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Don’t Let Pride Hold You Back From Success

While talking about helping business coach clients sell things and get google reviews at a faster rate this week Clay said this “What matters more, your pride or succeeding?”. He said this in regards to clients that may have a harder time getting reviews or selling their products and services. Whether that is because they are scared to ask or they are scared to follow up, Clay encouraged us to share with them that reaching their goals will take some humility.  As I have been reflecting on the concept over the week I thought back to how Clay has always taught that history favors the bold. Being bold requires setting your pride aside and doing something out of the societal norm. Bringing this concept into every aspect of your life and business means that you will do whatever you need to do, make the sacrifices needed to sell the thing or to get that Google review.


“What matters more, your pride or succeeding?”


On the other hand, if you remain in a state of pride you will remain in a state of stagnation. If you think that you are above doing what needs to be done you will have a very difficult time progressing. Just this week Clay released a Podcast that guest-starred Grant Cardone, the famous author of the 10X Rule book. On this podcast, he said something so blunt and powerful I think everyone should hear it. Because at the end of the day if you refuse to do what it takes because you have “better things to do” you will, in the words of Grant Cardone himself, “Well then you’ll never have any money. You’re just going to be a victim for the rest of your life. Get used to it”. So make the sacrifice, put your pride aside and take action!

So many people have the dream, the vision, that they are trying to reach. Yet they forget that it takes, not just a little bit, but a lot of hard work. That hard work is not always glamorous or fun. It is called hard work for a reason. For instance when I dropped out of college and decided to become a business coach and a real estate agent I only had part-time hours at Thrive. I knew that in order to learn what I wanted to learn or get where I needed to be I would need to be at the office more than just 25 hours a week. So I started hanging out there, reading, tidying up, or anything else that I could do. It wasn’t long until Jonathan asked me if I wanted more hours. I, of course, said yes. The task I was given was simple and tedious. I got to replace the old Elephant in the Room product stickers with the newly branded stickers. This was not my dream job  but I was happy to take it because that meant more time at the office which meant I was one step closer to my goal. If I had turned that down because I thought is was beneath my skill level it would have taken me a lot longer to get where I am today. 

You can Listen to the Grant Cardone Podcast here

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