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This past weekend Thrive had a business conference that we hold every two months. These business conferences are held in our offices where we invite business owners from all over the world to listen to Clay and other presenters. There are successful business owners who own gyms, plumbing companies, HVAC specialists, and many others who come to learn from the firehose of business knowledge. The conference starts off at 7 am on Friday morning and goes until 3 pm. I had a chance to talk to many of the owners that attended this conference and they have said that this conference was the best one that they have ever attended. They said that these business conferences that Clay Clark hosts are the most informative and the biggest help in their life and their business. 


You must be willing to work for free! You must be willing to work for months and/or years for free until your boss thinks you are worth paying.


This business conference we invited Matt Kline and Michael Levine to come to speak to us about brand development, public relations, what it takes to succeed and what we need to do. The presentations that they each gave were absolutely magnificent as they addressed the audience. My biggest moment of learning is when Michael Levine was speaking about what it takes to make it in the world of business. The thing that I love the most about him is that he tells it like it is in order to make sure you succeed. The point he made was that to start off you have to know what you want and what you have to do. He then said that you must be willing to work for free! You must be willing to work for months and/or years for free until your boss thinks you are worth paying. You are then going to have to work below the market value. If your co-workers are making $25 an hour, then you have to be making $7.25 or less. You must be willing to do this and work hard to work your way up. This is a huge point that many people miss because they love a little money right now versus a lot of money after hard work and dedication. 

The next step you must take in order to make money in this world is to then work at market value. You have then proven your worth to your boss. This is where most people get stuck, they think they are making as much money as their peers and they are ok with being stuck there. They simply do not have the drive and ambition to work just a little bit harder to make it bigger. The next step he talked about is that after all is said and done, you have put in the work and effort you will be overpaid above the market value. You have done what was needed to be done for years.

This conference was a great learning experience for me because of the great speakers that were there. I had a great chance to see what the end results look like once you have gone through the wringer. These business conferences are a great place that business owners to come to learn how to actually grow and market their business. 

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