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EMERGENCY UPDATE! | The Final Countdown

Typically, you will find my business coaching posts full of information with updates on what I have learned throughout the week. Although I did learn so much, as always, this business coaching post will inform you on some important information, but in more of an “emergency update” type of style today. We currently have only 9 tickets available to the Thrivetime Show Business Conference! That’s right, only nine and we still have a month left until the business conference. Considering a huge portion of my job consists of coordinating the guest list for the business conferences, it would be wrong of me not to share what I know on every platform available, including this blog. This is a business conference you don’t want to miss and I have gathered nine reasons why you need to be one of the nine left to purchase your ticket (in my humble and unbiased opinion of course). 


Learn the 13-Point System used to grow 15 multi-million dollar companies

Here at the Thrivetime Show, whether you attend a workshop, are a member of the online business school, listen to the podcast or you are planning on attending the business conference, you will quickly find out we are obsessed with proven systems. That is why we want to teach you the proven 13 point business system that Clay Clark and Doctor Zoellner have used to build 15 multi-million dollar businesses while consulting thousands of others using the same system. 

  • Get all of your questions answered in a practical way!

We answer everyone’s specific questions – no matter how long that takes. We have an itinerary that we attempt to follow. However, when it comes to answering your specific question that is and will always be our top priority. We won’t move on until we are confident we answered any of your questions.

  • Network with other entrepreneurs.

You can have the chance to network with entrepreneurs just like you. These are the people that are up before 6:00 am every morning. These are your comrades who are currently, already have or will soon face similar, almost even identical problems that you are experiencing. It is great to learn from Clay Clark and the Thrivetime Show team. It is another thing to learn from someone that you see yourself in while sitting next to at the business conference. 

  • Meet Clay Clark and the Thrivetime Show team live and in person!

You can meet Clay Clark, co-host of the Thrivetime Show Business Podcast | Business School without the BS. Clay is the keynote speaker at the Thrivetime Show business podcast. However, he also makes time during breaks to meet with the guests and answer any questions one-on-one. You’ll meet the team behind the Thrivetime Show and learn all of our roles and what we do. You will quickly realize, there is something familiar in all of the people in this room. Maybe it’s a little of that so-called dragon energy? 

  • Hear Michael Levine, author of Guerilla PR speak!

You can hear from the author of Guerilla PR  and the man who was the public relations consultant for Nike, Prince, Michael Jackson, the Bush Administration and the Clinton Administration with a resume of working with 58 Academy Award winners and 34 Grammy Award winners. If you want to know more about branding and public relations, who better to learn from than the master himself?

  • Have a chance to meet the franchise developer of Oxi Fresh

We also have Matt Kline, a franchise owner and franchise developer for Oxi Fresh ready to come and speak about scaling your business. In order to scale, efficient and proven systems must be put in place. You can learn the system that Oxi Fresh was able to use to scale their business to the 400th Oxi Fresh location.

  • Hear from CEO of Rustic Cuff, Jill Donavon

You will also have a chance to hear from Jill Donavon, found and CEO of Rustic Cuff. Jill Donavon grew her company from 1 to 160 employees and the company is continuing to grow. With an Oprah appearance that didn’t go as planned and incredible dragon-energy motivation, Jill became an inspiration to women across the globe through one cuff at a time. 

  •  The food is amazing!

This is definitely one of my favorite parts… the food. The food is absolutely delicious. We have Paul Hood who comes to attend the business conference. Paul Hood and his team with Hood CPA”s are always so gracious to provide Los Cabos for lunch on the first day of the conference. On the second day of the conference, we have the famous Andolini’s cater lunch. From some of the best Mexican food around to the absolute best pizza you will ever taste in your life, we have your taste buds covered here at the Thrivetime Show. And of course, what 7:00 am business conference would be complete without an endless supply of coffee anytime you need it. 

  • Everybody needs a refresher course from time to time.

Finally, and probably the most important reason why I think you should come is that everyone needs a refresher course for time to time. Maybe you have been in business for 50 years and you have run a successful company for that long, it is still nice to have a collaboration of people helping you perfect your systems even further. For others, they attend the workshop every time we have it because they know the information is always different and relevant and it is nice to get that reassessment of your “To Do List” when you need the extra push. Or maybe you are a start-up and you need the reminder that you truly can do this with a solid work ethic and willingness to learn any systems to help you along the way. 

Again, we only have 9 tickets left to the Thrivetime Show Business Conference. I can’t stress enough how important it is to book your tickets as soon as possible. Once they are gone, I you would simply be relying on the hope that someone may back out, which isn’t likely because these are entrepreneurs who stick to their schedule, pretty religiously. You’ll find many more reasons besides the nine I named on why the Thrivetime Show Business Podcast is the best investment you could make all year long. I look forward to meeting you there! 

BONUS: Here is a video of The Final Countdown

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Julea` M. is part of the Thrivetime Show business coaching team. She's passionate about growing businesses and doubles as the 13-point assessment caller for the Thrivetime Show.

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