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Before I started working at the Thrive business coaching program I was not really aware of myself, as in my strengths and my weaknesses. I was going through life never taking into account what I could improve on in my daily life. I knew there were ways that I could improve, but as far as figuring out what that was was a mystery to me. The concept of being self-actualizing, being aware of what I need to work on and what I am good at is something that really struck home to me as I was listening to Jonathan Kelly speak this week. Clay Clark is always telling the fellow staff to ask your manager how you could improve and what you need to do to get better at your job. So far a couple of the team members have asked me that question and I told them what I had noticed.


Everyone knows where they could improve on some level but they do not want to admit it.


The big learning moment was when I heard Jonathan talk with a fellow team member when they asked him that question, he turned it around on them. He asked when they thought that they could improve on, and what they thought their strengths were. Then this team member went and explained where they could improve and then Jonathan went and elaborated on one aspect of it. This got me thinking that everyone knows where they could improve on some level but they do not want to admit it. They might not realize the areas they could improve because they do not want to do the things that require them to do hard things and to grow. Listening to Jonathan talk and help other business coaching team members figure out where could improve was awesome to hear. This is one of the skills that I will continue to develop as I develop my leadership skills.

However, the only time to give personal improvement advice is when I have mastered myself. Meaning you can only pour from a full cup. I need to figure out each and every day where I fell short and how I can improve. This is where the majority of people have a hard time figuring this out. 

On the brighter side of things, being able to see where my strengths are is also vitally important. When I know where my strengths are, it helps me have that confidence and authority that I need to have as a manager and leader of a team. Being aware of my own strengths and where my shortcomings are is crucial to being a good manager. The confidence that I know what I am talking about when I help a team member is vital. At the same time being aware of where I need to get better at and asking myself where I could get better and not having to seek outside sources is the way to get better faster. 

As I continue to ask myself where I need to improve and focus on that is one of the sure-fire ways to get to a level like Jonathan and Clay are at in their lives. This allows them to give advice or to help others figure it out for themselves. 

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