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The Upsell Checklist

One thing I have learned since working with Clay and the business coaching team here at Thrive is that you have to have small wins in route to your large wins. You have to reach up and grab the “low hanging fruit” that is easy to grab before you grab the massive shiny apple from the top of the tree. When you are trying to increase the revenue of your business quickly, you can’t just go out there and book a massive client that will pay you copious amounts of money for no reason. If you have an existing customer base or source of new customers, you have to implement this method of grabbing the low hanging fruit to increase your sales. There are a few ways to do this but the quickest way is to simply implement an upsell checklist. 

An upsell checklist is the easiest way to double your sales instantly. If you have jobs booked throughout the week, you are already in the door. You’ve already done the hard work. Once you’ve gotten in front of your customer, you can reach up and grab these low hanging fruits. If you are installing siding on a home for a client, you can perform a home inspection to see if there are any windows, doors, or fence panels to be replaced. After the inspection, you bring the issues you discovered to the client’s attention and offer to fix them at a discount since you are already on-site and don’t have the expense of travel back to the location. 


An upsell checklist is the easiest way to double your sales instantly.


There are a lot of companies that we work with as a business coaching company that are using this upsell method and have increased their sales dramatically. Some companies even get 50% or more of their revenue directly from upsells. This means that you have to set a quota for you team and train your staff. This is a method that is so easy to implement and has such a large impact on your sales numbers. 

When you reach up and grab the fruit right above your head, you can start having small wins that build up over time. Clay has taught me and the rest of the business coaching team that you can’t get rich quick but you can increase sales if you nail down a system, refine it, follow up on it, stick to it, and scale it over time. You may not be able to make millions of dollars and drive a fancy car overnight but you can look up and grab the money that is dangling right above your head. Nail it, scale it, and start grabbing the low hanging fruit today.

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Andrew B.

Andrew B. currently holds the record for the youngest business coach on the Thrivetime Show business coaching team (he looks like he's 12 years old). But don't let his boyish looks fool you. He is married, currently owns a rental property and saves 35% of his income.

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