Bill Belichick Facts (Part 4) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 102 Facts About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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The U.S. Chamber National Blue Ribbon quality award-winning, Amazon best-selling author, and the founder of several multi-million dollar businesses Clay Clark teaches and preaches about the management mastery of Bill Belichick while breaking down 102 fun facts about Bill Belichick.

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #51 – The Patriot Way | Was Traded to the Patriots for a First Round Draft Pick

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #52 – The Patriot Way | Bill Belichick Has Built a Team Around Him to Minimize Distractions

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #53 – The Patriot Way |  Bill Belichick In Danger Of Running Out Of Fingers For Super Bowl Rings

Bill Wearing All 8 Rings:

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #54 – The Patriot Way | More Playoff Wins than the Cardinals, Browns and Lions Have Had in Their Combined 231 Seasons of Existence in the League 

Belichick and the Tom Brady Patriots have earned more playoffs wins in 17 seasons than the Cardinals, Browns, and Lions have put up in their combined 231 seasons of existence in the league.

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #55 – The Patriot Way | First All-Time in Playoff Coaching Wins

Belichick is the NFL’s longest-tenured active head coach, as well as the first all-time in playoff coaching wins with 31 and third in regular season coaching wins in the NFL with 261. He is one of only three head coaches who have won six NFL titles.

Coaches with 6 Titles – 

  1. Bill Belichick –
  2. George Halas – He was the founder, owner, and head coach of the National Football League’s Chicago Bears
  3. Curly Lambeau – From 1919 to 1949, Lambeau was the head coach and general manager of the Packers. He led his team to over 200 wins and six NFL championships, including three straight from 1929 to 1931. He shares the distinction with rival George Halas of the Chicago Bears and later, Bill Belichick of the New England Patriots of coaching his team to the most NFL championships. 

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #56 – The Patriot Way | Practice Until You Can’t Get it Wrong

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #57 – The Patriot Way | Leading the Dependables

NOTABLE QUOTABLE #67 – “Talent sets the floor, character sets the ceiling.” – Bill Belichick

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #58 – The Patriot Way | Be the Boss or a Buffoon

NOTABLE QUOTABLE – “It is much safer to be feared than loved because …love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails.” – Machaevelli

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #59 – The Patriot Way | Remember That You Are Managing People

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #60 – The Patriot Way | Brady and Belichick Together Are Rewriting the Super Bowl Record Books

  1. Most games played (9)
  2. Most wins (6)
  3. Most passing touchdowns, career (18)
  4. Most passing yards, career (2,838) (more than the next two closest combined)
  5. Most passing yards in a game (505)
  6. Oldest quarterback to win a Super Bowl (41)
  7. Most 300-yard passing games (4)
  8. Most passes without an interception, game (48)
  9. Most pass completions, career (256) (65.3% completion rate)
  10. Most passes completed, game (43) (He also holds the second and fourth most record as well)


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #61 – The Patriot Way | Bill Coached the 199th Draft Pick of the Year In 2000 to Become One of the Best Quarterbacks of All Time

Brady, the 199th pick of the 2000 NFL draft, has more playoff touchdown passes (68) than No. 1 picks David Carr (65) and Tim Couch (64) had in their entire NFL careers.


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All right. Thrive nation. On today’s show we get into part four of Bill Belichick. We take a deeper look under the hoodie of the master manager. That is the new England Patriots head coach, bill Belichick. You want to run a successful company, you have to learn how to become a great manager and that my friends is what bill Belichick is and that’s why he’s the most successful NFL football coach of all time.

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Thrive nation. On today’s show, we are breaking down part four of the bill Belichick series as we uncover 102 bill Belicheck facts that you did not know as as we also attempt to teach this practice management systems that could change your life and your business. So now we’re on to bill Belichick fun factoid number 51 the Patriot way. Bill Belicheck was traded to the Patriots for a first round draft pick. A lot of people don’t know this, but if you go on the show notes, yeah, if you on the show notes you can click the a Fox sports article and I’ll read it to you. It says the nature of how bill Belicheck came to join the Patriots. It’s very interesting. In fact, he was acquired by the Patriots off of the jets and the year 2000 in exchange for a first round draft pick.

The fact that new England was, he was so eager to get Belichick that they were willing to trade a first rounder. Makes you wonder how in the world they knew he would be such a success for them. Think about this for a second. Have you heard of any other coach being traded? Dr. If you ever heard this, what I was about to ask you, if that’s ever been done before or since that coaches part of the trade process. I never heard of them putting the link on the show notes so listeners can read the rest of the article, but I’ll tell you why he was traded. He was traded because he’s such a good manager. And dr Breck your business is rocking. You’ve got a great team there at But what would happen if you didn’t have a good manager present? Oh, so many things would fall apart very quickly.

Such as well, I mean just the flow of our office, the scheduling you know, billing with insurance, getting paid. I mean, all these things are happening so much quicker than they used to and on a larger scale and so that snowball in a negative way would would, would build and get worse very quickly. Jason, I see a lot of business owners that try not to have a manager. True. I would say most if you went into the elephant in the, and you used to manage all three stores, if you went into the elephant in the room store, let’s go with downtown where you have thousands of members. True. And may, you know, dozens of employees. What would happen or what does happen when the manager leaves? Well I, I would say nothing. It’s not that nothing happens when they leave at things typically tend to slow down.

They drift. Yeah. Towels don’t get folded towels. Don’t get folded lists, don’t get done. Tools don’t get clean cause you need a manager to help regulate the schedule of the Workday because inherently people just want to show up, do the bare minimum and go home. But a manager’s there and says, say, Hey, here’s your action items, your action steps. Here’s when you have to get it done. And then they walk them through the execution. So here’s a pro tip for you. If you’re out there today and you own a business, hire a manager, especially if you have six or more employees, you gotta have a great manager. You know, John D Rockefeller in the book I tightened it, discusses this, but he believed that having a good manager, it was like the most important skill out there. Plus it just helps you, it gives you time to focus on other things.

Right? But what happens though brick? What happens if there’s somebody out there who has nine employees or 10 employees and they try to just, you know, skip around the whole manager thing. They go, you know what, I know I need a manager but I want to save money. Right? And by the way, John D Rockefeller says, the ability to deal with people is as purchasable a commodity as sugar or coffee. And I will pay more for that ability then than for any, any other under the sun. [inaudible] It sounds like you should pay a manager pretty well, dr brick. What happens if someone skips on hiring a manager? What happens? And they want to manage themselves. They don’t want to do it at all. They have a business, they got 10 employees or 15 employees and they choose not to invest in a good manager. What happens? Well, you’re definitely limiting yourself.

So if you’re trying to be that person, and yet you’re also trying to you know, be the entrepreneur, be the owner you know, in my case, be the clinician. You know, and your, your, your hand is to the plow as well as trying to see the, you know, 10,000 foot view. You’re definitely going to be highly limited on what you can do because you can’t wear every hat and you got to figure out which hats you want to wear, which hats you’re best at wearing, and then wear those hats. But you got to remember you can only wear a couple of hats at best. And so a manager can, a good manager can definitely take two or three of those hats and wear them well a while you focus on the things that make your company money and make your company better and allow it to grow.

This just Dan hire a great manager, bill Belichick, fun fact number 52, the Patriot way bill Belichick has built a team around him to help him minimize distractions. Now Jason has an article that appeared in the New York times called burrs. Najarian is a key figure in the Patriot’s inner circle. I see that. And do you see the article there? I do. Can you read it nice and nice and slow like like a pro so the listeners can digest this glory. Berj Najarian is bill Belichick’s chief staff. He’s the human on the planet that has spent the most time with bill Belichick since he became the new England Patriots head coach in 2000 this man has spent more time with coach Belichick than Tom Brady and bill Belichick’s own family. Really, but most people don’t know his name. Why? As he politely put begrudgingly spoke on background in the coffee shop.

Wait one sec. Keep going. Keep going. Okay. I’m a short walk from the Patriots hotel for Superbowl Roman numerals that you keep going. You’re doing no one recognize the man or how important he was and is the new England success or to the new England success. His name is Burj Najarian by title. He is director of football slash head coach administration. Keep reading on Sunday. The Patriots will play in their fifth super bowl since the 2001 season. Take about this for a second. It says here, Nazaryan’s role exemplifies that paranoid mystique. He’s the gatekeeper to Belichick, the monitor. All of the monotone. He is the concierge of the new England Patriots. No question about it. If you want to schedule an interview with bill Belichick as I have tried to do multiple times, it is burdened as Zari and who will reject you. It is not bill Belicheck.

Right. Why dr Breck do you think that the new England Patriots, why didn’t bill Belicheck has an invested in having a concierge, a person named Berge Najarian who minimizes distractions? How could that possibly help? Well, I think in bill Belichick’s a case, there’s a lot of reasons that he could do this. But just having a gatekeeper is, is huge. Huge. you know, I have several calls that are of no value to me every single day. I bet you I get seven calls per hour. They’re like, yeah, yeah. And you know, a guy of, of bill Belichick’s you know, caliber is going to get 20 times that many. What I get a lot is people who are offended by the shell who aren’t aware, they don’t have to listen to it. Right. That you can change. They’re like, listen to the show. And they’re like, I love the show.

I just don’t like how he’s always joking around. I don’t like it. It’s voices you can push. Stop on the [inaudible]. I like the Charlotte, everything about the show, I just don’t like his voice or I don’t like his face. I don’t like God like his face on the [inaudible] he has, I don’t want to hear about his religious views did get off the show, get off the show. But people want to call and talk about it and it’s usually the poorest people that want to call and talk the longest. Well yeah, cause they don’t care to waste their time. It’s not as valuable. So they’re just like, well I just want you to know there are 17 issues I have with the shop. I want to share all 17 of Mike. I’m calling him my 17 theses. Get outta here. Your time’s valuable bill Belichick’s time’s valuable.

And just the savings of his time with those kinds of nonsensical things. It’s got to be huge. But I’m sure version of Nigerian brings far more than that as well. Just, you know, helping to manage it on top of keeping things away. So being that barrier that, that filter. So I’m going to help the listeners out there break through some gaps. We have some problems here right now. One is my phone is on airplane mode, which it has been on since Friday afternoon. I would encourage you, if you’re owner, keep your phone on airplane mode unless it is essential to what you have planned for the day, right? Keep the phone off, turn off the push notifications, quit checking your email. Have a burden Najarian called self-discipline where you don’t check your email unless you need to. You don’t check your phone unless you need to turn off the push notifications.

You’ve got to do that. The average person, we have entire shows about this, but the average person right now, according to psychology today, is interrupted over 90 times per day. The average person, according to Nielsen, spends 11.3 hours per day on their smartphone. It’s not a good situation and it takes the average person 23 minutes to reset mentally after being distracted according to fast company. So just get off that phone. Now, bill Belichick as a, as a company owner, you definitely need to have a policy of no cell phones, no cell phones. Get them off. Get them on automated productivity. Get them out of your office. Don’t go check fun fact toy number 53 I want to pile on there. According to Forbes, the average American employee now wastes 41% of their day because of the smartphone distractions. 41% 40 crazy bill Belichick fun factoid number 53 the Patriot way bill Belichick is in danger of running out of fingers for Superbowl ring.

This is dangerous situation. Horrible problem. Have you clicked the Twitter picture there? Jason and I have here. This is bill Belichick at the last Patriots event where they’re awarding the rings. Do you see that picture? Brekkie see that he’s got his rings on. You see that? That Twitter, he’s got eight rings on there and he’s easing. It’s a dangerous situation. What happened to me is he going to want to win anymore once he puts arts, put him on his thumbs. I mean, he may get tired of it, but I’d add it, man, if he ever gets in a fight, well they’re also going to be able to identify, they’re like, Oh, those bruises definitely came from super bowl rings. But seriously, the thumb rings are very impractical. I would, you know, as his biggest fan, you should offer to get him like a nice necklace that he can wear rings around when he runs out of fingers.

That’s nice. Well, bill Belichick though, he has two Superbowl titles. One is the defensive coordinator for the giants and six super bowl rings as the head coach of the Patriots. So if you’re out there today and you’re, you have an extra, I don’t know, men in your schedule, pray that bill Belicheck. When he wins his next super bowl that he doesn’t experience like a FOMO, a fear of missing out that he, that he can’t wear the rings like everybody else does on their normal thing because you have to put on a stump. I mean, this is a bad situation. He should just surgically get his fingers to be made longer cause he’s gonna need more finger extensions. Let’s just in pro tip fun fact do I number 54 the Patriot way more playoff wins than the Cardinals, Browns and the lions have in their combined 231 seasons.

Bill Belichick has more playoff wins than the lions, Browns and Cardinals in their entirety of their franchise. Jason, there are some people that can manage and some people that can’t. And when you hear people that come to work at elephant in the room, I hear it all the time. Kristen, who just started, she said she liked, do you remember what she said? What she liked about working at the alpha in the room? No, it was the very first thing out of her mouth. And you said, you know what’s different? What do you like? And she goes, there’s structure here. And then she followed that with and there’s no drama. When I have to give Leah a shout out cause I saw her on Friday and she said the same thing that you know, she has a, a mind for business and loves that, you know, there’s that structure and there’s an opportunity to grow and learn checklists for everything.

Scripts for everything, processes for everything. That’s why we, when we have systems, people say, Oh, it’s the idea. No it’s not. There are so many people in Tulsa that have had the idea to open up a membership based grooming facility and they’ve all failed all of them. Why? Cause it’s not the idea. It is the execution of the ideas, which is why bill Belichick keeps winning and winning and winning and winning. And that’s where I, Billy B keeps winning. Now bill Belichick fun factoid number 55, the Patriot ways, the first all time and play off coaching wins the first all time. Now, Jason, why do you think that’s important? I would have to have you educate me on what that means cause I am not a football man. Brett, could you explain what it means to win a playoff game? Yes. So there’s a a regular season and then there’s the postseason and so in the playoffs or that post-season time.

And so it means that his teams have spent more time in those postseasons than any other team. They continue to win those games so they play more of them each and every year. You know, bill Belichick is the NFL, his longest tenured active head coach as well as the first all time and play off coaching wins with 31 and third and regular season coaching wins in the NFL with 261 he has one of only three NFL coaches do have one six NFL titles and that would include bill Belichick, George Hallis, the founder, owner and head coach of the national football league, Chicago bears back in the day. And curly Lambeau. You’ve heard of Lambeau field Lambeau from 1919 to 1949 Lambeau was the head coach and general manager of the Packers. Why am I sharing this? Because he knows what he’s talking about and when I read the fun factoids to you or the notable quotables, you should listen.

Yeah. Because he is an effective manager. So after that explanation, you know, he’d back to answering the question, why is that important? Well, if all time means that you have spent the most time in the highly sought after playoffs, you must be doing something right and you must be doing it consistently every single time. So bill Belichick has a notable quotable in the locker room. He only has one notable quarter. We’ll paint it in the locker room. There is only one Juan painted in the locker room. It’s from the art of, or perhaps someone should write this down. Shout out to sons. Every battle is won before it is fought. True. The art of war. Every battle is won before it is fought. Well, if bill Belichick has that notable corporate written down, we probably should write that down. It must be important. Yeah, I, I see a lot of people who, they have a big, I want my company to be successful.

Great. I have a new idea. I’m going to sell yoga pants or legal services or I’m going to sell haircuts to guys. I’m going to be the, I’m going to be a dentist. Great. The idea does not matter. It’s the execution of the idea. The idea doesn’t matter. Stop talking about your idea. I see this all the time. People come up to me at the conference, they’ll say, I’ve got this idea. I’m going to start a company that’s going to forever revolutionize the way that people learn. Awesome. You got to get started now. Yeah, but no, that’s why I want you to do, I want to hire your coaching program to think for me, but you’ve got to execute. You’ve got to execute. Okay. Bill Belichick, fun fact of number 56 the Patriot way. Bill Belichick, fun fact number 56 the Patriot way practice until you can’t get it wrong. [inaudible]

Jason, please read the CNBC article called the bill Belichick leadership rules. The only sign we have in the locker room is from the art of war. Like you said, every battle is won before it is fought. Says Belichick who started breaking down films of opposing teams when he was seven years old. How old? Seven years old. How old? Seven years old. How old [inaudible] how seven old years old. Oh seven Oh seven. I do a so yeah, younger than my nephew and hanging out with his dad, Steve and assistant coach at Annapolis. You have to know what the opponents can do, what their strengths and weaknesses are and what to do in every situation. He says that ability to adapt on a dime is why Bella says he spends so much time building teamwork from having the team trained with Navy seals to organizing trivia nights where incidentally all social media is banned.

If bill Belicheck is saying the team needs to get to know each other and we should stay off of social media, we should probably stay off of social media. I don’t understand why like Tomlin, the coach of the Steelers can’t understand this, right? They’ve got people on social media in their locker room. Get off of social media brick. You mentioned it earlier, but we got to have our employees do what with their smart phones at work. Put them in a locker in their purse, put them away. They can’t have them. He said a call. Absolutely. Oh man. Okay. Bill belts on. Fun factoid number 57 the Patriot way leading the Dependables bill Belichick often talks about how was it, how was the favorite ability? Is dependability. Jason read the CNBC article called bill Belichick leadership rules to us, please. Yup. There have been times when I’ve put too much responsibility on people.

They might have been the most talented they or, or the people you hoped would do the right or the right or best thing and they didn’t come through. Bellatrix says big mistake when it comes to getting things done, especially critical things. Forget the high flyers. You have to go with the person who you have the most confidence in. The most consistent. Belichick says, and it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work, but I’m going down with that person. That’s why James White is a star player on our team. Nobody was recruiting James White coming out of college. Nobody was talking about how he’s going to be the best [inaudible] player in the national football league, but that dude gets it done right? Nobody was recruiting Julian Edelman. These are, these are Juliet Edelman was a quarterback in college and he’s not six feet tall, right? No one was going after these guys.

But why would bill Bellicheck go after these guys? Dr Breck? Well, so often they’re the guys who don’t get the attention, but they’re the ones who are just consistently getting it done. I was recently at a conference and a friend of mine was being honored as the doctor of the year. Whoa. And the funny part was is they bring him on stage, you know, they, they say the name and people are kind of like, cool, who is this? And they’re like, as soon as you see this guy on stage, you’ll recognize him. But they’re saying that from the stage understanding that he doesn’t look for any of the, the cloud. He doesn’t look to make his own name known. He just quietly goes about, does his job, and he does it very, very well. And so he’s winning among other doctors who are winning.

And but sometimes those quiet guys are the ones that’ll just get it done day in and day out. Consistency. And kinda, I think those two things, the two points together are you know, do it till you can’t get it wrong and then do it consistently and never getting it wrong. So oftentimes we do role-playing, wrote the waiter shot, which sounds silly, but it works. I mean, you play through the scenario and you have more reps of doing that even before your person is in front of an actual client, 10 times a very specific way to train. I used to do, I used to get hired to go into call centers and fix them and we played a hot potato FAQ, hot potato. So what you would do is you take a Nerf football and you have all the people who are sales reps in the room seated at the board room table and you throw him a football, a little Nerf football.

And if they catch it, if you throw it to them right, you see it throw the ball. So it keeps everybody alert. You throw it to them and then whoever gets the ball, you ask them an FAQ question. That’s terrible, right? So you’re like, I’m a disgruntled customer. I want my money back. They caught the ball and you have to answer it based upon the scripts. And if you can’t do it right, then you don’t get a point. But if you get it right, you get five bucks. Yeah, and we go around for like an hour doing this. No one loses any money, but if you get one wrong, you lose your money, you lose your $5 but anyway you can. It’s a way to get the whole team engaged. You throw a ball to him, you hit him with an FAQ and then they can throw the ball to any other teammates.

They want to throw the ball too, so it keeps a good energy going. But you’ve got to role play till you can’t get it wrong right now. Bill Belichick fun factoid number 58 the Patriot way be the boss or a buffoon. Jason, please read the bill Belichick article in USA today. My friend Belichick says this principal first came to him when he was just 23 addressing the Colts as a special teams coach. Two players. One of them, a talented starter, spent the beginning of the meeting, giggling and chatting inside or calls. He was seething. I’m not afraid of these guys. It’s either them or me. We can’t run a team like this. Finally, he let loose look. Either you shut up or you get outta here. That’s it. And it worked. And it was an aha moment that has guided him since Belichick says, I don’t care if they’re a star player, I don’t care who they are.

You have to set the tone. Okay. So again, he was 23 years old trying to get people to take him seriously and people what? What Jason people were giggling. They were giggling, talking. It’s just like that a, it’s a, it’s like the peanut gallery conversation that most employees will do if they don’t respect their manager. Now, let’s talk about this. Have you ever listened to the Tupac Makaveli album there? Jason? Probably. Have you? I, I’d have to. I don’t know the, the albums. I know that like tracks. I’d have to go back. My Tupac knowledge is not as good as it used to be. Oh my gosh. Well you, you my friend, you need to really dial in here. But the Tupac named his album, Machiavelli after a famous Italian philosopher who faked his death as a way to escape his to, to escape the people who were trying to kill him.

That’s, that’s in the songs, really a dark album. It’s a very dark album and it’s in the album. All of his albums were produced by shook Knight or Dre, that kind of thing. This album was produced by Simon. It’s attributed be Simon and Simon is the man who witnessed Jesus is a, you know, basically he witnessed Jesus rising again. Okay. He witnessed. And so people, if you remember, he wrote the album and released it before he died. Right. And it was produced by Simon, which was a big part of why people think he’s still alive. Right. Because so many people want to kill him. And this album, I mean, just a little little sneak peek. It’s really dark album. It’s really heavy.

Machiavellian is Illuminati all through your body blows like a 12 gauge shotgun. A

Really dark album called Makaveli. Well, Mark Machiavelli, if you read his book, the Prince, which I have read I love this book and people aren’t your see your shade. That’s just approved. I looked at your bookshelf, I saw Machiavelli. And that means you’re shitty. Well, let me read you the notable quotable before we get all outraged here. Okay. It says it is much safer to be feared than loved because love is preserved by the link of obligation, which owing to the baseness of men is broken at every opportunity for their advantage. But fear preserves you by a dread of punishment, which never fails. So I have found, and the Bible, it talks about the fear of God, beginning of all knowledge. Talk to me about the fear of God. I mean, I break your, you’re a Christian or you know, do you believe in hell?

I do. Okay, but if you didn’t, if there wasn’t hell, do you think that most people who are Christians would always take the high road? No. And even knowing that there is hell. I mean, I still think a lot of times we mess up, you know, cause we’re not perfect. But Isaiah 11 chapter 11 verses one through three reads, the spirit of the Lord shall rest upon him a spirit of wisdom and of understanding a spirit of counsel and of strength and spirit of knowledge and of fear of the Lord. And his delight shall be the fear of the Lord. Fear. People say this, this, people say to meltdown music like, I don’t like your religion. I said, it’s fine. It’s, you know, I don’t like it because religion is designed to control people. You’re right. And the biggest problem people have is a lack of self control.

So if you can use a religion to control yourself, yay you. But I find people that don’t have boundaries with, you know what they eat, what they drink, what they say, what they smoke, what they do, what they think. If you don’t have any rules and you just run around in the gray area of life, pretty soon you’re watching shades of gray for the 47th time that month and you end up, I mean, seriously, I told you that. Confidence. Well, I’m just saying, Jason, you know what I’m talking about. People that live without any kind of boundaries. What happens? They snowball. So like I, I, we’re not, not, not snowball. Well I guess they snowball in a bad way. It starts small with one little bad decision and then by the time that they get done, I mean that’s massive. But like as opposed to you guys, you guys are very devout men.

So you are very successful, very structured. I am not, however, because I don’t look to a higher power, I do have to have rules in place. Otherwise I will fail. Let’s break down a power that’s not a religious power. The power of kale I’ve seen you will kill yourself before the wedding. You know, you were like, I’m going to lose 7,000 pounds. And you basically just ate what I did chicken and vegetables or steak and vegetables. There was a rule because sugar causes insulin. Dr Rick explained what happens with sugar is you get a high insulin spike, which allows the, it doesn’t allow your energy that you’re bringing in the food, the sugar to be utilized readily. It actually puts it into storage as fat. Now, that’s what causes weight gain, right? So if you have a meat and in vegetables, basically if you don’t eat wheat, sweets or alcohol, you’ll lose weight as long as you’re having meat and vegetable and people that for years.

It’s a rule though. It’s a rule. That’s the rule, right? But it’s not a religious thing, but it’s a rule. Now, let’s take let’s bro, it’s break down a religious rule from the Bible. Washing your hands. Old Testament talks about washing your hands. Jason, are you familiar with the black plague? That was my nickname in high school. Oh, nice. A lot of death with you. I am familiar with it. The the dark ages plague. Well, there was a famous plague that destroyed Europe and the only population group not affected by it was the Jewish people. Why? They’re washing their hands all the time. I’m eating kosher food, eating kosher food, eating cause rats. So what? To make sure everybody out there who gets this idea. There are rules in the Bible. There are rules and if you re if you implement the rules another example, let’s give you a religious rule, but you could also use it in a nonreligious sense.

The Bible instructs us to only have sex with the person you’re married to right now, Brett. I am. This is crazy. I’ve been married for almost 19 years and I don’t have any STDs right now. You don’t, I don’t hate, I hate to make the show romantic, but the other day I was thinking, I’m like, how’s this possible? How do I not have any STDs? Could it be that I only have sex with my wife? How is it you don’t have any illegitimate children? Could it be that I only have sex with my wife now? Some would say, are you judging me right now? If I’m, if I’m having sex with someone that I’m not married to, I would just say you’re, the chances of you having a baby you didn’t plan on is higher when you’re having sex before you’re married. And the probability of you staying married to somebody who you only married because you had a baby with them is very low.

True. And it turns out to be quite an issue. This Justin, bill Belichick, fun factor number 59, the Patriot way. Remember that you are managing people, CNBC rights. There are a lot of things that affect what happens on the field that occur off the field. Bill Belichick says players have wives and girlfriends and they all have babies and they have personal situations. They have parents that are sick. All of it runs together. The more you and the organization can help take care of the personal situations, the smoother the ship runs on the football end. Ah, Dr. Brock, have you noticed that most of the problems in a business are related to people having personal problems outside of work? Have you noticed this?

Yes. Yeah. We talked about this a a fair amount. It’s about focus. And so yeah, you’ve got to be able to put your own personal issues aside and focus because in, in my business, we are here for the patient. You know, we’re here to focus on their issues, not our own issues. And so we can’t be a worried about our issues while at work.

I try to hire people that don’t have issues, therefore we don’t deal with issues even better. But when y’all are people with issues, what happens? Jason? Not an elephant in the room, but other business, you hire humans, you hire issues. Well, if you hire somebody with let’s say undiagnosed or undisclosed issues, those issues will end up coming into the workplace. They will, they will become your issues even though you didn’t ask for them. So that’s why, that’s why bill Belichick hires people with high character, because when you hire someone with a lot of skill, but low character craziness happens all day, every day. That’s why bill Belicheck gave Antonio Brown a chance, right? And he made, he was on the team for a week. Antonio Brown just could not stay off the social media. He couldn’t have enough issues that it showed up within the day. Let him try. I mean, they gave him a week and they cut him.

I mean, he’s on the team for a week. Made it seven days. He might’ve made it six 10 he was like five or six believable. All right, now bill Belichick, fun factoid number 60 again, what do you do with this information? Hire people with character, higher character. Then train skill bill Belichick. Fun factoid number 60 the Patriot way Brady and Belichick together are rewriting the Superbowl record books. They have the most games played nine the most wins, six most passing touchdowns, 18 most passing yards, 2,838 more than the next two combined, most passing yards in a game. 505 oldest quarterback in the Superbowl to win 41 most 300 yard passing games for most passes without interception. 48 most pass completions career 256 65.3% completion percentage. Most passes completed in a game 43 he holds all, he also holds the record for the second and fourth most as well.

So what am I saying? Beating himself because he can’t find competition. But bill Belichick went out there and went after Tom Brady when no one else wanted him. Nobody was wanting Tom roses drafted. He was 190 ninth the traffic, I believe that’s actually the next fun fact. Okay? He’s 190 ninth of drafted overall. And why am I saying this? I’m saying when you hire people with good character, you can teach them skills and then ride with those people. Stick with them. Be loyal to people that are loyal to you. Stick with people. Don’t fire people who are doing a good job. Don’t screw people who are doing a good job. I see a lot of, we talk a lot about bad employees because 85% of employees lie on resumes according to inc or 75% of employees steal according to the U S chamber. However, there’s a lot of bad bosses.

True. And you don’t want to be a bad boss, so stick with the people that got you there. Now bill Belichick fun factoid number 61, the Patriot way. Bill Belicheck coach the 19 bill bell. Bill Belichick has successfully coached 190 ninth draft pick of the year and in the year 2000 to become one of the best quarterbacks of all time. That would be Tom Brady. Yeah. Brick. What does that speak to when bill Belichick can get a lot of lower draft picks and undrafted guys and coached them to be successful players that nobody else wants? What is it, what does

It speak to? Well, this is actually one of the things I love about bill Belichick the most is seeing the talent and coaching it up. And so he gets far more value for these picks coaching. I know it’s, it’s terrible. I’ve always thought it’s terrible to talk about people this way because yeah, I mean, you get a a first round draft pick, you pay more money for him, you get you know, you get a certain commodity in the idea of these drafts. But so when you are in a lower round, you, you bring less value supposedly to the team. But bill Belichick has found that he can find the right quality people. And I don’t know what his exact process is of of scouting this talent, but he’s done it repeatedly and consistently and he finds the right talent, the dependable players that want it, that are hungry for it, that have the, the skill sets that he needs in those positions. And then he coaches them up to be better than they would be on their own. And I was told that Tom Brady told bill Belicheck that he made the best decision of his life when he did draft him. But I feel like he must have really known he was going to back up that with a whole lot of hard work.

Well, what I want to do here, Jason, is I would like for you to explain the hiring process that we use ourselves and that we would teach to all of our clients and all the people who attend our workshops. This is the process that we teach. Some have begun to call my businesses and my system’s a cult. And I want to clarify, it’s not a cult. It’s a colony. All right? Because it’s not a cult. But Jason, why does some people call our systems and processes a Colt? Because it’s different in the sense that it’s not the typical way that most people do it. The whole gray HR, I wanted to swear right there, but I can’t because it’s, you know, the shows for the children. But now we do it differently and it’s successful. We also repeat the same process. So a lot of times when people see something that’s successful that you’ve repeated, they’re like, well, that’s weird.

You gotta you gotta be subscribed to some sort of Kool-Aid to be, to be following that. But so what, walk the listeners through our process that we do every single week, and it really doesn’t start Thursday night at six. It starts on Monday when, when Ben does the job post. But we’ll walk our listeners through the process. So we do the job post, we have exciting applicants that apply. We go through and we invite all of them to a group interview, which is Thursday. Yup. And Thursday promptly at six we get started and you go over compensation, communication expectations. So people know how much they’re getting paid, they know exactly what the what the path to growth is there. And then also they know exactly what you expect of them. You’re not trying to sell yourself. You’re saying, Hey, here are our processes. This is how we do it.

Do you guys have any questions? Then you look for people who are engaged, people who ask really good questions because at that point it doesn’t matter if 80 people show up and they have their resumes again, 85% of the people lied. So let’s say what 15% of the people in that room of 80 are going to be honest. How do I know? Cause you now if seeing the group interview enough where you, you, you, you, you would know who I’m going to hire. Yeah. How do you know who I’m going to hire and how do I know who I’m going to hire when I’m looking at like 80 people? Like we had a group interview two weeks ago, last week we had like 20 people, but two weeks ago we had over 80 people show up. 88, zero. How can you tell who I’m gonna hire?

I can tell who you’re going to hire in my opinion. I can tell who you’re going to hire in the same sense that you know who you are. Because I have worked with everybody that ironically I’ve worked with everybody that you’ve hired since hiring me on and everybody has the exact same characteristics. And that characteristic is can you learn something new? Can you ask questions? Can you ask for help if you need it? Can you a deadline? Can you show up on time? Can you show up early even? But if you make friends with some of the people at work, I have, I’m assuming your work friends. And they may completely disagree. Okay? Sure. Of course. The issue of forced unilateral friendship is Andrew and Ben are great examples because the blend, they’re really good examples of people to be friends with because I have never once had either one of them tell me, God, Jason, I had the craziest weekend, not all this baby mama drama and I stayed up until three and got blackout drunk and was late to work.

No, they’re always consistent. They stay within their schedules. They are very, very good examples of husband material. They love their wives, they take very good care of their families. But they’re also very, they’re the same. They get to work before everybody, like four, four 30, every single day. They stay late. They never miss a deadline. Doesn’t make it a good place to work. From your perspective, when you, when you work with people that are, are good people, does it matter? Yeah. There are days where I’ve actually woken up with strep throat, but I was excited to go to work. Like I could’ve stayed home and been in pain and then been mopey. But looking forward to going to work actually helped me feel better. I had a person that came to work on Friday. Funny story. She’s up there reading a book and I said I’ve been to that last Saturday.

What are you doing? I just love the atmosphere. I love the music, the ambiance, the decor, the lighting, the smells, the sounds, the people. And I don’t like my own house. This is a single person. I don’t like my own apartment. I don’t, I don’t like the people that live around me. I don’t like the ambiance of a coffee shop. Yeah. So probably for the same reasons. You know, you’d go to Starbucks. I’m, I’m here. Yeah. I see this all the time. Can I be weird with you for a second? Yeah, sure. Go for it. If we had an unlimited amounts of ingredients that we make our products with, you’d probably see me at thrive more than Jonathan. I would never leave. I like being up there in the product room and just envelop because if I go home it’s like, okay, if I’m not doing action items and if I’m not doing whatever that like my wife is going to be at work from 10 45 today until 8:00 PM avoiding your spouse.

We’re saying when your wife gets home, you want to be with her. But until that time, exactly. Yeah. Like today if we, God, I wish we had product stuff so bad because she’s going to be gone for like 12 hours. I would spend the entire day. I know, but it’s because I look forward to it. I’ve never had a job where I’m like, you know what? You probably never had one. Again, this isn’t, I’m not mean this because I have had hundreds of people who’ve used to work for me go on somewhere and they’ll always call me. And my move is, by the way, I usually never rehire people because I feel like you’ve already made your decision. But if I, I never take on clients that used to be a client. I never take a client back. I don’t do that, but people don’t have left off.

People will leave. And they’ll reach out to me and go, Hey, can I come back? I’ll go, why? And I go, well, I thought it would be better working at this other job. And yeah, I got paid a little more at this other job, but I don’t like my boss. There’s no ongoing education. And more importantly, my coworkers are crazy. So say to me all the time, guy, you’re so mean clay, fire people that, that are bad at their job. Don’t you ever think about their families? Yeah, I think about the families of our team, right? And I don’t want my employees come into a work environment and have a crazy person working there. One person can make an entirely dramatic office environment. Absolutely. Well, and I mean, so many employees desire that nice environment to work in, to be with other quality employees.

I mean, the people you work with do make so much of your experience in your workplace. Now, Jason, we do our next show about bill Belichick. We’re going to be covering fun factoids, number 61 through, I don’t know how many, but we have 102 we’re going to cover. We have 102 bill [inaudible] and, and we have right now I think we have, let’s see here, we have 60 or 75 middle quarter goals, so 102 fun facts. 75 notable quotables over 35 pages of notes. And I want to make sure listeners know this. I’m on a quest to rank number one in the world when you type in the phrase bill Belichick. Now, currently, if you type in Berj Najarian his personal assistant, I come up top. Oh yes I do. And if you type in bill Belichick’s number one fan with the number sign, I come up top, but soon I shall be top in Google for the phrase bill Belichick because bill Belichick has told me no three times as it relates to be on a show burst very in a nice way by the classic.

They’ve done a nice way kind with a very nice guy. Yes, but bill Belichick, how did he get his job? Jason, how to build bell chicken, his first coaching job. And if you weren’t here for that recording that’s fine. But how you know, I was cause I remember in today’s money he would’ve made what, 23 cents an hour. But he was, he hand wrote 250 letters and mailed them to all the colleges in the United States in the United States. All the division one took colleges and they all said no. So he offered to work for free. Yup. And he got his first job coaching for what equated to 25 cents an hour working for the Colts as like a film guy was film. He had to drive the coaches around, do personal errands. A lot of people wouldn’t. He’s, as long as I get food and shelter I’m in.

Yup. And I, again, I have the same passion. Billy, I know you’re listening right now the same passion that bill has for coaching. I have that same passion for interviewing bill Belichick. I’m going to, I’m going to come up top and Google one day of bill Belichick is going to Google his name and when he does he’ll find me and he’ll go, this guy is the number one fan. I mean it wasn’t going to coming up for my name right now. This is right now, this right now so far this will be, we’re approaching 20 hours of shows devoted just to this topic. They’ve had to become a great manager and bill, I’m telling you, you’re the best manager and the only, the only, the only criticism I have is so far you have been our worst thrive time show guest. You don’t talk a lot. I’ve never agreed to be on the show, but at any moment the same feeling that the Colts had, they once felt like, Oh gosh, let’s give him a shot. He seems sincere. He keeps asking bill, you’re going to have the same thing happen. It’s gonna. It’s going to happen to you.

Bill, bill, I, bill and bill. Listen, listen, when I know we’re talking one on one right now. I was reading all the articles about you as I obsessively do, and I found out that you read the headlines about what the other teams say to the media a lot as a game plan strategy. Although you pretend like you don’t think so. You’re listening to this right now and that party you that where your soul is. And then next to that where your football is, your soul and your football are connected. There’s a little opening. It’s a little hole in the soul and you need to fill it with, with clay, and you fill it with with, it’s a malleable substance. You just put it in there and you just fill it up and just, and you’re going to end up, you’re gonna, you’re going to say yes and you’re gonna not, you’re not gonna regret it because the Colts, remember they felt bad. They were like, Oh gosh. He keeps applying. He’s willing to work for free. Bill, I’m willing to do the interview for free. I’m not going to charge you to energy bill. I’m not going to charge. And you right now bill, just come, come to Butthead. Come, come to my head. Come to me, bill, bill, bill, bill, just just email me, [email protected] just fired off bill. Bill fired off, but you want my cell phone number, bill. Bill, do it my cell phone number. I’ll give you my cell phone number. Email me, founder at [inaudible] dot com

Oh all right. Now we’re going to end the show with a boom. Here we go. Three, two, one, boom.

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Play the woodblock. Okay? If you guys need me, I’ll just be over here.



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