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Comfort is an Illusion

Before coming to Thrivetime as a business coach, I was someone who thought that I was growing as a person. I was going to college, working at my old job, and was getting comfortable with the way things were. That is where I had it wrong, and most people for that matter do too. When you get complacent that is where bad habits form, bad ideas form. Comfort is an illusion that is man-made, it makes people lazy, greedy, and they think that just because things are easy they can take it easy. However, when things get easy and comfortable that is when we really need to work even harder than before. I knew that comfort and complacency is where bad things form, and where business owners fall off the wagon. They get into the mindset that just because they are the top of Google, have lots of business and they are booked out is when they can mentally check out. I have seen the most growth in my whole entire life when things were uncomfortable, unpleasant, and not the sunshine and rainbows that most people try and live in. 

As I stated before in other business coach blogs,  growth comes from hard times. Everyone always gives the caterpillar/butterfly or the chicken/egg example. They only come after a hard time and they have done what they needed to do. The same application can be applied to us as business owners, just doing what NEEDS to be done and not what they want to do. We all want to be someone who lives their life and does whatever they want. This was something that I knew that needed to be done but again was not what was easy to do. The biggest growth that most people experience is when they are going through trials and hard times. 


Comfort is an illusion that is man-made, it makes people lazy, greedy, and they think that just because things are easy they can take it easy.


The same can be applied for business coach team members that are here at Thrivetime. I have seen it in countless new team members when they first come in. I see that before they were comfortable with their lives before and they thought they were growing or they had no other reason to grow. However, since they started at Thrive I have seen growth in not just myself, but in many business coaching team members. They have created goals for themselves, they have been able to reach some goals and overall are happy with the way that things are going, all because they have been forced to learn new skills. They have been able to grow because they have done something that is not what their normal is, not what they want to do. The real growth that most people experience in the office is because they have done things that they need to do. 

The lie that people tell themselves is that they want to be comfortable, they want to just sit back and relax while life is made easy. Comfort is a false statement that people try and achieve because they do not know what else to do with themselves. This is why hard situations, difficult times are what make the weak stronger.  

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