Bill Belichick Facts (Part 3) | A Look Under the Hoodie | Exploring 102 Facts About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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America’s number one Bill Belichick fan takes a look under the hoodie of one of the most effective managers and professional football coaches of all-time while sharing 102 facts about Bill Belichick that most people do not know.

Jamie Fox & Tim Ferriss Interview –

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #45 – The Patriot Way | Cutting Off the Sleeves 

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #46 – The Patriot Way |  10 Years in the Coaching Desert 

Bill Belichick spent 10 years in minor coaching positions in the NFL with the Baltimore Colts, Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, New York Giants before landing he defensive coordinator job with the Giants in 1985.

Build your Reputation, become great at a practical skill, and eventually you will get paid.

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #47 – The Patriot Way |  Bill Hates Inconsistent Tablet Technology

Bill Belichick refuses to use tablets –


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #48 – The Patriot Way | Most Former Members of His Coaching Staff Do Not Do Well As Head Coaches 

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #49 – The Patriot Way | Bill Loves Playing Mind Games with His Opponents

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Claire – Do we have a podcast on the dangers of not having an LLC and why it’s important? –

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Bill Belichick Facts Part 3 Thrivetime Show

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Ladies and gentlemen, if you’ve ever struggled to manage people, you need to learn how to be a little bit more like the new England Patriots head coach. Bill Bellacheck, the man who was a master of management and Z. If you are thinking about naming a horse, you might want to name your horse what?

Well eight rings has been taken. Very famous two year old thoroughbred this year and it was named after Billy because he’s won eight super bowl rings. Can you imagine that eight Superbowl rings, the Ochoco Beverly asked you a question we get as we transition into our show today. Are you more obsessed about business or Belicheck? Ah yah.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show, but this show does to me. Eight kids co-created by two different women. 13 Moke tie, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the thrive time.

Bill Bellacheck management mastery.

Zay, it is so good to see you.

I’m going to tell you something right now. How many people out there do you think it actually top to bottom, left to right, right to left, and however you want to read it. Implement all the management style and decision making processes this man has into their business.

I think you implement a lot of them and I know one of you. So I would say one that’s a very good answer. I mean, you do things that bill Belichick does every day. And I’m excited for the listeners to learn about bill bell. Check fun factoid number 45, which is exactly you by the way. Okay, here we go. It’s the Patriot way. Cutting off the sleeves. Now here we go. Here we go. Come on. Bill Belichick is an NFL coaching icon and he’s, and he’s really inseparable apart from his legacy of wearing the hoodie. I mean, you think about bill Bellacheck, you think about the hoodie. Yes. These, they appeared with these sleeves that were kind of like hastily cut off, you know, and they’re asking him, you know, bill, bill, why do you, why are you doing this? So in an interview in 2012 w E I radio, they ask and they say, bill bell, what’s going on with the wardrobe choice?

And he says, in all honesty, I really don’t pay much attention to it. I swear I don’t. People ask me after the game, why did you wear the blue one or why did you wear the one that, where did you wear the gray one? I just put on whatever is there now. Many assume bill Belichick’s been a hooded ever since his coaching career. New England began, but that is not the case. He couldn’t get her on there like the man himself. The hoodie is steeped in mystery with its reputation outweighing the real history of when it came about. It wasn’t until 2003 that the Reebok NFL equipment hooded sweatshirt was introduced to the league prior that bill Bellacheck was fond of windbreakers wearing those for the better part of the first three seasons in new England including Superbowl 36. However, the first game we find bill Belichick wearing the infamous red hoodie still was sleeves and tact was November 11th, 2003 where were you on November 11th, 2003 in a game against one of his former mentors, bill parcels and the Cowboys.

Belicheck would go on to wear the gray hoodie and multiple games the rest of the 2003 season. Yet he still went back to the windbreaker for the super bowl. He went back to it now he hadn’t gone full hoodie yet. Now in 2004 bill Belichick truly became the hoodie loving coach. We’ve come to love or hate. You see these sleeves still survived the entire season, but then bill Bellacheck wore the gray Reebok hoodie for the last 10 games of the season, including all three playoff victories, but in a preview of what was to come next. Bill Belicheck was constantly pushing the sleeves of his hoodie up during the Superbowl. Hey, they’re just too, they’re too far natural, too far down. He’s pushing him. He’s pushing him up. He’s pushing him out of the way. So the following season, perhaps emboldened by his third championship or in four years, but bill Belichick took the scissors out for reasons that he would later describe as short arms. They’ll check first slash to sleeves off EMOC a hoodie sweatshirt and an embarrassing 2005 week four loss to the San Francisco chargers where they were. They lost 41 to seven San Diego chargers. They lost to the San Diego chargers, 41 to 42 to a 17 and week four of 2005 and that is when bill Belichick unleashed his short arms and the sleeveless hoodie. [inaudible]

How many plays did he miss? Because the sleeves are too long. They’re on the board. I mean, they’re on his little clipboard thing and he dressed to impress until he didn’t need to. Correct. I’d like for you to break it down. You told me, you said clay, he need to dress a certain way when you’re still selling. Yes sir. But once you’re not selling, what’s your bias? Start buying. You can start wearing whatever you want. Hits my good friend, dr Robert Zellner wear soccer shorts to the bank board meeting. [inaudible] To the bank that you are. Remember that? All the stories, you’re the bank, you’re the chairman of the bank board. Am I correct? Was that the chairman but I was a board of directors. You’ve got a chair at the board. I had a chair. There was a board, there was a chair and a chair.

You invested in, you had a chip. Jim had a chairs and some friends went out and bought Regent bank. Yes. You are somehow on this board somehow the w for whatever reason they asked me to be on your buddies out there wearing suits and tie it up and they got their little, you know, pocket things they tuck in. They got the nice shoes, nice socks to go with it and you and my friend are wearing soccer shorts. Talk to me about cutting off your sleeves, figuratively speaking. Well and you, you said it very well. I might add that you know there’s two seasons in your life or as far as dress codes go. One is when you’re buying and the other is when you’re selling. Now the difference is when you’re selling, you are trying to be someone that wants something from somebody else or you’re going to try to have an image that you think they want to have.

In other words, you’re going to wear a suit when you at a, when you’re a bank VP and you are trying to loan money, you’re trying to get somebody’s business, you’re going to be suited up, tie up, you know, you know, start shirt. I mean you’re going to look to part aspiring wedding discharge. When you’re a door to door salesperson, you’re going to look, have a certain look. When you are selling new homes, when you’re selling new homes, you have a certain look. Even if you’re a car dealer trying to sell new cars, you have a certain uniform, a certain thing you wear. What if you screw up screwed up though and you start dressing like you’re there but you’re not before you are. What happens? I see that a lot. Well and that’s the problem. It’s kind of like attitude or anything. I mean, what a lot of times, unfortunately, people will judge you on first look.

In other words, they, we say don’t judge a book by its cover, but we all do. We sell you buy or sell the book. We wouldn’t be telling people, Hey guys, listen, I want you guys to judge a book by its cover. If people were doing it by default, right? But people, I’m telling you by default, they, they judge a book by its cover. No, it needs to be taught that or preached to. We tell people, don’t judge a book by its cover, but at the end of the day, no one’s listening. Well, they’re still going to do it. And so we’d, you know that subconsciously, even even though you think people aren’t doing it, they are. And you know that. And so therefore you think, well, what’s my cover and who’s judging me? Now when you’re buying, they’re the one dressed up and they’re coming to you. So what I tell you to like this is like I told Jews, clay, you did that transition for years.

You wore suit and for years and you did the Einstein move, which I think is kind of fun. You wore blue suit, white shirt, red tie, and for years, Brown shoes, Brown belt, every single day you had them lined up perfect. And the bathroom, there’s bathroom, you still have like shirts or something lined up like a suit just in case, just in case. So you would have like 10 of them and you would just wear the same thing every day in. For me, what happened was I remember going to a wedding venues early on when I dressed like a jackass and I had the double hoop earrings. Oh yeah, I a a war you know, jerseys and that kind of thing. Baseball jerseys. Oh yeah. I’d show up in jeans, you know, acting like I’d been there, done that and I haven’t and no one would give me the time of day.

Right. And so I realized I’ve got to dress to impress, not dress to regress. And then the problem was about, I don’t know, about five, maybe, probably six years ago. Every time I would go on a plane, someone would say, clay, Clark, can I sit by you? I want to pick your brain. And I realized I had to do this thing called reverse networking. I told my wife, I said, I think Z does it. I don’t know if he does it intentionally, but I, I’m going to call it reverse networking where you dress in a way that repels money. Correct. It’s where people do not want to talk to you. Cause you’re right. Look at that curmudgeon over there. There’s no way that vagabond, he must have won these tickets in a raffle. I don’t want to talk to that guy. Right? And then no one, no one at Mathis brothers tries to sell me anything. Right? Nobody at Han will creep me. Nobody on the parking lot. But when you dress a certain way, people you a true, you attract things. It’s a law of attraction. Well, it’s not only, it’s a lot of things, you know, they, they talk about too, the two things people check out on you, your shoes and your watch is a man. So if you’re out there and you’re selling, you should have nice shoes and a nice watch

On, right? If you’re not, you don’t really care. In fact, you really don’t want someone trying to sell to, you have mediocre shoes and you know, just to, you know, average watch and they’ll glance at you and then kind of roll their eyes, walk off, you know? And if it’s kinda like it’s uptime, but you’re like, that’s good, that’s good.

The third Superbowl before he made that transition, so let’s make sure we get this idea. He wasn’t applying for a job at the age of 23 while we’re in cutoff hoodies, he never to see in the first episode we did, he worked for, we covered, he worked for $25 a

We, that’s the move we’ve taught that before. If you’re just now new to the thrive time network of family fun, we’ve taught this move many, many, many shows. And that is, it’s that intern move. It’s the move where you say, what do I want to do in life? I don’t have the training or the knowledge to do that. I know what I’ll do, I’ll go to college on their nickel in the sense of I’m going to go work for them for practically nothing. $25. I mean that’s nothing right. You the intern move where you, you know, there’s some really famous guys that have done that kind of, I, you know, little Burke has done it and his was really funny. He just went in, he pretended to work there pretending to work there and got a closet in as an intern, got a closet turned into his office, turned it into his office name on the door. I mean that’s something that’s a little bit now

Mike, one of my favorite intern stories, which I will put a link to Andrew right now. It’s on the Tim Ferriss podcast. And see you’d love listening to this if you have a long road trip. Yes. Jamie Fox. I’m his bitch. Well he’s being interviewed by Tim Ferriss and Tim Ferris is like, Jamie, how did you get your contract? You know, [inaudible] his deal. Okay. Cause remember he was a funny man on, on living killer. Oh yeah. And he said, well, I was a classically trained a pianist and my mom used to have me always play the piano back in Tyrrell, Texas and our Tarell Texas. And he said it was still racially divided at the time. And I would go to these really nice white people’s homes and would play. And they were so impressed by my posture and how good I was that I kind of learned how to work both sides of the, of the humanity I get, I got to, I fit in with the African Americans, I fit in with the white folks and I kind of had developed this persona where I would do kind of comedy in between the songs as a way to kind of toast out the song, play the, tell the story behind the song, get the audience engaged.

So I had, among living color is a funny guy cause it’d be kind of funny as a piano player, but I really wanted to be a musician, right? So one day I ran into puff daddy, he was out there, I had a bit, some big PR of it and he walked up to puff and totally made this up. He said, puff P P Diddy, I’m a photographer and one of the best in the area and I would love to work for you for free as your publicist. Cause you know you got to have someone you can trust and I’ll be doing it for free and I’d love to do it and we’ll puff daddy’s like, okay. Cause he started as an intern at Howard Howard university and then he interned back in the day for L.A. Reid and that’s how he started a bad boy records. So anyways, so puff is like, sure man.

So he tell him Tim Ferris, so I get this gig and Tim goes, so were you a good photographer? He goes, I had no idea how to do it, but I learned all weekend. So. So he goes out there and he starts falling, puff around to these red carpet events and he’s taken photos. And one day he’s in the limo with puff, he’s talking to puff. And he says, P, how come you spent like a lot of money on these parties? I mean, what, how much do you spend on a party? And puff goes, man, I like to spend seven figures on a party because it lets people know that ma, I got old money, long money, I’m going to be here for a long time. I get all the celebrities in one place. I can network, I can get deals done. That’s how I do it.

And he goes, okay, okay well Pete, here’s the deal. If I could throw a party using just red solo cups in a budget of under $500, you promise you’d be there. And he goes, I promise. He said, P is an intense guy. He won’t lie to you though. I said, I’ll be there. He says, you’ll pray, you promise. So he tells him the date and he says, I’ll be there. So then he proceeds to call people in his Rolodex. So people he barely knows through going to PS events. Cause remember he’d get their number and go, Hey, I’ll send you the photos, give me your number and I’ll email them to you. That kind of, so he’s like, it’s the move. Tyra banks, here’s the deal. This is Jamie Foxx. Who? Jamie Foxx from living killer. Oh yeah. P and I are throwing a party at my house.

We’re calling it old school. The whole party is going to be under 350 bucks. Like back in the day before we had money. Red solo cups, the whole thing. You want to be there? I’ll be there. Well, but she brings some like, you know, a snacker, a crackers and bring some like a snackable stuff and cheese cubes and red solo cups. Cubes. Yeah. So that gets city party going. No, but seriously, so he, he’s working the phone. This is some of the richest people in the LA area. And so the day of the party comes and all these people start rolling up and like, you know, stretched Hummers and SUVs and Lamborghinis and they’re all red. They’re all like the celebrities and they’re go into his house and there’s red solo cups and he set up a studio downstairs in his basement. He had a studio coming mine and he goes down there and he wrote this song called slow jams and I don’t know if you see, have you heard this song slow jams before? I think I have. Let me go get queued up real quick cause this is how he made his career happen. Jamie Fox, this is the song. That’s fun stuff. I love this. He gets, this is the song Jamie Fox.

Oh she says she wants him. So we already had this part recorded

Part was already recorded before Kanye showed up. Okay.

But definitely said this,

He has this already recorded before Connie’s

[Inaudible]. This is

Connie. Come on down. Why don’t you do a verse cause I’m going to have P Diddy on the track. So Kanye is like, yeah, I’ll come down. So Kanye hops on the mic and does his verse. Then Jamie already had his and then puff shows up at a later time says puff, come down here. Kanye is on the track. So he throws down then want you to strip. So he takes this. So now it’s recorded. Then he gets in his car, which is not a luxury car and drives to every radio station up and down the left coast saying, I have a new single, you’ll be the first one to play it featuring Kanye and Diddy and twist all on a song. Do you want, you want to be the first one to play? I give you an exclusive rights. So he ends up having his song played on the hottest radio stations and that is how Jamie Fox got his career going. It’s hot.

It’s incredible. But it all started with what? With him saying, I’ll do something for, for nothing. There it is to somebody that had the, the the ability to help him move to the next level is how you do it. And that’s how you do it. And that’s why bill, but I’ll take with saying, listen, I’ll come be on your coaching staff for nothing. Nothing for some of you out there. I mean, let’s, let’s call it what it is. Ryan Tedder went and worked at pottery barn pottery barn for free for Timberland, for Timberland. And it’s kinda like you’re going, what? We don’t celebrate those moments. We don’t celebrate. Can you imagine Ryan Tinder to probably the apron on at the checkout counter. Oh, what colored kid? What flavor candles that you want to get in, man. Oh, handle over here in this section. These are all happened.

Can you sing well sir? Yeah. Oh yeah, I can. But we, what kind of candles do you want? I mean, can you think about it? It’s all these people out there who are healthcare Stella check are unwilling to work for free. I know it’s crazy though, but so many people out there, we celebrate when they finally hit it big and they’re rolling and rock and woo. Jamie’s an a list actor now. I mean, I love him in Django. I mean I love him and all this stuff really gray. It makes me, it’s incredible. Ray is like the best, isn’t it? Nowhere. I mean he really channeled Ray well and but my point is is that you got, we don’t celebrate those humble beginnings, but that’s what the show does and that’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to say, Hey, listen folks, we’re giving you the practical steps.

We don’t want to just, we don’t want to go here and just say, look, you could do it. Let’s go get it. Dan. Just get Pete, daddy and [inaudible] with you and you can be a hit. You know, here’s the steps he did well before that, following a dude around with the camera, taking pictures, acting like he’s a paparazzi when he was just a hired hand. Really, but hired for nothing and doing all the dirty work and then get, I love that. Getting the names and numbers to work in the, Hey, I got you the picture with P data. You want a copy of that, right? I need, I need some way to get it to, that’s on the move, right? That’s the move.

Drew, real quick, make sure you put a link to the Tim Ferriss interview with Jamie Fox on part three. I want all the listeners will find it. Listen to it. Great stuff. Now we move on to bill Belicheck fun factoid number 40.

He spent 10 years in, wait, wait, wait. One second. One second. One second. I think I need, you need it for the sake of our thrive nation. I’m sure. Yeah. For the sake of the nation, we do anything play. I love you. You know that. Well, I’m publicly going to profess that. I appreciate it. I love you. Appreciate it. But when I told you you don’t have to dress in a suit, that didn’t mean you didn’t have to wear pants. You kind of went a little little the first few days of, yeah, you went to, you were suited up every day. Suits, suits, suits, suits, suit, suit. Hey, I’m done selling. I’m now buying. And then you show up with no pants on. I have audio

And I have audio. This is what happened. Let me keep the audio. This was me at my a party, my coming out party where I announced I was not going to wear pants anymore.

Perfect clip. Perfect clip. Okay. Now we can move along the quad. I love naseum. All right, here we go.

Fun factoid number 46 the Patriot way, 10 years in the coaching desert. A lot of people don’t realize this. Bill Belichick spent been 10 years in minor coaching positions in the NFL with the Baltimore Colts, the Detroit lions, the Denver Broncos, the New York giants, all before landing his defensive coordinator job with the giants in 1985 Z, a lot of people are not willing to work for less than they’re worth for 10 years.

Folks, it’s a means to an end. And I promise you this, if you overdevelop your business, Ackerman, in other words, you over deliver, you do more than you’re supposed to do, then pretty soon you’ll get paid more than for what you do. [inaudible] You say it much more eloquent than I do.

Well, Napoleon Hill said, he said, when you overdeliver, you’ll eventually be overpaid. There you go. I would re, I would refer to this as the law of reciprocity. Maybe even the golden rule. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. You just want to overdeliver and sow those seeds. So those seeds over-delivery and over time a successful grow you’re going to, you’re going to find, you’re going to, you’re going to build this thing called a reputation and you have this three part equation to success. You want to build your reputation and you want to build a practical skill, right? So you want to have a reputation, but you want to have a practical education, actual skill, practical education plus reputation. That’s what creates compensation. But if you have a practical skill, practical education, but you don’t have any reputation, it doesn’t work. You have to. Yeah.

Right. And somebody listening out there right now needs to hear the word I’m getting ready to say. And that is, you’ve been grinding, you’ve been over-delivering, you’ve been doing a great job. You feel like you’ve not been recognized for it. But promotion is coming. I promise you this. As a business owner, as a business manager, we’re looking for those people out there. We are. And we may notice some of us are better at letting, you know, we see it. Some aren’t very good at it, but they know about it. And so you’ve been out there, you’ve been grinding, you’ve been doing a great job. You haven’t been, you haven’t been fussing about anything. You’ve been building the team, you’ve been helping the organization get over the hump and get the ball into the end zone. All the analogies you want to throw in there, and I’m telling you, promotion is coming to you, bill Belichick 10 years and I promise you after five years he could’ve gone, Aw man, screw it. I can’t forget about it. Seven years, Oh eight nine 10 and then promotion happens. So it’s coming, continued to do the good work. Do not get downtrodden, do not feel like you’re being overpassed true or overlooked. You keep doing that and I promise you this, the good always rises to the top. It does. It does. It’s just the way it is.

There’s a gentleman that I talked to recently about a building project who has referrals for days, for weeks. I think he told me he has a seven week waiting list to talk to him about a product. I mean that’s, that’s a little much but zero Google presence stuff talking to the guy and it’s like he doesn’t exist, but he’s referred to me by everybody. Right. That’s why you use that kind of guy. Now, if he had Google presence mixed with that kind of reputation, that’s in breath. Take 12 weeks to get done. Now bill Bellacheck fun factoid number 47 this is totally other doctors he playbook. Okay. He hates unnecessary technology. Ah, try to lie. So bill Belichick, you know how like someone will put a push notification on your laptop and it will make you angry? Yes. Please explain what happens when you have a new laptop and somebody to help you to make it more convenient for you has turned on the push notifications on the new phone or the new laptop and you’re in a meeting or you’re there looking at it and all of a sudden that little notification talk to me.

Is there anything more knowing than that when you’re sitting there talking to someone in a high level meeting or even a low level meeting or just the meeting at all? Or are you trying to have a quiet time and I’m sitting here,

Dude. You’re like, who was that dude? I didn’t, can I, can I, this is bill Belichick. This is the play by play call. When bill Belicheck discovered that he didn’t want to use the Microsoft surface anymore. Let me queue this up.

In seasons recent, the NFL has certainly cracked down on any tremendously outward displays of emotion on the field. So what about this? You’ll notice Patriots coach bill Bellacheck just taking it out on his Microsoft surface Patriots coach bill Bellacheck, just taking it out on his Microsoft surface tablet during a recent loss to the Buffalo bills. The NFL is in the middle of [inaudible]

Now. Real quick, let’s go. Let’s do it and then we’ll get, we’ll get it from a different angle or different game. This is [inaudible]

Or the play by play call. Belichick was chicken out. The tablet man was not happy. Look out tablet.

Oh, there it goes. Look out tablet. Now bill Belichick has discussed this before. He doesn’t like technology. It’s not consistent, period. He doesn’t want like unnecessary technology. I see so many people, so many people who are telling me, I can’t find a girlfriend. I cannot find a girlfriend. Really? Wow. I hear this all the time. Okay, and I’m going get off a Tinder. Go meet people. Where are people though? Where? Where? Dude, where’s that happen? Seriously, get off a Tinder where or can I meet people? I’m having a hard time finding a job. You have to actually show up for an interview. See, you see people trying to automate and look appropriate for said interview. Do you see this all the time though? People try to automate and use technology for things that you don’t need technology for. If you know what they spend 12 hours trying to save two hours and that drives, I have a very, very funny story about smart technology that I’m not going to mention the physical location of the situation or the gender of the person and volunteer because they would guess I know who it is.

Nope, not guess I go to a person’s house, a guy man or a woman now wife and I are there and we pull in shirt and it’s a nice neighborhood. Very exclusive. How I know, I know and the garage is, the garage door cannot be shut. It tell me the right, it can’t be shut. I know what house it is. Her or she or him. We talked to this person, we said, you already gave it up. And we said Hey, what’s going on with it? Cause it’s open. Like for days we’re there for multiple days, won’t close. And they’d go, I’m sorry about the garage. I can’t, can’t shut it. This isn’t a big deal. I can sleep with my wife with the lights on him. I’m fine with that. Yeah, but you go downstairs a little bit andZ , there’s this sound where it’s like, Oh no, it’s this, it’s this like server thing that they can’t figure out how to stop.

So like every maybe 10, 10 minutes, just enough picky. Crazy. It’s like God made hammers. It comes on and goes. I’m sure you said though, it’s like every 10 minutes and consistent. And then there’s a a, there’s the, what’s the Amazon thing you’d do the echo, the Alexa. You talk to that thing and you say like, Alexa, you know, turn on the music. So when I’m sitting there watching an adult in their mid forties go, Alexa, turn on the TV. Alexa, turn on a TV and it gets gradually more streamer. Alexa, turn on the TV Alexa. And they can’t turn on their no, seriously that they had had us over for a movie night. Don’t make me unplug. You cannot turn on. No. So it’s crazy. They cannot turn on their TV. It was a movie night. Cannot turn their TV. [inaudible] Cannot figure out how to cool the fridge to the right thing.

Cause it’s like the whole smart thing. It’s like a hub. It’s a smart home, smart home. But that the, the, the, the, the refrigerators cool and things about a cool, you know, 81 degrees. You know what I mean? They can’t get the thing that’s not going anywhere in degrees Fahrenheit. Does that mean they can’t stay? That’s what I’m saying. They can’t, they can’t shut their garage and all their ice cream is melting and it was the most disaster and they just couldn’t do basic things because they have all these freaking apps now it gets better. This same person, a robot came back. It’s paced to kill it. We had, we had to Uber somewhere cause this same person could not get their keys to work because of some sort of, it’s like some sort of app where you could lock your, it’s like your phone can activate your key.

I don’t know. But we couldn’t get, we couldn’t get the car so it’s like ah crap. Crap. Call numerous. But you know, so a smart phone can make you dumb and a smart home can make you dumb too. You’ve seen this before. Borrow can make you look dumb to your friends are over for movie nights it’s like micro Alexa, pop, pop, pop to pop popcorn pop the popcorn. It’s not that cool to watch someone say Hey Alexa, turn on the TV. It’s just not that cool to watch that. Especially when the TV doesn’t come on. It’s cool when the TV comes on. I’ll admit I’m not going to some of these smart homes. I’m like, Hey, well, you know what I mean though, when they don’t work and when they don’t work. Yeah, it makes me crazy, but the 12 minutes every month that they do work, it’s impressive.

Okay. I’m going to, it’s like, come on. Hey, I think I got 11 minutes left on my working zone, so come on over right now because it looks impressive. Now see, we’re going to move on to a bromantic section of the show. Oh, well, there we go. Bell check 48 there we go. In fact, what number 48 treat wick. Most former bill Belichick, members of his coaching staff do not do well as head coaches or anywhere else. Now built teaches them a strategy. They learn the system, but let me just share with you what’s going on here. Charlie Weiss came with bill Belichick from the jets to the Patriots in 2000 to be his office of coordinator. He later left the team and spent eight seasons as a head coach and Notre Dame, Notre Dame, and Kansas. He went 41 and 49 at Notre Dame and then a including 22 and through 22 and 43 over the last six seasons of his career.

He recently worked on it as a TV commentator. Okay. Romeo Cornell. This guy’s done okay since being on the Patriots, but he came to the Patriots with the jets or from the jets with Belicheck to serve as the defensive coordinator. He left the pats and 2005 to be the head coach for the Browns and at four seasons with the Browns, the and later two seasons as the head coach with the chief, he compiled an outstanding record of 28 wins and 55 losses. He’s now as the assistant coach and Davidson coordinator for the Houston Texans, Eric Mann. Jeannie was previously the defensive backs coach for the Patriots. Oh man. Jeanie having worked with Belicheck on the Browns and the jets previously, man Jeannie left the pats to become the head coach of the jets and then turned in bill Belicheck for Spygate. True story. He would later serve as the head coach of the Browns and most recently as the defensive coordinator under chip Kelly with the 40 Niners.

He’s now an S an analyst with F S [inaudible] and recently told ESPN he’s hoping to reconcile with bill Belichick. Bill Belichick does not return the calls. Josh McDaniel. First job was the Inn in the NFL was a personal assistant with bill Belichick. In 2001 he eventually Rose to become the offensive coordinator and he left become the head coach, the Broncos, where he coached him Tebow and was fired. Now he’s back on the Patriots again as the offensive coordinator. He found his home Belicheck a Rob Ryan. He hired Rob Ryan from Oklahoma state fame to be his linebacker’s coach. After lion Ryan left the Patriots, he served as the defensive coordinator for five different teams. Most recently he was with the Buffalo bills under his brother Rex Ryan, and now Mr. Ryan serves as an analyst for sky sports in the United Kingdom and we can keep reading, but the summary is you made your point.

I think these homies do not do well. Now, Matt. Patricia just left to the Patriots as a defensive coordinator to become the head coach of the lions but joint lions. And how are the Detroit lions doing this year? I mean Detroit lions 2002 six and one or something like that. Two six and what? Yeah, they are. I don’t know, something like that. Let me see. I got the three six seven did they win last week? Let’s take a bet here. Let’s take a bet here. There are three wins and four losses of three, four and then last year they were a tie that tied, they tied their first game against Arizona Cardinals. I know that cause I was watching that cause Kyler Murray, so six wins and 10 losses last year as the head coach of the lines. And then Brian Flores just left the Patriots to join as Miami dolphins who won their first game this past week and they are not doing well this year. And see. Why do you think it is that when people leave a system that has been proven to work, why they tend to not do well outside of the maniacal control of bill Belichick when they leave the evil empire?

Two reasons. One peanut principal definitely comes to mind. And the second is they haven’t earned the right to be bill Belichick. And yet they’re selling themselves as [inaudible]

Bill Bella chair. They’re going into their new job, kind of acted like to the Darth Vader of coaching. Right. And people don’t respect it. Well, what happens is [inaudible]

Is that when an owner, the billionaire who has his team, he’s excited about would do anything to win, he says that, but he won’t. And then they say, listen, I want to build Belicheck. So what I’ll do is I’ll go hire a guy that knows bill Belichick, I, he works for bill Belicheck. Right? And when interviews and the guy says, what? He doesn’t say, Hey, I’m no bill Bellacheck but I’m going to give you my best shot. No, he says, listen, I’m actually better than him. Billy here. He’s leaving body back. He’s living a lot of chili on the table. I could be so much more. And you know what for you, I will be so much. I mean they sell themselves. Come on now guys. Cause there’s, they’re interviewing a hundred people,

Right? So this doesn’t have to be people 20 so they think they’re getting this done. But this is what they’re actually getting. This is what they think they’re getting Darth Vader. But this is what they’re getting here.

See if you were seeing Spaceballs Oh I actually, I was the log time.

Rick Miranda’s I think was Darth Vader in there, right? Rick Miranda’s. I love that. I did. Fast forward, they got it done in five minutes. You didn’t have to give me again some dip tonight. What are you doing? You know Rick, Brandon’s Ghostbusters one of the best, but I think he was Darth Vader, right? And he’s playing the part of space. This is, this is him pretending to be. You look at this. Did you look at this? So he’s pretend to be Darth Vader, which is what you are about to become

For Claire to die.

It’s all kinds of wrong porches. As big as mine. It’s not the easiest movie to make is take a hit movie and spoof it. What? It was great. It was great. And their, their lightsabers got twisted. Okay, so the bill Belicheck way, the bill Belicheck way. We’re moving on to bill bell cheque way fun fact away. Number 49 don’t finish up on 48 all the way. I feel like we did. People do not win. Well they don’t. They don’t. They, the other teams thinks that they’re hiring Darth Vader, getting the, the main actor from space ball. Okay. Now listen, you’ve had guys who’ve worked for you before that you have mentored, you’ve, you’ve controlled what they’ve done. You’ve actually kind of helped build who they are. Yeah. And is it because they think they’re more than what they are or does it be, Oh, those were plan B?

I’ll just go, yes, right away. Okay. Okay. Or is it because they don’t have the same resources that their next employment opportunity? Well, I have told I just one guy on my team recently, I told him, I said, Hey, if you want to make more than a hundred grand a year, you have the talent needed to go do it. I don’t know if you have the tenacity and I would encourage you to prove me wrong because typically about every six months and you’ll pick me up and when you’re self employed, I’m not going to pick you up. Yeah, so self-employed, you’re got to pick yourself up. I think a lot of times people have the skill, but they lack the tenacity and how do you wait and what’s tenacity? He said, well, listen, if they’re going, okay, I know how to do something. When you don’t have a backup plan, it’s where do you have the mindset, and by the way, I’m quoting you, but you want to be though what?

At breakfast, dr Z and not the chicken. You wanted to be the pig. You want to be fully committed. This is, you know what? We haven’t done in a long time. We haven’t done any doctors EFR moment. No one who I know where is my farm, but I don’t, I did not. I did not delete the far button here. Gosh folks, we’ve survived a flood. Not Oh, okay. So business pig top my top 10 business moments. Number two is be the Piggott breakfast, not the chicken and the ma. That’s about, that’s kinda, it’s kinda funny farming. I feel farming. I just had a piece of hay and keep my mouth in some overall and an old straw hat. But what happens is this, at breakfast, a pig gives his life, right? The do we have bacon, we have ham, a chickens kind of involved. They lay an egg and they go, you know, I hope it works out and I’ll be back tomorrow to maybe lay another egg.

Maybe not Martha. I feel I’m going to kind of play it by my ear. But a pig says, you know what? I’m all in. I’m giving my life guys committing suicide for this breakfast. But the point is when you’re in a business, you shouldn’t go out and kill yourself. That’s what we’re saying. The point is, you have to be fully committed. You have to say, listen, whatever it takes and going to do, and I guess that’s the tenacity you’re, you’re not, I’m encouraging our listeners to commit commissar kamikaze acts for breakfast is what you’re saying. No, but B, be all in and that’s a problem. You see so many entrepreneurs, they start a business and they go, you’re, you’re talking to them and they’re like, you know, I hope this works. And you’re like, hope. It’s a wonderful thing. Don’t get me wrong. I mean, hope.

Hope is good, but you have to have the attitude. It has to work. It has to work. Now let’s talk. I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it work. Now bill Bellacheck fun factoid number 50 I think it was good for tonight. Oh did I skip 40 9:00 AM I a bad person? I think I advised him to fact check me. Let me be cute up here. This just in, I skipped number 49 I’m a bad person. Go below check. Fun factoid number 49 bill loves playing mind games with his opponents and I have a few examples. We skipped it. One bill Belichick likes to before the game, before the NFL told him he can’t do it anymore, he would turn the thermometer down in the pregame tunnel. So that way the players would look and go, Oh my gosh, it’s five degrees outside.

Even though it was like 15 or 25 and it’s a, it’s a dirty move, but a a move that that really I think more coaches should use. So what, what did it accomplish from that mental intimidation. So if what I’m saying, so he’s in this, so the tunnel cold, but when you run out of the tunnel then he puts the thermometers out there. So you would think it’s really, really, really cold. Oh, I see what you’re saying. I see what you’re saying. Okay. Now another example is bill Belichick Z. Have you seen the poor mation where bill Belichick throws the ball to lineman? Have you seen this? Yes, I have. Okay, I’m going to cue it up just so you can watch it and kind of refresh your memory. This is Ravens Patriots pass to lineman. I’m computing up here. So this is the formation during the Patriots came here and there I’m gonna get the audio gun.

So bill Belichick lines up his, his line here and he’s going to line up a guy as an offensive lineman and then he’s going to throw the ball to a guy who lined up as a lineman. Now Z, why do some people sweat? Why would mr Harbaugh, the coach of the Ravens say that shady or not allowed or explain why, what just happened there? Well, what happens is they actually have the, the alignment has to check into the referee because it is a, an alteration the rules and say, listen, I am an Allen eligible receiver because the NFL, without getting too technical here, the each end has to be what we call captain. In other words, one person has to be on the actual line of scrimmage to cap each end. And so and they have to be an eligible receiver. So if you have two receivers on one end, one’s back and one’s forward, the one that’s forward is actually capping the deal. If that, man, you can’t just pass the ball to alignment. So check in and say I’m an enlightenment. It’s fine as the five guys tackle guard, center, guard tackle five of them. The guys blocking for the quarterback, the tidy and who can lie up on the line and be a cap if you will. But you know he’s eligible because he’s lined up guys who look like they’re blocking for the quarterback, but it tells the RAF, Hey, by the way, I’m going to throw the

Ball to this gallery.

Well I’m, I’m the cap on this end if you will. Like right as it’s happening. Yes. Well before the play starts they can walk up to him nonchalantly, act like they’re asking him a question about was a great restaurant for barbecue and you know, Cleveland.

So now let’s watch the next play, the next play here. So the guy’s wide open at this point. Harbaugh’s kind of confused as to how was he that open. Here we are, we’re stopping the Patriots. I don’t understand how he’s open. So the next play, Tom Brady has the ball and he’s not going to run the exact same play again because he’s going to try to throw the defense off. So he runs her traditional play and he throws the ball to Edelman. It looks like there for a first down and now we go onto the next play and here we go. He’s going to do the move again. So bill Belichick is going to, again, a call for a offensive linemen. There’s someone lined up as alignment to be eligible receiver again, and the Ravens don’t know what to do with it again. And so there he is. He throws the ball, he’s wide open. And at this point Harbaugh’s furious. Meanwhile, the Patriots get another first down and he does that kind of dirty stuff all the time.

It’s not dirty. It’s, it’s by the law. It’s by the rules they checked in, they have to cut dirt, but it’s a good kind of dirty. We’re bringing dirty back, right. And, and, and say, Hey, listen this, this is a rule. I remember when I used to play board games and my older brother, Eric, Eric, if you’re listening right now, I love you bro. But I would always read the rules intently. I would know the rules before we played the board game. And then I would do a move say midway during the game and he would challenge me and say, well you can’t do that. I’d be like, come on, let’s go to the rules. Right, right. Cause that’s what it is. But it seems dirty. You can’t want, it seems dirty because you know what? You were too lazy to read the [inaudible].

Oh he doesn’t do dirty moves. He do. He does moves that lazy people don’t understand. Correct. Now we move on to bill Belichick. Fun factoid number 50 bill Belichick, the Patriots straightway he does not like unactionable analytics and data overload. He thinks it’s a waste of time. So when asked about analytics, cause you know, you hear all these commentators saying analytics, this analytics, this Anil, you know, how do you determine who to draft? You look at the analytics, how many catches did they have in college, how fast are they? We’re going to add it up as an algorithm and that’s going to make the decision for me. This is what bill said. Analytics is not my thing. I just try to evaluate, evaluate what I see. Patriots head coach. Bill Belichick said any press conference Friday afternoon. For me it’s just trying to evaluate where players are physically, mentally and emotionally in terms of playing football and their career and that’s where I, that’s what I can go to go on.

Certainly there are some other components but in the end there are the, those are the main things and this is what bill does is, which is wild. He’ll look at the data, he does this all the time, but then he’ll go, yeah, but that guy emotionally isn’t in a good spot in his life and he’ll catch the ball, so not throwing to him and he does that kind of, or that guy emotionally is riding a high and he just got the beat in the past two times this quarter. He’s feeling, you know, certain guys are feeling it. They’re on fire, Bill’s all he doesn’t do. And now you, you do the same thing with your optometry clinic. You don’t make it overly complicated or your auto auction. Let’s, let’s, let’s talk about how you market to used car dealerships. Your guys at the auto auction, your sales guys show up at other auto auctions and they ask them for the golden look.

They ask them if they, if you, if they would be interested and buying their cars from your, from your auto auction. My correct. Correct. And I’m sure you don’t have any, I’m sure you don’t go well each one of our guys has been rejected seven times, but on the eighth time we have to stop because a pie chart shows it. You just keep going back over and over and over. Really going against conventional wisdom until eventually someone says it’s probably easier to just start buying our cars from Zs and try it out than it would be to reject this guy for the ninth time. And then they like it and they come back.

Right, right. You have to have, you have to over deliver when they do show up. It was funny, I had just before I came here to tape the show, I had a profit and loss management meeting with my auto auction guys and in that meeting that came up there, one of the questions I always ask the guys is, have we gained any particular great accounts? Buyer-Sellers and so, Oh, we’ve got this, we got a new buyer out of here. We got a new buyer. But, but, but, but boom, you know, we’ve got new seller here, but we celebrate, we celebrate. And then I said, well, okay, on the flip side of we, have we lost any great buyers or so or any at all because they’re all great, right? They’re all the golden goose. And they said, yes, we, we did lose one significant one.

And it was just ironic because I won’t say his name, but it’s a guy that I just ran into lunch in Tulsa last week, bought him his lunch. He said, Hey, you don’t just kind of loved on him a little bit and just was going to bite him. I wasn’t there to have lunch with you, but we’re at the same restaurant. I saw him. So of course I picked up his tap, right? And then the next week he’s switched his business to one of my competitors. Just maybe happenstance. It happens, right? Just kind of ironic, funny, you know. But I say funny, but it’s not, did you offer a bullet pipe with it? With a Chuck? It just said, I tell you what, the story is not over. I’m coming at him and I’m gonna make him a deal. He carrots shoes. I’m gonna say, mr car guy used to cook mr car guy.

You know what? I think you made a bad decision and I’m going to encourage you to make the right decision. I’m using a sled pipe. It’s a lesson. There’s always a point of, and the guys are like, well what are we doing to get back to business? And I said, well it’s, here’s what you, I’m going to, I’m going to equip you. Don’t make me get involved. But if I do, I will get involved. But here’s the deal cause I pay you guys to take care of this, but here’s why you do it again and that is you find out what it’s going to take to get him to come back. Oh, because he’s obviously made a bad decision. Short term deal. In other words, they say, we wave all this, we waive all this, we do this, we’ll give you an extra chicken saying, I mean all the ceilings are shutting down.

Which bottom line, bottom line, bottom line doesn’t equate but know want to go. Everybody, you know when there’s a new restaurant in town, you kind of sometimes want to try it out, right? This is actually an old restaurant that has a new manager that’s throwing the, just throwing the book and everybody sidebar and won’t get on front of rabbit trail. But my point is out there in business, you think you’ve got a great relationship with one of your vendors or, or one of your clients, I should say. And you’re doing business and you’re happy and you’re laughing and you’re running through the field, you know, together blowing dandelions at the end of the,

They step on a landmine. Did you lose a leg? Can you lose a leg? That’s how, well, that’s how [inaudible]

No, no, no, there’s no don’t lead by all of a sudden one day you wake up and you think, gosh, I wonder what my good friend, my business person’s doing. And then you find out they’ve gone to somebody else.

Then you limp on over there with your one good leg. Will you have crutches? You rip off your process,

But it’s your chance to be bionic. My, my point is though, is that business could come and business can go. You can’t take it personal, which we tend to want to. And what you need to do is this and say, Hey, listen. Okay they won that battle, but the war is not over. I’m gonna get up, get up, I’m gonna saddle up my pony and I’m going to ride on over there. I’m going to figure out what it’s going to take to get them to come back and make the right decision in my mind to come back to us. And so, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s like a football game. I mean, you know, every time they get a first down or we tend to score a touchdown. I mean, you don’t want to, you know. Okay guys, turn the lock around. We’re done. We’re done.

I’ve got audio of your pep talk with your guys this morning. Oh yeah, this was right over here. Well, I, we miked it and not yours. We believe in transparency through strategy. I know. Sharing all secrets stick. I signed years ago. Yeah, you can find me. Right? And so this is the audio I want you to do is I’m going to, I’m going to play the audio and then we’re going to wrap up this show. I’m going to call Matt Klein in Denver. What we’re going to do is we’re not going to end the show now. We’re going to call him during the show and you’re going to call him on any, all the awkwardness, all the background noise. It’s all going to happen. It’s going to flow because a lot of people don’t get a chance to hear the fun stuff that happens before the person picks up the phone. Oof. It’s kind of, sometimes it’s kind of fun. Here we go. Let me queue it up here.

Okay. This is me this morning.

Yeah. Sales guys are talking. We’re all officially kicked out of school. No school means we lost the account. That’s what I mean. We just got our grades. Warmer means they big account. It kicked us out of school. They lost the account and they shush.

Hey, Hey. That was me

Both to do your moron. War’s over, man. Women dropped a big warmer. Meaning they’re the big decision maker.

Yeah. Over. Just say over.

Nothing is over until we decide it is on now. Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no. No, forget it. He’s rolling. Anais over now. That’s why that going tough. It’s so good, but tough. Get going. Let’s go.

Falling out. You ran out there and as a team we ran out of, we were actually having lunch. It’s that Cedar Ridge country club just right down the road. Really? Yeah. Well I’m glad we were able to bike that thing up there. It’s, it sounded like it was at Cedar Ridge. You could tell that the longitude background, the background music was definitely, well, let’s go and call Matt Klein up. Andrew, see if you can call Matt Klein up here. This is, and so you can kind of narrate to listeners what he’s doing right now as he’s, as he’s calling it, a lot of people don’t hear this behind the scenes stuff here. Here you go and it’s dialing down a phone tree, Skyping. You guys put it on headset. That’s a great haircut. You get that elephant in the room? I do. In fact. Wow. That’s so good. Oh wow.

Thank you. We can’t mention the occasion because it’s a holiday we can talk about, but I did give clay something today of importance in his life. He did hope. He cherishes it and loves it. As much as I had fun picking it out. It’s an elephant. It’s riding another elephant, which is really unheard of. Do you have, I know you have a lot of elephants. I don’t have a dual Decker elephant double deck. I didn’t think you did, so I was so excited. I know. It’s a beautiful J K look, look over there by the in front of the Z and the helmet right there. The [inaudible]. Yes. It’s how sexy is that? That that is a metaphorical picture of clay and I, I’m carrying him on my back. There it is. He’s got his snot up. He’s snorting. He’s like expressing to the world senators who can’t see what it is. He says there’s one elephant standing on top of the other one, but it’s actually two purposes. Mating. Metaphorical. Why elephants? Because he has a haircut place. Oh, Hey Matt. Matt Klein. How are you sir? What’s going on?

I’m doing well. How are we doing?

I’m doing great, man. I’m, we’re, we’re talking th we actually live on the show right now. There’s no like this. Normally we call you. We do have a warm up, but we’re live right now. It’s on filtered. It’s unfiltered. And so we’ve got three, I’ve got 300 questions. Three questions for you on the Oxy fresh update here. Okay. So question number one here for you. What great things are going on right now in the Oxy fresh nation? What kind of new franchisee just bought a territory. Give us a story of success expansion. Maybe an existing franchisee. Set a record. Give me something good and tell me we’ve hit 400. Yeah, we got a few.

We’re up, Maria. We’re right on that. We’re right up 400. We we closed a very large multi territory opportunity in the Manhattan New York area, which is very exciting, a little bit of a unique area there for this business. So we had a guy that used to doing it, he’s gonna run it, and he said, I’ve got a lot of experience. We have a great new franchisee. Name is Robert. He’s out Vancouver, Vancouver, Washington. So he’s a, I want to be a brand new franchise. We have a very cool expansion franchisee. His name is Mac. He’s out of Lexington, Kentucky. He’s expanding to a second territory as of this week. So we have a whole bunch of good, great things going on right now.

So great things are going on.


Well, what if we did it? Now my second question is what if somebody out there decides to buy an Oxy fresh franchise for their, for their family, they invest the $37,900 or just like 40,000 ish into buying an Oxy fresh. What does their daily responsibility look like? I mean, if they’re an owner who decides not to run the day, they’re an owner who decides not to actually clean the carpet themselves. What does their daily duty look like?

Yeah, so we do have a variety of ownership styles. Like you mentioned people that will be the jobs maybe throughout the entire life and their franchise or maybe just from the very beginning with the expectations of having employees. There’s three of us, start the franchise and never do jobs, right? So, depending on what that looks like and certainly you know, it will vary what your duties are day to day, but no matter who you are and how you’re doing it, there are certain things that are going to need to be done no matter what, which is making sure your customers are taken care of, making sure you’re paying very close attention to your marketing and your reporting software that Oxford gives you and working with the team to make sure that we’re building that marketing and the brand in your local market all the time.

That should never kind of let up. We also want to make sure that you know, when you do get employees, you’re spending time with them, whether it’s over the phone, understanding what their flaws are, understanding how to train them. So every day it’s going to be a little bit different. The nice thing is is we’re taking a lot of the heavy lifting off of your plate with the national scheduling center, with a lot of that marketing automation. So what you’re doing is a lot of checks and balances and making sure first and foremost, your customer, you take care of your employees, have an environment where they can succeed and they’re confident in what they’re doing. And then also making sure that you’re really focusing on the marketing. And then also if you want to go above and beyond, it is putting the effort in to build relationships with decision makers that will profoundly impact your growth year over year. There’s a lot of people out there that need our services that don’t know we exist yet and you need to be able to to let them know who we are.

Now, let me break down the listeners, break down to the listeners what Matt’s talking about in thrive speak,Z , thrive speak. There we go. Come on. We got these four activities he’s talking about. I wanna make sure we get this Quattro one. There is a call center, they call it a scheduling center, but a call center that answers the phone for you to the marketing is as turnkey as you get, as you could possibly get. But you’ve got to do a great job and obsessive. Lee, you gotta be obsessed about getting those objective Google reviews. You have to get those Google reviews to obsess 150,000 they have 965,000 plus. Sorry.

No, but seriously, you’ve got to get the reviews every day. You’ve got a maniacally obsessed about that quality. Third, you can never stop recruiting or doing the group interview. You can never stop recruiting people ever, ever. You can stop recruiting and for I’d Oxi fresh. They don’t call it the dream 100 but a Chet Holmes with the ultimate sales machine calls it that you want to market to the businesses in the area that might need carpet cleaning services. Get your name out there consistently. Network, cast the net. Now I have a final question for you before [inaudible] to meet with better questions. Oh yeah. What is your schedule look like? Because you own a franchise or franchise is not as a franchise brand. Developers are not from the corporate side, but as a local franchisee, what kind of time per day do you have to devote to owning a franchise?

Yeah. So you know, it is, it is something where you really want to pay attention to your schedule and prioritize things. Like today’s a very good example. So every single day I have some form of communication with my employees just to see how their day is going, what they’re doing. It’s more to keep that rapport. They make sure I’m not missing anything. Like, cause you can tell someone right now like tell me what you need and I’ll be able to give it to you. But then over time that is won’t. So you just need to continue to have that conversation, keep, keep that relationship going with them. So that’s a, that’s a must for us. And then I’m always looking at our marketing. The nice thing about our technology platform is even if on the phone right now, I can check my schedule, where my jobs are coming from, what areas on a map I’m having the most success and maybe on the other side of that then not.

So I’m always looking at that and being able to look at my marketing, what’s giving me a good return, but it’s not getting me a good return. I have very even flowing conversations with all my marketing vendors that I’m using. And you gotta be hard on them if you’re paying someone to get you business and it’s not giving you the business that you need to put the pressure on them, right? You need to have some sort of ability to change the environment of, of marketing to make it work better for you. So I’m being all of those things. I’m putting all the, you know, I’m, I’m putting an emphasis on getting reviews. Like right now we had a, like a five apartment kind of situation that needed a little bit of customization with the schedule. So at once today when I was eating Chipotle lay, I just sit there and I talk to the person that needed a job. We just got that schedule.

Did you eat your Chipotle a with the bowl?

They need to be eating some Chipotle Les and just discussing carpet.

Did you eat? Did you eat, did you have the bowl or was it with the tortilla?


No, I went with the bowl. I’m trying to get back. I’ve been pretty lazy last month, so I’m trying to get back

Now. I want to tell you something real quick that I’m, I’m worried about or we’ve, we’ve talked about it a little bit and then Zeke and one up me with great questions. Z, Matt only washes his hair with water. He does not use shampoo. Now, we’ve talked about this before. You’ve called it natural and has your pal. I just want to know, is it an economic thing? Are you not making enough money where you, this shampoo, it’s like you’re cutting expenses and you’re like, shampoo cleans the hair, but I don’t want to use it or what’s what’s going on with the natural water? Look,

I just don’t live close enough to an elephant in the,

Oh wow. Okay, good. Andy. One up. Me and my friend. Well, I was going to say whenever you do come into a little bit of money and you do decide to kind of splurge, I actually haven’t had the two and one, two and one shampoo, conditioner, combos, and it saves a lot of time. Number one, a lot of money. You’re not buying two bottles, you’re buying one. You know, think about it, pray about it. Let me know. Z, I have a question for you. Oh man. Okay, good. Well, talk to me about shampoos. Does the, does the name of the shampoo, it all impact your buying decision? Are you a suave guy? Do you want the 20% more than 30% more shoulders? It doesn’t matter what’s in the bottle. It’s all about the packaging, the marketing, the advertising. That’s, that’s the only thing. My old spice shampoo’s the best.

That’s what John buys. I love that stuff. The names are so clever. I mean, they’re so good. It’s like, it’s like bare Paul or it’s like they’re just great names. Mountain kick-butt mountain. What’s that? John Wolf horn. Wolf warns a great brand. They’re a large division off the old spice division. Okay. See what questions do you have about mr Matt Klein? Man, I know clay likes to get all technical and all in your face about business stuff and franchising, which is all cool and I mean isn’t this business, but I’ve got a hard hitting question that the thrive nation wants to know, demands to know, needs to know, has to know, is curious to know now what is the best. Yeah. What is the best birthday present you’ve ever received in your life? And don’t mention the sculpture of the two mating porpoises we’ve already talked about that. You can’t talk about that one.

Yeah, that one’s easy for me. When I was like 10 years old, I got a yellow big wheel with ’em and that was the best I ever got.


Got it. It was December in Colorado so I wasn’t able to drive it outside. Yeah,

That’s unfortunate. Now when you, Oh, go ahead.

I drove in the basement and just did three point turns for like 30 days.

Absolutely. That’s hot sauce now. Now when you put the, when you put the seed in the nod, would you start it off like on the closest little little little holes on your seat? Cause they have the little, little knobs younger you’d have like where’s your three or four settings right for the seat to sit in. Were you the closest one when you first got your big wheel or were you, I mean you’re, you’re a basketball phenom. Fino might’ve been tall as a 10 year old Colorado in scoring in high school. Truth. Thank you. True story. Beautiful. So which, which do you remember which seat knob your honor would seat position you were on?

I did. So I had little, little sports car, so I had two of the engines in one seat. So I was, I was pretty popular on my street.

Well of course you were. We already know that Andrew, you you know, you work with people on a daily, daily basis. You see people at the conference. You, you, you’ve been around me since I owned Epic photography. You’ve seen aspiring business owners who get it and who really run their business almost like a franchise. They’re just systematic. They knock out all their action action items every day. And you see some business owners that, that struggle from time to time. What questions would you have for mr Matt on behalf of some of the entrepreneurs out there that maybe aren’t as systematic

Yet? Yeah, I mean there’s a lot of great benefits that you’ve you’ve described that’s included with the with the franchise system. So out of all, you know, we’ve got the, the schedule center, you’ve got the marketing that’s included in everything. You can see how effective all the different avenues are. Out of all those, what do you see, and like you personally, as you run your locations, where do you see as the most beneficial one of those that that a lot of people wouldn’t have if they wouldn’t have bought a franchise, if they would have just started their own business? What’s included that that you see the most, the most beneficial?

Yeah, that’s a good question. I think it’s, there’s two parts that I think when you, when I was first a franchisee, the most important part of that was, at least for me, because I am on the phone all day long at my job with Oxi fresh corporate is the scheduling center. I mean I bought my franchise and I basically started running it that week and I don’t know how I’d be able to really kind of hire someone, train them on the language of carpet cleaning, train them on how to use the scheduling software, right? So that piece of it allowed me to really kind of focus on a few tasks instead of everything that was big. Now as you grow, you know, I kind of take, you know, everyone kind of, that’s a big piece of it and that’s always going to be a huge, huge advantage for us.

But I think that’s as important as some of the automated marketing techniques that we have. I think the scheduling software allows for flexibility and ownership as well. A lot of things we take for granted because if they’re just there when you become a franchise, right? Like most people, you know, they’ll realize having an entirely automated backend office and CRM platform that has an automation in it that has reporting software that allows you to have complete customization of your schedule. That stuff would take a really long time or a heck of a lot of money to build on my own. So I have all that. So I, there is a few things there, but scheduling center first and then all this technology and marketing for one.

That’s great. You don’t matter. A lot of people, a lot of people see the success you’ve had with Oxy fresh and they say to themselves, I can’t get on the ground floor. I’ve missed my opportunity with you guys. I mean you’ve already got over 400 franchises out there, but really give them the truth. I mean United States is a big, I mean it’s kind of big, you know, from sea to shining city. In fact, someone said, how many more opportunities are there out there? You’d have to necessarily name, Oh you might name a couple of hotspots for people listening that you’re looking for specifically. But I mean we’ve got 400 what, what do you think is, what would cap out the United States for example?

Well it seems like there’s a lot, but a protected territory for us is around 300,000 in population. So there is a lot of population that there’s about 300 territories left. So we’re, we’re over half but 300 territories is a lot. I also would, you know, shy away from having a conversation in an owned area cause you never know. I mean a brewery, a good sign of a healthy franchise, being able to do very good resales, which is people that have grown the business got into a point where where it’s really functioning and then they sell it out of premium. A lot of people want to buy an already existing franchise and a lot of people want to sell a business that they’ve built up. So I wouldn’t take any opportunity off off the table. It’s worth a conversation. Just to see if there’s opportunities to grow with an Oxy fresh.

Yeah. So with 300 left and only 400 in the pipeline. I mean you guys, yeah. Like you said, you’re a little over halfway. So there’s a lot of opera lotta meat left on that bone as we say in the old country.

Absolutely. Yeah, there’s a lot of option. I wouldn’t let that stop you from having a conversation cause even if there’s an area that you really, really want to take in, I mean a 10, 10 minute conversation, you know, it’s certainly worth it because you never know what’s going to happen down the road either. So, you know, take us up on that and have a conversation. It seems like you’d be a good fit then we can continue more in depth conversations down the road too.

So, but you don’t encourage hostile takeovers and I can’t just like, you know, I mean, Hey, we are Ukrainian DXA so build Thompson’s already got, you know, Denver locked up and I’m like, I’m so glad I’m coming into town. We’ve got a franchisee oil company on the line here. Potential franchisee name a Putin he wants to take over. He wants to annex Texas.

Yeah, I think you know, hot to take over with a franchise is tough in some sense.

That may be possible, but it’s tough. You write a big enough check. You can do it

First and try to take your salad.

Now, Matt, my final question for you before we encourage all the listeners if you’re, if you’re interested at all right now, if you’re interested right now, thinking about buying an Oxy fresh franchise, just go to thrive time forward slash Oxy fresh. That’s stripes, that’s thrive time, thrive time forward slash Oxy fresh. Fill out the form and see if it’s for you. You can learn more about the brand. You’ll receive a franchise disclosure document. They disclose everything for you because franchising is regulated by the federal government. You can do a discovery day and see if it’s a good fit for you and your family. But man, let’s talk about your love life for a second. Denton tone. Matt, are you married? Okay,

I’m not married.

How close are you? We wouldn’t tell you, but we’ve been talking about this for a while, man. We just want to slow it down. A lot of our listeners out there who’ve been Googling you, they’ve been Google and Matt Klein. They realized that you look exactly like mr Kanye West except flight with you. Well, yeah, you get into the differences. I see. I don’t see color. Oh, I see people, well, your eyes listen. No, seriously. People out there going, wow. This remarkable similarities between mr Kanye West, mr mr Matt Klein is kind of a, almost like a Matt Klein, Kanye West coat for me. Women throughout the world are wanting to, women wanting to know you and men are out there and getting upset right now that the Google searches are mainly from females. Please explain to us your situation. Are you, are you engaged yet what has happened?

I am not married. I am not engaged, but I am certainly looking to do that here.

Wow. Are you going to pick your graduation or are you going to close the deal on your territory, if you know what I mean?

Are you buying the franchise? Matt did we lost him? He passed out.

Oh no. This is a passive aggressive thing. Every time I try to narrow, every time I push Matt into the cabinet of marriage, he pretends that the phone is cutting out. Matthew man. Answer the question before we have to leave because we listeners want to know.

Okay, what was the question?

Well, the question, the question is this, the people out there want to know are you getting married soon? Because if not, we have listeners out there, mainly female who want to purchase a territory.

Our region. Oh well yeah, I mean my being engaged or married should know.

Talking about the franchise.

Oh well it’s a different, that’s a whole different cup. Well of course not. Just want to know quote unquote, I want to learn about buying a franchise. Can I talk to Matt and let’s get, let’s get, let’s get serious. Let’s, I had a call this morning from a very good friend of mine and he, his daughter’s graduating from college and she wants to be an entrepreneur. And he was talking to me about, about businesses and, and what they should do cause he’s wanting to help her. And he’s a really good friend of mine and a good guy. And I said, well, you know what, I’m gonna tell you something right now, a startup, according to Forbes, an absolute Greenfield, Greenfield means nothing out there. You got a dirt field. They just build it up from there, right? Yep. And that’s maybe a little dramatic. I mean, there could be a strip center you started and, but anyway, beside the point, it’s a, it’s a ground at Bert, all you, all your energy and they’re telling us according to Forbes, 80 to 90% of them fail, fail, fail from the Greek word fail from the Greek word.

They don’t make it. Oh yeah, it’s hyphenated. It’s technical. But in a franchise, it’s just the opposite, right? Only 10 to 20%. If that fail, most of them are success rate because of the support. And because of the commitment of the organization that has sold the franchise to them. Can you speak on that a little bit and why somebody out there right now who’s thinking about quitting their job and being their own boss that they should highly consider a franchise and then more specifically possibly even your franchise going forward.

Sure. Yeah. I think you know the, the, the proof is in the numbers there. I mean it just shows you that there’s very few people that either have the time or the capabilities or the knowledge to know every single piece about running a business. Right? And, and so what people kind of get trapped in and they were like really good at sales and I, they can sell any business out there and that may be true, but what they might lack is how you actually build an infrastructure. Do you build a culture of a business? How do you actually go to marketing if your sales techniques fail or if the, if the industry changes, right? I mean, all of these factors, you have to really nail all these down. The nice thing about a franchise is there are entire teams dedicated to each specific aspect of running a successful business and it’s always being updated. It’s always being invested in so that you might be in a local market, right? Growing your business, and there’s an entire team on the back end there that’s focusing on the next phase. Like for instance, Facebook chatbots. That was not something that somebody five years ago was even thinking about when it came to looking at business, but our teams are working on those now so that our franchisees, you can take advantage of those.

Man, I’ve always considered you to be my man. I’ve always considered you to be my Facebook chatbox, if you know what I mean.


Hey Matt, seriously, I appreciate your time so much and I know a lot of our listeners cannot wait to meet you and see you at the upcoming December conference. It’s going to be a blasty blast. It’s going to be a laser show. Thank you so much. And if you’re out there today looking to buy an Oxi fresh, go to thrive time, forward slash Oxy fresh. Matt Klein, congratulations on 400 territories and you look like you smelled terrific on this audio only podcast.

Well, thank you so much. I smell worse than I look.

Oof. Shunned. All right. Have a good one.

All right.

See you buddy.

We’re still recording. You’re, you’re now changing bikes. You’re sitting down. You were standing up. Do you feel the energy is different whether you’re standing or sitting? Just out of curiosity. I like standing, but I mean there’s a lot of buttons over here to push. It’s hard to push it like three different screens. It’s like a, I’m operating the matrix. I mean, so you feel like you’re forced to sit. You feel like that you’re like in a sitting conundrum? I think so. A little bit, yeah.

Now see what we’re going to do here is we’re breaking all the rules on today’s show today shows a show we don’t, we don’t edit. There are no rules. We don’t cut. We just keep going, keep going along. But no, it’s the people. What people want to know what happens in between shows? Well what happens is I’m a little bit of jackass, re a lot of fun. And then we get back at it. Okay, so we’ve got one more question from a thriver out there. Who wants to know about LLCs? Can we talk about LLCs? We’ve done many shows about LLCs, but I don’t know we’ve ever done a show about LLCs. They have to do a show. Cool. Cool, cool, cool. Jay? Same person. Same thing. Same person. So this listener though wants to know what’s the, what, what is an LLC? A limited liability company. And why do they need to have one? On a basic level, why do they need to have an LLC? And I know you’re not an attorney, but you are an entrepreneur. Can you explain how an LLC protects your assets?

Well, if someone sues the company, which is then within an LLC limited liability company, what they’re doing is they’re only looking at those assets. So let’s say you’re like me and you own multiple companies and one company does that. Oh. And they do it, you know, of your employees does a does a, Oh, sorry, I did that boss situation and it opened the door for someone to, as I like to say, swing the hammer. You have the words, we’ve given them the hammer. We’ve said, Whoa, we did something wrong. And they’d go to swinging it. Well, they do a lawsuit. Let’s say it gets to that level and they do a lawsuit against you. It’s only against that little slice of the pie that’s covered in that LLC. So therefore you want to have multiple LLCs for your different businesses. Therefore, that slice of pie is smaller and smaller and smaller. If somebody has a grievance and they do, somebody in your team messes up, which they do and ultimately could end up in a little bit of a legal situation or you know, that that business then is in trouble. In that regard, it only allows that area of your portfolio to come under scrutiny or fire.

I have a a real special request here. Some of the folks are wanting to John Kelly to make his way to the microphone. Some people want to. John Kelly, John, I would figure it out. I mean, we all wanted to scream.

Very excited for John Kelly.

Mom stopped calling in the show. Oh no. Oh, nice. Now here’s, here’s what’s good here. Here’s where I want to tee up this whole LLC thing. Forbes, there’s an article that’s a positive article. John, I just talked about this today. There’s an article that came out by Forbes that says you’re going to get sued. Here’s how not to get screwed for out their wrappers. Okay, so they’re saying that you are going to get sued. Here’s the how not to get screwed. But Z, let’s talk about that first and then John, I know John and I were talking today about why you should hire an attorney to make an LLC. Can you talk about, first off, if Forbes is showing right now that every business owner in America has a 10% chance of being sued this year. If you’re doing more than a million dollars of revenue, you know, I mean, I hate it, but then that’s true.

Listen, we live in a non, I live and I preach this all the time and I talk about this all the time. No fear, no fear, no fear, no fear. But no fear doesn’t mean that you’re not wise. No, no fear but not no pants. That’s the wise wisdom is you wear pants. No fear. You go, I don’t have to wear pads. So there’s a balance there. And so even though I don’t like insurance, I’ll take my, I have a brother that’s an insurance agent and he has a fine wife who sells me in. She talked to him in years. I mean, does he have a number still? I mean he’s Mrs. Norris, I’m close to my brother. Come on now. Check shutout. Come on. So anyway, insurance is one of those things that you only need it when you need it. And all those monthly premiums you paid, you think, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. You know, it’s kind of like, but yet on the day you need it. You’re so glad you have it. And so you’re, the thing about it is, is that we don’t want to think about, it’s not a gloom and doom. This guy’s not falling. Oh my goodness. It’s over as we know it, but yet you have to prepare yourself for the bad things that can happen.

My wife only thinks about the bad things that can happen.

She’s a woman. I think they’re, I think they’re, I think they’re wired more like that to be very Frank with you.

No. I’ll talk to my wife and I’ll say, Hey here, here’s the deal. We have an opportunity to expand and do this and that, and she’ll go, what if we get to, if we’re not gonna get sued, well, statistically it’s going to happen about every cause. You know, per month. This is a little statistic. According to Forbes, right now, Forbes is saying, this is what, this is. What’s crazy. Forbes is saying, again, you have a 10% likelihood overall being sued just as a, as a human, but right now, 36 to 53% of all small businesses are currently involved in some kind of litigation.


That’s 36 to 53% are currently involved, at least one piece of litigation. Now this is what’s, what else is crazy, at least one, but 90% are going to be involved in litigation. So it’s like, I mean, if you’re not involved in litigation, I mean it’s just, it’s just per million dollars of revenue. You’re going to get involved in something. You know what happens is it’s because somebody, and I hate, I hate to mention the facts, I hate to be accurate, but it’s somebody who’s kind of mad that they’re not doing well usually, and they want what you have. It’s every time. It’s not just some time. They early everything you ever seen a successful man ever or a woman ever go after somebody in some sort of litigious thing. It’s usually a guy who left the company and his new thing sucks. He’s not doing well. He got fired for being a jackass.

She got fired for the jackass. It’s always someone who, and so John asked me the question at Johnson, these are lawyers a lot of times, not West Carter. No, no, no. Not West Carter, but other attorneys, they might take three or four weeks to get documentation done. And John says, how come we can’t just, you know, go on like legal zoom real quick and bada Bing bada boom. See, can you maybe speak to that a little bit then John, you can ask me any questions you want about litigation, LLCs. I just want to tee up that question.

Well, the question is kind of a deep question and it deals with unfortunately our legal system is geared towards people that are within it, that are trying to make a living at Frick. And they, unfortunately, for the majority of them that I have encountered and, and I have as well. And if anybody wants to email me on the show and tell me stories of it, this isn’t the case. I’d love to hear them because I love positive, proactive, awesome, uplifting, edifying stories. But most of the stories I hear are the attorneys might be saying to themselves, this self, Oh, cap got a person who’s, who’s, who’s ticked off at at someone who’s got money. So what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna gather them up and I’m going to milk this sucker for all I can because I had a car payment next month and house payment. My wife wants going on a vacation. A friend

Of mine, a friend of mine years ago, we’re talking about probably a decade ago, got divorced pretty, pretty young life. And what happened

Was the, the attorney met with her, met with him. And by the way, there’s no affairs going on. It was just, they just did not get along. They follow the time. The reasons don’t matter. Nobody stole anything. It was not an, I just want to make sure, but it was, it wasn’t anything like dramatic cause they just were like, this isn’t working. It’s dramatic enough. When he said, I want to be married to anymore, can I get him at a lifelong commitment? I saw the situation, I saw both parties. They were like, yeah, we’re just not working out well. The attorney’s like, well, how much money are we talking about here? And there was about a hundred grand. It was a younger couple, a hundred grand total. They’d saved I’d over. Yeah, and they fought and back and forth and I don’t remember, but I think he said that total they ended up splitting like 10 grand and that’s where it’s like what are we doing?

I’m going to take something illegal system that here’s what we need to do. We need to pass a law that says, you know, Hey for a fill in the blank, a million dollar lawsuit, whatever, whatever it is, legal fees are capped at boom, 50 grand. If you did, that step would get done in timely fashions. If it went for statute of limitations, and I’m not sure anything would get done, the legal professions, it just wears me slick and you know what? Your attorney’s out there, you know it too. I know it. You know what goes on. We know what you know it. It’s not about settling the whatever the lawsuit or the marriage or the whatever it is, it’s, it’s how much can we milk out of them. They all have to get their pound of flesh is what I call it. I’ve had it done, they get their pound of flesh.

They ain’t gonna settle this thing. I’ve had wrongful termination situations where an employee has quit and they’re asking for like eight grand of back pay for being unranked freed of blindsided determination. Gosh. And I spent 20 grand on litigation to deal with an eight grand paycheck who won the attorney. Right. Every freaking time. So John asks, why do you have to hire an attorney to make these documents? That’s, that’s the road question here. I just would like for John, what am I missing the question there? Yeah. I just, early, early on when I first started doing LLCs, I just went to, I think it was like and just did it myself. Right. And so just curious on why. It seems like when you go through attorneys, not West Carter, they take forever. And so when you’re just starting out as an entrepreneur, obviously you want to go to certain speed.

And so what’s the downside of doing it yourself versus having to go through an attorney? Here’s the downside of doing it yourself. You might miss a move and the move might be, Hey, wait, you should have two LLCs, for example, one’s apparent one and then company maybe. And then, and then you know this, this shouldn’t be, you should have a parent company up here and here’s the reason why, and maybe she may have a subchapter S up here. You know, laws are changing. Tax laws change all the time. What was good yesterday may not be good tomorrow or it’s not necessarily good, but what’s best for you and your tax implications or fear there. Now today, tax implications. It doesn’t matter if I’m making any money anyway, what does it matter? But 10 years from now, right when you have this big successful company and you’re doing over $1 million in sales, you’re making some chili, life’s good. All of a sudden you’re looking at it now and go, wow, I’m paying so much in taxes. Well, if you didn’t set it up like this, you wouldn’t be. So one of the things that, one of the things that there is, there’s, there’s, there’s one thing about hiring

An hour from an attorney and just saying, Hey, here’s my vision. Here’s around, I’m going to do some advice, get it boomed and go do the legwork yourself. That’s what I recommend. Okay. Get a little bit of advice because sometimes in other words, I just started a new business and within that business there were three organizations. All right? And you could have just made one LLC and just ran them all three through that. And no, no. Param LLC, big perm, big perm and frogs on, you know, frogs with perms is what we’re selling. I mean, you haven’t seen one of those, you’re missing the boat. Well but the point is, is that sometimes you can talk with an attorney or a learned person within that organization. Sometimes it’s a CPA that’s attacks TCPA or something, but you can get advice and that advice that you can take and then go do the leg work.

So there’s two really issues here of doing the actual grunt work. Leg work. Yes, you should go do legal dot, legal, zoom, whatever, SBA. Gov. I mean you know they’re out there and it’s not, it’s not very expensive. A little bit of time on your effort to knock it out and get it done. But then also the structure of it from day one with tax laws changing. Yup. We get these things called new presidents every four to eight years, hopefully five more years until we get another one. Well okay. But my point is is we get them eventually, right? New Congress, new Senate, new state, do all these things change. Right. And so what, what was good yesterday may not be good tomorrow. So what I would tell everybody out there is get the advice but in an hour, don’t, don’t, didn’t sell. Tell them to do it because they will be six weeks or comma going to chicken LLC. Think time we talked about. Oh yeah, kina. I’ve had a, I’ve been at court quite a bit but I put it in court a lot and you know, I’ll get to it.

Now let’s talk about a sole proprietorship cause that’s what you are by default. If you’re not a limited liability corporation. Okay. Unlike a corporation, a sole proprietorship poses the risk of personal liability. Oh yeah. There’s no separation between personal and business assets. So if an owner defaults on business obligations, the like loans or creditors may have the right to claim your personal assets for payment, like your car, your home, your home. And when you have a business you are going to eventually be sued. It’s going to happen. So

I’m a child. Can you offer a child as payment because she got five and lose you really miss. What’d you mean? I know they came one of your cats. You wouldn’t miss a cat

For sure. No, I would miss them. There’s lots of, my biggest issue with five kids is trying to find them all. Well then it’s one’s gone. It’s just one less thing that I missed them. That’s how I know they’re missing. I’m like, if someone is missing this week, where are they? No, I would not give up one of my kids, but I would, I would give up someone I didn’t, don’t knows kids. I’m just kidding. What else is Chuck’s kids? Okay. So what I want, what I want to leave the listeners today on this show is we’re here to help you and we can’t help you though if you don’t reach out and ask us your specific questions. And I feel like one of the things that we under sellsy we under communicate is that we want to answer your questions. So if you email us to info at thrive time, I don’t care if I’ve answered the question before.

I don’t care if I haven’t answered it before. I don’t care if I ate. Maybe we did a show on it, but you didn’t quite understand it. It’s okay. It’s a, I talked to a guy just today who is in the Washington DC area who builds beautiful, just beautiful outdoor living, just beautiful outdoor living spaces. And when you spent a lot of your career talking to a lot of different internet marketers, all who have an angle and the angles always sign a one year agreement. John, you’ve seen this sign a one year agreement. Yup. I’m going to talk in circles. Nothing gets done. And you’ve seen that happen for five years, six years. You start to believe, wow, this is how it works, and he was telling me today that just by implementing little, just little things, not, not huge, they just does a few little things like always setting an appointment over the phone every time he gets a call.

Don’t just quote, but set an appointment just by setting an appointment and asking for Google reviews. Things are changing. Just two moves to move, but just reach out to us, email us info at thrive time, there literally is not a single question that you could ask that is a a w bizarre or crazy or too big or too small. We’re here to help you and a Z. I enjoy researching each and every topic. If I don’t know which occasionally I don’t know, and I’ll reach out to West Carter, Michael Levine or experts who and others who know their craft. May I pile on pile on please.

I feel very emotional about this, folks. If I come off kind of emotional, it’s because I am. And that is if you own a business or you’re thinking about getting started with the business, you’re thinking of starting a business and someone comes up to you with a marketing plan and they want you to sign a contract that locks you into any period of time, longer than 90 days.


Run, run, run so fast you, you burned through tennis shoes. We’ve seen people get screwed over and over and over, over and over. Cause what they do is they promise the moon and then they lock you up for a year. And then after $10,000 a month, $8,000 a month, $6,000 a month, $12,000 a month, never deliver. And you know what? After six a bunch of like this is, this is screwed up, this is bad. Then you know, now they’re ghosting me. Now I’m not getting what I want and they’re telling me that I am and this is weird and I want out of it. And guess what? You stop paying them. And guess what? Guess what comes knocking on your door? Little litigation. Ah, hello. We’re from a Dewey hurts and Dewey chewM and a do we chewed them and how a law firm and uyou know we’re here to, we got a subpoena your, yeah, that other $10,000 a month to $60,000 plus attorney fees plus penalties plus back back to interest comes up to six point $3 billion. We’ll see you in court and then you’re like, what?

I just buy a space satellite to the moon. I want Z. Can we do a commercial real quick? Yes. I mean I’m, I’m, when I get a little emotional, I need time to kind of show with a heart commercial chemistry. Cause the key to building a good commercial is you want to build rapport with the audience. So first off, Hey audience, how’s it going? Hey guys, you just got you. Do you look so good. Snug it. Okay. Now second is you want to find the needs. Have you ever wanted to grow a business, start a business? Do you feel kind of stuck? I think your knees are halfway between your ankle and your and your hips. Knees or needs knees. Oh, neat. Did you find the knees? No, but have you ever felt like you’re, you’re stuck like your business doesn’t know how you don’t.

You don’t have to grow it. You don’t know management. You don’t know sales. You don’t know marketing. You don’t know legal. Yes. Have you ever thought to yourself, I love around. I do have $20 a month, month to month available. I do have $20 if that’s the case, go to thrive time and check out a massive video vault of thousands and thousands of videos up there. It’s called thrive time You click in there, click. Then you’re going to go into the thrive 15 portal. You can sign up for as little as $19 a month. You have access to the world’s best vault, a real life business training taught to you by real life entrepreneurs such as Michael Levine, the PR consultant for Nike, for prints for Michael Jackson. Oh, we got David Robinson, the NBA hall of fame pizza hut. You’re right. David Robinson, NBA hall of Famer, turned tall, gospel fester seven feet tall, very tall.

He’s cool. He’s said, see the nicest guy I’ve ever met. He’s great. Jill Donovan, who started a company with just her, built it into 125 person business called rustic and the list goes on, but it’s the end. There’s more, there’s more. There’s more. In addition to that, we have hundreds of thousands of dollars of downloadables where we have like templates systems where you say, I don’t know how to lead a meeting. I need an, I need a, a template, an agenda. I don’t know how to make a performa. I need a template. I don’t know how to make an agreement. It’s all there for you. Where could I ever find out where to find that? You can find this at thrive time, but now we have to apply the pressure. Okay. If you don’t act now, we may just turn off the website. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. You’re not. Not now, but like in a little bit. Oh, and a little bit. So, not like as soon as we hang up, this shows a sense of urgency. There’s a line of a fear right now. We want to create this, this kind of, let me get some. So you remember the show who wants to be a millionaire? Oh yeah. Let me kit that music that kind of creates that sort of, it’s like a attention where you go, yeah. Aye. Aye.

Oh, here we go. So if you do not go to thrive time right now and sign up for the account for $19 I’m not going to say you’re throwing your life away. I’m not. I would not do that. No, no, no. Some have suggested that we should say that. I mean, but we are saying to them, no, no, no, no. We cannot say that. We aren’t saying who wants to be a millionaire? Who does? You do. And I’ve never met somebody who’s super successful, who had no idea what they were doing in the game of business. None. And college doesn’t teach the practical knowledge that you need. If he got to go. If they did, they wouldn’t be living in their mother’s basement. Now see, we have to go for the comparison close now. It’s a comparison close. So see how much, how much did the it cost to go to Tulsa university?

If you want to go to private the whole four years or what? How? How many a year per year? Cause you usually just go to one and drop out. Okay, here we go. $45,000 $41,509 Z. Let’s go to oral Roberts university also in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Arigato Robert university tuition 2019 how much do you think it is dr Zellner? 38 five 38 five. Let me check here. Let me see here. High pressure. It’s a 27,725 minutes. That would [inaudible] barn. Let’s go to another school. Let’s go to Carnegie Mellon. Carnegie Mellon here. Z. This is our school finding diversity. Fine. How much do you think the tuition is? I have $57,000 God’s going to say 50 Purdue universities. Oh, that was easy. That was 42 42 $42 42,000 Oh, my bad. Okay. State or out of state, I should say. Yeah, it’s, we’re assuming you’re a dirty communist. You’ve come over here to attend to college. $28,794 andZ is $19 less than

Lamp. Hold on. I have a degree in mathematics, but let me, let me do, I’ve got to do a little CyFrame, CyFrame, Kevin, old school way of saying, I’ve got to figure it out. Carry the one.

Hold on. Let’s see. $19 is it $10 plus $9 here are the two. Okay, I got that. Now over here, Purdue was $28,000 that’s $27,983 or $81 and then $19

Yeah, I think $19 is less, by the way, if you think it’s less, I think it’s office. I’m not going to phone a friend. I’m not going to ask the audience. Since Ron asked him, do you want to be a millionaire? Final answer, final answer. $19 is less. Sign up today and we’re going to let you attend a conference for free, but that you know what, you’re not doing apples to apples. I’ll just be, I can’t be, may I be transparent? Those numbers were for a calendar school year, which is approximately what? Nine months, right? Don’t look at me. Okay. Look at you and Andrew. Right? Nine months is a school year. It sounds accurate. August, September-ish through may or June baby. No. So we have to give them, give them the number of $19 times nine for the comparison. Yep. Right? Oh, you have to subtract all of the holidays where they get off. Well, let’s say this 10 months, it’s just rounded up. So now we’re dealing with $190 verse 57,000 or 41,000 or 27,000 trying to be a true use truth. He was trying to use it to take a one month to compare it to a whole year. So a whole year’s deal. We’re going to need our arithmetic music back. We need to make sure I’ve got, gotcha. You’re busted. You’re busted. Gotcha.

So if you’re out there today and you fact-checker, if you’re out there today and you’re willing to spend basically 190 bucks, $90 a year to improve your life, subscribe to thrive time,

Did they click on the online schools? Click up there, click the button, boom, watch the videos, subscribe. It’s going to change your life. And see, I’m telling it’s $19 you know what’s fun? You know, we’ve worked tirelessly for years. We spent lots of money to to produce all these free and I mean 19 bucks isn’t a whole lot of money, but even the free downloads and the podcast, which is free, the radio show, which you can pick up free, you know all the things that we do and what’s really fun is the pay off. When you get that email and you get that person at an in person workshop that walks up to you and says, my life has changed. We were going to shut the door in our business. And by applying it we figured out by listening to you guys what we didn’t know.

We didn’t even know that. We didn’t know that, right? That we were supposed to know that. And when you have that, it’s because someone asked me the other day said, why do you guys work so tirelessly for not a whole lot of money? Right? I mean, and when I look at him, I say, well cause we’ve, we’ve been successful in other businesses so now we can, we feel like we’re giving back. But it’s fun. But really the answer your questions more specifically, any time we have an individual reach out to us, either in person or via the thing called the internet, thank you to all Gore.

Or they actually pick up the phone, old school and call us and let us know a wonderful story of redemption and hope and, and that they made and they turned it around and they now have a successful business, I. E you know, they’ve, they’ve made their house payment. They didn’t have to do, you know, bankruptcy. There, they’re not having to punch a time clock somewhere. They have time freedom, financial freedom. And they say thank you. And that’s, that’s the payoff. That’s the payoff. You know what? The path for me is also bringing the boo. Are you prepared? I love the print. This Mike has not been deflated so hot. Can we make America boom again? Let’s make the world boom again. Let’s make the world boom again. Let’s do it every like Hindenburg

Too soon. Too soon. It’s too fresh, too fresh, too. Front loading. Blimp jokes. Here we go. Three, two.


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