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The Holidays | Business Coaching

This past week was Christmas Eve and Christmas for us here. The business coaching office had Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off of work. For the whole of America, they pretty much had the whole week and or month off as well. The Holidays are a great time to connect with the family in a way that only the holidays can do. In the past, I took part in the great celebrations like most of the world. I would mentally check out the week before Christmas and would not wake up until after the new year. Until I started to work at Thrive I was just like everyone else around the Holidays, checked out and just living life. Until I started working with Jonathan Kelly and Clay I was more focused on what I was going to do on my break and what I was going to get for Christmas. 


The Holidays are times that will separate the truly great business owners and the ones that are just scraping by.


This year for Christmas I really took a look at what all the other people that I know were doing and how well they were doing in life. The business owners that are doing well and that are winning in their fields are the ones that worked on Christmas Eve, the day before Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and the day after Christmas as well. If they were like any other business or owner who took off four days of doing business, they would be broke and would not be succeeding. They would be emotional about everything, everything would be a burning fire and urgent. That is a great thing that I have learned this year observing what the business coaching team, specifically Clay and Jonathan did during the Christmas season. They did not mentally check out, they kept up their pace and they even had their calendar and to-do list for that day as well. This week was not so much as a great big learning moment, but of a gradual observation of what successful people do.

The Holidays are times that will separate the truly great business owners and the ones that are just scraping by. The only way to become great and to do well in business is to copy what others have done before you. The way that they have all done this is by simply skipping all the holidays that come up and cause things to slow down. That means working on Thanksgiving, Arbor Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, or any other day that is just going to take away the time that you set aside to better your business. It’s hard to do this when everyone around you though is taking all these days off, or better put taking it easy. The path to greatness is doing the hard thing such as working on days when you don’t want to, on the days when you do not feel good or even feel like yourself. That is the sacrifice that all the G.O.A.T.’s have done in their fields when it comes to getting to the top and staying there. It may stink sometimes to do this but in the long run it will all be worth it. 

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