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Tuesday, I was asked a question that I realized a year ago, I would not have had the answer, advice or any type of system to provide. The question was, “How do you avoid drifting in different aspects of your life?”  This is something that I truly believe most people struggle with; living a balanced and intentional life. I want to share what I have learned over the last nine months as a business coach from those who have mastered and perfected this. These principles come straight from some of the most successful people I personally know like, Dr. Robert Zoellner, Clay Clark, Vanessa Clark, and Jonathan Kelly. Let’s assume you are starting with zero knowledge on what it means to live a balanced, f6 life.  


Being intentional means two things; setting goals for each area of your life and blocking out daily or weekly times in your calendar to achieve these goals.


The principles of living an f6 life are simple: You know your goals and you are intentional about balancing time to achieve these goals for your faith, family, friendship, finances, and fun. If you listen to the Thrivetime Show Podcast, you have probably heard multiple different episodes about designing an f6 life. But what does this actually mean? Even being immersed into the Thrivetime culture and teaching these principles as a business coach, I still find myself realizing that I am occasionally not being intentional in one of these areas.  

Being intentional means two things; setting goals for each area of your life and blocking out daily or weekly times in your calendar to achieve these goals. Lee Cockerell says it best, “What gets scheduled gets done.” We all must intentionally schedule the time to devote to all six areas in our life. This is one of the very first things I learned from working at the Thrivetime Show and training as a business coach. 

Why am I just now writing about living an f6 life this week of all weeks? For a longer period of time than I would like to admit, I have been completely drifting in the fitness area of designing an f6 life. During our all-staff meeting on Monday, we were graced with an opportunity to learn more about fitness from a business coaching client, Clint Howard, with Tulsa Fitness Systems. It was perfect timing because I knew this was the area I was lacking in. I also know that Napoleon Hill in Outwitting the Devil, which I recently wrote about in a previous blog post, talks about how drifting in one area can cause you to drift in other areas which ultimately leads to becoming a drifter. This can be very dangerous. 

*PRO TIP: Read Outwitting the Devil if you want to transform your mindset. But that’s a whole other conversation. 

Most of us are neglecting at least one of the f6 areas in life. This week, Clint Howard helped bring realization to the one aspect that has been missing for me. If it isn’t fitness for you, I hope this post will inspire you to analyze whatever area may be needing extra attention. I want to provide an example of at least one of my f6 goals in each area with different timelines because I found seeing specific examples in, for example the fitness aspect, helped me define my own. 

  • Faith

Goal: Teach Mila (my daughter) the power of prayer.

Time: Daily at dinnertime (6:30 pm) and/or bedtime (8:00 pm) 

  • Family

Goal: Complete the “Merriott Christmas Drawing”

Time: Thursday at 8:30 pm

  • Friendship

Goal: Complete the “concert” bucket list with my best friend, Kelsey, of 15 years.

Time: Annually (2020 scheduled for June 13th at 7:00 pm)

  • Fitness – NEWEST GOAL!

Goal: Decrease Body Mass Index (BMI) to an average level 

Time: Sunday at 6:00 am, Tuesday at 5:30 pm, Friday at 8:30 am, Saturday at 7:30 am

  • Finances

Goal: Debt-free (besides our mortgage) by 2022

Time: NO TIME SCHEDULED! (Thank you Automatic Millionaire)

  • Fun

Goal: Experience the Rhema Christmas Lights as a family for the first time!

Time: 6:00 pm on Saturday

I can’t put into words how much I have learned over the last nine months as a business coach. There are so many aspects related to business that I’ve learned from my time at the Thrivetime Show so far. But one of the most important things I’ve learned from working here is the personal aspect of designing an f6 life. Even if it’s an ongoing process, that is okay. We are all about creating systems for your business here at the Thrivetime Show, but I encourage you to try the most important system of all that is not even directly related to business. Design your life using these f6 principles and that will be one of the best decisions you can make. 

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