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Define Your Why Or Suffer a Death of One Thousand Compromises

Another successful week is in the bag. I’ve spent my week in the Thrivetime business coaching office doing what I love, coaching entrepreneurs towards further success and implementing the same proven skills that have helped me become a more consistent and driven millennial. Each and every day I have the privilege of meeting with 7 to 8 unique business owners to identify their biggest limiting factors while also aiding them with branding, marketing, search engine optimization, and sales processes advice. I’m constantly learning new aspects of various forms of businesses while also honing my own skills as a business coaching professional. There’s never a shortage of ongoing education, however, every now and then I find myself learning one key factor that can forever change my various client’s outlook on their business, as well as their personal lives. 

This week I found myself having the same conversation with my business coaching clients that are experiencing rapid growth within their businesses. Once the fog of long hours, system creation and implementation, accounting, and cold calls have cleared, most driven business owners lose sight of why they were working so hard in the first place. That one driving force that motivated and inspired them to push through. The end game that makes the entire journey worth the ride.  In my current experience, this particular phenomenon happens when an entrepreneur has diligently worked hard and put in the much needed hours to scale their business to booming success. Delaying gratification and sacrificing the little things in life in order to better grow their business. They focus so much on the short term that they completely forget the sole reason they got into the business in the first place. 

Whether it be time freedom, financial freedom, a specific sports car, social status, or to simply just chase their wife around… (We’re looking at you, Clay Clark), a goal is needed to motivate each and every business owner. Without goals, there’s no way to track the success of one’s business. Having a clear and most importantly measurable and realistic goal is paramount to the success of any true entrepreneur. This past weekend I was recording the Thrivetime Show business coaching Box That Rocks with my boss and mentor Clay Clark. The specific episode we recorded that day opened my eyes to the severity of goal setting. Clay spoke words that resonated deep and that I will never forget, “Define your goals or people will define them for you”. If you didn’t understand that the first time let me give you my definition… If you do not define your specific goals or wants then society and your surrounding environment will take it upon themselves to decide what is best for you. 


The end game that makes the entire journey worth the ride.


Too often have I seen business owners fall prey to this. A business owner that does not truly know why they are working will continue to work without direction until misery and depression give them a harsh reality check. If your goals are not defined and mapped out, you run the risk of being trapped within your company as an employee. It’s as simple as that. Many of you may be asking, “Well if it’s so important, how do I even begin to define my goals”. Great question. The first step is deciding what you actually want out of your life and career. After all, the entire purpose of a business is to serve the needs of the business owner. Start by writing down your financial goals as well as your personal enjoyment goals. Now ask yourself, “is this measurable”. Measurable meaning you can actually use raw data to track your progress towards completion. In the wise words of my mentor, “you measure what you treasure”. Shouldn’t you be keeping track of the things that are important to you? Once you’ve determined your realistic goals, WRITE THEM DOWN! Keep them somewhere that you can see them on a regular basis. Tape them to your mirror in the bathroom so you can clearly see them as you complete your morning routine every day. Slap them on the rearview mirror of your car so you’re reminded of them while you’re stuck in traffic. Put them on your daily clipboard to always keep your goals top of mind. Do whatever it takes to constantly remind yourself of the reasons why you grind. 

A good tangible example of this came from one of my clients today. This man is a prime example of a diligent doer and true embodiment of the word grinder. I was on our weekly call with him this morning going over his wins and tracking his weekly progress when we hit a surprising roadblock. After months of dedicated work and countless sacrificed hours, he realized he hadn’t given any thought as to what he actually wanted to gain from his hard work. As our conversation continued, he went on about the expectations placed upon him by his staff and partners. For a solid 15 minutes, he informed me of all of the hoops he was jumping through just to make others happy. Finally, upon discussing his now overcrowded office space it dawned on me. Sitting on the back burner was the one thing he was truly passionate about. He wanted a dream studio. He subconsciously spilled his heart out about a glorious warehouse with amenities to boost his team’s morale. Unknown to him, he was verbally constructing a passion project that fit his dreams for the future. At the end of his story, I took a step back and asked, “Have you thought about moving into a space that fits your idea of an enjoyable future?”. And just like that, he paused. For the first time in months, he realized that he hadn’t focused on what was important to him and his vision. He pondered the idea and quickly became ecstatic as he broke down these genius plans he always had at the back of his mind but never considered. He realized that he allowed himself to become overworked and distracted by everyone’s needs other than his own. Thankfully by the end of our meeting, he walked away with his head held high and a newfound, measurable goal to aspire to. The paradigm shift that occurred sparked a new hunger and passion for growth. He left our meeting with the first personal goal he had set for himself in ages. 


Focus on the things that are important

As we focus on the things that are important for the growth of our businesses we leave ourselves vulnerable and in danger of drifting. Without defining the true reasons for our success, we blindly march forward with no end in sight. The one important thing I have learned as a business coach over the course of this week is simple. If we fail to define our goals, we fail to truly follow the path of the entrepreneur. Those who do not decide their path are doomed to have their path chosen for them. Are you devoted to your mission? Will you choose to define your why and live the life that serves you? Or will you simply stand idly by and wait for your company to make you an employee with no clear vision of your future? 

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Jason B. is one of the business coaches for the Thrivetime Show. Often confused for a younger Barack Obama, his sheer desire for businesses to succeed cause his clients to say, "Yes we can!"

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