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The Power of a Weekly Meeting | Business Conferences

The Thrivetime Show Business Conferences are truly an incredible experience. Business owners and hopeful entrepreneurs from all over the country came together for a time of investing in themselves and in their business. You could tell as you interacted with people that they were truly there to help their businesses go to the next level and hopeful for the possibilities. My wife was able to join me as well. As we sat together and listen to Clay and the different speakers, we could feel the excitement and anticipation building up within us as we learned so many practical and applicable things that we could immediately apply not only to our business but to our lives.

As my wife and I listened to the different business conferences speakers and actively engaged in what was going on, so many things began to jump out to us. One of the things that stood out right from the beginning was how incredibly essential having a weekly meeting was to success. As we began to assess our lives and the chaos that we can sometimes experience in our life and our business, we quickly realized that many of the problems that we face each and every day can be solved if we just set aside time in our schedule to meet every single week. This meeting can be a time where we deal with situations that came up during the week as well as an opportunity to assess where we are and where we want to be. Additionally, we can look ahead at what’s coming over the next several days so that we can be prepared. This meeting needs to be an unmoveable “rock” in our schedules.

We quickly realized that in order to be able to set this intentional time into our schedule, we would have to have a shared calendar (Google Calendar) that allowed us to clearly see everything that was happening in our lives. Additionally, we needed to find a place (Google Docs) where we could quickly communicate questions, observations, or topics of discussion that would come out throughout the week. As we continued to hear about the success that Clay and the team have been able to have in all of the businesses that they have started and worked with, we knew that this was going to be an essential practice that every business owner and even every family should incorporate into their lives.


Many of the problems that we face each and every day can be solved if we just set aside time in our schedule to meet every single week.


We went home and decided that every Saturday at 7 PM would be the time that we would sit down together and begin to incorporate this meeting into our lives. We realized that this time is a distraction-free time where we can truly focus and accomplish the objectives that we are setting out to do. So far, we’ve been able to have this meeting once and it was one of the most productive times that we have had together in a very long time. We both left this meeting not only with an accurate assessment of where we currently are in our business and in our lives but also with tangible action steps that we knew that we wanted to work on next. This is very powerful.

No matter who you are or what type of business or organization that you are part of, it is essential that you have a specific time each and every week where you meet with your team. This time needs to have an agenda that clearly outlines all of the things that you need to cover. Additionally, this time should be filled with wins, burning fires, and goals. You will quickly see that as you build this into your schedule, even if it gets a little repetitive, that this ends up being a time that sets the pace for the health and growth of your organization. No matter who you are or what type of business you have, make the decision today to schedule a weekly all-staff meeting. We at the business conferences team are confident that if you are intentional about this time you truly will see increased productivity and a greater level of focus from yourself and your team, in addition to many other benefits. Give it a try today.

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