Bill Belichick Facts (Part 8) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 102 Facts About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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Bill Belichick’s #1 fan and America’s #1 business coach, Clay Clark, takes a look under the hoodie while exploring 102 facts about the management mastery of Bill Belichick.

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Bill Belichick knows players want to be Patriots, so he dominates negotiations

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Patriots Locker Room Celebration – 

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“I like what I am doing. I enjoy all parts of the game – the team building, training camp, game days, the excitement of Sunday… it beats working.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  • Create decor that makes you want to come to work more. Get intentional about the sites in your office
  • Get the sounds right.
  • Make a product that you’re proud of
  • Hire people that you like


Bill Belichick FUN FACT #99 – The Patriot Way | Consistency is King 

NOTABLE QUOTABLE: “You have to go with the person who you have the most confidence in, the most consistent. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work, but I’m going down with that person.” – Coach Bill Belichick

  1. Have to have an accounting meeting every week to review your numbers 
  2. Must have a staff meeting every week
  3. Host a group interview every week
  4. Plan out your day. Every single day
  5. Have a weekly team training meeting 


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On today’s show, we break down part eight of the bill belichick management mastery series, part number eight on today’s show, I promise we’re going to get into fun factoid about Bill Belichick number 91 through one Oh two and we’re going to talk about good strategies for buying your wife underwear from Victoria’s secret during this holiday season.

Some shows don’t need a celebrity in the writer to introduce a show, but this show dies. Two man, eight kids co-created by two different women, 13 multi-million dollar businesses. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Thrivetime Show.

Oh boy.

Yes, yes, yes. Welcome back to another exciting Thrivetime Show on your radio and podcast download. We have just passed 1,776 shows that we’ve released into the planet and to the atmosphere and now we have subscribers who are listening to the show and other regions of the world. And Jason, I have right here in my hands and exciting piece of information. I need you to come over here real quick to the help desk and gather this email, which I’m passing to you via hand and I’m going to pass it to you. And I would like for you to, to crinkle the paper a little bit so the listeners can know it’s a real thing. Good and crinkled up a little bit. Just kind of, you know, kind of, you know, it’s like you’re gonna wad it up, but you don’t just give some texture now they know it’s real. Now look at, look at it and please read the subject line.

Tell us who this email is from. And we’re going to read this on the air because this right here is beautiful. Well I’ll be honest, I cannot read the Russian alphabet. Okay, fine. But it looks like it comes from a Denneal’s [email protected], which is Russia. Right? You can read the subject line. What’s the subject line? The subject line letter from your dedicated listener. Okay, please read to us about it. Re do it. We need some good Russian instrumental music. Not communist. Cause there’s some that, you know, it’s more of a, Hey, this is a free Russia’s, you know, no longer communist. So let’s do some Russian music. Let’s do some Russian music. We’ll be going to queue it up here. Jason, real quick, as I’m talking about queuing up a free Russian music instrumental music. Yeah, please explain to us why this might be exciting that we have a listener who just emailed us from mutha Russia.

Well, I mean we are a podcast based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I mean that’s about as far away from Russia as you can get. And who did you talk to on the show on a Saturday morning? Who’d you talk to? Oh, Saturday morning. The prolific DJ Casper, inventor of the one and only cha-cha slide. Does it not blow your mind that you are on the phone with the inventor of that song? It freaked me out. Okay. So here we go. I’m queuing it up. This is a, okay, now you can read the email from our listener. What’s his name? It doesn’t say, Oh, Daniil D a. N. I L. Daniil. I just just did from our Russian help desk. Okay. Read the email please. All right. It says, dear sir. Slash. Madam. This email is just my gratification to clay Clark and your team. I’m a sophomore student living in Russia a yet tearin Berg. Let’s say. Let’s go with that. First of all, your podcast is the best one and teach us so much, I. E. how to manage people, how to succeed at work. Clay constantly pontificates about six day workweek have never heard such things before. Thrive team really inspires me and helps to overcome harsh moments in life. Quick time out. Before we, before I again, big shout out to our listeners,

Make sure we get this. Yeah. The reason why I talk about a six day work week is because I happen to be of the Judeo Christian faith and that is actually part of the Judeo Christian faith. It’s not my opinion. Yeah. So as an example, if you want to become successful, I’m not saying you have to work six days a week the rest of your life. But I’m saying if you look at the Bible Breck, if you’re a Christian, should you look at the Bible? You think? Yes, I think it’s a good idea to look at the Bible. And remember that story about Adam. I do. What was, what was his girlfriend’s name? His wife’s name? Eve. Adam and Eve. Eve. And where did he come from? Where does the, what does the Bible say about where did he come from? So God made Adam out of the dirt and he breathed life into him and then he put him to sleep and took a rib from Adam and created Eve.

Okay. And then God gave Adam the, the garden, it says in Genesis so that he could what? He could reign over it and take care of it and name the animals. And he gave him purpose in the garden. Okay. So God gave Adam the, the, the garden so that he could work it. It says here on, we’re going to go with Genesis verse chapter two verse 15 it says, the Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and to take care of it. Now the word work in the Hebrew language cause the Bible was written in Hebrew means what? Jason and the Hebrew language. The word work means worship. That’s what it means in the Hebrew is work means worship. That’s what it meant. We, we have a show we did with a rabbi Daniel Lapin. We interviewed him.

He is a scholar who’s spent more time than anybody studying the Hebrew language. He wrote a book called thou shall prosper. He’s a rabbi. And the, again, the the, the Bible was written in Hebrew. And the word work means worship, right? So if you look at it again, it says the Lord God took the man, took the man and put him in the garden to worship him basically to take care of it, right? So it talks about says God created the earth, and how many days dr Rick, according to the Bible, according to the Bible, six days, and in the Bible, typically we as Christians who believed the Bible to be the literal thing. We believe that God tries to teach us through examples, right? So when God says

That we should, he worked six days and rested on the seventh, we think that’s the first work pattern that we should observe, right? It also explains an Exodus that you should work a sixth day. It’s got the sixth day principle. Now, if you’re not a Christian and you are a somebody who just says, I want to be successful, I’d like you to do a little research project for me out there for your listener, and I want you to do a research project and I want you to research and find me 10 millionaires who didn’t work at least six days a week before they became successful. Just find me 10 couldn’t then come back to me. Let me know you can be on the show. We can have a whole show about how I made my millions for working two days a week. It’s not possible.

No. Right. All these people we interviewed, we just Jason, we were just on a John Lee Dumas’s podcast. Have you ever heard of of John Lee Dumas before? Well not since I or not before I started working for you guys, but I’ve done research after. He’s the entrepreneur on fire. Yeah. We just, we just were on his show. He’s a great guy and he releases a show every day a week. So it’s, it’s a principle we’re teaching that whether you’re a Christian or not, it’s called the sixth day principle. AK, you get ahead when you put in more work. But Jason, let’s go ahead and reset this email one more time. Did you do a Russian accent? Oh, I could try it. I don’t want to offend somebody. What I want you to do, you really, I think you do one, don’t you? Kinda. I think I’ve heard you do it, haven’t you?

I will do my various, so we’re going to do is when you read the whole thing from the beginning to the end. Okay. And you are going to start off and it’s going to get better as you go. Okay. But all I ask is you read it a medium pace so that way we give yourself time to get better. Yeah. also the listeners, they have time to judge you. Okay. And there’s only about a half a million people listening, so don’t do that. It’d be like giving a public speech in the center of downtown Tulsa where everyone who lives in Tulsa is there. And I’m in my underwear. You have a megaphone? Yeah. And you’re in. So don’t, don’t feel stressed out, but I want you to try to sound Russian. Okay. And here’s a shot of some Russian vodka. Okay. Here we go. So let’s look it up here.

So, okay. Okay. Dear silvers or mittens, this email is just my gratification to Clay Clark. And you’ll think I’m a sophomore student living in Russia. [inaudible] That’s pretty good. First of all, your podcast is the best one. And teach us so much I. E. how to manage people, how to exceed it. We are play constantly pontificates about six day work week. I have never heard such things before that I have team really inspires me and helps to overcome hardest for moments in life. If it’s possible Dell clay Clark that he is the best teacher and person I have ever met and I will definitely visit one of your conferences and shake his hand when the finances will allow me to do so. Also clay skins and his experience which he spreads in podcast helped me in my current job and trying to work not for the masters but

The Lord as clay stipulates, I don’t know whether it is fit or fluke. I stumbled upon your podcast more than a year ago but it has or what it was the pivotal moment in my life. Practically agree with Z and clay on every aspect. Hope you will continue doing it in the future. BS when I have time, spare time, read books which you propose. We have read queening, pepper cow, think and grow rich outwitting the devil, ultimate sales machine and other plus clay. Right. Excellent ones. Start here and jackass of it. Excellent. B. S. S I see what he did there. It would be great if every employer takes Clay’s position in regards with diplomas, experience, characters over skill, etc. Because nowadays I’m, nowadays I’m filing for internships ever receiving myriad of projections, roughly 30 already and just can’t cut through their silly bureaucracy. I’m preaching to them that clay or that good works six to seven days and willing to learn everything, but they don’t want to take into consideration such effector, but anyway, won’t give up and will definitely achieve what I want. Thank you very much. Once more at a time when finances allows me, we’ll make a subscription to 15 online school. All Z best Daniil slope. What dinner?

Well, first off, Denielle. That’s awesome. That’s cool. That was a great email. I’m framing that up in my man cave that’s going up there. That’s a Russian out there. Now here’s the deal. He’s got a bright future. You need to come work for us. Come in, turn, do it. Do it. Make it happen. Seriously. Now bill Belichick, let’s do a little quiz here on today’s show. How many letters did he hand write and send it out to division one programs and his attempt to get a job? How many letters did he send out? Was it 200 250. Ah, and how many coaches said yes to him at the college level? Jason? Zero Z. You’re a bill, bill, chick, wizard, bill Belichick. That’s a mega point for you. So he sent out 250 letters. And how many, okay. Again, how many coaches said yes. Zero. And let’s see if dr Breck learned anything on this show. Because again, I’m trying to indoctrinate us with this bill Belichick knowledge. He got his first job working for the Colts, I believe in 1973. And you remember how much you made per hour, dr Breck, my calculations were about 23 cents. Yes.

Yes and yes.

Yes. So Tenille our Russian, a friend here, you’re in good company. I asked you skew

The question I asked you. I’m not trying to mock you. I’m just trying to help you. I’m trying to be a tough big brother. We all need listen, have you been rejected 250 times? That’s the question. Now. Thomas Edison was trying to build that thing called the light bulb and how many experiments Jason did his team log that were not successful before they found their first

Successful one. How many is 10,000 to over 10,000 or 10,000. Insane. Did drag on jeopardy almost. It’s like, it’s like how you asked in the form of a question that was impressive. So again, 10,000 filled experiments. Now we have a, we have a model T and the offices through the second year. I couldn’t buy a first year while we have the second year. And why do we have what, what, what, what kind of figurative lesson can we learn by looking at the model T? Well, it was one of those things that wasn’t supposed to succeed. Ford went into bankruptcy, was it five times? Twice, twice, yes. And still made one of the most iconic cars that just revolutionize the motor industry. No, you are actually correct. This is interesting. This is the bankruptcy law is different now than it used to be, but he did lose it all five times.

Okay. You’re correct. But as far as official bankruptcy, it’s a different number. But yeah, he did lose it all five times right there. That doesn’t make a point for you. Why is this important for people to know, Jason? That it took FedEx over a decade to make a profit? Because I think a lot of people go in thinking, Oh, I’m going to start a business and then become a instant millionaire because they watch Tai Lopez and all those other like wantrepreneurs on YouTube. But it takes time. It takes money. You have to invest a lot into it before you can turn a profit. Dr. Brock, how long did it take you to figure it out with your doctor? Breck.Com how many years before you figured it out before your business was profitable, successful and pilot and getting to a place where you actually were proud of it at least 12 years.

Okay. Yeah, a little over a decade, I’m sure. You know. And so I think a lot of times we are trying to do something that’s not possible. You know, we’re trying to do something that’s not PO. We’re trying to you know, Thomas Thomas Edison says genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. I think we’re, I think we’re trying to get to the top of Google and not being willing to put in the work needed to get to the top of Google, I think. I think we want to get to the top of Google and the search engine results. We know we have to have the most content, right? The most reviews, the most canonical compliance and the most mobile compliance. But we, we kind of want to get there faster. Yeah. Don’t we? I mean, just anything that’s a common account thing. Oh yeah.

Yeah. We want to tell people that, you know, it took like a great clients like Marty a year to get to the top of Google for two cities. They’re like, but I want to do it in four weeks. Like, I know you do. I wish I could get you there. It’s just, it takes some work. Now, Walt Disney who couldn’t be here on today’s show, he said to get started, he said, the way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing a wise man, Steve jobs who couldn’t be here today cause he’s dead as well. And he had class so he probably would have rejected. But he says, people think focus means saying yes to the thing you’ve got to focus on. But that’s not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that are out there. You have to pick carefully. I’m actually as proud of the things that we haven’t done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1000 things. Now think about this for a second. Google will pop quiz here. Jason, how long do you think it took Google to become an overnight success story? They

Built the company in 1996. And when do you feel like they finally went public with that thing and made their money? They started 1986. Started 1996. I’m going to say six years. No, 2004. Wow. From 96 to 99 it wasn’t going well. And it started off, it was called what? When it was started back road? Yes. There you go. It was called BackRub. Google was called BackRub. Now some might say, you know, clay clay, listen with a name like that. I don’t know why it didn’t take off. Right. But back rum. Yeah. I mean their, their backup plan was a, a mystery raper but back, they thought the background was a little stronger than they were. Like, you know, mystery raper like that’ll be a great name. Like, what do you mean we’re gonna rape the internet for knowledge, right? I mean, let’s put that on a shirt and mystery. I mean, how that would turn out in the future. Oh, right. My business.

Facebook. It’s terrible, isn’t there? I’ve had some people try to do that. It is terrible. It is to want to touch your feet. So Facebook, Jason, they started the business. Mark Zuckerberg started the company [inaudible] and how long do you think it took him to lose his first 3.6 $3 million? Ooh. Eight years. Three years. Three, three years in. He lost 3.6 $3 million after the first three years. Dang. Wow. Amazon, how long do you think it took Amazon to declare a profit? I mean, how long do you think that was? The decade. Listen to this, like most entrepreneurs, when Jeff Bezos got the idea to start he did not simultaneously find the money to turn this dream into reality. Thus, he asked his mom and his dad in many outside investors to believe in him and his vision, his parents, Mike and Jackie invested nearly all of their life savings, $300,000 into his business to make it happen.

According to B’s ZOS he gave great deals to the first 20 outside investors who put in an an average of 50,000 a piece for just under 1% of the business. If those early investors would have chosen to hold onto their steaks, they would have each been worth three point $5 billion today, which would have produced a return of 70000%. That’s delayed gratification, took them and took them a decade to be profitable. That’s insane. A decade. Now you might say, well clay, I’m busy though. I don’t have time to get rich over time. I want to get rich over night. Well, there’s a thing called a charlatan out there. I’d encourage you to find, and a charlatan is somebody who claims to do something that they can’t do. And there’s a lot of like easy to find. I’m gonna type in internet internet. Let’s say internet riches on YouTube right now. I’m going to find a good one here. I’ve got a lot of them just coming to me. You know, you open my inbox and there’s another way that I can make a million tomorrow. I’m going to cue this audio up. This is a good one. So this is a million. Okay, let, let me, let me hit play on this and you guys tell me, okay, here we go. Here we go. So let me give you these three things. I promise you

The three things that took me off of a couch with $47 in my bank account, mobile home broke. Ah, can we get rich? This is how you do it or in better thing. You want to just get rich quick, get rich quick room. Hopefully you saw the video. Go to Tai Lopez if you want to get rich, quick little explanation. Fish to Tai Lopez here. I like this room. It’s where I read and it’s quiet you guys. That’s how you make your money. As you know, Ty Lopez on a jet. This is my favorite Tai Lopez video. This is, I love nothing makes me more excited than playing Tai Lopez clips. Here’s just Tai Lopez. Let me queue it up.

We were just telling him, you know what, I like more than flying in a private jet like this. No, I don’t. My books actually not, but Jason explained

Women as we, as we have become a meditative tone here that are on the private jet with Ty Lopez right now. They’re like your average YouTube slash Instagram supermodels. They’re women who are no offense to Thai or Far too To be hanging out with him and her only there because they’re getting paid to be. Do you see the cleavage going on here from, from all the way over here? I do.

Earlier on the question was how to figure out what you should do with your life, like your destiny, what you’re meant to do, what your purpose is. And I find that’s the most common question. And I was just thinking about it when I was here flood. We’re flying to the biggest investor conference in the world.

Sure. Okay, let’s do it. So this is there a Ty Lopez. Ty Lopez is just, he’s just [inaudible] here in my garage. Just bought this a new Lamborghini here. Fun to drive up here. My garage just bought this Lamborghini here, you know. And one thing I like more than you don’t wanna like more than Lamborghini’s. Locals here in my garage. Just bought this, a new Lamborghini here. Fun to drive up here in the Hollywood Hills. Awesome. But you know what I like a lot more than materialistic thing. Knowledge. Oh, I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold 2000 new books that I bought. It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffett says, the more you learn, the more you earn. Oh, this is so Tyler, talk about how I read it.

Okay. First off, let’s talk about the reading a book a day thing. Let’s, let’s get into that real quick. I’m watching bill Gates. The documentary is called inside Bill’s brain. Bill’s brain. It’s on Netflix. Cool. Bill Gates reads 150 pages an hour with a 90% retention, and most would say that he is the smartest man ever. And he just passed Jeff Bezos again for the world’s wealthiest man. There you go. Because he is reinventing nuclear energy. People don’t realize this, but he’s making it where that even if the reactor stops working, it can cool itself off. Therefore it can’t blow up. Ooh. And he’s also created a toilet that incinerates your waste. [inaudible] And it turns it into power. Yeah. And it works without water. And that’s bill Gates. So bill Gates who reads 150 pages per hour. I mean, now I’ve been reading we got the guest of the guy who wrote the book a profit first.

The, the author of the book profit first, he’s gonna be on the show here. I was just talking about him the other day randomly with John [inaudible] and then here comes an email from him asking to be on the show. And I’m like, Oh yes. It’s true that last week though, every time you talked to John about something, it’s just you get an email the next day. Yes, you should talk to John Marfan. No, it’s, here’s whatever it happens. So this guy wants to be on our show and I’ve been on his show before and so I’m reading this book again just to kind of get refreshed because my original copy got flooded, right? So I’m going through, I’m taking notes now. I’m on page 21 and it took me like two hours. So I read like 10 pages an hour and I try to get through if I can, when I’m in my the way you learn, not the way you get wise is how you, this how you do it.

You read, that’s like inhaling and then you teach and that’s like exhaling and that’s what gets it stuck in your head. So when you, you read it and then you teach it, you read it, you teach, that’s how you, you wrestled with the knowledge. That’s how you gain it and it becomes a permanent part of your brain. Okay. So I’m in my reading phase, which I’m not in a big reading phase right now. I’m finishing up the book about ESPN and dr Susan profit first. But when I’m going to read heavy reading mode, I can read about a book a week if I’m really, really like, I mean we’re talking walking out 15 hours a week. Now, let’s go back here and I’d like to, Q I think did play and I’d like to have you, Jason, anytime that you feel like what he’s saying is not accurate, please chime in and I will stop.

I just want to, I want to see how many times in his four minute and 57 second video. Yup. Where he’s convincing people out there who are or suckers to invest in his program without you. It’s kinda like political debates almost. You can call BS whenever you feel like he’s saying something that’s not true. Okay, so let me hit plenty buzzers here in my garage. Just bought this a new Lamborghini here. You don’t think you bought the delivery? No. Nope. Okay. I don’t think he owns that house. Okay, let’s keep up. There’s a lot. There’s a lot of, there’s a lot of the Hollywood Hills, but you know what I like a lot more than materialistic things. Knowledge, in fact. No you don’t. You don’t believe in that? No. A lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed. Well at least these, at least that part’s true.

We did install the Bookshare seven bookshelves there. Okay, so there are bookshelves all to hold 2000 new books that I bought. Okay? BS. You don’t believe that? 2000 new books, 50 bucks. Let’s keep going. It’s like the billionaire Warren buffet says, the more you learn, the more you earn. That part’s true. True. But I’m going to call BS on it because this is what every snake oil guy does is he knows that unless he has effect based off of somebody who was a lot more successful than him, he’s gonna use that like, Oh, he cool. It’s Warren buffet. I don’t know much about Warren buffet, but I know he’s a billionaire. Oh, here we go. Maybe you’ve seen my TEDx talk where I talk about how I read a book a day. Yes. You don’t believe that? I do not. Okay. You know, I read a book a day not to show off.

It’s again about the not to show up. You believe it. Okay, so the the only caveat I would believe, if he’s saying, I read a book a day, homeboy probably gets an audio book and does like two times speed. I believe he could do that. Do you think he actually does know his personality type? He’s too busy planning out these videos. Still good knowledge. In fact, the real reason I keep this Lamborghini here is that it’s a reminder, a reminder, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a little town across the country sleeping on a couch in a mobile home with only $47 in my bank account. No, he got, he stole that from the rock Dwayne Johnson story. That’s, that’s entirely too similar to Dwayne Johnson says that Dwayne Johnson, so he was sleeping in a mobile home. He was, he was virtually homeless and I w I’m trying to think of the name of his company, but it’s based off of how much money he had in his pocket when he decided to change his life.

I have read that before. Look that up and give us a fact about people want to know that fact. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s keep listening to him. He was on his last, last nickel situation. Let’s keep listening. This is incredible video here. I didn’t have a college degree. I had no opportunities. But you know what? Something happened that changed my life. I bumped into a mentor and another mentor and a few more mentors. I found five mentor five and they showed me what they did to become multimillionaires. Oh, it’s not just about money. It’s about the good life, health, wealth, love and happiness. Do you believe that five multi-millionaires, he rent randomly bumped into these people and that they sat there and mentored him? They were like, Oh young whippersnapper Ty Lopez. , I don’t, I don’t believe that. But also he’s talking about, you know, the, the quality of life and the good and I mean he’s been focused on the materialistic the entire time.

Okay, let’s eat. Let’s keep it, cause we’ve, we’ve pan to the Lamborghini at least three times already. Oh, he lets it play by who talks into a camera and who puts bookshelves in the garage. What’s continued. And so I record a little video. It’s actually on my website. You can click here on this video and it’ll take you to my website where I share three things that they taught me. Three things that you can implement today, no matter where you are. I believe there’s three things on the road. This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. You know, like they say things sound too good to be true. They are too good to be true. I believe I was promising you that tomorrow you’re going to be able to go out and buy a Lamborghini. But what I am telling you is it can happen faster than you think if you know the proven steps truthiness.

So he says things that are true mixed with things that are entirely not true to come up with a thing I call truthiness, truthiness. So I record a little two minute video on my website. Like I said, now it’s not the most professional. I just shot it here with my iPhone. But it’s real. No one can argue that this is my true story and I’m gonna give you, we can’t argue it. I mean, I do believe that some one person’s own testimony is hard to dispute, okay? If it’s based in reality, this I find difficult to find reality. Now here we go. The three most important things you can do today.

So click the link. Go there. It’s completely free to watch it. It’s just a couple of minutes. Invest in yourself. Always be curious. Don’t be a cynic,

Okay? Don’t be a cynic. That’s where we’re getting it wrong, because when you go to dr a real brick and mortar business brick, you could have been, you should have built your business in like 18 months and 12 months. You should be able to go from nothing to drive to labor Gideon, 12 months. If you’d only discovered the secrets. If I had had the secrets, it would have been a lot shorter than it had Jason back to him. $7 $7. Yup. So in 1995 so this is a direct quote from, from the rock says in 1995 I had seven bucks in my pocket and I knew two things. I’m broke as hell. And one day I won’t be. So then that’s how he went on. So he started seven bucks production. So if you give him $7 to start, he will help you produce something. So you have the same shot he did. It’s exactly where Ty Lopez got that from. Here we go. Challenge him,

See videos like this and they say, Oh, that’s not real. That’s for somebody else. Don’t listen. Don’t listen. Be an optimist like Conrad Hilton, the man who started Hilton hotel. He said that when he was 15 years old, he read a book by Helen Keller and that book changed his life. Books can change your life. And in that book, Helen Keller said, optimism. So if you’re a cynic, if you’re a pessimist, you don’t need to click here. Don’t worry about it. I don’t need to talk to everybody. But if you’re somebody who knows that there’s something better because the dream is possible, Oh boy. You know, for some of you watching, it’s not necessarily a Lamborghini. Maybe it’s a new job, a new opportunity, starting your own company. Maybe it’s a new lifestyle without so much stress traveling,

He’s going to throw out rhetorical so that every, so anybody watching is going to have something in common, I’m sure, and he is a master of this. He’s going to say, maybe it’s not wealth. Maybe it’s stress. Maybe. Maybe you’re not your health. Maybe it’s your health. Maybe it’s your, it’s for your kids. Eventually he could say, if you’re watching this right now and, and you’re, you’re a human. If you’re a human, if you’re out there just in your, you’re a human being, a human and you’re just trying to tip, just be better as a human. How many of you out there watching right now were a kid? If you were a kid, this is for you. If you know you’re destined to do, you can do those unless you understand finances. Money can’t do it anymore. It’s using suicide. You know, it’s the whole give and take back. Maybe this isn’t for you. Maybe you’re not ready. It’s maybe you’re not ready. Maybe you can’t handle the truth. You can’t handle this. Take the red pill, blue pill. Ah, okay. Versa. However, you’re out there today and you have found yourself in a place where you want to get rich quick, get out of that place. Now. If you want to get rich over time, I can help you with that. And that’s what we’re talking about today. We’re talking about managing people were dissecting

Bill Bella checks 102. Bill Belichick fun facts about how to manage people effectively cause he is perhaps the best manager of all time. And he’s got eight Superbowl rings, six as the head coach of the Patriots. And Jason, we move on to bill Belichick. Fun factoid number 91 what? Say you, I say bill would listen to every media story about his opponents before games to gain an advantage. This comes from the Bleacher The article called before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story, please read this. It came from deep paranoia. Someone else might be as obviously competitive as he was obsessively obsessively competitive as he was. Is this grassy and I will say cross cross. He said he would, or he would read every opponent’s media stories leading up to the game to gain anything he could from the coaches, quotes, player quotes, or he would have an assistant do it and highlight things.

Sometimes he would be amazed at how much information they were giving up without even knowing it. He was ahead of everyone on that. Now more and more coaches have since copied him, but back then it wasn’t that common. Dr Breck, Oh, let’s talk about mystery shopping. You know, building a check is essentially watching the interviews of the opposing team to figure out what their game plan is going to be. Right. Why is, why is mystery shopping so effective for entrepreneurs out there? And what, what maybe, what is mystery shopping and why is it so effective? Well, what [inaudible]

Sure. Shopping is, is a, you know, you’re going into a competitor’s environment, seeing what they’re all about, how they’re doing things. And you know, as far as the competitive advantage that he’s gaining here is like I said, I mean these people might be talking with a a radio personality or a TV host and they’re giving up their game plan. And they don’t even realize it. I mean, they’re publicly sharing their strategy and then all of a sudden he knows, Hey, they plan on running 60% of the time and passing only in 40%. I’m going to be ready to defend that and, and take it to him. You know, when it comes to business, if you don’t know what’s going on around you and you’re just kinda isolated, you lose track of, of what is happening and, and other opportunities that you might be missing

To make this an action step for the listeners out there, if it’s this, this is an action step. If you own a business you need to mystery shop your competition at least once a year and know what they’re doing. You’ve got to have at least some grasp of what they’re doing. I mean as an example there was a lady back in the day, she had a restaurant and she asked me to coach her business and it’s kind of a sad, sad story. Sad story. The business isn’t around anymore and I let her know I couldn’t coach her because of just various things that were going on. But I went into her business and it looked like Jason that the last time she updated her decor was in 1982, Oh no. 83, maybe 75. And it looked bad and her prices were crazy. Like out of control where they were higher, low, low, like punitively low, where she couldn’t possibly make money at those prices.

Right. And I’m going, Hey, I don’t know if you’ve been to like Panera bread, you know, ever or any other restaurant, but, well, for what you’re providing, the only thing she had going for her was the food was a credible. Yeah. I’m like, the only thing you have, your food’s great. But if you’ve been to Panera, I mean have you been, have you, have you been to a restaurant in the last, you know, I don’t know, decade have you? I’d be gone and she’s, no, I don’t go out. I work here like 80 hours a week. I don’t, I don’t go out. I don’t, I don’t, I’m going, okay, but you understand like your menus look like they’re handmade like by you. She’s like, well I did, I made it myself. I’m like, you got to raise those prices. This is what she said. She says, I can’t raise the prices because I’d have to reprint the menus. Do you realize how jacked up that entire line of thinking is? And if she had just gone into like a Panera bread and had noticed,

Look at their prices, literally just take a photo of it and go back home and cause their food quality was awesome. Yeah. And Jason, how often do you see this with, with coaching clients that are just not aware of what their competition charge, what their competition is doing before we’re able to help them? Oh, left and right. I’m actually working with one of my clients right now on an idea he has because he’s always been afraid to do it. So I said, well, secret trap your competition and figure out what they’re doing. And he realized, dear God, my original idea, I would have been providing all like prices that were way too low or service options that I didn’t even think of. So if you’re out there today, you’ve got a mystery. Shop the competition, know what they’re doing, make this actionable. Know what they’re doing.

Now, bill Belichick, fun fact toy number 92 the Patriot way like father like son, the belichick way. This comes to us from the Bleacher report. The article’s called before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story. Jason, what say you? The mask was useful, but Bella chick knew it was worthless without substance underneath. So he studied the hell out of some film, which is where his love for football began. It was born out, or it was born out of the way. Young boys want to be with their fathers no matter what. Bill was only at nine or 10 years old and he’d been breaking down film. Jeanette Belichick’s genetics, his mom belichick 85 said last week, Steve would go over it and tell him this could have been, or this could have been better or that could’ve been better. But usually there was very little room for criticism. He understood football at a very young age. Even his father was surprised. So at nine and 10 years old, he’s sitting there, his dad was a college football coach. He’s breaking down game film. So he knows more about football before the age of 10 than the average person knows a when they’re 20 that’s insane. Now let’s make this actionable.

All right?

You need to surround yourself with people that know what they’re talking about. So Jason, since you have been doing the show with me, you’ve learned what does ROI stand for? Return on investment. Who’s bill Belichick? The Belichick is the coach of the Patriots, one of the highest performing coaches of all time. How many rejection letters to build bell check? Half 250. Who

Wrote the cha cha slide? Oh, that was DJ Casper. What does the peripheral count?

Purple cow is a unique value proposition. It’s something that makes you stand out. How do you get to the top of Google? You have four variables actually. There is canonical compliance, mobile compliance, the most original HTML content and the most and highest quality reviews.

Hmm. And if you’re going to be successful every day, you need to wake up and do what you have to have a to do list and a schedule. You have to plan your day. Interesting. But we’ve never had a talk like this before. I’ve quizzed, you know, but through osmosis, you pick it up, you observe, you absorb it, it becomes your new normal. Your network is your net worth. So to make this actionable, I’m asking you, who are you spending your time with? Let’s be intentional. True. This is one powerful thing I have found about having a coach. So let me give an example. I have hired Michael Levine to coach me on various aspects of my life. Michael Levine is the public relations consultant of choice. If you look him up, Michael Levine, L, E, V, I,N , E a, but other way be you, be aware of people that try to speak real quickly, fast to try to hide facts.

So I’m speaking slowly. Google search, Michael Levine, Levine, and then Michael, let’s Google search Michael Levine real quick. Jason, let’s look. I’m gonna look up for Mike. Michael Levine. Yeah. And then public relations. Michael Levine is the New York times bestselling author level clients that he let’s read. Let’s read the clients that he’s had off of his Wikipedia listing. Chase, could we do that? Well, I know my two favorite. Oh, well listen here buddy. Don’t you give us your opinion. You give us the facts. Okay. Okay. Please read his Wikipedia listing to us. Oh, okay. Let’s see here. So just from the top or the top, from the top.

So he was he has represented 58 Academy award winners, 34 Grammy award winners and 43 New York times bestsellers, including Michael Jackson, Barbara Streisand, George Carlin. His work has included non-paid media console to former presidents, Ronald Reagan and George H w Bush and bill Clinton. Let’s see where his other references out. I’ve got to find these people, cause I know that he was also a Nike Prince.

Pizza huts. David Bowie. Come on, I’m trying to find this. This list is terrifying. Michael Levine. So Michael Levine has done some, he’s, he’s this Justin, he’s had some success. He’s a heavy hitter. So I thought, you know, I’m going to hire him to help me with my PR, right. With my branding now Breck, why would I pay a guy like that? You know, so far I’ve, I think I’ve paid him about $45,000. Why would I pay a guy 45 grand? Why would I do that?

Well, cause he’s already been there. He’s got a proven track record. He’s got a path. He’s got a system that he knows works and you know, his success and you know, he can get you to where you want to go.

So let me hit play on what Mike. Let’s see. Let’s see what Michael Levine has to say about our in person workshops. Let’s, let’s keep that up. ROTC. Hello. My name is Michael Levine and

I have given thousands of speeches.

And by the way, if you wanna find this video, just search on YouTube right now for thrive time show reviews and Michael Levine.

In fact, I’m the only man who was ever given speeches at Harvard and Oxford who did not graduate college. So I’ve been doing this a very long time and a lot of very interesting places.

Okay, so we know he’s had some success. And let’s hear what he has to say about the workshop.

Hello, I’m Michael Levine and I’m talking to you right now from the center of Hollywood, California, where I have represented over the last 35 years, 58 Academy award winners, 34 Grammy award winners, 43 New York times bestsellers and three us presidents of both political parties. I’ve represented a lot of major stars and I’ve worked with a lot of major companies and I think I’ve learned a few things about what makes them work and what makes them not work. And that’s exactly what I’m coming to Tulsa December 14th Saturday, December 14th now, why would a man living in Hollywood, California in the beautiful, sunny weather of LA come to Tulsa? Because last year I did it and it was exciting. I saw some of the smartest, most interesting, most compelling entrepreneurs I had met in some time in Tulsa, and I’m coming back back again this year to give a talk about the secrets of success. What is it that makes some people super successful and other people not successful? What are the qualities? That’s exactly what I’m going to tell you. If you’ve got the guts, if you’ve got the guts to come to Tulsa along with me in the middle of December, I’ll be with you on December 14 clay Clark has put together an exceptional presentation, really life changing and I’m looking forward to seeing the event. I’m Michael Levine. I’ll see you in Tulsa.

So why would I pay a guy like that, Jason, too, to be in my life? Why would I do that? Because he knows what he’s talking about. So you seek his knowledge. There it is. Let’s make this actionable. Find somebody who you know, who is successful. Maybe they maybe go to church with them. Maybe they’re your girlfriend’s dad. Maybe it’s a neighbor. Maybe it’s someone you just hired. Maybe it’s the plumbing company you just hired to fix your plumbing. Find somebody who owns something and spend time with them. And then through osmosis you will become successful offered intern for free. Work there for free. It’s amazing how few people are willing to work for free to access to the knowledge

It is. It’s really a kind of sad, but that’s why bill Belichick knows so much. So it’s like father like son. I mean he was, he observed it growing up now, bill Belichick, fun fact, DOI number 93, the Patriot way. When bill was working for free, he was so good at coaching players. Players went to him instead of other coaches. What bill was coaching for free. He was so good at coaching players went to him instead of to the other coaches. Jason, please read from the Bleacher article before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story. So this actually kind of sounds a biblical, okay. So to be a good coach, bill Belichick went into the dark for hours and emerged with visions of the future. He slept on office desks. He woke coaches at 3:00 AM saying he’d seen new ways to win Colts. Defensive, close, defensive back.

Bruce layered told Halberstam he burns with his purpose, which was football. He was so good that by the end of the training camp, the culture general manager started slipping him $25 a week. That doubled halfway through their campaign. Most importantly by season’s end, instead of going to other coaches with questions, the players went directly to Belichick. He later told Halberstam that’s when he knew he could make it as a coach, that throwing the game was more important or that knowing the game was more important than where he had or where he hadn’t played for him. It was an epiphany, however stim wrote and it was a thrilling one. Dr Breck. At the end of the day, if you can get in the door, yes. You could eventually get paid. Yeah. If somebody came to you today, let’s say a young chiropractor, right, who doesn’t know how to grow a business and he’s young guy just had a college and he wants to come work for you for free, right.

And eventually become a partner, would you be open to that? If a guy said, man, I’m, I’m a, it became a work for free. Would you take on a free chiropractor intern? I would. And how long would the guy have to work for you before you could trust him? Ah, let me consistently be in this early showing up on time and he’s doing all the right things. Yeah. I mean a few months I’m going to start. I’m going to start trusting more and more and more. That’s the key to getting in the door though is being willing to work for free. You know Ryan Tedder worked at the pottery barn, Ryan Tedder, the Grammy award winning music artist who I went to college with at oral Roberts university. He worked for free interning for industrial light and magic while working at the pottery barn for pay. Jason, why is that important for someone to know that Ryan Tedder worked at the pottery barn for pay till he worked the pottery barn to earn while he worked for Timberland as an intern for free. Why is that important for people to know that he interned for free to learn but worked to earn? Well because he wanted to get the experience. I mean you can’t, you can’t put a price on that. Like, that’s why a lot of people are like, well, unpaid internship is going to be us. While you are being, you are giving what, eight to 10 hours per day by somebody who clearly is an authority on what you’re wanting to do,

To learn before you even get in the industry. That way when you get there, you already have a head starts. You’re already the man or the woman John, Tom Knight. I love John’s already working for free for us. Ended up earning a position. Jordan Denmark’s brother. He started w Taylor. Yep. He started interning for free and hearing the job. Devin Woolery. Oh yeah. Worked for free. Earned a job. Not many other people try that. I mean, we talked about it. Hundreds of thousands of people listen to this show. You’re open to it. I’m open to it. People at conferences come up to me and say, I would love to intern for free. And I said, great. And they don’t do it though. I say, great, do it. Let’s do it. And they go, I’m going to, and they go, can I get paid? I go, no, no, no.

See there. Here’s the deal. I don’t have a burning desire to take on another employee that I don’t want. Right. Why would I not? I don’t understand that. Why not? Why don’t you want me to give you your assistant? If I needed an assistant, I would’ve already staffed it. Right, right. I can be your like your gofer. If I needed to go for, I would have a gopher. What does a gopher do? People go people all the time. Say clay, I can be your assistant. We had one lady really over the line, the Cougar from the group interview. Last I heard about that freaking Cougar. This Cougar. She’s dressed up like she’s going on a date. She’s an attractive lady. She’s like in her probably late forties and she comes up to me at the end. She’s like, I want you to know. I just, I feel called like I feel like I just got divorced and I have a lot of time and I wouldn’t want to do anything for you.

I want to work with you one on one. I listened to it. I listened to your show and I just want to be your assistant. I know your wife’s really busy. And I’m like, ah, I’m sure. True story. So I said, you know what, you need to go, we have a lady over here who’s looking to looking to hire right now. You need to talk to her. This lady here, cause we have another one. Another one of our clients was looking to hire somebody. Correct. Oh she was not interested in that job, but she wanted, that was her plan. The home record plant crazy. And I’m just telling you, I’m telling you, if you’re out there right now there are people who will sabotage. There are people that will sabotage. And a lot of them say, Oh intern, I, no, no, no, no, no.

I don’t want you intern. And I don’t want to listen. If I wanted to hire you, I would be offering that job. Right? But if you want to work for free, like Steven Spielberg as an intern, like Oprah did, like bill belichick checked it. If you want to do that move, that’s a move. But there’s not a hybrid where you get paid to do things that I don’t need someone to do. It’s not a hybrid compromise. Move, move that move, that works, that works. That works here. Factoid number 94 by the way, to make that actionable, if you’re out there listening, who could you work for free for to get the knowledge you need? Who could you? Who could you work for for free right now? Who could you work for free for to earn to get that knowledge? Or if you’re a business owner, what service could you offer for free to get the golden look? There you go, dr Breck, you have a great no [email protected] what is

No brainer? A person can come into our clinic and get a consultation, evaluation and treatment all at no cost, no complication, no cost at all, no cost. Oh, that’s a good deal. I mean some of their time. It’s a beautiful day. All that costume. Now bill belichick fun factoid number 94 the Patriot way. Bill never got delegates the job bill. Never delegate the job of watching film to somebody else because that is how you win. Jason, the Bleacher report article titled before the hoodie, bill Belichick’s origin story, please read to us Bella tech still studies film rigorously a job most coaches eagerly delegates. Oh, that’s because of his overriding obsession with finding every possible way to win. Carl Banks, a pro bowl linebacker for Belichick with the giants and Brown said he’s going to go through a new or he’s going to go through newspapers, the rule book, the internet, wherever, and he’s going to find some new way to beat you.

He’s obsessed with being the best. He loves that. Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa. Who produces Drake’s music? Who produces Drake’s music? Drink Drake producers. Who produces Steven Spielberg’s movies? Steven Spielberg [inaudible], who’s sings the vocals on Justin Timberlake songs. Justin Timberlake. Me actually, it’s to think about this for a second. Think about this for a second. A lot of people want to delegate things they shouldn’t be delegating. A lot of people want to delegate things. They should. Jason, you see this all the time. People want to delegate things that they can’t, they shouldn’t be delegating. Oh yeah, so let’s talk about this. You can’t delegate your podcast creation to somebody on your team. Now. You can’t, but I’ve seen it happen a lot. Don’t people try though? Oh yeah. Or they’ll be like, Hey, can you do my podcast? I’m like, no. Why can you not do a podcast for somebody?

They’re not learning anything. Plus I have an expert in that thing. I’m not an expert and there’s only so much bandwidth. It doesn’t fit in the mind to do. Listen to your podcast. I am to be top in Google to be top and Google. Yeah. Here’s four variables. One is whoever has the most content through the most objective reviews, the most mobile compliance and the most canonical compliance. You can delegate building your site. Yup. You can delegate making it mobile compliant, but you can’t delegate to a marketing firm to have them do your own podcast. They can’t do a podcast for you. Why? Well, like you said, they’re not an extra eye shadow you every weekend. Just so I can get better. Check this out.

This is Drake’s song, elevate love. This song pulls my mind. Love this song. Here we go. Love this song could elevate a little bit. It’s on the album scorpion here. You could buy it. Here we go.

Elevate. Elevate. Only obligation is a telestrator. So much so my pain, I’ve got to delegate Bato Pesa drug this we got to celebrate. I’m in bed awake. They get hot. I make,

Let’s stop right there. But [inaudible] you have so much on your plate. You do have to delegate some things, right? Like maybe mailing something. I delegate that I delegate transcribing the show. I don’t do, I’ll get the show notes. I don’t delegate creating the content or writing the, the, the titles for the shows or the outlands. But I do delegate making the cool icons, the graphic design, the, there’s artwork that goes with every show. I delegate that. Why do you do that? Cause I, I’m really good at Photoshop and it used to, I would, I would spend hours doing them if I didn’t delegate it. And I feel like that’s the one part I can delegate that to. John. And I feel like Darwin Tucker’s better than I am, even though I was really good. He’s much better. So you want to delegate things?

I mean dr Breck, I mean you, you can delegate a lot of things. Sure. What things can you delegate there at your, at your chiropractic center? What things can you not delegate? So like calls to patients who miss appointments. Okay. That’s something that yeah, my staff takes care of that and scheduling. Okay. Some of the billing tasks, so once I’ve put my notes in, then they can actually take those notes and, and use them to create the billing statements. But the adjustments, the you know, the exams, those are mine. You don’t get those things. Why not? Because it’s important for me to do them. I feel like for anybody who delegates the wrong things, I just want to make a cover of Warren G’s regulators, but call it delegators. Delegators tell me the things Jason, have you see clients before we’re able to help them when they, when you first meet a client and before we can help them. Yup. What are some of the things they’re trying to delegate that they should not be delegating? They’re tracking.

Oh, what’s

The biggest one? I’ve had at least five. Five maybe 10. Oh man, it’s a lot this month. I bet you it’s by 20 clients. But I’ve had a spiritual, spiritual interaction with them because if a client’s drifting, you know how it goes. You send me their information, I call them. Yup. Talk to one lady. Grow grown lady. She was delegating her tracking to a minion on her team who was not accurately recording the number of leads they got every week. So they were getting brick about 40 leads a week and they were closing about 20 of those leads. And she said they were only getting about 21 leads a week. Why do you think that the person who is Dell, who was tracking the numbers was artificially reporting a lower number of leads? Dr Breck? Well then their success rate looked better. Hi, we just found out this week we’re tracking a one woman and there’s guys who just, who don’t just talk about these specific ones. This week. One woman closed three out of 40 presentations. Wow, okay. In the medical space. Wow. Three there may be certain industries where that’s normal. I mean her you wanted to definitely predecessor would close though, like 90% here’s this bill. Let’s listen to that. Let’s listen to a little bit more of this song real quick. This is a powerful song. Delegate. This one’s called elevate my drink.

Oh pillow. There’s no way to do this is real, man.

Now this is the, he’s talking about how he’s having success. He’s kind of and on it, but listen to this next line cause this next line is someone needs to get this line. They need to write this down. Here we go. Yeah, here we go. Yeah.

If you’ll need me, call me. I stay busy. May cam on,

Do you need me? You can’t call me cause I stay busy making money.

Oh, what is on my mind? Oh nine eight cop out is honest.

All he thinks about is hundreds. Now I would tell you, this is during the work day. That’s what you should be thinking about is how can you solve problems in exchange for money and if you need it says, if you need me, if you need me, you can’t call me. I stay busy. Make him think about that. If you need me, you can’t call me right back when you’re seeing patients. My wife went in there to get our daughter adjusted Angelina and she was like, man, he’s got a smooth operation or we try talk about that though for a second. I mean, are you answering your cell phone all day in there and dr No, my family they know that they cannot reach me during the work day, so exactly what Drake saying there. So we’ve kind of worked out a system where if it’s a true emergency, then my wife will call me back to back times. But if it’s not an emergency, don’t call me.

Don’t even disturb the bra. Yeah, you might want to call, but you can’t call. No, because dr Breck is a smooth operator. This song goes out to dr Breck. Now the people out there who go to dr get your spine in line. Let’s crack it and dr Brett DACA. Smooth out.

Bye. Shadae. Great, great song. Her voice is smooth, man. Her voice is smooth. Jason, you listen to the shadow. I love shadow. One of my favorite quotes ever as a buddy of mine discovered her. He goes, Hey man, do you ever listen to that singer, Sade, Sade,

She doesn’t really go on runs or doing. It’s super vocally difficult. No, just a smooth. I make sense

How in the world it’s unbelievable. It’s so good.

Listen, this, this one right here. This isn’t president’s on troll.

First of all, I met my father in law. He picks him up at the airport. Somehow he and I end up in the car together. He drives a BMW and we’re driving from the airport to his house in Louisville, Kentucky and he drives like always driving 70 80 we’re in. This brand is like beautiful BMW. It’s immaculate and this is the song that’s playing. I’ve never met, I’ve never met this guy and I’m in his car, so we’re just going through traffic soon. So he’s like a shifter over the manual transmission and they liked signals and like super precision. It’s like going to NASCAR and this is the song we’re listening to. So the chill inside the listen to the song

Smooth. It’s just in the zone. She’s so smooth. It’s unbelievable. Her voice is incredible, man. I just, I got to tell you that I can tell, I gotta tell the listeners this growing up, I used to listen to shout a lot. Oh yeah. And you know, I thought her stuff was just incredible. It’s two very smooth operating. Oh my gosh. This is, just listen to this. This is just listen to this one.

Sweetest taboo. It’s just so good. Now I can tell you this though.

Talking about nineties RNB singers, there was one RNB singer that I knew that I would marry. I’m glad I didn’t come. I love my wife and she’s the best one for me. Is it Toni Braxton? Yeah, for sure. And I knew that we were going to get married. And I just, I knew it and then I watched this video where Tyrese is in the video

And I’m like, she’s still, she’s talked about the breakup, right? Like I’ll probably, you know, I want to say I was this time I was probably 14, 15. And I’m like, yeah, Jack up that relationship, Tyrese. And I’m like, Tony’s not coming back. I was kind of available. I’m available and I’m here to get, call me and I’m going to get Tony on this podcast. I’ll tell you that I’ve been chasing around for a while.

I was watching that video on MTV back when MTV actually played music videos. I remember that cause he has a crazy one. Music television, you can actually use to show music on the television. Right. But I, I knew for a long, for a long time I knew that we’re going to, we were going to get married.

Songs were about breakups and I’m going, I was like praying. So you’re telling me there’s a chance you just need a stable man. Toni Braxton, Tony, listen, I’m the one. I know the relationship’s not going to work out and I’m doing what it takes to make sure they don’t happen. Like if she was praying for the relationships to heal, I was praying for the bigot worse, right? I wanted all of her relationships to fall apart. And I think I responsible for a lot of the inspirations for these songs because I was praying like 24, seven, like a, it was like a world. Robert’s kind of like a Kenneth Copeland prayer chain in my room going, please make her relationships end terribly. Because I’m the plan baby. That was my first. Just listen, listen, listen, listen. Listen to this verse real quick. Jason here. The song, it’s been awhile. So godlessness log in your lighters up right now. Oh yes. Oh wow. Take us to the chorus, Tony. Bait. Hope it doesn’t work out for anybody now. I hope it works out. I’m not available. You’re not available, but it gets into podcasts. Oh

Good. And Babyface was writing songs with her back in the day. Baby face and baby.

He’s he’s been saying no a lot to me and he’s been, you know, I, I haven’t had him on the show yet, but we’re, and we’ve had Wolfgang puck. We’ve had John Maxwell. We just had the ride, the guy who wrote the song and he shot the cha-cha slide. Right. It’s going to happen. But this song, Spanish guitar, I mean, what in the world,

Tony? I just don’t even know. For a long time I thought it was going to, I thought it was going to work out,

Jason, but it just didn’t, it didn’t happen. Amen. You know, great. White Buffalo. Did you have somebody, did you grow up? Do you have like an RNB soul, a soul singer that you were after growing up in high school? Do you everybody, they were just, Ooh, I will say much like every boy born in the 90s. My first crush ever was Kimberly, the pink Rangers from the original mighty Morphin power Rangers. Really? I was obsessed with her. As far as like singers go though a TLC man, you, you, you, you, you felt like you had a thing going with TLC and it was confusing cause I’m like all of them, all of them are so just so bad but left I, because I think she was crazy. Yeah.

An IQ of the chorus of one more Toni Braxton song. You mean the world to me, the chorus is so strong. Baby face. Tony lady. Big face. Great songwriter. Reading Tom mugshot. Take it. Here we go.


Gosh, Tony, just come to the conference. Frick, you know you want to be on this show, Tony, one of these days. Toni Braxton will be on the show. It’s going to happen if you talk about it enough. I did interview her stylist who does her eyelashes. Oh, nice. You know what John told me the other day talking about nineties RNB. He said that a McKnight said no, and I told him I’m not okay with that. Yeah. What’s what, what’s he doing right now? I mean, Brian McKnight, you know, you’re available buddy. Come on. Come on man. I mean work anyway. I’ll just say this right now. At some point, if you’re out there and you know Toni Braxton, just tell her to, Hey listen, there’s a guy talking about you all the time on his podcast. Just Tony, just get on the show. It will be easier if you just say yes, we’re going to have to be talking about this for a long time.

Now Jason, let’s talk more about bill Belichick here. So bill Belichick, he never delegates the job of watching film to somebody else because that’s how you went, right? So bill Belichick, fun fact number 94, what? Say you from the Bleacher report article before the hoodie. Bill Belichick’s origin story 94. So we’re going back to the delegating film. Yup. Okay. so bill is, it’s still studies film rigorously a job. Most coaches eagerly delegate that because of his, over his overriding obsession with finding every possible way to win. Carl Banks a pro bowl linebacker for belichick with the giants and the Brown said he’s going to go through newspapers, the rule book, the internet, wherever, and he’s going to find some new way to beat you. He’s obsessed with being the best. He loves that the game evolves. The challenge for him is to stay at the top of it. [inaudible] That’s hot. By the way, we interviewed Deon Phillips. That is the lady who does the eyelash extensions for Toni Braxton and other celebrities. Let me cue up the intro for that. Show that if you want to find it right now, you can search for a lashing out Deon or just search for Dionne Phillips, D I. O. N N E Phillips. And this is a little Diddy I recorded for her as my intro. One of the show. Here we go.

And now broadcasting live from the box that rocks. It’s the thrive time business coach radio show into the phone cause that you’d see on the microphone. Getty bull show. Welcome everybody to our daily. Don’t joke the show always get you how to make money. And on today’s show we have the on for Lotus who comes through in the clutch like trucks.

[Inaudible] Braxton, how’d she do it? I’m just asking [inaudible]

The Bab gets time to turn your day around. So smile for OYO. Don’t change that tie cause he keeps a list. Actors in style. Oh Deon bell ups.

I want to say I ever saw I should text her again and really put a lot. I’m doing it. I’m putting it on my list. I’m going to make a hard push for Toni Braxton on Monday. I’m doing it. I’m going to text yarn. Phillips Deion can make that happen. She came, she passed the phone to her. Just be like [inaudible] you take this car real quick. I’m writing this down. I’m putting it on my list. Dionne. Hey, super important. Can you take notes while I finish your brows? And then he got her trapped. That’s the move. That’s how Tony is going to be on the show. Toni Braxton, I’m putting on my list. I put it out there. I’m sending it out to the universe. I believe it’s gonna happen. We have listeners in Russia. I know it’s true. We’ve got all the guy who wrote the song that the, the cha-cha slide.

We’ve got Ross Golan songwriter for a Justin Bieber on the show, right? We’ve got big people on the show. Yeah, we’ve got, we got the profit first author being on our show. Well, why can’t we have, why can’t we have Toni Braxton on the show? I’ll tell you why. It’s because I’m not passionate enough yet. I don’t think. I think, I don’t think I want it enough yet. If I could shout out to Tony. Tony Christmas is right around the corner and clay never asks for anything but from all of us here at the thrive time show and Tulsa. Yeah. Just please. Hey, by the way, have you bought your Christmas gifts yet, Jason? I have not actually. Okay, well I told the listeners I would give him this tip and I want to give you the tip a. Dr Rick, have you bought Christmas gifts yet? A couple. Do you go into the stores? Not if I can avoid it. So let me tell the listeners. I have a, I have a for the men out there. I have an unbelievable a way that, that I shop for gifts and it’s a, it’s a very effective, and I encourage you, if you’re struggling to be successful at gift-giving, this is the tips I’m going to give you. Okay. One throughout the year when your wife thinks you’re not listening, write

Down what she’s talking about. Right. So a lot of times my wife will talk about something, I’m taking notes, I take notes. So I’m getting her things that she wants, but she doesn’t know that she told you you right, right. Yeah. That’s a great movie. That’s a big thing. Always be listening. So that’s, that’s a thing. So, you know, this show is going to be released after a Christmas. Well, I can talk about that, but I went out there and got the Joyce Meyer, her new book for my wife because she likes that kind of thing. I’m going to go get the new Joel Osteen’s wife her book Victoria books new. Oh Victoria Austen’s new book. My wife likes those kinds of things. [inaudible] I’m getting her a book. I’m like design cause she loves doing that kind of thing. I went and got her, you know, bath stuff, you know like salt scrubs and all those kinds of things.

Yeah. I can get all that. I’ve got chocolate from see’s candy, gluten free. I can move. I do. But the big, big thing she’s been talking about this year. Yeah. And she wants me to like go on more dates. [inaudible] So I’m gonna give her like a date book. Oh of like dates. I’m committing to go to date books. So like one will be like a ticket to like Manhattan. So they have to use them this year. Yeah. Cause I hate traveling. I like good with her. I just, as long as I just travel with just a backpack and no expectations, as long as I’m not going there for work, it’s okay. Yeah. But I’m going to give her like a kind of like a book, a coupon book from like when we were kidding. You know, we make for your mom cause you hadn’t yet.

That’s it. And so you owe it in there. I’ll dust the curtains. And all of that gets back to Manhattan and it’s like whenever you a better, but you have to use it this year a lot better. It’ll be to Manhattan. Right. And then one will be like to Denver, one will be different places and then she has to use them. Let me make sure that I’m understanding that right. You’re not pulling the move. I’m giving it to you on the 25th and you have to use it before January 1st it’s Tony [inaudible]. I didn’t think about that move at first. I was like, Oh, hold on. I didn’t think about that move. So you, you have to the next week. So that, that’s a move though because she’s been talking about it and I want to manifest what she’s been talking about. That’s awesome. Now a couple of years back, it was probably like a, I don’t know, the year we got married and she, we’ve been married 18 years.

She mentioned kind of passive, you know, we’re talking, we went first, got married. I couldn’t afford a ring [inaudible] so my grandmother gave me her ring. She said that she wanted to pass it on when she passed away. So she gave me the ring, I inherited the ring and I gave that to Vanessa as a wedding ring. Right. And she had commented that she’d some point would like to get a wedding ring, you know, an actual ring that would be original ring of hers that I would buy, you know, supposed to save like a month of salary or was it a year? Six months. Two months. Two months. Yeah. You know, and when I’m working at Applebee’s, target direct TV, I mean basically the ring I could afford was the ring that I bought from Habib at the mall. I’m still wearing a ring. I bought from Habib at the mall.

I bought this ring for like 12 bucks. Okay. So I’m listening to her now. My birthday’s on November 5th so I’m listening to her and I am dude, I’m getting passionate Jason. I’m getting them in the dog house. Oh yeah. So I’m going on Ellison bed. I’m not going to get you a nice ring. Okay. I’m not going to cause it’s stupid. Unless we’re going to cut metal. I’m not doing it is it serves no utilitarian value. I’m not doing it. No. And you see me Jason, when I lock in on something. Oh absolutely. I’ll take you out to dinner. I’ll take you on a trip. I am not going to buy you a rain though. Nothing. It’s not going to happen. No. Then for my birthday I said, cause I hate, I hate having birthdays, but for my 40th I am going to go next level.

Yeah. I’m turning my 40. It’s going to be sick. Go base jumping. I’m already, I’m already playing. I’ve already got a plan. I talked to a Charlie red, I’m going to hire him. The full flavor Kings to performance can be awesome. But so anyway, so I go to this little Irish pub over there off of Memorial. It’s now closed. Ah, it’s across from doctors owner’s place. It was an Irish pub. I remember that. It was by the, the gym over there, the big gym they had. And so we’re open. I said, baby, for my birthday this year I bought myself the finest gifts. So now you will watch me open them. No, no, no. I tell you what, you can open the gifts for me cause I got myself what I want. And she’s like, what? You bought yourself gifts and you want me to open them?

Yep. Now this is right at the threshold of hell when I’m getting really dug in about not getting her a rent, right. I mean I have just gone off. I have put myself, it’s set up is on like the precipice. Yeah. So she now is like, what is with you on the edge of the cliff? Hey, you won’t let me celebrate your birthday. B, you won’t get me a ring. What kind of I gotta I gotta open your presence for you. And I probably went too far because I mean I got it where it was. She was really mad at me. So she opens up her first gift and in the gift or she opens up my first gift. And in it there’s like, I don’t know, like ladies underwear from Victoria’s secret. And I’m like, I’m going through a weird phase. But anyways, so it was for her, I’m done with this, opens up another one and in there it’s like her tennis shoes for her size, six and a half.

And then the next one, and there’s like 20, she’s starting to pick up on this. There’s a huge box. And this box is like maybe three feet made two and a half feet tall by two and a half feet. Why big box? She opens up the box and in that box or his inbox, it’s one foot by one foot. And in that box there’s one that’s six inches by six inches. And in that box there’s three inches by three. And I had Jay, David, Joel, David jewelry wrap, all this. Yup. And when you get to the bottom of it, there’s like a ring in there that cost more than our first condo. [inaudible] So I’ve figured out what my condo costs because we live in a condominium that was like, I think of the whole thing was like 48,000. Wow. So my goal was to buy her a ring that costs more than our condo.

So I went to Jay David and I’m like Joel. And he looks at me cause he knows what’s happening. He does this every day. That’s how he makes his living. And I’m like, he goes, so you’re going to cave, huh? You’re doing this. How big? And I said, it’s gotta be like 60 grand, whatever I can get for 16. He goes, Whoa, okay. So we go in and he custom designs this thing. And so when she opened up the ring, it was like, it was like the arc of the covenant. It should have been when I proposed, but it had nothing. And so again, so that was the thing. And then I’ve been talking about how she can never have a dream house. I’ve been talking about this for years. Yeah. You never live in the treatment. You and I will buy houses and we will flip those houses and you’ll make money, which we do.

And I like our house, but then I recently told her, we know we can just build the big thing you want. So but then the new, the new thing. Now though, this, she won’t know about this, this she, I hate to wreck. You’d hear me talk about this all the time. I hate traveling, right? But I’m all in for one year. I’m going to do it. So I’ll be a traveling man. I’m giving it. That’s the, that’s the ultimate Christmas gift. It’s gonna happen. It’s pretty awesome. It’s good. But the thing is, let’s go back to Victoria’s secret. This is the tip. When they open up the store, like at 10:00 AM at the mall, right? That’s when you want to go in because the employees are not really talking to you yet because they’re trying to open right there. There’s very little eye contact being made. There’s no other women who are in the store at that point yet either. Yup. And you’re able to go in there and do what has to be done. There you go. But the key is don’t make eye contact. The women say, sir, can I help you? And just, just, no, no. You just said, you say things like [inaudible]

Walk away.

So we know that kind of thing. It’s just you want to, if they start talking to you, you, you just, you wanna Oh know don’t, cause if you start talking, and this is what happens, they go, sir, can I help you with anything? And right away you’re flocking. Cause you’re a dude in there are all the listeners right now. All the men listening right now. You feel awkward right now. I get it. You go in, they go, sir, can I help you? And it’s always someone who’s like 19 or 18 or 22 or 24, and they’re always attractive and they’re in great shape, sir, can I help you? And you’re like, no, no, no. Say no. And so then they’re like,

And it’s a scene from a Christmas vacation. See Russ? No, Tim, let’s do that. Let’s, let’s, let’s, let’s keep that audio. That’s a great, but I do have to, while you’re looking at that, I’m going to tell you about my nephew yesterday. So we’re downtown broken arrow and we had eaten it the main street Tavern. And next door there’s a Athletica. I’m sorry. [inaudible]. And so my nephew is three years old. He’ll soon before. And so there’s a mannequin there that is just the bust, just the torso. Oh. Chandon. And so he my wife’s relating this story to me and he just walks up and he is like full palming the two hands. And my wife’s like, you can’t no stop. You know, you can’t do that. And he, it’s just a sports bra on a mannequin. And he’s like, I’m touching her arm almost like she doesn’t have. So you may be the guy who’s very awkward to go into Victoria’s secret or you may be my nephew who can’t wait to go to Victoria. See, this is what you shouldn’t do if you go into Victoria’s secret, this is a scene from a [inaudible]. Everybody should watch this movie, this holiday season. It’s well worth the rental fee. I watch it every single Thanksgiving with my kids who didn’t make it up. Here we go.

Can I show you something? Oh gosh. I was just smelling smiling. I was just blouse browsing your wife or your girlfriend?

She’s got cleavage everywhere. She’s a young lady.

What happened?

Grabs a pair of ladies underwear that’s on the counter and uses it to wipe his face because he’s sweating.

Woof. I guess it wouldn’t be any, right? Just the tuck

The panties into his pocket.

It can be the Christmas shopping season. If the stores were any less food or than they are hotter than they are. It is warm in here when you have your coat on. Yes. Oh, I, how did that happen? Cause it’s called out. Is spit NYPLI out. I mean nippy out.

Okay, so bill Belichick, fun guy from the bill. Never delegates the job of watching film to somebody else. And you should never delegate underwear shopping for your wife. True. Carl, come up to my office, sir. Carl, come up here and he talked you right away. Okay sir. I’ll be up there a minute. Carl, here’s the deal. You’ve been a great teammates on our team. We should do a great job. Phenomenal. You’re hitting all your numbers and I want to talk to you about something. All right? Sure. What do you wanna talk about? You’re going to have to go to Victoria’s secret and do some underwear shopping for my wife because I don’t go in there. Ah sir, I don’t. I mean, you just can’t delegate. No. That move. Good gift-giving cannot be delegated. So let’s continue reading the articles before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story from the Bleacher report, it says, bill Belichick studies film rigor rigorously a job most coaches eagerly delegate.

That’s because of his overriding obsession with finding every possible way to win. According to Carl Banks, the pro bowl linebacker for belichick with the giants and the Browns, he’s going to go through newspapers, the rule book, the internet, wherever, and he’s going to find some new way to beat you. He’s obsessed with being the best. He loves the game. He loves the game evolves. The challenge for him is to stay on top of it. Bill Belichick, fun fact number 95 the Patriot way. Many players see him more as a teacher than as a coach. Jason read the excerpt from before the hoodie bill Belichick’s origin story. He was the most attention to detail coach I’ve ever been around. We were all taught to understand every aspect of playing defense. He was smart about it. We never did senseless drills and I always call him a teacher more so than a coach, and don’t get me wrong, he’s tough, but as tough as he is, there are very few players, if any, that leave his organization and have bad things to say about him. Players absolutely love playing for him. His sole purpose is to make sure his players are in a position to have success. It’s not because it’s not cause and effect for him, it’s how does this make us better? How can I get better? How can we get better? The only critics

That you’ll hear of his are the ones who never worked for him. You just love working for the guy because he gives you as much as he’s expecting you to give the team. So let’s go back to fun factory number 94 again, bill, bill, bill, bill, bill belichick never delegates the job of watching film. I’m asking you as a listener, what should you never delegate? Write down the things you should never delegate. What are the things in your business you should never delegate? Like looking at your numbers. Yeah, like training your staff, Mike. Now bill Belichick, fun facts. Number 95 as many players see him more as a teacher than as a coach. Management is mentorship. Someone should write that down. Management is mentorship.

You have got to become a great teacher. You’ve got to become a great teacher. What happens Jason, if you are leading those daily huddles for elephant in the room and you don’t bring passion to that morning huddle, what happens? It makes it seem lackadaisical and not important. If I don’t emphasize how important the numbers are, the team doesn’t care. So they don’t care what the item of the month is. They don’t care or they don’t care what our membership totals or our product commissions need to be. Listen to this for a second. This is Steve jobs. It’s called the last interview. A phenomenal interview. It’s an hour and 23 minutes long. Listen to this one.

I would have been in jail. I’m 100% sure if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Hill in fourth grade and a few others, but maybe even, especially her, I absolutely would have ended up in jail. If we got our act together, we could make sure that every young child in this country got a great education and we fall far short of that. And I know from my own education that if I hadn’t encountered two or three individuals that spent extra time with me,

You’ve got to be that individual for your team. By the way, you have to be a mentor. If you want to manage people.

I’m sure I would have been in jail for sure. I’m 100% sure if it hadn’t been for Mrs. Hill and fourth grade and a few others, but maybe even especially her.

I asked you, who was that teacher who made the biggest impact in your life? Hmm. Call him today. Say thank you. Oh, okay. That’s a move. Now after you’ve called them and said thank you, become that teacher, you’re a mentor to somebody. You might be a middle manager, you might be at an entry level position, but you can manage, you can mentor people, you can find the time, you can manage to find the time needed to mentor the person next to you. Just teaching them how to write an article more effectively or how to make a sales call better or how to fold a towel better. You can mentor people.

I absolutely would have ended up in jail cause I could, you know, I could see those tendencies in myself to sort of have a certain energy to do something and it could have been directed to doing something interesting that, you know, other people thought was a good idea or doing something interesting that other people maybe didn’t like so much. And, and, and so, you know, I think when you’re young a little bit, of course correction goes a long way. And, and I think it takes pretty talented people to do that. And, and I don’t know that enough of them get attracted to go into public education. You can’t even support a family on what you get paid. And if you’re smart, and I sort of feel somebody smart enough to, that you want to turn your kids over to them for the majority of their, their childhood.

I mean the majority of their waking hours in their childhood are spent not with your parents, but with your teachers. I’d like the people that are teaching my kids to be good enough that they could get a job at the company I worked for making $100,000 a year. Well, why should they work at a school for 35 $40,000 a year if they could get a job here at $100,000 a year? I mean, that’s not an, is that an intelligence test? I mean, so I think we should basically be hiring them and paying them $100,000 a year. But the problem there of course is the unions. The unions are the worst thing that ever happened to education. Because it’s not a meritocracy. It turns into a bureaucracy, which is exactly what’s happened.

We talk about this all the time. There’s no, if there’s not merit based pay, it repels great people. Merit based pay. You should pay your best people more, your worst people the least. And he’s talking about there’s just not a lot of great people that want to become teachers because the people attracted to it are the kind of people that love bureaucracies and working in an environment where you can’t get fired by and large most of the time,

Right? And teachers can’t teach and administrators run the place and nobody can be fired. It’s terrible. So

That this new technology may be a maybe a way to pass.

No, I’m, I, I absolutely don’t believe that. And as you pointed out, I’ve probably helped put more computers in more schools than anybody else in the world. And I upped until this point in time and I’m absolutely convinced that that is by no means the most important thing. Now, the most important thing is another person, another person that insights your curiosity, that guides your curiosity, that feeds your curiosity. And machines cannot do that in the same way people can. The, the, the elements of, of discovery are around you. You don’t need a computer to know. I mean,


Why does that fall? You know why? Nobody knows why. Nobody in the entire world knows why that falls. We can describe it pretty accurately, but no one knows why. I don’t need a computer to get a kid interested in that, to spend a week playing with gravity and trying to understand it and come up with reasons why.

But you do need a person.

You do need a person. So you don’t, you can’t just give your employees a handbook. You have to teach it to them, right? You have to become a teacher if you want to become a successful person. And people who are on bill team credit him as being a great coach. Dr. Brock, who is one of your great coaches or teachers growing up where you go, man, that was a good teacher or a great coach or somebody who impacted you?

Well, Mrs. Williams was a my first grade teacher and yeah, I mean we still have a relationship today. I got to be with her when she was inducted into the Bartlesville teachers hall of fame. Cool. and so big shout out to Mrs. Williams. but yeah, I’ve had several doctor States within the chiropractic community is a legend among legends and wrote several manuals and things. And so I got to study under him. So yeah, I’ve had, I’ve had some, some really good teachers.

And what’s so cool today about podcasts is Jason, we round up the world’s most successful people and we interview them so that you can learn from them. Yeah. That was not available. And I grew up, Nope, I would have to buy all these audio books back in the day. I did buy all these audio books, I bought them all. But now you can hear these interviews. I mean, this is powerful, but if you’re out there today, are you being the manager, the teacher that your people need? Are you being the teacher, your people lead or are you just trying to give them a paycheck and minimize your interaction with them? And there’s a big difference between Jason. How often do we have our weekly, all staff meetings? A weekly, it’s every Friday. Interesting. But some people, some business owners schedule a weekly staff meeting. And how often do they have their meetings?

If we’re lucky. Twice a month. A lot of times weekly bosses, they don’t want to have the weekly meetings. It’s weekly. Yeah. Or the team shows up and they’re like, ah, we’re not covering anything. So I’m not going to be there. Let’s go and wrap it up. Yeah. All the time. All right. So bill Belichick, fun fact number 96 the Patriot way bill belichick balances the budget of the new England Patriots. Jason is from SB nation. The article is called bill belichick, new England’s Patriots, negotiations agents, free agency contracts. Please read the article. I wanna make sure the listeners can find this article if they want. You don’t have to type in SB nation to find the articles called bill. Belichick knows players want to be Patriots. So he dominates negotiations. Okay, continue. Jason. Among the examples cited in the article was defensive in Chris long, a former number two overall pick of the st Louis Rams who a recorded five.

Is it? 50 and a half? 15 and a half sacks. Yeah. So 50 and a half sex in his first six seasons, which if you don’t know football by the way, getting 10 sacks a year is incredible. Continue. Okay, so 15 and a half sacks in his first six seasons before he finished 2014 and 2015 with four sacks combined. He was released and received interesting or he, sorry. He was released and received interest from the Detroit lions, Dallas Cowboys and Atlanta Falcons in free agency, but knew exactly where he wanted to be. Long, long, signed a one year, 2.37 $5 million deal with new England, but told Climaco this week that he would have signed it for $5 a. They’re a nightmare for agents and agent told Clem comb, an agent told Climaco because you that if your player wants to play for the Patriots, they’re going to take the discount. Now the bill bell chick a phenomenon is this. He’s such a good coach that players are willing to, to coat players, are willing to join the team for very little money. [inaudible] Wa dr Rick, why do you think players are willing to work on the Patriots for Lipton and take less money? Because every team has the same salary cap. Every team has the same amount of money they can spend, and the Patriots just feel an overall better team because people are willing to play play for less. Why?

Well, and I think there’s a, there’s a culture there that this has demonstrated from the top down. I mean, no doubt bill Belichick could be commanding a higher salary. We know Tom Brady could command a much higher salary. There’s a, I think there’s like 12 players that are getting paid more than him, and he is clearly the best quarterback in the NFL currently. Yep. Historically most most rings. But yeah, when you want to be with the best, when you wanna play with the best for the best you’re willing to sacrifice, just like we were talking about a moment ago about doing the, the free internship, you want to surround yourself with greatness. You will take a discount. You’ll, you’ll do that for free or you’ll, you’ll take a deep discount to be where you know you’re going to be successful, where you’re setting yourself up for a future

Prop a possibility. Think about this for a second. Bill Belichick is such a good coach. Players are willing to play for less money. The average NFL player only plays for three seasons. That’s saying something. If you had a three year career and you’re willing to play for one of those years for less money, that says something. Now Jason, a lot of the elephant in the room, employees and employees up here at the thrive time show or make your life Epic. They always talk about you know, why they like working for us. And it’s usually what? Well, why, why do people like working for us structure and the culture. What does that mean? So the structure meaning a, and this is the one thing that we get from a lot of the stylists and you know, we’ll ask new people. They’ve only been here for like a week or two.

Like what’s your report? And like, Oh God, structure, you help me manage my books. I have an actual set time that I work. You don’t call me out of the blue, you don’t send me home early. Everything is laid out. We know what we’re doing when we’re doing it. It was the wild West where I used to work and this is so much more relaxing because I just know what I’m doing. And then on both the elephant side and the thrive side, people will, at least from my experience in some remarks I’ve heard from people is, you know, we have the overhead music, we have the model T up front. We have the overwhelming sense of just like crazy energy every single day. And you don’t get that in a lot of offices. Every other position I’ve ever had, there has been no music unless you provide your own headphones.

There’s been nothing but gray fluorescent lighting in those fabric wall cubicles to hand crap on. Management is not mentorship there. It’s just either passive aggressive or non-existence. So it’s just, we provide a, an environment that people want to come to work every day. We provide systems that help people not only do their job, but become better in the process. Now, Steven Spielberg [inaudible] this guy right here, Steven Spielberg. Every time I make a new movie, it’s like going back to film school in a sense. I mean I’ve got a whole collection of experiences, but where did he start? He started by working for free. Ryan Tedder, Grammy award winning artist. He started by working for free. Kanye West making beats for Jay Z. He started off working for free because you’re going to want to work for free for somebody who’s great. A great teacher. Yeah, but if you’re a bad teacher, you can’t pay people enough.

That’s the great irony is the people who are the worst teachers who have the least budget now have to pay the most to get anybody in that crazy. It’s wild. So if you’re out there today, I’m asking you, are people willing to work for you because you’re a good teacher and if not become a great teacher. That’s how you doing bill Belichick. Fun facts. Number 97 the Patriot way bill renames his boat after every Superbowl season. This article [email protected] and if you want to find the article you need to do a Google search for, let me put it, I’ll put a link to it on the show notes, but do a leak. I’ll do a search for Tuesday’s hot cliques. Bill Belichick already renamed his boat to reflect another Superbowl. When Jason read the story to us, there’s one downside to the Patriots of recent run of success.

Bill Belichick has had to keep renaming his boat sometime after winning new England’s third Superbowl in 2005. belichick named his boat, five rings taking into account the two titles he won as defensive coordinator of the giants. The giants helpfully kept a Belichick from having to rename the boat with winds over the Patriots in Superbowl 42 and 44 yes, but three wins in the past five years have forced a series of alterations to the vessels. Paint job first to six rings, then seven rings. Now less than two weeks after his eight Superbowl victory. Bellatrix boat already has another new name. Winning is fun and a new paint job. Well, you’re, you’re growing. Dr is growing. You have a, a seven week waiting list right now, I believe, right? Yep. Have you found your new location? All right. Quite likely. Yes. Growing pains, growing pains. Is the building free? No. Are you gonna buy it? I think so. Isn’t going to make an offer this weekend. He’s the building free. No. You’re going to buy it. Is it free? No. Are you gonna buy it? Yes. No.


I don’t like the way this conversation is going. Like we’re trapped in a doom loop where he keeps telling me that the building’s not free. So you have to exchange good for great. Yes. You growing pains. Yeah. Bill belichick. I mean, thinking about the, thinking about the, the struggle. Every time he wins a Superbowl, he has to rename his boat. Terrible. God. Just all the work involved there. Plus he’s running out of fingers for those rings. You got to mate. To be successful, you have to maintain things. Pull the weeds out of your garden every week. Very true. You can’t spend your whole day talking into a box fan pretending that you’re Darth Vader.

Yeah, we’re going to have to actually maintain the budget.

Growing pains. People want that passive income. [inaudible] People talk about, Oh man, I want, I want passive income. Let me tell you how passive income is by herself. A rental house. Oh, I’m going to buy a rental house. Passive income. Okay, now find a renter. How long does that take? A while. Yeah. Now let’s get that renter to pay you. How often does that happen? Sometimes let’s talk about how passive that is. Renter breaks something. You have to fix something. The rental house has a roof problem, a roof leak, a damage, something you have to fix it. That my friends is called passive income. No, it’s not passive income. It’s active income, so whatever you sign up for, you have to maintain it. You’re married, keep going on dates. You have kids talk to them. I think about this. These are all tips. Some people don’t have kids, don’t talk to them.

Sure they get married. They don’t go on dates. These are all things you could do. Fun, fun. Factoid number 97 again, bill renames his boat after every Superbowl. When I ask you what is something you could do to celebrate your victories in your office every week, Jason, when our employees set an appointment, what happens? Oh man, they ring that bell or they hit the gong and they gone. Renee sell something. Right. Got you. So when the seventh appointment, they ring the bell and then they run around the office. What do you, is there an official name for that? What nobody’s ever told me in the victory lap is just victory lap. Oh yeah, that’s what it is. So they take a victory lap and they run and they high five every single member on the team. It’s like a, when the Patriots come into the locker room and the owners or whoever’s not a player has to physically touch each of the players.

It’s like whoever set the appointment just gets like immediate gratification. Why do, why do I want to hit a gong in the office every time we sell a conference ticket? Because sales are important and, and you want to congratulate the person that made the sale and educate me. Come on, come on. Why does he name the boat? Oh, you’re, you’re, you’re, I’m just celebrate celebrating the small victories. I mean, well not small victories, but you’re, it fixes the team morale, right? It’s, it fixes the morale. Let’s listen. This is the audio. The Patriots are last game versus the Eagles they want and this is their locker room celebration. They do it every single time. Here it is. So I’ll put a link on the show notes for it.

Yeah man.

All the executives in suits, all the ownership. They come down, they greet all the players, they physically touch everybody. They tell him, good job,

Let’s go boys. Got to keep it all. Congratulating each other. Alright, then graduation.

Now bill, every single time bring huddles. The team around, all the teams gathered around and he’s in the middle and he gives the team feedback about what they did well and what they could do better.

That’s a lot of situational football work this week. I paid off. It was great job of coming through in the fourth quarter all the way through. 60 minutes wasn’t perfect, but it was better than what they had and that’s what really mattered. All right. You know what? I think we’re ready for, Oh, it’s like ready for month.


So he’s given them off a Monday. Oh wow. Victory Monday, which he doesn’t do. So they’re fired up. They listen to that now. He, he’s smiling. If you watch him here, he doesn’t smile very much, but you can hear it in his voice. Just listen to him smile. You’re going to hear him smile and it’s, it’s really funny cause he, he doesn’t do this kind of thing and here it goes.

Perfect. All right. You don’t want to think we’re ready for, Oh, it’s like red for Victor and month


Nine Oh one got another big one this week. Now got another big one this week. Arliss be ready to go on Wednesday. One thing I saw

This is slate. The team’s captain, Matthew Slater, pro bowler, a devout Christian. He’s a captain and a, he always does a little post-game. Sermonette every game they’re going to bring it in and say,

Oh yeah, every game button guys this week. I really appreciate the time was the purpose and the resolve that everybody had in this room. But I’ll tell you when they bring it in here, are you getting in here nice and tight? Cause today’s a day to celebrate. Not only are we not in warning, but we got a victory.


How do we feel about our first victory Monday?


There it is. And they do it every game. All. Yeah, every time. And that gets the team excited. We hit the gong because I have to encourage myself. If we sell something, it’s freaking hard to start a show that is listened to by Russians who send us emails. We built this mountain one show at a time. Yep. We just passed our 1776 show. You know you have more content than Rogan though. I do. Yeah. He only has a 13,000 that are posted necessarily three shows to John Lee Dumas. Half. How many shows does he have? Let’s see, let’s see. I want, I want to, my goal when I started was to have the most content and the best content. Now the best is up to the listeners. They can decide whether this content is good content or not, but I wanted to make a show that I would listen to that teaches the things that I would want to know.

It always makes it practical. It always teach you something, but then goes, what can I do with this? What should I do as a result of this? Are you, are you fighting the number there? How many shows does he have? Oh, well it looks like he breaks his up into months into months. I could, I could, I could find a comprehensive list though. Okay, well we’ll, we’ll move on. We’ll move on. Okay, so now bill Belichick, fun fact number 98 bill belichick loves coaching and people can tell. Yeah, please read what bill belichick has to say about coaching. I like what I am doing. I enjoy all parts of the game, the team building, training camp, game days, the excitement of Sundays. It beats working. We repeat that again please. I enjoy all parts of the game. The team building. Oh, sorry. I like what I’m doing. I enjoy all parts of the game. The team building, training camp, game days, the excitement of Sunday. It beats working. All right. That last part, it beats working. So let’s talk about this for a second. Even though he, it’s like if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. Let’s talk about this though. Let’s, let’s talk about this. This is something that you talk about [inaudible].

Do you love what you do? Yes, mr. Listener, mrs listener, think about this. Do you love what you do? Do you love it? Because if you, if you love what you do, people can tell [inaudible] Jason, do you get the feeling that I like what I do? 100% do I look like when Monday comes around, I’m like, Aw, crap. Monday. No. Do I tend to look forward to it? Yeah. You are the one person that comes in with the most energy. Interesting. You’ve had me, you’ve had me cracking up the past couple of mornings. It’s been like four 45 and you’re just like on it. Most people are just like, Oh it’s another day. But you’re just cracking jokes and doing characters. It’s great at four 45 in the morning now. And I just found this out here. He has over 2200 shows. He’s released, I don’t know a heart number, but John Lee Dumas’s saying he has over 2200 2200 2200 shows.

We’re coming for you doing this. You were coming for me by the way. He, we, he just asked us to be on his show and I was just on his show last week and he, he’s just a, a great guy, a wonderful host a kind guy. But we want to have more. I ha you have to have some goal. And my goal was to have more shows than him. So this is just a little audio from our interview recently here. So my dad get out, got off the audio from the show. My dad was sleeping fine, picked up the phone cause he’s the you gotta he’s the voice you want to hear. Let me see if I can find and let me find it. Let’s find it or fit. Let me find it or find it. Measure. Oh, come on.

LA has created for himself or his life or his family. And guess what? It all starts with that four hours each and every day. I’m not going to say that. Kind of maybe cringed a little bit when he said by 6:00 PM what he had done by that time. And I’m like, that’s actually what I’m kind of waking up. But you know what to each his own, you create your more new routine that works for you. Fire nation and clay. You actually have a podcast, the thrive time show pod.

That’s the goat interviewing us. That’s him. That’s cool. I know how cool that is. When you go, who’s the greatest podcaster of all time? His name is John Lee Dumas. And you say, well by what measure a pulled the website so Brett can see this. He tracks the profit he makes per month in the top right of his website. So look at this. His income for the month of October was $182,208. If you click on it, you can check out the report and he breaks down his income and his profit. Right. And homeboy operates at almost an 80% profit margin. Wow. Good job sir. Yeah, it’s those first 2000 shows. I’m sure that were the tough part. I’m sure. Okay. So if you’re out there today, I ask you, I mean, do you love what you do, dr Breck people who go to dr when they sign up, they schedule their first exam. Right? They always come back and tell me they get the feeling that you love what you do. Does that, does that true? Absolutely. Yeah. I love what I do. I love helping people. I have not ever had a day. I didn’t want to go to work. It’s, it’s a, it’s like you’re

Entering into your own

Dojo mojo. Absolutely. Is it not? Yeah. I mean, I get people off. I mean it literally have crawled into my office and walked out. And so, I mean, what’s better than that? You know, I mean, somebody comes in I got a great video from a young patient and had asked, Hey, how did everything go? Or how are they doing? And the video showed them like doing a heel stretch where their foot is above their head. Whoa. And you know, doing like back flips and stuff. And I’m like, how does it get better than that? The question I have for you is, is your office a dojo of mojo?

Is it a place that you want to go to? And Jason, let’s put this on the show notes. There’s a, there’s a way to do it. There’s five action steps you can take right now to make it happen. Let’s get intentional about the sites. Let’s put up pictures that motivate you right now in the man cave, there’s pictures of Richard Branson, Seth Godin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Beatles, Steve jobs, Gandhi, Gandhi, Muhammad Ali, Elon Musk, Rockefeller, they’re all in here. There’s motivational posters above me of star Wars. Ali, Muhammad Ali of men returning from world war II of a competitors who’ve stolen my size. And I’ve returned by making sure that, well, I don’t know a lot about it. I just know that there’s certain certain signs there’s are now in my man cave. Beatles, you mentioned that we’ve got, I mean, elements of your past, elements of my past pictures made in brick unemployment lawsuits that I’ve won in the bathroom. Pictures of employees that I fired and have screwed me in the bathroom. Many, many, many books, many books, awards, trophies, elephant figurines, footballs, dragons, logos of big companies, American flags. But you are a great Patriot. Create the decor,

Create the decor

That makes you want to come to work more. Okay? Get the, the core up there, get the sites now, get the sounds, get the, get the sites, because if you don’t get the, the, the sites right. That’s a problem now. But I’ll get the sounds right now. When I come into the work, this is how I feel every day when I come into work.

So there’s a song called close the door, originally recorded by Teddy Pendergrass. This is Montell Jordan’s version, but I come in the office. I feel certain swag of lusciousness to it. Here we go. Oh yeah. Close the door. Get in my office for 30 minutes. Most days. I get there about three 45 four o’clock in the morning. I’ve got so much. Yes. Oh yeah. Everybody’s single. Here we go. Come on. Now I can get Montell Jordan show. Here we go. He’s a pastor down. Come on Thrivers. Come on now. Thrive nation and me loving you and you love and maybe loving you,

Take you to the second part of the course it, but he really gets to the bridge. We not supposed to bring it. This is where I start to get goosebumps.

You don’t hear a lot of, not a lot of flutes.

Just get yourself emotionally prepared to go to the next step. We’ve been looking at a level seven for the shell. We’ve had parts where we were at like an eight. We flirted with us just for a second. We hit the the 10 switch. We put some Steve jobs we got to attend, but I’m going to go to a level 13 when you get a little lucky. 13

Did you celebrate saxophone, baby? Come here baby. Let’s do that again. Oh, come on. Yes. Here we go. Here we go. Hey, come on drivers. Come on now. There we go. [inaudible] Saxophone. I have five kids. I have another one right now. This song is rehearsing by the sec to me. Come on now.

Just that thing reversed to my vasectomy. How’s that prepares you to go to Victoria’s secret? How is that possible? I, I’ve been healed. Whoa sir. If you had a healing come up and testify, come to his church service. I listened to Montell Jordan and it reversed my vasectomy and Nessa stay away. Oh, unbelievable. God. I’m like the love rooster. Now this is changing my disposition. That song is so good and I think, I think what happens, so I think what happens is we, we give up. Yup. I think we, we give up. We say, you know, I want it to be successful, but at some point I’ve given up on that dream and now I’m just going to have crappy decor. Yup. Let’s get the sites nailed down. Okay, now let’s move on to the sounds. Let’s make a product that we’re proud of. Oh, let’s do something dark red.

Let’s do something that we’re proud of. Let’s make a product that we are proud to show our mothers. Sure. Let’s, how much confidence does that give you knowing that you’re not scamming [email protected] I have a ton of confidence. Yeah, cause you’re good right now. The next one, this is the unthinkable. This is the Quatro hire people that you like. Oh see you get high, you hire people you like. Now all of a sudden you’re going to want to be at work brick and you want to read this great book, a profit first and add factor in the profit. So if you’re a chiropractor right now and you’re not profitable and you have a thousand, how many patients could you see in a month? Like your business? Maybe a thousand a month. 2000 a hundred and how many? Well, I want to see more than what we currently are. Let’s just say right now, we’re right around a thousand so you saw a thousand and you’re a chiropractor and you’re like, I don’t have any money.

Just raise your prices. Five bucks a patient, and all of a sudden there’s $5,000 what Warren buffet said he did with Coca-Cola just raised the price that they were selling, I don’t know, however many million drinks a day, and he’s like, just raise it a penny. There it is. And so then, then when you, once you do that, once you’re making a great profit, once you have people you like, you’re making a product, you’re proud of it, you’ve got the sites and the sound nailed down. Then when you come to work, you start to feel like this. Oh yeah,

This is a long night. A nice taste to start in the elephant and the toilet from a bad loss. This has got to give it up. Yeah. One second.

What do you want? I mean, it’s such a great, it’s a great song. It’s just a [inaudible].

Rick song, you got to get what you want to come to work that shouldn’t feel like work should be worshiped. You want to like it. It should be like a place you want to be. It should feel grace. You should have, I mean, you should live life the way that Michael Jordan played basketball, the way you feel when you laugh at a joke, you should feel that way all the time. You said like your office, you shouldn’t have it.

Crappy employee contaminating,

But somebody out there, you’ve

Got a crappy employee in your office, you know you do. You got Cobra commander working for you right now and you know, Cobra commander, he’s not that great of a guy. And what’s happening is every time you have a meeting, you’re like, all right, everybody starting this week, we’re going to go out there and get Google reviews, right? Cobra commander in Cobra says, no, I would not get reviews. Is it ethical

Cow Brown?

It’s hard to have that guy in the office. You’re like, all right guys, moving forward, we’re gonna start doing, doing checklists. Gary, you got that, Susan, you got that Gary? Yeah, I got it. Susan. Yup. Cobra commander. I will [inaudible]


Isn’t that guy he’s space bad. I mean, everybody has this kind of person in there. Jason does not. You’ve see this all the time. Good business owners not have somebody in their office like this. Every single time he’s got a Cobra command, a cover commander. They’ve got a Destro, they’ve got a M O guy. What’s his name? The Joe knowledge. Czar tan, czar tan. Listen to this real quick. Listen to this. This is, this is you say Cobra commander, could you please clean the bat? Could you please clean the bathroom? Just, it doesn’t work by the great czar tan reference, by the way. That’s a, well, he’s the, he’s the sneaky one. He’s the shapeshifter people never seen him coming. Really? You know so much about som surprise. I was, I was a GI Joe kid.

Fine allies. Bravo. The white house. [inaudible] In person. The president. Oh, several pow seed. According to plan saw tad

Zapata and proceed it. Cause according to plans are tangent

[Inaudible] proceed according to plan. [inaudible]

Proceed as according to plan. Za tan GI Joe. Right now. It’s all good. Okay, now God, I wish the listeners could see, but I typically on Sundays I wear my my, it’s my cover commander outfit. Why don’t we do ever show up? So it’s known as going commando. [inaudible] This guy. But that’s not, that’s not, that’s not ethical. Okay, so fun fact number 99, the Patriot way consistency is King Jason. Consistency is King. Let’s talk about that for a second. Consistency is King. What if bill belichick got motivated for like a day and then stopped the motivation? What would happen? He would not have won. He would have to stop renaming his boat. If you ever had PVR or work for a boss boss who does the idea of the week [inaudible] you ever seen this dr brick? You ever been that guy? It’s like the idea of the blame you want, I didn’t want to start off in business.

We all have a new initiative every week and then we want to do the same. We want to, we do have a new idea every week. So we go to seminars because we’re bad bosses and we come back and we’re like [inaudible] starting tomorrow. We are moving forward. We have a new initiative, we’ll have overhead music playing every day. We will have the sights, the sounds, we shall be profitable. We will raise our prices. We will only hire people that we like and we will make things. We are all proud of these. Tell them what we will do. I listened to the thrive time show and trust a boss. We got a customer up front is little upset. You raise your prices. Alright. Nope, don’t raise prices. Then we’ll just go back to our normal prices, but we will make sure that the sound perfect. Yup. Ah, boss. I don’t like the overhead music.

We keep hearing the same songs every day. Oh, okay. We’ll go back to, but moving forward, we’ll make a product that we’re proud of. I boss, we can make some more money if we would sell vaping supplies. Oh, okay, fine. We’ll crowd just, I’ll be back in my office, Barnaby. You know what I mean? It’s just a thing. So again, let’s be consistent. Okay. Coachville belichick read the notable quotable from bill belichick. Fun fact away. Number nine, consistency is King. You have to go with the person or let me start over. You have to go with the person who you have the most confidence in the most consistent. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But I’m going down with that person. Bill Belichick says you have to go with the person who has the most, you have the most confidence and he says you have to go with the person who you have the most confidence in the most consistent. And if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. But I am going to go down with that person.


Jason, what happens if you have a great hairstylist or a great talented contractor or a great coder, but they just can’t seem to show up consistently? What happens? Well the, it doesn’t matter how good at the job that they are. Your customers are gonna start voting with their dollars somewhere else. Okay, so now let’s talk about this. How does it relate to your business? Every week? Make a routine. So Jason, please type these down cause every business owner needs to do these five things every week. Five. I try to break it down to three things. Five things. I tried to give you 107 things. Just easy moves. One, you have to have an accounting meeting every week. You have to have an accounting meeting every week to look at your numbers.

Okay. When do you do it? My wife comes in every single Friday, looks at the numbers and every day you see up there Jason? Every day for about two hours looking at the numbers. Yep. Okay. Then you have to have a staff meeting every week and all staff meeting. Why? Because you got to keep the staff go in the right direction. You got to make sure the ship is going in the right direction. Move number two, you got to have a staff meeting. Move number one, accounting meeting, move number three. You got to have that group interview every week. The group interview every week. Why can’t you ever stop recruiting Jason, even when you’re fully staffed because you never know when somebody’s going to get sick pregnant. Get hit by a meteor queer. It is. You’ve got to have the weekly group interview. We have an entire shows about this. You can never stop interviewing, move number four every week.

You’ve got to have a daily meeting with yourself to plan your day every week and meeting number five every single week. You have to have a team training team training where you train your team new skills. Your team has to get smarter and better every week. Dr. Brock, have you been following this Kanye West transformation? Have you been following this a little bit? Yeah. What do you know about it? Well, I know that he’s put out a new album. The songs are very short, but they’re all related to I don’t know that you could say it’s newfound religion, but his returning to a new spiritual place and I like what he’s doing. I’ll just say one thing to mr Kanye West who I know listens to our show, I’m sure at least once a week is one mr Connie, I’ve heard him talk about this.

He’s talking about in some of his songs that Christians will be the first ones to judge him. And what happens is, is that mr Kanye has produced 21 Grammy award winning albums, most of which are advocating prenup signing prenuptial agreements, having sex with people who just met, making a lot of money, comparing himself to Jesus pretending to be Jesus well-performing and now he’s changed. So consistency is King. So if he can keep this up, I think everyone will believe him. Yeah. And so he’s doing it, but it’s the consistency, right? So to his credit, he has the Sunday service he does every week. And let me just play with audio. This is Kanye A’s group, his gospel choir that travels around. This is the Sunday service choir and they are performing all around the country and they just perform at Joel Osteen’s church. And this is some audio of what you could expect if you went to this Sunday service with mr Kanye West.


Hip hop. And there’s one third, just solid gospel praise and worship. Let me, yep.


Gospel meets hip hop. Let me play another excerpt.


Sing until the power of the Lord comes down. That’s the lyrics.


Go ahead. What in the world? Because the Kanye West that we knew before was not like that, right? It was like this [inaudible]

Now I’m bout to make them tough day. Summer is Sam crazy. Mom bout to go down to game day. See me [inaudible] last week I was in my [inaudible]

So again, I mean people would say, well he used to be that way. Now he’s this way. And what you do over time is how you are judged, right? It’s the consistency with which you hold that thought. So we’ve been doing this show, Jason for, you know, we’re getting close to 2000 shows. Yeah. I would say I would not believe I’m the real deal until my 22,100 shows average 1,100, 200 shows. That’s how you know somebody is consistent. But I’m asking you, if you’re listening out there, how consistent are you being? Because back in the day, I mean, I just started my business. I used to be that guy who had a new idea every week, a new initiative every week, and then the follow up is where the consistency is. It’s will you follow up when things get tough or are you somebody who just moves onto a new idea?

Anytime there’s resistance. Jason, you see this when coaching clients? Yeah. Don’t certain clients, if they don’t do their homework, don’t they want to before they’re corrected and before they learn? Do they want to move on to another action item if they don’t get their current homework done? Yes. Why? Because it’s just they don’t care about the consistency leading up to it there it’s like, okay, we’re moving on. That’s what happens. Yup. And it’s easy to do that. Moving on to a new idea now our next bill belichick fun fact as we wrap up the 102 bill Belichick, fun facts here we go here. I’m excited. Here we go. Bill belichick, bill belichick. Fun factoid number 100 his winning percentage as a head coach is 76.8% that’s great. So he wins three quarters of the time every year. That is wild fun factoid number one Oh one the Patriot way.

He consistently outsmarts the entire NFL. So the business insider, business insider, no, this is business business insider. Just real. Why is business insider writing a story about bill Belichick? Cause he’s the ultimate model of what a great manager. He’s a great manager and it says here belichick listed Brady on the Patriots injury report for three consecutive years. During that time Brady played 127 games. Crazy, right? Anything to confuse opponents. Unfortunately for him, bill Belichick’s trick has elastic effect on how the league operates. The NFL has altered the format of the injury report in part because of the Patriots. This is just examples of what he does. So he listed Brady as injured for three consecutive years, 2008 all right. He likes to showcase his top players before he trades them away. So Matt castle was doing a very good job and so 2008 Brady suffered a knee season ending knee injury and the first week of the season Matt castle stepped in to start that season passing for over 3,500 yards, 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

belichick promptly traded him away to the chiefs for a second round pick. Five years later, Brady had another backup. Ryan mallet was sent to the Houston Texans for a late round draft pick 2006 Jimmy Garappolo started to winning games and Brady was gone and he traded him to the 40 Niners. This is what he does. Move number two in 2012 bill check began implementing the no huddle offense, which is why it’s so fun to watch them and if you are aware of that, if you watch their games, they don’t huddle most of the time. Right? Brick. Why is that crazy? When you are playing on a tempo, if you’re playing against, say you’re playing defense in the NFL and you’re playing against the Patriots and they’re running a no huddle offense, what does that do to you on defense? You have less time to set up, see what they’re look, you know, the the line, how it looks and what’s likely coming your way.

And you don’t get to trade in play. If they don’t substitute players, then you don’t get to either. And so you get gassed and winded much quicker. Bill Belichick teaches players how to interact with the media. [inaudible] Why don’t other teams do that? Jason, why do you think other teams don’t have entire meetings devoted to teaching their players how to respond to media quit questions. That’s a really good question. I don’t have the answer to that, but I do have examples of, so like when I’m, well it was a homie that just gotten all that trouble for the Patriots. Well who you have? I’m Antonio Brown. Yeah. So when they interviewed belichick, when they interviewed Brady, when they interviewed I think it was Slater also, all of them said, bill, who was my favorite is like I told you, I’m not talking about this.

They kept doing it so he’s got up and walked out. But you’ll have somebody else who plays in another team who will openly make a, you know what out of themselves by saying something that they shouldn’t. Or even then just like if it doesn’t have anything to do with like another one of the other players, they will then put themselves out there and some sort of crazy like, I don’t know, situation where as bill teaches his people, look, people probably already don’t like you because you get paid to throw a leather ball around. So how about you hold yourself with some candor in some class and give them a reason to like you? Bill Belichick will not let you become public enemy number one. He doesn’t do with media drama. So the players are coached on how to deal with the media. Right? Another fun thing, bill Belichick studies weather, weather patterns.

So in the 2013 season, the Patriots were hosting the Denver Broncos at home. The game went overtime. The pats won the toss, they won the toss, and overtime you could see you tossed a coin, determine who gets to bowl. The Patriots, bill belichick elected to defer to give the Broncos the ball and overtime, which is crazy. And the pats deferred. Again, the reason the winds were gusting at over 25 miles an hour at Gillette stadium in Foxborough. So instead of taking the ball bill at Val chick took the wind, the wind, it worked. Former Denver kicker, Matt prouder didn’t think he could knock any 37 yard winter with that much wind in his face. And the pats won with the winds at their backs. 2014. He doesn’t give away any information. Okay. He talks about this, he just not during interviews, he does not give information to your, to the media.

He won’t do it. Another example of this, this would be he gives you weird formations. In 2015, he used these deceptive formations where we have, we, we put links to this by the way, but on January 10th, 2015, the, the Patriots came back to win against the Ravens with a little bit of cutting for three plays. Belichick’s office set up with only four authentic Lyman and a wide receiver lined up in a traditional left tackle spot. It was a game of hide and seek one that the Ravens lost after the game. The Ravens coach John Harbaugh objected to the tactics saying it is clearly deception deal with it. We had six eligible receivers on the field, but only five were eligible. belichick retarded. It’s just the move. Another example, bill Belichick again, he’s just at a different level. He sat in coach while giving his players first class airline tickets earning the respect to the veterans in 2016 so players were coming back from a win and they were flying on the plane and the coaches are normally first-class players and coach.

So he went back and sat in the back and let the players sit in first-class as a way to earn their respect. I mean, he’s just at a different level, right? In every way. He outsmarts the entire NFL. Now, bill Belichick, fun factoid number one Oh two, the final one, by the way, he’s been coaching since 1975 44 years. He doesn’t go to anything until he does what? Well, bill Belichick was asked by Randy Moss. This is audio of Randy Moss inviting bill belichick to come to a Halloween skating party. Let me hit play. This is a

Not interested in it. Are you in what Halloween party? Well, this is what it is. We’re dressed as the devil. No, that’s what we’re doing. Well, Hey, you’ll get, you might win the prize trying to get us a little DJ, get us roller rink and we don’t have it. So have a good night. But like I said, you’re more than welcome. And this is Halloween. I mean we don’t go out no more. Right? You know what I’m saying? Right. But we still have that hot great holiday today. So we’re candy and costumes,

Right? So here he is, Halloween with Randy Moss dressed up like a pirate, a pirate

Roller skating.

He doesn’t show up, show up

To anything until he does. There you have it folks. That’s 102 bill belichick facts and ways that you can interact and act. Everything we’ve taught you is actionable. You can apply all these principles and listen to this show over and over again. And I have one ask Jason. We’ve devoted basically 20 hours of recording. It’s been a lot of his project. Yeah. And probably 150 hours of show prep, reading the books, reading the articles, researching over the years. And I, I want to ask the listeners for one ask, can we do that? Yeah, sure. Share the show with one person. Just hit the share button on your podcast player. Just share the show with one person. I’m not asking you to share with two people, I’m just asking you who do you know that needs to become a more effective manager and hit the old share button.

Cause I know as entrepreneurs, a lot of us are kind of reclusive. We don’t naturally share a lot of stuff. We don’t actually go out with a whole lot of people. We’re kind of more reclusive. So let’s just share the show with one person because somebody out there in your life needs to learn how to become a better manager. And it might be you, it might be someone you know, but share that with them and hopefully this show will bless them as it, as much as it’s helped me learning all of these principles over the years, I’ve become so much better of a manager as a result of studying bill Belichick and a second ass. Cause if you know bill Belichick send this to him and say, bill, I remember when you wrote 250 handwritten letters and you got rejected and you worked for a quarter an hour for the Colts.

Remember that bill? Well there’s this crazy guy in Oklahoma who, I think he’s a stalker, but he would like to interview you and you should be on his show just if nothing else, but you can hop on the show and then we all say, bill, how are you? And you can say I’m done and then we did it. But at least you can be on the show. I’d love to have you on the show, a bill Belichick, thank you for being the coach you are and the mentor you are for so many people out there. And on the count of three we’re gonna end this show with the [inaudible].

Boop. So Jason, are you ready? Oh sorry. Ready? Three, two, one go.

You know I didn’t, I feel like Jason, I feel like we ended the show and I feel like we didn’t end the show in a way that, that we really needed to end the show. Let’s do it again and I’ll get my sound clip ready cause I feel like I want to end it again

But with my new sound. Are you ready? Here we go. Three, two big champion tip dry. That’s all we need. Here we go. Come on now let’s go.

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