Bill Belichick Facts (Part 5) | A Look Under the Hoodie, Exploring 102 Facts About the Management Mastery of Coach Bill Belichick

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The best business coach on the planet, Clay Clark breaks down the management mastery, super leadership skills, and 102 Bill Belichick facts. 

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #61 – The Patriot Way | “I’m not on SnapFace and all those … I’m not too worried about what they put on InstantChat.” – Bill Belichick

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Bill Belichick FUN FACT #64 – The Patriot Way | He Loves Shutting Down the Competition’s Best Weapon

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #65 – The Patriot Way | Bill Knows the NFL Rule Book Inside and Out.

BOSTON (CBS) — Bill Belichick knows a few things. For one, he knows the NFL rule book inside and out, better than just about anybody else on the planet. That knowledge has certainly aided him during this 20-year stretch of NFL dominance.

Bill Belichick FUN FACT #66 – The Patriot Way | Bill Loves Exploiting Loopholes in the Rule Book 

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Funny thing, Taylor began to notice something: He played DIFFERENTLY against New England. It was subtle, something no one else might have picked up. But you know that feeling of sitting in a rowdy classroom that straightens up when the principal walks in? That’s how Taylor felt. One time he made a tackle on the Patriots sideline, and some Patriots started trash talking — people have no idea just how much players come after each other verbally on the field. Anyway, Taylor turned to say something to the guy … and he saw Bill Belichick in the background.

“I see Coach Belichick,” Taylor says. “And I don’t say a word. I thought, ‘Coach Belichick is here, that’s not how I should be.’” He laughs.

“I didn’t want to disappoint Belichick,” he says with wonder in his voice. “And he wasn’t even my coach.”

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No, I don’t.

You prepared to face this Peyton Manning, but often it’s more than 20 times in your coaching career. Is there one common thread that stands out to you over the years?

I guess, man.

All right. On today’s show we break down part five of the bill Belichick fun fact and notable quotable series. We are on part five of the bill Belichick mastery series. If you’ve ever struggled to become an effective manager, today’s show is for you.

You have questions. America’s number one business coach has answers. It’s your brought up from Minnesota. Here’s another edition of ask clay. Anything on the thrive time business coach radio show


Yes, yes, yes and yes. We are on part five of the bill Belichick coaching mastery series. If you’re out there and you have ever struggled to become an effective manager, I know I certainly did. Early on in my career. This show is going to be a great show for you. So John, are you excited about a bill? Bellacheck fun factoid number 61 I am excited. Okay. Bill Belichick, fun factoid number 61 the Patriot way and I’m quoting bill Belichick. I’m not on snap face and all those, I’m not too worried about what they put on Insta chat. John, the man that does not use social media in a world where people think social media is the most important thing. According to Nielsen, the average person now spends 11.3 hours per day consuming media. The average person has interrupted over 90 times per day according to psychology today from their smartphone.

Why do you think bill Belichick stays off of social media? Oh, I don’t think we should overthink it. Here’s just a huge distraction, right? I mean, could you coach all of the clients that you coach if you were busy, you know, responding to every notification, you know, posting pictures, selfies yeah, I mean really anything at all. I think if you are out there today and you are a business owner, I would encourage you to write down on a sheet of paper real quick. What is the benefit to you of being on social media? Just write that down. Well, what is the, when was the last time, John, that we got a paying customer for? Let’s go with our one on one coaching and make your life Epic from Facebook. Well, let’s see, I’m been here for going on seven years. So let me carry the one divide that by, Oh no, it’s zero. [inaudible] See a abroad to get at booty act.

So you’re saying zero. Yup. Well John, you know what they say though? Lay him down on smack him. Yeah, come on. No, you got to keep on investing all your time on the thing that doesn’t work. Is that what they say? No it does. It’s not a good use of time. So one might ask, well why do we even update our Twitter, Jon, why do we even update our Twitter feed or our LinkedIn feed or Facebook feed if we don’t get leads from it? And then how much time do we spend on the social media accounts of our various businesses? Almost, I mean, very little. Every once in a while we’ll jump on there and post like a, like a big client win that we’ve had just to show that the system does in fact work and that you are not alone.

And you can see success and will see success in the program. But we also use programs like where you can actually schedule out all of your social media posts so your social media doesn’t look like a barren wasteland. And you can schedule that out for the entire year. So you think about it one time, schedule it out for the year, don’t think about it again, piling on with what John just said. I find Luke for our social media for like the thrive time show, we, we post things so that, you know, we’re alive, you know? But it’s not like the means in which we generate life-giving income. You know what I’m saying? It’s not like we’re but you’re, you’re how old are you? Look, I just turned 35. Have you ever found yourself at any point in your life ever where you were wasting vast portions of your day and, or life on social media before you had any, a self-imposed intervention or an intervention from somebody else? Yes. And what kind of stuff could you do up there all day? If you’re not careful or intentional

Waste every available second of my life that could be used for something far more beneficial. And it’s possible though. Yeah. Oh, it’s, yeah, it’s my space guy. You know, I had to change my top eight out. Really dating yourself

Then a Zenga. I don’t know if anybody remembers that, but you get get in there, right? All your emails.

Yes. Oh, this is, this is simpler times back there. I will tell you, my wife is the one who saved me from social media. She she transformed my life. Yes.

I will say right now, if you go on to our Twitter, we posted just nine hours ago that we released our new show about Lou Bega, the Lou Bega store, the, the guy who wrote the song, Mambo number five who wrote and record that song, Mambo number five. That way, if you’re not somebody who’s within our community or within our building, you can see about what’s going on. I use it like a Bullhorn essentially to broadcast things that are going on, but I do not engage up there. I don’t respond to comments. And John, every marketer says, you should do that except for me. [inaudible] Think that is engaging. You’re building an audience [inaudible] yeah, it’s about the, you know, again it reach, but then you actually can’t have a Guinea Creech and this you paid for it and so then it’s not really a Ganek. I have found that all of our plumbers, dentists, doctors, lawyers who we work with previous to coming to us, almost all of them have spent a ton of time on social media and have zero return for it or very little.

And then after working with us, they get off of social media almost entirely and the revenue goes up. Would you, would you agree with that? I’d agree with that. I feel like it’s to the extreme where on the off chance anybody ever did reach out to us and, Oh, I saw your social media post, I want to work with you. We’d probably go, no, we don’t want order. Okay, so bill Belichick, fun fact away. Number 62 the Patriot way. Brady and Belichick are better than 47 first round draft pick quarterbacks combined in terms of winning percentage. Luke, give us the details from the article posted on SB There have been 47 quarterbacks taken in the first round since the 2000 draft. They have exactly as many Superbowl touchdown passes as Brady does all by himself. Think about that for a second. Now, what does that, what does that show you?

Well, to me it shows you that bill Bellacheck is a master of a coach because even when Matt castle filled in for Brady the year that Brady didn’t play, they led the team to 11 in a five record. The, the, the, the Patriots were led to 11 and five record by bill Belichick in the year that Brady didn’t play. And in the year that Brady was suspended for four games, people will remember that the Patriots their, their backup quarterback who is now the starting quarterback for the 40 Niners what is his name? What is this? An NG me. Garappolo. Jimmy Garappolo led the team to a victory and then the next game he got hurt and Jacoby bursa came in there and led the team to two victories and they were three. And one when Brady was out, which by the way is a 75% winning percentage, which is about what bill Belichick does with anybody on the field.

I’ve been tempted to volunteer myself for a game and to see if someone has got still hit the head, no arm strength, no talent coaching ability there, right bill, if you’re listening after you when your seventh and eighth Superbowl, that might be a thing like fan night had a man coach put them in, but great coaches get great production out of people and poor coaches get bad production out of great talent. And John, you’ve seen this, we’ve had clients in the past who’ve told us this employee is unworkable. Uncoachable they cannot do well and I’m going to have to let them go. But clay, I know that you think you can turn anybody around. So almost as a contest, right? Why don’t you take them on? And I say, you have this happened a lot and then I say, what? Okay. And then it works every time.

As long as somebody isn’t nefarious or committing illegal acts, we bring them on and we win. So again, the, the action step here is I’m asking you how good of a coach are you of your town? Are you getting people, do you have an onboarding checklist and a process to mentor new talent and to teach them the skills? I’m Luke, you just heard me on a call today before we left here. Yes. Talking to a successful entrepreneur who was deep dive in this week with his team and he discovered what he discovered that he does not like to coach them Bri and therefore they weren’t well coached. Exactly. So again, ask yourself today, do you have an onboarding checklist for onboarding your people, for training your people or your people poorly trained? Or are they really, they trade in an excellent manner where you’re getting the most production possible?

Or is it, is it poor training? I’m Luke, you worked at life church for a while. There is a volunteer coordinator. What kind of training do they do at life life church? Do they just let you become an employee and away you go? Or does Craig, Rochelle and the team there have a plan? Nope. It’s everything is very intentional. So from the moment that you step onto the team, specifically, we’re talking about staff, but it also trickles down to the volunteers. There’s a full onboarding process. There’s very clear expectations. There are checklists for everything from the checklist. Do you have over their life? Church? Yeah. I mean you have your schedule checklists. Like there’s certain meetings that we have every single day. There are certain, give us an example of one daily meeting just to listeners have some, some traction. Yeah. So we had a staff meeting every Monday where we would go over like the KPIs, the key performance indicators, every Monday, every Monday.

What time was it? It was at nine o’clock. Every Monday. Every Monday. Every Monday. Now, if you’re out there listening today and you’re a pastor of a church, John, you know this, I’ve coached a lot of churches over the years. True. most churches don’t typically have a Monday meeting. A lot of churches don’t come to work on Monday. Okay. And then what’s another thing that you do every single week? They’re at life church. That’s part of the system. Or the or checklist. Communication. Oh yeah. Prayer. Read the Bible. This Justin at church that they pray. What? What? What else in terms of systems do you have their life? Church communication. Communication is very intentional and so every single week we’re communicating specific things on the weekends in order to help people take next steps in their spiritual journey or in their development or whatnot. And so there was a consistent meeting at the same time every week where we would go over our communication for the upcoming week.

We receive live feedback, we tweak it and we come back and then we do it again. How many business cards or invite cards? How many a business like business cards, but their invite cards should be in the chair of every art should be in the seat for every single life. Church service. When I, when I sit down at a seat, how many invite cards should be in my seat? Yes. On every typical weekend there should be seven invite cards, one per day so that a person taking those invite cards can at least invite one person per day. If you’re a local, a host pastor guy, and your job is to sort of introduce the, the, the, the audience to the, to the upcoming sermon to talk about tithe and to celebrate wins. How long do you have to speak before Craig Rochelle appears on video at life church.

180 seconds. So they have an actual number? Yes. It’s called the one 80 it’s intentional. It’s intentional. And I’m asking you, do you have that level of systems or is it, I see a lot of this in the ministry world and business world. People will say to their staff, you know, you just got to say the right things to the right people. And John, it’s common sense. Yeah. But it’s not, it’s not, it’s not common sense. I encourage you out there today. Do you have a checklist in place for everything? Now we move on to Bellacheck Billy B fun factoid number 63 the Patriot way bill has been in eight Superbowls and 17 years now. I’m John. What do you consider yourself to be a math guy? No, no, no. I got kicked. Well, there’s a long diatribe of a story here, and so I don’t think we really have the time or the desire to throw this out there. That means that bill Bellacheck has been in the Superbowl as the, as the coach of the Patriots, 47% of his seasons. It’s pretty good. It’s a mind boggling, you know, 47% now think about this. New England has made eight Superbowls in 17 years. Only three other franchises have made eight Superbowls in the 52 year history of the game. Wow. Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Denver have all made eight all time. Billy has done it eight times in 17 years. Billy Bay, everybody should just let out a big.

Now let’s talk about it. It’s not, this is a teaching moment for all the managers out there. It’s not about resources. It’s about resourcefulness. So let’s look up Foxborough real quick. Foxborough where in the heck is Fox from looking at Foxborough? Why are they in Foxborough? Well, one is the Patriots couldn’t get a zoning permit to build in Boston. So if you look up Foxborough on a map, this is a town with 16,693 people, 16,693 people. So John, you live in, let’s say, broken arrow area. So broken arrow, Oklahoma. What do you think the population is right now broken in Oklahoma? No, no Googling. By the way, no, no Googling a 60,000 people. Remember there’s 16,000 people. I mean, we should get that 16,000 people in Foxborough 16,865 but how many people are in broken arrow, Oklahoma? I want you to guess, give me $1, Bob, give me a guess.

20,000 people. 20,000 sure. No, no. Luke, you want to guess? I don’t know. Hire Logan arrow. I’m going to say 298,850 I’d like to say my first guess was 60,000 what? I want to make sure we get this to get from Boston to Foxborough. You’re, you’re driving about 45 miles. Okay. You’re driving up 45 miles to get down there. And when you get to that state and you’re going to, you’re going to discover quickly. There is nothing else out there. It’s the cold Patriot place. They have one Renaissance hotel they built just for the football team. There is a holiday in select there. My wife and I’ve stayed at, there are a bunch of restaurants right around the stadium, but that’s it. Cause it’s like a mall that gets busy, you know, 12 times a year, preseason and regular season, whatever. And so a lot of teams say though, I see this in college all the time, pisses me off in college.

I see college teams say you recruit good talent too. I remember, remember they used to say, John, you can’t recruit good talent to Oklahoma state because the facilities aren’t good. Yeah. They used to say that about the thunder too. It’s a small market team. You can’t get good talent. Right. And then what happens is the Boone Pickens, he showed up and may he rest in peace. He showed up and invested $1 billion into the campus of Oklahoma state university. Have you a Luke’s been to the campus of Oklahoma state recently or in the last few years? I don’t want to lie to you. I have not have you John. Well I went to the stadium this year and I’m telling you they have put every bell and whistle they’ve upgraded. They have an incredible scoreboard, an unbelievable training facility, a new basketball arena. And still they can’t figure out how to win.

But then you’ve got Butler university, which is the size of oral Roberts university and Brad Stevens, who’s now the coach of the Celtics. He took his team to the final four multiple times. Butler university, Butler university. Think about this. If you’re an oral Roberts university fan or you know about the school oral Rob oral Roberts university, how many final fours have they been to? Think about this? Butler, they went multiple times during Brad Stevens career cause it’s about resourcefulness, not about resources. And bill Bellacheck is convincing men to move to Foxborough right to play hotspot. And all these coaches are like, well, it’s easier to recruit players if you’re in LA. You know, that’s the issue. If you’re in a small market team like Oklahoma city for basketball, you can’t. But John, you see, you see, you not see the same thing with entrepreneurs. They say, if I could just have one more print piece, then I could sell something.

Yeah. And is it the same thing with people? So going back to the earlier point is, you know what bill Bellacheck does that’s so much better than anybody else is. He gets the most out of his people because he puts the right like good people in the right spots and then create systems around them instead of just holding out for the super talented person and then hoping that they’re going to win. Right? And so that’s why he’s clearly the best coach of all time is because he finds the good people that fit within his system and then change it for that. So it’s this exact same thing as it’s, it’s all about how you create those systems and you use those systems and not just about the new thing or the new person. Bill Bellacheck fun fact number 64 the Patriot way. He loves shutting down the competition’s best weapon. We have an NBC article here called, everyone’s got a bill Belichick story. Luke read it to us with a lot of alacrity.

Oh, Pittsburgh star wide receiver. Hines ward was lined up against the Patriots for a third downplay in the 2001 AFC championship game and he noticed something unusual. The Patriots defensive in Willie McGinest, one of the team’s best pass rushers was lined up near him. No wait right across from him like McGuinness was covering him all six foot five of him. You mean to keep going? Oh yeah, keep going. Oh yeah. Well that couldn’t be right. What was McGinnis out there? The ball was snapped and McGinest hit him, pushed him, held him back. And then when ward was finally freed himself, he found himself covered by the usual Patriots quarterback. This next third downplay the same thing happened. And again, at first it didn’t even compute. Why would Belichick take one of his best pass rushers out of circulation just to hit him? And then he understood.

Belichick had decided that the pass rush wasn’t his priority. Belichick had decided that no matter what else happened, Hines ward was not going to beat the new England Patriots. I had never faced that before. He said, I had never seen a team put a player out there whose sole purpose was to disrupt me. It was crazy. Willie has those long arms. He’s so strong. I remember thinking, man, what am I supposed to do here? Ward cut six passes in the game, but he was helpless on third down, he caught one third down pass all day and he lost a two yards on that one. Late in the game on the third down, Steelers quarterback, Cordell Stewart tried to stuff a third down past award and the ball was intercepted by two Bucky Jones. The Patriots won 24 to seven every time you played a bill Belichick team, you knew they would have some trick formation or they would just take somebody away. Ward says, I remember going up to him after a game. I’m not sure if it was that game and saying to him that was a hell of a game coach. He didn’t say anything. He just kind of smiled and nodded. He doesn’t say a lot of things.

So think about this for a second. Bill Bellacheck as a business coach, my job is to do a 13 point assessment with potential clients and to assess where they’re at versus where they want to be in 13 areas. Why 13 I’ve been doing this for almost a dozen years and I’ve discovered that there are 13 core areas. Like I’ll go through John, we’ll go through accounting. How would you rate your accounting on a scale of one to 10 10 being the best, one being the worst sales on a scale of one to 10, 10 being the best, one being the worst. Marketing, accounting, sales, public relations systems, processes human resources. John, why do I go through the same assessment every time and then figure out what your biggest limiting factor is? Well, because at the end of the day, everybody has the same problems and so everybody wants to say that their industry is different or their businesses very specific.

But at the end of the day, there’s these core areas where everybody drops the ball and all need help it and why do I on the on the plate, on the, on the plate a book or on the the the proven path. Why do I prioritize, Hey, let’s knock this thing out first in this thing out second and not everything all at one time. Well, like you said, it’s the biggest limiting factor. So whatever’s holding you back the most, you want to put all of your focus, all of your effort on that one thing, and then you just keep going. So whatever the biggest thing is, take it out so you can move on to the next thing. I remember reading a book about bill Belichick that blew my mind. That’s where I really, really became a, just a huge outrageous fan. I was reading about bill Belichick’s and how he got started by handwriting letters to 250 college coaches to try to get a job working for free.

They all rejected him. So he started working at the age of 23 for the Colts for 25 cents an hour. And I thought, that’s my kind of guy. Now here, here’s, here’s the deal. Bill is coaching against the Rams and the Superbowl. And their best player at the time was Marshall Faulk. F, a. U. L. K, a nice announcer, great announcer, nice guy, very freakishly athletic. And in the book, Teddy Bruschi who was on the Patriots for a long time, tells the story and I’m paraphrasing that his assignment was to hit Marshall Faulk on every play into the ground, even if he didn’t have the ball. Now brewski was their linebacker team captain. And again, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to take your best player essentially out of the game to tackle people that don’t have the ball. And the theory was, is that Marshall, on the scouting reports that bill could do, the word was he didn’t like to be hit.

We might say, who likes to be hit? Alright, but he’s a guy who really bothers him. And so you know, if he’s running out of bounds and you could let him go out of bounds, just hit him every single time. And Bruschi said you could see by about the second quarter his countenance, his, his aura changed and it could look, it looked as though he didn’t want to be there. Like instead of like, give me the ball, I’m going to start running back. Let me win the game. It was like, please don’t hand me the ball. And bill Bellacheck though is so good about distilling a big idea, all the, all the game film, all of the variables into an action plan that people can actually implement. And I would ask you listening today, if you’re a manager, are you giving your people a single mission?

So John, let’s just focus on cold calling. Okay. Why is it important for our, our cold callers to not do customer service and cold calls, but why? Why is it important that all they do is just cold call if work, if we’re working with like Shaw and they hire us to grow their business, which we’ve done by the way grown Shaw homes from like $38 million, helped them to grow from 38 39 million to over $80 million in three years. Why is it important to take one person and put them on just sales and another person on just customer service? Well, for a couple of reasons. One is just making sure that you’re focused on that one thing. So when you multitask, you’re actually not put it. You’re trying to divide your focus on several different things and so they all suffer. Whereas if you can kind of hone in on this one thing, you can perfect that, you can master that.

But then on the other side of things, it’s also the management side of it where you know when the, when this or if, I guess when the ball gets dropped, you know exactly whose responsibility that is, what you need to do to fix it, how you need to coach them or train them up to make sure it doesn’t happen again. Now, if you want to read the what the rest of that particular story, just go to NBC. Just Google search NBC sports. Everyone’s got a bill Bellacheck story and you can find the rest of the story there. So here we go, bill, bill, check, fun factoid number 65 coming in hot bill knows the NFL rule book inside and out. This article comes to us via the Boston CBS and in the articles titled bill Bellacheck exploit’s loophole expects NFL to close. It’s close it. All right. So Luke, I’m going to have you read the story and let me queue up some you know, great story music here. That way we kind of get into a good, a good groove. Yep. Okay. Let me get [inaudible]

Going here. Okay, continue. Bill Bellacheck knows a few things. For one, he knows the NFL rule book inside and out better than just about anybody else on the planet. That knowledge has certainly aided him during his 20 year stretch at NFL dominance, but he also knows that whenever the show he shows off that knowledge of the rule book, his exploitation of a quirk or a little known rule tends to lead to a national discussion about how that rule must be changed. Beautiful. I love it. Such is the cycle of life in the NFL and so after Monday nights 33 and Oh victory Bellacheck was asked if the back and forth dance between him and the jets head coach Adam gaze in the fourth quarter was a case of gamesmanship. Belichick said no and that his team was just doing what was legal to drain extra time off the clock. No, it was just the way the rules are set up. Belichick said regarding his team committing consecutive delay of game and false start penalties while lined up for a punt. We were able to, you know, run quite a bit of time off the clock without really having to do anything after a brief pause. Belichick added. So it’s probably a loophole that you’ll be closed that’ll be closed. It probably should be closed, but right now it’s open the city.

Okay. I really quickly, I want to make sure we get this. The Patriots are up 33 to nothing and bill Belichick wants to wrap up the game without giving the other team the ball back and thus, you know, running a risk of an injury or something. So John, make sure, I’ll make sure the listeners understand this. If you and football, there’s a game clock right and you have, is it 24 seconds to hike the ball? The game clock? That sounds right. Let me look it up real quick. The NFL game clock, you’ve got an NFL game clock. I don’t know why we don’t memorize these things. I do have to say, I’m very surprised that we’ve gotten this far in the show without a Boston accent from you. Well, I, I, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll get myself ready for it at some point. Yeah. So bill Bellacheck though the play clock, okay, they have 40 seconds, 40, 40 seconds.

The player, the teams have 40 seconds to call the next play after the play. So you and Ian, the play, they blow the whistle. You got 40 seconds. So bill Bellacheck realizes, Hey, if we don’t hike the ball in 40 seconds, I’m going to get a penalty, which is cool. So we got a penalty and then the next movie does that they, they restart the clock. So then he does a false start, which then again eats off more clock. And again, the other coach of the jets is like, what the heck? You’re up by 33 man, what is this crap? And he doesn’t know the rule book well enough to know what’s going on. And so bill Bellacheck just kind of points out, well that’s a, that’s a loophole. And, and therefore there it is. Now if you want to change the loophole, you can, but that’s a move.

And I w I watch him all the time play this gamesmanship and I, and Gianna, I think the best parallel to that is you have to know how the search engine playbook works. Right? You know, the, I don’t know what percentage of people use Google. Do you think John? I mean well except for Microsoft employees that use Bing, I think most people use Google. Okay. So we could say most people use Google, but yet very few people know how Google works. Why? Well one, I think there’s a certain lack of curiosity in most people about most things. But then two is, let’s say you work here, so like, Oh, this seems like something I might do on my weekend. See how Google works. It is so overwhelming of all of the different nerdery that you have to learn. People just are like, no, Nope, Nope, no thanks.

That’s not for me. 90.8% of all search engine traffic according to business insider comes from a Google related entity. 62.6% of all searches are used, are used, are done using just Google. Okay. 22.6 are used via Google image. I didn’t realize that John, but one third of all searches on Google are Google images. I did not know that. They’re mostly looking for Luke Erickson. Wow. Well I’ll tell you what, right now, if you’re, if you’re looking for bill Belichick’s number one fan on Google images very, very soon, John, you will find us in. Why? Because we’re optimizing images for bill Belichick’s. Number one fan. How do we, how do we, how do we do that one? You want to make sure it’s a, your, your images are saved correctly with the top, the, the the keyword America’s number one bill Belichick fan. But then also there’s something, once you upload them to the website, it’s called alt tags.

So it’s essentially telling Google, Hey, this is what this image is about. And so they’ll pull that and then just show them which images they think are the most relevant. So divided bill dash Bella check, and then dash number, dash one dash fan dot JPEG. If I named it properly, that’s part of the game. Right? Right. And the next is I have to name my alt tags properly. Correct. But if I do that, I come up top for a bill bill check eventually, right? Is that correct? Yup. So if you Google search right now, everybody Google search bill Belichick’s number one fan with the number sign though. Use the number sign. Okay, the pound sign bill Belichick’s number one fan. Why do I come up top? He does it because I’m a good guy. No. Is it because I’m a hard worker? Maybe it’s because we know how the system works.

Now bill Bellacheck is a coach and I, it’s, it cracks me up cause I watched him play every week and every week he does some weird move that no one could figure out. Oh I remember one year I watched a Tom Brady punt the ball on third down. John, why is it a smart to punt the ball on third down if you are in bad field position and you and the other team doesn’t know you’re going to punt it on third down. I mean it’s so weird. But why is it so weird and why does it work? Well, it’s weird cause nobody does it. Because everybody thinks, okay well even though I’m 20 yards behind actually getting a first down, I’m going to try it. And so they’ll always just do a little what they call a checkdown, which is a little pass to the running back or they’ll just hand it off to the running back and then they’ll usually give about four to six yards cause everyone’s expecting you.

So you have four downs to get 10 yards. Right. And if you’re at third down and your third down and 20 at 20 yards left to go before you can get a first down, they don’t have a lot of plays that are made specifically for huge chunk plays like that. So they hiked the ball to Tom Brady in the shotgun and he just punts it. Yeah. And so no one’s expecting it so no one’s back there to return it. And so it’s just going to land on the turf and the note if somebody has to run back there and grab it. And then not die while they’re getting tackled. Now remember, bill Belichick has been watching game film with his father since the age of seven.

Want you to understand, homeboy had a mastery of the playbook before he was 18. He’s going against adults who don’t really ever know the playbook. I think also it’s just a Testament to his management is his team is so well managed on a daily basis that way on like actual game time, he can, you know, look out for the things that he has more knowledge about than anybody else. Such as like the roof was supposed to be closed by a certain time or open by a certain time during the Superbowl. Yeah. And so he actually noticed that was versus the Rams. Yeah. Yeah. And so there’s stuff like that. The little details that you know, by themselves don’t necessarily affect everything, but altogether it can change the game. And so he can actually, because his team is so well coached throughout the week because of his, you know, daily follow up, he can focus on details that most coaches don’t have.

The time to bill Belichick. Fun. Factoid number 67 build is not like unreliable meteorologists and people. Luke read the article that appears on Sportsworld dot NBC everyone’s got a bill Belichick story. Belichick fact meteorologists do a lousy job. If I did my job the way they do theirs, he said I’d be, I’d last about a week. Look, I’m not saying I could do better than them. I’m just saying they’re wrong a lot. That’s a fact. So bill Belichick doesn’t like the Microsoft surface because he says it’s unreliable. No, this is hilarious. Remember he’s the only coach who’s not a member of the coaches association of the NFL coaches association. And you might say why I think it’s the same reason why I don’t like advertisers on this podcast. As an example, John, the NFL is getting billions of dollars invested into it by Microsoft, right? To try to convince all the coaches to use the Microsoft surface.

And every time you go to commercial break common, the rappers talking about surface AI, it’s bill. Bill doesn’t even look at the analytics. Any hates. The Pez is famously broken his surface cause he said it’s not reliable and he doesn’t like the weather guys that aren’t reliable and he doesn’t like star athletes that aren’t reliable. And at the end of the day, if you’re a business owner and you want to be an effective manager, you should not like anything that’s not reliable. John, you’ve seen this to me. How pissed do I get with if the internet is spotty? Very past, real fast. And so I use it to conference. What kind of microphone? A corded microphone. A specific type that you could, you know, throw it at Luke’s head and it still wouldn’t break. We use the SM 58 microphone. The reason why it’s the most durable microphone ever constructed, it was made in 1958 and it’s since 1958.

They haven’t found a way to make it better. It’s the SM 58 sure. Microphone. All stand up. Comedians use that Mike. It just works and you always have to have everything just in case. And I don’t like though these cordless Mike’s all these features and all the new employees always want all the techie new employees. John, they always think that I should have a cordless Mike with the newest, latest, greatest, greatest features, digital mixer, digital mixer, flashy. It’s fun. And people just hate consistency. They hate doing the same thing over and over again. They hate, you know, things that work. They do, they disappear, they want new. So if you’re out there today, get rid of inconsistent technology and Google and people. Yes, Luca life church. There was a a system you guys have in place, and I won’t get into all the details, but one of the systems is when a new person comes into church for the first time as a visitor, yes.

Your job as a, as a campus or a host pastor or a volunteer is to greet everybody. Yes. Right? Yes, absolutely. And you had, there’s a method that they teach for doing that is very specific way they teach that. Correct. why isn’t it just left to randomness? How you greet people and what the process is like? Well because if it’s left for each person to make their own decision, they don’t do a good job. And so you have to give a very clear specific path. There’s a lot of really awkward people in their communities. Cation styles out there, and I’ll lump myself in there sometimes, but people like me, we need a method to follow so that we can walk a proven path that’ll get us the results that we want. When I ran the bridal shows for DJ and then again for Epic we had a lead sheet.

John, you worked in the booth before I believe, and we had the questions prescripted. So the first question is what you know, what’s your name? Great. Oh, so what day are you looking at? What day are you getting married? What day you, what venue, how many guests and why did we ask those questions and not like, Hey, when’s the baby due? Why do we have questions? There were scripted the baby too far? I’m not pregnant. Oh so far. No, we asked the questions because it qualifies them. So we, you know, you knew just based off of experience that if they didn’t have a date and a venue actually picked out yet, then the photographer is one of the last things that they’re actually going to be booking. True. Because nobody books the photographer first. They always have a date cause that makes it real, right?

They have to have a venue because that helps with the date. And so if they don’t have those two things, honestly, they’re a waste of time. You just want them out of their booth or your booth. So that way you can actually talk to ideal and likely buyers. You don’t have to waste your time talking to people who aren’t going to buy. You want to have an opportunity to talk to you who are going to buy. It’s not a mean thing. It’s a fact thing. Now, before I had those scripts, bad stuff, awkward. I’ll give you a four or five examples of what happened when I didn’t have a script or a one. By the way, it’s Caleb Hutton’s birthday tomorrow. This computer just reminded me of that. It’s exciting. Travis Davis is his birthday today. Okay. So it is, what happens though, is that you have, I hate notifications so much.

I hate, I’m gonna turn those off. I hate those things. Why are they on here? Can’t get away from them. I’m going to have to says, do I want to restart my computer? No, I’ll do it later. I’ll do it maybe tomorrow. Why is that coming up? That’s what I’m talking about. That technology. I don’t want that mess, but so what happens is the bridal show, the guys are saying, one guy says, Oh my gosh, wow, wow. I’m so excited about your engagement. You are you. I remember him doing this. He’s like, wow, you’re, you’re gorgeous. And the bride’s no, seriously. And the bride’s like, well thank you. And she’s attractive lady. But he’s like, yeah, I mean your best looking brides to be, I’ve seen it, the booth today. And I started that. And again, I’m talking over here to somebody else and I’m, so I’m talking to somebody who I can kind of hear this going on.

I can’t hear all of it, but it’s like, I’m hearing these things that are jumping out at me are jumping into my ear and I’m going, what does he say? Well, she just leaves all in up, you know, [inaudible] upset or like, what would you say to her? He’s like, Oh, I told her that she was beautiful lady, just one of the most gorgeous ladies I’ve ever seen. And I asked her, are you sure you know you’re getting married? That kind of thing. And that was a chosen thing. Then I had another guy on the booth who grew up in a family where his parents had been divorced, I think three or four times. And he kept asking this was his line. So when you guys get married, and I got June 5th, all right, well how many years you think the first one was going to last?

And then, and then they’re like well we’re planning on staying married, you know, the whole time. And he’s like, well, you know, we do a discount for the second one, right. Just thinks it’s hilarious. And then he’s oblivious to it. Sound like you come here, can’t close any commercials, anything you want to say. Don’t say it. Stop that. Just read these words. So I give them a little clipboard with the words, the one of my favorites. There’s so many, so many that come back. Just rush into my mind. But one guy, he says, ma’am, you, you why I’m so excited about your big day here. So is this, is this your mom? That’s her sister. Oh God. And they’re only like two years apart, but one lives harder than the other one doesn’t. It was brutal, man. It was brutal. Another lady she’s, you know, kind of built like a linebacker, you know, and he says to her, he says so when’s that baby due in a glowing, no baby. She was not glowing anymore. You got to have the script in place. You got to do it. Okay, you got to do it and get rid of unreliable people and technology. Now bill Bellacheck fun fact number 68,

The Patriot way, how bill Belichick chooses to deal with reporters. This comes to us via the NBC article called bill Bellacheck talks his relationship with media. When reporters crossed the line. Go ahead and read us the excerpt from this fascinating piece of, of literature.

Fascinating. He is known for derailing reporters with quick things such as it is what it is. The past is the past. Stats are for losers. Bill does not talk to reporters who always try to dramatize things. Example, we’re on to Cincinnati. He said to reporters this year after his Patriots lost to Kansas city by 27 in week four, you mentioned Tom’s age at the draft, a reporter began. We’re onto Cincinnati. Vilcek said, do you think have a 37 year old? We’re on to Cincinnati. Nice. Sorry.

No, that’s okay. I’m gonna. I’m going to cue up audio. This is bill Bellacheck. Just a few examples of bill Belichick interacting with the media. I think you’re gonna have a blasty blast here. Here. Here we go.

John, look at this microphone. Microphone.

Yeah. Was, there’s a microphone here and the microphone is unreliable, so just watch him. He gets up there and watch him. It’s the best thing ever. This is how I react to technology. He gets up here.

Stupid, stupid. Well it seemed your team rallied around your quarterback to some extent to to drop down to number three on the depth chart at the most important position and still beat a, a good well coached team that decisively. What does that say about just where your team is right now? Just just how good it is right now. I dunno,

You’ve prepared to face this, Peyton Manning led often it’s more than 20 times in your coaching career. Is there one common thread that stands out to you over the years?

I guess man.

Great. Then you said Sean, we visited you as a kid when we were talking about, yeah. What was that connection?

Where were you on snap face there when we were talking about, well he’s a very good friend of a friend kind of thing. Do you think the fans have a right to know about what happened to with jam or on Sunday I’ve already covered this.

Can you get a quote to build on something like that situation? We don’t try and find out. I’ve already covered it.


Specific to Chandler, how much will, what happened to affect your usage? You know, the way you use them in the game against the chiefs. What happened on Sunday?

Well we’ll find out on Saturday. Does your actually cover the game planning? Send it over to Kansas city. It

Might be easier for all of us. So he just will not talk to the media. Yes, John. I was just, I was looking this up, I was like, surely somebody has done this stats before and sure enough, they have, so it’s according to so every time he does a press conference, which press conferences are anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes long, he talks an average of 72 words. The entire press coach is less than, so the average person can say 150 words a minute. So he, so 15 to 30 minutes total collectively, if you took all of the words he’s ever said, it’s like 30 seconds of talking. Now, one thing bill Belichick does that blows my mind is he is known to watch the other teams interviews to learn about the team and then use that against them. It’s a move. Yup. Just happened to me or not me obviously, but put the Browns. So bill Belichick fun factoid number 69, the Patriot way. Tom Brady did not make bill Belichick’s career. Alright, Luke, read it to us.

Bill is a systematic coaching machine and that’s why he wins. People often say that Brady has made Belichick’s career and he might agree with that. But if you look at the Patriots, three Superbowl victories, you find something striking. He didn’t, Brady did not have great numbers in any of those seasons. Nothing close to the numbers he would put up later and the year he got hurt, the Patriots went 11 and five.

So let’s just break it down here. Okay. Bill Belichick is the goat. And I’m saying this because John, you’ve worked for me for a long enough to see people come and go. The average person, you know, keeps a job for less than three years. You know, the average length of employment, let’s just be honest about it. The average length of employment for employees today, John, is less than three years. Is that, is that shocking to you? It’s not shocking actually. I thought it was lower than that. I was 8.5 is the average right now according to Forbes, if you factor in people that have, you know, we’re talking about people in their fifties and sixties whatever, baby boomers and things like that. You thought you thought it’d be a lie. Honestly though it would like two years we’d be pushing it. So I think people my age and below it’s, we’re talking year maybe.

Yeah. Millennials looking at our generation, I wonder who’s ding people. Mm.

So I would just say if you’re out there today, this is what’s crazy though, is I’m this, I’m just reading right now from the Forbes article, the Forbes articles titled true or false employees today only stay one or two years. True or false. Here it is. All of these commonly heard comments are according to research, false still assumptions in the corporate world today, and fairly label employees as undereducated. They label an entire generation. His generation is job hoppers and they speculate that there is some sort of internal psychological timeframe that employees are willing to stay within the company. All of these assumptions are dangerous and costly. In 1983 the average employee tenure was 3.5 years. Ooh. Now the average length of an NFL player’s career is 3.2 and obviously this particular author and reporter has their own agenda. They’re going to spin here. But I own businesses and I coach businesses and I can tell you, if you get people to stay at your, again government jobs, people stay there forever because they’re government jobs.

People stay at schools forever. Therefore it skews the average teachers want that 10 year. But I’m talking about nontenured jobs, aK businesses that are not government or protected. I see people, John hopping jobs every year. Right. And so you’ve seen me though, go through an entirely new team of people, I think at least three times. Oh yeah. I mean if you, if you look at like team photos that we’ve had over the years,uthere’s always like one to two people from each photo in the next one, but then those people are gone for the next one. So we, you know, we have actually a really good team now and we have a lot of people that have been with us for a very long time, but we had to go through a ton of people to get those people. I mean, we’re a ton of people.

It’s wild. And so what happens if you say clay, we have a turnover problem. When you say the Patriots have a turnover problem, okay, let’s, let’s play that out. If you’re running back has been in the NFL for seven years, it can no longer run without grimacing. You want to go ahead and keep running that play where you hand him the ball? It depends. Is he a good guy? See that he has some people doing [inaudible] business. That’s what people do though. They go, Oh, this guy can’t make sales calls anymore. He won’t make them anymore. But you know, I golf with him once I golf with the months in Bobby’s, Bobby’s related, you know, to a a Sarah. And so Sarah, what do you think? I think Bobby’s a good guy. You talked to Bobby. I swear to God. The one thing I’m not going to do is I’m not going to make calls.

I will not make a freaking call. You can’t make me make a call. Look at me. I was still, I was sales MVP of the year, 1997 2004 and 2003 okay, so don’t tell me about coasting buddy. I was kicking, I was kicking tail flux, solid five year window. Then I got tenure. You see us all the time, do you not? You really do. I mean people get entitled or complacent and then you just ride it out until they die. And you know, you say to Bobby, are you willing to change that stat? Bobby, your, are you intoxicated? Say Bobby or Bobby. I’ll tell you what, we’ll make a new rule and I know you’re supposed to be at work at nine, but you can get to work at nine 45 and Bobby, you, you’ve seen this one, John, I don’t want to wear a tie anymore.

That move. Have you seen that move? Seeing that move. Also, what usually follows the, I don’t want to wear a tiny move. It’s like, it’s like a one, two thing. First it’s like I don’t want to wear a tie anymore. That’s step one. But what happens step two and three I mean it happens real fast. Yeah. It’s like, you know, I don’t want to want to retire anymore. I’m also at the same time simultaneously going to start looking for a new job. So then they start feeling guilty about the fact that I work from home, John. Right. And then they start providing gifts. You know, like food, John, I bought you barbecue because they feel guilty about the fact that they’re looking for a new job and they talk about nostalgia all the time. Yeah. Remember the good old days for seven years and seven years ago when I first started, eight years ago, it was like, you know, there was I on a phone and they have a phone.

I was like, I was calling like just using like up like smoke signals. People would pick it up and I’m like, Hey, how [inaudible] that goes. Wave. I went waft him. I used to walk pinion wood and then it was like a, where am I? Pants. I mean cause at this point they’re intoxicated. They talk in circles, they don’t know what they’re talking and they feel the need to mentor the new employees, but they don’t have the ability to because they, they’ve never gotten to a place of success themselves. Yeah. And then they always have a reasons why they can’t do their job. And so it’s like, you know, anxiety or something like that. It’s like, God, I just realize I have ADHD. It was undiagnosed for 27 years. Can we talk, I got John, can we talk real quick? I got it. I got a situation here. Here. I’ve got an anxiety over the potential for anxiety. You know, it’s like the thought of having anxiety, potential love. It causes me like a, it’s like a lab, STI. I mean it’s just [inaudible].

All right, so move number 70, bill. Bill checked. Fun factoid number 70. Bill is horrible when it comes to using technology. Now I want to point this out. It’s not because of the age thing. Every entrepreneur that I know, [inaudible] knows more about the E Q, the emotional quotient, they have more [inaudible] than IQ. Every entrepreneur who’s who is successful is a master of dealing with humans and they’re very good at that. And most people who are not a successful entrepreneur are masters in a skill, but they just can’t quite communicate with people. I’ve seen a lot of guys who know a lot about the Bible, but they just can’t deliver the talk or a lot of guys who knew a lot about football, but they just can’t rally. The troops are a lot of coders that just can’t quite hop into a client meeting and get it done.

And so I want to encourage everybody. If you’re out there today, if you’re out there today, don’t feel bad if you’re bad at technology, but hire somebody who is great at technology, but go ahead and read the article. A Luke there that comes at us courtesy, a courtesy of a NBC everyone’s got a bill Belichick story. Bill Belicheck is not mechanically inclined. He can’t fix anything if his computer has even a slight problem. He is stumped in 2009 when he granted access to NFL films for a football life. Documentaries is funny. He had a two week stretch when he did not know how to change his car lock to daylight savings time. There is an NFL Mike dye watch back in the day where he’s talking about his Volvo and I hit the time he had evolved with, I think it was 20 years old and he was talking to a player about why he drives it and it’s reliable.

It works. The purpose is to get from a to B, you know in Atlanta does that and it’s so interesting. Bill Belichick’s again, I have a, I drive a Hummer and a, I think the next vehicle I’m going to buy is probably to be older than the one I have now cause I hate that technology. I hate the, I almost accidentally killed my family while driving because the warmers, my wife’s car, my wife’s car went on. I was so irritated. I’m like, why are they on from Vanessa? I could not, I couldn’t turn them on. Like why is it hot in here? Like what’s what’s going on? Or like cruise control or little features or I just, and I find that if you’re a successful entrepreneur or a manager, all of these bells and whistles and push notifications, they can all be just a complete distraction.

John, as an example, we have a great program called clarity, true clarity, walk the listeners through the three or four features that we ever use on clarity, that we use to record our calls. It’s a great program. It has a great suite of features. We could, we could, we could spend our all day, all day looking at the 105 features in there, but really what are the key features that we use? We do the actual making of the calls you important. And then we’ll do the call reporting. So how many calls were made? You know, for all the lines in the call recording where we actually download the calls, listen to them and provide feedback. But that’s it. That’s all we got. And we, I guess we use the pie chart too, so you can see who’s on the phone, right?

The pie chart, grabber of calls, the number of calls. That’s it. Occasionally, you know, like once, maybe every quarter we might pull the stats to see when we’re getting the most number of calls so we can staff, but that’s it. And I just find if you’re not careful, you can spend all day trying to figure out those features. Yeah, I would say that. But you know, like if you use you as an example, and bill Belicheck is an example, you guys are both highly intelligent people and so it’s not that you can’t get technology, you realize that it’s neither one of yours highest and best use. So your focus needs to be on the higher thing, the better things that you and you alone can do. And then you can hire people, like you said, to do the technology things that are needed. And we’re moving on to our final to bill Bellacheck fun facts of this, of today’s bill Belichick show. This is part five I predict this will end up being an 11 part series as we work our way through this incredible mastery management series on the brilliance of bill Belicheck. We have to have more series than he has rings. That is true. That will go. So bill Belichick, fun factoid number 71 the Patriot way. Bill loves excellent players, even ones not on his team. What? Say you Luke. We’ll build Belichick loved Miami defensive end. Jason Taylor.

This is something people don’t always see in Belichick. He admires good football players, whether they play for his team or the opponent. Oh, nice. Bill Belichick’s father Steve was a renowned coach and scout at Navy. And while Steve was demanding way tougher than me, bill says he also would just light up happily whenever he came across a real good football player. Someone who played with passion and intelligence in our Udacity bill learned that re regard for football players at the same time he was learning the alphabet. It’s been with him almost his entire life. Oh, you gotta keep reading. You’re on a fire. Oh man. Alright. After

Every Patriots, dolphins game, but the check would find Tayla for a handshake and speak a few words every game. Heck, sometimes during the game a check would make some positive comments to Taylor like, you’re killing us today, Taylor. Bill Belichick loves great football players and he loves playing football. Now you say, well, what does that mean? What that means is he’s always scouting. So how does this apply recruiting? How does this add? Is this, John, you know this as, as an entrepreneur and I would consider you to be an entrepreneur. Are you always recruiting new talent everywhere you got to eat, you’re thinking about that waiter? Oh, he could do crate on the SEO excellence, you know, and so the other day I was out at Reesers, I got research every week shopping and there’s one guy in there, he’s in there all the time and he’s just killing it.

And so those types of people, you just want to find out what they want to do and see if they are looking for more of a career than just a job. And so just anywhere you go, you’re just looking for excellence and you’re looking to see what you can do with that excellence. I can tell if you’re going to be a successful manager or not, or entrepreneur or not. If you look for talent at all times, but the people that don’t look for town at all times, John, I know they’re not going to find good talent because most of our, most of our good talent comes from finding people at all times. I mean, think about this for a second. Where did Tim come from in the call center? A resource. And you used to work with them back in the day, back in the day. Yeah.

Most of our really excellent employees came from like a Starbucks or a quick trip or places like that. So it’s a, you know, you know that they have the sense of urgency and then you’re just looking for people that have good character and have that sense of urgency that are willing to do a good job every single day. I also want to make sure we didn’t skip over the fact that in that quote, bill Belicheck says that Steve has father was even more terrifying than he is. Let’s talk about that for a second. How crazy would that be if that were true? I would just say, if you’re out there today and you don’t have a certain amount of intensity, then you can’t win. And that intensity is something that you have to bring to the table. And everyone’s going to say you’re, you’re mean that you’re, you’re a mean guy.

You you just, you know, you just, you’re not being kind, but I’m telling you, you’ve got to have that kind of intensity to be successful as an entrepreneur. If you’re not, that’s okay. You just can’t win. I’ve never met someone who is successful, is not intense. I’ve never seen, and everyone says they’re too intense. Everyone, everyone who is super successful is very intense and everybody else says they’re too intense. Right? They get labeled as OCD or anal or you know, why are you such a jerk? And those are the people that win though. And then everybody else, if you’re not, it’s okay, like clay saying, but there’s a difference between the entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs and so you can be very business minded, but maybe being the owner or the leader of that organization isn’t for you and you just need to find the right spot for that.

If you’re out there today though, and you’re saying to yourself, you know what? I don’t know. I don’t know if I, I don’t know the white way to be intense. Well, get out to a workshop. We’ll show you at the workshop. We’ll teach you how to do this. We’ll teach you these skills or just watch bill Bellacheck might watch him on the sidelines on YouTube. You can see him coaching at his best. He’s a brilliant manager. He does a very good job. Just man, I’m asking on a scale of one to 10 today, how intense are you if 10 is the intensity needed and one is the intensity that most people bring to the table, how intense are you? You’ve got to have that kind of laser focused intensity to be a successful manager. Now bill bell check fun factoid number 72 the Patriot way bill has a coaching presence on players from the other team. What? Say you

Funny thing. Taylor began to notice something he played differently against new England. It was subtle something no one else might’ve picked up on, but you know that feeling of sitting in a rowdy classroom that straightens up when the principal walks in. That’s how Taylor felt. One time he made a tackle on the Patriots sideline and some Patriots started trash-talking. People have no idea just how much players come after each other verbally. On the field anyway, Taylor turned to say something to the guy and he saw bill Belichick in the background. I see coach Belicheck Taylor said, and I don’t say a word, I thought coach Belicheck is here. That’s not how I should be. He laughs. I didn’t want to disappoint. Belicheck he says with wonder in his voice and he wasn’t even my coach.

Luke, you worked at life church where you have an unbelievable leader there and Craig Rochelle, a phenomenal leader. Do you serve or spend some time in his physical presence? A few times actually. Yeah. And does he do that same kind of thing?

You mean just wait with the intensity? Is that what you’re saying? Yeah. Yeah. He’s a very intense focus person. Everything that he does is, is, is intentional out of the mission of why he has an order.

Does it come across though as though like does everybody step up their game when he’s [inaudible]?

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Everyone brings 110% when he’s in the room because he does and that’s a standard he sets.

Now, John I’ve noticed this when you first started out as a manager, nobody got serious when you walked by and we had this conversation a lot because you were one of the, one of them, one of them. And every time you’d have to hold someone accountable, they’re like, what is it? They’d always circle back to me, right? He’s so mean. He’s so intense. He’s so mean. Can he just trust me? And I can’t say I did the perfect job at it, but I have to have your back when you’re trying to earn the respect of the people, I have to have your back into John. Why is that so important when, when the people, employees circle back to me and go, Oh, the manager is so intense. Why do I have to be so intentional about letting the employees know I have John’s back quit coming to me and complaining about him?

Because you’re basically complaining about my decision as a leader to choose him and I’m going to immediately tell him what you’re saying. Well, why, why? Because if there’s somebody out there listening right now who just promoted someone to manager and people are not happy, they’re saying that they’re too intense. Talk to me about that. That dynamic and how we eventually you, you eventually earned everyone’s respect. Yeah. You know, when you first become a manager from this, what everybody views as the same, then they kind of resent you for it. And so like you were saying is they’ll always come back and just kind of kind of go around whoever that manager is. And so if you’re not very intentional about kind of nipping that in the bud, then it will always happen. It will always be that way. So anytime, like you would delegate something to me, if that wasn’t fixed, then I would go and try to do it and nobody would do it.

Nobody would follow. And so the whole system would fall apart because there’s not a clear like leadership and there’s not a clear communication and togetherness of the top people. So again, if you’re out there today and your people don’t immediately get more focused when you’re in the room, that means they don’t respect you and you’ve got to ask yourself, do people respond with respect when you walk into the room or are you the guy who jokes everybody and nobody takes you seriously? Cause it’s, it’s easy to do that, very easy to do that. I’d also say is it also like kind of what Luke was saying with a pastor Craig, is he holds himself to a certain level of excellence and then he expects the exact same from everybody else. And so if you’re walking in a room and you don’t kind of notice where everybody steps up their game, then what does that say about your excellence level?

That you are telling your people around you that this is what you’re expecting? I’m going to cue up an audio clip from a Kanye West’s new album. Jesus is King, which if you don’t own it, I really do think you should. You should own the album or, or at least listen to it. And there’s a track called Saylah. And that song in the song say LA, he says, I mean I’m just focused. I mean I focus and that is a, I’m just going to cue up the little line here for you. I’m going to cue it up here. Here we go.


We get it here. It’s track number two called sailor. If you don’t own the Jesus’s King album, you’re really missing out there. If you haven’t listened to it, you got to do it. And by the way, if you’re a Christian, you should watch his his Sunday service. It’s a phenomenal. John, have you seen a Sunday service? The, in the forum, I’ve seen bits and pieces of phenomenon.

God is King. We the soldiers OGP Matt to soul. When I get to have a case and got a pink Cova keeping perfect composure, when I scream at the show for a mean, I’m just focus. I mean, I’m just focused.

People always say he’s mean, but he’s not. He’s focused, he’s focused and you’ve gotta be focused. Cause everyone’s, this is what happens in an office environment. If you’re not bringing that intensity, people, as soon as you walk out of the room or even when you’re in the room, they’ll say, so what do you guys want to get to eat for lunch? You know, it’s like, what is it like nine Oh seven. What do you guys want for lunch? Do you know it’s coming up without any exaggeration. This is what happens. And the average, we’re working environment, everyone’s supposed to be there at nine and at nine Oh six, they all show up. So guys died this meeting, the meeting starts at nine. So guys the meeting starts you at nine. How will you guys do it? Good to see you, Greg. All right.

Mallrats woo. And you’re, Hey, could you guys grab a seat? Now it’s nine 10 I real quick, I need a coffee. And then the boss is talking and there’s side comments everywhere. Like, Oh yeah, my mom. Right? Your mom. I mean your mom, right? [inaudible] And then it’s hilarious. You said your mom, you met my mom. Ha. And they just got ya. And so the boss was like, well guys in quarter two Oh we really need to focus on increasing our conversion rate. I couldn’t be, could Devon, mine [inaudible] if you do it and say it’s like, no, we’re going to do it guys. We’re gonna follow scripts. Yeah, like the script I used on your mom. Ha. And it goes on and on and on and on. They never get serious and they laugh all the way to there, all the way to their demise. John, you’ve seen that?

I’ve seen it. Yeah. Well, Hey, if accounts, you know, they do run from the parking lot at nine Oh three into the building, so they get to the building by nine Oh five so that’s putting on their tie. You know what I mean? You just got to create that intensity needed to win and for a future ongoing education, I would encourage you to every, for everybody to go watch the Patriots just with just Google search built Bellacheck Mike M I C apostrophe D on YouTube, just let’s listen to them while you’re driving to work. It’s, he’s a phenomenal manager. He’s a master. John. He’s a master. Yeah. And also going back to the focus is you want to make sure that you’re very intentional about when you’re focused. There’s times and places to have fun and kind of cut loose. But you know, what’s more fun than anything is winning.

And how do you win by being focused on the things that you need to be focused on and just ignoring all other distractions. John, I think you’re, you’re so focused during the day that people think that you are universally upset. Would you, would you agree with this? I think that’s mostly true. I do try to be very intentional with Mike, my excellent singer. You can ask anybody. It’s all walk around the office singing. And so I don’t think at that time people think I’m pissed. But when they first meet you, they think that’s the Luke. You’ve worked with us now for a while. Yeah. What was your initial impression of, of John’s intensity? Did you think he was mad at all times or did you think he was just focused or how’d you process it? I interpreted it as, as focused. He clearly knew why he was here.

He knew what needed to be done and he was not going to let anything fall through the cracks. And so he was sitting, Oh, hi. You just said crack. But yeah. But, but what I see John do is he gets stuff done, right. Right. But then he’s also intentional about taking advantage of the moments here and there to be able to connect with people. And he does a great job. He does a great job. But the nature of the question we get asked a lot from new people, it’s like, is he mad at me? Why is he so, and if you don’t get that question asked about you, then you’re doing something wrong. There’s a Bible verse. I’m Luke and I expect you because you worked at a church pastor, all of the Bible memorized. So I’m just gonna I just wanna I wanna read this verse to Craig down here.

Lord Jesus, fill in the pressure. Yeah, I just want, I just want to make sure that, that I’ll, I’ll, I’m not going point paint you into a corner. I just to make sure that he gets this idea. Proverbs one four reads, the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Fools despise wisdom instruction. Proverbs eight 13 says, the fear of the Lord is hatred of evil, hatred of evil. Can we talk about that for a second? The fear of the Lord. I mean, I am, I’m a little bit afraid of God. I mean, honestly, that’s why I do anything good. I do right. I mean, he does control all things. That’s my worldview, right? But, but talk to me about the fear of the Lord. I mean, you, you love God and you believe God loves you. But the fear thing, I mean, you know, dad came home from work sometimes and he, you know, you get in trouble, you’re not so worried about usually about mom, but mom’s gonna say when you get a bad report card or you talk back to a teacher. But when dad, dad starts going, well, tell me about what happened as he’s kind of loosening his belt and you’re like, I don’t want to see the correlation between what I did at school and your building. He’s like, Oh, well let me just loosen it up here. And you’re like, Oh no, no. That can be a hitting device. Talk to me about this, that the fear of the Lord and the healthy fear or respect of a boss.

Yeah, absolutely. Well, even in the new Testament, and if you want to look up the scripture, I don’t have friends that, I don’t want to just make things up, but paraphrasing it, it says something along the lines of don’t fear man who has no impact on your eternal destiny, but fear the Lord who controls where you go when you die. And so when it comes to authority, it’s a very clear standard in the Bible that God puts authority in place to be able to lead people well, to adhere to standards, to get stuff done for a specific purpose, and even the kingdom of God. It’s not a, it’s not a democracy, right? It’s, it’s a kingdom. There’s a King and what the King says goes. And so in order to get stuff done, the it needs to be that way. Someone needs to be able to say, this is what we need to do. Let’s do it. And someone does it.

If you’re out there today and you need help with managing your business, I encourage you to book your tickets, to attend an in person thrive time show workshop, or I encourage you to watch any bill Belicheck film you can watch or bill Belicheck miked. Seriously. That’s my only reason. I like football. I didn’t really grow up loving football. I didn’t love football in high school or college, but I just, his management, it’s so practical for you to see. It was like watching Steve jobs. You know, I was a big fan of Apple during Steve jobs as rain. It wasn’t that I love Apple or I’m obsessed with the brand. It’s bigger than that. It’s Steve jobs. Yeah. And we have an opportunity right now as Americans to watch one of the best managers. I don’t know how much longer he’s going to do it. But you get a chance to see him every Sunday. I encourage you to tune into the games and watch him and I Luke, to help you out there. Since you haven’t said you failed to memorize the entire Bible, Proverbs 29 25 Proverbs 29 25 reads, the fear of man lays a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is safe. That’s good. Maybe that’s a, is that the verse you were thinking?

New Testament. I would look it up except my computer keyboard doesn’t want to type anything right now. So can I circle back around someday in the near future with a scripture?

Stay tuned. Stay tuned. Next cruise. Next scripture. Now let me further into who we’d like to end each and every show with the boom. So here we go. Three, two, one. And yet there’s more. Matthew 10 28 reads, do not be afraid of those who kill the body, but cannot kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the one who can destroy both soul and body in hell. And a little comedy tip. Anytime you want to say the word body, say it like that. And you’ll always get a little chuckle. So anytime you’re in a situation where you go to the doctor, the doctor says, where’s your pain? What’s going on? You say, well, I have a little bit of a pain right now. A little bit of soreness in my body. Bloody anytime that you say that, there’s something that causes the human body to laugh right there.

So he said to human body, it’s not that funny, but he’s saying the human body. So good. Let’s read it one more time. Matthew 10 28 do not be afraid of those who can kill the body, but cannot kill the soul. Rather be afraid of the one who can kill both soul and body. And you didn’t do it right. So, and again, that’s like a body. It’s like a, it’s like you don’t want to say it, body Hottie guys. That’s pretty good right there. That’s good. That’s some good comedy right there. And we won’t do a three, two, one. We’ll just gotta do a one seven body bottom.


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