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Know Your Why, Get up, Grind, Stay motivated

Motivation comes from two different places. A topic I have been thinking about a lot recently. We had the ThriveTime Business Conferences a few weeks ago and afterward I pointed out to Clay how I heard many attendees comment on how motivating it was to them. Clay, in turn, pointed out that in order to hold that motivation we must have a different type of motivation, internal motivation not external motivation. External motivation is a short burst of desire, a short burst of drive, and that’s just the thing, it’s short. The only way to maintain external motivation is by continually having someone hound you and give you uplifting speeches. Without that person, you will revert back to the path of least resistance and fail to accomplish anything. Internal motivation, on the other hand, comes from knowing your why and is sustained over time. This caused me to reflect, What is driving me as a wife, a business coach, and for the future? 


There was a switch for me when I sat down with my Husband and wrote out our F6 goals and defined our whys… They weren’t goals that people expected of us, but what we actually wanted.


I think at the beginning of my business coach career I had some goals, I had some internal motivation but not like I do now. Before I was motivated by fear. Fear of being late, fear of disappointing some of the smartest people I know, fear of looking incapable, or fear of knowing that if I decided to mail it in, God would know. However, there was a switch for me when I sat down with my Husband and wrote out our F6 goals and defined our whys. This was such a game-changer because the goals we wrote down were things that we, both as a couple and as individuals, wanted. They weren’t goals that people expected of us, but what we actually wanted. I was more motivated than before and I was able to maintain that level of motivation, regardless of if I was at work or home. I love to grind, I always have. I don’t like moving slow, I don’t like time off, and I don’t like large blocks of unscheduled time.  The change here is that now I know why I work hard as a business coach and I know what I am working towards. Before my time at Thrive, I worked hard but my efforts weren’t focused in any particular direction. Now that my husband and I know our why, and track our growth, we have a specific path of how to reach our goals, making my efforts actually worth something. 


You Gotta Want It

“You gotta want it” is a popular Jonathan phrase that is said around the office. Usually in a semi-joking matter, like when the wifi won’t load or the lights won’t turn on. However, this week Jon wrote an article for Forbes called “Are You Willing To Make Sacrifices For What You Want?” In this article, he brought his semi-joking phrase into a more serious light. (10/10 recommend reading this). In this article, Jonathan Kelly talks about when you have a goal that you actually want you will do anything to reach it. Having goals is vital to success, “wanting it” will be a far stronger driving force than any motivational speaker could be.

Check out Jonathan Kelly’s article here :  

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