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Search Engine Optimization 101

With search engine optimization, Clay teaches the mindset of domination. That means that you should be able to own all of the listings on the front page of Google for your desired keyword. If you want more people to find your gym in Joplin, Missouri, you would want to dominate the search results for the keyword “Joplin gyms”. Sure, you can just be one of the results on page one, but that’s pretty weak. If you want to actually grow your business and get a ton of leads, you have to dominate page one. There are many ways you can do this and if you Google “Joplin gyms” you can see how Colaw Fitness has done so. Not only are they the highest and most reviewed on the map, but they also have testimonial videos, organic search results, and images all on the front page of Google.


You can not have success if you are not consistent.


You may ask, “What is the secret to search engine optimization and dominating the front page of Google? Is it Charles Colaw’s biceps that are larger than my head?” and I would say… It is possible but not probable. The real answer is consistency. You can not have success if you are not consistent. If you can’t stick to one thing for a period of five years or longer, don’t even start because you will fail. The Colaw’s have been consistent for years and as a result, they are absolutely dominating and experiencing incredible growth. They are constantly gathering reviews for every location every day. They require their staff to turn half of all sales into reviews and if they don’t…? Well, that’s okay. But! They don’t have to be employed there either. That’s right! If you don’t do your job, there are consequences and if you do your job, there are rewards. That’s how you dominate.

The Colaw team is also consistent about creating original text content for their website. They understand that there is no easier search engine optimization shortcut that can save them years. They know that, just like working out, they have to be diligent and put in the work if they want to see results. This means that they have been creating content for years and are now seeing incredible fruits of their labor. Because of this, they are on top of the Google map and in the organic search results. If they were to try to create a shortcut, they would be setting themselves back instead of diligently focusing until success.

The Colaw team also does a fantastic job of gathering video testimonials of happy clients. Their team is required to gather testimonials every week. Because they have consistently uploaded these videos to YouTube every week for years, their video testimonials are now appearing below the map on the first page of Google. Some people prefer to read reviews and some prefer to watch them. This ensures that both bases are covered and we are dominating.

Another thing the Colaw team does a great job of is gathering real photos of their real locations. If you are looking for a gym, you probably want to know what it looks like. Right? So their team is constantly taking photos, 10 per week per location, and uploading them to their Google My Business page so that Google and their real customers can know for a fact that Colaw Fitness is legitimate. 

Using these four moves can help you create an incredible Google trail, more faithful customers, increase your leads, and ease the sales process. It is not good enough to simply be on top. You must dominate the first page so that it is a complete No-Brainer for your potential clients to choose you over your competition. 

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Andrew B. currently holds the record for the youngest business coach on the Thrivetime Show business coaching team (he looks like he's 12 years old). But don't let his boyish looks fool you. He is married, currently owns a rental property and saves 35% of his income.

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