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Are you a Bill Belichick fan? America’s number one Bill Belichick fan breaks down 102 Bill Belichick facts while teaching the management mastery principles demonstrated on a daily basis by the greatest football coach of all time.

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #26 – The Patriot Way | Bill Was Able to Create One of the Strongest Defenses in the 1980s 



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #27 – The Patriot Way | Bill’s First Head Coaching Position was for the Cleveland Browns.


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #28 – The Patriot Way | Bill Was a Proud Member of the New York Jets for One Day



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #29 – The Patriot Way | A Day After Leaving the Jets, Bill Joined the Patriots

After leaving the Jets as head coach for a day he took the head coaching position at the Patriots less than a month later. 



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #30 – The Patriot Way | 5-11 During His First Year as the Head Coach of the Patriots



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #31 – The Patriot Way | Since Promoting Tom Brady to Starting Quarterback, the Team Has Never Had a Losing Season



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #32 – The Patriot Way | The Only Coach Who is Not a Member of the National Football League Coach’s Association



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #33 – The Patriot Way | Finding and Developing Players That Nobody Else Wanted

2004: CB Randall Gay

After a strong collegiate career at LSU, Gay went undrafted in the 2004 NFL Draft. The Patriots scooped him up and he immediately had an impact on the team’s secondary, emerging as a starter while recording 34 tackles, 2 interceptions, and 6 passes defensed for the squad. He led the team in tackles during their Super Bowl 39 victory with 11. He played four seasons with the Patriots as a nickel back and was solid, though the middle of his tenure with the team was marred by injuries.

2009: QB Brian Hoyer

Hoyer emerged as the Patriots’ top backup quarterback during his rookie preseason, beating out former third-round pick Kevin O’Connell, veteran Kevin Walter, and Matt Gutierrez for the job. He spent three years with the Patriots before bouncing around the league as a spot starter, logging a 16-21 record with 48 passing touchdowns and 30 interceptions. He returned to the Patriots as a backup quarterback as part of the Jimmy Garoppolo trade in 2017.

2012: RB Brandon Bolden,

Bolden quickly emerged as a special teams contributor for the Patriots while averaging 4.2 yards per carry and 7.9 yards per reception during his six years with the team. He had a brief, one-year stop in Miami but returned to the team during the 2019 offseason.

2014: CB Malcolm Butler

Butler is the best undrafted free agent on this list. He first made waves with his game-clinching interception of Russell Wilson in Super Bowl 49 in which he jumped Ricardo Lockette’s run in the slot on the goal line. From there, he developed into the Patriots’ top cornerback. Over the next three years, Butler started 47 games, intercepted eight passes, created four fumbles, broke up 44 passes, and logged 159 tackles. His final moment with the Patriots — playing just one snap in the team’s Super Bowl 52 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles — was certainly confounding, but he has continued to be a strong NFL cornerback since joining the Tennessee Titans in the 2018 offseason.

2015: C David Andrews

Andrews quickly became the Patriots’ starter at center after signing with the Patriots out of Georgia. In the past four years, he has started 57 regular season games and has been a big asset for Tom Brady in pass protection and while making line calls. He will, unfortunately, miss the 2019 season as he deals with blood clots in his lungs.

2016: DB Jonathan Jones

After a very strong career at Auburn, Jones went undrafted in the 2016 draft and signed with the Patriots. He performed well enough in the preseason to earn a job and has been a key role player for the team in recent seasons. He has played in every game since 2016 and logged a career-high three interceptions, 1.5 sacks, and 56 tackles in 2018.

2017: TE Jacob Hollister

Hollister appeared in 15 games as a rookie for the Patriots, but he only played in 7.5 percent of the offensive snaps. He had more of an impact on special teams. He was traded to the Seattle Seahawks during the 2019 offseason.

2018: CB J.C. Jackson

Jackson had a terrific preseason with the Patriots and earned a spot on the 53-man roster as their lone undrafted free agent in 2018. He was a key part of the Patriots’ secondary rotation during his rookie season and showed off nice ball skills, grabbing three interceptions and six pass defenses in 13 games (five starts). He has the tools needed to be a quality starter and his performance was part of the reason that the team felt comfortable moving on from 2018 second-round pick Duke Dawson just ahead of 2019 roster cuts.

2019: WR Gunner Olszewski, WR Jakobi Meyers

Perhaps one of the most unlikely success stories of this list, Olszewski went undrafted out of Division II Bemidji State and got a call from the Patriots for a workout while he was digging a ditch. The Patriots converted him to wide receiver and he showed enough as a return man to make the roster despite being told earlier that he would be waived. The Patriots didn’t want to risk losing him on waivers, so they decided to trade DB Keion Crossen to open up a roster spot for Olszewski.

Meyers, meanwhile, had an excellent preseason for the Patriots and emerged quickly as a potential contributor. He caught 20 passes for 253 yards and two scores in the preseason and while he’ll likely be a depth player to start his career, he showed a lot of future upside.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #34 – The Patriot Way | First Coach to go Undefeated in a 16 Game Regular Season 



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #35 – The Patriot Way | Has the Biggest Comeback in SuperBowl History


In 2016 the team went an NFL-best 14–2 and cruised through the AFC playoffs en route to another Super Bowl berth. There the Patriots engineered the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, overcoming a 25-point third-quarter deficit to the Atlanta Falcons in overtime to win a fifth title, giving Belichick the most Super Bowl championships for an NFL head coach.


FUN FACT #36 – The Patriot Way | A Decade of Division Title Domination



FUN FACT #37 – The Patriot Way | Won the Lowest Scoring SuperBowl game in History

In what was the lowest-scoring game in Super Bowl history, the Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams, 13–3, and Belichick claimed his sixth title in 2018.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #38 – The Patriot Way | Stephen Belichick is the Safeties Coach for the New England Patriots



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #39 – The Patriot Way | He Trims Down the Fat to Avoid Information Overload



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #40 – The Patriot Way | Bill Chooses the Players, Balances the Budget and Coaches the Team


Bill earned a college degree in economics upon his graduation at Wesleyan University in 1975.

Bill Belichick is one of the rare NFL power figures who does double-duty as both his team’s head coach and its general manager.



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #41 – The Patriot Way | Named Coach of the Year Three Times, But Really Coach of the Year Every Year


He has also been awarded as “Coach of the Year” thrice: in 2003, 2007 and 2010.


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #42 – The Patriot Way | Bill Belichick Has Appeared in 34% of the Super Bowls


Super Bowl 52 will be played on Sunday, and as the game is Belichick’s 11th, he will have appeared as a coach in 21.2 percent of the total Super Bowls according to the NFL’s research team. If you cut the timeline down to when he was promoted to coordinator for the Giants, that percentage jumps to 34.3. Since Belichick became a coordinator, he has appeared in over one third of the total Super Bowls.


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #43 – The Patriot Way | Bill Bellichick is America’s #1 Mystery Shopper and Learner of Sports Sign Language 



Bill Belichick FUN FACT #44 – The Patriot Way | Bill Belichick’s 10 Best Moves As a Coach and General Manager


  • Move #1 – Resigning from the Jets the day after becoming their head coach, to join the Patriots. He now has a career record of 29-11 against the Jets as the Patriots Head Coach / G.M.
  • Move #2 – Trading a 6th round draft pick for Kyle Van Noy and a 7th round pick. Van Noy was a former 2nd round draft pick by the Lions, but didn’t quite pan out the way they had hoped. Since the trade, he has become one of the Patriots best defensive players, and it showed in the 2019 post season.
  • Move #3 – Signing Darrelle Revis to what turned out to be a 1 year contract for 12 million dollars with a 2nd year option for an additional $20 million. Although the option didn’t get picked up after his 1 year stint with New England, Revis was a big part in helping the Patriots get to and win the Super Bowl.
  • Move #4 – Signing Stephon Gilmore to a 5 year $65 million contract. At the time, many thought it was a strange deal, and one that the Patriots usually wouldn’t hand out to a player. However, Gilmore has earned every penny from that contract, coming up big for the Patriots in the past two seasons.
  • Move #5 – Trading a 2nd and 7th round draft pick for Wes Welker. In his 6 season with the Patriots, Welker caught 672 passes, was a first down machine, and helped redefine the slot receiver role.
  • Move #6 – Drafting former Kent State quarterback Julian Edelman in the 7th round (pick 232). Belichick told Edelman after selecting him in the 2009 NFL draft: “We don’t know what position you’re going to play, but we know you can play ball.” Edelman has worked extremely hard to become a receiver in the NFL. His hard work has paid off as he just won his 3rd Super Bowl and 1st Super Bowl MVP, catching 10 passes for 141 yards in the Patriots Super Bowl 53 win against the Rams.
  • Move #7 – Trading a 4th round draft pick to the Raiders for Randy Moss. Many thought Moss’ career was over and that he was washed up, but many were wrong! Moss had his best season statistically in his first year with the Patriots in 2007, catching a record 23 touchdowns and helping the Patriots get to a 16-0 season. The Patriots ultimately came up short against the Giants in the Super Bowl, missing out on a perfect season.
  • Move #8 – Drafting Tom Brady in the 2000 NFL Draft in the 6th round with pick 199. There were 6 other quarterbacks selected before Brady, none of the 6 quarterbacks selected before Brady are in the league today, and Brady just started in his 9th Super Bowl to win his 6th ring. Tom Brady says he’s coming back for his 20th season.
  • Move #9 – Trusting Tom Brady to be the franchise quarterback and trading Drew Bledsoe to the division rival Buffalo Bills. Bledsoe was the Patriots’ starting QB for 8 season and was entering his 9th season as the starter before taking a scary hit that almost ended his career. The Bills traded a 1st round draft pick to their division rival for a QB entering his 10th season and Bledsoe only lasted 3 seasons in Buffalo.
  • Move #10 – Drafting Wisconsin running back James White from Wisconsin during the fourth round of the NFL draft. His receiving statistics exceed his rushing statistics, with 2,522 yards and 20 touchdowns on 290 receptions, compared to just 922 yards and 7 touchdowns on only 230 carries. He is one of two holders (the other being Darren Sproles) of the all-time record for receptions in a single playoff game, 15, which he made in the AFC divisional round playoff game following the 2018 season.


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Bill Belichick Facts Part 2 Thrivetime Show

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Dr Z on today’s show, we’re doing part two of Bill Belichick. Number one, fan 102 bill Belichick facts and 75 notable quotables my friend. Are you fired up? How’s that? Has that been verified that you’re the number one fan? I believe I am America’s number one fan and there are, there’s so many out there who’s rocking a bill Belicheck tattoo right now who would disagree with me? But the point is he is a management master and we’re going to break down his management moves. Oh, let’s do it. Starting here in about five, four, three, two, one ad.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in a writer to introduce a show, but this show dies to may eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 Moke time, million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome

To the thrive time show.

Yes, yes, yes and yes, drZ and his ecstasy. When you are next to me and I am fired up about

Breaking down the bill Belicheck management systems. May I ask you and you’re honest, will you answer honestly? Sure. Let’s do it. Okay. How many hoodies have you cut? The arms off of zero. Well, how can you even proclaim, I mean, Andrew, check, follow me up on this. Yup. How could you proclaim to be bill Belicheck biggest fan if you don’t set rock the cutoff? Question hoodie attire. Article two dash seven of the bill Belichick fan clubs States to look for loopholes like Billy B does. Well, there you go. Okay, so we’re going to do now is we’re going to be breaking down these fun facts about bill Belichick, but we’re, we’re gonna. These are all being taught to you so that you can become a more effective manager. That’s why we’re doing this. Okay. Because he is a phenomenal manager. So bill Belicheck, fun fact number 26 is coming in hot.

The Patriot way. Bill was always able to create one, or bill was able to create one of the strongest defenses in the 1980s Luke, give us the fun factoids coming at us hot from the encyclopedia Britannica. Yes. So a capitalizing on the presence of future hall of fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor Belichick developed one of the NFL, his most dominant defenses of the 1980s in four of his six seasons as coordinator. His giants defenses ranked in the top five of the NFL in yards and points allowed and were interim interim, I can’t say that word. Integral, integral. You just keep going. We’re just filling that little ride the ball. We’re to good teams to super bowl victories during that span. Okay, so Z let me tee this up for you. Lawrence Taylor was known to be a difficult person. Some would say that he was on a lot of drugs during the vast majority of his NFL careers, especially later on. But, and still bill Belichick let him play and there’s somebody out there who has an employee on your team right now who’s a little crazy, but they get it done. Talk to me about the balance of when you decide to punt somebody and when you’ll let you know, kind of crazy person still be on your team.

Well, that is a balance of an [inaudible] of a business owner for sure. When you have a rockstar, I. E. a Lawrence Taylor on your team, you know, they make twice as many cold calls. They close twice as many deals as they, they come up creative that’s just over the top. Like that’s the one we’re using for this pitch. You know, we all have one of those. Or if you don’t, that’s important. Maybe you should. But a lot of times they come with some quirks and, and when I say quirks, they may be a little late, they may be a little talk back at IE, they may be a little disk, they may be a little attitude sometimes. And oftentimes you just put up with it because their performance so outweighs that. So when asked me one time, clay, and I know you’ve been asked this a bunch too, when do you know enough is enough?

When do you know? And you know what? You’re the only one that can decide that. And when you wake up, when you go look in the mirror and you say to yourself, finally, you know what? I’ve had enough. Then up until then, you’ll put up with all the Jack ass hurry because the performance is really the bottom line. That’s our scorecard. That is our, you know, money in the bank, profit and loss, winning in business. That’s what you’re going forward. And so like, like the New York Giants, they had a rockstar defensive and Lawrence Taylor and he, you know, set the new standard for SACS and just dominant [inaudible].

But there’s somebody out there that fires somebody in their office the very moment they irritate them and then they end up working all the night shifts because they fire people emotionally.

They have, they have a very low threshold for Jack Asbury that if it’s the moment of, cause they know what I mean, like fact. I do know people like that. And so sometimes you have to swallow your own pride and put it through the filter. What have, I always say, clay, what’s best for the business and sometimes it’s not always best for you personally, but what’s best for the business now it can’t get too much. And that’s why the Lauren’s has Taylor’s eventually move on down the road. That’s why a lot of those employees that give you grief, even they, they over-deliver get so entitled that they finally, finally just have to say, see you later, alligator after a while crocodile.

So you know what else? You know what else you say? Like you always say that, that you guys want to do what’s best for the business. Right? And I have audio of you saying something else. You always say nominal mentorship. They say booty smack. I say that a lot. I know bill Belichick fun fact number 27. This Justin from the Patriot’s way. Bill Belicheck help desk here. Bill’s first head coaching position was for the Cleveland Browns. What? Say you as a result of his success with the giants? Belichick was named the head coach

Of the Cleveland Browns in 1991 after leading the Browns to just one winning season in five years as head coach, Belicheck was fired shortly before the franchise. We located to Baltimore and became the Ravens. So here’s the difference between the Browns and the Patriots when he’s coaching. On the Patriots. Bob Kraft has his back, so Nobel Nobel says, you know what, we need to bench drew Bledsoe who was a all pro quarterback and he said we’re gonna replace him with Tom Brady. Yeah, on the Browns. He said we need to bench Bernie CoStar and the Brown’s management and ownership got upset with him about it. We’re sure they did. He was their star so he wanted to bench their best player and for the Browns the ownership didn’t back him but the Patriots do back them. Can you talk about how important it is to not undermine your employees? What are managers?

It goes through the org chart and I think one of the things I learned the most when I was in corporate America back who long time ago Shunda and that is what not to do and what not to do is to go against the guys that you’ve paid money and you’ve hired them to make those decisions. Do you see what happens is, is that when you hire someone to make those personal decisions and they come at you and they say, this is the decision we needed to make and here’s the reason why, and you don’t let them do it, then you’re effectively saying, I don’t respect you, you, I hired you for this position, but I’m not going to equip you for this position. And so therefore it’s just a matter of time before the ways are parted. It doesn’t, it does not go well for your organization to put a manager in charge and do undermine them daily.

And what happened is, is that it’s not fair to fire them if you’re not going to give them the tools to succeed. So if you take away the tools and you don’t hold them, then you hold them responsible before the decisions you’re making. I mean, where’s the fairness in that? Do you know? The Brown’s only the last time the Browns want to play off game was when bill Belicheck was the head coach. That’s like 20 years ago. This just in and the Browns. It doesn’t matter who the Browns hire, they undermine them constantly. There seems to be some of that in the organization that just starts at the, at the hedge at Gansuray just, but you know what was funny is is that it’s a new Brown’s organization. Well, I believe their, I believe their general manager, their nuclear current general manager has it figured out.

I think he’s a good guy. He knows how to bring in quality talent. Now it is. Can we find a coach that can insist on discipline on the field and can we get everybody rowing in the same direction? And Andrew, I think what’s going on, I think the keyboard has unplugged itself from the USB drive and that must be fixed immediately. Otherwise, this bill Belichick show could be going sideways. Now while we’re doing, while we’re having a little pause here for your keyboard, I’ve got a fun fact for you. What’s that? Well, every year at the beginning of November and the thoroughbred horse industry, we have what we call the Breeder’s cup, the Breeder’s cup, that Breeder’s cup cup for breeders. It’s a, it’s a series of races for two-year-olds, three-year-olds, four-year-olds and however old you want to run them on the dirt and turf going short and long age-appropriate age-sensitive. So like the three-year-old girls can, you know, run against the girls on the

Two-year-old boys run to get the two-year-old boys. Right, right. Well there was a cult this year that I was just, I was baffled at his name and he was one of the favorites in the two year old boy race. So he’s, if he were to win, he would be the early morning favorite for the Kentucky Derby. Right. So this course, his name was eight rings, eight rings, eight reign. They named after Billy B named after Billy [inaudible]. He got two rings with the giants. Luke just pointed that out earlier on the show and he got six rings so far with, and wouldn’t that be horrible? I mean the you, you named your horse eight rings and then bill chick wins the super bowl again next year and now he’s got nine rings and you go to Kentucky.

Well, you got to put that kind of horse down. You’re going to put that horse down. You put it down. I guess you could have been prophetic. It’s called the nightgowns thinking. Well before he’s done running, I’m sure bill will have another, I’ve got a little bit of a fun number for you. Isn’t that cool? Eight rings. Can I tell you something about the Breeder’s cup that you might not know? What’s that? Oh, you know, we have five kids. Yes. And typically before you know, I do what you do to, to, to create kids. I’ll go grab this red solo cup. Oh yeah. I’ll take a sip of water or something. Yeah. And I know this is my Breeder’s cup. Yeah, I did not know that. Wow, you’re right. I did not know that. The Breeder’s cup, I put on eight rings and get down to business stretching and just get out. Okay. All right. So what are we going to do now? Let’s, we have time for one more fun fact before we take a quick early break here. Bill Belichick fun fact. 28, the Patriot way bill was a proud member of the New York jets for one day for one day. This Justin Luke, what say you

Upon parcel’s retirement from coaching at the end of the 1999 season, Belicheck was promoted to the jets head coach, but he resigned after just one day at the job rather than a Tory Asley doing so by writing our resign as HC of the New York jets on a piece of paper shortly before taking the podium at a press conference and announcing his departure, citing discomfort with coaching a team that was up for sale.

Yeah, he just did not want to coach. They were up for sale. Really? there was a lot of speculation the team was going to be sold and that was, that’s what was going on with the Browns. They were talking about moving to the, the the Browns became the Ravens, you know, they were talking about moving the team and there was just total not, he didn’t want to be a part of a team that was like a moving target. So he didn’t want the leadership changing the ownership changing. Sure. So he was the head coach for a day. So a wow. Yeah. That’s the jet right to the jet. I didn’t know the jets were for sales. What I’m trying to say, there was a lot of discussions. They were going to be spicy. He just did not want to be a part of that thing. So

That’s, that’s kind of crazy. And now I, I heard, yep. My rumor mill has a little bit different reason was that he was offered the say so in personnel and then they pulled that away from him. Is there, there’s nothing to that.

I cannot, I cannot disagree with what you just said. All I could say is that the facts that I have been able to gather for today’s show don’t. But there’s what you’re saying. There’s a lot of speculation around that and I cannot see, I can’t hop on a show like this and say you were wrong about that kind of thing. I’m just going to bring in the hard facts that I can prove. Oh, I can just say dirty little rumors then and not worry about it. Yeah, totally fine. No, no. Bill Belichick a factoid number 29, the Patriot way a day after leaving the jets, bill Belichick joined the Patriots. Luke, what? Say you after leaving the jets as head coach for a day, he took the head coaching position at the Patriots less than a month later. Okay, so think about this. So he left the jets to go coach to Patriots. All right, so let’s talk about this for a second. Let’s make this actionable for the folks out there. Why do you assuming that bill Belichickreally did not want to coach the jets because he didn’t want to work on a team that was moving. Why do you as an owner have to decide to, to set a tone of stability for your team? I mean, what if you were thinking about selling your, your, your business? Why do you not want to tell all your employees that you’re thinking about selling your business?

It causes a lot of unease. And when your employees have unease, I mean right now I claim this is going to sound horrible, but most employees are only working about half the time they’re there. Oh, get outta here. Yes. And so when you cause ease, what you’re doing is you’re giving them more things to worry about, to think about other than the job at hand they’ve clocked in to do for you. And so it, it starts to rumor mail and then pretty soon you’ve got more people around the ice cooler talking about things they shouldn’t be talking about, speculating, whispering. And that’s just not good for a team. You know, you want, you want to make sure you know where the business is headed and how it’s headed and how it’s going and that the owner is going to be there. Be part of it and that’s what you signed up for. And so when someone comes in and says, Oh wait, we may be changing things, moving the business, changing what we do, I don’t know, something selling to somebody and who’s

Moving to a new office. I remember we relocated our elephant in the room from a 16th in Boston to 17th in Boston and I can’t tell you how many members called and said they had heard, we’re going out of business. We upgraded to a bigger location after being in business for five years. And so many of them are like, yeah, I heard you guys are going to business. That’s, that’s the route. It’s because I didn’t get ahead of it. My bad. I didn’t get ahead of it and put signs up that said, great news, we’re expanding. Right. And apparently somebody in my meeting started talking to customers, someone who was in my meeting heard the heard part of the story that we’re moving and started telling customers, yeah, it looks like we’re moving. I don’t know what’s going on. And I, that was before I can get the signs up. That said great news. We’re expanding. And so you’ve just, as an owner, to make this actionable, you have to create a culture of stability and you also have to have a, that works well. So we’re gonna take a brief break. I’m going to fix the keyboard. They’re going to come right back. I can’t really wait. Here we go.

Oh, I love that transition. Don’t you like that? An old school Batman transition. Yeah. You know I love that man. Oh my God. I am Batman. See, I love this show. We’re now going to talk more about Bellville chick facts. Okay. Put your badge on. What do you think the relationship was that Batman had with Robin? I think it was kind of, it was that relationship where it’s like, Hey, put it on your underoos, buddy. Follow me or I die. I think I’m not sure if it was a father, son or big brother, little brother, or maybe uncle you. At what point were you, if you said to me, clay, I want you to come over tonight. Okay, cool. What are we doing? We’re going to be fighting crime. Okay, cool. But step one, I want you to, to put on some, some yoga pants, some tights, and then on top of those yoga pants, put on some you know, like a Speedos and then meet me.

I’ll be in the backward and my Cape and I’m like, okay. I mean, there’s something going on. I tell you to put on a real skin tight shirt with the big C on the side and there’s just something going on. And then how, how oblivious were the people of the time where they’re like, is that Bruce Wayne Bruce is that, you know, it’s not me. It’s not me really. What you sound, you don’t sound like you at all. I guess. It’s not you. It can’t be, it’s not me in the world. Those are just thoughts about Batman that I have. But let’s continue here. So we’re talking about Billy Belichick. Is there any, is it a coincidence that you thought about Batman is we’re doing the bill Belichick thing. Nick, you and I have a very nonhomosexual Batman Robyn relationship. Absolutely. You know, I mean, but at the end of the day is bill Belichick like a Batman? Is he like a Batman? Is he like a Batman? Is he a boss? Batman? I think he is kind of a combat man. God’s trying, I’m saying. Yeah, he’s, he’s great. He’s also like a commissioner Gordon too. He does everything he’s got. Wow. Bill Belichick. Fun fact number two, the Patriot way a day after leaving the jets. Bill Belichick joined the Patriots. We know this now. Fun factoid number 30 the Patriot way, he was five 11 during his first year as the head coach of the Patriots. What? Say you

Marcel’s retirement from coaching. At the end of the 1999 season, Belichick was promoted to the jets head coach, but he resigned after just one day at the job. Rather notoriously doing so by writing. I resign as head coach of the New York jets on a piece of paper.

So think about this. He resigns from the jets and then he goes and coaches the Patriots. But see he takes over the Patriots and leads them to a record of five losses. And or five wins and 11 losses, five wins and 11 losses, and he decided to bench their starting quarterback and replace him with Tom Brady. Now I want to make sure the listeners are getting this idea. Most owners would have fired their coach when they go five and 11 after benching their best player. Most owners would do that. Correct. This is why I feel bad for mr kitchens, the coach of the right now, because he is leading the Browns right now to a record of what two wins and how many losses. Six. I believe right now, two wins and six losses. And I don’t care if you’re, if you’re a bill Belichick or Jimmy Johnson’s first year with the Cowboys, how was that Jimmy Johnson’s not good.

So as he talked to me about backing the people that you hire to turn the ship around, well you have to give them time and the tools to do it and you’ve got to back. I mean they either your guy or they’re not your guy. And so or gal for that matter. So what happens is, is that oftentimes you’re hiring somebody new because there’s been some dysfunction and some things that had been done wrong. Right. And that cannot be corrected overnight. Usually most of the time it takes time to do it and as long as you see it headed in the right direction, that’s the key. Is it headed in the right direction? You know, a lot of times I want to know, you know like in business you want to compare year to year, month to month, you want to compare those numbers and you may not be where you want to be, but are you headed in the right direction?

Jimmy Johnson’s first year as the head coach of the Cowboys, he led the Cowboys to a record of one win and 15 losses. Oh yeah. That’s when they did he have Troy? He had Troy as a rookie his first year. Ryan was, I cannot confirm or deny that you would probably be more than somebody tell me in there. But I would say this is it. Think about this for a second. Again, XE. So many people right now are calling for Freddy kitchens to be fired. And I’m just saying that we live in a microwave society and we forgot that. Even Jimmy Johnson, the great cowboy coach the next year led the team to a seven and nine record. The third-year they went 11 and five, right? Calm down, calm down, calm down, calm your jets. Somebody should write this down right now and say, you know what?

I need to give my guy sometimes I see business owners that promote someone. Andrew, you see this, they’ll hire someone to be a salesperson and how many hours do they give the person before they’re fed up with them? They’re tired of them. It’s time to fire them. Really. A lot of times it’s the first mistake and then the other bigger thing, the first mistake you see the first time the sales guy does it close the deals like, Oh, the bigger thing is that there’s never any training, and so they’re not getting anything. So you have to train them. You have to, you have to show them what to do. But wait a second. Selling easy. Just get out there, make it happen. Just go do it. Come on now, but talk to me about Z. How do you run hot, cold? Talk about training a salesperson.

I mean, this is my, my process. I take people through. I say, let’s listen to some recorded calls from people who do it well then let’s watch footage of someone doing it. Well, don’t type you shadow someone who does it well and then let’s have you go out there and attempt to do it while somebody is basically shadowing you or auditing. So within a week you get good. But I see a lot of owners that just throw it in an operations manual as a sales guy and say, here’s the book on sales. And by the way, if you have any questions, read a the ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes and the Bible will hit him. And the problem started though. The problem started before the person was hired. Here’s what happened is that person came in and sold themselves, that they were an awesome salesperson, that they could rock this. They were closing

Time. One more close. You’re making money close everybody’s face. Right? So they come in and they pump themselves up, otherwise they would’ve gotten the job. Right. I mean, you don’t want to hire somebody who comes into this. You don’t really, I don’t know none about cell phone. I have nowhere to even start. If you could just teach, you know, take a couple of weeks and really teach me. I’m sure I could figure it out. No. They come in and say, Hey, listen, I’m your guy. I’m a sales guy. Got it here. Come on. Come on. Oh yeah. So then you go, well, this guy’s got it going on. He’s got it going on. I’ll just hand him the manual and he’s going to rock on with it. Right, right, right, right. And there in lies the problem. You’ve got to really treat him as if even though they’ve got the enthusiasm, they sell the right things in the interview, you read the resume and a bunch of them don’t put all the truth on the resume. Oh, I know. Like 85% of the time according to inc magazine. Do people lie on their resume? That’s percent the positive stuff if they don’t turn one in or they just have a real short dog. Haters is

Bill Belichick. Fun factoid number 31 number 31 the Patriot way. Since promoting Tom Brady to the starting quarterback physician, the team has never had a losing season. Luke, what? Say you, he then turned to little used second year quarterback Tom Brady who proceeded to lead the Patriots to an 11 and three finish in an improbable post-season run that resulted in the team’s first super bowl title. Now, little fun factoids and I want to have Zee break this down. Bill Belichick is famous for going to these you know, these combines NFL combines and being the only guy not using a stopwatch. And people were like, why are you not? Why are you, why are you not clocking the guy’s speed? He’s so fast. One w Bill’s the only guy who doesn’t really care how many pushups you can do or how much do you, many times you can lift 225 pounds.

But he’s looking for character and Z. You do the same thing. You look for character and then you train up that skill. Can you please explain to me why bill Belichick wood, wood, wood bench and all pro quarterback who completes the ball accurately, often who is going to the pro bowl every year but not winning games? Why would he bench him for a little known guy out of from Michigan named Tom Brady, who really didn’t play a lot of college football because he was for an large party backup for really good players in college. Wow. Why would bill do that? Well, I’m not sure exactly why, but may I guess I’ll guess. Okay. I would think that bill with the team not having a very good year before. Yep. Probably realizing that Tom was going to be his guy. Johann was going to listen to him. I’m sure if he told Tom, Hey, Tom, walk over hot coals. Tom’s going to walk over hot coals for him and you know the, what happens sometimes when you inherit someone who’s a superstar, their little entitlement goes with that. You know,

Hey, you buy a business and, and Billy here, he’s the number one sales person has been the number one sales person for years and he, he’s going to let you know how this thing runs up in here. Okay? Yup. And so sometimes you go, you know what Billy, I know you’ve done great. I know you’re an AllPro and your position, but you’re not my guy and you’ve demonstrated time and time again. You’re not my guy. So I’m going to give this young man who seems to, in all the meetings and all the be in there early, probably stay in laid, hanging out, you know, putting in the effort, listening to me nodding and saying, yes sir. Yes sir. If you say do it like that, sir, that’s how I’m going to do it. I would imagine that if that kind of energy was around and I’m imagining because I have a very active imagination, then he would’ve said, listen, even though you’re an all pro, I’m going to show the team Jack quilt has in his book a good public hanging. Really. So if, if every player on the Patriots sees Tom, I mean sees bill Belichick, bitch, the starting quarterback, the All-Pro, the big deal, the big kahuna for an unknown and the unknown’s biggest calling card is that he’s Bill’s guy.

Now, the first year bill Belichick had Tom Brady holding clipboards. He was a benchwarmer, he was a backup. He demonstrated his work ethic and then he benched, drew Bledsoe. Now again, how do we make this actionable for our listeners? If you’re out there today and you’ve got somebody on your team with a great resume but they can’t deliver, replace them with the person who has the best work ethic.

I, I agree with that totally. And really to put it in perspective with like what bill stepped into, it would really be if you bought a business and you inherit employees, you’re going to have some employees in there that are the rock stars, the all pros, the drew Bledsoe’s if you will. And so you’ve got to be careful because a lot of times they’ll think you’re working for them. And I’m not sure exactly what Bill’s and Drew’s relationship was, but I do know that bill was maybe a little desperate to get the thing turned around and he wasn’t getting what he, whatever he needed to

Get to his quarterback. Yup. He was not getting from mr Bledsoe. It’s interesting. It’s true. Bledsoe now comes to most of their games. You’ll see them on the sidelines and it appears as though he’s realized perhaps they’ve won a lot of Superbowls without me. Oh, perhaps. Maybe I should’ve listened. Yeah. I think there’s a little bit of that going on. I don’t, I don’t know. I feel like there’s a little bit of that going on, but it’s neat to see the relationship has been repaired after all these years. Now there’s a, there’s another bill Belichick, fun fact number 32 this one’s going to blow and these one’s going to blow your mind. Dr Z. Here we go. Here we go. The Patriot way. Bill Belichick is the only coach in the national football league who’s not a member of the national football league coaches association. Thus he does not receive any image, any money, any monetary compensation for the use of his likeness because he’s not allowing people to use his likeness.

So when you play Madden, you know Madden 2019, 2018, the guy you’re not going to find in that game who is a coach is bill Belichick. Thus it causes him to lose thousands and thousands and hundreds of thousands of dollars actually per year. Currently the, the study a head coach for the Patriots in the Madden game, his name is Josh Moore. Oh, he’s also had how often Mer, Griffin Murphy and any coach. Those are just a few of the names because bill Belichick will not let the game use his playbook and they will not, we will not with the game use his likeness. Any refuses continue. He’s the only coach who refuses to network with the other coaches. He does not, he’s not a member of the association. And whenever he’s been asked about it, he’s sort of flirted with the idea that he’s trying to beat the other people and he doesn’t see a whole lot of value in comparing notes.

Is he, does that make any sense to you? Does that, does that makes you kind of get his mindset there? I do get his mindset, but I will say this, I know that’s been his pattern in the past. Yeah. But there seems like there’s a sneaky good coach coming on. A young man, Josh McDaniels is his boy. That’s his guy. But Sean McVay, Sean McVay, Sean McVay and him are in the super bowl. Last year buddies, Sean McVay coach the LA Rams, Los Angeles Rams. And I hear that they had some working together, the draft times that they’ve had some, a lot of deep conversations. Let’s say why this is though my understanding, I’m letting, I’ve heard multiple interviews with bill talk about this, but basically Sean in a McVeigh or McVeigh and Belicheck share the same schedule. Those guys both are the first ones to their facilities. I mean, those guys get there at three in the morning, four in the morning.

They’re maniacally obsessive. And I think bill Belichick sees in McVeigh a younger version of himself and his decided to help him. But I don’t think the other coaches are anywhere near the level of Belicheck or why do you, why do you think he’s decided to help him? That’s, that’s a big, because he competes against him. They were in the Superbowl against each other. I think it’s because he honestly loves the guys. Work ethic. Bill’s like fiercely loyal. And I think when he found out how hard that guy works and prepares, I think he just wanted to help him. Really? Yeah. Huh. So a Batman, Robin here again. I think again, I mean, I don’t think bill wants to sit down and have like a talk with the coach of the Steelers. What’s his name right now? The head coach, the Steelers, Tomlin, Tomlin. Probably a great guy.

I don’t think bill Belichick has the mental stamina needed to sit there and explain to Tomlin. Okay, step one, don’t pay your stars a bunch of money. Step two, stay off of social media. Step three, don’t do anything that you want to do. Step four, quit being an idiot. Don’t be a player’s coach. Step five, quit being pals with your teammates steps. I mean they’re, they’re just philosophically not even in the same conversation. I think. I don’t think bill Belichick could handle mentoring Rex Ryan. Hey, step one, quit talking about how great you are when you lose. Right. I mean, these other coaches are just predictably wrong. That I think bill Belichick just couldn’t handle it. I think he and McVay are very similar [inaudible]

Very similar animals. So I could understand him not wanting to turn over his playbook. Yeah. To Madden organization or when I was, if I was him, I would turn over a playbook that’s not my playbook. Oh, the dirty playbook. The dirty, the dirty playbook and your just a playbook. I mean, come on, they’re all plays or plays. Right. but, but the idea though that he’s leaving all that money on the table because he won’t take advantage of being around those. Our coaches just irritated the market. I wonder what they do. So probably in the game they have a coach, they’re kind of, you know, you know, face all scrunched up, little cut off hoodie on and you know, failed

Dude in his thirties that appears. And they just basically cause it cause he won’t let him use his likeness. Yeah. Also bill doesn’t like video games. I think he’s annoyed by them.

I wonder why print the same reason I am. I think it’s just check answer a biased order. Yeah. Time wasting time. Way more sad to me than seeing an adult who says I couldn’t get my accounting done. Why I, I was playing video games. I heard this because I was played [inaudible] seriously often and it’s like really you can’t get your homework done and pay your bills cause you’re playing video games. You’re the number one rule. I taught my children. Maybe not the number one, but what are the top rules I taught my children and they’ll re they can quote it, they’ll know what I’m going to say. If my kids are listening show they’re going to go, Oh yeah, I know I was going to try. Can I try it? Yeah. Yes, sure. Please work hard, play hard, work hard, play hard, right. Work work first, then play work first and play right. In other words, get your work done, then play. So you don’t mind if you’re not getting your work done because you’re playing. You’ve got it. You’ve got it backwards. You don’t mind the end zone dance. You just want to get into the end zone first. Bingo. You don’t do the end zone dance on the 10 yard line. Literally like I love this guy. He seals guys drop the ball for the good. The hands on. I’m like dude, seriously you got like two more steps. I mean it’s crazy.

Now bill a check. Fun factoid number 33 the Patriot wayfinding and developing players that nobody else wanted. I’ve got a big list here. Luke. Go ahead and read the list of people that he has a gone after that nobody else wanted. Who’d gone on to be very successful.

Randall gay. Brian Hoyer. Yup. Brandon Bolden. Yup. Malcolm Butler. Yup. David Andrews. Yep. Jonathan Jones. Yup. Jacob Hollister. Yup. JC Jackson. Yup. Gunner. Oh, shifts. Oh. Shefsky and Jacoby Meyers.

So two of our starting wide receivers are undrafted this year. This year the Patriots pick them up. Gunner O Shefsky from division to Bemidji state, Bemidji stage. Another example would be our quarterback, JC Jackson. He’s been doing great undrafted. He’s one of the shutdown players out there in the NFL, a great defensive player and a undrafted cha Jacob Hollister. We’ve since traded him away, but he did a great job as a tight end. I’m playing there and 15 games as a rookie for the Patriots. Jonathan Jones, another defensive back, we, they talked about, we have such a great defensive backfield on the Patriots. These are all people that no one else wanted, right? Hey Luke, we check out this and see which NFL team has the most undrafted players on their roster, what his team has the most going to be clay. I’m going to hit her to guess the Patriots, but I don’t know.

Okay. I’m going to guess the major now. I’m okay. So we move on to bill Belichick fun factoid number 34 as he looks that up the Patriot way, the first, the first coach to go undefeated in a 16 game regular season was none other than bill Bella in 2007 behind the record setting play of Brady and wide receiver. Randy Moss, who they acquired for almost nothing, a fourth round draft pick. Nobody thought. Everyone thought Randy Moss had nothing left. Right. And the Patriots pick them up and just win and win and win and win Z. How is he able to pick up people that nobody else? Well, how can he get production out of Randy Moss when nobody else can? Is it because he’s a good manager or is it luck? Great leadership. There it is. Great discipline. Yup. And everybody else has signed on to those two things.

Have you noticed that when people work for you for a long period of time, they do a great job and all the times your competition will try to hire them away and they don’t quite get the same production out of them when they leave your business, if they leave my business. You ever seen that before though? Yes. You notice that? Oh yes. Someone’s like, Oh, I’ve got to get Z’s top sales guy here. It’s gonna change the game. Game changer. And then they leave and they’re not that effective when they leave. Well, it’s all, it’s what they think about it is they go after the troubled players. I’m going to say troubled at, is that the right word? Yeah, troubled. And they, what they do is they bring them in and they indoctrinate them into the culture and, and most of those guys will put them in the locker like next to Tom Brady.

Yup. And Tom can sit there and school on him. Yup. I mean that’s what I call it. Schooling. Yup. It is. That’s why a Josh Gordon’s locker was put right next to Tom Brady. They’re, you know, Josh Gordon’s a player, he’s struggling to stay sober his whole career and they put his locker right next to Tom Brady and there he is performing well. Former Cleveland Brown who just couldn’t keep it together and now he’s done. Well, they just recently let him go to the Seahawks in Josh Gordon. I hope you’re doing well my friend. Cause he’s turned his life around. Yeah. J G it’s good to see that now. Fun factoid number 36 the Patriot way, a decade of division title domination. Bilbo check led new England to the 10th straight division title in 2018 Z. Can you talk to me about why when you’re talking about greatness, you look for consistency. Well, that’s the only way you can measure greatness. I mean, you can measure a great year, you can measure a winning season, but when you talk about domination for a decade, dominate, dominate shop, I’m going to diamond, go to crush, cross you to the limitations of your women. And so what happens is, is that whatever you get rolling in business, yup.

And you’re doing well. Yup. It truly yours. What’d you get? The top? It’s really yours to lose at that point. And so when you become dominant in your sector and your DMA, your dirt, your demographic marketing area, so let’s say you have a, a tire company and you sell more tires than anybody, right? Right. And you’ve worked your way up. I mean, you started off not number one, you start from the bottom, you start from the bottom and now you’re here. And so what happens is as you sell more, you open up more stores. You’d have more better customer service. Your marketing, you’ve got a little hook. Maybe you got John, you got a puppy and your advertisement or maybe your granddaughter with a puppy. That’s powerful. That’s powerful. Yes. Sitting inside active granddaughter who’s like in her twenties mid twenties with a puppy or an attractive like baby, get like a small child. You gotta be cute. She can be more attractive. Right? To me, [inaudible] traffic. You can’t go in the middle in a puppy sitting in a tire.

But what you become dominant in your arena, it’s really yours to lose. There it is because you’ve done all the steps. You know what to do. You know how to get there. And so once you’ve gotten there, it’s, it’s a, it’s easy to lose it, but it is. But when you hang on to it year after year after year, in other words, when you sell more tires than anybody else and [inaudible] tires, you can grow. The with Robertson taught me that, that jingles been stuck in my head. Oh yeah. I know. My good friends, Ted Robertson. Every time he calls me, I always answer the phone. Hibdon tires. How may I help you? And he just laughs by the way that entrepreneurship really turns me on. Yeah. If you can tell Ted I’ve conceived, you know, four of our kids that’s a twin. So it’s five, five, the kids to the jingle of his of his place there.

Robertson tires. Oh, really? His hit play on his name gets going. The pheromones released. Wow. Roberts in tires. I mean, that’s, I thought you would to say that you could see it in the back seat of your car while he’s the tire that you’d gotten from the service. The services that fat. See the problem with the service, the service there is too fast. Yeah. Because it only takes like an hour to get the service done at Robertson. You’re just getting like five hours. Just get warmed up. Just slightly second kid. Second kid. Don’t go now. Okay, now here we go. No Shunda now fun fact number 37, the Patriot way. These guys won the lowest-scoring super bowl game in history. Lois dozy. Let’s talk about this for a second. Why does that speak to the greatness of bill Belichick when they can win by a lot of points, little points in a big scoring game, low scoring game.

Why does that mean the versatility of how he wins? Why is that so magical? It’s magical because a lot of people are one trick ponies and apparently mr Belichick has a lot of ponies in his tricks table. Well, they come out, right? Yeah. Okay, good. So finding different ways to win. Sometimes your granddaughter with the puppy in the tire works. Yep. Sometimes it doesn’t. Sometimes you need a monk holding a candle with an air horn that’ll move the needle walking into your tire while playing Gallagher and saying, sir, sir, I’m tired of walking. Can you help me put tires on mine? And then Joaquin Phoenix walks in and says, are you tired of why? Wow, that’s what you need. Wow. Here’s a separation to somewhere. I’m not sure where we ended up walking. Phoenix, you want to be on the show? Joaquin Phoenix. He’s a great actor.

Is he not unbelievable. Now, what’s your favorite wall Keaton Phoenix movie? They walk the line was incredible. He’s just a great act. You like that better gladiator. He’s great and glad to hear. He’s just great. I mean, I, it just, it’s a simple question with a method actor. So it freaks me out a little bit, you know. Have you seen the new one with the joker? The gr? I haven’t seen him. Joe. Have you seen it? No, I have. I’ve seen people that, I know people who’ve seen it and I don’t think I would like it. Why is that? Cause it’s like very, very good acting, but it’s a little dark. I don’t like movies that are dark. Yeah. I have to end with like a good thing that happens. Oh yeah. Like you know, like I could Adam Sandler video. We’re moving [inaudible] so good. I watched that.

It was so good. Oh, the ridiculous find film. Are you seeing the ridiculous 60? No, really? No, that’s great. I’ve seen their throat puncher. It’s, I’m sure it’s a, it’s a movie where Adam Sandler basically any stereotype that there is, he plays on that. So there are stereotypes of every kind of person in the world and he just plays on it. And so it’s just, it’s offensive to every single person who watches perfect striving every Adam Sandler movie. What he does is there’s, there’s a scene where there’s a, this guy, this is a group of, there’s these is a gang of guys and they all have wear patches. And so one of the guys is like, you guys all wear patches. It’s like, well the be in the gang. You have to puck out one of your eyes with a spoon with a dog spoon other, I can’t use it. So they’re like, they’re like, we’ve all done it, you know. And the guy’s like, really going to go, you got to pluck out, you’re going to be in the game. He only has one. Good. Hi. Hey man, come pluck out. He’s good. No, no he didn’t. After he does it, then they point out to her, just kidding in the movie. That’s Adam Sandler. I need that. Life is so dark. See it just be some funny moments. I know, I know. I like to pick on Adam Sandler, but it’s, he seems like every movie, it’s the same immature man

Finds a woman that’s unbelievably hot and he has to woo her and wow her, despite being [inaudible]

Mildly, and yet he’s still stuck in like a junior high locker room. Every fart jokes, tire shiners, eighties music. All of a sudden you’ve come to find out she loves fart jokes. One for him. And then there’s eighties music and then there’s like cameos from like Shaquille O’Neal or McEnroe or somebody famous. They just randomly show up. He always sings a song and every movie with that same little silly voice that you don’t, it’s like, okay, if you can’t sing very well, they just don’t sing. We get it. Oh, Christmas tree. Oh Nope. Okay. Well you’re doing right now is I’m going to, I’m going to hear you sing along with me. We’ll sing along. Look. So look, Oh yeah, that’s Adam Sandler movie right there. Let’s sing along here. Let’s do this. Oh no, you actually played a song. Here we go.

Is at us. There we go. [inaudible] Come on T Oh, Christmas tree. [inaudible] Give you a mock code when you go home. Do I take back everything I’ve ever said about the remote control? True. Aw man. Gives up his remote control. You know, that’s loud. Okay, we’re moving on. We’re moving on. We’re moving on here. We’re going to need to do a show dedicated to Adam Sandler. Adam Sandler just passed [inaudible] billion dollars of career box office sales. It’s unbelievable. It’s the same movie every time. It’s so good. I love it. I’m stuck. I can’t get out of it. I’m trapped in the Adam Sandler film festival loop. It’s a film though. It’s not a movie. So I feel how much you have contributed more than I to the $4 billion. I promise you. The Meryl Streep,

Daniel Day, Lewis, Joaquin Phoenix, Adam Sandler.

That’s the no montage war of accurate. Yes, you’re right. You’re nominal. It’s hard to argue with that kind of logic. Hey, what’d you find out? What team has the most,

So I couldn’t find a current list, but I, last season the Rams were actually at the top with 20 undrafted undrafted who are on their roster. But I did find out something very interesting. Okay. 2019 NFL rosters by original draft slot or is made up of 30% undrafted free agent agents. 30% 30% of the NFL is made up of undrafted football players.

Just Justin now. That’s pretty fun factoid,

The Patriot way. Steven Belichick is now the safety’s coach for the new England Patriots. Stephen is bill Belichick son. Bill has three kids together with his wife. He has Amanda, Steven and Brian and Steven attended the rivers school in Western Massachusetts where he played lacrosse and was an all league, a honorable mentioned selection in his senior year and then he went on to attend Rutgers university where he played lacrosse as a defensive man and long stick midfielder from 2008 to 2011 then he was a long snapper for the Rutgers football team under coach Ciano in 2011 on Thursday May 10th, 2012 Steve Belichick was hired to be on the new Maitland coaching staff as a coaching assistant, a position which he would serve in for four seasons before being named as the safety’s coach. Prior to the start of 2016 Patriots now are known to have the best even of back in football, which is coached by none other than bill Belichick.

Son Steven, who was rocking a mullet as of right now. Have you seen his haircuts? No, I have. He’s rocking a mullet. I mean, is it better than our boy at a OSU? Oh look, no, it’s not that good. But it’s a thing where he’s, he’s flirting with disaster right now. He’s going, my dad’s got the hoodie, my dad’s got the hoodie thing. I’ve got to figure out my move. No. And so somebody said, get the Billy Ray going on. And he’s like, so he starts playing that achy breaky heart song and practice or something and all of a sudden it occurs to him, I need a mall. Look at that. Look at that mob. Look at that. Look at that. WIC. Steve Belichick, Steve Belicheck. Mom looking. I don’t see it. Oh, it’s, it’s worth it. Oh, you see a lettuce? Wow. Ooh, wow. He needs to come to the, in the room.

He need to come to alter the room. Men’s grooming lounge. And get that thing tank. The team that Willdabeast. It’s unbelievable. He’s wa you see that Yeti on his waterfall that for only a dollar. It’s beautiful. Who pulled up here? This is a, here we go. See, I’m Googling right now. Steven. Mine’s going slow or something. Belichick gutsy. You got over here. You’re gonna see bell chick hair. Look at this. This right here just says to you, this says to you through, he went with the, this was this look, this was this look. That was his look. And now let’s see, 2019 where’s the look at that? I mean he has an interest in kind of a, a floods at urban Ninja almost. Let me, and he looks like, he’s like, he looks at his dad. Look at him. Cal Maddy looks all the time. He looks mad.

He looks fine as let us know. To us, that’s almost beyond the mullet, isn’t it? I mean this is like beyond a mullet. I mean by definition I guess. I mean short up front and you know, long in the back. Yeah, I want you to see the haircut. I mean it’s, but is it really short and frontiers? You just have it there. It is rare. He just did this. Look at this mop. Look at him. There is, you see that mom will have a good lettuce right there. And Andrew, by the way, I still can’t type on the notes but I want to. So I’m going to just do a little copy and paste action here. But we’re gonna, we’re gonna have to get to get a spiritual about this here. When we finish up here, we’re going to the listeners today demand a great show notes. I’m going to give it to you, but I’m going to have to click up copy and paste old school little work. So here we go. Now bill Belichick, fun factoid number 39 the Patriot way, he trims down the fat

To avoid information overload XE. You think about this for a second. Tom Brady has pointed out to bill Belicheck researchers, researchers and researchers until he cannot research anymore. But then he breaks down the information into something you can actually do. Is this what Tom Brady says? Tom Brady says, I would always say sometimes coaches give you so much information that you can’t retain any of it because it’s so much. I think what he does is he trims the fat. He gets to the meat of what we’re trying to do. He doesn’t confuse you. He doesn’t tell you things that may never come up. It doesn’t, it’s not information overload load Belicheck it has a less is more teaching style. So you talk about the genius and you know, we’ll take a big complicated idea and make it simple. The gene, I mean for if you’re a manager and you’re an owner, why do you have to take something complicated?

Like how search engines work and make it simple. If you want anybody else in your team to figure it out or to do it, you’ve got to make it simple. They don’t have the enthusiasm, the knowledge, they haven’t spent the hours that you have deep diving into it. Just like with bill Belichick, I mean deep diving the way he does. So what he does is he takes out the pertinent information, the information you’d need to know so that you can succeed and do your job, do your job, do your job, do your job, right. That’s all he cares about. He doesn’t care that you know why you’re doing your job. He doesn’t want to talk to you about why the engine, when you turn, put the key in and the, the fuel does this and the piston does this and just confusing. It’s like, no man. Teach you how to drive a car. Jump at it, hit it, hit gas, put it in D go. You know, I mean, and that’s

Suck it up. 15 Oh, come on now. I want to do audio. I want to play for you. This is 15 or what? Bill Belichick talking to the guys and essentially letting them know what they need to know. Let me queue it up here. Here we go. Let me play Detroit with you and Eric. I mean not, what are you guys? I’m thinking. Got it. Here it is. I’m thinking be alert, good speed. Concentrate on what we’re doing and be ready for the situations. Okay. And I don’t want to hear about what any of the situations are. You just play him. Got it.

[Inaudible] He doesn’t want you to tell him what you think they are, what the situation is, what you think they may be. He just wants you to do it, to play him, do your job, do your job. Unbelievable. I love that. And you know what? He’s a guy that says, listen, I’m going to give you the information that I feel like you need to do your job. I’m not going to overload you with too much other information. And that’s beautiful. I mean that really is sometimes you can tell your employees too much. Get them confused, get them thinking, get them going. Why do you tell me that? I think most of the time, I think most of the time you can tell them too much. Well, I mean why? Why did, well let me give you an example of something that would freak out your employees. Z. You are an investor in a bank, am I correct? Yes. And when you would try to explain that. I think Regent bank, now you said you’re, you guys are valued at over 700 million, is that correct? Yes. Okay. If you try, if you try to explain to the employees like a bank teller that is not $700 million

In the vault or even 70 million there today, what would happen to the average person when they realize that you don’t keep all of the cash in the bank? What would the average, you know, bank teller, a brand new person, not at region bank, but other banks, other fine institutions, not region, but what would happen if you sat down and said, listen here buddy. This is how the banking system works. What would happen to the average person’s mind? One, you might have a exploded brain on your, on your lap. You know, you almost have like a run on the bank too. They would be like, Hey mr. Customer, I want you to, don’t actually put your money here. [inaudible] Actually have it. By the time you heard the rumor on the street, it would be that your bank is closing your fraudulent. You, you are lying. You apparently can’t tell the truth and it’s all shutting down and this guy’s falling.

And if you can, then if you went on and let’s say you got past that, that debt, tough meeting, tough meeting, you recovered, what have you tried to explain to the average bank teller that the federal reserve is kind of quasi federal. It’s quasi federal, you know, and they don’t actually have gold bars anywhere that backs up all of the currency right now. If you just said, Hey, you know, it’s a Fiat currency. We are declaring the value of the monetary system. Our dollar is, was what would happen if you tried. If you sat down every day and you put up the ticker and all your banks that showed the national debt calculator and it just was on all day for, to encourage people has, that means we’ve got to print more money. [inaudible] Get it. All right. What would, what would happen to the average person if they could try to grasp this idea?

You know, that’s a good question. I think it would be, it’d be a little overwhelming. I think a lot of people, I have a saying, this is one of my top, one of my maybe top 10 and that is ignorance is bliss. I agree with that. Shunda Holy crap. I shirt hashtag that tweet that, send it back to me. Put come on now. No, I love, I love, I love [inaudible] this is great. This past weekend I had some folks over to watch the Patriots and one guy who’s a nice guy. I’m kind of letting him into my life cause I want them to see my life outside of work cause he has a perception of me that everything starts on time and it’s intense. That’s true. But then there’s the weekend may where it’s like we’re hanging out. I’m good time. You’re like a normal dude. Yeah, we’re [inaudible] I don’t know that I’d ever used normal.

I’m sorry. That’s just kind of stretch. He said something that really I could tell he needed to learn on Sunday. He said how many burning fires are going on right now that are for sure going to be in your inbox when you open it up on Monday. Like, how many do you think are in there? And I said 30 you know, he says 30 it could be 20 but Andrew, you see Mondays. I mean, Luke, you’ve seen Mondays. It could be 30 it could be 50 it could. I don’t know what he said, but how do you not check? How do you not, I go, I don’t want to ruin my weekend. You know what I’m saying? I want to have some olive garden salad and breadsticks. Don’t forget the breadsticks, but he was going, you don’t ever check that thing. I’m like, no, because that would ruin my day. I mean, there’s horrible things all the time. Don’t go in there. So I don’t check it. Ignorance is bliss now Monday. Knowledge is not plus. No, no, no knowledge.

Luke asked me today, he said, is it worth it? You know, all the trade offs. And I told him, no, it’s, it’s a Monday. It’s not worth it on a Monday for me. He’ll try it. That’s why I turned my turn my phone off all weekend. I turn that thing on on Monday. It’s a laser show. See if you ever turn your phone off to have a great trip. Oh. And you come back and you turn on that and you just get all those urgent messages floating in email, text. You get those things. Yes. And sometimes getting out of the country, it turns off automatically. But yeah it is. But you know, you’ve got it. You’ve got to know when to unwind so many times. It’s so crazy. Yup. As you’re listening to your message and you have this fire, I mean barn’s on fire, dogs and cats living together, acid, rain.

It’s the end of the world as you know it on Friday. Yes. And by Sunday it’s all taken care of. Oh wait. Never. Never, never mind. Let me tell you something that happened over the weekend that I thought was hysterical but weird. Okay. I don’t check my voicemails by D. Look at the text messages and the text message and I’ll be very vague so no one can guess who this is. But a man who’s not knowing it. I know, I know who’s got a client reached out to me and said via text, do you guys still do X, Y, Z service? I didn’t get the message cause it’s Friday on Sunday. Somehow it’s become a, Hey we, I paid you a lot of money over the years buddy. I would expect you to be at least responsive. I need to know and I guess this person wants me to somehow install a massive like phone call center system at their current business because back in the day when I ran make your life Epic, when I first started coaching businesses, I would do that.

I would come to your office and I would, you could pay me like 1000 bucks a month. We’d do it, support for it, you know, make your computers work. Sure. And I did that for like 10 clients for like five years, but there was like long time ago, you know, but this dude is pissed and it almost got funny cause it’s just like really, really wants that answer. And then you know again, but I just enjoyed knowing that I didn’t have to experience it all. So I called the person today and I act as though I haven’t got the messages, so I’m like, what’s cracking? So I missed your call. Yeah. You missed my carb and call and text and gotten to know I’ve been fighting another bit. I found another vendor that wants my money. Okay. That’s going to do the it. Okay. I found another vendor.

I don’t need you. Okay. Okay. All right. Well, you know I don’t do that anymore, right? Huh? He was just beautiful. Beautiful. But I could have been pissed all weekend. You could have been here. You could have been trying to find him. Voice tag, found tag and you want to call it. It says like, I don’t know. What do you, what do you need? What do you want? Well, what do you put a bid? Give me a bid. I don’t want, I don’t do that anymore. You used to, yeah. It’s beautiful. It’s beautiful now. Fun fact. What? Bill? Bill Belichick. Fun factoid number 40, the Patriot way. Bill Belichick chooses the players, balances the budget and coaches the team. Luke, what? Say you bill earned a college degree in economics upon his graduation at Wesleyan university in 1975. Bill Belichick is one of the rare NFL power figures who does double duty as both his team’s head coach and its general manager.

Andrew, what percentage of the time do you run into somebody who we meet? Who’s a great, great person, great guy, great read American. They have a great idea and they, they, they’re really, they don’t feel called to do their accounting. Oh, ah. They don’t feel called to do that. I would say they’re in the sales and market. It’s don’t feel called to do their account. It’s a good 50 to 75% cause it’s the, the, the the offensive is very, very fun. But the diff are getting not sales, right? Vision, vision, new ideas, new market vision, new ideas, sales, marketing. How I’m going to have a new, the new app. Now talk to me. Z. Y a lot of people are not like Belicheck where they don’t know the numbers. Cause remember Belicheck graduated with a degree in economics. You might Brent study mathematics in college. Why do you have to know the numbers and why is that part of the Bellicheck genius knowing the numbers of the salary cap, the players on the team?

Well I tell you what, knowing that the numbers are like the bones of what’s going on. Talk to me. This is dirty. It’s give me, give me some music. Come on now. I tell you what, you gotta check that foundation and you don’t know what you build it on. It’s liable not to lie. Ooh, maybe I clean it up. Other people could hear and I thought it was interesting watching the game between the Patriots and the Ravens. The announcer was so hip and that was a, who’s the guy that used to be the wide receiver for Cincinnati Bengals? Great announcer. What’s that old show? Sinko? No, no, no. He’s an announcer for, it’d be see now a Bengals receiver. Yeah, he does the Sunday night Collins called Collins. Chris Collins. I love that guy. Great guy, great guy. But he was talking about that you know, the percentages of going for it and then percentages of the chance of winning percentage and all of these per se, all the breakdown, all the numbers in the game.

And he was talking about Harborough, the coach of the Ravens was a fanatic study of them also and that he goes by it and if someone said, listen, this is the person you know, you have a better chance of doing this than this, that he goes with the better chance period every time. He’s just, he’s just sold out guy. He’s a stat guy, sold out to it. He’s not this emotional guy. And you realize on that, you know, it’s w it’s got him a Superbowl victory. It, it has two super bowl victories and he’s on, he’s on his way right now. But the point is is that you have to have a plan and knowing the numbers, it’s kind of funny clay, but when you do that, it’s just, it’s just like this piece comes over you because you go, you know what the hard decisions are made for you in life. That’s another one of my big things, sayings by the way. And a lot of times let the do the talking,

Don’t let emotion get up. And I go for this on fourth and one should I, should I, can I, should I do this in my business? Whatever it is, dirty that’s dirty, dirty Ray Dalio who if you Google search, this guy Ray Dalio, D. A. L. I. O. M. I started hearing more about him about probably a decade ago and I just kept researching this guy and he’s kind of blowing my mind because he was, he’s very, very, very successful. I didn’t know who he was and I’m like, how do I not know who he is? This guy, basically Ray Dalio decided to make sure you watch that outlet there. This guy, Ray Dalio, he decided to do research because he figured out that there’s certain investments that work every time if the, if the math works, there’s certain fundamentals. So you know, when he’s thinking about investing in a business, he would ask people the same questions and then he would have to make the decision.

And he thought, you know what, that’s kinda tiring. So check this guy out. Ray Dalio with Bridgewater associates, it’s a large hedge fund company. He turned it into a formula and you just plug in the data and then he goes, yep or no. Now, Warren Buffett, I read his book a snowball, and this is something crazy that Warren buffet does every day. He does not go to wall street, but yet he controls wall street. Remember Warren buffet has Z huge stocks in Coca-Cola, huge stocks in bank of America. This is what Warren does. Warren memorizes the value of a hundred companies a day ish. And what they would be worth if they were like he’s, he memorizes the price at which it makes sense, where the price, where that’s so low, they couldn’t possibly lose money on the deal. So if the company goes at a cigar butt, but he says a cigar, but if you pick up a cigar, but from a guy who just smoked it, even though it’s gross, you get maybe one or two more puffs left.

Yeah, so he finds the cigar but value of like a hundred businesses a day on his own. Warren, he has a little yellow pads are his words. These are Warren Buffett. He does this. He writes it down. He writes down the value and then he watches the ticker and just off of memory looks at it and goes, he calls Charlie monger, who by the way is his partner who gets a small percentage of every sale. Charlie Munger, who’s worth one point $9 billion, he calls Charlie and says, this is what we call it buddy. He calls Charlie Charlie, I want him to buy this many shares of bank of America. Now people would say, sir, the great recession is occurring, the economy is falling apart. Are you sure you want to buy? Yup. And that’s how he does it, right? He says he does not go to wall street because he is not interested in what the herd has to say cause they’re all wrong.

So he says, I set the trend, I don’t look for the trends. So Warren though knows the price. Well Ray Dalio is as smart as Warren probably, but doesn’t have that kind of memory. So Ray thought let’s make a program that calculates when we should and then there’s no Hugh. And it’ll be wrong sometimes cause certain variables change, but right. Most of the time it won’t be. And I’m just tired of making that decision. That’s what Bridgewater does. It’s like mathematically certain investments, right. Crazy. And that takes the emotion. Oh my God. That’s where it is. Emotion out of it. Right? But we view, if you, if you make decisions emotionally, then we move on to fun. Factoid number 41 here. This is interesting. Bill Belichick has been named the coach of the year three times, but really he’s the coach of the year every year. I mean, he’s the coach of the year in 2003 2007 and 2010 but this is the teaching moment.

If you need people to clap for you and to give you the approval, you can’t be successful entrepreneur. You can’t be [inaudible]. I mean if you is an example, when we hit top of Google for the phrase bill Belichick’s number one fan, nobody was excited. Who’s married to me, you know, so my wife, great lady. I said, babe, I after five years of doing this, I just hit number one when you type in bill Belichick’s number one fan with the number sign, I’m number one and if you type in his personal assistant Berj Najarian, I’m number one in babe. I got a text message from bill parcels and he told me he’s not going to be on the show. This is awesome. Bill parcels. Y’all show the text. He said no to me, they’ll parcels. He he him personally? Yes. And wonder why? Because he didn’t do interviews, he stays off the grid.

And I said maybe in the future and he didn’t respond. He goes to me. But here’s the thing. Wow. He’s really up to, I got excited about getting rejected by bill parcels. I’m like, I got a text from greatness from bill bell mentor and we are top in Google for personal Sharia. And this is what my wife says. She says, I’m trying to role play. She says, who’s picking up the kids? Something like that. And I’m like, do you understand the profundity? There are thousands of websites, there’s millions of people, thousands of people proclaiming they’re the number one fan. But I am top and Google. Now how do you spell number one? I mean, how, how is it built? Belichick and then you hit the number sign number one fan built Belichick number one, fan bill Belichick’s number one fan possessive. Yeah. And so I’ve hit that and I feel good about that.

I mean it’s, it’s like you know, but if I was, if I needed approval from my wife or my friends or anybody, you see that there to come up for easy. You see it, bill bill a chick’s number one fan. He’s a number sign though. And I’m working on the number where you spell it out right now, but we got to do many, many more great shows before we hit Thomas. But I’m ahead right now of you know, of any SN that’s the new England sports network. I’m a head of Bleacher report. I’m head of CBS now. I’m ahead of USA today. I and in the genre and if you type in, that’s bill Belichick’s personal assistant. He’s the man who rejects me the most, often, very kindly by the way. Great guy. I’m now coming up top for him. I’m ahead of ’em behind only the Boston globe and it’s because I’ve only done 10 hours of show content about him when I hit top.

Nobody seriously, not a single person was excited about it. I was, but I mean at the time. But if I needed any type of external motivation at all at all, I couldn’t be self employed. So today, this is a fun example. We have a man in our team who works for us. Everyone has different, you know, sexual preferences, Z and you and I are the same way. We’ll hire who’s someone who’s great at their job, we’ll hire them. And this person has a different sexual preference than I have. So we hire the guy who does a great job. That is a great tip. It’s exciting. We have many people with different, many people in our companies have different sexual preferences and orientations. I didn’t even, I don’t even know my, I don’t ask. I don’t care to know. Those are the lies that I know is because some people will bring it up.

Okay. Okay. So I had a customer call me from one of my companies who said, I want you to know I will not be doing business with you anymore because you refuse to hire members of the gay and lesbian community is what he said to me. And I said, I just want you to know we have many people of the gay and lesbian community. Probably doesn’t that worked for me. I just don’t talk about it. And you’re in a haircutting place. Of course you’re going to. But this is where I, this is what I said to the customer. This is where it got funny. I said, are you planning on having sex with him? And he goes, what? And I said, I mean, unless you are, it doesn’t matter. Right? I mean, what, what are we talking about here right now? It’s funny, it’s in the same week.

You can ask Daisy and verify. I’ve had another person complain that I do hire homosexuals in the same week. So the point is, if I was seeking universal praise from anybody, you couldn’t do it. You can bill Belichick’s crying that he wasn’t the coach of the year last year probably, or the year before probably. No, he just keeps winning and winning and winning. Of course, I’m teasing. Of course he’s not crying cause he doesn’t care about all that. But how many people, zeal come up to you and say, Z, you know, I went to your optometry clinic two years ago and I want you to know I had a phenomenal service and I just want you to know because two years ago I had phenomenal service. Or how many people who you barely know want to tell you about maybe a problem they had two years ago. I mean, this is a person.

And she said more people that tend to tell you positive random things or people that just tell you things you could do better. Just so you know. Most people are more positive back to B to B. Very. Okay. We’re getting a lot of positive. Well, I think a lot of people maybe don’t want to come up and talk about negative or they don’t want to say it, that they’ll, they’ll go online under a pseudo name. There we go. That’s what I’m talking about. The Google reviews, they’ll go on and they’ll, they’ll type in, you know, but more people, it’ll be here in a week and 10 days they sack back. Don’t ever go there. It’s stuff like that. You’re like, really? Come on. I wish. I wish you had to put like in parentheses what gave you the right to say that you could put signed Gregory Smith unemployed for four consecutive years.

Yeah. Nothing else. I’m Susan Sanders. Haven’t been able to hold a job for a decade on those three days are my glasses were like crushed me. I’m not employed right now. I wish you’d have to put like some sort of scorecard behind your name and leaving a review your actual full full name and your cell phone. Yeah, but then again, you know [inaudible] psych drug addicted, crazy person who’s never been able to keep a relationship together by the way it’s going happening. Any math? Is this a math networking site? Okay. No, this was really funny. There a debt collector that I referred to a client and this one woman, she says she complains about the debt collector saying they call me all the time and just because I owed North of $40,000 and haven’t called them back. I’ve been busy and I don’t understand what, why are you sharing what you saw? You saw them in the meeting and yeah, they were all pursued a tax, the debt collector for calling them all the time. They didn’t like their tone or they didn’t like the day collector. You want to work on better views, they’re good. No bill Belichick. Fun factoid number 42 the Patriot way he’ll bowel check has appeared in 34% of all Superbowls [inaudible].

Now let’s talk about that for a second. I see a lot of business owners and Luke, you can speak to this maybe. I see a lot of business owners that say they can’t find good people. Have you ever heard that kind of idea? Oh absolutely. Andrew heard this idea. People can’t find good people and Z, I remember back in the nineties back in the day, back before the nineties back before millennial was, this is like 1999 97 98 people would tell me, cause I was a DJ, I started a company called DJ connection. I would go to chamber events to network and doctors, dentists, lawyers, other wedding vendors would say, you know the biggest issue right now, Z, what’s that? I can’t find good people. And the year was 99 so I thought, you know what, I’m going to implement the strategy that you know Google does with the strategy that Disney does.

I’m going to interview the, I’m going to start the group interview, I’m going to interview a lot of people at one time and I haven’t had a hard time finding people since that time. Now the year 2005 six seven eight nine 10 you remember that time [inaudible] 2010 when the economy was kind of rough for awhile there and people said like seven, eight, nine I think. And people said, you know, gosh, the economy right now, it is an employer’s market. It’s easy to find pills. There’s so many unemployed people. It’s easy to find people. But you know, the problem is I can’t find good people in my industry. No, no, of course not. And then it all changes. Now we go into 2019 it’s like now there’s unemployment rates so low, you just can’t find good people. Well you can, you just don’t even realize you found them.

So Nobel check. Every time he wins the Superbowl as a reward, the other team will poach. The other teams will poach his coaches and his players because they know he’s a factory for excellence and you know what he does? He doesn’t do a press release. You have to do a press conference and say, I can’t find any people. All the good people are taking. All my good people have left. He doesn’t do that. Does he? Talk to me about being able to find great people year after year, whether you’re trying to win a Superbowl or build your optometry clinic. Talk to me about how you have to get out there and find great people and it’s easy to do. Inspire somebody. It’s freaking easy. You gotta be proactive though. You’ve got to borne it. You got to go, dude. I, like I said, it’s like shopping at T J Maxx. You got to go right to rack

Rack to rant, a flip. A lot of shirts. You got to go try on stuff. Oh is miss Maya? Look behind those incredible candles that don’t match. You got to look through it. You got to do it, do it. I promise you going there, you’re going to find if you look a great deal. Oh, come on. And that’s why you do the group interview. I love to group it. If you would tell her, dude, I think it was ever on Wednesdays at five and at five you guys locked the door. That’s true. You’d lock the door if the interview’s at five at five you said, come on. I know you’re not in the room. Guess what? You’re out of the room is in the room. We got to go in on Zig. All the listeners out there to do that group interview. I want him to do it until they’re satisfied.

Come on, do it. Do it just to satisfy and not go on to do. I’m going to play this for a good minute. Everyone do want to interview. Schedule that thing. I love pulling up that night. Wait, you’re satisfied. There you go. Now there’s a couple of people that were outside the door with our hands and looking at, I’m like, what’s going on in there? What’s going on? I think they’re doing it. Oh, hello. Oh, and I walked up to the sick. May I help you? And they said, Oh, we were a little bit late. Oh, little bit late. Can you let us see it? And they thought that you were also applying for a job or something it, I said, well, you’re not going to be satisfied tonight. Oh, because I’m not letting in you. Somebody is going to say, I did a group interview last week and I didn’t find anybody good. And then I would say, do it. Do it. [inaudible] Satisfied.

Oh man, that is fine. Oh, I’m going to reverse my mind my coat. Come on now. Pull out that red. Where’s that? Where’s that pocket knife? Let’s reverse my [inaudible] right here. He’s got his bowl, some water. Give him some towels. Here we go. Come on up. Walmart. I remember when you do it, pull the stitches out of Tim Redmond’s back. Oh yeah, it was all mine. I think we just like violated the HIPAA HIPAA rule or something. We’re in the office. Tim Redmond had surgery on his back and he had staples in his back and he’s like, you know, I got to leave here to remove these staples. And he’s like, well, I’m a doctor. I can get it. I’ll tell you, remove them. Oh, I can get it out. You know what? He was sad. It’s Whoa. He have doubts. Well, you got to do it every week.

You have to do it Z you, y’all do every week, every week, every week. Some people want to do it like one week and then here’s the deal. It sounds kind of weird. As you get bigger and you start growing, you can kind of see it, but even in the early stages, you want to do it. I’m too satisfied. I know you can’t get up, do it. You you want to do you want to do it? Then you say to yourself, well, I don’t have an opening right now. Come on now. Preach that good news. But the thing you’ve got to understand, you’re going to have an opening before you even know you have an opening and now you’re gonna have an employee to fill the opening before you even knew you had an opening. And then hallelujah. Is he preach? It actually has a Kanye West. Jesus is King.

Oh yeah, it’s great. Oh, there we go. And then when they walk in your office, take how much they love you and they give you a box of chocolates. And on top of it, I leave it. You let her two weeks of my life am I going to get two weeks, by the way. But I’ve got to go.

You’re the best boss. I love it when they say you’re the best boss ever. My kids. Oh yeah, that’s the kisses. So then what happens is you’re the best leave unexpectedly, and then you’ve got the scram, and now you’re in scramble mode. You’re the best girlfriend other than ever. That’s why I’m not talking to you ever again. You know what you’re, the girlfriend line is like, you know, honey, you’re just too good for me. You’re just too good. Truly you so much. It’s not to me. I’m working, going have to say goodbye. Tell Z I have a question for you. Ah, Phil. Paul, check. Fun factory number 43 43 I’m going to paint you into a corner here a little bit. Okay. Are you a fan of mystery shopping? Yes. What does mystery shopping explain to the listeners what it is before I tease out this fun factoid number 43 well, mystery shopping is when you actually hire someone to walk into your business and act like they are at customer and they’re taking notes. They’re letting you know later on what their experience was. Do you mystery shop the other guys? Part B, part B and mystery shopping is when you actually yourself or somebody that’s close to you that you’ve hired or you’ve paid or you given them some form of reimbursement to go in and basically spy on your opposition. They go in and go through the process. You and I endorsed the small absolutely are on the record. We endorsed a smooth half to lower, which is why bill Belichick is my favorite. He’s

Well check is America’s number one mystery shopper and learner of sports sign language. Yes. Luke, please read the good news about bill Belicheck and his ability to mystery shop the competition. Yes. New England Patriots coach bill Belicheck was find the NFL maximum of $500,000 Thursday and the Patriots were ordered to pay 250,000 for spying on an opponent’s defensive. Now please let me explain to you what this means. One, he had to get a guy to film the opposing team to, let me tell you how detailed he had to be to the person filming, had to understand the sign language and then relay it via microphone into the press box so that the press box could then take that signal and send it to bill Belichick and so the bill Belichick could then send it to his linebacker.

You’re fast. That inflammation is second season. How it goes down. It’s like a quarter. The opposing coach might say like blue 32 say you have hits, the coach says blue 30 Terrell, so the videographer has to go. They’re calling a blue 32 and in the press box goes, they’re called a blue three two and a bill Belicheck goes, they’re running the ball to the left. That’s how fast that happened. So three different communications and this kept happening. So what happened is the other team, the jets are calling a play and they would call the play that covered their mouth or calling the play off to the side. Someone’s filming, they’re seeing the hand signals. And bill Belicheck knew their playbooks so well. He go, they’re running the ball to the three cap, to the left and coat, and then they would just be there every time.

And they’re like, how in the crap does he know what we’re doing? Well it turns out that bill Belichick had been doing some research, some mystery shop. I mean, think about that. And the thing is they actually grabbed, they, they grabbed the camera, they found the camera, they grabbed the camera and they watched. And there it was. Bill Belichick paid 12% of his income that year, which by the way was 4.2 million. And this is, by the way, this is 4.2 million before taxes, after taxes, you only get to keep 2 million. So he just lost a quarter of his income. But that was a good move. That’s some good mystery shopping. Well, and he’s such a fan of the jets. I can see why he would have enjoyed stroking that check. But here’s the thing about it is folks, if you’re listening out there going, well, why are you trying to get us to do something illegal?

It’s not illegal, illegal. It’s not illegal in business. You could go mystery shop yourself. If it wasn’t illegal, we’d stop doing. You can mystery shop your competitors, which I, which I really want you to go do. Because what happens is you get to see firsthand what they’re doing. Yep. And then therefore you can say, Hey, is that something I want to defend against or is that something I want to be proactive against? Is that sit there? I want you to incorporate in my own business. There’s a business in Tulsa right now that I mystery shopped recently that really has a very effective plan for marketing. I just don’t agree with it with, with my personal ethics, but it works very well. Okay. Can I explain to the move? Sure. It’s a called a Buba mageddon boot with mageddon. So you walk in there expecting ah, to meet somebody who will greet you and you discover a booby trap, a booby trap.

It is push up bras and cleavage for all y’alls. You know what I’m saying? Like you walk in there and it’s like a buffet and you almost, it’s like it’s Jerry Seinfeld explains cleavage. Like looking at the sun. You don’t want to look at it because you just want to look away because you burn your retina. Sure. So it’s there for you and it’s like that’s peripheral. It’s your peripheral. So you’re kind of like, you try to look away. But the person, it’s, they’re pushing it up. They’re saying, look at what, look at our package options. Look at our package options. Look at what I was there. Like, Hey, you’re waiting. This is, I made it. This is the way he says. So your way, it’ll be about 10 minutes. Is there any way you’d like to look through some of the packages? And I’m like Shunda Oh, sweet baby Jesus.

Jesus. Forgive my, forgive me. Oh, and I call my wife baby. I need to confess. I just looked at a boob buffet. I mean, it’s crazy. I felt, I mean, seriously, I felt violated. I was sexually violated and I realized that’s an effective strategy. Wow. This just like Hooters me tear and that’s a move. It works. She’s not to move. I’m going to do, but now that I know they’re doing that move, I know. Okay. That’s the move. You know in, in, in wall street, they actually have a name for restaurants that do that. Breast RANTES they call them restaurant. It’s actually, it’s a niche. It’s affective niche and sex sells well. So I’m just saying if you’re out there and that’s your model, if it works, I’m just saying I’m not going to do that model. But I was wondering, so we had certain members that would switch over to this place and I’m like, I wonder what, wonder what’s going on over there?

And I discovered, look, it’s like Hooters for hair. I get it now. I get, I get here. You walk in with all all your dude hair cutters. Like, okay guys, here’s the new new chaplain, new game plan. Everybody passed out to the sports bras. Now they’re a little uncomfortable guys. They’re a little uncomfortable, but you know you’re going to get used to them. Okay, so best practice system. It’s the best practice and proven to work. Who thinks you’re going to stretch quite a bit and drink lots of water and you’ll be fine? Okay, now bill Belichick has made 10 incredible moves as a general manager. [inaudible] He’s made hundreds of them, but I want to do articulate my favorite 10 bill Belicheck moves as a general manager. Really? Wow. Fun factoid number 44 moving number one, resigning from the jets the day after becoming the head coach, he was the backup coach for the PA, for the jets under parcels.

And in his agreement, it stated that when parcels retired, he had the option to become the head coach. And he’s like, I gotta get out of here. He did it for one day. Yeah, one day. So that was a thing. Bill Parcells was not happy about it. And if you watch bill vs bill and interview on ESPN, you can see them and build it. Not like that move, but thing that I think that saved his career. The jets are a disaster organization. Now move number two, trading his sixth round pick for Kyle Vannoy, the storm and Mormon. That’s a big move for a seventh round pick. I mean trading a sixth round pick for Calvin boy and a seventh round pick and he’s picking up a guy who’s great and Kyle Vannoy gets it done and he only lost a sixth and seventh round pick for that. So good job bill.

Good job Hill. Darell Reavis signing up for one year and paying them a lot of money. $12 million for one year. That right there produced a Superbowl win. So good job, bill bell, Chivas Island. He doesn’t pay a lot for free agents, but he did sign Stephon Gilmore for $15 million a year to be the mentor of their defensive backfield. So he’s a flyer and mentor and that’s why they’re good. All of a sudden his son’s working with the team, but he doesn’t pay except when he does pay. Now move number five, trading the second and seventh round pick for West Welker and Oklahoma. Remember Wes? Oh yeah, small little dude. Oh yeah. He gave hope for Caucasian baseball receivers. I realized they specialize in small white dudes. That’s a move. Now move number six drafting former Kent stay quarterback Julian Edelman in the seventh round with pick two 32 who’s now been a great receiver and is now known as captain hook cause that little finger, you see? That’s crazy. You gotta quit breaking that thing. Jewels. Okay, move number seven trading a fourth round draft pick for the rate to the Raiders for Randy Moss.

That’s sick. Now move number eight, trading Tom Brady or drafting Tom Brady in 2000 and then in the year 2000, the NFL draft drafting Tom Brady in the year 2000 and the sixth round with a 99th pick move. Number nine, trusting Tom Brady to be the franchise quarterback. And then trading drew Bledsoe to a rival, the Buffalo bills and the division. A lot of people wouldn’t do that. And ah, Z another move, move number 10 is allowing Julian Edelman to throw the ball. Sometimes you notice that we kind of as a little trick place. Oh yeah. Well he was a quarterback at kid States there. Come on. So my big move and move number 10 is getting guys who are versatile guys who can play quarterback guys can play on offense and defense. That versatility is huge. Give me an example of that in one of your businesses right now.

Versatility. Versatility. Okay. Jason Beasley drops off coffee to all the stores and make sure that the emotional state of all of the employees and the often in the room is good, but he previously, how does he, how does he do that? He goes and he brings a nice coffee. Cust I get his, get the custom order and then you show up and you say, Hey, I’m Kelly, here’s your beverage. And Hey, you know, Rhonda, here’s your beverage and Hey, and then, Hey, how’s everything going? And you make that eye contact. Sure. And you’re kind of fishing. Yeah. And you discover, Hey, there’s something weird going on. I don’t know. I’m suddenly weird. Something weird and it don’t look good. Who are you going to go? It’s chasing. And then he says, well, let me, let me talk to you real quick. So he pulls him aside and they go, well, here’s the deal.

Here’s the deal. I’m going to be moving to Michigan. You know, and I just wanted you to know starting next week. And he finds those things before they hit the fan. Right. But he also works in the call center when need be. And he also hops on the show with me when need be. And he also helps with payroll when need be. So when the versatility, yeah, so when Marshall decided to move on, we put Jason right there and it didn’t, didn’t miss a beat. And Amelia has been cross trained. So now Amelia and Jason and my wife can all do payroll and so we move people around. And so Amelia just announced today she’s having a baby soon. What? And when you have a baby, people tend to leave work for a while and so she can go have a baby and I’m not going to be upset about it. But if you don’t cross train, what happens? My dude, Hey, by the way, when she had her baby, do you know it was conceived while she was listening to Ted Robertson’s jingle? We have not. We have not and will not ever have that conversation. But this song goes out to summer.

Come on, here we go. Now what was the question you asked me? Here’s the versatility in your businesses is big as an argue. Yeah. You’ve got to, you’ve got to have versatility. And unfortunately, net leads me to a problem. What’s that? Is when you promote, when you think someone’s personal today. Oh, it’s an Oh yeah. When you promote them or you think, Oh, you could do you do this so well and you do this so well, you must be able to do this so well. And when you find out they can’t,

It sucks. When you promote someone to the level of incompetence, it gets bad. They resent it.

It’s just, it’s, it’s one of the, it’s probably one of the hardest things for Harvard County. The hardest for me in business. Because you don’t promote that

You don’t like, or you’re just not doing a great job or is not an a player. I mean, you don’t promote mediocracy. I mean, you take a superstar and you promote them to the next level and then they fall right on their face and now you’re now, now what do you do? You can’t ever go back. You get back. Oh, we’ve all done. Put them back. Oh yeah.

What happens is either the, either the coworkers are gossipy rumor, brutal or they have no confidence, they’d run around with their head down. Now they look,

I felt like a loser because now you’ve given them more money now, but now, now, now do you, do you take it away or do you say, no way, I’m going to give you the raise, but you’re going to go back to doing what you do.

She reports to the average person has less than $400 saved. And I find when you give someone a bonus, they usually go buy a house right away

Or a car right away or

Right away right away. And now they can’t make the payments. Yeah. I remember one guy back in the day, it’s been far enough that, that he’s still pissed. But let me show the story. I run the DJ company and this guy was awesome as a DJ. No, seriously was great. And he started making some money, like a lot of money. And so I said, let me promote you to a manager. Oh yeah, of course. Well, he went from making like, you know, 40,000 a year to about 80, and money just magnifies you, right? So somehow with the court and the course of like a six month window of time, he bought a new motorcycle, drove at a hundred miles an hour or something and somehow slowed down, ran into somebody, almost killed himself. Luckily he made it. We’re like, wow, that was tragic. You know, you’re kind of driving fast, you know.

Right. Then he gets pulled over for a DWI DUI. Then he starts fighting with coworkers and you’re realizing this guy can handle a job, but when other people are a whole are depending on him, he freaks out and he just fell apart as a human. I pulled him aside and I said, look, dude, I’m, I care about you as a human. I’m going to bring you down back to what you did. You still make your 45 a year ish, but you just can’t manage. Cause I mean, you’ve got literally no DUIs your whole career and I’ve got two and just like a very limited span of time. You thought that one girl you just met was pregnant, you wrecked your bicycle, your motorcycle. Everybody in the office is worried about you. Me, it’s, it’s wild. And he goes, dude, I already bought a house and you get those balloon loans, you know, where you put some money and you have to refinance later.

And he said, I can’t afford my house. And he’s yelling and I can’t afford my house. I can’t afford it. Just yelling in the obstacle of wild, you know? And I’m going, Oh, I know I’ve been there. So I guess you’re fired too, you know, because you can’t, and that dude, man, he was so mad. And then the other day I was at 16th in Boston. I was just in that area, the downtown store by the Burnco. They’re just checking in on the store and there he was. Why I thought know time it passed. So I’m like, what’s going on? Why was he there was your summary believe he was actually at Burnco. Oh, okay. Okay. But daggers of hate. It’s like I’m still paying off that debt because of you, because he like went to bankruptcy and stuff. Man, I don’t know. That’s unfortunate. He’s still, I mean you were talking, you know, I mean seven years on your thing and you know I just be careful when you promote. I mean just be careful, be careful,

Careful. Be careful, be careful because what’ll happen sometimes you’ve got, you got to one position being rockstar and then you move that person to the next position and now you have two positions that are not good, right? It’s tough and I’m telling you what folks, when you, for those of you listening out there that are going to start a business or own a business, you know what I’m talking about. And for those who are going to start a business, that’s the one. That’s the one little caveat you’re going to be very careful about and that is hire fast. But probably promote slow. I, I’m not a slow, there’s nothing about me that’s ever spells slow but you want to promote slowly. Cause what happens is is that when you promote it’s either really good

Or really bad and I’m just telling you and it, it hurts because you had to have some sort of bond to promote that person. And when they’re just, and you, Andrew, you’ve seen this before, but when someone just cannot get it done, everyone in the room knows it. I just, it’s a weird vibe. So homework for you folks. This is show two. This is part two, part two of the built Belicheck management mastery systems. This is a years I’ve spent studying bill Belicheck researching him, listening to podcasts about, and I’m trying to give you everything. It’s a little weird. It’s weird. And let me tell you, let me tell you something about w the weirdness here. We also have 78 78 bill Belichick quotes after we get through the 102 facts. That’s all. Wow. So what I believe we have here is the bill Belichick encyclopedia I’m talking about.

I did the math on it. So it’s going to be about 20 hours of content that will be released at whatever times John thinks. Makes. Makes sense, but there’s so much management goodness here and that’s why we cheer for [inaudible] for bill Belichick. I’m not from new England. I’m not a big fan of the weather. Tom Brady or even like lobster. I do a lot, you know. Oh there’s, I love Lawfare fricking. Hey, I’m having to now I the lobster. I’m doing it tonight. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Okay. Here’s we’re going to do here lobster in front of me, thrive nation. I want you to take some notes today. Think about what we learned today and go, how am I being an noneffective manager? Because what if you see what if another coach took over the Patriots roster today? Same players today. They would do very well.

I think it depends on the coach. I don’t, I don’t know that they would do as well as mr Belichick does, but I think that if I, like, let’s say for instance something happened to mr Belichick and he could no longer coach and his son stepped in or what, it was assistant that had been with him for a long time. I think there’d be some kind of nuity. I think it probably take maybe a couple of seasons for to all fall apart, but because you know you’ve got lot of guys like

Tom Brady that had been in the program long enough, they’re going to be around, they say for a couple more years that have enough of the DNA and that’s really what you want to do. You know, as a, as an employer, as a business owner, you want to do like bill Belichick does and that is that you want to get your players. If I walked up to Tom Brady right now and I said, what would build Belicheck do? There we go and he’s got an answer for me. He says, here’s what he’ll do. Here’s what it’ll say, and here’s what he’s going to be wearing when he says it to you and now you’ve duplicated yourself and you can win and where are you going to win? But it’s not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness and building a culture where people can say, what would Z do? What would bill Belichick to what would I want clay do?

Shandra, when when you were at DJ connection, you had 4,000 events a year, so you probably had, that’s during the math guys were stealing all my wines and I wanted to, I wanted them to steal 80 a weekend or something crazy, a hundred whatever it was. You could be anywhere. So you tried to put as much of your DNA into each one of those guys as possible. Try to Demi down, give them what they need for the show. Here’s what you need for the show. Here’s what you need to do for the show. Here’s your show list, here’s what you do. I got it all mapped out for you. Here’s what you say. Here’s the jokes. You even say when you say them, right? You’ve got it all mapped out. You’re trying to clay clay, clay, clay, duplicate yourself as much as possible, and that’s what Bill’s doing with all of his players.

He’s trying to get his DNA into them. So I think my point is, is that if he left, it’d be a year or two and then, and then it’d go down because I think there’s an F his DNA in that building that, that it survived for a year too. There’s a lot of DNA on the show and we’re going to make sure we end the show with a boom. But I want you to know Andrew checked before the recording today. No one has deflated your mic. Are you sure? Cause it’s, it’s gonna be a hot mic still. It seems a little soft. I don’t know if we’re going to see what we can do. Three, two, one. We’ll do a boom, but it’s Mike still. How are we going to get to the deflate gate eventually? Eventually. Oh yeah. Here we go. Well, hang in there folks.



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