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Conflict Resolution

When I was at my last job it was common for the other employees to argue with customers. They would argue with them about the materials that we got or argue with them because they both thought that they were right. The biggest problem was that no one listened to what the other was saying, no one tried to resolve the issue, no one listened to anything, and they never wanted to solve the problem. They all wanted to be right and did not want to admit that the other might be right. It was always a problem because people are always trying to be the dominant one in the conversation.


Listen to what the other person is saying is huge to conflict resolution. This will be the best way to make sure the other person feels heard and that they can just talk it out.


This week business coach Clay was talking about resolving conflict in a calm manner. He talked about a way for coaches and just in general how to resolve conflict. He gave an acronym of B.L.A.S.T. which is how you deal when others are not doing what they need to do or when they are being stubborn about anything. This was a new idea for me because I never knew how to resolve issues that come up. The majority of people simply do not want to take the time to hear what others are saying to get to the bottom of the issue.

Believe what the other person is saying, or at least seem like you do. This is where the vast majority of people get it wrong. They do not believe what the other person is saying and make it known that they do not believe what the other is saying. When you want to resolve something in a peaceful manner you need to do this. The thing that this can resolve the issue of the other person putting up their guard right off the bat.

Listen to what the other person is saying is huge to conflict resolution. This will be the best way to make sure the other person feels heard and that they can just talk it out. Sometimes people just want to rant and need someone to hear them. Listening to what the other person is saying instead of thinking of what you want to say is going to help get to the root issue that people have.

Answer the question that the other business coach person asked. The big thing that I noticed at my last job was that no one answered questions, they just moved onto the next topic or point that they were trying to make. This simple act of answering the question that they have is a huge way for you to get to the issues that they have and to better resolve them in a calm manner. 

Solve the issue that the other person who has presented after you have been able to answer it will be key. People do not want to solve other people’s issues or problems anymore, they only want to resolve issues in their own lives. The act of you thinking of ways to solve the problem is a great way to resolve it better. 

Trusting the other person when trying to resolve the business coach issues and other problems is the best way to help keep things peaceful. The biggest take away from all of this was listening to what the other has to say and to seem like you believe what they are saying is true and that is the best way to resolve those issues. 

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