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That “Big Break”

Before I was at the Thrivetime show business coaching program I thought luck was a real thing, I thought that everyone that made it big had a big break. People like Steve Jobs, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and many others simply got lucky and hit the jackpot of luck. That is what the vast majority of people think and therefore they hate people that are rich, successful or just, in general, doing better than them. I was never on that level of hating successful people, but I thought it was straight luck that they made their money and fame. It was something that many people at my old job talked about, the success of others and how they wish their luck was better. Before I was at Thrive I never knew how it really was, how to be successful and what were the necessary steps needed to become what you wanted to become and make what you want. It was daunting to think about being rich and successful when all I thought it took was a big break. 


They create their own luck by simply putting in more work and time into their business.


When I first started with the business coaches it was fascinating working with Clay and Jonathan, seeing what they did and also listening to business owners who are doing well. I spent the last year here at Thrive learning from all the business coaches and taking in as much as I can. Clay and Jon were talking this week about persistence, and how it is the key to being successful and what caused these great business owners to become what they are today. The dedication persistence of doing the same thing over and over that is proven to work is what every great entrepreneur does. They create their own luck by simply putting in more work and time into their business. This was a huge eye-opener for me, to really think about that point that being persistent is the number one way to create your own luck. It really put into words what I really believe and what I know now to be the way that I, or anyone else without any natural-born talent can get ahead in life. I know that being successful in the world of business is a hard and difficult thing for many people to struggle with. They simply can’t be persistent in their daily lives and they get bored with the project that they started a week ago.

The majority of people that I will come in contact with that are going to have different thoughts about what it takes to be successful and what it means to be lucky. I have learned so much about the power of persistent application. There is great power in creating luck when you simply put in more work than the rest. There is still much to learn from Clay and Jon about being persistent, creating luck and overall being one successful person. Being able to learn this skill and being able to apply what I learn each and every week is what it takes to be one of those people that others hate, envy or overall have either a strong feeling of hate or of love. 

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