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Living with Clarity of Mind

One of the biggest things that I learned this week, and better realized that I need to work on, is to be more precise with myself, with what I want, and where am I now and where do I want to go? There are many reasons why being precise is a good thing, it can help stop confusion, make sure the task can and will get done right and on time. However, as a leader being more precise is a trait one must have in order to better motivate, direct and overall help move the team forward. Before working at the Thrivetime Show business coaching program I was a people pleaser, I would rather make one person happy and do what they want rather than what I wanted to do. I did not have a clear and defined area where I wanted to go. This past week I tried to become more precise, to really focus on where I was and where I wanted to be, and make sure that I was on the right path to get my business coaching goals met. 


As a leader being precise gives off a level of confidence that need to be there.


It may seem easy enough to say you will be more precise, however, when everyone has an opinion about how things should be done it can be difficult. There are many good people out there, but they have no idea how things should be done. As a leader being precise gives off a level of confidence that need to be there. Living with this level of precision and deliberation is something that I know is something I need to work on. Being able to know what I must do every day in order to reach my business coaching goals is liberating. But as I stated before, it is still something I need to work on. As I continue to learn how to be more precise with my words, actions, and overall thinking what must I do and say to help accomplish my goals, I know I will continue to grow because of it. 

Now with being clear as to where I am and where I want to go is also another fun one. Having to candor and honesty with myself to really look deep and say “you are at a spot you no longer want to be in, let’s get moving”. I know that it might not be pleasant at first to see that you are in a spot that kinda sucks, I know that I was. But as I worked to reach these goals, as I saw people that were further down the path that I wanted to be on I look at what they were doing, I copied what they did, I asked what they did and I had a path that I wanted to be on. I know that there will always be others that will say that my path is crazy, that I should do it differently. As I continue to go down it there will always be opposition. However, in order for things to get stronger, better, and improve, there must be that resistance.   

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