up here six days a week. Okay. So let’s say 14 times five cause that’s Monday through Friday. That’s 70 hours. I’m willing to put in Monday through Friday.

I’m done. I listen, listen to drivers. I go to bed at nine and I wake up at three so I’m going from three to five it’s 14 hours at 70 hours a week. 70 hours a week. Then on Saturday, I’m going to pull up my calendar here so you can see at Jeron. So Saturday I work here. I get teared at the office at five and I go from five until my last meeting here is at 10:00 AM my last meeting, I’m scheduled at nine 30 so that’s a five plus it’s five, it’s five sets in there, 10 hours, that’s 80 hours. And then whenever my kids are at cheer or doing something, I read. So I would say conservatively. And then I also record on Sundays and Saturday mornings before the kid. Kids wake up. I record the shows before the kids wake up so it doesn’t impact the family.

So I would say 85 hours a week, I work every week. Now if you take 85 hours a week every week, and you met my wife before, you’ve met my wife Jaron. Oh yes, we’re still married. She’s a great lady. But if I’m working 85 hours a week, times 52 hours, 52 weeks a year, 85 hours a week times 52 weeks a year, and I don’t take weeks off for holidays, et cetera. That’s 4,420 hours a year. Well, if I work 4,420 hours a year and the average person only works 36 hours a week, you could see if even if we were just having a race or a jog, I would win because I’m just putting in more time. I’m not that I’m a genius, and it compounds over time. You put in that work. So what does this have to do with bill Belichick? Well, I’d ask you this today as we’re reading bill Belichick.

Fun factoid number 81 bill Belichick fun fact, 81 the Patriot way. Bill Belichick consistently quotes the art of war again. He says, this is an article from Sportsworld, it says, he says, the only sign the Patriots have in their locker room is a quote from the art of war. Every battle is won before it’s fought. It’s a constant reminder that games aren’t won or lost on Sundays. You’re decided during the preparation that proceeds them. That’s why my businesses win. And when you, when you come into our staff meeting, do you get the picture that I have planned for this? Jeremy, you’re in the staff meetings? Well, what is our all staff meeting like every week? Oh, it’s phenomenal. It’s mainly on personal growth, so we focus on making sure that the business moves forward by making sure people are moving forward. So what are some of the things I hammer pretty much every week, or at least every couple of weeks we were like, he’s going to hammer it at some point.

He’s going to talk about this or something related to this. Pretty much every week. I’m definitely going to go with itemize your savings for 500 let go. You guys. I itemize and automate your savings. I want everyone to automate their savings. I want them to know how much it’s going to be and just automate their savings because there’s a book called the automatic millionaire and that’s how you save money. And you saw Andrew 21 year old guy just buy a second house. Did you not? Oh yeah. And that’s because he automated it. Savings. Mr. Rojas, you’ve been here about a month now. How long have I, how many times have you heard me talk about automating your savings? At least 10 times, 10 times at least. So again, it’s something that I do consistently but again, requires preparation and that meeting, what time is that meeting on Mondays.

Do you remember Jared? It’s gonna be nine o’clock, nine o’clock and we’re all there and we’re bringing the energy, we’re bringing the enthusiasm. It’s every week. Every week we talk about what are some of the other things we talk about every week, Jaron, where you’d go, this is, this is something that happens every week. This is consistent working here. I can plan on it. The amazing win of the weekend, the wind, the wind of the weekend where we praise, we celebrate people’s personal wins. We start every meeting off that way, right? We do that. Then we get into kind of a, a kind of a seminar or a work or a workbook or a workshop or some kind of training of the week we go over who set the most appointments for the week. I mean, it’s, it’s the same agenda every week. Every week it’s wins of the week and we celebrate who made the most calls.

Do we have a little bit of a training and housekeeping notes from John? That’s what we do. Yup. Every week. Have you ever worked in a place where it wasn’t consistent before Jared, if you’re worked at a place where they might or might not, the boss might or might not have that team meeting? The military. Interesting. Oh yeah. Now, Mr. Rojas, you managed you know, again a FID. Rutgers, talk to me about this for a second. I mean, have you ever worked in an environment where people have been less than consistent in what does that do if you’re working in an environment where consistency is not there somebody else has to pick up the Slack and it’s usually the higher ups. And an inconsistency just bottles. It just rolls downhill from there. So if the top person is not doing it, then the people as you go down the totem pole are not going to follow.

So if you are out there today and you Google search Bill Belichick Mike two or you go to YouTube and type in Bill Belichick, Mike, you can see the man who was perhaps the most consistent person I have ever seen. He’s super consistent. Jared, have you watched Julian Ellen’s video about weird interactions with bill Belichick? Yes, I actually have. That’s great. Have you seen this before, Mr. Rojas? No, I have not. Okay. Let me, let me, let me cue this up real quick here. This would be to an Edelman, a wide receiver for the Patriots who was drafted from Kent state. He was once a quarterback and I want you to hear this story cause it’s got to let you into the mind of Bill Belichick. Let me queue it up here. Here we go. Here it comes. Shunda it’s been for 10 years. I’ve talked To him eight times. I think he’s secretly funny and I feel like I’ve gotten to the point where I can actually laugh at his jokes or some of the things he does. We don’t, we don’t give examples. Okay. What happens in that building stays in that building.

Okay. So bill Belichick does not like it when anything that’s helped that happens privately within the organization is shared. And so although Julian Edelman is kidding, he’s really not kidding cause that’s a bill Belichick thing. It’s a top secret up there at Patriot place and we continue.

I mean one time I was there, it was probably like my third or fourth year in the building. I liked hanging out with the facility. I’d use the cold tubs until like 10, 11 o’clock at night. You know, just being there being on the team, I think this may have even been my rookie year and I was in there and I go in the weight room and it’s all pitch black and I’m sitting there and I look, I you always, you always take a look who’s in there. And I look and there’s bill with pitch black. He’s got the film on. I’ve got the big old book out, full pencil on ear writing notes, watching film on treadmill

And this is what he does. And all the players who play for the Patriots. Talk about how when you leave the stadium, Bill’s still there. And when you get there, he’s already there. And that is why he wins. Now bill Belichick fun fact number 82, the Patriot’s way. Bill will always find room for improvement, especially on winning games. Jaron, you are around John Kelly, Jonathan Kelly works up here. He’s a very effective manager. Can you talk about Jonathan’s worldview as it relates to getting something a little bit better every week? It’s never ending. He has a strong belief that if you get stagnant, you’re actually digressing. So if it’s, if it’s the same every single week, we’re getting worse as a team. And so he has something to say every single week to get better on. That’s what he does. And if you read the article and sports world dot NBC called everyone, everyone’s got a bill Belichick story and there’s an excerpt that reads, I remember the 16 and Oh season Harrison says we would be winning games by 25 points.

And in the Monday film sessions, he’d be saying, Brady, you can’t hit a 260 pound tied in on that play. That’s terrible, and do you guys on defense think maybe you can stop somebody for once. I mean, he just light us up. We’re winning by 30 and he’s just killing us. That’s the mindset of bill Belichick and if you own a business today, you’ve got to have the mindset. You can always get better. It’s called Kaizen. It is a is a Japanese concept of continual improvement. That’s how you do it every week. You got to get better. You got to pull the weeds in your garden every week with your family, with your faith, your fitness, your friendship, your fun. This is how you get better every single week. We got to ask ourselves, what can we do to get better? Now bill Belichick, fun factoid number 83 the Patriot way.

Bill is an avid planner. If you read the article on sports everyone’s got a bill Belichick story. It reads. I’ll tell you what separates him from every other coach. He always has a short term plan and a longterm plan. He’s always working on both at the same time. Bill Belichick spins seemingly every minute of every day thinking about how to win the next football game. He’s focused on winning that game in a way that even in a sport famous for coaching, obsessive stands out. No, he’s not necessarily smarter or tougher or more competitive than other coaches, but maybe he will focus on it just a little longer. So let’s talk about this for a second. I’ve been talking about bill Belichick for a lot of shows. I mean I have had, I’m not sure how many shows I’ve done so far. Let me, let me just see how many shows there are are released right now cause I don’t know the exact number off the top of my head.

Let’s, let’s look it up real quick here. Okay. I’ve done 1,775 shows that have been released right now, but I have another several hundred yet to be released. So you have heard 1,775 shows. Now think about that for a second. If I had done 1775 and I divided that by three 65 if I, if that’s what I did, if I did, we’ll show every day. That would be approximately 4.8 years of doing a show every day. But I do nine shows a week. But you get, you get the idea. It’s the consistency. That is why when you type in bill Belichick number one fan, if you do bill bell, check number one fan using the number sign, you will see that I come up top and Google. Or if you type in bill Belichick coaching philosophy, let’s see where I come up cause I think I’m on page one now, but I’m not number one over overall. If you type in bill Belichick coaching philosophy, I come up

[Inaudible] okay.

At the bottom of page one for that. And there are many, many bill Belichick keywords that come up top four because I’m obsessed with bill Belichick. And so I’m asking you today, what are you obsessed with? You gotta be obsessed with something. Being centric doesn’t work. According to the federal reserve, the average American has approximately $400 saved. According to Gallup, the average American, 70% of people, 70% of people hate their jobs. 70 is that shocking? The Eucerin that 70% of people hate their jumps. Oh yeah. That’s mind blowing. To me, it’s shocking. Do you know, I mean, have you had jobs? Oh, I’ve definitely had jobs, but I kept leaving them until I found this one Rojas. Is that shocking to you? That 70% of people hate their jobs? It doesn’t shock me. It doesn’t shock me at all. To me it’s, I mean, I, I mean, it’s not good, but I’m not shocked.

I see everybody every time. See people, I don’t, I don’t really go out very much. And when I, when I invite people over though a lot, so people over, let’s make sure we get this thrive nation. I don’t go out, but I have people come over and you might say, what does that mean? Well, in America today, there are 330 million Americans. It’s a larger number. And of that 330 million Americans, we have 16 million of which start a business every year. 16 million of which say they’re self employed. So think about that for a second. There’s 16 million people in America right now who are considering themselves. Oh, I do not like that sound. That’s a book that bets and bad sound. Thrive nation. That’s a good sound right there. That’s a good song. This sound though, right here, this is a bad sound, but this sound right here.

That’s a good 330 million Americans right now in our country. Someone should write that down. 16 million of which say they are self employed, but yet according to inc magazine, 96% of business owners are going to fail within 10 years. Fail done. That means you have a 0.0019% chance of being successful. Two tenths of a percent. What? Yes. So you know what kind of people that that means in a city like Tulsa where there’s, you know, 400,000 people, that means there’s like 800 people in the whole city who are successful. For a decade, don’t city 800 so I don’t understand people that are complaining all the time. I don’t understand people that are not happy with their lives. They don’t understand people that don’t like their family. I don’t understand people that don’t like their job. Cause I create the life I live, I designed the life I want.

I don’t just react to it. And so at my house, I invite Charles Cola over. He owns the multimillion dollar company called colo fitness. He and his wife, they run that business. I invite him over. Why? Because he chooses to be successful. Yeah. I invite a 21 year old named Andrew bloomer over why? Because he chooses to be successful. And I think Mr. Rojas, you’ve seen the staircase there. But if somebody is coachable, consistent, honest, whatever, they get an invite to the man cave. Coachable, honest. It’s just there’s, I have like a formula and I look at my staircase and it’s actually a drawing I’ve had. I have. And I look at it and go, is this person consistent? Honest coach. What if they are, I invite them over and if they’re not, I don’t cause I don’t want drama in my backyard. I don’t want drama in my house.

So why would I have Charles Cola come over? Why would I have people like the, the owners of platinum pest, Jared and Jennifer come over to my house? Why would I have West Carter the attorney of choice for his law firm represents a TD Jakes and Craig Rochelle and top ministries. Why would I have these people at my house and not everybody? Because consistency is what matters. Consistency over time. And I don’t need to convince the people at my house that they need to get that. We all need to get better every week. We don’t have that conversation, but we don’t just get together and complain about the way life is. We’re always focused on getting better. That is what we do. That’s the common denominator. Whether someone’s an employee or an owner. That’s what I’m looking for. Now, bill Belichick, fun factoid number 83 the Patriot way.

Bill’s an avid planner. Think about that. Are you an avid planner? Are you planning your life to be the way you want it to be or are you just reacting? Because if you’re just reacting and complaining, you have to be a solution focused, a solution and future-focused person to be successful. You think about the solutions in the future, that’s how you become successful. Now, bill Belichick, fun factor number 84 the Patriot way. Jaron, bill Belichick, fun facts way number 84. What do you have there? My friend, the Patriot way bill was president of the chai PSI fraternity at Wesleyan [inaudible] university. This just in from our home office. That’s a good sound. That’s a bad town. Not a good sound look. Good sound. Okay, so bill was the president of his fraternity at the Wesleyan university. Now the Bleacher report, there’s an article called before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story.

Jared, you wanna read that to us there? My friend. Yeah. Our former member of the fraternity described Bill’s fraternity at the Boston globe as animal house. Before the movie, he rocked out to the Beatles, Bob Dylan and the grateful dead skipped class to go to Mardi Gras. Sneaked a case of beer into the gun with the wind by holding it under his puffy coat and he had long shaggy hair. Oh, bill Belichick before you knew him. So he is human. Why am I mentioning this? Because everybody out there, we all have to come from someplace. I don’t care where you have been. I care about where you’re going, which takes us back to page four of the boom book. Here you see right now we sat, we know our goals box. When I got that, I know my goals box two how many hours am I willing to work? This is, see, this is this. Oh, Oh no, somebody needs to hear this, but somebody has some, somebody is going to get a little upset right now. And what’s going to happen is because your exceptional future self is going to run into your ordinary self right now, and this is what’s going to happen.

So Jesus, who is exceptional is having a conversation with ordinary and exceptional and ordinary always have a conflict. Anytime exceptional people dwell in the midst of ordinary thinking people, there’s always going to be conflict.

So you used to not be a morning person, eh, but now you are. Why? Because you want to be a successful person. And if the vast majority of people are, 70% of people hate their jobs, well the mass majority people are not successful. Again, the vast majority of people don’t have businesses that work. Perhaps we should look at those successful people and say, what do they do? And all of the successful people I’ve met who have traveled from not successful to a place called successful, all of them became morning people [inaudible] Mehta time. Because you have to get up every day and design your schedule. Jared, what happens every day now that you get up and plan out your schedule? How is your life different on a daily basis? On a very practical level? I mean, how was your day different? How’s your life different when you plan out your day?

Well, I think the biggest thing is that that’s the time that change actually happens. So I’ve read 12 books now since I started working here. And what are a few of the books you’ve read, by the way? Well, all the clay series obviously give us a few of the books you’ve read and then seriously, what would be one of the books that you’ve read that I’ve wrote written that you think is probably the most impactful for you? Well, honestly the boom book’s great, but get started is like the full finished version of the entire thing. So start here. Yeah, I went through a 12 highlighters when using that book. It is absolutely phenomenal and if I would have read that book when I was a a business owner, I, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. Okay, well I’ll tell you what. So again, if you’re out there today, I’m asking you, are you, are you being proactive about your life or are you doing that and quit beating yourself up about where you came from?

Bill Belichick was a frat guy. He was a little bit wild. All right, so now he’s the best coach of all time. Now bill Belichick, fun fact number 85. This just end from our home office is what mr chairman, the Patriot way, bill Belichick sent out 250 hand written letters to college coaches to try and obtain his first job. I don’t know if anybody out there can relate to that, but I mean if you’re mailing out 250 hand written letters, you’re mailing out 250 handwritten letters. If you’re a mailing out 250 handwritten letters. Let me think about that. Think about the time it would take to write tutored and 50 handwritten letters,

You know? Right. And 250 hand handwritten letters. This is about 200 feet. It’s kind of what’s kind of parallel to doing a 20 hour bill Belichick series. I mean, think about that. What kind of sick freak would work so hard to achieve financial freedom, freedom, freedom to only devote his free time to doing a 20 hour series. It’s funny about the greatness of bill Belichick. I mean, who would do that? Why would somebody do? Apparently somebody loves bill Belichick.

I’ll check wanting to become a coach and apparently nobody wanted him to be a coach. Think about that for a second. Apparently you want to become successful, but nobody else cares apparently. Because apparently when I reach out to guest to have on the show, some people say no, you know Brian McKnight, the RNB singer just rejected me this morning. That was a beautiful rejection. Bill Belichick knows this was bill Parcells assistant just shot down. We’ve had Nick Saban’s assistant shot me down. These are all just recent ones. The DJ Casper though, the guy who did the cha-cha slide. Oh yeah. He just said yes today. That’s a ways from a show tomorrow at 10:00 AM. That’s awesome. I played that song thousands of times times it, you know, but again, I mean, some people say yes, some people say no. I’m the guy who started Paychex. A $28 billion company just reached out to us to be on the show. Wow. What am I favorite books of all time is called profit first. And the author of that book just reached out to us to be on the show. But apparently Brian McKnight does not want to be on the show. But Bryant, you know, and I know that it’s a matter of time because over time we’re going to make you an offer you can’t refuse. You see Brian,

Over time you’re going to find that you wouldn’t be able to swipe up. So cause we’re going to take it off your kid. Refuels if you don’t have a thread, you’re not gonna say that. I’m going to rip the head of a horse off of its body. Put the horse will sit in your bed. I wouldn’t do it up a truck. Your bride. No, no I wouldn’t. I would send it, you could start to feel a little to the pressure. It’s like a lead pipe. It’s like a finger to metal. What partners chasing in your pride. You want to be on the show and I realized I don’t want you to get somebody out there is trying to put a hit on your summer. I just, I’m saying you want to join the fed on the thrive time show. It’s us. You say everybody’s doing all the cool kids are doing it. We’ve got Wolfgang puck and John Maxima

Be on the show, but I’m going to reach out because I’m going to keep reaching out. I’m like a relentless bamboo. If you’ve ever had bamboo growing in your yard, you try to tear that stuff out of there. You can’t kill it. It just keeps growing back stronger. I’m like a weed that you put out and it keeps growing back. Bike back the bamboo. I am like a relentless, I am like the weather. It just keeps changing over and over and you’re like, I just got to a place where I liked the weather. That changes again. I am like, ah. It’s, it’s like the seasons. They keep coming. I am like the the son that rises every morning. I am like that pet rash I’ve had for a decade. No, I, I’m just, it’s relentless and you’ve got to be that. You’ve got to be relentless. Relentless.

Jared, read the excerpt from the Bleacher report on bill Belichick. Fun, fun fact that her 85 from the Bleacher report story called before the hoodie, Nobel chick’s origin story. So he did not hear back from a single person because nobody wanted him. Here we go. Not a single person. Nobody. That’s rude. That’s rude man. Well, he sent out 250 letters to college coaches. Nothing. Not a single one. Yep. In 1975 he got his first job from Martha Broda, then head coach for the Baltimore Marchibroda March. Hey, Margie brood. Yep. Go for it. Need to go to college longer to learn. No problem. Say words. No problem. So you don’t even have to pay me. Just give me something real. March. Broda needed a cheap film guy and Belichick was passionate. Done deal. Fellow coaches loved him. He worked hard. He was smart players though. Wanted to clock him Colts.

Linebacker Stan white told the interviewer if Belichicks. If bill check seemed harsh. Now if, if check seems harsh now you should have seen his early years. He was so arrogant and brash to the Colts players called him a punk. Do you understand that? He worked for a quarter, an hour, a quarter, an hour, one quarter an hour in exchange for room and board and to be a coach on the Colts team in 1975 I’m asking you, mr listener, mrs listener, what are you willing to trade off for the success you want? Do you really want it dear? I mean, do you really want it? Cause I don’t know if you do. I think one thing we say we want it, I think we say we want to have success. I think everybody says that even you interview the average person, you want to have success, they say, yeah, but do you want it?

You know, like as an example I know a lot of guys who are in great physical shape and they always are telling me, dude, you should do a decathlon. Well, I’m gonna tell you something. I don’t want to run a decathlon brow. It’s awesome. You get a runner’s hot. I don’t want it. I think what bothers people is when someone says, I don’t want it, and they actually don’t want it, because because you’re in a fitness doesn’t mean that I have to be because I’m in a business. Doesn’t mean that you’re you want to be, but you’re listening to a business podcast. So unless you’re a sick freak, I’m assuming you want to have success in business. So what are you willing to give up for it? So let’s talk about the hall of plagues for a second. The hall of plagues today, right now it’s, it’s the Thursday before Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving I will not be working.

I’ll be with my family on Thanksgiving, but I will be working on the Friday after Thanksgiving and I will work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and I will work on the Saturday morning following Thanksgiving in the Sunday morning following Thanksgiving and I will do it. Why? Because I’m willing to make the trade offs need it. You might say, well clay, how do you afford the thousands and thousands of trees that you own? How do you do that? How do you have the land? How do you do? What do you do? Well, tradeoffs trade ups. What are you willing to trade? I’m not though willing to trade off my weekend to do a fun run cause I don’t think it’s fun to run now you might think it’s fun to run and that’s cool. You might want to wear tight biker shorts and run around and be aerodynamic with your aerodynamic helmet running around and blocking off city streets so that you can ride around and ride those bikes in those tight shorts that I don’t need to see your package.

I appreciate that you have a package. I love that the package is being delivered. I just don’t want to see it. But you might say, I want you to see my package. I need to wear those tight air aerodynamic shorts. I have to wear the shorts because if I don’t wear those shorts, it will slow me down by two tenths of a second per mile. And that’s cool. If you want to dress like an aerodynamic person and you want to wear your aerodynamic helmet and you’re super skin tight shirts with all the bright colors and you want to block off city streets to do your bicycle rides and your fun runs, that’s cool. But don’t be at a shape and complain about your shape. If you’re not willing to put in the work and don’t be financially out of shape and be upset that you’re not where you want to be.

If you’re not willing to put in the work and don’t be a bad husband and be upset that you’re not a good husband. If you’re not willing to put in the work, it’s work. Where, where, where, where, where. So I’m asking you what are you willing to trade off? I would suggest we’d go ahead and tackle the big three trade-offs. Right now we tackle the big three. There’s three big trade offs. One, the average person right now is watching 11.3 hours a day of media on their smartphone. That’s dumb. According to Nielsen, 11.3 hours a day. What? Well, apparently if you’re watching 11.3 hours of media per day, it’s hard to get something done. I’m not on social media all the time. Another example, the average person, according to the New York times, spends over five hours per day with her TB on. Well, it’s hard to read a book when the TV is on hard to do it.

You might think you’re doing it, but you’re not doing it. Well. We turned off social media and the TV that might give us 16 hours a day back. Now, if you say, I’ve already, I’m already doing that clevis. I’m already doing that work. Can I find more time? Turn toxic relationships off. What will you talk to someone for an hour and a half about something that’s not going to change? That’s a toxic relationship. It’s when they want to fix you. Every time you see them, they give you an a solicited feedback about what they don’t like about you. That’s called a toxic relationship, so you gotta do is go air mops. Aramark’s I can’t hear you and you leave because if not, you’re going to spend your time and toxic relationships. You say, well, clay, I’m not watching TV. I’m not on social media. I’m not doing toxic relationships.

Where can I find more time? Quit Googling down black holes, quit Googling something and Googling something else and clicking on something and spend your whole day or night clicking on things. I don’t do that at all. Okay, fine. Quit gossiping. Oh, I don’t clean. I like to talk about other people who aren’t present in a gossipy kind of way. It’s my heart. It’s my pastime. Oh, okay. Okay. I’ve stopped that. What else could I just stop doing? Things that aren’t related to your F six goals. It’s not that complicated. We have our F six goals. It’s like a compass. We know where on the map we want to go. We’re currently located in Minneapolis and we want to get down to Houston. So our compass says we’ve got to go South, we got to go South. We got to get on that highway and go South and you get on the highway and you go South.

But I want to go West and Colorado. It’s okay. So you go West into Colorado. I don’t understand why it’s taking so long to get to success. Well, this example, Houston is success. And you went left. What? Yes. Well actually you were driving South from Minneapolis down to Houston. So you turned right and you’re out. You’re in Colorado on the Western half of the U S I don’t understand why I’m not having success. Cause you ate cake. Trying to re burn more calories than you. You know you’re burning more calories than you’re consuming. So you just ate cake. I don’t understand why I’m not achieving success because you just bought a bed. What are you doing? Do you understand? I am a 39 year old man and I sleep on the same freaking mattress to my wife and I first got, when we got married, I had the same mattress for 18 years, but we shouldn’t you get a new one?

I could. I’m just saying you probably listen to you, mr. Listener, you, mrs listener, probably have a newer, nicer car than I do. I drive a Hummer and I gotta replace it eventually. Cause the thing’s leaking gas right now. I mean it’s just leaking gas but it’s, but you know I’ve had it forever. Betsey’s got, you know, 200,000 plus miles on her. Just gotta make it to the new building. Cause if the new building I’ll, I’ll just be like live on the same properties is the building. So I’ll let the commercial property and my residence will be on the same property. So she’ll live forever and she’ll live forever. But I gotta make it till that and that’s my goal. But you don’t clean. I don’t know why I’m not financially succeeding cause you just bought cable. You just subscribe to cable. That’s what happened.

I don’t know. I’m not saving money cause you go out to eat every meal, like literally every meal. You’re going to Chipotle late. Yeah. But I want eat healthy P S go to whole foods, go to sprouts. Get yourself some here. Let me give you the diet plan that Charles Cola has given all of our listeners multiple times. Broccoli, chicken, water, shut up at bla broccoli, chicken water. Have a set aside, a shut up broccoli, chicken water with a side of, but it doesn’t have any flavor. Puts him shut up on it. It’d be fine. Broccoli, chicken, water. I want to see a nutritionist. Oh, well then you’re not going the right direction again, clevis my religion. My faith seems to be off my faith. Well, you need to, you know, stop watching scary movies and skipping church. You know, figuring out where you want to go and go that direction.

But I want to turn off the exit. It’s so tempting to have Amish made goods. They make fudge, they make butter, they got the Amish accoutrements. I want to pull over and get it. I want to Jaron dut road trips. You ever been on a road trip before? Oh yeah. Are you a guy who likes to pull over and look at every possible little random distraction or do you just power through? I was the guy that got pulled along on road trips. I’d rather fly. Okay. I hate stopping anywhere. But have you been with people that pull over every single time? It’s possible. Oh yeah, there’s, there’s a subway. I’m hungry. Can we fall over? There’s a McDonald’s Rojas. Are you would drive straight through kind of guy or do you stop every single time?

I had to drive straight through. I have a destination. I’m going straight to there, but I will say though, growing up with my mom and going road trips to Houston, it was, let’s go check this out. Look at the way, did you see the windmills? We got to go check out the mountains. Let’s go over there. Or Hey, the blue monitor in season, bam. So, or potty breaks. I can’t tell you how many times we had to do potty break

Or there’s a Cracker barrel. Let’s go there. I mean there’s a look, there’s a big gas station with a casino next to it. Let’s go in and play a few games. So I’m dying in the back seat. We’re driving to California as a kid and, and my mom was like, Oh my gosh, only 60 miles out of our way is a media ripe. It hit the earth. We got to go see it. That’s what people do that I’m at ripping their moms or, well, I’m just saying, if you want to get somewhere, why is it so freaking complicated? Just figuring out your goals and don’t drift. This is why bill Belichick sent out 250 letters. You know what, clay, here’s what happens. Here’s what happens for me all the time. I start getting motivated. I start feeling a good flow. I’m in a good flow.

I’m in a good flow, I’m feeling motivated. And then what happens is I get a little, a little, you know, just a little rejection sauce, a little side of rejection sauce there, and then I start to, I get up, I get upset, I get anxiety. You know, I start to get worried. I start to, I just get anxiety. Okay? Wasn’t, don’t be an entrepreneur to stop. Quit the game. Quit, do it. Try it. You know what I mean? Just quit. Just stop. It’s okay. It’s okay for you to say you don’t have what it takes, but I want what it takes then. Okay. So then Winston Churchill, the former prime minister of England, who stood up to Adolf Hitler and the third Reich, the only country that stood up to Hitler and fought back at a time before the marriage, before the United States decided to team up before the United States decided to team up and to fight back against Hitler.

Winston Churchill was all in, and he says, success is the ability to go from failure to another failure with no loss of enthusiasm. Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm, no loss. You gotta find a way to get more motivated. The more rejections you get, you gotta find a way to have more fire power. Every time that you get that, Hey, you want to convert that haterade into hate it, into haterade, into like an energy source. You want to convert that hate into the haterade energy source. It’s like a, you know, at friction could create electricity and energy. That friction, that friction is what causes you to get more motivated. That’s how you achieve success. But if you’re somebody who’s like, well, every time I get rejected I just get less motivated. Well, let me get rid of you a Napoleon Hill quote because he’s a more articulate man than I am.

He says here, Napoleon Hill says, people who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They all know the reasons for failure and have what they believe to be airtight alibis, to explain their own lack of achievement. If I had the money, I would succeed. If I could get the job, I could succeed. If I had been given a chance, I could succeed. If I were only younger, I could succeed. If I were only older, I could succeed. If I had a better education, I could succeed. If I could just save money, I could succeed. If I live in a big city, I could succeed. If I were not so fat, I could succeed. If I, my talents were known, I could succeed. If I didn’t have a past, I could see it. If I, if succeed, if I had my own business, I could succeed.

If I had the courage, I could succeed. That’s Napoleon Hill. I’m going to give you more. If I didn’t have anxiety, I could succeed. If I wasn’t stressed out, I could succeed. If I wasn’t a night person, I could succeed. I wasn’t raised in a bad family. I could succeed at my skin. Color was a different color. I could succeed. If I wasn’t a man, I could succeed. If I was in a woman, I could succeed. If I wasn’t a homosexual, I could succeed. If I wasn’t born in this town, I could succeed if I only had the time I could succeed. If I wasn’t struggling with anxiety, I could succeed. If I wasn’t what these are things people say, if I had the time, I could succeed.

Deal with it.

What are your goals for your F six life and let’s get there. Just like bill Belichick, let’s see. He was sitting at who’s sending out hand written


Hey, let’s, let’s take a moment and let’s just listen to this would be like audio of bill Belichick hand writing a letter. Let’s just, let’s listen to what this would sound like for a second and just see if maybe this would be you know, maybe, maybe this would motivate you. Let’s, let’s listen to like hours of

Deere, Notre Dame. My name is bill bell at check and I would sincerely like the offer tuna are going to reset

Trinity to become, do you understand is what take hours and hours and hours and [inaudible]. The thing is he didn’t have a marketing budget. He didn’t know anybody yet. No insight, connections, but that’s how he got started and he got hired for a quarter hour.

I caught a car, I caught a quarter a quarter. He got hired for a quarter, an hour, a quarter, not a dollar a quarter. Did you say a quarter? A quarter. He got hired for a quarter. What? What, what word are you saying? A quarter now. Sarco are you saying corner or a quarter? A quarter.

Think about that. That’s a, that’s a, that’s not a big number. Bill Belichick fun fact. Toy number 86 coming in hot from the Patriot way podcast help desk care. Bill Belichick received his first job by working for free as a film guy. Please read the notable quotable again from fun factor number 86.


In 1975 he got his first job from Marty Broda. Yup. You got it. Nailed it. Yup. This head coach from the Baltimore Colts by telling him, you don’t even have to pay me. Just give me something real. That’s a hot deal. That’s what elephant in the room is. Our first haircut elephant in the room is how much money Mr. Rojas for the first hair cut. Just $1. Have you been there yet? Yes, I have. Was it good? It was amazing. You liked it? I, I’m not gonna lie the first hand whack st kinda threw me off a little bit, but other than that, it was great service. And the shampoo gets you. Did you fall asleep? I a freaked out. The guy, the guy? Yeah. What happened? I he put the hot towel Amin and I he jumped. Oh, I jumped, I screamed and yes, I did.

And I freaked him out and then I was like, okay, wait, nevermind dude. I’m getting to a place like that before I have something similar to that, but like nothing like to that type of service and atmosphere and onto that without, you know, having to pay attention to like a TV screen or something. Jared, have you ever been to it? Have you been in the elephant room so far? Oh, Oh yes. Yeah, a monthly. Do you like that $1 to, did you like the first dollar haircut was worth it? I’m the first dollar haircut was, I’m exquisite, but I mean it’s a dollar. How do you not [inaudible] that’s why I do it. It’s a dollar and it’s not free for me to offer. It cost me $22 to give you a haircut for a dollar. That’s what it costs me. I go backwards, Glenn. I’m not willing to do it.

No brainer. Well then you’re gonna lose, but my industry is different. Well then you’re going to lose. My industry is different. Really? Really? I don’t think so. Bill Belichick fun fact toy number 87 the Patriot way players hated him when he first started. This just did. People don’t like accountability from the Bleacher report. The article is before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story share with us Jared players though someone at o’clock, him Colts, linebackers, Stan white told Halberstam if Belichick seems harsh now, you should’ve seen him in his early years. He was not so arrogant and brash that the cult player called him punk. Belichick was a kid. Not even hadn’t, he hadn’t even sniffed a pro ball or even gone to some great football school like Notre Dame or Alabama. He didn’t look like a football guy next to pro football players. He could look positively small. He didn’t fit in hyper macho world and it didn’t help him that part of his job was collecting pay books from cut players.

So his attitude, because he remember real quick, he doesn’t look macho, he did not fit in. And his job was to collect the playbooks from the players they cut. So when a player got cut, he had to go collect those things. So the article continues. So his attitude, because he was so young, white said was, I’m not going to let you push me around because I’m so young. I’m going to push you around first. So bill check came in there and laid down the law. But again, if you’re a manager out there, Mr. Rojas, you managed a FID Rutgers for quite awhile. What happens if you let the prisoners in charge of the asylum? If you let the employees run the office, what happens? A ale go rampant. I mean, they respect to what you inspect. It’s just one of those things. If you don’t hold them accountable, I mean, it’s just going to go crazy. It’s going to be a jungle.

Shunda bill Belichick fund factoid number 88, the Patriot way bill was not a mean cuss because he wanted to be. Now, before we move on to be fun fact toy 88, I want to clarify, if you’re a manager, you’ve got to lay down the law. And if you avoid friction, your success will be a fiction. If you avoid friction, your success will be a fiction. You’ve got to create a positive atmosphere. Jared, you’re up here every day, last you know, three months or so, 130 days. How would you describe the atmosphere on a daily basis up there? For the people out there who have never worked in this environment, been here, they haven’t attended a workshop, they’ve never had a job for me working with me talk to them about what the atmosphere is like up here. Working with myself and John and the entire team.

Well, the best part about it is almost everyone hates it. If you’re not an entrepreneur mindset, it is 100% all the time from the moment you come in at four in the morning until you leave at five in the evening. There is not a dull moment. There’s always overhead music playing. There’s always someone pushing you to do better and it’s just never ending. It’s great if you get here, if you’re scheduled to work here, 7:00 AM to three with many people that want to work here from 7:00 AM to three, but we work during 7:00 AM to three. We’re not on our smartphones screwing around all day. It’s an environment where we get stuff done. There are key performance indicators. Mr. Rojas, you’re making all the calls right now for Shaw homes and a, is there a quota for how many calls you’re supposed to make per day? They didn’t even give me a number.

They just said, Hey, go in and do it. How many calls a day or you make it 300 plus. Let me tell you what you’d be learning about that 100 day. 100 calls per day, minimum quota. If you were hitting the minimum, you’re hitting 300 calls a day, 300 calls in it. Somebody out there should write that down. You mean there’s a guy in your office making 300 calls a day? 300 calls in a day. 300 a lot of businesses don’t make 300 calls in a week. I actually broke my personal record of 703 in one day.

Surely you can be serious. I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.

Somebody out there though. You have an office where your team doesn’t make 300 calls a week a week because it’s weak. But our guys are making 300 calls a day, who you guys call it, what we’re calling leads for our clients. One of our clients say, you know, I don’t have any, have you been, I don’t have anyone on my team who is willing to do the calls. I can’t make them do the calls. They don’t want to do the calls. I can’t find someone who will make the calls. And so therefore, could you guys make the calls for me? And yes we do. We make the calls for you. And a lot of clients hire us to do that. When we make calls for you, let me tell you what, we make calls for you. That’s what we do. Cause we charge you for it. But some people who work for you, we’ll charge you.

They’re an employee and they’re getting paid per hour and they’re not making calls. You’re paying them to make calls, but they’re not making calls. That’s a lot like going to the store and you walk into that store to buy some kale and you walk out with a Turkey leg and you’re like, Hey, can I get some kale? Sure. Here’s a Turkey leg. Mm. I wanted kale. Sure. Here’s an orange. I wanted kale. Ah, you get nothing but go ahead and pay for it. What? Yeah, just go ahead. Leave my cart feels kind of empty. Yeah. Cause nothing’s in it. But you paid for it. That’s called employees that don’t do their crap. And was that a problem at Fuddruckers ever? That was a problem. And how do you get people to do their jobs? How do you do it? What do you do? Do you, do you give them a high coup? Do you hug them? Do you cuddle them or do you, what do you do? How do you get people to do their jobs?

Coach them through it. Show them what I need them to be doing, you know? You know, and it was always that coaching moment. Every single moment was a coaching moment there. And if somebody won’t do it eventually after all the coaching, what do you do? Buy, buy, buy, buy this just in. So bill Belichick fun factoid number 88 the Patriot way. Bill Belichick was not a bean cuss because he wanted to be the Bleacher article entitled the before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story. Jared read the excerpt. My friend, he didn’t ease off until he established himself with the giants. And even then only a little bill Chet, bill Belichick told Halberstam that he didn’t want to be that stern cocky guy, but he felt like he was a mask that he had to wear in order to earn the respect and authority required to survive in this world.

Real quick. He said he didn’t want to be that stern, cocky guy, but he felt it was a mask he had to wear to earn the respect and the authority required to survive in that NFL testosterone world. He believed he had been forced to be more, Oh, you know, he’d been forced to be intense because the players wouldn’t respect him otherwise. So we had to have that game face. So I’m asking you right now, are you the manager that everyone jokes about because they know that you’re not going to bring about the success you talk about? Are you the manager that everybody talks about because all the employees know that you won’t bring about the success that you talk about. They know that you’re just going to have a new idea every week. Do they? Does your, does your team know that you’re just going to have a new idea every week?

Cause that, is that the, is that the conversation in your office? It’s like, Oh yeah, this is the idea of wheat guy. Every week he has a new idea. The idea never gets executed on. And so that’s why she is not a good boss. Are you, are you a joke? Are you blowing smoke or are you somebody who gets it done? That’s the question I have. Are you tolerating Jack? Sorry. And if so, it might be time to change that game. Face bill Belichick fun fact. Toy number 89 the Patriot way bill used to love talking to the media. Jared, tell us about this. Yeah. So Baba giants beat reporter in the 1980s remembers Belichick answering questions about defense by happily drawing diagrams right on the notepad. Imagine that bill Belichick taking notes for a reporter. Repeat that again. He took notes for a what reporter.

Oh, well bill Belichick now is notorious for not doing interviews and or saying as little as possible. Jaron, why do you think he says as little as possible now during interviews? Well, he actually explains it really well. So he actually watches every single interview of every coach before he plays against him. And people in the past used to actually give away their entire strategy for the next game. So he’s in the game to win. He’s easy, he’s playing the game to win and he doesn’t want to give away his strategy. That’s the only reason he does it. But again, a lot of this, I see a lot of leaders say business owners, I can’t change. It’s the way I’ve always done it. Well, bill Belichick used to always do interviews and actually draw out his plays for the reporters and he found over time it wasn’t helping his team.

When somebody says, well, we used to, I mean in our office, I know some people out there won’t believe this, but my office used to be open six days a week. Now it’s open for, I remember when I switched it to four. Oh man, you would’ve, you would’ve thought I was advocating for communism or something. I’m like, guys, we’re going to go seven to three. That’s the new schedule starting in two weeks. Get used to it. Tell your husbands, tell your wives, tell whatever boyfriends, girlfriends, plan your schedule. Instead of going nine to five Monday through Friday, we’re going seven to three, four days a week. People are going, but that’s the way you’ve always said that we’re going to be open nine to five Monday through Friday and then bonus day on Saturday for certain clients. I’m like, sure, and a half. What about work life balance, but now we, but I’m saying when you switch to the four day work week, there’s a momentum. Everyone’s used to that five to six and you change, I mean Rojas. Does it seem kind of weird that your day wraps up at three most days?

That should probably answered my question. Right. The real question there. But getting off at three or getting off at four or five and I can have a night off.

What kind of stuff do you do with that downtime? He used to spend some time with the kids, with the wife. Do you go, what do you do? Now that I’ve been

Working here, I actually schedule my time of what I’m doing. So I’m going home reading a book, hanging out with family and everything, depending if we have church or going to any top of the other events. That’s what we do every single night. Now is there a lot of traffic at 6:00 AM on the way to work? Not at all. There’s a lot of traffic when you’re leaving at three not at all.

There it is. So I encourage all the listeners out there. I had one listener I’ve been working with for a long, long time and he just decided offer 24 seven service and I used to be open just nine to five so I don’t have a night shift that works at night. The answers, the phone calls, and they’ve almost doubled their company with no additional advertising simply by being one of the only service providers in his industry to be open after five. That’s a move. Now, bill Belichick, fun factoid number 90 the final one of this particular show. In our final show, we’re going to cover fun facts 91 through one Oh two I say final. It’s the final of the fun facts, but then we have 75 notable quotables we’re going to cover as well. So bill Belichick, fun factoid number 90 the Patriot way.

Bill doesn’t talk to media because he wants to. When this article comes to us from the Bleacher report before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story Cheron what? Say you. So bill later told Halberstam than the, this was a mistake even still in private. He tried to be kind. Well once kicked then plain dealer beat reporter Tony Grossi out of a practice, but invited them into his office for what became an hour long conversation. Keep reading my friend. Oh yeah. Do we have another? We have page two. I will continue. Okay. You have, do we find it? No. Is there not? Page two I don’t have that. We’re short. We’ve shortened you by one page. He goes on to say, I explained how he was so hard to cover and he explained why he put these things in place and he thinks we were against the team because of it.

It all went back to being competitive. He said if I answered that question the way you want, I’m giving up information, I’m lusting our chances to have some kind of advantage. All coach stuff. The GQ magazine story said if he were to joke and suddenly lighten up with everybody, it would compromise who he is. He’s certainly capable of doing it. He could come out next week and start telling one liners and tell you what happened on one play and what happened with this, with this player, but he’d be saying to himself, you’re cutting away at your ability to really be a good coach. You’re showing too much. So if you’re out there today, what kind of game face do you need to have to manage your team? Is your, is your team doing okay with you being the Mister nice guy or do you need to be a little more tough? I’m just asking you from a management perspective. I find that entrepreneurs tell me over and over to the hardest part about running a company is not marketing. It is not sales. It isn’t accounting. It’s managing people. And if you struggle to manage people, you’re not alone. And that’s why we’re recording this entire series for you. And so now that he further into, we’d like to end each and every day

Show with a boom. So here we go. Stop what you’re doing. And think about this for a second. What would happen if your company was suddenly able to generate exponentially more quality sales leads? That would be incredible. What would happen if your company came up at the top or near the top of the Google search engine results? Quail? I would just feel overwhelmed with all that. Pissed is how many thousands of dollars in lost sales or millions of dollars in lost sales are you missing out on? Simply because your potential customers can’t find you when they go online to search for the products and services that you offer. I refuse to think that thought because I don’t want any more business unless you are a dirty communist that hates money. My new book search engine domination will help you grow your business. In my new book search engine domination, we will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate the search engine results. What do you mean by dominate? You see in my new book search engine domination, we will teach you the specific steps that you need to take to dominate search engine results. Download your free ebook copy [email protected]. I repeat that the best SEO My is Amy Baltimore

And I am a CPA and Covington, Tennessee. I’ve been working with the thrive team now for about a year. One of the first things that they did was to update my website and my search engine optimization. I prior had a website but I was not being found on Google and all of my new business was coming through referrals from friends, family, et cetera. And right away I started to see results of people were calling and coming in saying that they found me on Google. They just Googled CPA near me and there I was at the top of the page. And so it’s been a great help to my business.

Again, you can download your free ebook copy today at the best S E O book.

This is your year to thrive. Today is your day and now is your time. Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth. Proverbs tenfold. I’m here to tell you you can do it. If you can just motivate yourself to up. The masses had to cut off to you. So on the day I could one day do a misshapen tree. I had to prove I had to make cuts to be here daily at new wave of knowledge monsoon. I could wave them, no dose those doubt in the next spot. The next blue room for the next Dr. King who changed the bulls and walls into way what you run by like a one to one. It’s up to you. I remember my days back into the dorm room like the template. Well with the jobs that tried to consume food, the future that I could pursue what? From the mountain top. Now I can do clue that you have what it takes your youth to thrive success day and now it’s your year.

This moment is profound because shook the ground. Your rope might’ve been rough with what you’ve got now is now even checked you vow. But you gotta be discussed with the old plow started from the bottom of what my wave up prayed up. You got to get it. Don’t quit is your day. Today is your day all went to kid, but we cannot begin without self-discipline to fall with your face. Get yourself a teacher up to Kohl’s dot pay or with a friend when the storm’s getting up in the scat, only with yourself what you believe we believe in you, but not as much as God does. If you’re going through hell, he’s got nothing applied. What you learned in due time, you got money to increase what you burned into tangent. Got money to tell him you got money to make money. Record. I looked the shutdown, the towers, silver beads that became your dream flowers empower you to devour all of the obstacles that make your sweet dream sour.

As for me, I used to [inaudible] but now up on the microphone. Smooth light buck. If I can do it, I know you can too, but you bust. Stick to it like postage to at while Martin Zam, the coal wrists. What he’s saying, a carbon shoot. Truth victories. Today is your day to day show day and now it says you will. Today is your day day and now is your, it’s your time today and now we do a time sing it Barton. Today is your day. [inaudible] At the time I realized I can’t sing like that, but I can’t talk and

Play the woodblock. Okay. If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.


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