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Behave Like A Boss: Separate Emotions From The Equation

Welcome Back, Beasley! 

They said it couldn’t be done. They said nobody could ever escape from the dungeon that dwells under the man cave. It might have taken me a few weeks, but I fought as many dungeon dwelling goblins as it took to get back here and provide you amazing people with the content that you certainly never asked for. Did I learn anything during my time in the dark and musky dungeon? Not really… I mean, sure I learned to befriend the rats early as they know where to find the only sources of food in that bleak underworld. And yeah I learned to stay away from glowing fungi and treasure chests guarded by dragons, but do you know the one lesson I didn’t learn? Why in the hell did Jonathan Kelly lock me in there in the first place? I guess that’s a lesson for another day. The important thing is your boy is back! The days that followed my escape from the dark abyss left me feeling, well, in my feelings. I started to let my emotions dictate the way I acted and how I carried out my personal and professional life. It wasn’t until much later that I learned the real lesson here, that one’s emotions have the power to drastically impact their success in life. Jon, if you’re reading this, is that why you locked me in that godforsaken dungeon?


The Difference Between Emotions and Behaviors

All jokes aside, I’ve learned that there is definitely a wide gap between those who keep their emotions in check and those who do not. Those who behave as they should in order to obtain what they want, and those who are slaves to their feelings and allow them to impact their decisions and actions. To understand what I’m talking about a bit better it is important to know the difference between emotions and behaviors. Emotions are defined as natural and instinctive states of mind that are the result of one’s circumstances, mood, or relationships. Behaviors are the ways in which someone acts or conducts themselves, especially toward others. So how does this relate to business? Well my business coach friends, the tough truth is that behaviors shape how others see you. When you behave rationally it is more realistic than your employees or team will respect your position. It is easier to prepare and act when your outward behaviors are intentional. When emotion is allowed to enter the thought arena, you are left wide open to morale killing reactions.  


When To Handle Your Emotional State And When To Boss Up

“First and foremost, welcome back from your brief imprisonment. But are you saying I’m supposed to become an emotionless, robotic machine in order to be successful? That sounds a little harsh”.  No, dear readers, I’m not saying that you must become a soulless husk of your former self. What I’m saying is you have to start to understand when it’s appropriate to handle your emotions. The toxic daily emotions and feelings are what I’ve learned to affect people’s decision making the most. You know, the waking up on the wrong side of the bed, then I got cut off on the highway on my drive to work this morning, the I don’t agree with that political social media post, dreaded “Hangry”. These daily feelings don’t need to affect your ability to lead or to sell. These are the emotions that you need to immediately block. Your employees and your customers don’t care if you have a chip on your shoulder due to a minor inconvenience, so don’t let your momentary feelings get in the way of your day. Simply boss the hell up and do the things that you need to do in order to complete the grind. Make a list of the actual things that need to get accomplished and get them done. Focusing on the tasks at hand are a fantastic way to motivate oneself out of the feelings doom loop. 


Check Your Emotions At The Door (The Literal Door To Your Office)

A pivotal lesson I’ve learned during my career as a coach is that there have to be two versions of me. Business coach Jason and Home Jason. What I mean by this is that in order to do my job correctly I cannot bring external issues into my workday. The second I complete my drive into business coach work and step foot onto the Thrive pavement I go into business coach mode. I can’t afford to let any outside emotion in because my clients simply don’t care. And that’s fine! They are not here to listen to my personal problems, nor should my crazy be allowed to affect their thinking or behaviors. They are here to learn and grow and so that is what I must focus on. The same goes for any business. Whether it be managing a team or dealing with customers face to face. Your emotions should not be allowed to influence your actions and behaviors. 


To Your Employees And Customers, You Are How You Behave

We’ve discussed emotions and feelings at great length, but now it’s time to focus on how to behave. Remember, emotions are instinctive and dwell within, but the behavior is all external. This is what people see, and you can be sure that this is also how people react to you. We’ve all seen it before. You walk into a restaurant and are greeted by Captain Charisma, you know, the host that’s just had a breakup and has decided to bring his negative energy into work. You can sense his frustrations in every sarcastic response, his mopey body language, and every breathy sigh. All of a sudden his funk has now put a damper on your whole experience and left a bad taste in your mouth. Don’t be that guy. Your employees and customers hate that guy. Instead, opt to be the manager that seems invincible. People respect a strong leader that acts rather than reacting. You can’t hope to have your team aspire to a higher character if you’re moping around the office constantly. 

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