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Amelia Shares Her Business Conferences Experience

Our Thrivetime Show Business Conferences was this past week and it was awesome as per usual. It is a two-day intensive business seminar where business owners and entrepreneurs alike get together and learn more about the proven path to success from Clay Clark, Clay Staires, Tim Redmond, and other special guests. It is a time for learning actionable steps and answering real-life questions. Once it was over I had the chance to sit back and reflect on the things that were said, replaying conversations with attendees as well as the content that was covered. For me, the conference is so cool because no matter how many times you come to it you will always get something new out of it! Albeit, a lot of the information I am familiar with and learned (and continue to learn) from Clay and Jonathan Kelly, during my shadow time. Something that stuck with me this time was that business is about winning.


For me, the conference is so cool because no matter how many times you come to it you will always get something new out of it!


It’s not about playing nice and kindly slowing down if the competition starts falling behind. It is about reaching YOUR goals and becoming the best! So go ahead, point out how your competition pales in comparison to you, steal customers, beat everyone’s prices, go outside the normal standard, and do whatever it takes to reach your goals! This was cool for me because I know the mindset of playing it safe and not rocking the boat…I used to have that mindset, but now I am all about rocking the boat! For example, Sam Adams Realty is a company based on completely changing the game of real estate by not overcharging people for a service, that in no way, deserves 6% commission rate. Because we are so different we tend to get a lot of hate, especially from other realtors. But at the end of the day, I’m good with it because I know that we are going to win. So during the business conferences, it was so cool for me to watch other people realize that it is ok to win and to fight to get there. 

Another aspect that I love so much about the business workshop is watching my clients and other attendees learn. I know the path, I know what a speaker is about to discuss, and I know how much it will change their life when implemented. I imagine this is kind of how parents feel watching their children open the presents on Christmas morning that they have carefully hidden and wrapped the night before. One of my business coaching clients is particular came up to me afterward and told me about how much sense everything made and how excited he was to implement things like the group interview, a quality control loop, call scripts etc…. To see the gratitude he had for Clay and everyone else that made the conference possible was inspiring. It really helped me realize exactly why Clay does what he does. I know that as I continue to attend these conferences my knowledge and skills will continue to improve and I will become a better coach and human. 

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Amelia S.

Amelia S. is a business coach for the Thrivetime Show coaching team and is married to SEO jedi Ben S. Don't let her smile fool you...she means business when it comes to growing businesses.

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